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Sup elegan/tg/entlemen of the Imperium! Let's talk about the only free men in the 41st millennium: Rogue Traders! I'm gearing up to start running my first game, so I'd like to hear all of your stories, houserules and tips. Also, discussions about the Rogue Traders themselves, the strange underbelly of the Imperium, what the fuck ever. It's 40k without Spees Meringues!

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Post your party's ship specs.

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Haven't had that first sit down yet. It seems like starting out with a bomb-ass ship and being flat fucking broke is the most fun way to do things? I don't know.

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Are Necrons statted out somewhere in the published material? I was thinking of having a few encounters with a Necron Lord in a campaign I'm writing, but I don't know how to stat him, so it would be nice if there was something to work with in any of the books published by FFG.

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Are you going to run the modules or did you write up your own campaign?

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They're in Black Crusade. They did the basic stuff in the main book and finished it up in the Tome of Fate splat.
I'm gonna go with the premade adventures at least until I get the swing of things. Are there any to just stay away from?

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I can share an adventure from my current campaign if you would like to hear it

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The murder mystery one

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Now that crons are sentient and junk (at least the bosscrons) I've been toying with the idea of the party being manipulated by some shadowy benefactor who turns out to be a señiorcron. Could be fun?

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I'd love it.

Which one is that and why?

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Here's a short.

Michael – GM
Myself – Arch-Militant Alexander Degtyarev
William – Rogue Trader Alucard
Kelson – Astropath Transcendent Sem Vitorre
Post – Seneschal Sigmund Vendigroth
Chris – Tau Arch-Militant Viro’la
Doom – Explorator Venatus
Dakka – Incubus-in-training Dhrazkael

We landed on Los Vagos, a paradise world dedicated to gambling, booze, whores, and anything else you could imagine to meet our new Rogue Trader, considering our previous Rogue Trader was killed by the Kroot member of our party when it went absolutely bonkers. Our party decides to split up. Sem, Degtyarev, and Sigmund go to meet the new Rogue Trader, Alucard. Viro’la goes off to gamble, Venatus goes with him to keep an eye on him, and Dhrazkael follows Venatus and Viro’la because of reasons (I have no clue why). Sem’s group finds Alucard’s room in the High Roller Suite, and we enter. To the sight of 4 naked men, 3 naked women, and a Bull Grox all in a pile on the bed in the center of the room. Under all of this is a fully clothed Alucard wondering why there are 3 uninvited guests in his room. We introduce ourselves and go to a private area of a bar to discuss business. As this is happening, Viro’la is playing slots and hits jackpot. The floor manager comes over and offers him a High Roller Suite and has one of the girls (dressed as a Playboy bunny) lead him there.

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Just started playing in an RT game (pic related, I made the map for the GM), and it's the first time I've ever felt like I'm actually playing a ruthless privateer.

I'm the Arch-Militant of the party, having to dote our bumbling Rogue Trader. Our first job, after our plans for an ambush against two rival families were ruined by a warp reef, was to escort some nobles to inspect their mining holdings on a planet being attacked by Orks. They assured us that they had control of the space port, and that the Imperial Guard were keeping the greenskins off for the time being.

So of course the Orks attack the minute we arrive. Our spacebound explorator nuked what we think was a Gargant or giant tunneling vehicle, while the nobles hid in a saferoom.

So we march in to the cowering nobles, and tell them nicely that unless they have a reason for us to stick around, we'll go ahead and leave. It's not like we have a stake in the planet or anything.

They offer us mining rights, which they had used to entice us to do the job, but we're not satisfied.

Before the discussion is over, we are a senior partner in their syndicate, with open mining rights to the planet, and we have salvaging rights to the entire system.

Capitalism, ho!

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Venatus and Dhrazkael, being suspicious, follow at a distance. Their suspicions are confirmed when Viro’la is led to the kitchen instead of the suite. Someone apparently wanted Tau meat, and they’re willing to oblige. One of the casino’s guards attempts to knock Viro’la out and misses, and the Tau becomes surrounded by 2 more guards and and the head chef at a distance throwing cutlery. Venatus radios Degtyarev about the situation, and runs off, with Sem, Alucard, and Sigmund in tow. Degtyarev grabs the Grox from the Rogue Trader’s room and rides to the kitchen. One floor above the kitchen, Degtyarev places det-cord on the floor, gets on the Grox, and detonates.

The guards and chef, seeing the ceiling above them explode, may not have been enough to surprise them, but the Drunken Valhallan Arch-Militant riding a bull grox with a Power Sword in one hand and a bottle of Vodka in the other surely gave them pause.

12 seconds later there was a Techpriest wrestling a Bull Grox to the ground, 4 dead men, a tau screaming, and still a Drunken Valhallan. This is how we met our new Rogue Trader.

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I'm not sure the one he is referring to but I def recommend building a rival rogue trader faction. You're essentially space privateers, you need a recurring villain with similar yet often opposing goals. I do recommend letting them kill them off when they deserve to though and moving on to an even larger fish like say... fucking with the Tau ala this famous RT tale.

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I figure I should ask...whats the premise of this game?

like shadowrun is corporate warfare; and D&D is murderhoboing at it's core...

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Yeah... I shoulda stopped reading at Alucard.

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Space Privateers with a piece of paper saying you can do anything. You also have a lot of money.

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What stats did you use for Tau?

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No clue. All I know is he had -10 perception due to superior tau perception

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Now that's what I'm fucking talking about.

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make sure if you have a reoccurring character to give them plot armor and an escape route. sounds simple. but god knows it took me a while to remember.

my games are never that serious. we've had two ork players in a looted baneblade miraculously take out a cruiser that was coming in to land.

a navigator that was such a powerful alcoholic that the booze he drank was near acid, powerful enough that when set alight saved him from a carnifex.

an arch militant with so much strength he killed two people with a door and a bed, respectively, seconds after eachother.

richard shaft, the aging black rogue trader that had to pose whenever making orders.

oh, a missionary that had become mutated to the point where he looked more daemonic than most daemons and his craft, the good ship meatbaron, made from the flesh of his converts.

a seneschal that tried to create a fascist state on a feudal world before getting suicide bombed and turned into a weapon by the techpriests aboard

and another seneschal that had multiple personalities, the main of which spoke like christopher walken, he changed whenever he took a thump to the head.

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You are a merchant/privateer lord. The galaxy is your oyster.

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East India Company IN SPACE.

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If you haven't already, read Xenology. It has a remarkably manipulative Necron Lord.

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Let me tell you of our group.

Me, Rogue Trader: Lord Viscount Caesar Augustus Alexander Napoleon
Bro1, Explorator: Arnold Halicus Gladoss Whetlius
Bro2, Arch-Militant: Caisus Linkus Rambonus Maximus
Bro3, Seneschal: August Shakespeare Twain Hemingway
Bro4, Void Master: Bob

We kick so much ass.

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Bob sounds like a badass.

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As in "the skull"
Or is he simply Bob?

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So it turns out Colony rules are hilarious.

You NEED to allow the players to have additional infrastructure (for bonuses to complacency, piety, etc). Otherwise, the first time your colony grows, it will set off a tantrum spiral where everyone dies.

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Was this discovered the hard way? If so, please relate the affair.

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Not quite. See, since Squat Crusade is all about establishing new colonies for the Squats, my players wanted to try out the new rules. We decided to use one hold as a "Test Run" for the new rules.

Side Note: I REALLY like to simulate things. It's how I balance my encounters down to the expected damage the PCs will take.

In a few simulated proceedings, we determined that, according to the new rules, a Tantrum Spiral can easily destroy a fledgling colony.

>Colony at Rank 1: All things Rank 1.
>Colony levels up. Colony now Rank 2.
>Colony needs infrastructure. Complacency drops by 1.
>COMPLACENCY ZERO. Order, Productivity drop by 1d5. But you only had 1 each to start with!
>ORDER ZERO. Order. Piety, Productivity drop by 1d5. Population drops by 1. But it was only 1 to start with.
>POPULATION ZERO. Colony self-destructs in a lava-engulfed, ale-fueled Tantrum Spiral that would do Boatmurdered proud.

In order for this system to be viable, you need to have a GODLIKE administrator on site and either:

1) Boost starting population and stats to at least 2, preferably 3.
2) Start with additional infrastructure on site.

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Thank you for explaining.

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I'm in the middle of of my campaign and we just had a missionary wrestle a giant monster to the ground and is winning.

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Indeed. I changed it up a bit. In addition to an Administrator that every colony gets, the players (since they have a Factory ship and Population I gave them just for this sort of thing) get to place squats to start a colony between level 1 and 3, with stats all matching. So for example, if they put down a Level 3 Population (about 30,000 squats), then Order, Piety, Complacency, and Productivity will start at 3. From there they can acquire Infrastructure as needed from groups such as the Merchant. This will give them a buffer against Tantrum Spirals, since usually the Administrator and higher complacency gives some wiggle room.

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I ran an entire DH game around this concept.

Necron lord was posing as an inquisitor and was using teams of acolytes as errand boys to fetch bits for his doomday apparatus.
After many sessions and several near-death experiences, the party ended up making a deal with Tzeench (who thought that an entire sector of Pariahs was a bad thing). Then they proced to use their newfound powers to manipulate the battlefleet into bombing the planet until it cracked. Then they sent a Company of space marines down to jump up and down on the big bits.

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The single time I ran DH, the Cell met a Necron Phaeron. They're about to shoot it, when it turns to them and says hello.

I think I caught them off guard for a moment.

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Anyone want to watch a stream of RT where the incredible hulk is in frenzy from Hallucinogen grenades?

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At one point I had them run into a basic warrior and I just described it at a gigantic warrior with a huge shiny gun.
After they pumped it full of holes, and it got back up I started shifting the descriptions to be cthulhu-esqu.
So they hit the bricks.
They got up to the point where the lord revealed himself and started instantly shitting themselves when they realised that what they fought months ago and couldn't beat was just a basic warrior.
I'd never seen fear in the eyes of my players until that day.

I loved that campain.

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I'm assuming this stuff is from Stars of Inequity? Is there a PDF floating around yet?

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Yes, there's a PDF somewhere.

The planetary system generator is pretty decent. The Colony rules need a bit of work. The Gear section reads from the DnD Magic Item list (Everburning torch, 10 foot pole, Mordenkainen's Mansion, etc)

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>planetary system generator is decent

God no. It's awful. Landmarks especially are abominable. Five results for a table you'll be rolling on five plus times for a single continent?

The space-stuff is fine. The environmental stuff is nifty. Planet generation is stupid, though.

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The main complaint I've seen is that you can't generate a civilized world, like the old generator somebody on Dark Reign made. But I like this one because of the richness of RUs and loot you can generate.

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>richness of RUs and loot you can generate.
Nothing a little imagination can't do. I prefer the DR one, where a lot of detail and variety was offered.

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Detail and Variety of Imperial Organizations for an Acolyte to interact and collude with, not Detail and Variety a Rogue Trader in the
middle of nowhere can exploit.

Much of the Tiji Sector was made with the Dark Reign generator, which meant a whole bunch of civilized worlds, and most of what was fun about them (NPCs, Landmarks, Famous Events) happened independently of the document.

While the Stars of Inequity chart does not go into detail regarding Imperial Organizations, it allows you to generate a few of those events yourself.

The Dark Reign chart is good for interacting with worlds. The Stars chart is good for exploiting them..

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I concur. Profit factor is something you earn rather than start with. The ship, meanwhile, can grow with you as you get richer and buy more shit. I recommend a big ship, a Cruiser or a Grand Cruiser, for the sheer style.

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Repulsive is best ship in game

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Still no. All those negatives when 3 broadsides will do so much better work. Or hell, six hangar bays.

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Why settle on 3 broadsides when you could have FOUR

Not to mention the versatility over a pure linebreaker.

Ideally you don't even bother with extra armor, and a good navigator can make the penalty inconsequential.

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3 broadsides aren't as good as being able to bring 4 weapons to bear on either side, including 2 directly forward. The repulsive has a significantly more efficient arrangement in terms of space/power because it doesn't need to load up on massive weapons components in order to bring comparable firepower to the table.

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Can't put a full Hecutor Broadside there, bro. I will give you this though: It sure doesn't look like a piece of shit, unlike the Avenger. Had to photoshop that shitpiece. Still, I settled for a nice Dictator. Good ol' all-rounder. Mine is decked out like a Mars Battlecruiser that doesn't suck.

>Posting Poirot

A lot of the FFG premades suffer from what I like to call "DnD Syndrome". They simply do not account for the players being the rich and powerful elite of a trade dynasty with thousands of Armsmen at their beck and call and a starship capable of destroying continents to ride around in.

In short, they expect you to always do the incredibly stupid thing for no real reason. Like, say, NOT salvage the super-rare Battleship (the module doesn't even account for the possibility) or NOT trust the devious Dark Eldar (the module doesn't even work if you don't take up her offer)

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Grand cruisers are also stupidly expensive. The hull alone will bankrupt you, and a sweet hull isn't much if you don't have any equipment to fight with.

Personally, I think the Secutor is a great ship to start with.

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The idea behind getting a Grand Cruiser at character creation is not that you will rock from the start, it's that you will rock eventually and then rock harder than anyone else. In other words, it's a ship that will level up with you and that you will never trade for another.

As for the Secutor.. Well, see pic.

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The Secutor is a fine ship. It has the advantages of a full sized cruiser (like a multi void shield), but uses light cruiser parts AND has a better layout in terms of weapon arcs than a lunar. It's also cheaper than a full sized cruiser, allowing you to start with some actual equipment.

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Currently running a game and the party has been using a cobra destroyer that was fitted to specialize in exploration and speed. I kind of want to give the group another ship but i am not sure what would go with it.

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Well, it depends on if the second ship is supposed to be a complement to their Cobra or a replacement.

Consider the Carrack transport. Between the cargo hold and maybe an added barracks, it could bring some heft to the party's options.

Otherwise, either a Shrike or a Tempest could serve as a good step up from a Cobra.

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/TG/, I NEED YOUR HELP. i have almost convinced my GM that a universe class transport, so long as you are willing to accept the massive integrity damage, no speed, and no armor, to allow me to convert any number of cargo holds into hold landing bays.

I'm hoping to make a supercarrier. how can I best accomplish this?

Failing that, what's a good way to make regular carriers?

3rd and final question: making a Universe class into a fast troop transport, good idea? I'm considering using the Miloslav engine for 1/2 warp time, the Rune Chamber for 1/2 warp time, and the Warpsbane hull for less warp rape time, along with like 4 barracks and 4 storm drop pod chambers, along with the cargo holds for moar ammo/etc, to be a hyperfast mass dropper, used for overwhelming assaults behind enemy lines where ships of the line are unlikely to be.

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The Overlord or the Repulsive are actually the best carriers. The combination of big broadsides for fighter bays plus prow/dorsal guns for fighting the old fashioned way make them excellent hulls both as carriers and in general. The normal cruiser generally can only mount one pair of fighter bays, one pair of broadside guns, and a prow gun. However, because the Repulsive and the Overlord have both prow and dorsal guns, they can devote their entire broadsides to fighter bays while still having comparable firepower to a cruiser-carrier like the Dictator. And those guns have better arcs too.

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We've just started (2 sessions in) a Rogue Trader game. No experience in the 40K FFG line, though we've had a couple of WFRP campaigns before.

How the heck are people justifying Grand Cruisers and such at game-on? Our group is playing things generally "straight"; generate a Warrant of Trade, build a ship.

Here's what we ended up with:
Deus Eisenfaust (Turbulent Frigate)
Spd 8; Maneuver +23 (+28 vs Hazards)
Detection +18
Turrets 1; Shields 1; Armor 19; Hull Points 40

Spirit: Nose for Trouble
History: Reliquary of Mars
Misc: Warrant gives +1 Archeotech component; Class gives +2 Power, -5 to Command

Modified Jovian Class II Drive (Archeo)
Strelov I Warp Engine
Warpsbane Hull
Bridge of Antiquity (Archeo)
Vitae-pattern Life Support
Voidsman's Quarters
R-50 Auspex
Compartmentalized Cargo Hold
Librarium Vault
Medicae Deck

x2 Dorsal Mars-pattern macrobatteries

2 space left over, 3 power left over. (GM ruled the it was stupid to charge SP for Archeotech components that you got from random events like Past History, so those are "free" in terms of SP, if not power and space).

Fluffwise, the Dynasty is tied very heavily into the Ecclesiarchy, being a gift from the Church to the Dynasty when it was founded. The Admech would dearly, DEARLY love to get their tentacles on it, but don't want to piss off the Church to get it.

So we set sail with the following group:
Konstantine v3.8.1; a Magos-in-Training of the Adeptus Mechanicus

"Hey, Spindley Mutant" - our Navigator. Knowing their lifespan, it seemed a waste learning its name.

And Sister Secunda, of the Order of the Wounded Knee, who's here to keep an eye on the ship against the AdMech.

Myself, Lukas Jean-Luc Korvonne Escadrille, the 28th head of the Escadrille Rogue Trader Dynasty (never mind that our ship has been nonoperational for the last 1800 years and only assistance from the AdMech has gotten it working again).

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you justify grand cruisers by either/or/both buying poor quality everything and repairing or upgrading it later, or by taking incompetent crew (very efficient points saver if you have a large party to make up the skills you need), or by spamming Child of Dynasty, which combos well with all of the above.

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Ah, OK. I thought it had to be something like that (90 SP, 10 PF) or spamming an unintended consequence of the system.

I can see the appeal. I have to admit, though, I personally think I like it more when you start off with something in the middle - better than raiders and destroyers, but not cruiser-size of bigger. Be big enough to be badass, but have room to grow.

(I wish that Light Cruisers were easier to get at character creation. That's what seems to be the "perfect" RT ship, not the frigates they claim).

Thank you. In case you don't have it, have a Warrant of Trade prop.

>> No.23430072

Yeah, an interesting side effect of the way they do ship points is that basically if you so much as set one foot over the frigate line, get the 70/20 SP/PF split or go the fuck home. Seriously, even non- Star Destroyer shit like the Conquest star galleon will damn near immediately shoot up to like 80 SP if you have anything of meaningful value on it.

Also, light cruisers could stand to be cheaper, inasmuch as im pretty sure they don't stack firing arcs like true cruisers do, which is *more* than worth bumping your base ship up 5 or 8 SP.

Also, cool warrant. Thanks, mate.

>> No.23430174


This is what the Secutor is for. It's got the shields and firepower of a full cruiser, the parts and price of a light cruiser, and the firing arcs of a frigate.

>> No.23430258


This picture is really cool but what the fuck is wrong with that bitches boltgun?

The grip is all fucked up compared to the rest of the gun.

This is professional GW art, right?
Why cant people unto perspective?

>> No.23430544

This is 40k. Perspective can't into Mechanicus.

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File: 162 KB, 641x883, 20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is FFG. They don't get the same quality of art that GW does due to not having in-house artists and juggling contracted ones instead.

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So uhm... I just started in a game of Rogue Trader a short while ago,, friend of mine from a D&D game decided to get our group into that, invited a couple buddies and set us up with a 5-6 man group basically.

Anyways, all this talk of ships has piqued my interest and I'd like a critique if I can get one.

See, we managed, through a bit of luck and my origin choices for the Rogue Trader I made, to get 73 ship points.
So we decided to get a Dictator class Cruiser. A bit pricy, but decent armament and a dozen wings of strike craft to go with it.

We've got an Archaotech Starflare Lance in the prow, and a pair of Mars pattern Macrocannon batteries for Port and Starboard mounts, ahead of the two Jovian pattern hangars.
A Flight Command Bridge, a Manufactorium and 30 some odd drop pods as well.
And of course, all the essentials and such are taken care of.

Tell me, was this a good choice or have I horribly screwed over my group?

>> No.23431707

oh god thats a terrible picture.

>> No.23432312

How so?

Macrobattery + lance is a decent combo, though not as painful as more macocannons. Hangers are very problematic for a poor dynasty though. Maintaining wings of fighter craft doesn't come cheap, though the manufactorum may help. Drop pods are cool but if you've got special forces to deploy or you absolutely must land somewhere and don't care about the return trip.

>> No.23432832

The multi void shield I will grant you, the rest not so much.

>Light cruiser parts
This is a good thing how exactly?

>better layout in terms of weapon arcs than a lunar
>Than a lunar

Who in their right mind wants to use a Lunar? There are other Cruiser hulls, you know.

>It's also cheaper than a full sized cruiser, allowing you to start with some actual equipment.

While this is true, this is also a classic example of shooting yourself in the foot. You're trading away long-term advantages for early-game toys. The idea behind high SP is to get yourself the best damn hull you can and then upgrade it along the way as you go up in profit factor and whatnot.

I had in fact overlooked the Overlord. Looking over it, it's only real drawback is the lack of detection. The tradeoff, a delicious new weapon slot, is to be considered. Especially considering the fact that it can also mount, say, Hecutor broadsides. I conceede that the Overlord is better.

The Repulsive, however, I will not grant you. The firepower it can dish out is not comparable to that of the Avenger, nor the armour or the speed. It also fails as a dedicated carrier, as a proper dedicated Grand Cruiser carrier would pimp around with six hangars as opposed to four.

The main appeal behind starting with a Grand Cruiser is that it will grow with you. You will never find a better hull, so you will never trade it away. You will augment it with other ships, yes, but it will forever be your flagship and your home.

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Well we're playing a game with a mostly super serious crew and one Ork.
The Ork player as you can no doubt guess is very silly. Only had one or two sessions so far but in one session he managed to make a servitor disguise he used to sneak around a landing pad under the nose of PDF militia, bust open a crate and discover a Dark Eldar corpse whose head he ate for no real reason and then crashed the Aquila lander trying to get down this gigantic shaft fast enough to "save" the Rogue Trader who had gotten into a fight. He survived the crash and managed to avoid getting the pilot killed just crippled the poor guy for life.

>> No.23432902

Well, we've got a current Profit Factor of about 37 pending us selling a Lathe class vessel.

I don't intend to sortie the strike craft unless I absolutely have to, but I felt they'd be nice. Now, the drop pods, exactly what I had in mind.

As for the Lance, it's a pretty nifty little deal.

>> No.23432911

How do you play Rogue Trader with a super serious crew? Not trolling, just curious. It seems to me that it'd be pretty hard to run Rogue Trader without it turning into Muppet Treasure Island. I mean, this is the game of chainswords and blueberries, after all.

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Hint: All Smallcraft turn into gods among ants when you take them dirtside. Rip and tear in the name of profit, I say.

>> No.23432929

Also what I had in mind. I've got half a mind to acquire some Valkyries when I've got enough profit. Just to fuck up ground forces even more.

>> No.23432935


Well I say super serious. They're super serious in comparison to the Ork.
The RT is a paranoid xenophile who is played by a generally nofunallowed guy with control issues.

The rest of the crew includes a borderline heretek techpriest with a love of xenotech. A sniper who is pretty much The Sniper from TF2. A flabby spymaster/merchant. And I think that was it.

>> No.23432936

Is trying to play as a secessionist a bad idea in general? I have an explorator character concept who's gone full heretek and believes that the potential for enlightenment to the Omnissiah exists within everyone (among other things, such as the idea that everyone's tech has a machine spirit and not just humanity's), so she wants to aid in creating a society devoted to higher learning and harnessing the true potential of all within it. This might not take actual secession, but it might help. I'm just a bit worried that I'd wind up being irreparably screwed over.

>> No.23432940


In my freebooters game the party just got their hands on a hangar with fighta bombaz.
They mounted the hangar on the prow of the ship with the intention of shooting ships at people using the launch tubes.

>> No.23432941
File: 68 KB, 790x310, Shark Assault Boat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, man. No need for those pansies, cool as they are. Sharks carry more troops, fly faster and are better armoured. Furies kill shit better. That said yes, Valks are cool as fuck. Thank god my new GM allows them to go from ship to dirtside and back again. My last GM had the notion that Valks needed a dedicated transport to get dirtside. Even while stored in hangar bays.

>> No.23432957

See, I want the Sharks for boarding action and the Valks for troop deployment while the Sharks go and board things. And just because...

I can field both if need be.

>> No.23432960
File: 107 KB, 800x1406, 5_Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotta say, mon, that is either the best or the worst crew I have yet heard of. I am not sure if the shittiness of the trader is outweighted by the awesomness of the sniper, spymaster and ork.

Yes. Make it happen.

Like all controversial character concepts, this depends on the rest of your group. An all-secessionist (as in the philosophy, not the class) could be barrels of fun. One dude trying to do it solo in a group of Imperialists... not so much at all.

>> No.23432962

This. Just...

This is how you play an orc krew.

>> No.23432968

The rest of the group seems to be vaguely neutral-amoral-kind of thing. As I'm a huge moralfag, it might be best if I just not play, but I'll be talking with them a bit more to iron things out; they did like my concept in general.

>> No.23432971
File: 194 KB, 465x963, Stormtrooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

True, you can field both. But the Sharks make for excellent troop deployment. Just one squad of these puppies can vomit out 400 guys on the ground. Plus, depending on what your GM says, you can fit light armour support into their holds. Like say, Chimeras or Hellhounds. Logically, it shouldn't be a problem, but check with your GM first. But yes, Valks have them beat in the coolness department. You will have no argument from me there.

>> No.23432974

If you simply want the best carrier period, nothing beats a Nemesis. Though where the heck you would find one is beyond me.

>> No.23432987

I'd say the Emperor is better, but that's because it gets massive coolness points from me. Same problem, though!

>> No.23432991

Especially since my DM and I kinda started drooling over that picture of the kitbashed Mi-24 Hind/Valk combo.

He says if I make the roll, I can have a few. Now to see how a Valhallan crewed Valk would hold up.

>> No.23433013

On the subject of the Universe class, whats the utility of turning into a portable space station? I'm thinking salvage arms, the docking array component and maybe a Lux Net with asteroid mining facility

>> No.23433014
File: 141 KB, 504x800, Katyusha - Nonna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My Comrade!

I prefer Vostroyans myself, but you can never go bad with Valhallans. That said, I think you and your GM should iron out what a few means. Or rather, use the proper Acquisition rules. Be warned, vehicles don't come cheap when you get them in bulk.

>> No.23433016

Nemesis is the dedicated better carrier, though the Emperor might actually be the better ship. Although personally I think the Nemesis still has too many guns and not enough fighters for its role.

>> No.23433020

Highly useful. Spacedock piers and everything and anything that improves survivability and capability will aid it. Arboreteums, Munitorums, Manufactorums. Go wild, go big.

>> No.23433043
File: 249 KB, 922x735, Mosinka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd have to make the actual acquisition roll probably, with enough profit points. My GM is a nice guy, and a little lenient on some aspects, (such as the initial personal gear acquisitions) but I really doubt he's going to hand me a platter of Hind-Valks without making me work for it.

>> No.23433054

>Lord Viscount Caesar Augustus Alexander Napoleon
All the great conquerors!

>Arnold Halicus Gladoss Whetlius
All the great AI's

>Caisus Linkus Rambonus Maximus
All the action heroes

>August Shakespeare Twain Hemingway
All the great writers

The Skull. Only the best party member ever.

>> No.23433065

I have a secret to share with you /tg/

I GM Dark Heresy because I get too confused by the ship battle rules for RT

For which I am eternally ashamed.

>> No.23433084


Your honestly is appreciated fine sir

(whispers to someone "Kill him")

>> No.23433088
File: 158 KB, 800x800, Soviet Female Troopers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Afraid I never had a chance to try out Battlefleet Gothic. I just read up on what the Emperor does and said "Aw hell yeah"

Oh, he shouldn't! All I'm saying is that a roll could be up to a good-sized squad of them. As I recall, Battlefleet Koronus says that an Aeronautica squad is about twice as big as a Voidcraft squad. So you're looking at a good 40 craft here.

That said, be advised that the Valks, barring some super stats, will most likely be slower, less durable and have less carrying capacity than the Sharks. Which does raise the question.. does your GM have any juicy custom stats for these Hind-Valks? Very relevant to my interests.

>All the great AI's
Where's SHODAN?

They *are* a bit tricky. At least you're not like my old GM, who decided to cut the entire space combat angle right out after he played half a session with them. This after we have decked out our ship and everything, of course.

>> No.23433109

Actually, to follow up on a previous question, is it a bad idea to be a moralfag in this game?

>> No.23433118


The Kap'n is actually quite reasonable when he wants to be too.
They had some humans on the penal planet they were on come along and demand they let them have this tower that was part of the fort the crew were looting.

In exchange they said they'd show the orks where to find a good fight and lots of loot. But outright said they wouldn't fight the orks.

After the humans leader gave them a goodwill gift the kap'n seemed inclined to accept and even had the boyz give back the stuff they'd looted from the tower too.

And now they're off to raid a load of underground caverns full of robots.
Course they're not sure what it is yet. They think its either necrons or iron men. They're both wrong! Dohohohoho

>> No.23433120
File: 520 KB, 1019x1331, Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure, it may just be standard Valks with a different skin, but he could come up with something given time. If he does, it could be very interesting.

Perhaps increased durability or decreased maintenance costs. I'll ask him about that.

>> No.23433124

In my experience starting with a cruiser will make any ship encounter rediculously easy.

>> No.23433143


Well my ork crew started with a cruiser with an archeotech teleportarium.

They couldn't hit shit. The fights only started going their way when they hit enough to take out the shields and then used the teleporter to do hit and runs.

>> No.23433152

My group is jsut about to start as Rogue Trader game as SPACE PIRATES!!! YARRR!!!!

Our Rouge Trader is Cap'n Steelbeard VII, whose warrent of trade contains a privateering clause. The good Cap'n (Don't call him Captain unless you want to lose either an eye or a leg) is a master of many skills who is willing to go to war with his life on the line at a mere insult to a member of his trusted crew. Determined to turn the entire party into "Propa Pirates"

Our Arch-Millitant (me) is The Lady Veronica Verosia Verritasium. She is absolutly in love with Cybernetics, the lady signed on with the crew after she was cut off from the rest of the family's wealth due to her "unhealthy obsession". She learned her skills from the noble house's master at arms, and practiced with them and her "toys" hunting down mutants in the underhive.

The ship's Helmsman and First Mate (Void Master) is a sickly man (Wounds: 7, Toughness: 22) who is also posessed of an amazing ability to fly. Born serving aboard an inperial battleship. He well and truly feels comfortable piloting our ship.

The ship has yet to be named but it is an increddibly fast an maneuverable raider. The ship is top of the line, possessing a forward mounted Melta Gun macro cannon as well as rear-mounted missile banks. It contains an advanced stealth system (the one that makes you look loke a cloud when on silent running).
The final crew member of note is an Ork.

Known only as "Da Dokta" he arrived abord the ship by way of his teleporting "Fone Boof". The Fone Boof was damaged upon arrival and he is determiend to fix it. Apparently he believes he can use it to go back in time and take part in all the greatest battles of history. He is incredibly smart for an ork. Possessing the skills of both a Mad Dok and a Mekboy. He will serve as both muscle and technical expert.

Adventure on the high seas? Check
Looting ancient ruins? Check
Awesome fun? You betcha thats gunna be a check.

>> No.23433154

>yo dawg I heard you like ships...

>> No.23433156
File: 31 KB, 500x348, Soviet Women 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any and all questions of that nature have one simple answer:

Depends on your group.

I cannot stress that hard enough. Talk to your group and your GM, see how they'd like it for you to run a moralfag. Talk to people, like an adult. It'll make everything clear. That said, as a general rule, this is the wrong game and the wrong setting for such shenanigans. But hey, anything goes, especially in Rogue Trader. You just need to have the right group.

A properly kitted Sword frigate can murder damn near anything.

Well, reason I ask is because there are *NO* official stats on Valks. I desire them highly myself as my GM will not accept any other homebrew and he doesn't care enough to do them himself.

Sounds like barrels of fun. Go forth, noble swashbuckler.

>> No.23433157

Depends on the morals I suppose. In general, outside the "screw over the naive natives" scenario morality doesn't impact much on the game. And you could always play a Swashbuckler and generally swan about the place like some chainsword wielding Robin Hood

>> No.23433172

Really. Huh. Well, I'll ask and see. If he has anything I'll see about sharing it.

>> No.23433176 [SPOILER] 
File: 49 KB, 351x330, Joker Moreau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your Void Master sounds familiar, I just can't place it.....

>> No.23433178

The GM in question here. I love homebrew. Long as it's at least somewhat balanced, I'm all over that shit. As far as managing them goes, Hind-Valks will have a bonus to Upkeep tests. Probably be more durable in field ops as well.

>> No.23433184


I loved their plan too. They're going to assault one of the entrances the Imperial Guard tried beforehand on the basis that there'll be more gubbinz to loot.

>> No.23433186

I already have, and to be frank, I can't quite tell if it'll work or not; the conversation's been rather vague on that point. Hence my asking elsewhere.

It's possible, but my tastes have always run to the more intellectual types.

>> No.23433210

He also mentioned to quote:
"I'll probably rip the flight stats from the Stormraven and strap new weapons on it."

And is now bitching at me for not describing the party and our ridiculously overblown naming scheme.

>> No.23433216

....A gorrilian dollars to the man who gets me an invite into this game!

>> No.23433217

Yeah. I noticed.

The best part is that the guy who made him hasn't even played mass effect.

and the ship design was done completely independantly of his character.

>> No.23433235
File: 241 KB, 1200x794, Muppet Treasure Island.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I approve of this group of professional pirates.

Would you happen to have the homebrewed Valk stats on hand? I'm very curious on them and I might be able to present them to my own GM.

Nothing we can say will go either way towards what your group feels, mon. There's no universal law on what you can't and cannot do in roleplaying: there's only what your group considers fun and fitting. I could say that I think moralfags often try too hard and end up annoying and misplaced, but that would only be true to my experiences and my group. So again, talk some more with your group.

Where's the Stormraven? Deathwatch? And yes, I do want to hear your party! I shall return with my own in kind.

>> No.23433245

Can you tell me more of your alleged moralfag experiences, so I might have an idea of what to avoid?

>> No.23433251

Thats a hell of a weird coincidence. Awesome one too, always liked the idea of a stealth ship in RT
You could just play a relatively philanthropic character. Like giving some of your pay to beggars and the like. Sort of a Jean Valjean thing, you escaped the gutter and now want to help others

>> No.23433257

Don't have said stats yet. Stormraven's a Space Marine dropship with stats in Rites of Battle, for Deathwatch. Reckon I'll rip off the flight stats from there, glue on some different weapons, and maybe muck with the armor.

>> No.23433286

Well, let's go down the list.
In his Words:
"So we have an ork, an arch-militant who refuses to eat, the ponciest ponce to ever ponce down Juan Ponce de Leon Avenue for a Rogue Trader, a rather paranoid seneschal, and an explorator who may or may not become a heretek. Interesting group."

I play the Rogue Trader, The Honorable Ser Baron Ulrich Munchhausen von Schultz-Tsvetkova the Second, who's a decadent fop with a cavalier hat, an expensive brocade naval coat and at least 3 pistols, 1 las, 2 bolt, a chainsword and a powersword for good measure. He loves his meals, can out drink a Space Wolf battlebrother and can't hit the broad side of his own cruiser with a bolt pistol if he were standing on it.

>> No.23433295

I probably just shouldn't play, upon further reflection. It seems too much like Murderhoboes In Space with no redeeming qualities to most of them.

>> No.23433296

Currently the group I run for are challenging gods. No really.

Not the big four or the Emp of course, not yet anyway. They've fallen into a sector wide curse-story thats playing out thanks to the machinations of the Old Ones, specifically one by the name of Sotek. Naturally being RT's they decided to say fuck you to Soteks plot of making them fight another Dynasty, so now there's a litteral "plot hole meets black hole" in the universe thats trying to fill itself any way it can. Which of course it will. One way or another.

Their SIDE adventures include making a deal with an ancient sea-god warp entity that resides on an (underwater) hive world to take over the system and protect it, and dealing with the fallout of the navigator putting on a freaking mask that was made of Umbra parts and contained "he who lingers" within it.

I think for their next arc Ill throw a C'tan at them. Just a shard of one....

>> No.23433311

It always tend to be the same story. People who bitch that the Imperium is evil, backwards, stupid, retarded, oppressive and yadda yadda yadda. All I can say is "NO SHIT SHERLOCK!" It's like these people don't understand the inherent black humor and thematic choices that makes Warhammer what it is. Especially when they then turn around to go slobber their cocks all over the Xenos species and act as if they have any sort of moral high ground on anything. Not that I dislike Xenos, though. Kroot be bitchin'.

It's just.. if you hate this setting's basic idea so much, why are you even here? (You being general, not you Anon) It's like people going into, oh I dunno, Feng Shui and bitching that it's not realistic. It's not supposed to be.

However, and this is a big however, that does not mean that you can't be the cool kind of moralfag. The smart moralfag who doesn't bitch about moral high grounds but who instead works to make his domains not total shitholes. Or who is just an upstanding kind of dude while still maintaining the feel of the setting. My ol' Lady-Admiral would sooner stay sober than she'd trust an Eldar telling her that space is black. That doesn't mean she goes around mass-murdering people for the lulz. Hell, she got involved in a moral dilemma dealing with a Drusian splinter cult just last session. And resolved it with a simple trial by champion that resulted in a single fatality. All so three powerful groups of many people could get along. Oh, and so we could get more wine. That too.

In short, play smart and stylish, don't bitch about moral high grounds or the Imperium's shortcomings.

I'll take a looksie, thank you. Knowing Deathwatch's general stat blocks, I am expecting it to be overpowered beyond belief, however.

That also works. Yes-yes.

>> No.23433315
File: 101 KB, 640x470, 1361840716653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my pic, it was the result of "lets put on an old one mask on a necron tomb world!"

>> No.23433323

Deathwatch is only overpowered until you start ripping limbs off every session. I EARNED the nickname Limb-Taker from my players, dammit. Not a single one of them made it out sans-cybernetics. I enjoyed every minute of it.

>> No.23433341
File: 510 KB, 648x1224, Not all Paladins have swords.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is something to be said for being the moral centre of a Rogue Trader party. In a land where there is no law beyond the range of your weapon, being the character to remind them of things greater than themselves is a worthy role. Missionaries are good for this sort of thing, donating to the poor, stopping the crew's slide into Reaver-dom, that sort of thing

>> No.23433346

Well, Tau and Eldar do genuinely have some moral high ground (more than some, in the former case, though that's likely irrelevant because they're nowhere near the Koronus Expanse, except in that one copypasted story with the cannibal RT who I swear that I am somehow, someday going to kill gruesomely).
Anyway. I don't intend to bitch pointlessly; I do intend to undermine the Imperium whenever it needs undermining, and to not care about the standard interpretations of the Imperial Creed or Omnissian law beyond what's pragmatically useful for bringing my plans around. It's down to the Imperium to get in my way or not, of my ultimate plan to reconstruct the Interex (well, that's more like the first major step of my ultimate plan, but it's there; I intend to buy Forbidden Knowledge about the Long War/Great Crusade for that, of course).

>> No.23433362
File: 894 KB, 980x1326, Ommnissiah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... funny that looked much longer in the quick reply. Continuing!

We then have the Arch Miltant, Mira, who is a failed clone of the Emperor and a genetically engineered abomination. She doesn't look it though. She's rather devoted to the Rogue Trader for reasons, to the point of standing guard during a lavish meal despite being rather hungry just on the off chance something would happen to him. Speaks in a rather heavy germanic accent and loves chain axes and plasma weapons. Currently has the highest kill count I believe.

Next is our possibly Heretek Explorator. A mildly renegade Tech Priestess, Oktavia. Comes with mechandrites, servoskull and a mighty temper, she holds dominion over the power source of the Archaotech Lance and threatens to throw anyone into the reactor that even so much as lays a finger on it. Doesn't need to eat food, but at the Trader's insistence, did sit down for lunch. I think food honestly confuses her.

Next we have the Paranoid Seneschal, Alphord. The yin to the Trader's much more relaxed Yang, he tends to worry, scheme and plot a lot. I'm fairly sure he plans to quietly murder the underseneschal just to make sure I can never replace him, and I may have to end up spacing him if he does so and I catch him. I *like* the undersenschal myself.

Oh, and we have an Ork named Gearsmasha. Who managed to slip aboard the Cruiser without anyone finding out until afterwards. A mekboy in progress, creator of truly magnificent sandwiches, and looking for a good fight, good loot and all the mekky bits he can get his massive fingers on. So far he and Ulrich are getting along fabulously, based on their similar mindset regarding what to do with captured ships: Loot, pillage, strip down and take anything of value before seeing if it can be sold or converted for use, along with killing anything that puts up a fight while we do so.

Oh and at some point, we found a heretical xenos device that eats psykers and creates undead warp zombies.

>> No.23433385

The Tau have some degree of moral high ground (their problem is naivete) but the Eldar are just the Imperium on a smaller scale. They're racist, xenophobic, extremely manipulative and think nothing of killing thousands of people just to save ten Eldar. The Eldar are dicks, the fact they're practically extinct doesn't excuse them

>> No.23433391
File: 261 KB, 1200x533, Lady-Admiral Bianca Dolcetto Amaretto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My mistake, I was unclear. I meant that things in there are too overpowered to be taken into Rogue Trader.

Hardly. High adventure, high intrigue and millions dead for everyone!

>The Honorable Ser Baron Ulrich Munchhausen von Schultz-Tsvetkova the Second
>a decadent fop with a cavalier hat, an expensive brocade naval coat and at least 3 pistols

11/10. Would not fight but would marry in a union of glorious Rogue Trader Dynasties, booze-loving Rogue Traders and riches for all. The rest of the group sounds pretty ballin' too, I especially like the Explorator's maybe.

As for myself, I play Lady-Admiral (Self-titled) Bianca Dolcetto Amaretto, of the Amaretto Dynasty and of the Pearl of Polio. A lady of a fine, traditional Imperial upbringing and schooling and with a great interest in all things exotic and alcoholic. Currently embarked on the grand quest to restore some wealth to her ancient but failing Dynasty. Dreams of HIGH ADVENTURE and of unifying the entire Expanse into the Amaretto Expanse.

Please explain to me how an Orweilian dystopia is any better than an outright dystopia. Or how a decant shithole of a race that cares for no one but themselves are any better than the humans.

As for the rest.. eeeeuuugh. Just the sort of moralfaggotry I hate. "Oh noes, the Imperium is so stooopid and eeeevil! I best stop them!" Would not play with you. Talk that over with your group. If they like it, fine. If they don't, well, I can't say I blame them.

>> No.23433409

You forgot Yobz! The Ork in question is a Deathskull, so he has a Gretchin. A Gretchin that almost never speaks, but when he does, it's completely unaccented and perfectly understandable Low Gothic. He's rather frighteningly intelligent, too.

Said Xenos device was the Halo Device in Forsaken Bounty.

>Amaretto Dynasty
I like you already.

>> No.23433426

You can play as a puritan, no problem- indeed, my Dynasty makes money from pilgrim tithes, relic sales and Ecclesiarchal sponsorship instead of sales of xenos artifacts and the like. You just have a different income source.

Mind you, 'Puritan' doesn't necessarily mean 'moral'- remember, this is 40K we're talking about. Also, my RT's actually an Ascended Psyker from DH, who used her biomantic powers to spontaneously impregnate herself with the blessings of our techpriest, an avowed Thorian, who's convinced that with her power and his purification rituals, we might be able to create a worthy vessel for the Emperor.

So yeah, Rogue Trader.

>> No.23433430
File: 79 KB, 550x800, AT Gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... I did forget Yobz! He's probably the smartest member of the party next to the Explorator and the Trader himself.

>> No.23433452

>"Oh noes, the Imperium is so stooopid and eeeevil! I best stop them!"

What most people don't seem to get is that the Imperium isn't the way it is because the High Lords want the lulz; it's because the methods and philosophies it champions are practical measures designed to deal with a universe that wants you dead, and your soul on a platter.

>> No.23433455


I'm playing as an explorator in a Rogue Trader campaign and I'm fucking loving it. Haven't played any RPGs for years due to RL stuff but my mates persuaded me to come back and I'm glad I did. I talked our Rogue Trader into getting a reclamation facility on the ship and I am slowly but surely turning the entire crew into servitors hehe.

>> No.23433457

Is there any more of this? That's pretty inspiring.

>> No.23433472
File: 224 KB, 596x1200, Aliyana Maybe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very... ah... colourful crew, I must say. I think cloning the Emperor is going a wee bit too far, considering just what a WTFPWNED badass he was, but hey, not my game, so who cares? That said, why wasn't the foul orkspawn murdered already!?

Oh, and as for the Amaretto Dynasty.. I should mention her late father, Isola Macchiato Amaretto. Married into the family and Amarettian...ed.. his name to fit in better.

Oh, and pictured we have the good Lady-Marshal (Arch-Militant) herself, Aliyana Roth. Second longest ally of Amaretto and one of her fiercest supporters. Which is surprising, considering Amaretto lost Aliyana's ship in a drinking game to... someone (Amasec will work hell on your memory). A fine ship it was, too. The Bitter Harvest; a Meritech Raider of some renown for raiding anything and everything, including some pissier Dark Eldar vessels. 'tis why they hate Aliyana so much and why she hates them.

So now she is following the Lady-Admiral like a dog, both out of genuine respect and friendship and out of a burning desire to get her prized ship back. 'cause hey, having a Rogue Trader on your side can only help such matters. In general, Aliyana serves as the commander of the troops, the bodyguard and all-around psychotic murder machine.

>> No.23433473

I play the RT in this dude's game and man did we get heretical fast. I mean my only rule was "don't endanger the ship" so of course every other PC has to stumble on a side plan or scheme that endangers the ship.

I actually had to up and shoot a PC because he would not put the c'tan splinter (what happens if you hit a c'tan shard with a mallet i guess) he was trying to siphon information out of down and ended up getting his cybernetics possessed by it. I'm from that old school where you don't attack other PCs so it was kind of an issue for me.

On the plus side the worker's revolution we're brewing in order to take over Lucien's Breath is going swimmingly.

>> No.23433483

Ah, I know that series, let me get you the link. It's a pretty decent little zombie apocalypse webcomic


There you go. The art is black and white with tinges of color occasionally and the plot is fairly solid.

>> No.23433492

False Man background. I misread it as trying to recreate the Emperor instead of recreating his genetic manipulation. And then I decided I liked that better. LOGICIANS CULT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

>> No.23433502

I did say failed Clone. As in a badly attempted go at it. That produced a female, slightly mutated, and slightly traumatized 'not-the emperor'. A very tiny bit of the emperor's gene or some such but that's about it.

>> No.23433503

Good man. Be sure to upgrade the entire crew into Servitors, too.

Well, not *everything* is reasonable and practical. A whole bloody lot, yes, but the Imperium is suffering from some major flaws. 'tis where the moral greyness comes in all makes it all so interesting. I just hate people who go in all "I WANNA USURP THE IMPERIUM WAAAH!" because well.. why the fuck are they even here?

>> No.23433524

Neat, thanks.

>> No.23433526

Well, I can't take down the entire Imperium by myself; all I'd want to do is carve out a domain in the Expanse where I can run things better. And I wouldn't spend time actively bitching, which I thought was what you were worried about.

Also, Tau leaders aren't just in it for the evulz, don't have a fake permanent war (they may have a real one, of course), don't starve people for no discernible reason and don't have ministries devoted to torture, so I'll call bullshit on the "Orwellian" part. As for Eldar... well, human leadership cares about absolutely no one including other humans, so the Eldar are ahead mathematically already, but Eldar won't kill humans without it being somehow necessary to keep their own, dying, race intact. Except corsairs, but fuck corsairs.

>> No.23433535
File: 52 KB, 642x800, 52-manahdancingmad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, False-Man has nothing to do with the Emperor. It just means you're some test-tube baby of one variety or another. That said, yes, I did misread. A failed clone is much more fitting. Still a bit iffy and special to me, but I'm not one to judge.

Rogue Tradering like a boss, I see. I am going full on Puritian Conquistador myself, but that sounds smashing too.

Also, pic related. After we discovered the Power Loader in SoI, the Arch-Militant and I have vowed that if my trader ever dies, I must create a little girl for reasons of movie-referecing. Pic related is also what a bloody psycho my loli would no doubt be.. as always.

>> No.23433540
File: 785 KB, 1694x1342, 1359474193564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Imperium is a better choice than anything else.

>> No.23433543

It mentioned something in the description about the Emperor's genetic mastery, and for some reason my sleep and probably drink-addled brain said YER A FAILED CLONE, HARRY.

>> No.23433548

Oh. I'm here because the setting is fascinating for some reason, and I sympathize greatly with the common people, both human and non-, and I want to keep as many safe as possible. I've heard it said that it's far more rewarding to play the hero in a darker setting; if it wasn't, I'd be hunting for games in Blue Rose or something (which is a lovely setting to live in but I don't know if it'd be much good for adventures).

No puritans; they seem to be evil bastards, one and all. I'm an odd radical.

>> No.23433569

>Disappearing people
>Conquering people whether they want to or not
>Re-education camps

Sure is fun in the Tau Empire! As for the Eldar..

>Imperium doesn't care about humans.
Wrong, wrong, wrong. Small-minded fool, go read up on why the Imperium of Man does what it does. You're just like the usual wanker: Thinking small-scale. Go read some actual fluff, then we can talk.

As for your lil' mini-Imperium, how do you plan to deal with psykers, mutants, AIs, Chaos, Xenos and administration?

>> No.23433592

If one were to tire of their service under their current Rogue Trader, how would they go about gaining their own trade warrant? For curiosity's sake of course...

>> No.23433602

By 40K standards, they... kind of Puritan. I mean, if you can consider active Thorians Puritan, then my crew are Puritan as hell.

>> No.23433613

I never said the Tau were perfect. I did say they were much, much better than the Imperium, which they still are.

Also, the Imperium does what it does, for the most part, out of brutal religious fervor or selfish conquering instincts, except in actions that are wholly defensive. Of course, there's a lot of those, but it's not everything the Imperium does.

>> No.23433634
File: 226 KB, 786x864, 40K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Highly dubious. Those things are extremely rare and potent. You'd have to be a bigshot to get one. Legally speaking, anyway. You could just take someone's place as Warrant Holder if you dared risk it.

All in all, you're the kind of fella who can't even try to adapt a different mindset than your own when you enter a game. In short, you must apply universal morality to everything. That is why you fail as a roleplayer and that is why you're in the wrong setting. Is it really so hard to try something new and different? This is why I hate moralfags: They just have to inject their brand of stupidity into everything instead of actually adapting to a theme.

Ah yes. They do compare it TO the Emperor's work. I thought you meant that False Man was all about being Emperor-clone. Still, sounds like it could be a fun subplot.

As much as I love that piece of text, it IS unofficial. Keep that in mind.

>> No.23433650


It does describe the Mechanicus pretty dam well though.

>> No.23433652

Believe it or not, I have tried something new and different before with 40K, and I hated it. I don't have it in me, even in a fictional game, to hurt people without cause or to play that kind of religious fervor; I'm too empathetic to fictional universes.

>> No.23433661
File: 21 KB, 272x299, Tau_Sympathizer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I never said the Tau were perfect. I did say they were much, much better than the Imperium, which they still are.

In what way? It's a horrific dystopia both of them. Only difference is that one looks out for mankind. And no, that sure ain't the Tau.

>Also, the Imperium does what it does, for the most part, out of brutal religious fervor or selfish conquering instincts

Also, the Tau Empire does what it does, for the most part, out of brutal manifest destiny or selfish conquering instincts. Both statements hold true. Except one species is human and the other is Tau.

>> No.23433674

Would it help if I had a large swath of peers including the Admech, Navy, Nobility, and Administratum? Let's also assume it's common knowledge that I am the one running the whole dynasty from the shadows for the most part while that... trader continuously seems to endanger his own profit factor with every move he makes.

>> No.23433691
File: 60 KB, 1323x193, Warhammer Viper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then why are you here? Go away. This place is for roleplayers, people who can play a role, in the 40K universe, one which you haven't read up on and flat out dislikes.

Depends on what you consider canon and not, though I do highly approve of it. I'm a great fan of this one as well.

>> No.23433695

I always considered that text a piece of crap. The Mechanus has legitimate historical reasons for being in the rut that they are in, reasons that make it extremely difficult to get out of that rut, but don't try to say that the Impirium is following the optimal course of action, because it isn't.

>> No.23433711

Read up on what Peer actually does. It does not mean your name carries weight, it only means that you know how to socialize with those kinds of people. THat said, it would help in your social interaction with those people.

As for the reasons. I am fairly certain the rest of the RT's family would object to some upstart surpassing their bloodright. However, get them onboard and they may adopt you into the family so you can kill the current head and lead the family to greatness.

>> No.23433720

Sounds like the kind of player I'd enjoy playing with. Making a lasting good in that kind of setting is always satisfying

>> No.23433724

Are there any DH/RT/DW rules for Legio Cybernetica robots?
My party are going to run into some and I can't find any rules for them so I'll probably have to wing it.

>> No.23433735

Don't worry, I have read up on it. There are things in it that I like, I just have issues with a government.

Ah, cool. Thanks.

>> No.23433741

Use the Gun-Servitor as a base, then soup it up a bit?

Nice samefagging.

>> No.23433754

Ah yes, you have, have you? Do tell me of the evulz of the Imperium, then. All those evils that are so unforgivable yet your precious Xenos races are completely free of. Keep in mind, it can't be an atrocity that is necessary, follows expansionist policies or apply under any of these:

>Disappearing people
>Conquering people whether they want to or not
>Re-education camps

Why not, you ask? Because your precious Xenos are guilty of the same crimes.

>> No.23433768

Does it make things simpler if he's the last remaining head of his dynasty?

>> No.23433775
File: 5 KB, 429x154, Really.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related

>> No.23433781
File: 34 KB, 234x317, Thing with tea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Waiiiit... is that you Exalted?

>> No.23433785

Depends on your skills, class and more importantly who and what you know. So if you know where some sector level administrator hid the bodies, use that as leverage. Or if your a noted explorer and tech-relic hunter the Admech might sign off on a warrant. There as many ways to get a warrant as there are Rogue Traders, and there are an absolute arseload of Rogue Traders out there

>> No.23433787

The question is not if he's head or not, it's if he's the last of the family. He may have children, cousins, uncles, grandmas, anything. If he has no family whatsoever then well.. the Warrant kinda ends with him. What you need to do is to get him to father a child, then kill him and his wife. Then you just act as guardian to the kid. Or hell, get him to adopt YOU and name you heir.

>> No.23433803
File: 53 KB, 340x676, Drizzt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, really. What is your point?

Is Exalted that guy who wanted to play a Lawful Good Dark Eldar?

And just because there are an arseload of Rogue Traders, the Imperium is very reluctant to hand out more of them.

>> No.23433809

Actually, I'm not going to, because you've suddenly morphed into an aggressive dick and will, no matter what I say, call it necessary or something similar. I'm sorry, but I don't want to continue this any longer. Call it victory if you want to.

>> No.23433815

Or get him to marry someone, bang his wife, then wait for the baby to be born and acknowledged as heir, have you and your lover kill him. Marry the widow, and have her sign over the warrant to you.

>> No.23433824

Go, run! Get out of here! This what I've been telling you to do since the start. Furthemore, I fail to see how asking you to back up your claims is in any way being an aggressive dick. I've held the same tone throughout this entire conversation, it was only when asking you for proof that you backed off.

>> No.23433829


Well the Imperium and Inquisition hand them out to suit their own goals.
Giving a Warrant to a High Lord of Terra or central Imperial Politician is a popular means to get rid of a rival as he can't refuse the "honour"

Inquisitors sometimes hand them out as a reward to loyal minions when the Inquisitor is getting too old to deal with this shit and doesn't want his minions under anyone elses control.

>> No.23433837

In what way is he last head? Because if its as simple as him just not having had kids yet, they might just wait for that to happen rather than risk the warrant sliding to some distant blood relation on the other side of the Segmentum.
If however he physically can't have children, then you can easily pick up the warrant as a safekeeper then work to make it official. Would have to get him to agree before you remove him of course

>> No.23433839

Barring that; about how much Profit Factor would I need to present do you suppose to the Administratum in order to legitimatize my request for a warrant enough for them to consider issuing one?

>> No.23433844
File: 1.64 MB, 900x1102, Rogue Trader Rapist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"What if YOU were the chump husband?"

My Tradah! Now you're talking my talk. Good thinking there. Also, does anyone know where the Ruskie-lover with the Emperor-clone went? He seemed fun.

>> No.23433849

I personally hold the view that the Tau are as bad or worse than the Impirium, though that is clearly open to interpenetration. I'm still seeing far to much Bad Wrong Fun from you.

>> No.23433868

Yes, they do that to someone important, ie a bigshot like I said earlier. As nice a schemer as the guy sounds, I doubt the High Lords have heard of him.

Well, how did YOU get any Profit Factor anyway? It's all tied up in the Dynasty, ain't it?

>> No.23433871

Exalted had some really, really weird ideas about the Tau and the Warhammer universe in general, and attempted to bring a... lets call it "unique" philosophical outlook to any discussion. I don't remember Lawful Good Dark Eldar, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me.

>> No.23433889

I misspoke some; you became an aggressive dick a bit earlier than that. The problem is that while I can think of many things, such as the attempted genocide of the Tau when they were still at stone-age levels, regular periods of mass murder in the hives, allowing atrocities like the rule of Sepheris Secundus to continue, allowing wars to brew over where to store the paperwork, grinding pilgrims out of every last coin they have and leaving them to die in space... you'd probably call it all necessary.

>> No.23433901


So not this guy then? My mistake, dear anon. As for Bad Wrong Fun, I maintain my stance as always: What flies with the group is what's Good Fun no matter what. I am just staunchly against moralfaggots of this sort. It's the same as going in and grimdarking up Inspector Gadget. Just plain sillypants. But hey, whatever rocks your and your group's boat.

>> No.23433931

On Profit Factor, when I ran it it represented the raw cash, favours, trade agreements and other finances associated with the ship and the crew. What they have at the start is definitely the Dynasty's wealth, but when they start getting it themselves its their own. Or the family's, whatever. Theoretically it was all wealth for the dynasty as a whole, in reality it was the Players.

>> No.23433937


I think i saw some rule about how leftover endeavor points gets converted into extra starting stats.

Which allows you to avoid that fate.

Of course there should be some other way to avoid this.

>> No.23433940

Oh my. Perhaps your DM allows it, and if so, cool- but 'base' 40K is a world where letting a single heretic escape could doom billions more. I suppose it's okay if you're a lone Guardsman, or someone equally insignificant, but when you're on the level of Inquisitorial Acolytes and Rogue Traders, you have to forgo personal empathy for a 'Greater Good' the Tau could not or would not countenance.

>> No.23433945


In my freebooterz game profit factor represents the huge piles of gubbinz in their hold and that's all it represents.

>> No.23433959

Few people chump dump pilgrims, as you point out its far more profitable to screw them for thrones every step of the sacred path of Drusus.
And the Imperium only earmarked the Tau for death, never got around to it. In fact, the Tau themselves nearly wiped each other out in their medieval stage, and were only stopped by the highly suspicious intervention of the Ethereals
Sepeheris Secundus is a good example of how the Imperium doesn't interfere as long as you produce. The people of Sepheris themselves organised their power structure, not the Imperium

>> No.23433963

Well, there was some anon a week or so ago who thought the Imperium was so evil and cruel, but he loved the Eldar for their peaceful ways and beautiful aesthetics. So he wanted to play a good-natured Dark Eldar. Yeah.

>attempted genocide of the Tau when they were still at stone-age levels

Done to prevent them from growing into a space-faring empire that could threaten Imperial holdings. Very harsh and unnecessary of the- Oh wait. The Tau *did* grow into a space-faring empire that could threaten Imperial holdings. Guess it was a good idea, huh? Almost like they have a history of nipping emerging empires in the bud, huh?

>regular periods of mass murder in the hives
Extremely brutal, but needed. Would you rather society collapse under the sheer weight of the untold trillions that need to be fed, clothed, housed and occupied?

>allowing atrocities like the rule of Sepheris Secundus to continue
>allowing wars to brew over where to store the paperwork

The Imperium makes it a strict policy not to interfere in how planets run themselves so long as they pay their tithes. You should like this, it allows democracies and dictatorships alike. This is a very benevolent act on their part, but also a practical one. With a million worlds, it's kind of hard to keep track on all of them.

>grinding pilgrims out of every last coin they have and leaving them to die in space

Is this the act of the Imperium or individuals within it? I hate to break it to ya, but every organization ever has shitheads in them.

>> No.23433967
File: 285 KB, 604x800, 1302010851525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So we are about to start a RT Game

we have fleshed out the PCs and a ship (the Pegasus, a star clipper)

So far we have:

Me, Fa/tg/uy, 40k Fluff lover, verteran GM (Vampire the Masquerade). I am, however, new to the RT rules.
Bro1: New to Pen and Paper and 40k. Rogue Trader Acarius. Showed true potential in his Prologue
Bro2: Veteran Player, Admech guy. Very interested in xenotech.
Bro3: New to Pen and Paper. Noble Void Master (Pilot) Father was a Lord Admiral Martyr
LadyBro1: New to Pen and Paper. Death World Astropath, hell bent on vengeance.
Bro 4: 40k Fluff Buff like me, has some pen and paper exp. Underhive Bounty Hunter Legend

I have created a semi-homebrew sector (viridis) that the players kann explore and exploit. Names and Places are of Russian and Greek (orthodox) origin.

>> No.23433970

I'm still around. Just lurking and talking plane shop with a friend elsewhere. Trying to get him into War thunder and talking about paintjobs for the BF-109s since they included historical ones.

>> No.23433980

It depends on the heretic. Surely there are some who don't follow the Imperial Creed and aren't dangers to the galaxy; if there wasn't, then every single citizen in the Great Crusade under the Imperial Truth would be a walking time bomb.

I suspected something like this. We disagree, to be sure, and I think what we disagree most on is whether or not a setting has any room for heroes in it at all, which I believe this does.

>> No.23434010

I'm the one in charge of balancing the books. I'm fairly certain I can easily skim and invest in other businesses.

>> No.23434016


The ship my group owns are named SHODAN GLaDOS and Sovereign.

Sadly no HAL yet.

>> No.23434025
File: 55 KB, 443x700, 0af1f8c5310f6aa6ad361be8he.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We run it as the Dynasty's collected cash, favours, trade agreements and whatever. Hence why player rebellion is often a stupid thing. Only the Warrant holder holds the cash. Which is why smart players play it sneaky. Like, as the great anon suggested, marrying in...

>It depends on the heretic. Surely there are some who don't follow the Imperial Creed and aren't dangers to the galaxy; if there wasn't, then every single citizen in the Great Crusade under the Imperial Truth would be a walking time bomb.

Because it's a ruthless theocracy that stamps out divergent faiths. This also happens to carry the neat side-effect of preventing Chaos footholds, as the Gods are NOTORIOUS for taking on the guises of any number of different gods.

>I suspected something like this. We disagree, to be sure, and I think what we disagree most on is whether or not a setting has any room for heroes in it at all, which I believe this does.

And why can't you be a hero who follows the Imperial Creed? Do tell me that, cause that's how I play it.

>> No.23434026

>The Imperium makes it a strict policy not to interfere in how planets run themselves so long as they pay their tithes. You should like this, it allows democracies and dictatorships alike. This is a very benevolent act on their part, but also a practical one. With a million worlds, it's kind of hard to keep track on all of them.

Gonna call bullshit on that. Pretty much says that the Imperium enforces its laws and edicts upon worlds brutally and Imperial Taxation and overwatch tends to turn worlds into hellholes.

That's why most Imperial worlds are awful places.

>> No.23434035

To be honest, we need to go on our next adventure after selling our bounty. The void awaits once we all have time to meet up.

>> No.23434042


Geedubs writes all kinds of inconsistent shit all the time. This is one of those cases. They don't care enough to make their writers coordinate.

>> No.23434057
File: 878 KB, 2040x1090, 5345254b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except no. They enforce the Imperial universal laws, yes, but the rest is left up to the planet itself. They enforce the tithing, yes, but it is always calculated on what the planet can sustain and what the Imperium needs. Also..

>What are civilized worlds
>What are paradise worlds
>What are agri-worlds.

Go read a book.

I think hiding a good 4.00000.00000.0000.000 Thrones is going to be a bit tricky!

>> No.23434067

Doesn't the Emperor do the exact same thing? At least, the Ecclesiarchy tries to refluff everyone's native gods as the Emperor and saints.
As for a hero who did follow the Imperial Creed, every concept I've posted about here, such as paladinish SoBs and clerics who advocated against the Ecclesiarchy frequently being exploitative dicks, was either gently discouraged or shot down entirely (I still have to hate mutants, never give nonhumans any quarter, etc.). I got sick of it.

>> No.23434088

Actually the standard given for an Imperial World is modern day Earth, under a centralised world government. And the Imperium only taxes planets, and only enforces laws pertaining to its operation on a interplanetary level. Thats why Arbites don't give a shit about local crime, they are the Imperiums enforcers for greater Imperial law
Each planet has its own system of rulership, which the Imperium won't oppose unless it fucks with the tithe. The Adeptus aren't fans of democracies but will put up with them and even support them against insurrection

>> No.23434097

Admittedly, but I've been already skimming to begin with.

>> No.23434099

Not the guy you are talking to, but seriously let him have his fun. If he wants to play a Knights Inductor let him.

>> No.23434101

That sounds like your group being a bunch of dicks. Hating mutants isn't a requirement of the priesthood, I imagine there's at least one faction eager to save their souls by getting them to work for the Imperium or something

>> No.23434114
File: 25 KB, 342x480, Trevor_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Doesn't the Emperor do the exact same thing? At least, the Ecclesiarchy tries to refluff everyone's native gods as the Emperor and saints.

Yes, and? It's not the tactic that's evil, it's the dude behind it. In this case, the Ruinos Powers.

>But the Emperor is evi-

Bullshit. When did he last turn you into a Chaos Spawn? When did he last drown a world in blood? When did he last invent a plague?

>As for a hero who did follow the Imperial Creed, every concept I've posted about here, such as paladinish SoBs and clerics who advocated against the Ecclesiarchy

I asked you to make a hero who follows the Imperial Creed. You made ones that don't. How's that logic working out for you?

>> No.23434125

What are rebellions which are popping everywhere in the Imperium. If Taxation is just and fair why do most planets are forced to be poor shitholes?

Clearly, something is wrong with that system to spawn the most BRUTAL AND OPPRESSIVE REGIME IN HUMAN HISTORY and result in this tremendous human suffering.

>> No.23434141

Hey, if you can sneak it past him, go for it. My Lady-Trader has Perception 30, so everything gets past her.

Not saying he can't. Said from the start that it's his group that matters. I just don't get this obsession over moralfaggotry, is all.

That I agree with. Yes.

>> No.23434143

Thunder Warriors say Hi. As do the Interex.

>> No.23434154

It's /tg/ who shot them down, not my group (which seems basically nice, if amoral in RT terms).

And to elaborate, I had an idea for a cleric of some sort who believed that the greatest expression of the Emperor's power was human life itself, and that it should never be wasted without cause; she had a rather naive upbringing (her parents were rich merchants who wanted a secluded and peaceful life after a very chaotic career) and joined the Ministrorum to help people, only to become increasingly disillusioned upon learning of its methods.

The Emperor did drown worlds in blood rather frequently during the Great Crusade. He hasn't done it lately, but he hasn't done anything lately except maybe on a subconscious level. As for hero concepts, I tried to run someone who actually did believe in the Emperor while being heroic, but evidently, according to your standards, it's impossible.

>> No.23434157

You're just as guilty of Grimderp wanking as he is of Moralfaggotry. Probably more to be honest.

>> No.23434163

Rebellions pop up now and then, oh yes. In an Imperium of a million worlds, they are smalltime. It'd be like saying the US cannot possibliy function because some hillbillies want to rebel.

>Clearly, something is wrong with that system to spawn the most BRUTAL AND OPPRESSIVE REGIME IN HUMAN HISTORY and result in this tremendous human suffering

Never said it was a nice or flawless system. But here's the million throne question.,.. how would you do things differently? How would you run the Imperium instead? And no, you are not allowed to use your meta-knowledge of the truth behind all the factions.

>> No.23434167

Necessary sacrifices and understandable mistakes, respectively.

That said, the true pole of 40k morality is Empra-centric. If teh Empra does it it's good. Think of Christian command moralities.

>> No.23434174

Thunder Warriors were at best a stopgap solution for true Space Marines, and were only used during the earliest stages of the Crusade. Like, to conquer Earth early stages.
I have never heard of the Interex before this thread, someone care to explain?

>> No.23434181

What kind of adventures should I run with a small, Firefly or Millenium Falcon-style ship?

And how could I best implement Black Crusade into Rogue Trader?

inb4 40k doesn't into tiny ships. I know my fluff; I'm speaking in relative terms

>> No.23434192

what happens if a powerful rogue trader pisses off a space marine chapter? (1000 marines, with support, as I recall).

>> No.23434194

How about whitewashing all of his history to make himself appear to be a being of godlike perfection and then Nuking places that started worshiping him? The shit he put Angeron through?

>> No.23434197

>Clearly, something is wrong with that system to spawn the most BRUTAL AND OPPRESSIVE REGIME IN HUMAN HISTORY and result in this tremendous human suffering.
Uh, the fact that they're fighting a never ending total war for the survival of mankind?

>> No.23434207

On what account do they say hi?

I like your character. Sorta-ish. Just don't expect the universe to fold to her ideals and you're golden.

>The Emperor did drown worlds in blood rather frequently during the Great Crusade

Yeah, it's called an invasion. It's kinda what you do when making an empire. No, it's not very nice at all. Every single faction in the game is guilty of it, too.

> I tried to run someone who actually did believe in the Emperor while being heroic, but evidently, according to your standards, it's impossible.

I just fail to see why you can't be heroic while still adhering to Imperial tenants. My Rogue-Trader adopted orphans as maidservants and set up reasonable work stations to let the poor get some money to feed themselves. She still believes mutants are horrific deviations of the sacred human form.

For actually reading the fluff? Okay, then.

>> No.23434215

They were a small planetary system that had some basic precautions against chaos (don't touch the weird books, don't get super emotional/obsessed) and semi-Imperial-level tech.

They tried to assassinate a primarch, failed, and got killed off for it. Or some similar diplomatic "misunderstanding."

>> No.23434220

And he turned his guns on them and slaughtered them all rather than retire them. His logic was that they were bred only for war and therefore had no place in the future. Yeah, he was a dumbass.

>> No.23434239

Small ship, or small and fast? Theres work for a clipper everywhere in the Imperium, and lots for blockade runners
And what do you want to implement? If you mean the adventures of chaos reavers, then thats just another reason to avoid the border patrol isn't it

>> No.23434240

Adventures in and around a central location? I mean, even a single planetary system is tonnes and tonnes of space to play in, and if it has at least one developed world like Scintilla you can add in loads of 40k details and factions.

How badly pissed off, and which chapter? Are we talking "I said the chaplain smelled like a grox in heat in front of someone important" or "I got drunk, pissed in the Sanguinary Grail, puked on a dreadnought then wiped my mouth on a heresy era banner?"

>> No.23434251

Yes, the Emperor was an arrogant faggot who did a lot of mistakes. No one has claimed otherwise. On the other hand, he also united mankind in an empire that has lasted ten thousand years while suffering from neverending war. In short, it's a moral greyzone.

Amen to that. Some bloody reason at last.

In-character, yes. I think he's an arrogant faggot who could have done a lot of things different. That doesn't mean I go in to play characters who want to show those silly believers the proper way of things.

>> No.23434260

Actually that could be a fun game.

A group of radical secessionists set up a mini-Imperium and end up having to make the same horrible choices the Empire of Man does.

>> No.23434265

They were violent barbarians unsuited for civilization and interstellar war, and degrading rapidly anyway from biostress.

>> No.23434271

Welp, looks like they had it coming really. Trying to kill a Primarch will never end well, only getting better or worse depending on the Primarch
And the Interex sound like what the Emperor wanted for the Imperium, shame they were tragically dumb

>> No.23434289

If by small planetary system you mean a coalition of 30 Planets + alien allies. And if by semi imperial tech you mean more advanced then the Imperial equivilent. And if you mean "Eberus was a manipulative dick" when you say murdered a primarch.
Thunder Warrior: back stabbed and rewarded with selfless service by getting massacred by the Custodes/The Emprah himself.

>> No.23434293

The Emperor was the worst sort of arrogant. He was absolutely assured he was right, largely because he was actually right. But he should of been less of a cock about it

>> No.23434300

Same guy you're replying to. Hell yes, I'd play the shit out of that. My problem is not with people wanting to play that, it's that it always boils down to "Well,the Imperium is so stoopid and backwards! We sensible people will fix everything by waving our hands! Chaos? We used SCIENCE! to make it go away!"

But actually playing out the consequences of such actions and struggling to build an empire in spite of the problems? Hell yes, where do I sign up?

Amen to that too.

>> No.23434302

something important to remember is that most people are absolutely ignorant as to the causes of mutation. Only Admech and the greatest medicae are aware of genetics. To everyone else corruption is a matter of moral depravity given physical form and is why they must be banished or killed. There is now proof they are tainted. The second is that many of the things that the Emperor demands you _are necessary_. It's unfortunate, but it's the basis of WH40K. That these are truly noble values, they're just not glamarous or appealing or very good, but they are the only way mankind can survive. The final thing to remember is that tolerance is exactly how Chaos gains a stranglehold and they make it known. That's why the Imperium is so paranoid. Chaos runs around saying "Every time you slip up, we'll be there!" to the point the Imperium believed it. And why shouldn't they? A lot of the "Good" behaviours in warhammer would end up with you being corrupted or turning against the Imperium to right a minor act of wrong that ends in a major fuck up for humanity. Sure you overthrew the tyrant, but now the winning Imperial Guard can't afford all the shit it needs to advance ecause the horrendous crushing tithes supported that, and the tide of battle is turned. You just gave Chaos a world, if not two.

This shit is so routine and ever day that most people are terrified of it, and that's why they play good.

>> No.23434309

I no expert on 40k by any means.

I mean pissed off really bad. Like sat on the relic during a wild party, decided "fuck it, now they hate me anyway", and stole their banner and sold it to darkelves.

as for which chapter... dunno realy. Generic marine chapter. One of the non-fluffed ones.

>> No.23434312

What I am saying that claiming that worlds are free to do whatever they wish is false. Clearly, there is an enforced general rule of tyranny and oppression in the Imperium. What are the odds that most of the million worlds of the Imperium are oppressive hellholes? Even the ones far from war.

This ''benevolent'' system, as you call it, is more prone spawn tyrannies and suffering than anything else.

>how would you do things differently?

Trick question. The only guy who can answer it is a speechless cripple.

>> No.23434314

That's what you do. You need strong, independent warriors to conquer your homeland, but when you're on top you can't control them and they become a threat to you. You need obedient soldiers, and so, have to kill them.
See: Ivan IV's oprichniks and Hitler's Sturmabteilung.

>> No.23434329

It's why I like him. Like that talk with the last Christian on Earth. Such arrogance, man.. Mmmhm.

See again the notes on them being violent barbarians. You don't let a rabid dog live even if it has been faithful, now do you?

>> No.23434347

>Reference two of the worst tyrants in Human history in order to prove that the emperor was not an asshole

>> No.23434368

There is no enforced general rule on planetary governance, beyond the tithing of soldiers and resources, at whatever level the planet can sustain. And that tithe is quite negoitable, so if you need more food just send more of your PDF into the Guard to make up for it

>> No.23434369

Actually, he fucked up a lot. For Example, the Interex's long term stability indicates that his campaign against Xenos is actually stupid.

>> No.23434373

And here, people, we have the exact thing that these moralfaggots need to read.

Nice work on ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. See the posts above you for more information.

>Trick question. The only guy who can answer it is a speechless cripple.

So you have no answer. You just bitch. Okay then.

>> No.23434386

Because I hate many of those tenets with a burning passion, and don't enjoy playing them. That's the beginning and the end of it. I don't want to play someone who believes that mutants are morally corrupt; physically corrupt, fine, but the diseased should be cured, not thrown away or slaughtered.

>> No.23434423

Yes, when you fight an interstellar war of conquest and unification, you have to be a little mean. Who knew?

If you ignore every single piece of evidence against his policy, sure.

>What are Eldar
>What are Tau
>What are Dark Eldar
>What are Yu'Vah
>What are Tyranids
>What are Slaugh
>What are Necrons
>What are every single damn Xenos species ever.

Good reading there, chum.

>> No.23434429

So play that way, and ignore all of the assholes who tell you otherwise. They are ignoring plenty of evidence themselves. Fuck, I miss the times when mocking and subverting 40k was the order of the day.

>> No.23434441

So you're a bad roleplayer. Glad we agree on that much.

>> No.23434453

You've got to remember the Emperor was alive during the Fall of man, when every single alien ally mankind had either refused to help, or in several cases actively turned on humanity for their own benefit
To the Emperor the alien is the fair weather friend, happy to help when times are good but ultimately unreliable

>> No.23434463

Nice edgy there, be careful not to cut yourself. Be sure to show us the evidence we ignore rather than make baseless claims, too.

As for the tree-hugger. We've already stated he can play whatever he wants so long as his group agrees. He came here asking for our opinion, we did not go to him.

>> No.23434481

I admit, I don't really understand why having preferences of what to roleplay makes me a bad roleplayer.

>> No.23434486
File: 122 KB, 850x565, Dreadnaught.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not 'conquest and unification' per say, more like 'not all dying' The imperium wages a war of survival.

>> No.23434489

Holy crap you can't read worth a damn can you? The fact that the Interex managed to work collectively with Xenos disproves your entire point. Guess what, when you've been systematically genociding any alien you can find for the past 10000 years those that survive well enough to be notable tend not to like you very much.

>> No.23434495

In that case, things are about to go very badly for the Trader. Very, very badly. Like, large segments of the chapter not stuck in prior engagements getting deployed to go after them. The absolute best case scenario for the Trader is that the force sent against him is a smallish penitent crusade force made up of the guys who were supposed to protect the relic and banner in the first place and any other marines who failed to stop you nicking it PLUS any other Marine who volunteers because they feel the shame of the act and want to wipe it away. Not to mention any allied Marine forces that get called in as pact brothers to right this insult to the Astartes, certain convents of Sisters of Battle (there's at least one that does lots of stuff with banners and relics), the fact that everyone who knows you will officially disown you so as not to face angry marine invasions and finally the Dark Eldar themselves might just dick you over because it would be really funny to do so.

Now if you didn't get caught and nobody but you knows you have the banner, THEN we can do business.

>> No.23434509


"Please! Please save us from the Orks! We'll give you pure capitalism!"

>> No.23434512

The assumption you make is that any of us agrees or likes the Imperium of Man. In a real world kind of way, I mean. Yes, it's a horrific dystopia. The difference is that we don't have to bring our own moralfaggotry into the equation when we make characters for the setting.

You do. Ie, you are limited to playing only characters who agree with your world-view. That makes you a shit-roleplayer.

>> No.23434538

Holy crap, you can't read worth a damn, can you? Go read here and educate yourself:

Guess what, when every single xenos you've encountered has been a hostile asshole, you tend to be a little prejudiced!

>> No.23434544

so a powerful trader (with "thousands of guardsmen, and a ship that can destroy continents" as mentioned in this thread) wouldnt do well vs a few hundred marines ?

ignoring the potential allies the marines might pull into it, even 200 marines in some presumably smaller vessel would be too much for the trader?

>> No.23434549
File: 94 KB, 959x536, Cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

'smallish penitent crusade force' here would be anywhere between a squad of veterans to a full 100 marine company with fleet support. So...yeah, the screaming vortex sounds rather appealing this time of year, any plans on that?

>> No.23434551

I'm capable of playing characters who don't agree with my own worldview in serious ways, I just don't enjoy doing so when it involves major moral differences because I don't enjoy them.

With one exception. I can play Orks, because I can just shut my brain off, for the most part, during that.

>> No.23434564

If they can board, most likely. A Trader does not have Guardsmen, he has Armsmen. THey're weekend shit-soldiers armed with shotguns. Ie, ship security. If the Marines can board, then they will rape those poor souls.

>> No.23434576


Then play Black Crusade or a Radical. You're never going to be seen as the shining light of the Imperium. It reminds me of one of the dark heresy campaigns. A noblemen spends all his money getting admech to teach his peasants tech use, so that they could used advanced farming and agricultural techniques. The way he does this is revolutionary, even though everyone called him a fool for trying, and soon he's the richest noble on the world. This freaks out the planetary governor who calls in the Imperium to quell him, because if he continued this way all the peasants would be awesome and the nobles wouldn't have such control. The kind noble of course gets fucked. If you want to play those archetypes they either need to be subversive or have powerful allies. Guess who the most powerful coalition of anti-Imperium humans is? Chaos. I guess that's why they dislike people who push against the system, half the time they tend to be Chaos Cultist tricking people.

>> No.23434578

Guardmen when told they are fighting marines, tend to cut and run and your ship i unlikely yo be a match for a battle barge.

>> No.23434579

>"I can play characters who disagree with my worldview except when they don't"

Nice going there. Come again when you can type with clarity. If not that, then give me some examples.

>> No.23434601

So the Emperor is a prejudiced and can't keep an open mind. The primary difference between you and me is that we have two conflicting interpretations of the setting. I take the view that the setting (and the Impirium) is formed by powerful historical trends, while you think that the it is a result of the very nature of the setting. You think that the Impirium is doing the best it possibly can while I think that the Impirium has excellent historical reasons for the stupidity it does every day.

>> No.23434603

The Eldar hated humanity before the Fall, before the Dark Age of technology even. The Eldar hate everyone who isn't Eldar, they're more xenophobic than the Imperium
The Tau were never encountered by the Emperor
The Dark Eldar don't hate other species, but treat them as torture fuck dolls. They literally do not give a single solitary fuck for those they capture and horrifically mutilate for days on end
The Yu'Vath are warp mutated monsters that shred and twist the DNA of their servant vassals
The Tyranids devour everything in front of them, with zero empathy for anything. The Hive Mind is an utterly alien intelligence driven only by hunger and the need to prove itself superior to other hives
The Slaugh are like the Yu'Vath without the Warp dickery, they don't give a single fuck for human life either
Necrons consider all life in the galaxy to be effectively squatters on their rightful domains who need to be eliminated

>> No.23434610

I think that guy is listed in Rogue Trader, too.

I like that guy. He's a nice opposing viewpoint.

And to be entirely fair, I strongly suspect there are a lot of agricultural worlds close to Earth that make use of that same tech and advanced farming techniques. They get away with it by being older and closer to Earth; the Imperium hates change and difference--but they hate changing things that are old more than they hate things that are different.

>> No.23434611

Being subversive would be quite interesting, although certainly depressing for her... and I did imagine a scenario in which she'd fall to Chaos, if she was just pushed too far by the Imperium.

Several Black Crusade concepts I've made, though that game never got started.

>> No.23434631

you forgot orks

orcs are bros

>> No.23434637


The Imperium is a large place, with many divergent interpretations on The Imperial Creed.

Depending on world of origin, or even area-on-world there may be an Imperial Cult that has reasonably divergent thoughts, despite being loyal enough to the Emperor to not have been the target of a bloody purge.

Some sects may consider others heretics, or not.

It is entirely plausible to play a member of the Ministorum who falls more in line with The Imperial Truth.

He may wish to be more careful about preaching things controversial in public, lest he be investigated for heresy, but it is certainly not impossible for him to have divergent beliefs.

Not every member of the Ministorum is identical.

>> No.23434640

You could always play a Rogue Trader, colonize the fuck out of an out of the way area, run it and play it your way, and do your best to prove them wrong?

One thing I love about 40k is that the setting is huge. There are probably dozens of microfiefdoms like what I'm suggesting doing their best to improve the galaxy around them. Sometimes it works, sometimes they get eaten by Orks, but at least they tried.

>> No.23434651

Hell no. I agree with every single bit you just said except for the stupidity. The Imperium is doing the best it can with the shittiest of situations. Just look here:


So list those concepts.

>> No.23434667

Mercantilism is an economic policy of using tariffs and regulations to promote exports and discourage imports. You are using that word wrong.

>> No.23434678

A heretek trying to recreate the Men of Iron, among other things, just to see if it can be done (possibly also wanting to be some kind of daemon prince of technology) and either a Thousand Sons sorcerer or a Magister Immaterial (I was undecided) trying to find a way to unite the Chaos Gods into a single coherent entity who could take on the Emperor and conquer the galaxy.

>> No.23434680


The Emperor did not hate aliens.

The Emperor was rightly suspicious of them, since they've almost all invariably been dicks.

He believed humanity should rule the galaxy, but not exterminate everyone-- that was something others added.

The Emperor game usually one ultimatum during the Great Crusade: "Join or die."

Most aliens did however choose the "die" option, unfortunately.

>> No.23434698

what every strong faction on earth does to every weaker faction.

"mercantilism for us, free trade for you, or you get freed the shit out of".

it works really well.

heck they even do it internally now. Big corps vs smaller.

and a version of it with rich people vs poor. (when we fuck up we get taken care of, when you fuck up you starve).

>> No.23434701

No, that would not be enough. I mean, a few hundred Marines is a whole company, they deploy that many in support of whole crusades alongside millions of IG. During the 13th Black Crusade, quite a few lesser known chapters only sent that many to fight, and that was advertised as the most apocalyptic conflict since the heresy. Shit, there's a book by Dan Abnett called Iron Snakes where a chapter sends only one Marine to help defend a planet from invasion, and another, a comic called Bloodquest II, where roughly 10 Marines are sent into the Eye of Terror itself to reclaim a relic they had lost. Two survive to make it back. Yes, they were Marine centric stories with all that implies, but it should give you some idea of the level of "you're fucked" we're talking here.

As a Rogue Trader, you're basically a Merchant Prince with a smallish mobile city state to support you. Marines eat those guys for breakfast. Literally, in some cases.

Yep! Hope you like horns on your hat, because by golly, have we such sights to show you!

>> No.23434703

Shit, knew there was something I missed
Orks are rampaging monsters who literally live for war. They have no purpose or desires beyond conflict and the profits of conquest.

>> No.23434712

Oh, the Major Xenos races all need to die, with the possible exception of the Tau and Non Dark Eldar. Our main areas of disagreement are all the two bit Xenos the Impirium murders out of spinal reflex, the fact and the fact that I don't think the Impirium is anywhere near the optimal form of government.

>> No.23434715

Both good concepts, so long as you are aware that either idea would result in Bad Things.

Bad things in this case meaning either AI overlords bent on exterminating mankind or a super-warp entity that would consume all life.


>> No.23434725

You are not obliged to slaughter mutants. There are many interpretations of the Imperial Creed.

>> No.23434730

Except that isn't the case - one of the NPCs in Dark Heresy is a planetary governor, and he is an enemy because he wants to try to force the tithe down, because the Imperium is requesting so much that it's basically destroying the planet's biosphere and shifted his people's standard of living from 21st century first world quality, to sweat-shop and child miners level of quality.

If the Imperium thinks it can squeeze more out of your planet, they will, because one planet, except a very strategically important one, means jack shit to them - it's the Imperium that matters, not individuals (be they people or planets).

>> No.23434731

It isn't optimal in any shape or form. But it's the best we have to work with under the circumstances. That said, I have yet to see anyone to actually come up with a better alternative.

>> No.23434740

Either way, I hope it shows well enough that I can roleplay outside that box, I just don't want to for this concept.

Am I obligated to slaughter nonhumans, provided that they don't try to screw us over first?

>> No.23434742
File: 37 KB, 212x208, howhorrifying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this whole thread

I can't believe there's 100+ posts fuelling a pro/anti-Imperium flamewar.

>> No.23434761

Aprior sector.

>> No.23434771

They will do it because they *NEED* those resources. What part of full-front meatgrinder galactic war is it that you don't understand? And you just said what I've been trying to say for ages:

>it's the Imperium that matters, not individuals (be they people or planets).

YES. The survival of the human race matters more than individual people or planets. This is basic mathematics.

>> No.23434774
File: 132 KB, 600x848, CommisarRaege.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to tg, come for the fun, stay for the rage.

>> No.23434788

By the Creed? Yes. By the clauses of your warrant? Up for interpretation.

See >>23433691. This is the Imperium's attitude when it comes to xenos. They're not fellow sentient beings with different biologies and psychologies. They are inhuman monsters which are just as dangerous as the daemons of the warp and they will always, always fuck you horrible. It may take weeks, it may take centuries, but they will always ruin your shit. That's the attitude that's bred into someone raised within the Imperium.

>> No.23434791


Okay, so if you are part of a more peaceful sect of the Ministorum, then no.

(Heck, there are quite a few stories of Space Marines having a temporary truce with Eldar when Chaos shows up. And Inquisitor Ravenor, etc.)

But be advised! If a more zealous and hardass adherent of the Creed witnesses you being nice to xenos, he may consider you a heretic. (Like most things to be honest.)

>> No.23434812

Go on. That name tells me nothing.

>> No.23434838

They kind of do always fuck you horribly, though. Considering every single alien (humans too, but that's beside the point) in 40k is a dick, a shoot on sight attitude isn't all that unreasonable.

>> No.23434841

It's Rogue Trader, so of course not. And second, you can easily follow a version of the creed that preaches non-violence, or avoid-but-not-purge: there are tons of different variations of the Imperial creed, usually only bound by a loose association to the Emperor.

>> No.23434858

Probably also worth mentioning that attitudes to xenos tend to change as you progress up the hierarchy. The church learn to put up with them, and the Imperium have occasional truces with certain races in certain situations. See the Imperium/Tau truce in the face of the hive fleets in The Greater Good, or the Imperial Guard/Eldar alliances that happen on Cadia from time to time

>> No.23434864

It honestly doesn't. It just confuses me more. All you do is wangst about how evil the Imperium is, then you go ahead and make hilariously over the top cartoon villains. Huh, eh, wa?

>> No.23434867

This. This right here. There isn't just one Imperial Cult. It's a galactic empire with many different interpretations.

>> No.23434881

/tg/ homebrew sector based on the Knights Inductor, a less retarded version of the reasonable marines. Look it up of 4chan.

>> No.23434899

Is Stars of Inequity worth an actual purchase?
I like the thought of a book full'a maps, planetary characteristic tables, and fluff with maybe a couple new classes or items and I can't stand using pdf's just to read fluff, I prefer them in quick-reference duties.

>> No.23434900

Very well! I shall take a looksie!

So long as he can put up with every mainstream cult hating his guts, sure. Go for it.

>> No.23434908

I'm prepared to deal with the attitudes of others and hide things from them if need be, don't worry.

I actually find it easier to play cartoon villains, because I can let myself go and have fun with them. It's playing those who are supposedly on the side of good but are truly unpleasant that makes me feel ill.

>> No.23434939

Man if there's any 40k game that has rules for divergent beliefs, its Rogue Trader. The whole point is that they're /free/.

This guy's tech-priest is obviously a deluded monomaniac who thinks he can do what the Emperor couldn't because all he can do is look at the mistakes people made and not why they made him, like so many faux-intellectuals who thrive in the real world and fantasy by bitching and going "I bet I could do it better!", but that's a perfectly legitimate concept for the game, man. He's already stealing, it won't be long before he's a full on Tzneetchian cultist pretending really hard that he's helping people.

>> No.23434956

>I'm prepared to deal with the attitudes of others and hide things from them if need be, don't worry.

Good man. Thanks for proving my stereotypes wrong. For clarification, I am not sarcastic.

>I actually find it easier to play cartoon villains, because I can let myself go and have fun with them. It's playing those who are supposedly on the side of good but are truly unpleasant that makes me feel ill.

I can understand the sentiment, but you're in the wrong setting if you think there is any objective good and evil. There's just a bunch of xenophobic bastards trying their best to keep their own people alive.

>> No.23434960

Well, have a look at the OEF, it was uploaded last week. Its good if you want to give your players a totally unique area to explore and exploit, but be aware its a long involved process

>> No.23434973

Not arguing it either way, just saying what the Imperium teaches and what a "proper" attitude would be with regards to xenos. I've got no desire to tell anyone how they should play their character either way, just providing some information so they can figure that out themselves.

>> No.23434983

My problem is not with people who play it like that. It's people who honestly THINK like that.

>> No.23435004

I like it, though people have cast some doubt on the colony rules (low rank colonies self implode automatically upon the first bit of growth unless you augment them) and the planetary level stuff of the system generator (territories and landmarks are a bloated, fiddly nightmare). Probably worthwhile, but also worth a pirate beforehand to check it out.

>> No.23435010

I don't believe in objective good or evil in the real world either; everything comes from human minds. I just have an individual code I hold to rather strongly.
I think the fun part'll come from finding out how I could have made it into the Missionaria Galaxia to begin with.

I don't know if I can do better than the Emperor. But what am I if I don't try?

>> No.23435021


Dude, mainstream cults are probably going to hate you no matter what you do, if you're not a member.

As well, consider what "mainstream" means in a Galaxy-wide organization.

Sectors, subsectors, solar systems. Think about it.

You're on one planet right now, look at all the divergent beliefs. Even if it was unified planet, there would still be different tendencies.

If it's any consolation, the Space Marines will probably love him, if they ever meet him-- they are much closer to the Imperial Truth than the Imperial Creed.

>> No.23435037

>But what am I if I don't try?

A man who acknowledges that trying to outdo his god is folly and heresy.

Which would be a terrible concept for an RT character, so keep on truckin'.

>> No.23435060

I admit, I'd never really thought of what she'd do if she met the Space Marines; I don't know if she ever even has, but it could lead to interesting interactions regardless.

This particular character wouldn't really think of herself as trying to outdo the Emperor in any case, just try to fulfill the best example of the Emperor's work possible, or the like.

>> No.23435073


Well now wait a moment, The Emperor himself would not hold that opinion.

Old Emps wanted everyone to eventually exceed him such that humanity would persist in perpetuity.

If you asked the Emperor "do you want people to try to be better than you," he'd say "fuck yes, if they actually are better, we win forever."

It's one of the reasons he clings to life on the Golden Throne, so humanity can evolve sufficiently to exist without him.

>> No.23435115

What is this "Old Emps" you're talking of? Is this related to the so called "Imperial Truth" that I hear heretics rambling on about?

The Old Emperor is dead, or rather the Imperium's knowledge of him is. What they know now is "I died for your sake, so do your duty or I'll fucking smite you" Emps.

>> No.23435146

Got a link, kinsman?

>> No.23435155

Space Marines have a great disdain for the theocratic government of the Imperium, since preserve well the memories of the Great Crusade.
They are well aware of the Emperor's desires for humanity, and thus can often be seen speaking with disdain to Ecchlesiarchy members.
However they take their duty to protect humanity very seriously, and put it above all else.
But if you asked a Marine if he ever wanted to talk to a zealous creed follower, he'd probably politely decline.

>> No.23435190

Heh, that's one reason the Astartes really dislike the Ecchlesiarchy.

They are also quite aware that the Lectitio Divinitatus was written by Lorgar.

A traitor.

>> No.23435232

Why would they be aware of that? It wasn't common knowledge last time I checked.

>> No.23435322

The Astartes? They are very aware of the origins of the Creed. They preserve their own history, and have members that may live hundreds of years.

Many Marine chapters have not forgotten the events of the Heresy, and the destructive beliefs which caused it.

Of course not all chapters preserve history as well.

But nonetheless, there are dreadnoughts as old as the Heresy, and meticulous Librarians abound.

>> No.23435329

I wasn't arguing about that - I was arguing against:

>Except no. They enforce the Imperial universal laws, yes, but the rest is left up to the planet itself. They enforce the tithing, yes, but it is always calculated on what the planet can sustain and what the Imperium needs.

Because the level of resource exploitation (both natural resources and human) were not sustainable on that planet, and aren't on many others - the latest Cain book tells about how the Mechanicus, for some of their Forge Worlds, unless it's a major one, will just drain a planet as dry of resources as the Tyranids do, then just up-sticks to a new planet, and then drain that dry too.

None of that is in any way "what a planet can sustain".

>> No.23435347

Except it wasn't widely known during the Heresy too, so you prove nothing.

>> No.23435384
File: 259 KB, 704x876, Stars of Inequity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The /rs/ link is dead for some reason, and foolz isn't working for me. If it works for you, try searching for stars of inequity. The OP pic was pic related IIRC. Sorry I can't be of more help

>> No.23435411


>> No.23435413

Its a good book. It changes a LOT about how you get and lose profit factor, like to the extent that the Navis Primer changed how navigating works. Your GM may vary on how much of the new rules he or she wants to use.

>> No.23435414

Wait, just found this http://www.mediafire.com/?cjs5ns7293zujis
Its the direct download link, just copy and paste and the download window should open straight away

>> No.23435447

Incorrect, the Cult was widely known about and disdained during the Heresy among the Astartes, as was Lorgar's involvement.

>> No.23435564

Does it destroy EVERYTHING?

>> No.23435802


Lorgar was rebuked by The Emperor personally for the behavior of his entire legion running around proclaiming The Emperor's divinity. It was fucking hard to miss, especially if you were a Space Marine.

>> No.23436205

No, it just makes profit gaining more complicated and it easier to lose profit. This can be avoided by not building colonies and focusing on just pillaging and adventuring if you want, though.

>> No.23436560


Can we make colonies then pillage them?

>> No.23436614

Well, uh, yes, but it'd be a net loss.

>> No.23437183
File: 1.75 MB, 1326x2910, 1311086421361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Love the map. [Yoink!]

How did you make it?

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