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Question: How many of you Warhammer players don't like D&D? How many D&D fans don't like Warhammer? There never seems to be any crossover discussion about the two, so I'm interested to see what the rest of /tg/ thinks.

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I like both, but then I like most geek things.

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I love how that kid behind him gives no fucks and doe his dunk anyway

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I've been playing D&D in one form or another since 1995 but I acknowledge that it is a flawed system in every form, and its flaws run deep. I still love it.

But you're right, I don't like Warhammer. However, I stay out of Warhammer threads, because this board is for both the D&D fans and the Warhammer fans. Nerds should be able to peacefully co-exist together, not fight each other for whose nerdy hobby is least bad.

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Thanks for making me like the .gif even more, haha.

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I play D&D. I don't play warhammer. Not because I dislike the concept or anything - I've just never gotten into it and I'm not into painting or collecting miniatures, and I don't have the money for it anyway.

I have blood bowl on my computer and I like playing that. But that's really stretching what we call warhammer, I think.

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I don't like the mechanics of either.

I'd much rather play something with a modern gaming engine ... storygames if I'm going to roleplay, or something like Black Powder or Bolt Action if pushing figs around a table.

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I used to play both. What kind of crossover are you talking about?

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I play both. Mostly warhammer/warmachine because my gaming crew is too selfconcious and inconsistant to play DnD for any length of time. Dayum.

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Another D&D-but-no-Warhammer here. Honestly I'm not that enamored of D&D, either -- I don't hate it, and I won't generally turn my nose up at a game, but if it's that or almost any other system I'll probably go with the other system.

Notable exceptions include Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and WFRP. (I really don't like Warhammer.)

>There never seems to be any crossover discussion about the two
Why would there be? I was under the impression that the above three systems covered whatever impetus one would have to cross the two over. Alternately, if you want D&D-styled tabletop wargames... then I have no idea what you'd do. Resurrect Chainmail, possibly?

Yeah. I wouldn't even mention the above, except that OP specifically asked; I generally just stay out of Warhammer threads, and everybody's happy with that.

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