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>Ork Fans : LAWL Orks don't fight for glory, greed, hate, or conquest. They fight just for the sake of fighting
>mfw the Prophet of Ork and Mork wants to unite the Orks, conquer the galaxy, enslave everyone, and establish an Orkish Imperium

What's up with that?

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>Self proclaimed prophet of Gork and Mork

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You can't judge an entire species on one individual.

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He is the biggest and most famous known Ork in the galaxy. With the largest current WAAAAAGH!

Most Orks follow his commands. As far as the Orks are concerned he is the prophet of G&M. Hey since they believe he is what he says he is then their magically Waaagh effect will make him what he says he is!

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he's not a good example since he got fucked in the head

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'e's da biggest and da baddest WAAAAGH!-BOSS around, yer git! Zog off!

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Ghaz is still mostly just looking for a good fight.

And he's a bit insane, and receiving visions from Eldrad (because if he wasn't redirected towards Armageddon, he would have wiped Ulthwe off the star charts).

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>What's up with that?

It's part of Thraka's growth as a Warboss. Orks need more power to get bigga, and Thraka is smart enough to have determined that the only way to dramatically increase his influence over other orks is to be lording it over a vast empire - the Imperium is the best example of one, so he wants to ape that.

Thraka is a weirdboy, an anomoly and a freak of nature and even he isn't that pragmatic. We can see that his "orky" nature is stronger than his logical process when he released Yarrick, who went straight back to command the Steel Legion, who are expert ork hunters. If he was truly calculating, he would have wiped them out of existance at the first opportunity.

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Orkaboos are probably the most insufferable part of the fandom.

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>Orkaboos are probably the most insufferable part of the fandom.
>Space Wolves


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That's because the ork fans currently left playing this game, were the the most insufferable part of the Ork fandom. The rest were driven off by the rampant self-righteous faggotry that is the marine fanbase.

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Orkz can't really substantiate their bald claims, since they lose literally every single fight they get into in the fluff.

Bigger beatstick than the Eldar.

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I will, if he represents the WILL of their Gods who are created from the collective WILLS of all the Orks.

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He's trying to start a bigger fight. Everything seems in order.

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>will make him what he says he is!
Why do chucklefucks keep thinking this?

Waaagh has a limited effect on reality, it can't make your finger shoot nukes.

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People like underdogs. They have more interesting character development.

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People who use the word fandom are the most insufferable part of any fandom.

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Want a cracker there Polly?

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>Why do chucklefucks keep thinking this?
Because a lot of the younger 40k fans tend to blow the Waaagh way out of proportion in regards to what it can and can't do.

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Actually right now I'd love a box of Ritz or something.

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What are you talking about? Waaagh effect can reshape reality!

There is an Ork Pysker who can transform enemies into Squigs, for God's sake.

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Yeah, but first let me get some ice for that burn. It better be a Keebler clubhouse or there's going to be trouble.

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And there are Lords of Change who can turn people into Chaos Spawn. Who gives a fuck?

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What if you focused on size when constructing a cybork body? Plunked some amputee's head onto a 100ft body?

Would he be de-facto Warboss? He's definitely Bigga

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Because he's a fucking psyker. Not because the Waaagh lets you shoot nukes with the power of belief.

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But he wouldn't be the Orkiest.

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Iron Hands pls go.

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There's been a long-time request by many Ork players that there needs to be a 'dreadnought-body' HQ option for this very reason.

It's been yet another great Ork-related idea that GW has ignored since 3rd edition.

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So, you concede that the WAAAGH effect is as capable of reshaping reality as the Warp?

Because that's a pretty big concession, bro.

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Thats because the WAAAGH is a Warp phenomena, it isn't functionally different than any other psychic power.

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The waaagh is the warp, just like the hivemind is the warp. The psychic abilities are all warp-based, just a different flavor that chaos can't easily fuck up.

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What's it matter if he does or not? The Waaagh still does not work that way. Zogwort is a psyker. He has magic psyker powers. Which means he can magically do whatever the fuck he wants in regards to reality, like any other psyker.

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All orks are psykers. That's just how it is. The WAAAGH may not make mininukes out of fingertips, but it does affect reality based on ork beliefs.

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I do not know what a bald claim is, but I don't think the Ork fanbase gives that much of a shit. Ork victories are generally glorious because they always come across as underdogs after jobbing for everyone else so hard.

I mean, if we are following fluff, a large scale Ork vs Tyranids campaign literally can't go to the Orks,9 because the Nids do large scale war in a similar way, but are way more efficient and focused. No other race in 40k stands zero chance against the other in a fluff war where they have equivalent resources.

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No, all orks are not psykers. They just generate a psychic waaagh effect that has a relatively minor influence on reality. It does things such as adds an extra horsepower to vehicles painted red (in theory). Keeps a badly maintained gun from jamming. Or increases morale and aggression substantially as more Orks congregate. Orks themselves are not actually psykers. The oddboy class known as wyrdboyz/warpheads however, are.

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All orks generate a psychic field that affects reality in the way you stated. Ergo, all orks are psykers. They are not powerful psykers like a wyrdboy, but they are still psykers.

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No you're just trying to incite an orks vs nids argument.

Stop it.

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Naw, man. It's like... You know how humans show up in the warp? And how non-psykers can worship chaos gods and make them more powerful?
It's like that.

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I don't think I understand you.

I always thought of the boyz as being that lowest class of psyker on the imperium scale, the ones that could go through life without knowing what they were. Except psykers are relatively rare in humans, and every single ork is. So they become more powerful as they group together, and are able to affect more as a result.

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Then by that definition every living sapient creature in 40k is a 'psyker', because it generates a psychic field and it's soul is seen in the warp.

No. Orks are NOT psykers. They have no conscious effect on reality. The Waaagh is just an ambient psychic WD-40 that is generated by their presence, but otherwise they have no control over. Those that do, are the ones that DO have a conscious, direct effect on reality. And they are called 'Wyrdboyz/Warpheads'. Weapons that specifically have an extra effect against 'psykers', will not have any noticeable extra effect against a generic boy, or a big mek, or a nob. It will however have an extra effect on a wyrdboy/warphead.

Ergo, on the scale rating classification of 'psykers' (alpha, gamma, etc.), Orks are considered 'blunts'. As in, no psychic talent or skill, or ability.

If you want a race of entirely psychic aliens, you're looking no further than Eldar. Each of which has at least minor psychic abilities, and their entire technology is based around such.

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Every Ork has the potential to be a Psyker, same as an Eldar. Weirdboyz are sponges that soak up that residual psychic energy.

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The thing is, even those really weak human psykers could actively manipulate their powers if they knew they had one. They might only get to spoon-bending levels, but they could still consciously do it. Orks can't. They generate a psychic field, but a random Boy couldn't manifest psychic powers.

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>Then by that definition every living sapient creature in 40k is a 'psyker'

Almost every living sapient creature. There are also "blanks", who are reviled by normal entities. Everyone but blanks are at least very low level psykers, and regular Orks are higher on the ladder than regular Humans.

>> No.23435050

What I'm trying to say is; you don't have to be a psyker to contribute to a gestalt warp effect. Just as anyone killing anyone else on the field of battle makes khorne more powerful, so to does any orkin a WAAAGH make the WAAAGH more powerful. And just as sorcerers can tap into and use their god's power, so can wyrdboyz use the WAAAGH.

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Illuminating. I'd say it's a bit more than WD-40, though. It makes vehicles faster and explosions bigger. I believe it also kept an aircraft in flight far past the limits of its fuel reserves as well.

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>I always thought of the boyz as being that lowest class of psyker on the imperium scale, the ones that could go through life without knowing what they were. Except psykers are relatively rare in humans, and every single ork is. So they become more powerful as they group together, and are able to affect more as a result.

No. It's not like that at all. Generic Orks themselves don't even register on the Imperium's psyker class scale. Psybolt ammo has no extra appreciable effect against them compared to just shooting some random blunt human (aside from the fact the Ork's physique is probably tough enough to take the shot and live). Orks are not an alien race that is classified as being entirely psyker. Eldar are, however. The Waaagh is a psychic phenomenon that builds with their numbers, and is generated purely by their presence in the warp due to being a living creature.

Think of it like the 'mob mentality' you see in riots. An individual person can be intelligent, rational, and level headed. But that same person can be swept up in the mob-mentality during a riot and do things they otherwise would not do (such as beating an innocent bystander to death). Take that mob mentality, officialize it into an actual tangible effect generated by a population, and you have the closest approximation to what "the waaagh" is in relation to Orks.

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What do the experts say about what makes Ork stuff?

>Admech & Earth Caste : MAGIC!

There you go.

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Uh, there is a dreadnaught type body. Its the Killa Kan's big brother. Used to be deadly with two of those, some kans and a Mek with KFF in a Battlewagon

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What would the Orks do when the conquer the Galaxy?

>> No.23435283

Strap engines to it and drive it around, looking to fight a galaxy that the tyranids haven't eaten. While fighting the tyranids.

>> No.23435305

Do you completely fail into Reading Comprehension? HQ dreadnought body.

And yes, FW did finally come around and make an HQ Mega-Dread Mek. GW however, failed on that.

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Is there bigger Orks than Ghaz?

>> No.23435478

Apparantly if you go deep enough into Ork space there's Orks with their own centers of gravity.

>> No.23435502

Like Adele ?

>> No.23435548

And apparently you only get your fluff from /tg/.

I have personally never seen an "Ork large enough to have a gravity well" mentioned at all in 40k's canon. However it is mentioned that an Ad-Mech probe sent to another galaxy (or somewhere off in deep deep space) has returned signals indicating Orks. Implying that wherever mankind goes, they will always have to deal with the Ork species.

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A recently awakened Necron Phaeron commented that he wasn't surprised to see the Orks since they have always infested the UNIVERSE.

He didn't say the galaxy. He said the Universe!

>> No.23435767

It's too good to be true. Necrons have not traveled that far. I need source, anon. I want it to be true, but I need source.

>> No.23435816

Deathwatch Outer Reach.

The Necrons should know something about the Universe, since they can channel its energies and manipulate at a ridiculous level.

>> No.23435917

Page 107

''The presence of the Orks was of little surprise, for ever have their kind infested the universe''

>> No.23435954

>there could be orks wrestling hive ships this very moment

Why do we even need the Milky Way?

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Because DA EMPRAH!

>> No.23436093

>Deathwatch Outer Reach




>> No.23436103


If Empra dies, Chaos destroys reality including all orks.

>> No.23436122


So Deathwatch retconned oldcron fluff. Deal with it.

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Still believing Imperial propaganda as fact

Everything written in the BRB and imperial codices are tainted with imperial slight.

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>>What if you focused on size when constructing a cybork body? Plunked some amputee's head onto a 100ft body?

>>Would he be de-facto Warboss? He's definitely Bigga

Thats how I built my warboss ;) http://imgur.com/a/vZNxi

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But it's in the rulebook and told by the unbiased Narrator as absolute truth!

>> No.23436242


We already fucking knew this in the Newcron codex.

Necrons weren't short lived in the new fluff and the Triarch started the war to prevent their empire from shattering do to infighting.

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pick one

There are no full accounts of anything, even in universe its a cluster fuck and the stories vary depending on who writes them.

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> the hivemind is the warp.


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So here's something. The ork waaagh! reshapes reality. (Let's take Anzion's theorum as true for the moment.)

Orks believe their technology works because the meks know how to make things.

Therefore, ork technology doesn't work via the waaagh, because the orks believe it doesn't.

>> No.23436384


Techpriests believe their technology works because the machine spirits make them work.

What's the difference?

>> No.23436385

Actually it is in the warp, its kinda is it's own entity.

Of course you can't prey to it and it doesn't offer any gifts to those outside the swarm, but its basically like a chaos god ( only leaner, meaner and full of teeth).

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>Necrons weren't short lived in the new fluff

>From the earliest days, the rulers of individual Necrontyr dynasties were themselves governed by the Triarch, a council of three Phaerons. The head of the Triarch was known as the Silent King, for he addressed his subjects only through the other two Phaerons who ruled alongside him. Nominally a hereditary position, the uncertain life spans of the Necrontyr ensured that the title of Silent King nonetheless passed from one royal dynasty to another many times. The final days of the Necrontyr occur in the reign of Szarekh, last of the Silent Kings.

>The race that would become the Necrons began their existence under a fearsome, scourging star, billions of years before Mankind evolved on Terra. Assailed at every moment by solar winds and radiation storms, the flesh and blood Necrontyr became a morbid people whose precarious life spans were riven by constant loss. Their dynasties were founded on the anticipation of demise, and the living were thought of as no more than temporary residents hurrying through the sepulchres and tombs of their ancestors.

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> Hive Fleets travel with superluminal speed, though they never enter the Warp. Instead, by using the specialized psychic power of a selectively evolved Hive Ship, they manipulate the gravity fields of star system to achieve faster-than-light travel. The massive Warp presence of the Tyranid Hive Mind, however, manifests itself in that realm through the Shadow in the Warp phenomenon.

The tyranids are only detectable by psykers because they have NO warp signature.

>> No.23436423

Because the machine spirits are usually protrayed as cargo-cultism, and the beliefs of humanity arn't presented as reshaping reality.

Plus, Anzion doesn't take machine spirits into account in his theorum, which is curious.

>> No.23436431


> curious.
> massive oversight on behalf of the writers.

Choose one.

>> No.23436453

Anzion discoveries were later supported by the Tau findings on Medusa.

>> No.23436469

>the beliefs of humanity arn't presented as reshaping reality

Emps is a warp god now. Belief-based powers visibly manifest. The Immaterium is made of the emotions of sentients, and humans make up the lion's share. The whole point of the hyperrationality of the Great Crusade was to calm the Immaterium.

>> No.23436584

It seems pointless, but I got the /tg/ bug, so I'll still try to learn ya.
Oh my dear swarmlord, you may be irrevocably retarded. That greentext of yours flat out says it. The massive warp presence of the hivemind. Golly. They don't travel through the warp, yes, but they are still a huge part of it. So huge that it drowns out the warp around them. The Shadow, it's called.

>> No.23436618


> warp presence.

Means nothing other than that they have a presence in the warp.

Not that it's part of the warp.

>> No.23436651


>> No.23436706

You have heard of their psychic attacks, right? Where that massive warp presence funnels through a creature and blasts stuff? The Hivemind is that presence. Physically in, as physical as the immaterium can be, the warp. It's so huge that the normal warp fuckery is complete steamrolled by nid chatter.

>> No.23436717

It can also be broadcasted with astropathy.

>> No.23436725

They use the warp to communicate, ya goof. That is what the shadow is.
(well, it could be that their communication causes the shadow, but it's a chicken and egg quandary here)

>> No.23436737

Dude, what?

Their presence is a shadow, as in a NOTHINGNESS in the warp. It's like they're shutting the warp down, not being part of it. Tyrannies are like a collective blank in terms of their connection to the warp, the hive mind is anathema to it o a similar level that pariahs are

>> No.23436754

Yes, but that usually isn't healthy for the astropaths.

>> No.23436763


I always thought the hivemind was powerful enough to have an affect similar to that of psyker abilities but unique.

Which to an extent could be true, seeing as they're from a different universe.

It would also explain why Chaos hates the Nids' so much and the two rarely fight - as if they have some sort of natural aversion towards one another.

>> No.23436778


> universe.


>> No.23436809

> tfw people think the nids' are just another form of warpshit.

Could not be further from the truth.

>> No.23436813

That is incorrect. The tyranid hivemind isn't fun for the warp, but it is interference. It isn't like a pariah. Tyranid psychic attacks are warp based, the hivemind willfully pulls the warp into reality with it's...well, gigantic mind.

If you could see it, if you were able to get past just hearing it, it probably has an actual form in the warp.

>> No.23436824

It's white noise, not nothingness. Which implies that they use the warp, but the communication is incomprehensible to psykers.

>> No.23436851


Which means only that they can perceive their presence in their warp, but that they cannot understand it's significance in relation to the warp around it.

It would be like if I took a rock and dropped it into a bucket of water.

>> No.23436880

Does the warp not exist outside the Milky Way?

The Hivemind rests in the warp. There has not been one tick of info saying that nids project their thoughts through real space. It is always people that can sense the warp that hear their neverending screams of hunger. Hell, a hive fleet has even travelled through the warp before.

>> No.23436897

Are you willfully dense, or trolling?

>> No.23436899

Of course they comprehend the warp, they use psychic communication.

>> No.23436908

>Many Tyranid creatures are also psykers. They do not draw power from the Warp in any fathomable way, but rather they harness a fraction of the Hive Mind’s gestalt will. This makes no difference for game purposes and these models still follow all the normal rules for psykers – a Perils of the Warp attack instead representing massive cerebral trauma or synaptic feedback.

>Despite their instinctive command over their otherworldly abilities, tapping into the power of the Warp is not without danger. It is not unknown for Zoanthropes to suffer massive cerebral trauma whilst attempting to harness the energies they wield.

>Warp Blast: The Zoanthrope taps into the raw power of the Hive Mind, unleashing it as a blast of pure Warp energy that arcs from its oversized cranium.

>Warp Lance: The Zoanthrope focuses the Warp power it has harnessed into a more contained stream, firing a single devastating bolt that can punch through fortress walls and vapourise a battle tank.

>> No.23436927


So, the nids' have the ability to use the warp, but generally they rely on the awesome power of the hivemind.

>> No.23436943


Are you deliberately being obtuse?

>> No.23436955


Its not a void. Its a complete, incomprehensible rumble. The presence of the Hive Mind in the Warp is so strong that it renders it unbearable to Psykers. THey don't use the term shadow to imply a void. They use it because shadows make things hard to see and shadows are cast by things. Its more like looking into the sun than anything I would say.

Though that said, the Hive Mind must be incredibly easy to see from a distance. I would think that only the Astronomicon would be more visible to Psykers. They've never mentioned that in the fluff though.

>> No.23437010

ahahaha what?

They have psykers. They aren't blanks. Its not a hole in the warp, its a shadow-the sheer presence of the hive mind covering everything else.

>> No.23437019


The tyranids are not 'true' psykers. They use the warp, as the hivemind is a presence in the warp, but not in the same way a psyker does. The hivemind forces its power into the materium to be used. It is still the warp, just a different method. Some might call it an completely 'alien' method. The hivemind is a part of the warp. Like Gork, Mork, Chaos, all that jazz.

>> No.23437020



The Hive Mind is IN the Warp and made out of Warpstuff! Daemons are made of warp energy. So are souls and Waaagh and yes even the Hive Mind Cruddace you hack.

>> No.23437054


The way I read that is that Tyranids can use warp abilities but generally would prefer not to.

For the sake of not having to write up an entire different set of rules I think he fumbled the ball there tbh.

>> No.23437106

How did you get a preference out of that? It's a weapon that can help them get more biomass. Hivemind is probably as close to happy with it as a massive unfeeling group of intelligences can be.

>> No.23437113

Imagine it's night, pitch black, but there are other people out there.
Everyone has a lantern, which by blinking in order you can communicate in morse code.

Then one day comes a forest fire, burning across the horizon, eventually taking up more and more of the darkness.
It prevents you from seeing any messages coming being sent from people close to it, and anyone seeing your messages if they're further away.

When it comes down to it, the forest fire is merely a billion lanterns flashing all at once, millions of millions of mines, communing with each other in no code you can understand, but preventing anyone else from communicating.

>> No.23437148

Unless you have a shit ton of orks.

>> No.23437164


I would presume the hivemind would rather remove it's prey's capacity to use the warp rather than try to use the warp against them.

Which would be conducive towards the idea of the hivemind having a vast, incredibly powerful intelligence which is of course enslaved towards it's most basic needs.

>> No.23437171

By all rights, this mug should be held by a tyranid.

>> No.23437198


If chaos is like a thousand voices screaming in terror, the Hivemind is like a trillion angry wasps buzzing in your ear.

>> No.23437214

Still doesn't work that way. The only way the Waaagh will let you shoot a nuke out of nothingness, is if you're aiming the Warphead like a goddamned cannon. And the only thing more depressing than hearing 5e/6e newfags going on (and on) about "hurr Orks can shoot magic bullets from their fingertips", is the fact that none of them remember a day when the Minderz attached to a Warphead/Wyrdboy unit DID use him a fucking gun.

>> No.23437224


Would prefer not to? The Warp is the only thing that makes the Tyranids able to exist. They are a gestalt consciousness made up of all the processing power of the lower Tyranids networked together through the Warp. Without the Warp, they would all be individual animals without any kind of guiding focus other than their own intelligence and instinct.

I think there is a complete misconception as to what the Tyranids are. They aren't a race, species or even a swarm. It is a single incredibly vast and multidimensional entity that spans the Materium and Immarterium. Without the Material bits it could not exist as it does now in the Immaterium and without the Immaterial bits it could not exist with its material parts separate from each other. The Warp and the Tyranids are inseparable.

>> No.23437228

But, why? The hivemind has this awesome blasty gun that can remove pesky obstacles between it and its lunch. Why wouldn't it use it? Indeed, why does it have bioforms built specifically to use it? It accomplishes both. It weakens enemy psykers by being an insanity-inducing warp presence, and uses the warp to further its goals.

>> No.23437232

No, the entire HQ options and an elite are psykers. The tyranids are chalk full of psykers. The hive mind acts as a filter, giving the psyker 'nids power instead of them taking it directly from the warp. The power still comes from the warp, just with a slight siv.

>> No.23437235

>Minderz attached to a Warphead/Wyrdboy unit DID use him like a fucking gun.
fixed. fml

>> No.23437243

Yeah, the Shadow in the Warp is the astropathic equivilent of the Deep Scattering Layer (where the sounds of sea life combine to make such a large amount of noise that radar can't see through it)

>> No.23437267

A trillion angry wasps the size of volkswagens. Chaos is loud. The hivemind is deafening. As demonstrated by the shadow.

>> No.23437271

Yes, that's what I am saying. Grab a Warphead and get a shitton of irks. Get the wyrdboys as funnels, and make that ork shoot a god damn Hellfire Lance.

>> No.23437275


Because those techniques work against each other.


Unless the Nids' are so highly evolved that they can operate without using the warp, as they're prone to do based on how they don't use it to move around.

>> No.23437286

>Not using the Warp to move = Not using the warp
yes, this makes sense. Totally.

>> No.23437293

You actually don't need that many Orks to make a Warphead shoot a death lazor. Though you do if you want him to tear open a rift into the Warp and let Gork (or Mork) smash the fuck out of the enemy. Yes. This happens.

>> No.23437319

Dude, you can't be this retarded. Also, don't say that we're simply calling you retarded to not argue because of your "vast intellect". This is like the pigeon and the chess game. No matter the arguments we form, the strategy we use, or the knowledge we draw on, you, the pigeon, will still just knock over pieces and take a big ole' shit on the center of the board.

>> No.23437320

Yeah, it just tends to be bad for the orks as well, so usually G and M make do with their avatars, the Gargants.

>> No.23437331


A bird can travel without using the ground. That doesn't mean that they are so highly evolved that they have surpassed the need for ground. Anyway, whether they travel with or without the Warp doesn't change the fact that they are using the Warp constantly. The Warp is where the Hive Mind resides and it connects to every node which in turn connects to every lesser organism.

>> No.23437333


Unless each individual synapse creature is capable of understanding individual messages delivered by the hivemind, then no.

Granted, some creatures are known to be able to make out individual noises and tones in a massive din - like birds for example.

>> No.23437337

>work against each other
…you are a treat, you know that?

Psykers in the Milky Way and Tyranids do not access the warp in the same way. You can see how these techniques don't work against each other by their being tyranids like the zoanthrope and hive tyrant that kay the psychic smackdown on the enemy psykers that are trying to cast while struggling to ignore the shadow.

Next you'll be saying that the Shadow makes it so that tyranids can't hear each other...

>> No.23437345


> my "vast intellect".


I'd hate to think you were projecting anon.

>> No.23437355

Nah, that's why you have an effective chain of command. Hive ships have nodes which carry some of the signals to dominatrices, to hive tyrants, to warriors, to gaunts.

For example.

>> No.23437369


Ultimately they do work against each other though.

If you look at it in terms of the end game, once the tyranids have won they have no need for warp - or at least warp abilities.

>> No.23437371

Gents, if he actually isn't trolling, I believe this is a lost cause.

>> No.23437376

>Unless each synapse creature is capable of understanding individual messages delivered by the hive mind

Well, a lot do, Dominatrixes, Norn Queens, Hive Tyrands, Malenthropes, and a lot of the bigger synapses creatures (also technically Brood Lords, but for different reasons) can do so.

>> No.23437393


> hive ship nodes.

Why the hell do they need hive ship nodes when communication via the warp is known to travel throughout the galaxy based on the power of individual astropaths and psykers?

The astronomicon, for example.

>> No.23437394

you might remember that he is batshit insane?

>> No.23437404


There is some room for debate as to whether the giant hands and feet that come out of the Warp Rifts that the Weirdboyz cause are actually that of Gork and/or Mork. Being creatures of the Immaterium, they don't actually have the need for arms and legs. They could be temporarily manifesting those things into the real world to crush things at the behest of the Weirdboyz or those boyz could be subconsciously making the arms and legs themselves and attributing it to their gods.

>> No.23437407

Why not? There are more galaxies to consume. It's a powerful weapon. Even without meaning to, they weaponize it through simple communication. The tyranids need the warp. No warp, no hivemind.

>> No.23437411

Aaaaactually, a recent source has had the shadows of different hive fleets interfere with one another.

>> No.23437432

Because they are like relay towers you fuckwad. The imperium uses the same thing. The nodes take in signals coming from the hive mind, and distributes them to all the creatures. It's so each one on the ground, which are probably busy fighting, doesn't have to interoperate and find their messages themselves.

It's basically goes Hive Ship Node>Norn Queen>Dominatrix>Hivetyrant (or other synapse creature)>Individual 'nids.

>> No.23437434

It's more synapse. Psychic radio towers for the warp.

>> No.23437436


> they can only possibly communicate through the warp.

Stop that.

>> No.23437450

Yeah, it didn't say that couldn't hear each other, it said that the different fleets were evolved enough in different directions as to cause their shadows to but heads.

>> No.23437453


Because the Hive Mind is no more a Psyker than a thought is a brain. The Nodes are the ones with the biological ability to receive signals from the Hive Mind and also with the biological ability to project these thoughts to lesser organisms without that adaptation.

>> No.23437470

Ugh..of course it did...what is this source? I have a need to refine my knowledge.

>> No.23437475

Are you bum fucked retarded? It's true, the warp is their means of communications, without it their communication DOES NOT WORK.

Why then do blanks shut off tyranids when they get near and cause them to turn back to their instinctive behavior.

>> No.23437480

How else are they communicating through the cold void of space, then?

>> No.23437493

For the same reason your computer has buses rather than just relying on everything coming to and from the CPU.

Or why you have managers instead of everyone getting their orders direct from the CEO.

Hell, astropaths do a similar thing.

>> No.23437495

FUCK! The fucking "Warp is ten times more powerful and important than stated in the fluff" kiddies are SO much more anoying than the Orkfags in recent weeks!

>> No.23437498


It was present in newst Cain Novel, The Greater Good.

>> No.23437507


Could be any number of things anon.

It doesn't all have to be because of the warp.

>> No.23437510


The only other way that the Tyranids communicate with each other is via pheromones. It is impossible to communicate through the vastness of space like that. I guess it is technically possible that they have some other means of communication that we do not know of but we have no evidence to suggest that this is the case.

>> No.23437518


We've no evidence to suggest they communicate via the warp either, though.

>> No.23437524

Yes, that's right. They use the blorp to communicate, which is nothing like the warp.
How did I forget.

>> No.23437525

Yeah, I read it and while there was evidence for them interfering it was entirely speculations by imperial forces. Even if it did occur it only has implications up to the point that tyranids can diverge to the point that their projections of the hive mind can become different.

>> No.23437527

The new Ciaphas Cain book: The Greater Good

>> No.23437532


It's rather obscure a concept, I doubt you could understand it even if I elaborated on it.

>> No.23437542


>> No.23437554


I will too; but he just says he is, that does no make it true. He got this idea from suffering a head trauma, why would you think that gives him any divine authority?

Also the logic of OP is flawed, the entire campaign of galactic destruction would consist of constant infighting amongst the orks due to their nature, and in the end when they are all that remains, the galxaxy would be a incessant arena of death and mayhem as the orks turn of themselves for all eternity. A valhalla of sorts.

>> No.23437559

No, I shall not stop, certainly not at the behest of a particulary hard-headed tripfag. If not through the warp, then where? Why is the shadow known through the warp? How does the hivemind manifest warp powers if not from the warp? Why is it that warp sensitive can, however foolishly, attempt contact through the warp?

Show me where this hivemind is, because I cannot easily see it with the gigantic blinking and blaring sign that says 'IT'S IN THE WARP YOU DENSE FUCK.'

>> No.23437564

Sorry, I need to calm down. I'm just not used to dealing with this amount of stupid outside of /r9k/.

>> No.23437582

Works for the Tau.

>> No.23437591


The Hivemind exists between every Tyranid bio-form, and the main mass of Tyranid bio-forms isn't even in the galaxy yet.

>> No.23437598


Yes we do. The presence of Hive Nodes which have been proven to have psychically active biology gives the lesser, warrior organisms form and purpose. When the nodes are removed these organisms revert to instinctual behavior that is in their brains. You could postulate that the presence of psychically active biology doesn't demand that they use it for communication except for the fact that ground-based organisms and space-based organisms are known to cooperate. As there is no evidence that the the fleets and ground creatures communicate through any physical means, we have to assume that they communicate via the psychic powers they are known to possess.

>> No.23437610

It is rather testing. We're only human.

>> No.23437615

And where is your evidence for that? Show me the evidence, because we have already shown you ours and apparently it doesn't amount to FUCKING ANYTHING.

>> No.23437638

>main mass of the Tyranid bio-forms isn't even in the galaxy.
And? It's not as if the warp stops as soon as you leave milky way airspace.

>> No.23437643


Any reason why they wouldn't have a form of psychic communication that doesn't inherently rely on the warp?



It's conventionally accepted that the Tyranids haven't even gotten started yet and are only just beginning to move into the galaxy.

>> No.23437657

Multiple examples, explanations, instances...you refuse to see any of it. You are a troll or stubborn to an ungodly extreme. Good day.

>> No.23437667

I'm not talking about that. We all know that. I'm talking your evidence that they do not use warp power for attacking and communication you fucktard.

>> No.23437674

>Any reason why they wouldn't have a form of psychic communication that doesn't inherently rely on the warp?

Because it's 40k. Everything psychic depends on the Immaterium.

Time to retire that trip. You had five minutes where I thought you weren't a raging fucktard. Today proved otherwise.

>> No.23437676

Because psychic communication occurs over the warp
The warp is the medium upon which psychic communication occurs.
If psychic communication is happening, it is using the warp.
How are you not getting this.

>> No.23437688

A faggot to end all faggots. A true avatar of faggotry unto this earth.

Dear lord, maybe it's a demon trying to make us into Khorne cultists?

>> No.23437722


We do not know for certain what fraction of the Tyranid are in the galaxy right now because we have no idea what the total amount of tyranid bio-forms is. It is as likely to be .05% just as 50%. We do know that there is some amount of Tyranids outside the galaxy because of the emergence of new Hive Fleets but we have no means of measuring what they could possibly be.

But yes, the Hive Mind exists between every Tyranid organism. This is what we have been saying. We are also saying that there has to be some kind of vector for that to exist. Which is the Warp.

>> No.23437760

Oh fuck. I feel the warp overtaking me. And I didn't realize until it was too late.

>> No.23437766

>and establish an Orkish Imperium
>Orkish Imperium
And what do you think will unite this Imperium?

Hint: Fightin and winnin.

And yes, orks totally fight for glory and conquest, they just think that the act of fighting is as much a reward as the spoils of war. They fight to keep things because keeping things is an indication of how good they are at fighting and helps them fight more. Its a self-sustaining cycle, even when they lose. Gorgutz gives some great speeches on the matter, both from a losing and winning perspective

tldr, Your strawman is no match for 5 seconds of logic.

>> No.23437768


But it doesn't HAVE to be the warp.

It's open to interpretation, which to a certain extent may be down to sloppy writing in regards to the codex.

Hell, Part of me just wants to plump for the idea that the Hive Mind is some sort of galactic-sized entity that can 'speak'.

>> No.23437773


The rules of the universe dictate that Pyschic communication rely on the Warp. If there was some kind of ESP via the reading of electromagnetic fields to determine the thoughts of others for example, that would would not be a Psychic Power. That would be some other kind of entirely Material phenomenon.

>> No.23437790


You mean like how Sharks know exactly where they are anywhere in the world?

>> No.23437800

wait, there is psychic energy that doesnt rely on the warp? I thought thats what psi energy IS. Warp stuff.

>> No.23437805

Yes it does, because in the past it has shown to be so. Blanks, when near tyranids, shut off their ability to see the hive mind. Blanks only have the ability to block out the warp. As such it has to be the warp.

If you don't understand this stream of logic there is no helping you.

>> No.23437806

Is it really wrong to think that Waaagh power can do crazy stuff like bullet fingers, but that it's limited by the imagination of the ork? Even the most kunnin mekboy can't do the mental gymnastics to imagine something other than a gun shooting bullets, let alone his hand. And even if he did conceive something as amazing as that, what boy is going to back him up? If it doesn't look like the orks preconceived notion of what a gun or shield or plasma cannon looks like, they just think that ol' bitz brain's gone mad and the whole creation topples over.

The Waaagh is a very powerful tool, far more powerful than any ork can use to the fullest.

>> No.23437818


> blanks only have the ability to block out the warp.

Where is it written that the warp is the only thing they block?

>> No.23437841

>But it doesn't HAVE to be the warp.

Yes, it fucking does. By internal setting rules. Everything psychic interacts with the warp. Period. No exceptions, unless you have chapter and verse to cite.

Gods damn, did your mother have any babies that weren't born brain-dead?

>> No.23437845

Yes, but is isn't that. In the past it has clearly shown to be entirely warp based as it is affected by warp power and can be destroyed bio anti-warp weapons.

Necron Pariahs can shut off Tyranid signals, as can powerful enough demons, and human blanks.

>> No.23437861

It is never suggested that they do ANYTHING else! Nowhere is it written that Orks dont poo out chairs. But they surely dont!

>> No.23437871

Hey, did you read my sarcastic post >>23437524 here?
Because it applies now more than ever.

>> No.23437874


There's anon examples of a Sister of Silence getting turned into a psyker, binding daemons to pariahs and in the actual rules culexus doesn't block any psychic power and never did.

GW refuses to give an explanation. FFG says any blank is totally immune to psychic powers. Pick your poison.

>> No.23437886


Maybe Psychic isn't the right word for it.

I was wrong to use that word, in that circumstance.

>> No.23437887

Because orks can comprehend mind bullets. Because that's what weirdboyz do.

>> No.23437892

In the rulebooks and every scrap of lore. Blanks are anti-psykers, born with a negative warp signature. They are not anything else that MILLENNIUMS of research of been able to tell. You can't say your evidence is the fact that it says it doesn't say they can't block other things.

That is akin to saying because out textbooks don't mentions we can't summon meatloaves from our asses that we must be able to. NO WE CAN'T BECAUSE THAT IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG.

There is only one way for it to work, there is no other method besides the Warp you fucking dipshit.

>> No.23437916


Actually, I never once said my evidence was a fact.

Really it's only a suggestion.

>> No.23437925

Then what is it besides psychic?

The damn rule codex says the use the warp for emperor's sake. You're saying that is wrong to? You literally have no evidence to support your claims and you are just throwing everything out the window to believe something that is proven to be untrue.

>> No.23437939

So you agree then? Tyranids communicate via the warp and use the warp? Because surely you are rational enough to see this.

>> No.23437945


An awful one. With no foundation in lore. And plenty to the contrary.

Seriously, stop now. You're not contributing anything, and you're reinforcing that tripfags are double cancer.

>> No.23437953


It says they use the warp as a weapon, or at least that's the excerpt that was posted in this thread.

Hell, I'm not the only one asking this question.


>> No.23437960

I'm da hand of Gork and Mork, dey sent me to rouse up da boyz to crush and kill ‘cos da boyz forgot what dere ‘ere for. I woz one of da boyz till da godz smashed me in da ‘ead an’ I ‘membered dat Orks is meant to conquer and make slaves of everyfing they don’t kill.
I’m da profit of da Waaagh an’ whole worlds burn in my boot prints. On Armour-Geddem, I led da boyz through da fire deserts and smashed da humies’ metal cities to scrap. I fought Yarik, old one-eye at Tarturus, an’ he fought good but we smashed iz city too.
I’m death to anyfing dat walks or crawls, where I go nothin’ stands in my way. We crushed da stunties on Golgotha, an’ we caught old one-eye when da speed freeks blew da humies’ big tanks ta bits. I let ‘im go ‘cause good enemies iz ‘ard to find, an Orks need enemies ta fight like they need meat ta eat an’ grog ta drink.
I iz more cunnin’ than a grot an’ more killy than a dread, da boyz dat follow me can’t be beat. On Pissenah we jumped da marine-boyz an’ our bosspoles was covered in da helmets we took from da dead ‘uns. We burned dere port an’ killed dere bosses an’ left nothin’ but ruins behind. I’m Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka an’ I speak wiv da word of da gods. We iz gonna stomp da ‘ooniverse flat an’ kill anyfing that fights back. We iz gonna do this coz’ we’re Orks an’ we was made ta fight an’ win!

-Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

>‘cos da boyz forgot what dere ‘ere for

I wonder what does he mean....hmmm..

>> No.23437975

Hell, I tripfag when it's relevant and appropriate. If it wasn't for people like him there wouldn't be so much negative stigma.

>> No.23437977

This thread could use more WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

>> No.23437985


>> No.23437992

Oh dear lord, they're going after the Necrons.

>> No.23437994


> posting without your trip.

> calling yourself a tripfag.

>> No.23438004

well yeah, probably because of their exposure to to psykers or daemons sometime early in their history. Heaven forbid they get exposed to new, more powerful concepts.

The reason I made this
post though was that some fags early in the thread were calling people who like orks kids, and dropping implications on what they believe

>> No.23438028

Holy hell, you are the worst.

>> No.23438032

That would make an interesting bit of sense.

>> No.23438033

On an unrelated note, anyone know why seperate hive fleets attack one another?

>> No.23438036

Neither of the threads you posted had anything applicable to the shit you've been spouting. Their discussion is entirely different from Tyranids not using the warp to communicate. Your reading comprehension can't be this bad.

Dear lord, you have to be a troll. You can't be this stupid. The thing is, even if you are a troll, you are wasting your time on the internet trying get a rise out of people. Look at your life, your sad little life. It will never get better, and you will continue to spiral downwards into hate. Just kill yourself now, end it.

>> No.23438049


> not realizing that tripfaggots who post without their trip are the most insidious kind.

>> No.23438055

The few instances of it occurring have been due to corruption of some kind. Their ability to communicate with the warp destroyed by a necron incursion or chaos corruption. Basically they can no longer read the main bulk of the hive mind and their own Norn Queen is projection a lesser one herself.

>> No.23438072

Their hive minds interfere with one another, their shadows cancel out each others' synapse.

So you end up with what synapse remains going "this is a damn big threat, send enough meat into the grinder to choke them so we can survive"

>> No.23438073

There, happy? There is my trip. Just think of this though, who garners more hate upon the board. Me, who only uses it when it is needed and for good things, or you, who is putting retard on a new level.

>> No.23438082


> only uses it when it is needed.

Most anons would say this is never the case, tripfiend.

>> No.23438102


So... Hive Fleets cannot communicate with one another?

>> No.23438103

>using trip to prove authority on knowledge of tripping
damn it's good to be meta

>> No.23438122


Fucking stop.

>> No.23438124

Not really, they're doing their own thing. If they do contact each other, it's hostile until one splinter eats another, and takes any good biomorphs for themselves.

>> No.23438145


I'll stop when people stop talking about nids'.

>> No.23438147

There are several reasons to trip, friend.
Most notably, quests come to mind, although they are getting a bit pervasive and annoying.
And also, to confer authority on a subject, as in the case of KM and that one M:tG judge guy.
Some Faggot is a case of the latter, although not anymore, it seems.

>> No.23438152 [DELETED] 

Been fun Guys, I'll bump by later.

>> No.23438160

Aw fuck, what movie is that from?

>> No.23438171


I never pretended to have authority on the subject.

But there, no trip anymore.

Like when I first came back here.

>> No.23438184

Hi everione I would like to ask a little question a old friend of mine we were talking about W40k fluff and how little I knwo about the past of this univers and he told me that the mars ecchlesiarchie is being controled by a C'tan god and that son all those worshipt the machine god will betraye humanity and become some kind of new necron race.

sicne the guy from the mechanicus tend to give up on there humanity for more machine component I tend to belive him. shoudl I accept this as the thruth? or shoudl I burn him for HERESY!!!

>> No.23438202

Oh shit, former. I meant former.

>> No.23438205

I use it for when I am running quests or projects. I have a different one for each one. The point if 4chan is to try and not garner a damn reputation.

>> No.23438207


Everything is heresy, anon.

You just need to make it seem more heretical than everything else.

> p.s; your knowledge of this makes you a heretic.

>> No.23438221



I don't know what you're talking about anon, are you trying to impersonate me or something already perhaps?

>> No.23438235


> not garnering a reputation anyway and not giving a shit about it.

I've been posting on /pol/ too much, that much is obvious.

>> No.23438237

I hope you have ham hands, a touch screen phone and are mildly inebriated

because otherwise your grammar is fucking disgraceful

>> No.23438239

I have done both. I have a lot of names on here. Abyssfag, Some Faggot, and Strip-o-tron to name a few.

>> No.23438246

The void dragon was rumored to be locked deep within Mars, manipulating the admech.

But then poke'tan happened.

>> No.23438252

It's a theory that the Mechanicus is controlled by a shard of the Void Dragon. It's not known for certain, and at worst would cause a major schism which would plunge the Mechanicus into civil war and a new dark age for the Imperium.

But while the Void Dragon would be a good candidate for the Omnissiah (the material incarnation of the Machine God), there are various other possibilities. The Emperor, a sentient Titan, the Omnicopaeia, the Akashic Reader.

>> No.23438266


> killing someone for not knowing what chapter you're from.

ultramarine confirmed for arrogant twat.

>> No.23438269

Hard to get a rep when you're anon.

>> No.23438279

He was an Ultramarine? How could you tell?

>> No.23438285

Huh? I posted >>23438147 and instead of former, I said latter.
Which was wrong, because Some Faggot is/was a quest thread name.

>> No.23438296


Because I play warhammer 40k and i'm not some guardsman who has been conscripted from a planet on the other side of the galaxy.

>> No.23438316

Poke'tan doesn't dismiss the C'tan did everything fluff, since the Necron couldn't shard all the C'tan or capture all the shards.

>> No.23438419

>how do I humor

>> No.23438446


> lol random violence is so funny.

>> No.23438463

>because the Nids do large scale war in a similar way, but are way more efficient and focused.

>Eating and remaking the bio matter of the dead more efficient then passive growth from spores.

and the nids have yet to beat the orks, all they did was get in a decent opening sucker punch before the boyz bogged them down.

The orks win plenty, they just dont really have grand schemes like the other races they just fight to fight, so yes to winning, no to epic tales about it.

Ork goals are not the same goals as other races.

>> No.23438490


The nids could win in the end though, if only because their method of digesting matter denies orks their fungal growth.

>> No.23438550

The joke is that his heraldry is all over his fucking armor, you'd have to be blind to not see it and retarded to dare speak to a post human warrior beyond "praise the emperor" and "immediately, my lord."

you continue to show your inability to get jokes.

>> No.23438551

>Ork goals are not the same goals as other races.

Lies. See :

>dey sent me to rouse up da boyz to crush and kill ‘cos da boyz forgot what dere ‘ere for. I woz one of da boyz till da godz smashed me in da ‘ead an’ I ‘membered dat Orks is meant to conquer and make slaves of everyfing they don’t kill.

The Orks Agenda is the same as everyone else.

>> No.23438581


And i'm saying its a shitty joke.

You'd have to be a faggot of gigantic proportions not to realize that.

>> No.23438586

Orks only lose in the new video game based 40k fandom where they had to be depowered to serve as decent enemies.

Good job you petty much confirmed youself as a little kid who thinks 4th ed 40k makes him old school.

>> No.23438609


>> No.23438613

Best expansion idea ever....

>> No.23438639


> it's funny because i say it's funny.

Eat a dick.

>> No.23438662

>Necrons have not traveled that far.

You wot mate?

I think its time you stepped away from the fluff discussions, youre now making it up as you go a long.

>> No.23438684


Basically this:

>The nids could win in the end though, if only because their method of digesting matter denies orks their fungal growth.

But there is always the possibility of the Orks performing an asspull of previously unheard of proportions and redirecting the Hive Fleets into the Eye of Terror or some shit. And even if the Orks are totally fucked, they'd be laughing till the end. I like Orks enough that I would love to see them achieving total victory in 40k, but then I remembered that in 40k THERE IS ONLY WAR, so really they have already won.

>> No.23438701

>it's not funny because I don't like it
no one is retarded enough to not be rusing at this point. Good bye

>> No.23438720


Bye bye, faggot with the shit sense of humour.

Don't forget to close the door on your way out.

>> No.23438732

>dey sent me to rouse up da boyz to crush and kill ‘cos da boyz forgot what dere ‘ere for. I woz one of da boyz till da godz smashed me in da ‘ead an’ I ‘membered dat Orks is meant to conquer and make slaves of everyfing they don’t kill.

That's just Thraka bro, he's an Imperium-fetishist with brain damage.

>> No.23438754

They also lose in pretty much every Black Library novel ever, the majority of canon wars that include them (including Armageddon), and every IP that's used them (including the DoW series).

>> No.23438787

He himself says that Orks dont think so. Only he "remembers" that thats the goal. Nobody else does. Thraka is important for the setting so the Orks are a threat at the candlenight of M41.999, so we have the prospect of ALSO being fucked because there is the danger of a galaxy spanning war, among all the other stuff. But he is an anomality and nobody follows him because they wanna conquer, but because they want to fight.

>> No.23438790

And thus the cycle is complete. There is only one option left. Everyone kill themselves.

>> No.23438802

>so really they have already won.
Sadly, that bit along with the "never beaten in battle" loses a lot of it's impact on you (as an Ork player), when you realize that it's just there as a safety line to make you feel better about the losses they pile up.

>> No.23438816

1 orks =/= all orks

Im willing to bet their are bosses beyond the emperors light who make gazzy look like a rank and file boy.

Read some fluff to that effect somewhere (Think it was a 2nd ed book.) but it was kind of just speculation mentioned in passing.

Imo we need a new gazzy with a new dex, or at least make him insane scary in game again.

>> No.23438819


You first.

>> No.23438831

I'm just talking about fluff. If an army is ever not viable on TT, then GW is fucking up.

>> No.23438834

Both of you stop. Yes the comic about the guardsmen not knowing what chapter the ultramarine's from is fucking retarded and dumb. Yes that comic is also found funny by marine-fags. It's not that either of you are right, but that you're both insufferable pricks.

>> No.23438855

I am too.

>> No.23438865


I'm glad someone realized it.

>> No.23438905

''Nobody iz bigga than Ghazghkull, YA GIT!''


Ghazghkull is confirmed to be the biggest Ork there is.

>> No.23438944

>Read some fluff to that effect somewhere (Think it was a 2nd ed book.) but it was kind of just speculation mentioned in passing.

Weren't the distant signals the Astronomican ever recieved Ork?

And by which I don't mean Ork signals. I mean the signals were literally "ORK. ORK. ORK. ORK." being blasted over every communication device in the nearest galaxy.

>> No.23439009

okay, orkfag tells you: The probe they sent out couldnt have gone out of the galaxy if it didnt travel warp. If it DID travel warp, it would be a shit probe to investigate the galaxy.
secondly, MANY of the signals where orkish of nature, not all of them. That they where just Ork. Ork. is news to me. More Ork signals.

>> No.23439021

Well, I would certainly love more fluff about Orks crippling huge swathes of the Imperium, or shattering craftworlds. There was a thread the other day about a Dark Heresy campaign that involve the Orks, rather than Chaos or the Eldar, being the grand manipulators with the last laugh. It was pretty baller.

>> No.23439138

They were random signals they were confirmed orkish not chanting ork over and over.

This is not true, probe confirmed by imperial tech priests to have left the known galaxy a long long time ago, its not in dispute in the least.

>> No.23439223

I'm sorry, I must have forgotten that necrons were famous for their grand intergalactic voyages.

>> No.23439228

Oh really?

>> No.23439242

That's stupid. Every object that has mass has a gravitational field.

>> No.23439255

14000 years going. How would that have left the galaxy, unless its going heavy warp speed. Of what use is a probe in the warp?

>> No.23439295

Galaxy =/= universe. The Orks have gone a long way.

>> No.23439471

Well, if it was travelling at light speed, travelling straight away from Terra, it would be halfway to the nearest galaxy by 999.M41.
And that's just the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.

>> No.23439525

It also doesn't specify *how* this probe is traveling...

>"wherever they travel in space" =/= galaxy

>> No.23439556

If we get numbers involved, everything goes to shit. See also: tank armour. For all we know the probe was some ancient, reality-bending, FTL tech that was blasted into space after being sanctified a thousand times over, and now everyone regrets not reverse-engineering it while they listen to Orks swearing at each other in the furthest reaches of the universe.

>> No.23439572

Or it could just be Voyager 1. And it's only crossed the next closest star system (or 3).

>> No.23439575

True, but it's exceedingly unlikely to be by warp, as without a navigator, or other crew, it'd just get lost.

So light speed is a best guess estimate. Hell, it's probably has been overtaken by the Imperium's expansion.

>> No.23439593

…why you gotta say it like that, man?

>> No.23439601

But that contradicts the rest of the paragraph.

>> No.23439624

That is hilarious to imagine.

A mechanicus, face in his hands, gently weeping as one of the most sophisticated relics of the Dark Age of Technology broadcasts the Ork equivalent of Jackass back to sacred Terra.

>> No.23439629

Nah, unless my math is wrong, it was sent out sometime in M26, which would put it into the age of strife.
(And the millenium when Necromunda was founded, incidentally)

As such, it would be done by the early Mechanicum, as opposed to Dark Age of Technology man, or contemporary man.

>> No.23439639

You know the Imperium is capable of a fuckup of that magnitude.

>> No.23439646

Oh, also as part of the age of strife, the solar system was in the midst of a warp storm.

>> No.23441822

Utmost edge of universe as in where its still actively expanding from the force of the big bang and where youd look and see nothing but red shift due to the outer edge of reality moving away from you at such insane speeds.

This guy gets it, you however are getting your terminology mixed up.

Our local milky way cluster = 1 galaxy
All of theoretical existence created from the big bang = Universe.

As i said before their is no question about the probe detecting orks literally everywhere, including well outside the emperors light.

>> No.23443750

The cat returns.

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