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How would i run a session of Only War where the party are on a night patrol during winter?

Also, what little events could i use to make it more atmospheric?

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Make them not hear very well, because your boots are crunching in the snow.
Make the darkness seem overpowering.
Make the Las Vegas bling stop functioning properly, but the old shit from 1993 still operate.
Make the lack of sleep, food and warm drink cause them to hallucinate. Make sure they KNOW they're probably hallucinating, but also that they can't be completely sure.

Make some fucker step into a pool of water against all odds, and have to change socks. (Just make a roll, and say that one of his squadmates has an extra pair.)
Make them wait, and roll perception checks.
Ask them about how they take cover, etc.

You know, the usual stuff.

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Your party encounters a frozen statue. Someone gets too curious and starts to melt it somehow.


Daemon runs away. You chase daemon. Daemon is clever, shenanigans ensue.

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>Make the Las Vegas bling stop functioning properly, but the old shit from 1993 still operate.

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>Make some fucker step into a pool of water against all odds, and have to change socks.

And if he doesn't change his socks, lose a foot to frostbite.

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Marine bro here. My two cents from doing manouvers in Finland:

One of the rubs with winter warfare is that you become waaaaaay colder when you are still for any period of time. The more they move continuously, the more fatigued they should get (impose increasing negatives on all their stats?), but if they rest they begin to take increasing damage from the cold.

Not sure how best you'd run this, as I've never played Only War.

Also their rations should become frozen, making them harder or impossible to eat, and give less benefits when they are eaten. Any digging checks should be harder because the ground is frozen or muddy or both.

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Guard rations are already a insipid paste made of corpses and algae.
Getting the rations frozen is not bad.

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Maybe after a while have them run across some footprints in an area they haven't been to yet...

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>Make them not hear very well, because your boots are crunching in the snow.
>not hearing well
Did you ever walk through a winter night?

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Ever tried eating a brick of frozen paste when you're already freezing cold? Lowers your core temperature, bro.

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Throw a blizzard at them. Seriously, nothing worse at night especially if it's cold. No visibility, and you can't hear anything. One of the fun things you can pull with this sort of thing is friendly fire things; if they fail a check to not get lost, maybe they meet another Guard patrol, or even end up back at their own lines, and because they can't see or hear anything, mistake it for an enemy position.
Then rub your hands with sadistic glee as they discover they just cleared their own trenches.

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>The night is suddenly filled with Northern Lights, dispelling the darkness while it lasts
>The party reaches a ridge, down below a herd of reindeer (or xenos equivalent) is slowly moving across the snowy dunes
>One of the ski´s of the troopers break, and they have to stop to attatch a temporary replacement (they ARE using ski´s right? Anything else is pants-on-head-stupid if they are moving any kind of distance)
>While crossing a river the ice suddenly breaks and one (or more) of the soldiers fall in the water
>Suddenly a snowstorm comes on out of no-where and the party has to quickly take shelter to survive
>The party comes across foot-prints of something which matches nothing they have ever seen before.


They make a lot of noise to the person walking, but snow is an amazing sound insulator and sound really really does not travel far during snowy conditions

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Also, some winter pics incoming

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i think he means people are more twitchy to sounds on a cold winter night

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Oh. I see. Nvm then.

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Maybe when the patrol starts you include some npc guardsmen, after a while the party realizes one of them is missing. Then later on they find his frozen body.

This would probably work well with >>23398015 idea of the cold doing damage to players.

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Things operate weird in the cold. Just ask Napoleon or Hitler. Or anyone who uses an iPod at 30 below 0 instead of a Walkman.

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You should also vary the amount by which you knock down their movement allowance per round, depending on if they're in deep snow, shallow snow, thick mud, hard frosen ground, etc. Ice areas could require a dex check to not fall over when moving at more than slow walking pace?

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While walking on their patrol, one of the player steps on something and hears a loud CLICK.

Now the players have to figure out how to get their friend off the landmine without detonating it, or stepping on other mines.

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Their only source of light is an old railway lamp, Emperor help them if the guy carrying it slips...

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You wouldn't be carrying a light source outside of base camp. You want to be a target for everyone within a 3 mile radius?

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It's like these guys never heard of light & noise discipline. Why not just shoot flares up in the sky, or pass out lho sticks for everyone to smoke while you walk?

Sarcasm aside, sounds carry further in the cold, while smells do not. Not sure if that's relevant to anything, but it could help.

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If possible have the planet have a less than normal amount of free oxygen in the atmosphere. Everyone looks the same under the Death Korps style gas masks.

At some point add an extra person to the party without them noticing.

If people have been smart and written their name across their forehead of the gas mask have a doppleganger.

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That said, guardsmen are sometimes little more than conscripts who get to bayonet charge a straw dummy and put a mag downrange to make sure they know which way round the gun goes before being issued a tin hat and shipped off to the line. If OP's party are newfags, he could throw all the fun of the fair at them and see which has the common sense to work out how to not get dead.

There's a lamp in the store room when they're kitting up for patrol. Do they take it? If so, enemies get bonuses to hit during random encounters.

They stop for the night. Do they make a fire? Does one of them start playing soulful tunes on his harmonica and telling stories about his gal and white picket fence? If yes, BOOM. Ork ambush.

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Only the top 10% of PDF forces are allowed to join the Guard. Anyone who makes it to that status is not a total fucking moron.

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So sick off all this "hurr soviet charges only badly traind lel xd" shit.
Read the fucking lore for once

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There are countless guard units. Each one if different. It could be fluffed in easily if it made for a good game. Cadia has entire units of whiteshield conscripts during the Black Crusades.

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So sick of all this "hurr I didn't read your post in the first place lel xd" shit. I said SOMETIMES, fucknugget. Try shutting your yappy little mouth and opening your fucking eyes for once, dickbreath.

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I'm starting to wonder if your the person who ask the same questions everyday about only war.

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>There's no way multiple people could play the same game!

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It varies from planet to planet, but you're mostly right. The vast majority of guardsmen aren't going to be completely militarily inept.

Then again PC being a trained warrior=/= a Player who knows more about warfare than which end of the rifle the killy stuff comes out of. If OP is running a game where the majority of his players have absolutely zero outdoorsman experience, he should probably take it a little easy on them.

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Cadia is an exception.

Most worlds have to ship their Regiments out to find the big wars that need wining.

Not Cadians. They just have to wait for Abbadon "my top-knot isn't a compensation I swear" the Despoiler to beat, bribe, threaten or scam the other Tardlords of Chaos it to getting their shit together for this Long War thing they are meant to be fighting.

Cadia has little distinction between PDF and Guard.

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True but I'm noticing a trend about the "only war' threads...

Either the game system is so poorly written that tons of people are creating threads asking the same question everyday, or some neck beard has too much time on their hands.

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Op is basically saying, "I've never conducted a combat operation in an extreme cold weather environment, but want to simulate it. Wat do?"

I don't think it's either of these issues you bring up, but so what if it is? I, personally, don't have anything better to do. And if my military experience can help make a game better for a group, why the hell not?

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Not that guy, but >>23400361 is right. The guard can vary wildly between units. Some units are only started because the planet is required to give men so the troops are given the basic shit, told how to do basic shit and shipped off to die in a pile of shit. Now, the units we hear of like Death Korps, Cadians, Catachans and numbers of other Guard units we read about don't do that because they are some of the best out there, and few books give a fuck about the worst, which is why we rarely hear of them. The only example of know of at the moment is 15 Hours since they were taught how to shoot, given their stuff then dumped on the battlefield. I've been reading through the Guard Omnibuses/Omnibus'/likeIknowhowtofuckingspell and I have only recently finished the third book in Omnibus 1, so I'm probably not the best well of info since the other books might hard a Taurd unit in them as well.

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The only trend I notice in Only War threads is Generation Kill quotes.

>> No.23400599

the far more obvious answer would be multiple people asking different questions about a newly released rpg.
but hey that's just my opinion
and everyone elses.

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You seem to be implying that AN exception is THE ONLY exception. 40k isn't set in stone, bud. You can make up more or less what the fuck you want. The only difference between you and Matt Ward is hopefully you don't have facial hair that makes you look like a cunt and he gets paid to make up stupid stories about space men. If guardsmen being conscripts would work as a game and you don't want to play as whiteshields... BAM. There is now a guard regiment that is all conscripts. Deal with it.

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It came out in what, January? It's new, of course it's going to get lots of attention. Furthermore, when was the last time you saw someone asking about running a winter patrol game in only war?

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>reads the words "Only War" in OP
>"hurr durr game is shit OP is a faggot with no life"

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>>people talking about Only War
>>quoting from Gen Kill

Yup. Clearly all OW threads are one guy samefagging.

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tie the detonator at a funny angle to hold it down and just dig up the mine, because if it didnt go off immediately the switch moving to its original position must be what sends the signal

>> No.23400746

When did I say the game was shit? Please show me the quote.

If you cant find it please go away.

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I put my sheer level of stupid down to tiredness and apologize.

Have a glorious picture

>> No.23400780

Land mines do not work like that. If it triggers, it goes fucking boom. None of this Hollywood inspired two-step-detonator craziness.
./rant over.
Otherwise, for an Imperial Guard table top campaign, this sounds like a nice idea!

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Huh I was thinking of the Vietnam movie "Boys from Company C", where one of the FNG's steps on a mine that doesn't immediately go off, and they spend a few minutes trying to replace his weight with a loaded ammo can while he slowly takes his weight off it.

>> No.23400823

That could be a possible solution, but there are a multitude of different types of mines in our world, I can only imagine the fucked up types of anti-personnel explosives that exist in the 40k universe. Best bet would be to give that guy your last sip of amasec and an lho stick, he ain't gonna make it.

On the same note, what kind of mines would exist in 40k? I imagine that imperial mines are basic fragmentation or incendiary, but what would Chaos use? What about Dark Eldar, how fucked up would theirs be?

>> No.23400839


It's not quite that simple. Mainly because through thick boots you wouldn't feel a properly burried mine, and the instinctive thing to do when you do step on something odd is to lift your boot and look at it, but also because the switches are veeeery sensitive, and you're dealing with the weight of a fully kitted soldier who's cold and probably tired from yomping all day. If it's dark, you stand even less chance.

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Your imagination's the limit.

>> No.23400855

Have a Valhallan be really smug about how warm it is compared to back home in a bad russian accent

>> No.23400875


Glorious picture gloriously received. FOR THE EMPEROR!

>> No.23400908


Also this. But if you can't be Hollywood in 40k, where can you?

>> No.23400909

Simple high explosive would be the deadliest and easiest to mass produce. Anything from a manufactured shell (fragmentation grenade) to a bit of C4 in an ice cream tub full of nuts and bolts (IEDs in Afghan).
DE - 4 lines of barbed wire are fire out (North,South,East,West.. for sake of argument) then the central mine just starts spinning.

>> No.23400963


Bouncing Betties existed in WW2, and he's playing 40k - not Modern Warfare. If it's a 100% accurate warfighting sim, it's going to be boring as shit.

>> No.23400964

Eldar plasma mines
Imperial jump-mines (bouncing betty's)
Ork mine-traps (imagine a bear-trap with TNT attached)
Nurgle plague-mines shower a large area with non-lethal shrapnel, loaded with toxins for maximum infection.
Dark Eldar manglers shoot out a barbed whip that can separate a mans leg at the knee, and leaves venomous barbs stuck in the wound...

>> No.23400974

Right, but I don't think DEldar give a shit about ease of mass production.

And I know all about IED's and landmines, Combat Engineer from 08-12

>> No.23401005

howdafuq would any of us know that dude?

>> No.23401032

Slaaneshi Penetrator, when standing over the trap a pointed shaft shoots out of the ground and spears the victim.

Also its covered in drugs to amp up the painful sensation.

>> No.23401126

Except it's stated outright that that's not the case the majority of the time. Deathwatch, the Munitorum Manual, IG Codex, and DH Ascension would like to have a word with you.

>> No.23401155


Dark Eldar have an extremely efficient war economy fueled by millions of slaves.

>> No.23401182


>>majority of the time = all the time

Hush now.

>> No.23401204


Implying 40k fluff isn't a fucktarded clusterfuck that contradicts itself and retcons shit whenever it sees fit all the fucking time.

>> No.23401356

> Las Vegas
It's a Nato codeword for doing maintenance on your fancy shit.
He's talking about how the old shit still works, and the new improved shit isn't.

Dude, unless you get those retarded US MREs, that's not a problem. You just boil water and add to the ration. Then you eat.


The sound of moving about in the snow? Especially when that layer of ice have gotten on top? (What's the english word for that, btw?) Fucking obnoxiously loud.

That it doesn't travel far is its only saving grace.

Without any clothes on.
Because people who die of cold exposure do things like that.
Of course, if they haven't been briefed by their Medicae or whatever it's called, they wouldn't know that, and perhaps even suspect some dreadful heresy of some sort.

>> No.23401385

Texas: Weapons maintenance
Siberia: Feet maintenance
Las Vegas: Fancy shit maintenance
Detroit: Vehicular maintenance.

You might change them for something more 40kish though.

>> No.23401389

>>Without any clothes on.
That would be creepy as fuck...

>> No.23401416

Kantrael maintenance? Doesn't really roll off the tongue.

>> No.23401432

>implying you aren't a fucktarded clusterfuck of autism who defaults on half-ass excuses when unable to defend something

>> No.23401441

Kantrael lasguns are a miracle of the universe, fuck your Triplex bullshit.

>> No.23401448

No dude, that's what people actually do.
As their body temperature starts dropping, they start to feel really, really warm. So they take of their clothes.

If they find him when he's still alive, and they do the proper cock-in-arse first-aid technique (two + men in a sleeping bag, naked, cock facing ass, the backdoor worker holding his arms around him for maximum warmth dispensure, while the rest of them make up a fire inside whatever tent you can set up in 3 minutes. (hides the flames, see?)

The first idiot who comments that getting naked with another man and sharing sleeping bags while you hold your arms around him while the rest of you make up a romantic fire and watch is in serious danger of getting blammed by the Commisar.

You're saving his life, and he would do the same thing for you. If you can't take a little faggotry, you shouldn't have joined with the Guards.

>> No.23401472

Just use forgeworlds where they make shit.
Of course, in 40k you'd have Terra, which would be prayer, etc.
Mars might be our Las Vegas.
Siberia might be Valhalla,
Texas might be Catachan...
You get the idea.

>> No.23401494

I always heard that the best way to warm up was warm or hot water, since it'll transfer the heat more readily and you're not going to insulate a guy whose core temperature has plummeted.

But I guess spooning is a viable alternative

>> No.23401525

Maybe the naked guy could piss on the other guy while he's grabbing him from behind.

>> No.23401538

If you want to insert hot ... water into him, then that might work yes.
But this is the Guard, not the Navy.

You have warm bodies available RIGHT NOW. Boiling water takes time.

>> No.23401581


>>defends the validity of made-up stories about space men written for kids by sweaty neckbeards
>>calls other people autists

My sides.

>> No.23401614


>>boil water
>>needing heat
>>in a snow drift in no man's land at night

>> No.23401654


>> No.23401670

You don't boil while in a snowdrift, silly anon.
You eat before or after patrol.
If you need to eat while on patrol, keep it close to your body, since that will keep the food warm.

Also, let me point out that keeping your canteen close to your body allows you to put snow in it, melting the snow, granting you more water.

If you don't need more water, put the canteen into the slot on the vest upside down.

>> No.23401680

I missed the part where the Redeemer had any say in this.

>> No.23401813

>trying to prove social status
>on 4chan

Now if that isn't hilarious, I don't know what is. Also, when trolling, try not to keep responding.

>> No.23401840

What are the classes in only war?

>> No.23401920


>> No.23401971





>> No.23401988

Offhand? Commissar, Storm Trooper, Ratling, Ogryn, Psyker, Sergeant, Hvy Weapon Guy, Special Weapon Guy, Medic

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Thanks :)

>> No.23402062

So how's the weather?

>> No.23402112

Snow shoes?

>> No.23402170

Wait, is Priest a choice in Only Waaagh?

>> No.23402369

Dude your image rocks.


>> No.23402653


>>someone pointed out my autistic flagrant faggotry in defending 40k lore like it was the gospel, and not badly written stories about aliens and space lasers.

>>best call them a troll

>> No.23402924

Oh lord, it's even better that you're serious about this. You certainly must be the one to talk, especially when you haven't even offered any evidence on your side.

>inb4 my shitty hit-and-run statements are proof!1!one

>> No.23402947

>shitty MRE's
>just boil some water
So you're implying that boiling water (using a fire I assume) in sub zero temperatures would be better than using a chemically activated heat pack (no fire, no light, no smoke to give you away)? Just want to clarify

>> No.23402965

oh god that poor dog

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It's like you've seen other people debate on 4chan, but not really understood what was going on, and now you want to try it for yourself.

>> No.23403237

>ork mine trap
I love this idea, also;

Ankel-Boom hiddy-squig: a squig that sleeps under ground until something around/above it disturbs it. It quickly burrows out and lacked itself onto the targets ankle, biting through the Achilles' tendon. It waits until more people come to help, then explodes when there's a whole heap of people around.

>> No.23403358

It's like you've seen other people sage on 4chan, but not really understood what was going on, and now you want to try it for yourself.

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