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>Ward doing Orks
>Ward doing Nids
I know there has to be a fa/tg/uy out there who only has those two armies. To that fa/tg/uy, I'm very sorry you must suffer to save the rest of us. If it makes things better, Currdeath is doing Tau.

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> mfw my two favorite armies are tyranids and orks.


I fear I shall never collect warhammer again. I shall forever be consigned to fluff...

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> tfw no mfw.

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Ward is the ONLY author who can save nids.

but yeah, orks may be boned.

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Who knows, he might pull another Necron dex with Nids. Sure the fluff will most likely be stupid but you never know. Sorry about Orks though, that army is totally boned.

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>Ward makes Orcs & Goblins stupidly underpowered

>Ward makes Daemons of Chaos stupidly overpowered
>[(rightful) bitching about rules, nothing regarding Ward's faction preference]

>Ward writes/copypastes fluff about how Ultramarines are best; rules are pretty cool

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The Sisters Codex bitch.

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>Clam the fuck Down fagget

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What about it? Supposedly Cruddace did the rules and Ward did the background. End result = underwhelming, just like every other White Dwarf codex/army book.

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What the hell, guys? Ward is the best you could possibly get. Right now, in the Daemon thread, the Daemon players are weeping bitter tears that they didn't get him.

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>Ward doing Orks

Any sort of corroboration? I'd heard a rumor of Vetock.

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>implying there's ever any evidence for this kind of wild speculation

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>Time Lord
Well, he's dapper enough to be one. Heard he's actually a pretty cool guy irl. Wonder what would happen if he walked into a GW store.

>Tentacles monster
That explains why he likes Eldar so much. As long as I'm not having my farseer get tentacle raped on the table all is good.

>Lab coat
I'm sorry, I've never laughed so hard in my life. The Nids dex should be proof enough that this man has issues with basic math.

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No. He's not. He's the worst. Vettock is the best hope for the Ork codex. And this has nothing to fucking do with 'mah fluff'. You may like it, but for fuck's sake I don't want a 1-in-3 chance that any give Ork unit acts on it's own in a turn.

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>Ward doing Orks

...dear God, the one place his wild fluff would go amazingly. I do not know how this could possibly could be a bad thing.

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His fluff isn't why Ork players should be afraid.

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Because he then makes rules. Reference 7th ed O&G.

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Wasn't that the very first Codex he ever did?

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No. He worked on LoTR for quite a while, and made War of the Ring.

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ok, someone explain to this newfag why Orks are boned, and what Currdeath is

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Ward did O&G for 7th ed fantasy ,so good it was quickly redone.

Crudance did Tyranids last codex.

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I remember the production for white dwarf sperging' the fuck out when they went LoTR.

> follow the money...

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There are people helming the next few editions of these armies who have a track record of making no sense in earlier codexes and burning fluff to the ground in favor of idiotic rewrites.

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So GW writers?

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Space Marines was the first codex he did.

Because an army book is not a codex dohohohohohohohohoho

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So you're complaining that people bitch about favouritism and anti-favouritism when they have evidence and when they don't they say nothing about it?

Typical wardfag.

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It's widely believed that Ward hates greenskins, because he gave fantasy Orcs and Goblins a baaad army book.

Cruddace is generally believed to be the worst writer after he killed Tyranids.

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He made O&G underpowered. People claim it was because he hates the army.

He made DoC overpowered. Yet not once have I seen anyone call him a daemon fanboy.

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They'll probably get nerfs to Lootas, warbikes and their good vehicles. KFF will be nerfed. Mob 'Fearless' will just become a re-roll on base Ld. Animosity will be added.

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He said he doesn't like Orcs. He said he likes Smurfs. He said nothing about Daemons either way. /tg/ rolls with the evidence.

So you have no argument, just flaccid, limp trolling.

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Alright. Look, back in 7th ed Ward made the Orc and Goblin army book. It quickly became known as the worst army book of the entire edition, and even managed to be worse than the previous 6e army book. It was the epitome of an army book written by a developer who just didn't give a shit about the army, and went out of his way to fuck it over. By no means a complete list, his changes included:
-Turning the Animosity from a "1-in-6" chance per unit to roll on a table (worst result being they fought, most frequent being do-nothing), to a 1-in 3 chance of either doing nothing or running forward towards nearest enemy on their own... in a game where maneuvering is the biggest strategy.
-Removed the ability for units of Black Orcs to quell Animosity in nearby units, allowing for other units to reroll the Animosity check. Instead Quell Animosity was only given to Black Orc characters, it only applied to the unit they led, and it only allowed a reroll if you rolled a 1.
-Removed all Magic Armor items of worth, replacing 8 pieces with 2 sub-par, gimmicky ones. One was light armor (6+) that provided +1 Toughness for 50pts (overcosted and underwhelming for losing out on Heavy Armor), and the other was a 35pt gimmicky shield that was worse than a generic Enchanted Shield. Lost armor pieces included a suit of 2+, and Heavy Armor (5+ stackable) with a built-in 5++, among others.
-Removed Unbreakable from Snotlings, replacing it with Stuborrn (no modifiers to their own Ld value)... Making them the worst Swarm in the game (swarms were high-wound count bases designed to be tar-pits, snotling had a Ld of 4).
-Increased cost on Boar Boyz, making them arguably the worst Heavy Cavalry in the game (3+ save, when 2+ is standard not-Empire and 1+ is Empire/Chaos'). To top it off, made the 'Big 'Un' upgrade cost +17pts per model on Boar Boyz (37pts total) to give them WS 4 and Str 5 on the charge, making them one of the most expensive heavy cavalry units in the game.

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>He said he doesn't like Orcs.

I think you're the one who's trolling, sir.

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>because he gave fantasy Orcs and Goblins a baaad army book.
understatement of the century

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Don't tell us to be jealous of Crudface. Don't put that evil on us Tyranid players. One Cruddex was enough.

Ward can write Xenos well. Just look at the Necron codex. O&G for Fantasy is the only bad codex he has written, afaik.

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>Just started 40k a few months back

>Orks and Nids

>having a fairly good time, have no idea of past editions, be it codex or rule book

>Hear of all the glory of past books from /tg/ and the warning of wardshit and cruddex

>see this thread

I'm not sure, but I think I should be afraid... Worse comes to worst, I'll just continue to use my old dex for Orks, Nids can only get better apparently, like seriously, pyrovores...pyrovores

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>Wonder what would happen if he walked into a GW store

I've heard he's gotten death threats mailed to his house, but nobody ever posts a source.

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You know all that fun you think you had? Yeah, I'm sorry to say that you weren't actually having fun at all, you only tricked yourself into thinking you were. But thanks to /tg/ you'll never have false-fun with the current Tyranid book ever again.

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Who does the artwork for the codexes, btw?

I normally find myself pouring over every detail lovingly.

>> No.23403845

Other things of note:
-Removing the 2-for-1 selection on Goblin Chariots. Most light chariots (especially goblin) had the ability to be taken in pairs, each pair counting as 1 special choice. He removed that, making the 60pt 'crap chariot' take up 1 full special slot (the same amount as 2 Goblin Spear Chukkas (bolt-throwers), 1 Orc Chariot, or a unit of Black Orcs.

-Battle Axe of the Last Waaagh went from a +d6 Attack great-axe, to a +1 attack/str per rank. Rank bonuses were negated when charged in the flank by units of unit strength 5 or more. Effectively, it became a '100pt super weapon' that was easily nullified by some fast cavalry. Needless to say, only fools took it.

Other things of note included generally lackluster named characters. With exception to Grimgor (a 375 pt slow as fuck Black Orc Warboss, easily kept busy killing champions in duels), almost all the Orc/Goblin special characters were well pretty shit-tastic. Their 'best leader' character, Gorbad, only had a 3+ save with no ward save (invulnerable)! Their most expensive, Azgag, was a pseudo Level 2 wizard warboss riding a wyvern, who was extremely lackluster in both fighting and magic (possessing a 5+/5++. Wyverns have long been 'suckier versions of Dragons' in Fantasy, and are usually used as a 'Unit Strength 5 flying Warboss Delivery System".

There's probably more shit I'm forgetting, but generally speaking the army was nigh unplayable due to each unit having a 1-in-3 chance of not doing what it was supposed to. The games you did win, felt like it was more a case of your army letting you actually play the game (instead of standing around or running off on it's own 1/3rd of the time). Having sub-par gear for your expensive army leaders, only helped with the problem. Especially since you needed Black Orc heroes to keep the army in line (or at least moving). Taking too many non-wizard heroes left you without enough dispel dice to stop magic.

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Basically, everything GW is bad.

Everything all the writers make is terrible.

Why does this game have a fanbase at all.

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Nah, I actually had fun with my nids, sure I got tabled but I still had a great time

>> No.23403886

Because it's the only game anyone plays. Vicious circle.

Also people still enjoy it

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Say what you like about the game, the artwork is fucking incredible.

Inspired, even.

>> No.23403941

Good marketing, and gateway drug.

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The artwork is mediocre. I'm not saying it's bad. But it's passable. There's a lot of good artwork (and models) out there. And a lot of it is actually better than GW's.

>> No.23404033


> it's not as good as you say it is.

Oh... okay...

>> No.23404056

>There's a lot of good artwork out there
For tabletop games? Intriguing. Which ones?

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>You're liking what I don't like. Let me tell you why you're wrong.

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What the nids need is nearly as many options as the guard....

The Nids twist? For a certain point cost...they can mutate and switch shit out on the spot. And stuff like that.

>> No.23404152


Or spawn shitloads of units at lowered point cost as long as they do it after the deployment phase...

>> No.23404170


Actually, I like the hobby. I'm just confused why there's always so much anger when any discussion comes up.

>> No.23404218

>switch shit

New bio-weapon: the defecator cannon. Available to a number of different units and capable of switching between a variety of payloads, all as exotic as they are deadly.

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>cruddace doing tau

Aw, fuck.

Any word on how soon?

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Because Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are the end point for most insufferable wargame or pen-and-paper grognards who explode into jiggling, unbathed, impotent-in-more-ways-than-one rage when someone has an opinion that differs from theirs.

And I say this as a guy who's a complete geek about the fluff.

>> No.23404425

Because The Internets.

>> No.23404474

Because when you get ten thousand dollars into something, and then either someone on the internet tells you you're wrong, or a GW writer invalidates half the shit you used to believe, it's easy to get mad.

>> No.23404496

Both Nids and Orks need a shit ton of options, especially within units. Orks especially, seeing as they had so much taken away.

>> No.23404526

>ten thousand dollars of warhams

>> No.23404544


> special rule.

> the ork Nob of this unit, having led his boyz to defeat a stronger enemy, gains +1 wound to represent his swelling pride and ego at having beaten down a stronger enemy. This can go above the starting number of wounds.

>> No.23404549

>ward did the sisters fluff
explains why it's meh

>cruddace did the rules
Explains why they only have a single viable list that becomes useless above 1500 points

>> No.23404587

If you take the fact that you can spend an easy 1.5k on an army, the paint for that army, glue, codex and so on, then it's easy to see how over the course of ten or fifteen years, some people have spent 10k on warhammer.

>> No.23404596


> or even, fuck it, the entire mob of boyz grows in strength. +1 wounds to all boyz.

> what is momentum, you faggot game machinists.

>> No.23404599

>WD dex
>Ward of fluff
>Cruddace on rules
If you ever need absolute proof that GW hates Sisters.
Now the same two in opposite roles, that would have been something to see

>> No.23404629

I'm an ex 40k fan, and can't stand the fuck out of pony fags, but pic related... Unfortunately, I never realized just how obnoxious 40k fanboys can be until I moved on to other games.

>> No.23404718

I had a 3000 point SoB army, and I was hella proud of it. Order of the Argent Shroud, they looked hella tight.

As soon as I heard a new codex was coming, I sold the lot.

I was not mistaken.

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No. What they need is burnas given back to them, stikkbombs to do something again, more upgrade options, and the silly 0-1 limitation on 'Ard Boyz to be removed. And that's just on boy mobs. Units like Stormboyz, Warbikes, Lootas, Burnas all need *something* (anything) instead of just being "all 1 weapon outfit". Orks are supposed to be the army with possibly the most variation after IG, with arguably the least cohesion in unit formation. Hell it was even their shtick in Epic, allowing you to literally run whatever the fuck you felt like in most cases. But in 40k most of the units come with 'one and only one' setup. Hell they even took a golden opportunity that was the MiG knock-off jet, and instead decided to break it down into 3 'stock, no customization' variants. The ork fighter should have had a fucking plethroa of customization in one unit... instead it was 3 sad excuses for a single model, and arguably the worst flier in the game.

>> No.23404863


> 1 weapon outfit.

What, even with Snakebite armies?

>> No.23404965

Any updates on when the taudex is coming?

I'm afraid to be excited.

>> No.23405137

>I'm afraid to be excited.
Why, it's a cruddex.
You're flipping a coin.
heads, it's 80% shit and your broadsides are worthless and the codex is only viable in the most casual of environments.
tails, it's 95% shit and the last 5% that isn't shit propels you to the top tier as long as you spam the shit out of it.

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This post speaks the truth.

Not going to lie, I'm guilty of being a fan of both fandoms, but I'm more than willing to admit both have loads of shitty members, and I am likely one of said members.

I would argue that there are some people who enjoy 40k, recognize its flaws, and play it anyway because they can get around said flaws and still have fun.

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I think im like one of 5 guys in my playgroup that handle stuff like that. I know GW flaws and Warhams flaws, but i dont let me push by that shit.
My local GW-captain is a long known friend so i can just ignore his "buy this new stuff" talk.
12-14y/o on the run? just go home. I srsly dont get ppl complaining, ignore them or go to the other store like 250meters away ,but nah, better complain.I personally just go home if it gets to noisy and like the ppl i care about know that.
rules shit?fluff shit? why did you come here and started liking in the first place? cuz you got imagination,change stuff in your mind(fluff) or playgroup(rules) or get another hobby srsly.

>> No.23405550

>Hating on Ward

Are you stuck in 2010 or something?

>> No.23405571

a d3+2 paragraphs of stupid fluff is a fair trade for a competitive and fun to play codex.

>> No.23405575

Apparently you are if you refuse to look further back at how bad his previous greenskin book was.

>> No.23405613

>a fair trade for a competitive and fun to play codex.

Pick one:
>Ward writing Orks
>competitve and fun to play codex

>> No.23406021

But I want it to be 50% good, with fun, balanced units.

And I want vespids to be useful.

>> No.23406718


Gotta say, the anti-GW trolls are much, much worse than the pros.

The sort of thread invasion that the antis apparently take such pleasure is simply doesn't happen from the pros.

But do go on raging against that machine, broheim.

>> No.23408538

Yeah, I see people raging about 40kids invading other threads and screaming HERESY!, but I don't think I've ever seen it happen in the 2+ years I've been on /tg/.

>> No.23409550

>Yeah, I see people raging about 40kids invading other threads and screaming HERESY!

Far more often than not, I see heresy used a joke by people outside of the 40k fandom. It just seems like one of those things ingrained in /tg/.

You could even call it board culture.

>> No.23409602

You can't even make a snakebite army with the current codex.

I don't even know why they included it if we weren't getting a single unit option that would let us run them.

>> No.23409624

they're my two favourite armies, and now they'll be op

>> No.23409632

Is there any proof that ward is doing orks and nids?

>> No.23409699

wait what? i was going to get into the game soon and i was gonna play orks what do i do? i already ordered some units!?! D: whatever ill still play them, advice on klan? i was thinking goffs evil sunz or bad moons

>> No.23409707

Yeah, where the hell did this rumour crop up?

And to be honest, so long as there's any update at all, I'm happy. My nids want a hardcover.

>> No.23409711

Of course not, don't be silly.

>> No.23409715

Please don't do that. Also these are rumors, every time a new Codex is announced there's rumors of Ward doing it.

>> No.23409727

People want to believe that their Spritual Liege will return.

>> No.23409729

sorry about that and so your saying the orks arent officially boned? because they seem fun, but im just a beginner so i have no idea whats going on as im just now getting into it

>> No.23409755

Nobody knows who's writing the codex.
Nobody knows when it's coming out.
Nobody knows whether it will be good or not.

So... just live with the uncertainty like everybody else.

>> No.23409757

It's ok, this is an image board so if you need to represent your reaction to something it's better to just use an image.

As for Orks, they would benefit from Ward's craziness if he likes them. There's talk of Ward saying he didn't like Greenskins after he made the Orcs and Goblins book for Fantasy but I haven't seen it myself so I can't say for sure.

Is there anything in particular you're looking for in the game?

>> No.23409759

Hes shown room for (and exhibited limited amounts of) improvement. I hope its a trend and not a statistical fluke.

>> No.23409772

Get models you like. Get lots of troops. Leave space open for the toys that will hit hardest after the new rules dust has settled. It's just a goddamned game, just start painting little angry green men and have fun.

>> No.23409781

well i recently ordered assault on blackreach over amizon and from there i was planning on building an ork army but mostly play with my friends, i am looking twords the painting mostly but also having fun just playing game i didnt understand but thought was awesome as a child.

>> No.23409785

>It's just a goddamned game

>> No.23409803

As it is now, slugga boyz are significantly weaker than shoota boyz.

Most people convert the Deffcoptas to bikes.

I've also seen the Terminators converted to Meganobs.

>> No.23409861

How's the current Ork codex do in games? Viable?
I know Smurfs shit all over them but it's Smurfs, they shit all over everything. How do current Orkz do vs. IG?

>> No.23409874

alright, but as for klans is that just a choice of color scheme more than anything? i ask because in the space marines the different chapters have different codex's, but for orks its just oh i like red or yellow or blue and then paint?

>> No.23409882


>> No.23409893

Ork Klans just have fluff. You're also free to make your own to fit the play style and preferred color schemes.

Although one thing to remember is that Orks believe different colors to have different effects. Red makes things faster, blue makes things luckier, black is the toughest, and green is the best.

>> No.23409916

so if i painted them all green its easy street? and i assume yellow is money? i read some of the fluff and thats where my conflict comes from, but ill probably choose red or yellow just because the color scheme looks nice, and what do you mean make my own to fit my play style? like make my own color and fluff?

>> No.23409949

>make my own color
But I thought we already discovered all the colors.
Are you a wizard?

>> No.23409958

You could but painting their clothing green would make them seem more blobby.

Basically you could make your own Klan if you feel the ones in the book don't fit the feel you want. Maybe your Klan is led by a Big Mek that makes crazy (even by Ork standards) weapons and vehicles that the boyz end up slathering in blue paint so it wont explode while they're using it. Or a Klan that paints all their vehicles black rather than red so their boyz can survive long enough to get at the cowardly enemies that keep blowing up their trukks before they can get into a good scrap.

>> No.23409964

What if you paint a thing more than one color?

>> No.23409973

You mean like the legendary Rainbork? Are you mad?!

>> No.23409988


Isn't starting internet rumors fun?

>> No.23409990

No dude wait listen to me.
We paint the inside of something Black, so all its insides are really tough.
Then we put Red on its moving parts and Blue on its not moving parts, so the parts wot go go faster, and the parts wot don't go are luckier
Then we paint it over with Green to show all the uvah boyz that we the best.
Layers of paints.

>> No.23410000


>> No.23410007

Youz want ta paint somefin lotz of timez? Dats muckin about!

>> No.23410009

like an onion?

>> No.23410056

I started with Orks three years ago, had some models for the Grey Knights before the new codex (bought into them when the new models and codex), I have a small group of nids I got because I really wanted to paint them.

If Ward writes the nid and ork codex I'll be playing 3 of his books, I don't know if I should shelve some models or if I should embrace the derp

>> No.23414491

>they have the LARGEST miniature selection.
>aside from latest cost cutting shit cast, extremely high quality miniatures.
>20+ years developing Fluff.

>> No.23416941

I wonder too.

But they are the flagship of toy soldiers.

>> No.23416989

but doesn't it make you at least simmer when they retcon the fluff with the wave of a hand?

>> No.23417068

didn't that guy get b& for that post?

janitor here don't take too kindly fer even mentionning poni or not liking 40derp.

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