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Thanks to the effort of elegan/tg/entlemen scattered around, we're close to having a playable system!

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Here's a racial lineup.

Streamies = The majority race in Waylights, if you don't count Tsuxia. Streamies are mostly human, with a few mixed Invader genes into them. The base race (human equivalent).

Plats = Primarily Plateau inhabitants, although there are quite a few around the Slipstream. Plats are unmodified or largely unmodified pre-Invasion humans; they are shorter and slower than Streamies but have greater strength and endurance. Dorf equivalent. Tsuxians consider plats to be the only true humans, to them streamies are mutants and everything else is an Invader.

Geeps = Descendents of intentional hybrids between the alien overlords and humans. While they are weaker than both plats and streamies, they tend to display greater finesse and psi attunement. Basically an elf equivalent.

Womps = Descendents of hybrids between the alien footsoldiers and humans. While stereotyped as stupid, they generally simply have a more direct approach to things. While they do not have a plat's endurance, they are extremely strong. Basically your half-ork or ork equivalent.

Interbreeding is possible and indeed has been going on for fifty generations; at this point genomes have stabilized and children will breed true to one or the other parent.

Two more races exist that are considered semi-sentient, gorks and lemlins. Gorks are feral Invader footsoldiers that have managed to return to sexual reproduction; they live in a pre-civilized state in the deeps (Ogre equivalent). Lemlins descend from Invader technicians who have also managed to return to sexual reproduction -- the shallowness of their gene pool has taken a toll however, and while they are clever and move extremely quickly, they're generally nonverbal and most lands do not consider them people (Goblin/kobold equivalent)

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This is a map of the world's playable area -- it's the eye of a continent-sized storm. The black areas are lands, mountains and mesas above the ocean of mists. The white area is the Wasteland, a mist-covered expanse of xenoformed jungle that you need a diving suit to enter.

More information here: http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Waylight.Waylight

There's still room if you want to add a canton (nation/culture), wildlife and so on!

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> Some womps have slight animal characteristics.

>Some geeps have slight animal characteristics.

You know what you are, OP?

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Thanks for reading the races page?

The idea here is "X-Com won a Pyrrhic victory. Fast forward 1000 years."

I can't very well have elves and orks in there, can I?

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40K did.

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And does everything have to be about 40K? I know everyone's waiting for the new stuff, but...

The idea here was to build a setting around ease of play and ease of picking it up.

Basically it's intended to be a slightly less cartoony version of Storm Hawks, or a zanier version of Crimson Skies. The Invasion plot is just "How did the world get this way".

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Note that this is country-size, not planet-size. The playable area is the eye of an enormous storm on a planet that may or may not be Earth; efforts to get a flying vehicle high enough to see out of the storm have been ongoing.

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This is,
quite possibly,
the blandest
most generic
most uninspired
setting I've ever seen.

Pic related.

Not saging because this deserves to be mocked.

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wait, dwarfs are humans?

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Derpy is best derp. Not you.


Kinda. The unmodified humans fit the "dwarf" fantasy niche as a race that is slower, shorter and tougher.

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Hardly, the pitch even seems kind of neat. Not really down with the magic and stereotypical fantasy races though.

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The problem I was having is that nobody wants to play a noncaster, so I figured everyone has some psi ability, if nothing else enough to use named crystals on their weapons/armor/items.

I'd like a way to make sure psi powers are more "Leap of Math: Quickly figure out how to jump on the wing of another airplane, and for a moment have the muscle tone to do it" jedi-like stuff, rather than LOLFIREBALL.

About fantasy races, I'm trying to do something different but familiar. I realize that's often self defeating. The idea there was to take X-Com aliens and mix-n-match while covering the fantasy stereotypes.

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Can somebody tutor me on how to erotic role-play?

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What the hell.

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>The problem I was having is that nobody wants to play a noncaster
What? Oh, are you using 3.x or some shit?

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We're going to use either Forgotten Futures or Emlia (system that my boyfriend came up with). However, both groups I belong to are used to 3.5 and ... well, yeah, basically that.


Sonichu is... Not sure how to describe it, just google it. I used to believe it's a very elaborate troll / art project, but that may sadly not be the case.

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The magic system isn't very defined yet: the flavor is that everyone has magic potential, it's math based, and must be powered by crystals.

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No, i know about Sonichu (at least as much as i care to know), i just can't believe somebody spelled guaranteed like that.

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Matter of fact if you have any ideas on how to make noncasters more attractive, please tell! Right now I'm still in the setting-building phase although we're looking at a test game sometime today.

Got me. I'm Italian. I hope my English is serviceable. (And yes, Land Enotria is the first land I statted)

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http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Waylight.Magic This is what I have so far -- it's very light on crunch as you can see.

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Would it be expedient if I made another thread after the playtest?

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