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Previous thread:

You head to bed, crawling in with Lin, Liz, and Breakfast. You're not too tired, but it's late enough that you could sleep. After tossing and turning for a bit, you're out.

When you wake up two hours later, Lin is gone and Selene is snuggled up on your chest.

What do you do now?

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Start strength augmentation

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That is a great plan. Although Dimitry said that it's about being part spirit. Just having a parent who is a spirit doesn't change anything if you're not spirit too.

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Rolled 56

Lactate for Selene.

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get up, and look for liz

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Give Liz some smooches but let her sleep.

If Selene is comfy and sleeping let her cuddle up with Liz and give her a kiss as well.

Then get various Foci for Strength Meditation, anything good we can think of, like meat, incense, a piece of steel/metal, a bullet might help, anything like that.

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Whisper some of The Word into Liz's ear softly and just see how she reacts then do some strength augging

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Fem, your gift: http://pastebin.com/MKY4KA21

Max and Pavana have a private spar to solve Max's bell ringing problem. Ass beatings and Blatant Fetishes ensue.

Enjoy folks.

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The previous thread has been archived. Remember to vote it up.

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And now I have some reading to do.

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This, accept eat the meal we made for Liz and make breakfasts (lower case) that will keep for all the girls in the bed before we start. We should also expect Selene to interrupt this meditation.

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strength meditation go

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put Selene back into her bed them meditate on that +1 str

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If we're to do meditation, we should ask Lin if she wants to do it with us. There's this chant thing, and I also want to try and see if we can do it with tantric sex.

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Lin is probably doing her own meditation since she's not in bed

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Any chance you could post the previous one with liz being a sadist to that one girl?

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Let me know what y'think

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we should really link this canons on starting or second post of the quest for the archive junkies.

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Get up, quick shower, get meditating on strength

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>BFQ P&M Fighfic 2
So there's another one?

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Strength meditation, go!

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2 here indicating draft. Sadly no, no sequel/prequel yet.
Not my writing, don't have the link sadly.

And yeah, strength meditation plox.

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Join her then.

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Or she's fucking our dad.

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that changes nothing

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i really wish Alicia would appear at some point.

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Join her then

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I really don't think we're ready to join in on double-teams just yet. The accident was only about 24 hours ago.

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Honestly, we should probably try it on both Liz and Lin. We know Lin isn't normal, but we aren't really sure what exactly she is yet. Maybe she can understand the Word.

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Fuck yes. Turns out she's actually a god that got bored and decided to become mortal.
Forgot that he/she was a god and just keeps getting resurrected.

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Write "Remember your pasts" in the Word on a piece of paper and hand it to her.

Should be interesting.

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She must have had an original life where she started resurrecting. That life must have been a first generation demon.
That demon would have been able to speak The Word.
She has the memories of her past lives in her.
>Ask her if she'd want to hear it first. Or ask our Dad if we should tell her.

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thank you

we just got the alphabet cant form words yet

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Get dad to do it. Or do it after our next lesson when we start getting some simple vocab. It is just a 3 word sentence.

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Could we use a version of the skim spell to skim surface thoughts in a fight, hence knowing exactly what our opponnent is planning?

I'm min-maxing here probably cause you said the skim version for Selene needs no roll, so assuming we can make it non-invasive enough maybe we could do it seemless... I'll assume there's some defense against it though.

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inb4 dad already knows Lin is a god and that's why they bone so much.

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I thought the spell for Selene was no rolls because we were going to make her some seeing eye bat-golems specifically for the spell.

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oh god that last line made me laugh hard.

good job man.

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>She must have had an original life where she started resurrecting.
Time didn't used to work like we're used to so if she's been around long enough she doesn't necessarily have a beginning.

>That life must have been a first generation demon.
I don't even get your logic there. Every mythology is real, there are so many things she could be. Why does she have to be a demon?

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Just feeling which muscle they are flexing could give us quite the advantage, without having to go into mind-reading.

Wish we didn't eliminate feel right away...

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>Lin is Buddha.
>Dad's been fucking a fat man.

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>Siddhartha Gautama

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as long as she isn't Mór-ríoghain

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The Morrigan. Irish war diety. Often considered a triple goddess consisting of Badb, Macha, and Nemain.

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So one third of her can never get laid.

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You decide that now is as good of a time as any to work on augmenting yourself. After all, most everyone is asleep and you're not likely to get interrupted. You ease Selene off of you and get up before climbing up to your gym. You take a seat, light some incense, and start meditating.

Roll Alchemy to work on getting the first level of the Strength augmentation. You get a +1 from your Focus augmentation and a +1 from the incense, so I'll consider the first four linked 1d100 rolls. You need to accumulate a total of four successes.

>> No.23473014

Rolled 51


>> No.23473027

Rolled 15


>> No.23473028

Rolled 74


>> No.23473030

Rolled 3

can we put of a chant?

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Rolled 67


>> No.23473039

Rolled 78


>> No.23473040

Rolled 61

Can we use Foci other than the Incense for this? Like meat, steel, and other strength related objects?

>> No.23473042

Rolled 26

one more

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That glorious last line.

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Out of curiosity, would augmenting our comprehension stack with focus for meditation, or just studying and school work?

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When we finish up with the meditation let's get dad to help us write out some words for tattoos to bring to Sanchez.

Also ask him what foci he used to make his bracelet.

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Let's talk about it with Liz too.
It might also be a good idea to try to find some books in that language in the library.

>> No.23473175

So in three to nine hours

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I thought about trying to find some, but the Librarian would probably get pissy at us for making her find any.

And we don't exactly have any good bribes yet.

>> No.23473220

Once we finish reworking the sensory spell we can make a couple pages of research notes and offer a bribe of attaching them to the book and making a contribution to her library.

>> No.23473331

We might be able to ask for them as a reward for some kind of quest.

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You make a little bit of progress with your meditation, passing a few hours by as you carefully work on altering your body's chi and natural energy. You still have plenty of work left, though.

Roll Alchemy to continue trying to boost your strength. You get a +1 from Focus, but the incense is out. I'll consider the first three 1d100 rolls. You have 1/4 of the ones you need.

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Rolled 15


>round 2
more dice for the dicegods

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Rolled 41


>> No.23473402

Rolled 91


>> No.23473404

Rolled 54

Come onnnnnn.

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Rolled 86


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>2 down 2 to go
an awesome weapon for max

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"Better" weapon

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>Generally speaking, by the time you get to the point where you need to power up firearms, it's more cost-effective and time-effective to simply use entirely different avenues of attack, like super-speed super-strong melee attacks, or teleporting pieces of the sun into someone's skull.
so yay melee weapons

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Why didn't we ask dad to change the incense before we started ?

>> No.23473496

>Augment to hold breath for long time
>Transmute the air into helium
>Silent assassination

>> No.23473499

Rolled 90

Dad's got better things to do. We should have Gav do it, though.

>> No.23473523

hell next time have him chant for us to

>> No.23473552

Just throw a bayonet on an Obrez and call it a day.

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>Let's talk about it with Liz too.
>It might also be a good idea to try to find some books in that language in the library.

Actually, we should ask Lin how she's doing her self-augments so fast - she's getting them at about twice the speed we are.

We NEED to ask her if she has any secret techniques/foci that speed things up or help

>> No.23473632

She probably already partitioned her mind

>> No.23473639

It's all thatsex with dad obv.

>> No.23473662

>She probably already partitioned her mind

no, this was even BEFORE that happened and she hooked up with dad.
I recall a lin sheet update that had like 1/4 sleep+nutrition+focus 1 i think when we had, like, working on our second augment.

Either the dice HATE us, or she has a secret method.
Since she's so old, I'm betting on the latter, and since she's our ally and a lotus member, we should ask her to share.

>> No.23473711

she go focus 1 weeks ahead of us, what did you thing would happen?

>> No.23473742


I think that one dice often doesn't make THAT much difference..... with the way that particular polyhedron cookie crumbles. We fail all the time on that one extra die.

I STILL think she's got another trick to it on top of that.

We live with her, so it's simple to ask next time we see her

>> No.23473764

Maybe she uses temporary foci for it, like we might have been able to use meat, steel, and other things along those lines for this.

I suggested it earlier.

>> No.23473841

she probably has the chant recorded or medidates in the lotus sanctum

>> No.23473889

You make still more progress over the next few hours. After a while, you hear someone come in and light you a new stick of incense. It's probably Liz again - she's such a good girl.

Roll Alchemy to continue trying to boost your strength. You get a +1 from Focus and a +1 from the incense. I'll consider the first four 1d100 rolls. You're currently at 2/4.

>> No.23473897

Rolled 98


>> No.23473899

Rolled 15


>> No.23473905

Rolled 40

3rd times the charm

>> No.23473912

Rolled 13


Glorious Incense!

>> No.23473915

Some soundtrack suggestions for fanfic upthread. The songs I used for inspiration.
In that order

>> No.23473916

Rolled 14

this is going to take 12 hours isn't it

>> No.23473922

Rolled 91


This is exactly how useful Focus is right here

>> No.23473950

Rolled 80

it's just /tg/ dice trolling us, happens all the time.

>> No.23473977

In the future, we should use some sort of peaceful, repetitive background music when doing this. Set it up to a computer, put it on loop, and we should have a good environment for self-enchantment that helps just like the incense does.

It may also help to use a ritual circle or other prepared location that helps shield us from ambient energies and focus only on our own.

>> No.23473983

Rolled 19

>can't into probability
>doesn't understand value of larger dice pools
>"it's just my dice, guise"
>wonders why so many fails

>> No.23474014

Rolled 26

>can into /tg/ dice
the "random" seed for the roller uses the server clock

>> No.23474048

Rolled 2

>baseless speculation
>doesn't understand that same-seeded random values wouldn't group together, just be predictable

>> No.23474060

You make still more progress. You would estimate almost nine hours have passed since you started, and you're sure you have a few more to go, at least. Liz comes in again and changes your incense out for you.

Roll Alchemy to continue working on Strength. You get a +1 from Focus and a +1 from the incense. I'll consider the first four rolls. You're currently at 3/4.

>> No.23474073

Rolled 8


>> No.23474076

Rolled 85


>> No.23474083

Rolled 24


>> No.23474105

Rolled 79


finally after 12 hours meditating this is done

>> No.23474166

Rolled 8

now that the meditation is done lets go see liz and selene

>> No.23474175

And talk about the Word. And the tattoos.

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It takes you about another hour and a half before you finally finish. Your body feels lighter as you finish. You feel somehow stronger without your muscles being any tighter or harder. It feels fantastic - you're not twice as strong or anything like that, but it's a noticeable jump.

It's just barely after noon. You're pretty hungry.

What do you do now?

>> No.23474204

Make a sandwich, go find Liz and eat it while we talk to her.

>> No.23474207

is there a good dating spot around?

i wanted a good romantic scene with liz, breakfast in bed can only do so much... i miss paris...

>> No.23474209

go make a meat based lunch, see if selene wants some

>> No.23474222

Depends on if you find skiing romantic. You're in the mountains near Sibiu.

>> No.23474225

Get food. Then go see Liz. We need to have a talk with her about Breakfast.

>> No.23474228

Go get a snack, something meaty, then go see our sweetheart Liz.

If we want to go on a romantic date sometime we teleport somewhere that isn't fucking Scholomance.

>> No.23474229

>is there a good dating spot around?
>leaving the safety of the tower
are you trying to get both max and liz killed?

>> No.23474246

BTW, could we augment our weight? w are stronger anyway so more weight wouldn't stop us but it'd give us more power to punch with.

>> No.23474248

go get something to eat us and selene

>> No.23474277

It's very unlikely we'll get ganked if we safely teleport outside of the Scholomance, at least in the first year.

>> No.23474294

that's a bad idea, as an augment

>> No.23474315

not really

>> No.23474344

yes it is ,augments are always on

>> No.23474347

Have we gotten lunch yet?

>> No.23474356

yeah, we would want to be able to toggle it

>> No.23474362

Yeah it is. By the time you get heavy enough for it to help in a fight you're fucked over for regular things.

>Roll over on Liz in bed
>Sit on chair
>Lay in bed
>Walk on weak floor
Cracks. Hope it's the ground floor or you're going through it.

Just make it a focus that multiplies the effect of gravity on Max

>> No.23474378

I would suggest a triggerable enhancement that would increase our density. That way, Max'll still be able to swim if we want.

>> No.23474391

Just make it a focus that multiplies the effect of gravity on Max

fuck yea then we can do a DBZ training montage fuck yea this must be done

>> No.23474393

I really don't like increasing weight at all because it neutralize our strength and speed augmentations.

>> No.23474396

>Just make it a focus that multiplies the effect of gravity on Max
storing kinetic energy in rings would work better.
no matter how much we want triggerable enhancements fem has said we can't.

>> No.23474450

hell we could make the training room a base 2x gravity with a bound elemental this is perfect

>> No.23474451


i am now imagining that music montage they always use on goku while he is training on max.

and it is awesome.

>> No.23474459

Actually, our self enchantment process has been likened to turning our-self into a magic item. Therefor it stands to reason that you can do most of this stuff with actual magic items, which can be removed.

>> No.23474523

As long as we can work out a way to preform an Infinite Mass Punch I am content.

>> No.23474540

I've ask specifically for toggle able self enchants, fem said no. you either need to cast the spell each time or it's always on

>> No.23474575

Right this wouldn't be a toggle-able self enchant. We would enchant it on an item, like say a ring, and then physically remove said item when we don't want the effect. Would probably have to power it with an elemental though.

>> No.23474580

Rolled 97

>no matter how much we want triggerable enhancements fem has said we can't.

Sure we can.

We make an elemental-powered enhancement, sans elemental.

>> No.23474590

Rolled 32


Fem, can we make a self-enchanting focus?

>> No.23474607

then you need to cast summon elemental each time we need it, and conjuration isn't max's best subject

>> No.23474641

>Not building one, giving dad the specs and asking for a dozen more
do you even blood bond?

>> No.23474672

Think the answer was no, could be wrong

>> No.23474687

do you know what 'sans' means?

>> No.23474709

I know what sans means, it means with out, but with out a power supply the spell will do nothing

>> No.23474718

Rolled 75

>then you need to cast summon elemental each time we need it, and conjuration isn't max's best subject

We NEED to study more then.

I think we need to go out and acquire more knowledge. we waste so much time being pent up in the tower. We should do something ballsy like ask Petrov for after-hours tutoring in our weak subjects.
Not quite as fancy as liz, but still something.

>> No.23474724


Everyone here is literal as fuck.

>> No.23474753

He would say no. Also we should probably be doing more mental augmentation to improve our studying and meditation...

>> No.23474769

>We should do something ballsy like ask Petrov for after-hours tutoring in our weak subjects.
That's not ballsy, that's silly. He has no interest in doing this, and he's probably busier than we are.
Dad and the older guys at the lotus are better tutors. And we caan get help from Sam or Liz.

>> No.23474788

talk to dad he has 4 blocks in conjuration

>> No.23474797


>> No.23474828

Slowpoking on the weapons argument here, but when it comes to weapons that make the most of short, muscular terrifying physiques, look no further than Gurhka armaments.

Also did everyone suddenly forget that tattoos can be as-needed effects? The infinite mass move can easily just be linked to the phrase "DeathPunch.exe" written on our hand and empowered as needed

>> No.23474866

Rolled 24

>And we don't exactly have any good bribes yet.

what about the fruits of our new spell? She's a librarian after all

>> No.23474875

Nope. Those just require rolls and can cause strain, which can be mitigated with strain reduction Foci.

>> No.23474886

She gave us the book to begin with. I assume if she cared she'd have done it herself.

>> No.23474902

It ain't done yet, but if you seriously think its worth something get dad to evaluate it first

>> No.23474931

She's been around forever. I don't think a spell created by a first circle is going to impress her.

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File: 26 KB, 375x266, mace_paulchen2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>look no further than Gurhka armaments.
kukri's are nice, but I prefer one of these

>> No.23474948

Remember, she gave us a book in spell theory that a first circle student could work out, it can't be that impressive

>> No.23474971

they lend them selves well to +force/+impact enchants

>> No.23474980

Rolled 52

>talk to dad he has 4 blocks in conjuration

Wasn't he a Walker?
we should see if he'd be willing to teach us some SUPER SECRET cross society techniques.... or just show us how to flash-step and stuff

>> No.23474992

nope he was a Dreamweaver, and they only take full spirits

>> No.23475006

Rolled 3


No, but she may reward Ingenuity in the students. She's there for a reason, after all.

I get the feeling sorcery/magic in this setting is .... very non standardized. There's a lot of hidden tricks/techniques that isn't in the common knowledge people because people don't share and/or didn't think first.

>> No.23475014
File: 49 KB, 491x245, tetsubo001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree, bashing weapons are the bee's knees.
But we need more power.

>> No.23475026

>cross society techniques

>> No.23475046

Well, sharing our research with her as a thank you is a good idea. I just don't think it's good enough as a bribe.

>> No.23475061

fuck yeaa

hell make a set of anti sorcery and entrenchment and alchemy wards to be able to shut down any thing then just hit the other guy hard

>> No.23475074

This. It's only polite but it's also probably expected and rude if we don't.

>> No.23475086
File: 6 KB, 280x280, 1267591926466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

larger isn't necessarily, for one the size makes them unwieldy despite our supernatural strength.
secondly something smaller will focus the power in one spot better

>> No.23475172

Tetsubo doesn't risk getting stuck in whatever we hit.

>> No.23475179
File: 113 KB, 384x605, BAA01_67_rocket_hammer_in_use.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you're looking for more power then

>> No.23475259
File: 185 KB, 1024x768, Mathilda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>short hair
We Mathilda now.

>> No.23475325

You head downstairs to make yourself a sandwich. You find Liz feeding Selene little baby forks full of cooked ground meat. When you walk in, both Liz and Selene turn towards you, and both break into a big, huge grin. "Mama!" says Selene, reaching her arms out towards you.

"Hello, Mistress," says Liz. "I hope your meditating went well.

"Were you the one who changed my incense?" you ask.

"Yes, Mistress," she says. You walk up and give her a kiss, followed by kissing Selene on the forehead.

What do you do now?

>> No.23475341

Say thanks.

Talk about the Word and the tattoos.

>> No.23475376

Speaking from my time in Colorado, Ski resort restaurants are fucking fantastic.

And not much is more romantic than huddling together up in the cold, dry air of the mountains.

>> No.23475401

Tell Liz about the progress you made on the spell for Selene and ask what her plans are for the day.

>> No.23475410


Hey, what's up colorado bro! Enjoying the snow yet?

>> No.23475428

Talk to her about breakfast. We need to figure out what to do.

>> No.23475454

Talk about getting tattoos. Ask her if she might want to use them for her foci too.

>> No.23475464

Thank her, and let her know that must have been hard after the tough day she had. We really appreciate it.

Also, remember to ask dad if there's some way to transfer fuck-energy from one person to another. Like, fucking breakfast to help Liz recover.

>> No.23475482

yea and tell her about the progress we made on the spell for Selene

>> No.23475490

wiggle Selene's cheeks.

>> No.23475493

ask her how shes feeling after a week in her mind

>> No.23475512

>Talk to her about breakfast. We need to figure out what to do.

Not just taht. I figured out why Its so wierd for us.

We're a girl - inside, mentally -, but we don't have a pussy. We don't know what it feels like. We don't have that critical bit of femininity missing - and that was our first taste of actually HAVING one.

The reason we liked it so much is because it filled in a missing piece of who we should have been.

THATS why its making max all confused.

>> No.23475514
File: 674 KB, 2592x1728, IMG_0814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't live there, I was stationed at Ft. Carson for 3 1/2 years. I live in Minnesota, where we get real winter.

But there are a few things me and my camera miss.

>> No.23475551
File: 295 KB, 900x388, mace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which is why the first weapon I posted was a mace

>> No.23475593

I was referring to the whole mistress thing.

>> No.23475620

Specifically the "can I call you mistress" and how we handled it.

>> No.23475641

I was under the impression we had both sets, maybe its just me though.

>> No.23475667

We do not. Butthole, cock, boobs, XX chromosome, no pussy.

>> No.23475675

Nope, cock only. That's why we were brought up as a guy, and have issues.

>> No.23475686

>I was under the impression we had both sets, maybe its just me though.
nope, which is why max was raised as aboy until the age of 13

>> No.23475688

That's just you deciding to ignore the multiple times it's been stated by Femcock otherwise.

>> No.23475704

I just missed it is all, I had not intentionally ignored it. Nor am I trying to start a shit storm.

>> No.23475763

Selene will have both sets though

>> No.23475776

Yes. And of course how we said she was going to have to ask Liz for permission. Sooner or later Breakfast is probably going to ask. Lets get ahead of the game.

>> No.23476143

dead thred

>> No.23476176

Nah Fem just got lost in someone's mouth.

Or his internet went down again.

>> No.23476210

These are not mutually exclusive options

>> No.23476215

Is there some sort of fetish for announcing that a thread hasn't had a post in half an hour?

Is it kind of like saying "First"?

>> No.23476244
File: 51 KB, 720x480, Bad pun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe his internet went down on him.

>> No.23476285

I just dont want this to 404 and felt like it was dead in here.

>> No.23476288


>> No.23476302

"Thanks for changing it out for me, especially after that tough subjective week you had," you say.

"Oh, it's no big deal. I'm feeling a lot better after someone tucked me in and left a cold pack for my head."

"I made a lot of progress on the spell for Selene yesterday," you say.

"Good. At this rate, I hope you'll have everything ready by the time she is," she says.

You rub Selene's little cheeks. "My dad told me some crazy stuff yesterday," you say.

"Like what?" she asks.

"Apparently all of the mythologies are true, even when they conflict. He said something about time and reality not previously working the way that they do now. Apparently he used to be an angel - like, Michael and Lucifer style - and he knows the language that people supposedly spoke before the Tower of Babel."

"Really?" she asks, extremely curious. "What's it sound like?"

"Like, uh," you say, then recite the alphabet of the Word. Apparently Selene has been listening in during your lesson the other day because she says a few of the letters with you.

"But... That's just nonsense. Silly little random sounds - like a bird or something would make," Liz says, furrowing her brow.

"My dad can't lie to me, remember?" you say. "Besides, he said that after the fall of Babel, God broke the ability for humans to understand it."


>> No.23476318

"Huh. So what are you going to do with that information?"

"I'm planning on using it in tattoos."


"Like, lines of script in the Word. Dad said they'll just look like lines creating abstract designs to mortals. They make sense to us, though."

"...I don't like it when you call humans 'mortals,' Mistress. It sounds really pretentious and arrogant," Liz says. She looks worried.

What do you do?

>> No.23476335

Sorry, just kind of caught up in what I learned from Dad.

>> No.23476354

"It isn't meant like that, I don't think I'm inherently better than you or anything. Just a bit different."

>> No.23476356

"Sorry, just going word per word here, Half human and mortal myself remember?"

>> No.23476358

Oh, I doubt I'll live any longer then any human, it's a genealogical term.

>> No.23476390

Apologize and ask her if she might want to get tattoos for foci too or if she had other plans.
>Max knowing what genealogical means

>> No.23476400

Basically all of
Also, over the course of the next few weeks see if Selene truly understood the Word or is just parroting you and dad. For now, just see what she thinks about the Word tattoos, maybe even show her some written letters to see if she doesnt mind the look of it, and also bring up the Breakfast Situation.

>> No.23476416

"Hey, don't worry about it. My Dad knew Lucifer, was his brother, one of the original 666 demons. And guess what? He got trapped in a dungeon for 15 years by a human while going to human magic school. I'm certainty not going to stand on a high horse just because I'm a chick with a dick."

>> No.23476426

Also ask her what she thinks of us getting tattoo focuses.

>> No.23476445

Change the wording a bit but I like this

>> No.23476447

>"...I don't like it when you call humans 'mortals,' Mistress. It sounds really pretentious and arrogant," Liz says. She looks worried.
dad's words not mine

>> No.23476464 [DELETED] 


Also forgot my image earlier. Really fine with anything, but these just tickle my fancy most of all. Morningstar might be fun too, given the titles held by our Uncle.

>> No.23476469

"Dad's words, not mine, he's the ancient Demon who got trapped under a tower for 15 years. Liz, trust me, I don't mean any pretension when I say it. I'm not trying to be arrogant, but I can recognize some sounds and writing as a language that others can't.

You're the smartest person in the tower by a fair margin, Lin has trouble with the idea of permanently dying, l I just happen to not be entirely human, I'm still as mortal as you are. We're all different in our own way.

I figure that if I'm getting a tattoo I ought to go for a timeless design, and this is about as classic as it gets, and being able to use each symbol as a Focus gives me a lot of things to Enchant while the meaning of each one is hidden from most."

>> No.23476475

We probably should. Certainly don't want breakfast to explain it to her first, she'd botch it horribly.

>> No.23476487

>I figure that if I'm getting a tattoo I ought to go for a timeless design, and this is about as classic as it gets
I really like this line.

>> No.23476489
File: 237 KB, 625x469, kukri-extremaratio-knives.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also forgot my image earlier. Really fine with anything, but these just tickle my fancy most of all. Morningstar might be fun too, given the titles held by our Uncle.

>> No.23476497


this then

great too

O good that reminds me first It seams I can self enchant to slow my aging... so you should be able to make a foci to do the same thing ideally with an elemental to power it

also on the same note Sonjay joined lotus

give Liz a kiss

>> No.23476511

Sounds good.

>> No.23476524


"Sorry liz, I'll try to not use it again. Its just that... holy shit this is a lot to take in. My dad is an.. I don't even know what he is. Or what it makes me. "

>> No.23476525

God those are cool, not tetsubo cool, but still.

>> No.23476586

I'm of the opinion that we should end up with more than one weapon on hand. A kukri for cutting and some sort of mass weapon for general ass-kicking.

>> No.23476634

We should just go total BLOODPOUCH and wear nothing but pouches and weapons strapped to us at various intervals. Maybe grow some extra teeth, too.

>> No.23476657
File: 15 KB, 646x250, asp-baton-collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're talking blunt force trauma, these are pretty damn badass.

>> No.23476688

Screw that pussy shit. We gonna be walking around with a metal pole ripped out of the ground so it has a hunk of cement on the end.

Then harden it with alchemy.

>> No.23476714
File: 51 KB, 620x346, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Morningstar might be fun too, given the titles held by our Uncle.
heh heh,that's good even if no one but dad would get it
>cutting option

>> No.23476754



We still want to be discrete from time to time

>> No.23476761

Real men use a Fluidic Mace with eight ounces of mercury inside it. Kills real good.

Also, an ACTUAL WEAPON hardened with alchemy will always be better than your crappy concrete club.

>> No.23476797

>Also, an ACTUAL WEAPON hardened with alchemy will always be better than your crappy concrete club.

We need a taser

>> No.23476813

Why not just use a taser as a foci to enchant our morning star with lightening powers

>> No.23476814

You dare diss the playground maul?

Have you ever seen a guy pick up an uprooted tetherball pole and use it to smash a dude? I have. Shit was brutal.

>> No.23476836

Have you ever seen a guy whip out a goddamn morning star and use it to maul a dude?

>> No.23476837

Augment Object
Stronghold Builder's Guide
Druid 6
Lasts day/level
Doubles Hardness and HP, +20 to break DC
Object gains saving throw as though attended.

>> No.23476843
File: 62 KB, 808x606, 6crdaw8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I'm operating under the assumption of Walking Arsenal Max here. Something nice and noisy as the primary, like a belt fed GPMG or LMG (FN Minimi, PKM-s, I'm looking at you) which Max can sling like a carbine because Superstrength. Secondaries would be machine pistols, for maximum dual wieldan.

When those are dry or if they won't handle the threat, we switch to Melee. Couple overbuilt folding knives, A huge ass Khukri (or billhook, or Khopesh) and a morningstar seem like they'd cover the bases pretty well.

And of course this is not even our final form, because if you really piss Max off, she drops her battle belt and plate carrier, and kills you with her hands.

>> No.23476876
File: 59 KB, 499x410, jack-rakan-15630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I propose this:

>> No.23476887


What about ancient egyptian laserguns?

>> No.23476890

>And of course this is not even our final form, because if you really piss Max off, she drops her battle belt

I thought you were going to say that she beats her enemies to death with her cock.

>> No.23476894


not making a Tesla tower bashing stick

>> No.23476895


there's always both

>> No.23476902

Flashy but kinda useless. When people can teleport parts of the sun into your vicinity having a lightning morningstar is kinda eh. Especially since it doesn't kill any better than a normal morningstar.

>> No.23476925

jack uses so many weapons, when he get serious

>> No.23476928

>Flashy but kinda useless. When people can teleport parts of the sun into your vicinity having a lightning morningstar is kinda eh. Especially since it doesn't kill any better than a normal morningstar.

What we REALLY need is a magical weapon which is effective in wizzard battles.
Like a counterspelling or antimagical focus, that lets use use our superior BODY scores to deliver magical beatdowns without being winstagibbed by elementals and THE SUN

>> No.23476942

"Sorry, those were dad's words, not mine. I don't mean to puff myself up with them - I mean, my dad's an immortal and he got trapped in a basement for a decade and a half by a human. I'm not trying to say I'm better than anyone just because you're a chick with a dick," you say apologetically. "But you're right, it did sound arrogant of me."

"It's okay, Mistress," Liz says, giving you a hug. "And I do think you're better than most people, miss chick-with-dick, but not because you're descended from an angel."

"Thanks," you say sincerely. "Anyway, someone at the Lotus suggested if I go with a tattoo, I should go with a timeless design, and it doesn't get much more classic than this. Plus, each symbol can be its own focus, which is the great thing about lines of script. Oh, by the way, Sanjay joined the Lotus."

"That's bad..." Liz says, frowning. "That means you can't help defend me against him, right? And that if I killed him, there might be tension between me and your society?"

"Maybe," you admit. "I'm not sure. If it's a choice between protecting you and keeping on good terms with my society, though, I'll pick you every time."

"...thanks, Mistress," she says, then rubs her cheek against you. Selene leans in and hugs you too, giving you a goofy little grin.

What do you do now?

>> No.23476943

>Tesla mod
play any dead island recently?

>> No.23476954

Who knows, we are just using it as a focus. If we wanted to, we could try to enchant it to throw chain lightening at motherfuckers. Thats some Mjolnir shit right there.

>> No.23476965

Go see dad to have him help us design the tattoos and then go to the Lotus Sanctum

>> No.23476966

>Not wanting to become Accelerator
We'd have to increase sorcery of course.

>> No.23476989


Yes, this. We need speed and defense. And possibly range.

We are not getting range with martial arts. We could get range with mental assaults maybe? Illusions to onfuse people and stuff.

>> No.23476991

in this world he's be a master sorcerer(our weakest magic type)

>> No.23477015

Talk to Liz about Breakfast.

>> No.23477019


What we REALLY need are better schools of magic.

Sorcery and Conjuration are the late-game powerboats that make lotus members fear the other societies and mages. We MAY want to turn our attention that way to shorung up our weaknesses.

Just because we're chi users, doesn't mean we can't focus on EXTERNAL uses of it and be on par with others

>> No.23477021

That would be why I said we'd have to increase our sorcery.

>> No.23477023

Talk about the Breakfast thing.
Afterwards let's get the tattoo designs fleshed out and get em done.

>> No.23477030

Liz needs to be aware of the Breakfast situation.
Make sure she knows that this is her choice, and that we support whatever she is most comfortable with.

>> No.23477034

We should probably spend a bit more time with Liz and Selene (we did blow most of our one day off on meditation), but yeah, let's get this done.

>> No.23477061

Give Liz some snuggles and a kiss.

Then tell her about Breakfast and how she wanted to call us Mistress, how we told her that was special between us, that she'd need Liz's permission for anything like that and it might come up.

Tell her that we want her input on this as Breakfast is her pet as well and that we know this is important and we want her to be comfortable with this and that it's her decision whether Breakfast calls us Mistress.

Also suggest that she calls both us and Liz Mistress or some similar word, perhaps Madam (lastname) to make her position clear.

>> No.23477062

Discuss the Bonnie - I mean, Breakfast Situation.

>> No.23477064

nope just gotta love mad genius

good point we need to study hard all the time
yes but also go over the spell we modified its so close to working


>> No.23477089

Agreed. But we should also mention that she blushed while asking, so we need to take that into consideration.

>> No.23477110

>in this world he's be a master sorcerer(our weakest magic type)

I've been pushing for increasing sorcery for a while now.

We should study our classbooks and do homework a few times instead of lotus improvements all the time - once or twice

>> No.23477149

there is nothing wrong with living alchemy which is the lotus specialty.

>> No.23477153

Almost forgot to say but when we go back to the Lotus Sanctum for tattooing ask Lee if +1 forcefield and +1 durability count the same as +2 durability.

>> No.23477208

No, there isn't

However, most lotus users fall behind in power levels and drop out around year 3-4.

We should take note of this NOW and act accordingly to protect liz till graduation

>> No.23477224

>Lee if +1 forcefield and +1 durability count the same as +2 durability.
after we get our tattoos we're going to go to +2 durability anyways

>> No.23477241

>However, most lotus users fall behind in power levels and drop out around year 3-4
carl is proof that they don't have to fall behind

>> No.23477242

it has been said that living alchemy is the only way to make it to 1st circle effectively IIRC anyways. Using lotus that is.

>> No.23477249

Getting two +1 augments is easier that one +2.

>> No.23477303

+1 forcefield is a sorcery

>> No.23477312
File: 70 KB, 761x495, AJAX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh hey Fem, you get any joy out of the fic?

>> No.23477319

We have a dot of sorcery, meaning we can get a force field.

>> No.23477332


Then this needs to be added to our list of goals: Find out how carl survived to graduate, and let him know we're SERIOUS about getting to year 6 and not falling behind.
How long it takes to learn Living Alchemy.

It may take a YEAR or two, since its super-hard high end techniques that takes a long time to master. last time it came up femcock said we'd barely scratched the surface of it.

Just because living alchemy is powerful and an equalizer doesn't mean we can rely on having it in time. Its a long term goal.

In the short term, we NEED a better broad magical education to stay in the top of the class. If we're 8th, its possible for us to get bumped down if we fall behind

>> No.23477366

I actually just finished getting off to it. I just found the time to.

>> No.23477376

Lets not do the "Breakfast is your pet too thing." Breakfast is starting to become a person again, and Liz might find that disagreeable.

>> No.23477387

To simplify, 8th is safe zone for first and second circles, but dead middle for third, which is the worst possible place to be.

>> No.23477404

We won't be able to start actual LIVING ALCHEMY until second year, they're allowed to teach us self-enhancement, but for the rest we have to wait and prepare.

I think that's the highest praise you could have given him.

>> No.23477416
File: 153 KB, 885x588, 1353484606795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha! Slowed down the thread by making the quest runner rub one out. Not sure whether to be pleased or apologetic.

>> No.23477445

that is one sex AX

>> No.23477451

Both. Now start grovelgloating.

>> No.23477455

>Ha! Slowed down the thread by making the quest runner rub one out. Not sure whether to be pleased or apologetic.

What IS the class size in our circle?

Also, its not a question of being in 8th, but STAYING in 8th.

>> No.23477456

I've gotten off to every piece of writefaggotry ever posted in this quest, and all of the pieces of drawfaggotry are saved in my BF Quest image folder. I fucking love when you guys do that. I find it genuinely and enormously flattering.

If you want to apologize to someone, you should apologize to my pet. Her tongue is all numb now.

>> No.23477507

>Her tongue is all numb now.

..... how long has she been at it?

>> No.23477515

Does she Catan?

>> No.23477539

One orgasm isn't sufficient for me to have 'gotten off.'

If you mean 'fucking me over constantly with the longest road,' then yes. If you mean getting casually tormented and then offered to winners as a prize, then no.

>> No.23477554
File: 18 KB, 600x290, 1362096671978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23477561

With the walking armoury thing and people saying it's conspicuous, we could always keep the standard dual handguns and maybe a knife on us, but other than that we could set up some foci of conjuration and link them to an armory of crazy shit.

That let's us get a bit creative and/or silly with our choice of weapons. Hammer the size of a schoolbus? No problem! A bit over the top and uncalled for in most situations, but imagine the next time some jackass monster jumps us and we flatten him with a cratoonishly large blunt implement.

>> No.23477584

bags of holding can be made

>> No.23477596

Bonus points if we actually pull it out from behind our back Bugs Bunny style.

>> No.23477636

"You probably need to talk to Breakfast," you say seriously.

"Why's that?" she asks.

"Last night, she asked if she could call me 'Mistress' too. I don't think she understood what it means, aside from that it's a caring term, but I think she's starting to get a crush on me. I think you would be a more effective person to explain what it really means."

"Okay. If anything, she should be calling your dad 'Master,'" she says, giving it some thought.

"Oh, I agree. I told her that too. Still, I don't think she really gets it."

"Okay, I'll have a chat with her, Mistress," says Liz. "I wouldn't want her to be confused - she's a sweet girl, really. That reminds me of something, though. Selene is starting to pick up a fair bit of English. Should I stop calling you Mistress in front of her, or are you okay with having to explain what all of that means?"

What do you say?

>> No.23477647
File: 135 KB, 540x540, 1258689618454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell her she's welcome on my behalf, I apologize for nothing. And Catan is not a couples game, Road snipes generate couch camping.
I fully support hammerspace arsenal plans. A portal might be preferable to summoning, so as not to get caught inside a conjuration jammer and be disarmed. Hell, we could make it one of the tattoos and pull weapons out of our own body if we wanted.

It's like the Lobby scene meets Alien really

We're handling the breakfast pronoun conundrum and then getting ready for tats correct?

>> No.23477664

"I think we can explain it to her, if she asks early we'll just say it's your personal special way of saying you love me."

>> No.23477672

At first I thought it was Indian, then I realized it was Persian. Say what you will about functionality, Middle Eastern/South Asian weaponry is just super neat looking.

>> No.23477682

"Her hearing is good enough that I don't think it's realistic to hide anything from her- she can probably hear conversations a couple floors away. I'll have to explain."

>> No.23477694

1st is 64, only half that can pass.
So 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 in each circle.

And so far 12 have died, disappeared, or dropped out.

>> No.23477699
File: 1.41 MB, 1800x1280, Gilgamesh.full.821714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We Girugamesh now

>> No.23477705
File: 18 KB, 800x533, 1319874430121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Honestly I've been puzzling over that myself. Some of the folks in the Lotus have been telling me that they can get very territorial when they hit puberty. Big time daddy issues. If we spend more time together as a family we might be able to prevent that though. I hope so anyway."

>> No.23477707

I think that even if we explain it to her now and she understands, she'll start up later whenever she goes through her dryad fucky times she'll start calling Max mistress just to piss off Liz.

I don't know why but that pic made me crack up hard.

>> No.23477769

Which makes me really want to know if something equivalent to Elsewhere (Exalted) exists. An alternate space we could use conjuration to store stuff in.

>> No.23477784

She can probably hear it through walls anyway. Perhaps we should just cut back to using Mistress in the bedroom, and our names out here?

>> No.23477787

Ask Liz to talk to her, then we get the tattoo stuff sorted

>> No.23477789

eah she need to learn about the birds and bees eventually do what ever you like

sexy thing
fuck yea hammer space tattoo

>> No.23477796
File: 36 KB, 600x600, 1360802169560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that will always be a silly weapon, have a more practical one.
I know we cam make rooms that are bigger on the inside than they are on the out side(conjeratoin)

>> No.23477863

And Liz is totally okay with breakfast calling us that. Who knew?

>> No.23477885
File: 18 KB, 500x500, condor-pipe-dagger2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23477934

"Is there any reason we shouldn't tell her what it means, so long as she's old enough to ask?"

>> No.23477957
File: 25 KB, 350x350, SV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I figure it reflects Max in a way. Alita's sword was pretty much the least dangerous thing she caied, considering some of her shells could punch you with plasma. That and I'm secretly hoping Lee's martial art is basically Panzerkunst.

>> No.23478022

right, but a mace/morningstar/axe/billhook would give us mechanical advantage provided that they are durable enough, and can be enchanted with things we wouldn't want to enchant our selves with

>> No.23478039

"Let's just explain it to her as effectively as possible when she asks," you say. "After all, even if we don't do it in front of her, she can hear everything that goes on in this tower, I'm sure. We don't have to explain how it plays into sex early on, we can just say it's your special way to tell me how much you love me."

"That's sounds good," Liz says nodding. "Here, can you take over with Selene? I'm going to go talk to Breakfast. She needs to understand that only me and the girls I break for you get to call you Mistress, and that it's nothing against her."

What do you do now?

>> No.23478045

Reading the pastebin, I have come upon the notion that there could be an actual trick to ringing the bells.
Tesla's Harmonic Resonance. We won't even have to hit it very hard if we can move fast and accurately enough to strike in time with the wave. Just let the wave from the previous strike go through the bell and when it gets back to the same point, strike again, increasing the magnitude of the wave. Do that for a minute or so and we can have the bell giving off a constant tone, even if we still had normal strength.
Just a little testing for a few minutes to get the rhythm right is all we'd need.

>> No.23478052

Take Selene and go talk to dad about the Word.

Tattoo designs go!

>> No.23478057

>only me and the girls I break for you
>the girls I break for you
Liz is the best.

>> No.23478079

Talk to Selene and get her to draw us some pictures that we can turn into tattoos

>> No.23478094
File: 23 KB, 204x222, 1361561457465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Getting your blind plant infant to draw your tattoo designs

>> No.23478114

Nobody will know what they mean!

Or maybe we can just get the oscilliscope pattern of her noise toys.

>> No.23478115

Yeah... no. Drawing is largely based on vision. If we wanted her to sing us tattoos, maybe.

>> No.23478122

and the spell we modified

>> No.23478125

Just so you guys understand, the reason Alexander Lee developed the custom martial art for superhumans is that, once you read a certain level of strength, speed, and toughness, fighting on Earth becomes like fighting on the Moon, or even somewhere with even worse traction and gravity. That and the fact that your augmentations don't give you comic book-style super strength - you probably can't ever pick up a car unless you're very careful simply because your hands will tear right through it from the car's weight, for example. All kinds of things like that lead to a complete reexamination of the underlying body mechanics in most martial arts in a brand new context. That's why there's a lot more planting and vertically-powered movement rather than radially-powered movement, a lot more standing grappling, and a lot less presumption on mass and stance being sufficient to keep from being moved. Does that make sense to you all?

>> No.23478131

>She needs to understand that only me and the girls I break for you get to call you Mistress
She's a keeper.

>Flash forward 20 years
>All the "maids" call both of them mistress

>> No.23478132
File: 34 KB, 500x667, 1356076831306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23478133

>and the girls I break for you
Woah, what.

>> No.23478137

Your idea is so dumb you're being mocked by Snapple. How does it feel.

>> No.23478145

A quick kiss and light smack on the backside as reward is in order there before sending her on her way with a smile.

and when we are alone with Seleene, with no puny pure-humans around, we can practice sing-song English alphabet, then piece together a sing-song version of the Lost Words alphabet.

Even without her entirely understanding we can start building a foundation in the growing mind.

>> No.23478168

Hey FemCOCK, I've been wondering.
How common is Immortality in this world? Carl mentioned slowing aging as if it were nothing, and Dad doesn't seem to make a big deal about his own immortality. Is it something that is basically standard for Archmages to get?

>> No.23478178
File: 904 KB, 900x644, 1234565741301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Certainly, in fact I think Max and Liz ought to get some practical combatives and firearms training over break for this exact reason. If nothing else, efficiency is key in this setting, and firearms and tomahawks don't cause strain.
>She needs to understand that only me and the girls I break for you

I'm swelling with pride. All over. Swelling

Definitely. Start working in Systema/Judo force diffusion and working on throws joint locks more?

>> No.23478188

>Is it something that is basically standard for Archmages to get?
Yes, but it's somewhat less common in the outside world. You don't have much context for this, but the Scholomance is the premiere magical school in the world. Most people capable of magic are lucky to get one or two boxes of any given school in their life and certainly don't understand the theory behind it.

>> No.23478193

Makes sense, but couldn't you living alchemy your hands into giant bony flippers to pick up a car?

>> No.23478220

>giant bony flippers
and here I thought you'd stopped being stupid

>> No.23478235

It seems like it'd be more effective and easier to Sorcery some tactile-telekinesis.

>> No.23478242

so what your saying is we need to self enchant a tactical telekinesis field? like the force fled but to add strength as well?

also grabber her before she gets out the door "only me and the girls I break for you get to call you Mistress"? you going to fill me in on these plans :P

>> No.23478250

In case you can't tell I wasn't being serious, but if you really need it I can add a joke tag to the end of silly posts.

>> No.23478253

tactical telekinesis
hive mind

>> No.23478283

Absolutely, but with less of a focus on your own center of mass than Judo simply because your mass means little if your opponent is strong enough to hammer-toss a motor cycle. The ratio of strength/speed to mass/traction is one of the biggest things that gets accounted for in his custom style. Also the fact that, at a certain level of durability and strength, you can easily get pushed - or push - through a wall as long as you have proper bracing and traction against the ground. A lot of fundamental concepts get challenged when you get up to that kind of inhuman scale.

Mind you, Max is nowhere near that yet. With Body 4 + Strength 1, her Strength is only at human maximum potential, for example. That's why the martial art requires Strength 2, Speed 2, Durability 2 bare minimum before he can even begin teaching it.

>> No.23478294

with you I can't tell, and will not take the change in this quest

>> No.23478325

Fem do you have the alphabet for the Word designed?

If so can we see it?

Does this mean that if we got the 5th body box we would only need +1 in the augmentations to start?

>> No.23478340

Couldn't we improve our mass/traction by magic? Having more mass sounds handy.

>> No.23478361

maybe, but mass is a bad idea

>> No.23478376

>the change
the chance

>> No.23478439
File: 7 KB, 300x168, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the chang

>> No.23478463

Why? More mass means more force. We could at the very least up it to "heavy guy" or "sumo" levels, that'd mean more thant twice our weight, twice the force at least, without getting into the whole "whoops, I broke the floor again!" territory.

Maybe a non permanent thing.

>> No.23478474

You pick up Selene and give Liz a kiss and then a swat on the ass. You're pretty damn pleased by Liz, and Selene seems really happy to be held by you, putting her cheek on your shoulder and holding on tight. You head down into the basement level where, sure enough, your dad is still hard at work extending the wards.

"Hey, dad," you say.

"Hey, Max. Hello there, big girl," he says, giving both of you a grin. "What's up?"

"I managed to slim down all of the senses in the possession spell," you say proudly. "Now, I was wondering, do you have any advice for what stuff in the Word I should use to tattoo myself?"

"That's a hard question," your dad says, thinking. "Maybe the Paradox of Self - that's an approximation of its title, it's one part epic poem, one part philosophical manuscript. My favorite adaptation of it was when it was made into an opera and performed in the streets of Gomorrah by blind and vagrant philosopher-priests. It's about, in simplest terms, how the self doesn't exist as long as you're supplementing knowledge externally, but as soon as you stop taking in knowledge there's no space for the self to exist in relative to the not-self, so it ceases to exist entirely. That's what I would get myself tattooed with, anyway, if I was going to get covered in script. What sort of thing are you looking for, Max?"

What do you say?

>> No.23478484
File: 245 KB, 800x600, Sonny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shiny, russian martial maulers here we come.
There's always this gibberish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enochian

>> No.23478493

Hell, traction wouldn't work since we'd get pushed along with whatever we are standing on. Just carve a groove into the ground no matter how good your traction is.

>> No.23478525

"Wow. You've thought about this before."

Does Descartes have any decent works? It seems appropriate for this quest.

>> No.23478533

I'm picturing it, visually, as a mix between Sanskrit and Tamil, with it sounding like a mix between Bantu and Nahuatl.

>> No.23478577
File: 28 KB, 370x450, 53880143.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For those unfamiliar, this first picture is Tamil.

>> No.23478599

Might as well take his suggestion.
If we pick something we have to make him translate it into the word for us, taking time away from the wards.

Ask him if he has/ had a copy here or if there's one in the library.

>> No.23478627

"I don't know; I'm still taking in ideas, I guess. It needs to be something central to me, but I guess I'm not sure who exactly I am, yet.

"I should probably wait until I actually speak the language fluently before getting these tattoos, anyway. I'd feel like an idiot otherwise."

>> No.23478631
File: 19 KB, 300x539, alphabet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here's some Sanskrit, which is what the Tamil script is based on in the first place.

>> No.23478636
File: 281 KB, 900x646, skyrim_horses_by_atan-d4h2bmq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23478659

"Something versatile, something I could have apply to pretty much any type of Focus that I wish to Enchant onto myself.

And having it be aesthetically pleasing and wrap around myself so it doesn't look like script, but instead like strange lines of symbols to those unfamiliar with it.

Something that represents who I am to myself."

>> No.23478669

Oh my god, those letters a beautiful.

>> No.23478681
File: 205 KB, 675x900, 1243648850393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Discourse on the Method and Meditations are both classics that set the foundation for enlightenment philosophy. "It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it too get pussy." and "Cogitae Ergo I'm Going to Fuck Your Shit" etc.

Seriously though, dad's idea sounds like some seriously awesome extinct zen/nihilist/satanic existentialism, and I like it. Let's do that. Get it written in strings and circles.

>> No.23478690

We should use Ar Tonelico's Hymno alphabet for the Word. They'r pretty neat.

>> No.23478703

"I was thinking something simpler, single words or sayings that could be linked to the effects I want from them."

>> No.23478715

Let's go with dads idea. Sounds cool.

>> No.23478739

And spirals

>> No.23478748

yea what !FemCOCKqFw just posted is pretty Descartes like as long as we are thinking/learning we exist as us, but you are what you think and learning is new so you don't exist as you learn because you are that others persons thought/idea but when you are not learning you aren't truly thinking so you don't exit then, so its sorta like we only exist as we are learning and creating something new thats some deep shit I like it

>> No.23478751


>>23478690 Nevermind. Seems femcock has something in mind already.

Though I still think hymno language would make a nice font for Word.

>> No.23478819

lets get paradox of self but make it look cool

>> No.23478904
File: 91 KB, 500x400, hymmnosfont.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damn that game had amazing music.

>> No.23478944

"That sounds really cool, actually," you say. "I might go with that. I'm not sure yet, though. I would want to see what my options are first. Maybe actually learn the language first so that I can get a better idea of it."

"Well, if you want, you can stay down here and I can recite you some poems, some plays, and some songs while I work," he suggests. "It wouldn't distract me, and I think it would be pretty fun. Selene might like it too."

And that's where I'm going to end it for tonight. I'm really tired. If you have questions, ask them. I'll try to answer them. I'm going to archive the thread now.

>> No.23478979


This thread has been archived. Remember to vote it up.

>> No.23479028


Yeah, that font. Pretty cool and extremely alien looking.

There is also this whole page on how to write/read hymno: http://conlang.wikia.com/wiki/Hymmnos

THeorically, femcock would be able to make real sentences with it; but that would be unnecessary trouble.

>> No.23479125

The problem is that it corresponds to a 26-letter, base-10 alphanumeric, Latin/Arabic system. The Word does not, at all. It has hundreds of letters that compound into macrosyllabic symbols, dramatically contextual pronunciation, and a base 13 numeral system.

>> No.23479141
File: 1.68 MB, 1600x1600, gallifreyan_020___jabberwocky__complete__by_thoruf72-d5ji7c6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting that poem arranged like Circular Gallifreyan might be a cool visual style.

Fem, is something like the force reversal tattoo I gave Pavana actually possible?

>> No.23479146
File: 2.08 MB, 2074x2254, Black_and_Silver_Gauntlets_by_Azmal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

weaponized gauntlets

>> No.23479171

Yeah, as a focus. It would probably be a cluster designed to both boost and mitigate strain of a Sorcery effect to redirect force afflicted back on the attacker.

>> No.23479227
File: 966 KB, 1000x1328, emre-cebeci-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also for consideration, turkish calligraphy formats.
That sounds really handy for wizardkunst, good to know.

>> No.23479264
File: 131 KB, 800x401, 251367367_9ZFxu-L-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well you know what they say, bitches love sanskrit.

>> No.23479283
File: 47 KB, 420x600, 1202099317765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23479430

so, question, when did self augmentations change from three successes per tier, stacking, to four?

>> No.23479517

It requires a number of successes based on the stat it's closest to, Focus added to mind so we needed 3 successes as we have 3 Mind Boxes.

Strength applies to Body, so 5.

>> No.23479545

4, not 5. Though we'll be at 5 Body soon enough.

>> No.23479578

Ahh, yeah I completely forgot that caveat, the better the stat is, the harder to improve.

>> No.23479593

Does durability apply to all damages or can we still get fried by lightning bolts after stacking it a few times?

>> No.23479710

AFAIK it applies to all damages, as long as we don't have some specific vulnerability.

>> No.23480351

I have to admit, I'm curious as to why you would pick base 13.

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