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Surprised nobody posted it yet.

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People have posted it several times over the past few months/years since it was made.

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I'm sure someone in some thread at some point in time has.

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OP, did you mean to post this?

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Oh shiiiiiiiiiit, son.

Kronar's back.

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Because someone is bound to want it.

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You can feel the rage.

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And a bonus, just for /tg/

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>even some of the trees have been stabbed
Oh god, my sides. Oglaf is so much better than any other /tg/-related comic I've seen on here it ain't funny.

Except it's very funny.

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but he's soft now

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Its from the testosterone lost through fatherhood. He's been raising his son, and isn't at his 100%. Give him some time, its almost like he's new to adventuring.

I just hope he hasn't lost any of his honor

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It's called a refractory period. He'll be hard again in a minute.
Prepare your honor.

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Eh. Seen it.

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Its daytime Kronar, though. You know. Standing outside. Not in the basement

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The new one is clearly more angry.

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I eagerly await a Kenshiro edit.

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wait what.

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Unsounded is pretty good, though not as funny.

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His fantasy was to masturbate while she fantasized about him brutally dominating her. Right as he came, she told him she was thinking about cakes.

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What's important is that it still counts.

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Wasn't Oglaf deemed to be against /tg/ rules?

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I would suck 3 dicks if Korgoth coud get a few dozen episodes

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I'm marking your post for future reference.

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>I just hope he hasn't lost any of his honor
>Prepare your honor.

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