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Just got my copy of Only War after reading the pdf. Holy shit this looks like fun. It's going to be my first time being a PC in a 40k RPG so I'm really looking forward to it.

We haven't made our regiment yet, but I'm leaning toward making something like a scout-sniper weapon specialist. Looks like it'll be pretty doable (except tech-use will be expensive as balls for doing demo), but I'm more focused on coming up with the concept for his personality.

My past few characters have been instigators who attempt to lead in some way, so I wanted to play something completely different. I want him to be very pious, but not in a full-retard Tallarn flagellant kind of way, and not antagonistic about it to the rest of the squad. He believes in the Imperial religion, attends services, and subscribes to the more submissive aspects of Imperial Dogma (questioning orders is a sin, bartering for more supplies than the Officio Munitorum dispatched is heresy, etc). His faith will be the source of his motivation, and how he copes with the bullshit I'm sure our GM will put us through. He realizes not everyone is as much of a believer as he is, but he won't hold it against his squadmates, as he'd probably think that nobody who's giving their life to serve in the Emperor's Imperial Guard could truly be a bad person. I figure this gives room for development as this naive outlook is hopelessly shattered when we inevitably meet some psychotic CO or rival squad, and he'll adopt a more personalized version of the Imperial Creed that rewards personal agency in the name of the God-Emperor.

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To reflect this, I want to roleplay him actually employing various Thoughts for the Day and Imperial prayers. When he's taking an Aim action, he's not lining up the shot - he's actually reciting the Litany of Accuracy. A failed Fear test will have him cowering while muttering the Litanies against fear. When his comrades are complaining to the LT about an impossible task, he'll just pat his buddies on the back and say "Blessed is the mind too small for doubt, eh brothers?"

So I'm going to need some help compiling (and creating) some nice Imperial Thoughts and Prayers.

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Here's a list of Thoughts for the Day.


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What would be cool is if you could make some up on the spot, but give them some random source to make it sound like a fundie citing the bible. Especially if it's a really Imperial thing.

Example - a separatist captive is trying to convince you that the Imperium is wrong, with a pretty persuasive argument.

"A logical argument must be dismissed with absolute conviction! Codex Imperialis, chapter 14 verse 7."

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Look for the Imperial Infantrymans Uplifting Primer on /rs/, I think it has some prayers in the back. Even if it doesn't it should still be handy for your character.

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