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Sup, /tg/, I figure it's about time we have a nat20 thread. Dump all gifs and pics of things that look like crit successes

For example!
>Nat 20 dodge roll

>> No.23398867

>Monk crits in melee

>> No.23398900

>Nat 20 Escape Artist

>> No.23398903

>nat twenty Intimidate

>> No.23398942

This is how I bard

>> No.23398964


>> No.23399014

>sneak attack

>> No.23399053

Nat 20 intimidate

>> No.23399059

>crit dodge

>> No.23399138

> Summon animal companions.

>> No.23399151

Nat 20 intimidate.

>> No.23399219

>nat 20 seduce

>> No.23399250

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Here's a critical hit.

>> No.23399269


What I see is nat 20 for seduce. Even though I usually find red-dyed hair and piercings somehow... vulgar, I wouldn't be able to resist such a tongue.

...turns out I have a new fetish. Does any of you know what should I google for?

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Either y'all are weird for liking that, or I'm weird for being a bit freaked out by it. Probably the latter.

>Crit fail on stealth check, guard's reaction

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God dammit /tg/, another new fetish. Fuck you.

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>> No.23399734

Can you not imagine how good that tongue would feel?

>nat 20 trap

>> No.23399755

I see a couple of us rolled a 1.

Craft: Balloon animal

>> No.23399777

Strength check.

>> No.23399786

Nat 20 trip attempt with an improvised weapon.

>> No.23399797

I've stopped even making the checks to resist.


>> No.23399859

>nat 20 trap

>> No.23399876

Fair enough.

Going to bed.

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Not sure what this is but its a nat 20 in something.

>> No.23399897

>nat20 Perform: Dance

>> No.23399905

And the nat 1 equivalent.

>> No.23399920

nat 20 on everything

>> No.23399946

Dex check.

>> No.23399974

Natural 20 attack roll.

>> No.23399986

nat 20 camouflage

>> No.23399987

Fucking saved!
>nat 20 escape

>> No.23400011

Ummm... Intercept?

>> No.23400030


>> No.23400074

Home repair.

>> No.23400092

Perform: Magic

>> No.23400146

nat1 on Will Save against Intimidation
nat20 on Craft

>> No.23400198

Tumble basicly, and it's not a Nat20.
That's fairly easy to do (people do it by accident all the time - some die).

>> No.23400257

That guy is a total asshole

>> No.23400307

>not nat20 disarm trap

>> No.23400331

It's barely a 12.

>> No.23400490

Nat 20 ..umm...Work Avoidance?

>> No.23400507

Natural 1 on Handle Animal: Self.

>> No.23400513

Crit failure on sense motive
Crit failure on sanity check

>> No.23400557

Random Encounter: Noneuclidean Escalator.

>> No.23400641

It's a good thing I have a load of these saved. Dumping.

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>> No.23400701

>> No.23400744

>> No.23400776

I'm not the only one here, am I?

>> No.23400808

>> No.23400835

>> No.23400848

>> No.23400862

Nat 1 climb, I guess.

>> No.23400869

I tried

>> No.23400927


>> No.23400929

Now that's what I call a classic blunder.
Being too engrossed with your own skill to mind your opponent.

>> No.23400975

nat 20 and nat 1 fort check

>> No.23400981

>> No.23400995

>> No.23401039

Probably a couple of nat 20's in a row.

>> No.23401062

>"You rolled a natural 20 on disguise and your modifier is high enough to pass twice over. What are you disguised as?"

>> No.23401068

nat 20 intimidate

>> No.23401080

Nat 20 lore

>> No.23401106

Not a gif, but...

Natural 20 Profession/Composer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFKswXra5pA

>> No.23401117

That guy's not even a particularly good capoerista

Way too much theatrics. Sick of these show-off chucklefucks denigrating my sport.

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>> No.23401133

That's from a movie.

>> No.23401140

No, man, don't you get it.

I'm so perfectly disguised as myself that nobody believes it's me.

It's the perfect double whammy

>> No.23401141

Actually, I think that's a nat 20 for a bard to Craft: Book.

>> No.23401148

True-- capoeria is pretty cool, but that guy go wrecked. Just made it look goofy.

>> No.23401162

...I'll have what she's having.

>> No.23401190

He did get hilariously wrecked.

For what it's worth, muay thai is probably one of my favorite martial arts - it's one of the few employed as an art AND as a military combat technique, like krav maga.

I've just noticed that a lot of people have the idea that that kind of goofiness IS capoeira. It's a surprisingly grounded style once you understand the footwork, and a fuck of a workout.

>> No.23401191

Nah, it's a missed will-safe against orgasming on a vibrator.


>> No.23401192

A copy of Twilight and an overdose of Ecstasy?

>> No.23401194

I'd rather call it fake. Massive telegraphing, debatable connection, and zero finishing.

>> No.23401197

...Is she cumming?

>> No.23401240

For you

One "Necrophilia Variations" by Supervert coming up!

>Book tradsmin

Yeah pretty much, Captcha

>> No.23401241

It's Necrophilia Variations.

Bet your ass.

>> No.23401247

Yep. It's a series where women read literature while sitting on vibrators.

>> No.23401253

See >>23401191

Also, nat 20 reflex save.

>> No.23401265

The brilliant fucker. He hid a vibrator scroll in the book.

>> No.23401274

....That's awesome.

>> No.23401282


Yup. She's cumming. She's sitting on Hitachi.

>> No.23401289

nat 1 spot

>> No.23401311

Natural one attack roll

>> No.23401326

I find two things hilarious

- That no less than three /tg/ers instantly knew what this was

- That I got a literal response to this obvious reference.

On a side note, thanks! I love hearing a girl moan.

>> No.23401339

I'd rather say runes of sybian.

>> No.23401342

Now no one can ask for sauce.

>> No.23401346

Nat 20 disguise

>> No.23401350

The terrible consequences of Rank E Luck - critical failure, critical failure everywhere.

>> No.23401362

Nat 1 perform

>> No.23401369

>two fake cars

>> No.23401370

What is this from?

>> No.23401373

Man, I'd have kept going.

Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.23401379

Every man deserves to hear a pretty girl moan while she tries to keep it together enough to read what's in front of her due to sitting on a vibrator.

Yes, this is my fetish, how did you guess?

>> No.23401381

nat 100

>> No.23401417

sounds like someone maxed their ranks in profession: trolling

>> No.23401423

Nat 1 ride

>> No.23401478


>> No.23401480

Nat 20 to cast Barkskin?
because it kinda hard to break.
like my dick.

>> No.23401516

Wouldn't it be easier to incapacitate enemies with devastating orgasms than physical harm?
Everyone builds for physical resistance but what if you force pleasure onto their minds?
Even if they can resist for a long time, it distracts them incredibly.

>> No.23401562

look at that old fucker start laughing

>> No.23401596

Does anyone have the one where vegita reaches over into the adjacent car and casually pulls their steering wheel off?


>> No.23401625

A webcomic on Lemonfont about a shapeshifter.

>> No.23401698

That's not even a dog. That said, I didn't know Putin could make balloon animals, so we've both learned something today.

Polite sage because lack of contribution.

>> No.23401765

Nat 20 intimidate. On a d12.

>> No.23401776

nat 20 flying rape attack

>> No.23401801

Natural 20 on all to-hits off Flurry of Fists, max damage on all of them.

>> No.23401812

nat 20 reflex save

>> No.23401831


More like natural 20 perception


>> No.23401851


>> No.23401857

source on this?

>> No.23401867

Very related.

>> No.23401878

It's a spider that does cartwheels. I am both stupidly impressed at nature and really really want one as a pet...

>> No.23401887

Fate Stay Night aint it?

>> No.23401898

Fate Zero. It's very dark.

Nat 1Dex check

>> No.23401905


>> No.23401909

Fate Zero actually.

>> No.23401918

Not quite, that is Saber.

It's from Fate/Zero.

>> No.23401956

It's from a film, if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.23401987

I actually fucking winced at that...

>> No.23402022

I haven't got the fainted idea what he was rolling, but the result definitely was a natural 20.

>> No.23402084

That is what a cantrip looks like.
Utilitarian with a dose of impracticality.

>> No.23402162

Poor Hammond.
At least this time it wasn't a high speed dragster flipping so you skid on your head.

>> No.23402184

You, I like you.
Also, thanks to everyone who linked to the video, now I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.23402199


>Even if they can resist for a long time, it distracts them incredibly.

Until they psychologically connect pleasure with the act of fighting, and then they become even more dangerous because the potential for pleasure through conflict will motive them.

>> No.23402217


Hysterical litrature its called. essentially reading books whilst sitting on a sex toy.

>> No.23402224

Which is how Slaanesh gets all those fighters.
JESUS people, pay attention!

>> No.23402469

Found the nat 1 counterpart!

>> No.23402483

Nat 20 perception.
Nat 1 grapple.
Nat 20 intimidation.

>> No.23402485

>> No.23402517

>> No.23402523


>> No.23402610

Just to add to this, they are not actually sitting on a sex toy.

There is a girl under the table with a Hitachi.

Source: http://stoya.tumblr.com/post/28527362494/hysterical-literature

This is Stoya (the girl in the gif) talking about the experience.

>> No.23402644

You clever bastard.
I will gladly go to war with you.

>> No.23402673

I'm in tears.

Nat 20 balance.
Followed by a nat 1 perception.

>> No.23402717

That's almost hotter.

I fucking love whatever the hell you call this.

>> No.23402720

>nat 20 recal exam

>> No.23402732

nat 1 spot

>> No.23402753

>20 on improvised weaponry

>> No.23402799

Four degrees of success on a grapple check.

>> No.23402840

Ehh. With the backflip, I'll give it a 15.

>> No.23402847

Nat 20 Disguise + Bluff

>> No.23402881

Voyeurism, mostly

>> No.23402941

Nat 20 racism

always the black goat that gets knocked down.

>> No.23402956

Nat 1: Intimidate

>> No.23403093


>> No.23403095

I think thats a nat 20 Throw Improvised Weapon.

>> No.23403127

My imidate thought was "Is this gonna be a dude? Its a dude. No way it isn't a dude."

>The internet has ruined me.

>> No.23403183

>> No.23404040


Same here - that dude might have gotten seriously, seriously hurt.

>> No.23404359

>didn't need my sides anyway

>> No.23404362


Shadowrun has an Illusion spell called Orgasm (Orgy is the Area Effect version)

It's very good. Better, in fact, than Agony.

Pretty sure I saw a GURPS spell that did something similar - if you used it for pleasure, it was addictive for the target.

>> No.23405221

That is ruined by all those awful fucking meme faces. Where's the original?

>> No.23405611

Nat 20 car repair

I don't have a gif but I can give you the video it is from:


>> No.23406202

There's a DnD supplement (I don't think it's actually affiliated with them though) that's all about sex and Power Word: Orgasm does exactly that.

>> No.23408388

>guy rolling around in sleeping bag
>guy waving flag until he falls out of window
>guy just bashing his head on the wall

what the fuck is this

>> No.23408492


More like Naturual 20 Iajustu check.

>> No.23408542


>> No.23408670

That's more of a Natural 1 Leadership

>> No.23408834

Natural 1 dexterity check

>> No.23409059

Craft (trapmaking) nat 20

>> No.23409069

nat 20 attack of opportunity

>> No.23409078




>> No.23409081


>> No.23409087

some monk shit, it's super cool

>> No.23409098

Nat 20 Acrobatics, Nat 20 Flurry of Blows

>> No.23409103

nat 20 feint

>> No.23409140

nat 20 hide
>Okay Ken you can take your attack roll with the bonus from not being detected
>I want to add my bonus to intimidate instead

>> No.23409161

nat 20 Use the Force to activate Telekinesis

>> No.23409163

nat 20 stealth

>> No.23409173

halfling monk grappling specialist

>> No.23409192

nat 20 intimidate

>> No.23409207

awakened black bear monk

>> No.23409210

I have been laughing for two minutes straight.

That fucking "dis nigga over here" look.

Jesus christ.

>> No.23409221

Natural 1: Craft (alchemy)

>> No.23409247

nat 1 attack roll with silly botch rules

>> No.23409250

>> No.23409251

nat 20 sense motive

>> No.23409258

Halfling monk Flurry of Blows.

>> No.23409272

Nat 20 Disguise

>> No.23409286

natural 20 seduction

>> No.23409293

>okay roll for initiative
>entire group answers all at once

>> No.23409305

>failing will save vs. Detect Thoughts

>> No.23409326

natural 20 escape artist

>> No.23409332

nat 20 normal life

>> No.23409359

Ride natural 20

>> No.23409363


>> No.23409374



>> No.23409408

I hope we are not the only ones who get this.

>> No.23409411

nat 19 jump check

>> No.23409416

Reminds me of the Dark Tower.

>> No.23409418

Nope, I get it.
>Sir Bearington

>> No.23409419

Dunno what you're talking about, but you're being rude to the fine gentlemen standing behind the cameraman. A bear he says, hah!

>> No.23409432 [DELETED] 

Natural 20 fascinate

>> No.23409445

this thread, amirite

>> No.23409488

Nat 20 at perform (Fabulous)

>> No.23409536

>implying they ever 'perform'

That's just basic combat for them.

>> No.23409548

Clearly, Sir Bearington is the owner of that particular racing team and was frustrated by how long the pit stop was taking.

They failed the spot check because Sir Bearington is so graceful and quiet get gets several stealth bonuses.

>> No.23409567

When you consider how the Ripple works, it's literally like breathing for them

>> No.23409604


Or maybe it WAS a nat 20, but the DM is being a dick and railroading or something.

>> No.23409610

That reminds me of the thread we had about people rolling natural 20's and getting fucked over in the process.

>Nat 20 on Stealth Check: You cannot find yourself again, ever. Roll a new character.

>Nat 20 on Attack: You hit so hard you kill your enemy and yourself in a massive explosion. Roll a new character.

>> No.23409611

Perform (Combat)?

>> No.23409619

>how bards minmax

>> No.23409688

you sir, are a villain and a scoundrel

>> No.23409700


>> No.23409703

In the Wheel of Time book series, one of the Warders gets tortured through pleasure. Ends up an heroing before it got good though..

>> No.23409892

Wait, what?
What the fuck is up with that name?

>> No.23410329

Is shadow run a sexual game?

I honestly thought it was a legit system from the way /tg/ talks about it.

>> No.23410449

Why would you assume its a sex game just because it has an orgasm spell? GURPS and many other systems have such a spell or technological items that can do similar things. Hell GURPS has an entire splatbook about bio-technology, GURPS is not a furry or a bodymod game just because the book has a wide range of surgeries and new human sub races created through genetics that can make you a cat person or whatever.

>> No.23410479

Legit systems often have mechanisms for some sexual stuff while not soley catering to it. The inclusion of, for example, "erotic arts" in GURPS doesn't mean GURPS isn't a "legit system".

Only when the game is over 50% sexual or fetish is there probably a problem (taking a number out of thin air) and that's usually because the devs were too busy jerking it to put in good rules.

>> No.23410787

nat 20 preform (pringles)

>> No.23411441

People like you make me lose faith in humanity.

>> No.23415985

To be fair, that spell is pretty adult.

>> No.23417848

What the fuck? Why didn't he go over there and help?

>> No.23418005

Wow. That's fucking awesome.

>> No.23418056

nat 1 strength check

>> No.23418352

Handle Vehicle. Not sure if Nat 20 or Nat 1...

>> No.23418882

Frankly, I doubt he'd survive another high speed crash. Lucky fucker, that 'un.

>> No.23419177

Larkin Love. I think I like her best in this gif, but whatevs.

>> No.23421049

Not sure what this counts as

>> No.23421056

Natural twenty grapple

>> No.23421233

>Player and adjacent character dies.

>> No.23421273

>> No.23421360


Same as this

>> No.23421362

its from a movie. never back down.

>> No.23421373

christ i fucking hate cats

>> No.23421411

Would this count as grappling?

>> No.23421435

>Natural 20 parry
>Natural 20 counter attack

>> No.23421616

>Barbarian rage
>Improvised weapon

>> No.23421664

>stop kicking yourself
>stop kicking yourself
>stop kicking yourself

>> No.23421787

Mmmm, Melina always did have the most flexible legs. Very easy to get them to open too.

>> No.23421838

Nat 20 Sneak attack.

>> No.23424061

>that filename

Critical success: Holdout

>> No.23424419

Nah, those backflips are wicked easy. That's a 13.

>> No.23424685


>> No.23424700


>> No.23425207


Jesus woman, you can't just go wielding tables like that.

>> No.23425713

Not even sure, the Bard's doin' sumthin'.

>> No.23425850

That's a nat 20 or a 1 depending on how you look at it...

>> No.23426160

i didn't need my sides anyway

>> No.23426212

nat 20 heart surgery

>> No.23426682

>Feat: Improved Improvised Weapon

>> No.23426931

Nat 1 crit fail.

>> No.23427112

>catching chairs
It also looks like she has some bizarre home-brewed version of deflect arrows and snatch arrows.

>> No.23427406

Flurry of blows 100% hits, 100% 1s on damage.

>> No.23427544

Readied an action

>> No.23427944

I used to be able to do this, then I snapped my foot.

>> No.23428236

>nat 20 deceive

>> No.23428301

nat 20 operate (vehicle)

>> No.23428381

Nat 20 crime against humanity.

>> No.23428409

natural 20. both perform and seduce.

>> No.23428512

>> No.23428523

>> No.23428566


I never understood how "Flail around like a brain-damaged simian screwing up the simplest of tasks" was funny.

>> No.23428605

Then why are orks funny?

>> No.23429098

Nah thats a oWoD game.

Okay, roll for mass dementation vs willpower
>7 successes

>> No.23429322


I gotta admit, I chuckled like a monkey at seeing that gif. I think I find it funny because I understand that whoever made that gif intended it to be funny – like, it's not the act itself to which I react, but the energy of the act.

>> No.23429424


Word. Watching other people get off is one of the hottest things I know of.

>> No.23429454

Stoya is the hottest thing I know of

>> No.23433025


Nat 20 disguise

>> No.23433280


Im with you on this. I also dont understand how the guy's channel is full of videos almost exactly the same, but Im still told to check out the latest hilarious one...

>> No.23433335

FUCK now i need to go watch the stairway to heaven bebop AMV

>> No.23435585

this is possibly the greatest hing I've seen all week

>> No.23435650

Sometimes my little brother shows me that guts videos, and I never laugh until he smashes an egg out of nowhere because I always forget that running joke.

>> No.23435653

It's true.

None of my roommates are exhibitionists though.

Although my best bro and his girl are super loud, which is nice, at least... when I'm not trying to sleep.

>> No.23435792

nat 20

>> No.23435801

Rogue rolled a crit on his Sneak Attack?

>> No.23435819


>> No.23435856

nat 20 handle animal

>> No.23435877

Could have just said "Hide" or "Stealth"

>> No.23435908

What the fuck is a crit failure? Do you even RPG?

>> No.23435941

>> No.23435959

>> No.23435961

You're joking, right?

>> No.23435974

>> No.23435984

isn't that ace-rimmer?

>> No.23436002

I love how it looks like he caught the rebounding bolt.

>> No.23436013


>> No.23436017

Its particularly handy as a distraction. It disables things quite well.
"Those fuckers stunshot me" is one thing, but fewer guards are willing to admit they missed folks sneaking by them because they jizzed their pants.

Orgazmo is a sneaky fuck.

>> No.23436018

Not at all.
Critical failure is the most retarded thing ever.
I seriously hope you're new to playing RPGs

>> No.23436023

>not knowing what a crit failure is

...do *you*, sir?

>> No.23436032

for the mason order

>> No.23436046

Thats a nat 20 spot check.

>> No.23436062

Okay, and you do realise this is actually a totally different thing to what you originally said, right?

>> No.23436063

Noone commented this? I think it's scaringly perfect executed...

>> No.23436190

why did I laugh

>> No.23436525

I can back up that some chickens will give ZERO fucks about anything your unarmed ass can try to drive them off with. I tend to use flocks of chickens (think Legend of Zelda) to attack the players when they say they're getting bored of no combat.

The battle is usually started when they notice a chicken in their path. Any attempts to hurt the chicken or get within 10 feet of it makes combat immediately initiated with a surprise attack by a lookalike of my own rooster; silvery and black feathers with a tiny hint of blue tinting, flecked with gold. The rooster calls for your doom.

Killing the rooster is the only way to render the eternal flock docile, until that happens, more chickens will fly in every turn.

>> No.23436624

Holy shit, what is going on there? He stuffed the dog in his clothes, and it's on his head?

>> No.23436936


Yep. Around season seven, I believe, when all the show's formerly good ideas and jokes were being run into the ground.

>> No.23437395


>> No.23437483


You call that a 20 in Fabulous? Let me show you how its done.

>> No.23437550


Its a feat: Snatch Improvised Weapons.

>> No.23437553

It's on a concrete floor.

The man is insane.

>> No.23437614


More like 20 leadership and 1 sense motive.

>> No.23437659


I regret spending six years of my life training under conventional martial arts masters instead of this woman.

>> No.23437911

Plus 50 in ranks

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