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If your party was made up of you and your whole family, what kind of setup would it be?

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Immediate family? We'd be totally fucked.

>Dad: Historian/Pun Wizard
>Mother: Paladin of Prudence
>Sister: Lawful Jerk Bureaucrat/Gunner
>Me: Chaotic Nice Artificer/Bard
>Brother: Dudebro/Rogue/Math Wizard multiclass

My brother and I would probably do fine, but as soon as my sister gets in the mix we're headed straight for a TPK.

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bump out of intrerst

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Dad:Aptus non
Mother:Aptus non
Sister:Chaotic slut
Me:USAF Security forces member(Glorified police, and in my case airforce infantry)

...Can I whore out my sister for gold or just kill her and go join some other party?

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Dad: SharpShooter
Mother: Gatherer, cleric
Sister: Scout, weak rogue
Me: Strongest Fastest and Smartest at this point; I usually play hammer wielding tanks.

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Extended family included? And is everyone alive and at their peak?

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>so edgy

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My Family?
Myself: Historian/scholar
Wife: assasin, serious she's vietnamese and can fucking appear out of nowhere.
Son: Kender on speed. He's 3 and into everything.
If I include my brother we would have a swordsman with no emtions whatso ever.

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Me: Savvy Fighter
Mom: Angry Barbarian
Sister: Useless Rogue
Cousin: Dickass Fighter
Cat: High-speed, low-drag DPS
Dog: Senile Wizard

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>Paladin of Prudence
Next character

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Myself, My uncle and a few of my cousins as wizards in a clan of goodhearted but rage-prone redneck barbarians. Mom as cleric and logistics, Dad is persona non gratia, Eldest uncle as artificer/bard

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Dad: Combat Medic/ Gunslinger
Mom: Useless
Brother 1: Tank
Brother 2: Ranger
Sister 1: Useless
Sister 2: Bard
Me: Bard/scholar/scout.

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Immediate family? Or other relatives too?

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Monk/Bard with Godly Stats who wishes he was a Dragon Disciple. The party Face.
Hippy Druid with a giant Wolf and stress. The party Leader.
Melancholic, but buff Barbarian with an Int of 12, thinks it's 6. Possibly THAT GUY.
Diviner Wizard with paralyzing apathy. Useless, but reliably so.

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>Dad: Paladin, enormous strength and high charisma. Awful intelligence and/or willpower.

>Mom: Magitech or something. Probably an alchemist too. High intelligence, medium strength, piss poor charisma and willpower.

>Sis: Buffer, mainly supports. Maybe a cleric too.

>Aunt: Full on summoner and/or tech magician, but way better than mom. Chaotic evil, because I hate the bitch but she's kinda cool.

>Me: Probably a battle mage, mildly strong but works better when protected by others. Stupidly brave.

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Sure, you could have your own guild/clan

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Some kind of wizard
Uhh...Is there a class that's constantly loud, drunk and stupid? Bard I guess.
I guess I'd be some kind of mounted fighter. A paladin maybe.

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>Dad: Fighter that looks scary as hell, but is acutally kind and loving
>Mother: Cleric that cares about everyone
>Little-Brother: Monk that spends all his time training
>Little-sister: Barbarian that will slaugther everyone and everything we come across
>Me: Wizard that talks to himself and just speaks nonsense

I love my family

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In that case, trick the morons (read: most of them) into doing something menial while convincing them it's important. Run off with the handful that are actually competent and get shit done.

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I'm this anon.
Forgot to add my girlfriend.

She'd be a barbarian that somehow manages to have a mid-high int, but doesn't use it. At all.
She destroys everything that threatens her. Also, summons huge dogs.

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>Dad: Human Druid
>Mom: Gnome Sorcerer
>Sister: Elf Rogue
>Me: Goblin Gunslinger
>Eldest sister: Halfling cleric
>Brother: Ratfolk alchemist

The last two I can confirm, since they're in my campaign.

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Dad: Artificer.
Mom: Cloistered Cleric.
Younger Brother: Bard/Monk.
Me: Commoner.

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My mom, my brother, my dad, and myself would all be bards. We're all musician-historians or researchers.

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If we are talking about my close family, it would be a D&D game, with me being a rogue and my mother a freaking bard.

If we are talking about my whole family, it will probably be a NWoD with all being ventrues, and infected by malkovia shit. Fish malks will be strong in half of them, while the rest will be creepy ventrues (and nobody likes ventrues).

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Crude merchant, will be amazingly useful at any negotiations. True Neutral / Neutral Evil.

Prude, jealous and unstable, a paladin set on imposing her own narrow views on absolutely everything she comes over, will not tolerate or accept anything else. Lawful Evil

Incredibly demanding and lazy bard. Expects to be treated as royalty. Acts like an idiot but is actually decently intelligent. Chaotic Neutral.


And since my family sucks so hard, I'll add some close relatives

>Aunt, uncle and their son
Pair of intelligent wizards grooming their prodigy son to be the most perfect lifeform ever.
Seriously, ever wondered what would happen when a nerdy couple decides to make their child perfect in every way? Train him in martial arts from infancy? Teach him to play the piano? Teach him new languages, math, science and fantasy? Teach him that learning is the most fun thing on Earth? Teach him to be outgoing and social? They are doing it, and he just began elementary school.

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What the hell am I talking about. I'm a freaking bard also. Me taught me well, even though none of us know shit about music.

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Father - Retired soldier of the guard. Fought in several large scale campaigns repelling orc hordes from invading neighboring Dwarf kingdom. Broken in body and spirit, drinks too much and prefers to be left alone.

Mother - Aging tavern wench. Good spirited and friendly.

half-brother - Mary-sue Druid.

Me - Chaotic good booze-soaked rogue

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Dad: barbarian/ranger
Mom: research cleric/cook
Me: artificer/glorified tech support
My cat: familiar/emergency rations
Oldest sister: cleric/face
Oldest brother: rogue/guy who knows a guy who can find that
Middle brother: bard/gunner
Youngest brother: druid/long range specialist
His dog: animal companion
Youngest sister: wizard/medic (wizards can research non-divine healing, right?)
Their cats: two hunting machines and one useless lump of fur

Having a big family comes in usefull sometimes.

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Dad: Level 1 Farmer
Mom: Level 1 Teacher
Brother: Level 5 Bard; Neutral Good
Me: Level 4 Lawful Neutral Cleric
Cousin A: Level 1 Loremaster
Cousin B: Level 1 Ranger
Cousin C: Level 2 Ranger
Cousin D: Level 1 Commoner
Grandmother: Level 1 Commoner

Uncle: Level 15 Fighter (military)
Aunt: Level 3 Druid
Cousin A1: Level 4 Fighter
Cousin B1: Level 1 Commoner
Cousin C1: Level 1 Ranger

Aunt: Level 1 Commoner
Cousin: Level 1 Commoner
Cousin: Level 1 Commoner

Everyone else is either in middle school, an idiot savant, or a farmer.

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Dad: Uh, ridiculous memorization ability, so wizard? Not creative though, so just really good at casting by the book.
Mother: Healbot cleric, super motherly and whatnot
Brother1: Barbarian
Brother2: Dickass thief, more for the dickassery than the thievery
Sister: Healbot cleric, babby mother
Me: Sorcerer, wild magic's fun

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Oh shit this is fun

>Mom: Chaotic Neutral Pyromancer
>Dad: Lawful Neutral Ranger
>Me: True Neutral Druid or maybe TN Necromancer

Extended Version
>Cousin: Mercenary

>Grandmother 1: Cleric
>Grandfather 1: Soldier

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>Dad: Wizard, with an emphasis on the trolliest illusions, and on evocation
>Mom: Healbot, Cleric.
>Brother: TWF knife wielder, agile build.
>Me: The spoony Bard. Perform {Double reed ie Shawm)

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>redneck viking scholars.
>with guns

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Sister: Baker
Self: Baker
Cat: A Cat

the two of us run a bakery.

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>sister: archivist (works for uni in department administration)
>brother: bard (he smokes pot all day and is in a regionally successful band)
>mother: healer (head nurse)
>father: lich (what do you do with a dead rabbi?)
>me: fighter, I guess? I'm out of shape, but my day job is store manager, and I'm the only one of us who has ever handled any kind of weaponry.

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Me: Paladin "Alright guys, let's focus, and we'll destroy the BBEG for JUSTICE!"
Brother: Rogue "As long as I can open all the chests."
Brother: Warrior "Hey, which guys are we fighting again?"
Brother: Min/Max rogue "Hey guys, I can tell you how it ends..."
Brother: Artificer "I can play Garry's Mod on my clockwork chicken, guys."

My parents can suck it.

Captcha: tethemy wagoner
Our next target.

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Me: Wizard. 30 years of v card pays of gentlemen.

Brother: Bard. He can't stop flirting with every woman in the room. He's handsome as fuck.

Dad: Barbarian. He's a dumb oaf with tard strength and is always pissed off. Yup.

Mom: Druid. She's a hippie who lives in the woods and doesn't wear shoes.

Step sister: Sorceress. 180 IQ does nothing but smoke pot and party.

Step brother: Rogue. Greasy little asshole. would sell out his own family for a buck.

Stepfather: Arch wizard. Attorney for over 40 years. Lawful neutral.

Stepmother: Witch. Hates men, married the atypical dumbass husband. Every other word is a curse word.

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hook me up with you're sister.

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Dad: spoony bard. full stop.
Mom: cleric, the healy kind (is RN irl)
Sister: sorceress, probably will wind up as the party face
Me: cleric, the smitey kind (or just outright paladin)
>honorable mention
Cousin: rouge or ranger, possibly druid

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Brother 1: Medic
Me: Wizard
Brother 2: Fighter
Brother 3: Barbarian/Wizard
Brother 4: Bard
Brother 5: Thief
Brother 6: Bard
Brother 7: Wizard
Brother 8: Wizard
Brother 9: Thief/Bard
Father: Barbarian
Mother: Cleric

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Immediate family?

>Dad: Hm. He's an engineer, building a goddamn spaceship. Kind of bulky. High INT, High WIS, High CHA, and probably high-ish STR; CON and DEX are pretty bad.

>Mom: Bard. Definitely a bard. Lawful Good. High CHA, high WIS, and pretty high STR (surprising amount of hitting the gym). INT is pretty high, but not as high as Dad's. Rest of the stats are pretty normal.

>Bro: Wizard. Definitely a wizard. Crazy-high INT score; WIS at incredibly low levels. Lawful Anal. Glass cannon.

Me: I'm thinking alchemist. Chaotic Good.

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Dad: Wise Warrior (The Leader)
Mother: Cleric of Feelings (Burden)
Brother 1: Chaotic Good Wizard
Brother 2: Wise Mage
Me: Neutral Good Jester

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Lawful Neutral leaning Good Artificer
Neutral Good Druid
>Younger Sister
Lawful Neutral Wizard
>Youngest Sister
Chaotic Good Rogue
>Eldest, Me
Lawful Neutral Factotum

>Grandfather, Father's
Lawful Neutral Artificer
>Grandmother, Father's
Neutral Good Cleric
>Uncle younger, Father's
Chaotic Good Artificer
>Uncle youngest Father's
True Neutral, Artificer
>Grandfather, Mother's
Neutral Good Fighter
>Grandmother, Mother's
Chaotic Good Bard

Yes, Dad is disappoint.

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>Dad: Max ranks in everything except Charisma
>Mom: Max rank in Charisma
>Sister: Approaching max rank in Charisma
>Brother: Average in all stats
>Me: 1 for all stats
>Dog 1: Better than average Wisdom and Intelligence
>Dog 2: Better than average Strength and Constitution

Basically, approach any problem and let Dad and the dogs solve it. Mom solves what he can't. Sister goes off to make money on the side, while me and Brother be a couple of dinguses.

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What country are you from?

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Honestly, I'm not sure what role to put Dad in. He's simultaneously the smartest, most practical guy in the family, the largest, and the only guy who's ever handled a weapon. (proficient fencer in college.) I'm guessing party role is Gary-Stu.

Definitely an elf, judging by that one time when I was a kid when I found his ERP logs.

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>I found his ERP logs

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>Mom: Half-crazed CE Witch
>Dad: LE Commoner
>Brother: CG Fighter/Sorcerer
>Sister: TN Commoner
>Me: CG Wizard


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Dad: Party tank, heavy hitter, Probably party face until he gets angry
Mom: Crafter person, whatever class that is
Sister: Bard/Diplomancer, decent strength
Me: Loremaster/Mage

How would that work..... oh god. No, just no. I'd probably go off to do my own thing at times and we'd argue like hell and get lost on our way to the bandit hideout and shit.

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Hmmm... My parents and one of my brothers are all doctors, but three clerics would be terrible party balance.

Dad: Chaotic Good Alchemist/Medic. High skill in Knowledge - Medical. Low skill in Puns.
Mom: True Neutral Cleric. High skill in Sense Motive.
Oldest brother: Lawful Good Paladin. High strength and Intimidate.
Middle brother: Chaotic Neutral Druid/Bard multiclass. High skill in Gather Herbs.
Dog 1: Chaotic Neutral Barbarian. High dex, low willpower. Barks take the place of barbarian rage.
Dog 2: Neutral Evil Rogue. High skill in Escape Artist.

And I, of course would be a wizard.

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That was more or less my reaction at the time.

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"Son, when I met your mother, she was a level 15 Elf Wizard with large tracts of land and trained Acrobatics, if you know what I mean.

Now though, I'm lucky if she casts Prestidigitation in the morning."

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That is one of the disadvantages of being the child of two grognards.

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>father: Barbarian / Wizard
>mother: Druid
>brother: Barbarian / Bard
>sister: Barbarian / Rogue
>me; Barbarian / Druid
>aunty: Bard
>cousin; Barbarian / assasin
>grandma: wizard
>"george" monk
>grandpa; THE DICKEST ROGUE EVER! (seriously, hes a real life dick rogue)

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Canada, why?

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Dad: lawful neutral merchant
Mom: neutral good merchant
Brother: lawful neutral cleric of kinesiology
Myself: chaotic good boozomancer

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because you have 9 brothers, duh.
has your father ever heard of a condom?

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Dad: Sargent
Mom: Medic
Me: Ogryn that just ruins everything

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Father: Crafter Fighter
Mother: Commoner
Sister1: Cook
Sister2: Commoner
Me : Lazy Sorcerer who doesn't use his powers.(aka might as well be a commoner after going to sorcerer school for 4+ years.)

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Roman Catholic. Condoms are the devil

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Dad = Artificer, Neutral Good, crafts enchanted items for our merry little band
Mom = High level Paladin, Lawful Good, will shit-stomp any misbehaving
Brother = Rogue, Chaotic Neutral, always up to something
Brother's GF = Cleric, Neutral Good, always healing/taking care of someone
Little Sis = Low-level Wizard, True Neutral, isn't that useful but generally nice
Me = Barbarian, Choatic Good, really just want to feast fight & f*#^

Clan motto: Always ready.
>captcha: Powers rogynh
>Beware of our rogynh

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Either a) his dad likes his wife to be barefoot and pregnant or b) he's a good Catholic

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My grandparents had 8 kids and then adopted 5 more because they got lonely when there were only three still living in the house, and all of them had kids, so we could basically be a whole guild.

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Parents are stupid commoners, and would be left behind.

brother: lawful good artificer
sister1: neutral good cleric of some very vain diety
sister2: chaotic good bard
me: chaotic neutral wizard

It's weird, parents are the dumbest of their families, yet me and my siblings are probably the smartest of the extended family. Though I can kinda tell which side it came from and guessed it skipped a generation on that side, though the other side of my family is MUCH more social and out going.

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Chaotic Retarded Bitch

>Younger Sisters
Chaotic Retarded Children

>Older Sister
Chaotic Retarded Slut

My family sucks. If we go by my bros...

>Best Friend / Brutha-From-Anutha-Mutha:
Barbarian, who always gets the ladies.

>Other Best Friend
Halfling Rogue, who constantly steals women from...

>Last Best Friend
Idiot Wizard Manchild who we all still like for some reason.

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>Dad: Expert/Artificer
"Hey dude, you need a bike? Or maybe you wanna start a customer focused business venture?"
>Mom: Paladin of Temperance
>Sister: Cleric of Justice
"The system is just fucked up, you know?"
>Me: Rogue/Cleric/Druid
"I am so poorly optimized"
>Cat: Barbarian of the Whirling Death
>Dog: Cowardly Bard

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Oh god i come from a family of Actors and musicians.We'd all be Cross Classed Bards. It Would be amazing/terrible/amazing.

>dad bard/expert because of real job
>Mom bard/barbarian FEAR HER BLOOD RAGE
>Sisters both pure bards
>Brother 1 bard/wizard
>Brother 2 bard/lazyfuck
>Me Probably bard/Artificer

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Dad: A wizard of incredible power offset by the fact that a necromancer inflicted Parkinson's disease on him. LN

Me: Fighter who thought putting his charisma low and intelligence high would be a good idea, Well meaning, but naive and unmotivated. Butt of many jokes, NG

Twin Brother: Gunslinger. Stickler for details. Incredibly self absorbed. LN

Sister 1: Bard,Youngest of the bunch. Loves to perform and dress up. Quiet and hardworking. NG

Sister 2: The middle sister. A barbarian with insane mood swings (quit to raging bitch in only a few seconds. CN

Sister 3; The eldest. Booted from our party because she took her role as rogue a bit too far. Now wanders around and causes trouble. CN

Mom: Last but certainly not least, Heart and soul of the party. Insanely devout cleric who always feels obligated to shoulder everybody's burdens and keeps the party moving foward. LG.

Sister 1's best friend: DMPC who helps take care of boring logistic stuff. NG

Sister 2's boyfriend: A wandering Bard/Artificer. Finally found a home with us. An boisterous idiot on the outside, a font of precocious wisdom on the inside. LN

Man This thread is really making me appreciate my family.

>> No.23407616

Dad: Alcoholic warrior with a heart of gold.
Mom: Tone deaf bard.
Sister: Stressed out cleric (just had a kid)
Me: High charisma thief/ party face man.

>> No.23407637

Father:chaotic good barbarian
Mother:chaotic neutral cleric... i am not sure about her
Brother: Neutral good warrior
Me;chaotic good rouge

>> No.23407664

Lawful Neutral Merchant
True Neutral Druid
Lawful Evil Student of the Law

>> No.23407703

>party of bards
Can you hear it, anon?
Can you hear the sound of rock and roll?

>> No.23407709

Father: Lawful Evil Paladin of Conservative Values

Mother: Tavern Keeper

Half-Sister: Chaotic Good Ranger(also unstable as fuck)

Me: Lawful Neutral Rogue, with focus in Charisma and Intelligence. Also the guy with all the various knowledge skills.

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Dad: Monk (LG)
Mother: Cleric / Berserker (CG)
Sister: Rogue/Bard (N)
Me: Sorcerer (NG)
Wife: Wizard (NG)

>> No.23407718

>student of the law
Nigga, stop fooling yourself. You're Chaotic Evil.

>> No.23407732

My Parents are DEEEAAAD

I guess I'm Batman.

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Now all you have to do is find the random guy who you accidentally throw in a vat of acid and just NOT DO THAT, OKAY?

>> No.23407818

As long as his wife and kids don't die on the same day, we should be okay. We might even get the Creeper.

>> No.23407825

Mother: Neutral Evil Sacred Sorcerer 4/Aristocrat 2
Father: Lawful Neutral Expert 2
Me: True Neutral Sorcerer 3

>> No.23407828

Mom: Druid 3
Dad: Ranger 2, bard 2.
Brother: Wizard 1, fighter 1.
Me: Bard 1, barbarian 1.

Add in the fact my parents are both venerable age and it's almost a balanced party despite the level difference.

>> No.23407836

No, man.

There is a better way. A sexier way. An 18 Charisma way.

>> No.23407854

>Dad: Techpriest
>Mother: NPC
>Brother: Wizard
>Me: Ranger
>Cats: Awakened bear fighter with feral cat cohorts

>> No.23407858

Dick Grayson, age 12

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Me: Level 1 Rogue, Level 3 Fighter, level 1 Ranger (Army experience plus a less than stellar past plus a few years in the woods)
Dad: Level 5 Monk (Blackbelt in several martial arts), level 5 expert (general construction - man built an elevator shaft by himself, and does a lot of other highly complex things like that.)
Mother: Level 2 expert (Communications degree)
Sister: Level 1 Expert (Hairdresser)

Further than that:
Grandfather: Level 5 Fighter, Level 5 Expert (Served in Korean war, lifetime farmer)
Grandmother: Level 3 Bard (Runs social events in my city with an iron fist)

Deceased Grandfather: Level 5 Fighter, ? Expert (Fought in WWII, did a lot of odd jobs like trucking later in life)

Biological father: Level 2 Fighter, Level 2 Warrior, level 2 monk (Served in the army, was kicked out. Spent years as a horse jockey and could NOT stop drinking and fighting. Once a state wrestling champion.)

Uncle: Level 2 Fighter (Served in Vietnam - but never saw combat)

I could list a lot of others. We're a military family, just not a prestigious one.

>> No.23407905

I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

>> No.23407906

Go to bed Dick, you're drunk.

>> No.23407932

No, man

Me and Zitka are having a blast.

>> No.23407933

Whoreman walked into the whore bar. It was full of whores. Suddenly, a whore pulled a whore out of her whore pocket! Whoreman grabbed the whore's arm and pulled her into a whore lock. Then he punched her in her whore cunt for being a whore!

>> No.23407969

>Dad: Cleric with a bunch of skill points dumped into all the knowledge skills
>Mom: Archer Fighter
>Me: Jovial Rogue who dropped too many skill points in Preform (Oratory) and not enough in Diplomacy and Bluff last level, but at least he kept his Stealth up
>Little Brother 1: Paladin with all his skill points in acrobatics and knowledge (nuclear engineering)
>Little Brother 2: Bard, the spoony kind
>Little Brother 3: Autistic Wizard with 3 Cha
>Little Sister: Bratty Sorceress focusing on illusions

>> No.23408003

While you're playing with your elephant, Gotham's in trouble.

>> No.23408006

Me: Druid. I like plants. Also I like having things fight fo rme.
Fiance: Bard. She's majoring in music and is really into it, so Bard is just an obvious choice.
Brother: Berserker. He might be short and scrawny but goddamn he rages and he rages hard.
Mother: Pyromage.
Father: Paladin? Knight. I don't know.
Fiance's sister: Rogue.

>> No.23408028

Nah, it's cool. My girlfriend's got this hooked up for me in the Batmobile.

>> No.23408045

>Dad: Medic, Mcguyver, and martial artist (Judo, Karate and Way of the Pun)
>Mom: Veterinarian, so secondary healer- beastmaster, decent with business, probably the party's face also a martial artist
>Sis: err... multiclassed into everything? a bit more into beastmastery and Judo
>Myself: Only tech-savvy guy, decent martial artist too, but a lot less technical than the others

I'd say we're kinda balanced, my parents are awesome. Also that's assuming our /tg/ knowledge is in no way relevant, because we'd be screwed then

>> No.23408063

So, wheelchairs are what gets you off?

>> No.23408069

My party would be me, myself and I.

Love your family guys, hold on to them for as long as you can, nothing lasts forever.

>> No.23408097

I love redheads.

She digs the uniform.

It's great.

>> No.23408109

Dad an elf level 6 shell shocked ranger with ptsd(he talks little of his military days in the navy and if he does its always about random things but NEVER about his missions/job clearly he has done/seen some shit) nuetral. the muscle.

Mother NE human she is actually a manipulative/selfish bitch but appears to be nice and caring. considering she is also a shrink I would say psion or some other class that lets u fuck with peoples minds. the face.

Oldest half sister fae/human NG psion(also a shrink) cares WAY too much about people/easily hurt feelings cus it always somehow her fault. Nice person but it gets old fast.

Her daughter CN half orc lv 1 druid/ lv 1 barbarian a fierce tomboy who really likes animals.(can kick ass mine included)

Second Eldest Sister er elf CN lv 4 druid took biology classes/worked at a zoo for a while.

Has two kids
1 Nephew CE lv 1 barbarian gifted with the touch of destruction itself(no exceptions it wont survive I promise you)

2 nephew N 1lv bard(that little kid charisma man)

Elder brother human N lv 2 artifcer/ 1 lv possible wizard without a doubt(well on the way to being a REAL wizard) Good with tech/ taking computer classes.

Me youngest human NE 3 Warlock(possibly cross class in dread necromancer later on) would of been a wizard but alas.

Anyway I am gonna run away like a little bitch anyone wanna team up? (my family is REALLY fucked up no way in hell im gonna stick around)

>> No.23408117

>Dad: Retired artificer, still works as a teacher in his trade. Maxes out his cooking skill every chance he gets, and makes some of the worst jokes. Pretty cool guy.
>Mom: Druid, if only for the sake that she worked as a nurse and believes in multiple, nature-based gods.
>Half-Sister: Druid, followed after my mother in training. Has a pretty awesome family consisting of a monk-in-training (eldest niece), a wee scamp (youngest niece), and an artificer husband.
>Half-Brother: Ranger/inquisitor. Afflicted with a crippling disease, but still a badass in the name of Justice(!).
>Brother: Singing Bard/Fighter. Bit of an idiot at times, but pretty affable. Took some skills in handling animals, as he has a goofy dog follow him everywhere.
>Myself: Rogue/Wizard. Reads books, enjoys games and riddles. Knows a little bit about everything, but hardly specializes.

>> No.23408125

I can just imagine some asshole coming to her house on Halloween dressed as the Joker every year.
You KNOW that someone does, because even if DC writers aren't allowed to write it, it still happens.

>> No.23408131

Hey guys! Can I help with anything?

>> No.23408143

>> No.23408144

She could probably murder one kid a year and get away with it.

>> No.23408157

...I know the feel bro

>> No.23408161

I'm more of a lack of a leg man, myself.

>> No.23408170

In terms of Pathfinder party.

Dad: Paladin. LG. Strict moral code. Very strong. Ex-Military and sort of has that spiritualness going for him. Also don't piss him off or he will smite you HARD.

Mom: Cleric or Druid. Probably Druid, with our dog as animal companion. Extra healy. NG. Very Caring

Brother: Monk. Actually takes Tae-Kwon-Do. Has the wisdom to back it up. dexy to boot. If not monk then rogue. Of the dashing, clever sort and not the stealy looty sort.

Me: WIZARD. Too antisocial to be Sorcerer, I love reading, I'm frail and skinny. And come on. I browse /tg/ for christ's sake. TN. All the spells. Probably a raven/owl/bird for a familiar because fuck yeah burds.

>> No.23408182

>Me: Chaotic Good rogue with very low attack but maximum dodge
>My mom: lawful neutral cleric
>my sister: chaotic neutral ranger
>my dad: true neutral warrior with all skill points in gardening
>my brother: true good min/maxd warrior with low health/intelligence and damn high strength

>> No.23408183



dads small dog is his animal companion. Makes a lot of funny noises. Would be a tracker/hunter.

Moms pet rat dog. Uses bed/feet warmer.

Second eldest sister dog. Same as above.

My dog wannabe guard dog. Useful as sentry only.

cat my familar a fiendish kitty of pure murder.

>> No.23408243

>Sales Rep Mother
>Financial Consulting Brother
>Computer Engineer Brother
>Useless Dad (I guess he'd be a sailor)
And me, a Scholar.
Traveling Jewish merchant family!
>Want some trade goods Goyim?

>> No.23408263

I still love you Arthur Curry! I also loved Superfriends, all you haters can just take a walk off the plank into Arthur's magical realm!

>> No.23408357

dad: retired fighter
mom: commoner maid
me: artificer drop out
bro 1: commoner butler
bro 2: expert: lawyer

>> No.23408374

-Strong-ass nord Warrior
-Artificier : Little bitch edition
-Possibly a necromancer?

>> No.23408387

>mother: Chaotic Good Druid
>father: neutral good cleric? (has retarded high wisdom and constitution)
>brother: Bard/monk with maxed out perform: dance - Chaotic good
>me: Wizard/alchemist (biochemistry student) Neutral good with lawful leanings

>> No.23408392

>Padre: artificer of some kind.
>Ma: some kind of ex chem/stimulant user turned cleric/paladin. She slept around, none of her children share a father.
>Myself: some kind of strange, fat, offensive bard with some berzerkan thrown in for the lulz.
>Brother the First: ranger/gunslinger/bard/wizard because he demands perfection of himself and wants nothing more than the acceptance and love of his father (not mine).
>Brother the Second: not entirely sure. he's still very young and likely to just end up being the fighter of the party

>> No.23408397

Well, let's see now.
Ranger, multitalented and worldly, and actually really does know archery
Wizard, because she's a fuckin' wizard and is smarter than all of us, and basically a math genius

And my brothers, from oldest to youngest:
>Brother 5
Barbarian, because he's a huge muscly drunk but also a compulsive liar
>Brother 4
Sorcerer, because he's charismatic and also kind of a wizard like mom
>Brother 3
Druid, because he's outdoorsy
>Brother 2
Bard, because he's all into artsy stuff and has musical talent
>Brother 1
Rogue, because he's a shifty fucker and the black sheep of the family

Also Rogue, because I have few talents aside from lying, cheating, sneaking, and stealing

I think we'd be pretty prepared for a wide variety of situations. Whether we get along or not is another story. Barbarian-bro and Bard-bro have systematically alienated the rest of us, and I'm not on speaking terms with Rogue-bro.

>> No.23408486

>not ARNG

>> No.23408529

>Dad would be merchant lord, or next guy down.
>Brother would be CQC cleric - water deity. Water polo is accepted as worship.
>Mom would be Law Wizard. And Asmodious as far as sales reps who suck are concerned.
>Sister would be interior design bard.
>Le me being sorcerer, because with my memory ill just blow myself up as a wizard.

Also, everyone automatically qualifies for adventurer, do to sanity levels. I'd just have to be hauled off my skinny white ass to get going.

>> No.23408534

Dad: Sniper/Trap Ranger
Sister: Druid with drugs
Mother: Probably paladin, though she enjoys playing barbarians and beating the shit out of things
Self: Wizard, because software engineering has made me one.

>> No.23408565

Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what classes people would be, but...
Mom: High CHA and INT, low DEX and STR - NG
Dad: Average across the board - TN(with good tendencies)
Me: High CON and INT, low STR and WIS - NG(with chaotic tendencies)
Sis1: Very high CHA, low STR and WIS - CG
Bro: High INT and STR, low WIS and CON - LG
Sis2: High CON and STR, low WIS and INT - CN

>> No.23408569

Typical bow Ranger
Negotiator. Won't be involved in combat really.
>Per Corgi
The animal of the group.

I would rather do friends.

>> No.23408590


>> No.23408628

>I would rather do my friends.
This. Friends I could class and shit. That would be fun.

>> No.23408634

Big ass party.

Neutral Good Bard
Love telling stories and entertaining. Disregard rules I think are retarded, but not enough to be chaotic.
Lawful Good Artificer
Makes a living building shit, extremely set on his rules.
Chaotic Good Ranger
Great with animals and although she is religious, she has recently started ignoring the regulations of the Bible.
Chaotic Neutral Sorcerer
Rebels against authority and has a high opinion of herself. Still fun to hand around occasionally.
True Neutral Warforged Barbarian
Autistic (diagnosed faggots) 7 year old. Loves football.
>Younger Sister
Chaotic Good Bard
Twin of brother, also loves telling stories. Chaotic because she rebels quite a bit.

Occasional guest star DMPC's

>Step Dad
Lawful Neutral Artificer
Stoned off his ass most of the time and builds a shit ton of stuff. Flat earthed athiest, God only knows why Mom hooked up with him.
>Step Mom
Lawful Neutral Wizard
The source of most of Dads rules, she is very well read and seems the type to be a wizard. Plus Dad loves wizards, so you know, bonus.

>> No.23408674

Arthur, I love you and I respect you, but that version of your costume is just... ugh. It's just too... too...Golden Age. Also, mixing up dark green, orange, and yellow? Oh, honey, no.

>> No.23408676

I'll just leave this here.

>> No.23408690

LG Paladin. Army guy to the core, incredibly intelligent, great strategist. Picks up things very quickly.
NG Cleric. Ex-MP, tries to see the good in people and has a pill or home recipe for just about anything. Amazing cook.
CG Barbarian. Rages occasionally, and wrecks shit when he does. We used to do TKD together, but he quit for football.
TN Monk. TKD was beaten into me since I was a kid to the point where I see kicking drills as fun. I still practice as often as I can. CompSci major.

>> No.23408710

I'm gonna need a citation on that one.

>> No.23408712


>> No.23408715

Mom: Mad cleric who forces the party to smite evil
Dad: Computer Wizard/Artificier
Half-Sis: Mad cleric in training who's not exactly good at her job
Half-Bro: Badly optimized wizard with low INT and high CON whose player has no idea what he's doing
Me: A cartographer/tactician, I guess? Maybe a skillmonkey rogue. Can't see myself being useful in combat, but I do know how to set traps and have some knowledge in small warfare and general crafting of stuff.

>> No.23408735

That seems like it belongs more in /co/

>> No.23408737

Wow... just.... wow.
Man, I didn't really watch Sailor Moon as a kid, I watched "On the previous episode of Dragon Ball Z: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". The writers for DC just need.... man, DCs not doing so well I hear, and then I find out about this stuff. Why can't DC be cool? Where's my Booster Gold movie?

>> No.23408748

>MFW there's not enough people to fill combat roles and I have to monk on top of being a bard
>MFW I have no face

>> No.23408761

This is the best I can do at the moment. Maybe in an hour I'll find a better one.

>> No.23408762

Well I do want to lick those abs... NO! Stay focused, anon! You like tittys! *smack* Get a hold of yourself!

>> No.23408764

>Where's my Booster Gold movie?

Booster Gold? He's not Batman. Why would we waste time on anyone but Batman!?!?!?!?!?

>> No.23408766

Totally legit.

Heck, you can see the panel where Jonn is introduced as Hino Rei right in there, which is an obvious reference in and of itself.

I'll see if I can find the issue number for you.

>> No.23408774

I have no face and I must feel.

>> No.23408791

>Brother is Autist
>Level 20 wizard from the get go

That was easy

>> No.23408799

Mom: Sorceress/Healer.
Dad: Her Thrall, the tank.
Older Brother: Swordsman.
Me: Fire Wizard/Rogue multiclass.
Younger Brother: Older Brother's Squire.
Youngest Brother: Bard/Jester.

>> No.23408809

Dad: CE Drow Dominator (Druggie who kidnapped some children at some point.)
Mom: Chaotic Crazy Kender Rake/Fey Enticer (She's literally a crazy crack whore with aids.)
Brother: Lawful Retarded Expert (Half-blind fat autist)
Cousins: All of them would be LN bards of various races...
Me: Pun-Pun.

>> No.23408816

Fuck you Hollywood! I would pay real American money (WHICH YOU NEED) to see a Booster Gold movie! Or a Green Lantern movie that doesn't suck. Or a Flash movie. Or that Wonder Woman movie we've been wanting for years. Or maybe Captain Marvel, boom: cross-generational blockbuster RIGHT FUCKING THERE, you're welcome Hollywood.
Get off your asses and give my my JLA/JLU movie goddamit.

>> No.23408824

Oh wait, I misread that and thought it implied that MM /was/ Sailor Mars in one of the more bizarre crossovers out there. The reality is a bit more plausible, if not equally retarded.

>> No.23408842

It is a pretty good reference.
Besides, knowing Batman's typical super-foes, knowledge of cross-culture pop-culture is probably crucial.
I wonder what else he's read…

>> No.23408844

Here's this.
The reality is, Batman reads Sailor Moon. i just can't even form an opinion around that thought. It kind of has to stand on its own.

>> No.23408858

>Or maybe Captain Marvel
Don't you mean Shazam?

>> No.23408862

Oh, and here's the cover of that issue.

>> No.23408877

>i just can't even form an opinion around that thought
Neither can I.

I now imagine that Batman has a secret cave within his batcave where he goes to read Sailor Moon and watch Lucky Star. He tells Alfred that he is “doing research”.

>> No.23408881


Oh shit, I remember that storyline.

I never made that connection.

>> No.23408889

>Flash Movie
>Captain Marvel Movie


Captain Marvel might be hard to get away with. I bet Marvel would be all over their shit for that one.

They could just pull the SHAZAM thing again, but that's not attractive from a marketing standpoint - you want your audience to know who your character is right from the front, and the Shazam/Captain Marvel thing has haunted them in comics for years.

>> No.23408903

>Flash Movie
>Its over before the opening previews are finished

>> No.23408909

They've officially changed him to be full-on SHAZAM as of Sept. 2011. That is his name now.

>> No.23408926

This means that Jonn also reads Sailor Moon, since that's where he got the name from.

I wonder if the Justice League has some kinda anime club.

>> No.23408930

>Implying he doesn't blast the theme song on the Crime Computer's sound system

>> No.23408943

Father: Um... Druid? Maybe MCed into barbarian. He's pretty pro-nature and rather wise, but he can RAGE sometimes. My family used to have a pet dog that would've been a perfect animal companion for him. I'm thinking Druid 2/Barbarian 1/Expert something. My family is way more reminiscent of NPCs in general.

Mother: Commoner. Or maybe an adept. For the minor buff spells.

Brother: He is good at almost nothing but playing the saxophone. Smart, but has no clue how to apply it. Low STR, DEX, CON, WIS. Maybe a 10 in CHA. Decently high INT. A bard. A severely humped bard who's charisma is too low to actually cast spells.

Me: I swear I'm not even kidding here, but I'm probably the only one in my family suited to be a PC. I'm not flat-out below average in anything, and all of my mental scores would be at least 13. Either artificer or wizard. But a talky artificer or wizard, with a focus on buffs.


>> No.23408946

Only if they don't get Shaq again. Oh wait that movie was called Kaazam, whoops
*quick google search*
They... I.... fucking copyright. If you absolutely CAN'T call the movie Captain Marvel, then at least call it The Big Red Cheese

>> No.23408960

You. I like you.

>> No.23408963

>severely humped
Oh god what. I meant gimped.

>> No.23408965

Thinking about this makes me wish i was a real adventurer.

>Family is seemingly cursed with madness. At a certain age anti-psychotics seem to be necessary.

>Father: Artificer. Former comp tech, car mechanic, motorcycle racer and heavy machine repair man.
>Mother: Druid. Unstable former hippy who goes about nurturing young. Currently special needs teacher.
>Sister: Wizard. Insanely high int, no social skills, 29 year old virgin. Built like a Tolkien dwarf.
>Me: Rogue/bard. Published writer, former prostitute, general liar and muckabout who will do any job he can to get by.
>Lost sister: Have not seen in twelve years. Fear what the family curse will do to her.

>> No.23408968

Lawful Neutral wizard
Guy's a brilliant dentist who's philosophy and morality boils down to THE LAW. He's of the 'there is good and evil in this world, and evil must be punished.' He's zealous enough about law that he must slide into neutral.

Chaotic Neutral Fighter
My mom's a crazy bitch. I say that with the utmost respect. Get on her good side and you have the craziest, most unreliable defender in history, but you will be defended. Get on her bad side and she will lay you the fuck down.

>Younger Sister
Chaotic Evil Rogue
Lies, cheats, steals, whores herself, sends people to jail on false rape charges and laughs about it afterwards.

Lawful Neutral Sorcerer
I'm a smarmy motherfucker, even if I'm not great-looking, give me five minutes of conversation with a stranger and I can get them to give me a ride wherever I want, friends included. I don't pay for gas anymore. I'm also a firm believer in the rule of law and the existence of absolute morality, but I am not conceited enough to see myself as good.

Together, we are >That Party. The world is fucked.

>> No.23408979

Then what the fuck did they name the WIZARD?


>> No.23408980

>Flash Movie
>Morgan Freeman walks up on blank white background until only his face is in frame
>“Speedforce. The End”
>He slowly walks away from the camera
>Roll credits

>> No.23408991

No! That's not true! That's impossible!

>> No.23409002

Your family sound like the worst people in the world, no offense. I could choke your sister to death and feel nothing.

>> No.23409023

>Your family sound like the worst people in the world, no offense. I could choke your sister to death and feel nothing.

None taken. I hate all of them except my dad. My stepmom is Lawful Good Cleric bro though.

>> No.23409028

As I understand it, in the new52 (what they're calling the DCU after the 2011 reboot), The wizard passed all his power on to Billy so he could die. The wizard was SHAZAM, gave the power to him so now he's SHAZAM, and now the wizard is gone. It wasn't quite spelled out very well at the time since this was just a side story in the back of Justice League. i wish they'd cancel one of Batman's 20 titles to give him his own.

>> No.23409035

>I wonder if the Justice League has some kinda anime club.
Batman: Hey, I found this great series we could-
Green Lantern: We aren't watching Big O again.
Batman: But-
Green Lantern: No.
Aquaman: Well then maybe we could-
Green Lantern: We watched Blue Sub No. 6 last week, Arthur.
Aquaman: Aww...

>> No.23409039

Dad: Astrologer and former soldier
Mom: Mechanic/Cook
Brother: Tank/alcoholic
Sister: "Charisma"
Me: Intelligent/Mage

>> No.23409046


Well that explains it.

Fuckin'... they broke up the best duo in history because "PEOPLE MIGHT GET CONFUSED IF MORE THAN ONE BATMAN", though I do love that they nod to it - Damien basically explicitly says he liked working with Dick better.

And what is this red and black 90s shit.

And why do they hate Wally

>> No.23409053

Victor Stone of course has no shortage of recommendations, including Cyborg 009, and Astro Boy.

>> No.23409057

Dad: Ex-fighter who finds knowledge is more powerful and becomes an Artificer
Mom:Ex-army cook/Cleric.
Little Bro: The wizard that multi-classes into a bard for fun.
Me: Ex-Rouge CG/Artificer who enjoys trying to be hero's he reads in adventure books.

>>Extended Family

>Fathers side
Grand Father: The Lvl 20 monk, yes he is and it's terrifying.
Grand Mother: The thing that holds him from his true power. Idk what class this would be.

Aunt: Sorceress.
Uncle: Really intelligent Fighter.
Oldest Cousin: My Ex-Rouge CG buddy gone Neutral Good Fighter.
Youngest Cousin: Bard, free spirit doing anything he wants.
Female cousin: Takes after her mother, Sorceress.

Step Uncle: Fighter/Pyromancer Dads greatest friend that he met while fighting for the army.

>Mothers side

Grand Father: Fighter who made bad dealings in the past, now wishing to only be a family man.
Real Grand Mother: Foreign Tavern maid.
Step Grand Mother: The Hag keeping family letters from The Old Fighter distancing him from his goal.

Aunt: Fighter/cook with an useless husband
Uncle: Druid who did drugs and has a stupid high wisdom.
Cousin: Fighter just having fun.

Uncle: The self taught Wizard with high int and wisdom, who also is a traveling merchant.
Aunt: Appraiser

>> No.23409060

Parents are doctors plus me and my brother are on our way.... with a fighter sister. It is going to be terrible

>> No.23409064

Green Lantern's had a few anime references.

I remember... I think it was Kyle... making a Valkyrie out of Macross once.

I bet he'd get a kick out of Gurren Lagann with its whole 'Imagination and willpower are the key to saving the universe' theme.

>> No.23409066

Dad: StormGenasi Bard
Mum: Human Cleric
Myself: Sullen rain-themed Necromancer
Younger brother 1: Thunder-themed fighter with high CHA
Younger brother 2: Lightning-themed paladin
Youngest brother: Wind sorceror

>> No.23409070

See, this is why I find myself reading more and more of Marvel these days; they seem to have somebody who has at least three braincells sitting at the helm.
Also; isn't that how it happened anyway? Billy Batson follows a shadow he thinks is his dad into the secret cave of the wizard Shazam, who grants him magic powers to become the new protector of humanity and then the wizard dies. At least that's how it happened in Monster Society of Monsters (done by the same guy who did Bone, which makes it even better).

>> No.23409071

>Cyborg is an Ishinomori/Tezuka fan



>> No.23409080

And where the fuck is Raven.
And fucking fix Starfire already. Yes I know she's been like that for a long time, but rubbing our noses in it in issue 1 was a mistake, and really it should be something that gets fixed anyway.

>> No.23409101

Rogue/scholar Irishman who got into a lot of fights when he was younger face covered in scars then became civil servant and now retired.
Rogue/healer Irish punk turned nurse now has her own vintage fashion shop also deadly accurate when it comes to hurling random objects for maximum pain.
>Younger Sister
Artificer art student autistic and very angry.
>Youngest Sister
Engineer/druid second year engineering student with a great affinity for cats, tomboyish behavior and a massive fear of robots.Honestly she loves scary movie and for her robot movies take their place as what she watches when she wants to be scared.
Fighter Bro-tastic guy who loves all forms of physical exercise but is also surprisingly smart and has much experience working with disabled children he knows of their ways and can communicate with them in their secret tongue.
Sorcerer second year history student in good shape but physically incapable due to time spent sitting late at night poring over books of forgotten lore.

>> No.23409135

wife cleric
me sword and board fighter
brother tanking fighter
dad face rouge
mum paladin of common sense

>> No.23409138

If I incude my immediate family and relatives up to first cousins/aunts&uncles, that's about 16 people (including 4 ex-military/current military). Expand that to Grandparents and I get 19 (one of whom is an olympic archery instructor). Expand that to Grandparents and their siblings...

I can't even calculate this. My Maternal Grandmother alone had 12 brothers and sisters, who all had multiple children. Many of them are weapons proficient, and we've got enough variation in careers and skills that we could likely form a near self-sustaining town.

>> No.23409188

Dad: Neutral Evil Fighter
Mom: Chaotic Neutral Cleric
Older Brother: Lawful Neutral Wizard
Twin Brother: Chaotic Good Barbarian
Me: Neutral Good Ranger

>> No.23409232

>Dad: High level NPC noble, only popular among other racist old white guys and gets +10 CHA with them
>Mom: Berserker with the world's shittiest CON. Must make sanity checks five times a day.
>Brother: Artificer/Alchemist
>Sister-in-Law: Group heal bitch
>Niece: Mascot/Changeling (no normal baby should poop that much)
>Me: CHA monkey, poor CON and STR

>> No.23409270

I'm inclined to disagree

DC has Dan DiDio, but Marvel has QUESAAAAAAADA

It's pretty much an even split on 'terrible clusterfucks at the upper management level'

At least DC's writers had the balls to tell their boss that killing their one of their most popular and relatable characters off was a shit idea.

Nobody stopped Quesada from ruining Spidey.

>> No.23409342

I have to say I'm not much of a Spidey fan. Heresy, I know, but from what I figure; Spidey is a B or C list hero within the Marvel universe. Think about it: he palls around with Thor, the Hulk, Wolverine (who's borderline A-list), Captain Goddamn American, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four (or forty or whatever), and a whole bunch of other peeps.
But what are HIS powers? He sticks to walls, he has spider-sense, and he's... slightly stronger than the average man. Yay.

>> No.23409347

But Quesada brought us Spidey's greatest enemy.

>> No.23409360

>What are his powers
Killer animal instincts, bro.

>> No.23409401

No, Peter, what are you DOING?! You need that money for when you become a starving artist with a hot wife who somehow can't support the both of you with her job!
There's also the thing where Peter is almost ALWAYS beaten to hell. I mean, I don't mind my heroes being human (not invulnerable), but goddamn, son! Learn to dodge!

>> No.23409424

For a genius, Peter is really stupid sometimes.

>> No.23409425

Dad: Chaotic Good Ranger/Rogue
Mom: Lawful Neutral Artificer
Sister: Chaotic Neutral Bard
Grandfather: True Neutral Fighter
Aunt: Lawful Good Cleric

And Moi: Neutral Evil Warlord/Factotum.

>> No.23409454

Who also can't seem to get the best magic user in the world or (if the writers had remembered ALL the things that Thor is a god of) a fucking GOD to help him heal a gunshot wound.

>> No.23409490

Dad: Bardbarian Multiclass
Mom: Cleric of a war god
Me: Sorcerer
Sister: Diplomancer/Rogue

>> No.23409505

Dad:Gunslinger/engineer class
Mom: bard/engineer class
Me: paladin/jury rigging( studying to be a law enforcement officer and in damn good at pulling an A Team on anything broken
Sister2-demonic entity/bard
My sister and mom like to dance WAY too much, and since my mom and dad married into thief profession, me as the first child got a lot of info and undertabding of engineering concepts(but goddamn math is painfully difficult for me)

>> No.23409516

Hmm, lets see...
Dad: Artificer or maybe...fuck if I know. He's creative. Designs shit. Sure, Artificer.
Mom: Paladin that replaced the 10 foot rod up her ass with an immovable rod. No thank you.
Sister. Ranger, most likely. Or perhaps a Shaman or Druid. Big on nature.
Me: Bard.

>> No.23409519

so how a level 20 monk grandfather?

>> No.23409520

Spider man has atomic powers or some shit.

I think I read on /co/ that he could basically beat the hulk if he got serious, according to some canon somewhere.

>> No.23409524

All told, I think we're in for a wild ride. Constant mild conflict between my dad and grandfather over what we're actually supposed to be doing, while my mother has autistic shitfits whenever we don't follow the plan EXACTLY. My sister is trying her best to pretend none of us exists while singing diddies to herself. My aunt tries to evangelize every goddamned village we go to. And all the while I'm refraining from just killing them all and bullying a necromancer into raising an undead army to conquer the world for me.
Because they're family, and I love them.

[Spoiler]And, ONLY because they're family.[/spoiler]

>> No.23409549

>could basically beat the hulk if he got serious
1. No.
2. Hell no.
3. The Hulk is powered by rage, anyone beating him makes him ANGRIER which makes him stronger. Peter is still a human being who has limits, while the Hulk seems to not even have that.
4. This is where we should begin to apply what I call (and may actually be a thing) "Selective Canon". Basically; official canon can get very very cray, so you gotta houserule that shit just like any good tabletop rpg.
So in my little houserule: Spider-Man does not have atomic powers because that is fucking stupid.

>> No.23409608

Me: Neutral or evil Psion, depending on setting. Would probably spend most of my time trying to mind contorl/mind-fuck people or study how psychic powers work on a physical level

Brother: Neutral monk, high acrobatics (he's a gymnast) would probably dabble in a bit of magic

Dad: Chaotic Neutral Charisma Rogue, would fuck with people a lot

Mom: Neutral Good oracle, would support us and attempt to prevent party from becoming a total clusterfuck

Cat 1 (Raven): Chaotic Bitch shadowmancer
Cat 2 (Conan): Barbarian, all he does is eat, sleep, hit things
Grandpa: Paladin of the Ku Klux Klan

>> No.23409641

Oh baby, I'd love to see a Klan Paladin start a crusade in a tabletop setting. Oh god, why can't I hold all these GUFFAWS?

>> No.23409653

Me: dick ass theif with all my lvls in barb
GF:chaotic bitch dick ass thief
son: wizard with -4 int
mom: Bitchy but loving sorc
Step dad:barbarian that lost all his rage powers to take a level in pally
Sister:under aged bard that tries to seduce all the dirty half elves and half orcs
Step brother: urban ranger that gave up his animal companion for #SWAG and #YOLO

>> No.23409694

Taco: epic level barbarian chihuahua with bonus levels in hateing children and eating shoes

Jackson: a sorc half-dachshund with -8 int and -8 cha and has"sad sack" as an at will

>> No.23411993

>Dad: Fisty Barbarian, Chaotic Good, Minister of Horrible Jokes and Puns
>Mom: Necromancer, True Neutral, Pragmatism Everywhere
>Little Brother: Paladin, Lawful Good, Save Int to not lose track of friend and foe when he lands a killing blow
>Me: Ranger/Horizon Walker, Chaotic Evil, Detects as Chaotic Good through Horizon Walker Plane Mastery

>> No.23412014

Me: mage
father: paladin
mother: warrior
sister: rouguwe with handle animal & ride

>> No.23412048

Me: Barbarian
Mom: Druid specializing in potions
Sister: Druid specializing in healings when she gives a fuck.
Middle sister: Rogue, doesn't give a fuck.
Little sister: +32 charisma half-ling.
Dad: Lich king because he is dead

>> No.23412081

Dad: He's a sailor, so he'd probably be our fighter (also he chops wood so he knows how to swing an axe)
Mum: History Wizard
Older Sisters: History Wizard/Bard
Myself: Philosopher/Maths Wizard

So Dad has to sort out shit as usual.

>> No.23412098

>Nerd, son of a geek, son of a geek.

I guess I'd be a sorcerer in a wizard family.

>> No.23412116

I know that feeling boyo.

What does twenty-eight years in the army give you /tg/? An okay retirement and noticing the fact that you have nobody left in your life after you're out.

Really pissing myself with pity here I know, but my .45 I keep in my desk look better with every passing day.

It's like the man said don't let them get away from you before you're ready to let go.

>> No.23412146

Bonus: 5 Mighty Guinea Pig mounts, although two have bad legs

>> No.23412166

Dad: Druid/Alchemist. (makes his own beer, pickles, coffee, etc)
Mom: Pladain. (human rights lawyer in eastern europe)
Me: Wizard, probably researchy. (i'm a history professor)Teifling or something slutty like that.
Lil sis: Sourcerer, probably abberant and tentacly. She's a huge /d/eviant.
Older bro: Lax bro, monk ultraweed and chillness.

>> No.23412196

Sounds like you need to look up a gamefinder thread - if nothing else you can find new friends.

>> No.23412239

Me: Paladin
Mom: Rogue
Dad: Ranger
Niece: Wizard
Oldest Nephew: Fighter
Youngest Nephew: Monk
Brother: Barbarian
>mfw my brother is chaotic-stupid irl

captcha: udescat face

>> No.23412262

Mother: CG Cleric. Manages the party's inventory and rationing. Party Strategist. Levels in ranger.
Father: Wizard! Levels in ranger, feats for pun-related combat.
Sister: Party rogue. A couple of levels in bard. High INT, high CHA, lowish WIS, CON as dump stat.
Me: Generalist Sorcerer/Ranger/Bard/Wizard/Commoner not leveled enough in any of them to be particularly effective.

What's the kid like?

>> No.23412276

Dad: Fighter
Mom: Barbarian
Me: Wizard/Archivist
Middle Brother: Druid
Youngest Brother: Barbarian

>> No.23412278

Dad: Mage able to bend the laws of time, space and just generally physics. He'd make a house home that looks tiny from the outside, but on the inside contains everything you can imagine. Lawful Good.

Mum: Another mage with the ability to conjure things out of thin air. The only down-side, everything has to be done perfectly - no mistakes, no mess-ups, no matter how tiny, or she will explode in a gory mess. Lawful good...in her own way.

Sister: Barbarian who thinks they're seven feet tall, but is in fact barely four feet. Chaotic neutral.

Brother: A highly intelligent barbarian, who likes to dabble in technology despite his youth. Chaotic evil.

Me: High Charisma bard, more likely to run from a fight if I cannot talk my way out of it whilst my family does the fighting. Can be relied upon to be useless in most situations. Chaotic neutral

>> No.23412311

>pop: repair wizard/grapple fighter
>ma: ex cleric of christ
>sister: the messy bar wench
>sister 2: horizon walker/linguistics expert
>brother: the insightful barbarian
>me: the cunning rouge/ uninspired bard
>grandfather: senile sage
>grandmother: feared clan matron

>> No.23412318

Me: warrior with animal companions
Dad: ex-warrior turned machinist (actually he has a greater affinity for animal than me but just listing unique skills)
Mom: Cleric I guess
Younger Brother: Marksman
Older Brother: Machinist
Sister A Cleric
Sister B thief (the bumbling useless kind)
Great Grand-mother: alchemist

>> No.23412346

Awful. I don't know my own family at all. They want nothing to do with me. I thought they were ashamed of me but my brothers and dad are so shut in and weird that it isn't really the case. I just live in a family of autists who don't like interaction. No one talks to each other and I couldn't tell you a thing about them. It'd be a really boring game.

So we'd all be fighters.

>> No.23412359

Mom: CG Barbarian (Believes all fights are worth starting, especially if she gets to end them)
Sister: NG Rogue/Bard (Has at least 1 point in every skill,pulls off the most ridiculous saves in dire situations)
Me: CG Cleric (I end up supporting the both of them no matter what insane thing they get into)

Oddly enough this sounds like every third game I play when I DM.

>> No.23412437

um ok

Dad: probably a fighter, always late or never shows up at all. also lazy
Mom: i dunno, something so she doesn't have to get too close to anything dangerous, always scared never wants to enter a dungeon.
Older brother: Fighter, always late, Fucking lazy.
Me: archer, wizard, whatever. something with range attacks, keeps forgetting important stuff, fucking lazy.
Sister: something that seemd like a good idea at the moment but turns out is not her thing, always whining and grumpy or way to fucking cheerfull, lazy.
Baby brother: fighter/wizard combo, tries to hard and ends up fucking up and looking stupid

>> No.23412458

Hmm are you Finn or something related? Or Japanese?

>> No.23412483

Nope. American. I have a weird family.

>> No.23412499

Aw shit, that sucks dude, aspies are a hell to live with.

>> No.23412510

Me: Fighter.

I'd kill the rest of my family because they're weak.

>> No.23412549

Father: Accounting wizard
Mother: Bard that doesn't preform just talks at people
Older Brother: wizard
Me: monk

>> No.23412675

>Father: Merchant Lord
>me: Knight with a few ranks in Profession: Jew
>Sister: Charisma focused rogue
>Mother: Wizard transmuter - enough close to microbiologist
>Half-brother - Bard/Artist

>> No.23412793

Dad: Lawful Neutral Artificer (electrical engineer), decent enough guy, can be overbearing and grouchy as much as he is lighthearted and fun, can quickly shift from being a nice guy to being a dick. Would be the party leader, but only because no one else can be bothered arguing that he isn't the most suited, and will probably just ignore him anyway.
Mum: Neutral Good Sorcerer (housewife + graduate), able to sort things out in a flash, charismatic and always able to say the right thing
Sister: Chaotic Good Bard, good at music and art, good heart but can be stupid at times, always has your back
Me: Neutral Good Wizard/Bard - way too many degrees and random knowledge/interests, but also skilled in singing and storytelling, usually follow the rules unless they stop me from doing what I think is right.
Fiancee: True Neutral Bard/Barbarian - great writer, drawfag and singer, exceptionally creative, and if you piss her off, you are fucked. Took lots of Knowledge skills, knows something about damn near anything history or science related.

>> No.23412794

Pops: faceman. Good negotiator, small-talker, bluffer, forms and uses connections well, handles the dosh and bargains well.

Mom: cold, apathetic, but prone to going full schutzstaffel when something doesn't go her way.

Oldest, older and younger sibling - 3 sisters: the Reverse Finito Brother Sisters. You do not want to see them. Ever. If you do, hope they shoot you instead of telling you jokes. I'd call them the three stooges but the three stooges hurt mostly eachother. Christ almighty.

Me: cowardly over-preppy support weapons guy - with actual training! If we have to as much as leave the house, I'll bring Sergei with me, link related.


>> No.23412846

Dad: Fighter/Archivist. Adventures as research for anthropology paper. Party face until the rest of the party gets annoyed and someone else takes over for a while.

Mom: Paladin of Grammar/Archivist.

Me: Sorceror with Aberrant bloodline/Fighter. Clever but lazy.

Sister: Charisma Rogue with cohorts

Brother: Bard. Works with a travelling circus but helps the rest of the party out sometimes, when he's in the area or if we visit him.

We'd be a party of mostly casters. At least most of us are also multiclassed into something that can handle a bit of melee.

>> No.23413312

Father: Lawful Neutral Human Wizard (Technomagick)/ Artificer (Eletrical Engineer). Sometimes he's all about the law, sometimes he's all about good, sometimes he's all about guerilla warfare to uphold moar law, sometimes he's all about strong over the weak within laws. He's usually ok, unless he's not. And he can do anything that requires either strenght or coordination and mechanic insight. Doesn't like the government that much, but pays his bills and vote like he's in love with it.

Mom: Chaotic Neutral Halfling Wizard (Mathmagick)/Artificer (Artistic Stuff): She's all about the way she's feeling at the moment. Sometimes she's the nicer and caring person around but beware when she's only thinking about herself. She's hard to predict and even harder to fulfill any oath she has made. She spends most of her day into her workshop, doing customized boxes, hangers and lots of other artistic yet useful stuffs.

Me: Caothic Good Mostly-Human Scholar (Historian)/ Bard (Writefag, Actor, tried yet sucked at drawing and singing): Atheistic, materialistic, marxistic run of the mill historian roleplayer. I love my food, drinking and fun and I'm a lot curious, as a half-hafling would be. Lots of empathy. Full-blown escapist - I like too much of fantasy, magic and history for my own well-being. I'm getting a master's degree on studying witch-hunting. Yay.

Younger Brother: Neutral Good Mostly-Halfling Necromancer/ex-Monk: Kind and stout tempered, yet not very polite. Doesn't care much about how he looks, but is somewhat good-looking. Very short, as my mother. Took Tae-Kwon-Do classes and almost went black belt, until got his nose broken weeks before a competition, had to stop training for lots of time and gave up. Since then, he has been studying. Wants to drown the world into a zombie apocalypse. Other than that, nice fella.

>> No.23413422

>Dog: Senile Wizard
>Only knows "Stinking Cloud"

>> No.23413848 [DELETED] 

Five of your guys are in range to smack me.
sorry for being so bad at updating

>> No.23413960

Dad: Temperate, logical thinker, likely a Merchant ( always knows a guy), multiclassing with Rogue, focusing on diplomacy and knowledge. NG
Mom: Cook, homemaker extraordinaire, accountant, decent handywoman(we haven't paid for a plumber/electrician/carpenter in years), I'd say an Artificer. CG
Sister: Quick to anger,athlete, science consultant/secretary with a recycling firm. but when passive, is great, looks out for the fam.. I mean party, I'd say Barbarian/Druid. NG

>> No.23417440

Dad: Some form of wizard, I guess. Not really sure what psychology/marketing translates into. Probably also the party face. LN.
Mom: She was a massage therapist for about 10 years, so probably some form of healer. Probably TN.
Me: Some form of artificer or wizard-in-training. CN.
Cat: Scout/tracker/party mascot. He's a damn good hunter.

>> No.23418991

Without exception.

>> No.23419689

>Me: Cleric of good & knowledge 5
(I am a philosopher)
>Mom: Saint Expert 20
>Dad: Aristocrat 1/Factotum 19

>> No.23419735

>scientist wife
>1 year old baby
idunno but I seriously hope there's some force field belts or something cause I don't think my baby would help much

>> No.23419881

>Dad: Tactician- the man can talk himself out of or into anything
>Mum: Oenomancer- she's an artist.
>Bro1: Bard- works in the /mu/ industry.
>Cat: Chaotic Evil force of darkness. Loves cuddes
>Bro2: Artificier- STEM-in-training
>Sis: Summoner/Beast Mistress- Loves her bunnies
>Bunny: Barbarian. Seriously. This bau is aggressive as two-tone fuck.
>Me: Hunter- I'm decent with a longbow/xbow.

>> No.23421136

hmm I'll just go with the family I'm currently living with

Me-> Rogue/Ranger/Artificer/Fighter I'm pretty good with animals and especially cats but my tendency to almost never speak would make me a horrible party face. Also I'm really resourceful.

Older Sister-> Medic/possibly bard, suitable party face but shouldn't be allowed to make decisions

Brother-in-Law-> Fighter, ok meatshield but pretty dumb almost as good a face as older sister

Younger Sister-> Cleric or Wizard, extremely shy but pretty smart

Younger Brother-> Rogue/Barbarian, a weird combination between hyperactive and lazy. Has some serious anger issues prone to biting.

Mom-> Wizard/Cleric/Expert Smartish but crazy and absentminded

Dad-> Barbarian/Gunslinger/Carpenter, Dumb but decent with a gun. Bit of a Luddite and likes to go on about how things were when he was a kid.

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