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You know what really bothers me? White people in sci-fi. I mean, fantasy is usually hand-waved as being "inspired" by European myth by the eurocentrist industry (in reality it's just neo-colonial wank). But what gets me about sci-fi is how white people seem to think they'll be around in the future. These fuckers are like 10% of the global population and they think they won't get bred out. LOL

What I'm looking for is some REALISTIC fiction that has absolutely NO WHITE PEOPLE. I don't care if they've been wiped out, if they've been bred out, whatever, just as long as they FUCK OFF and get out of the way of the REAL doers.

Any suggestions for White-People Free Science Fiction, fa/tg/uys?

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Nice to see you too, /pol/.

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Dont know any, ill keep this tab open in case someone does...

Also, What kind exactly? RP/Shows/Anime/Anything?

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Nice ruse, OP.

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ANYTHING without all this oppressive bullshit.

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Not bad. I haven't seen this one before.

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good luck with that mexican shuttle craft, cap'n!

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maybe the chinese can copy themselves an imagination!

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Basically this.

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Come to visit, /pol/? I really wish you'd come by less often.

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fraid not, sir. You know what they say, if you make a copy of a copy, it doesn't turn out that bright.

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2/10 would not rage again.

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Oh come on, is not THAT bad...

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It's funny how you think the human species will avoid wiping itself out after whites have gone extinct.

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>Implying you repulsive, unworthy organics of any hue stand a chance.

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>implying niggers and sand niggers can EVER manage to get off this forsaken rock with their inferior genetics and lackluster mental capacity.

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In Rust we Trust.

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Oh /pol/ do you know nothing about subtlety?

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irony...killing me! must... avoid... snarky comment!

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Your're right, there is definitly a dearth there. Why not write some? If theres actually a market for it and you have talent you could make quite a bit of money.

stirling scooped up piles of cash like that by churning out some bland fantasy about wicca. If he can do it, so can you.

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I keep trying to make mexican battletech. It never comes out right.

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9/10 for originality, but a bit too obvious.

In the future everyone would probably be a mix of everything, so no one modern "race" would still be in existence, really.

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Derailing this thread.

ANy of you guys ever do a campaign in an Indian setting? I did one in a cyberpunk Mumbai and it turned out really cool, the main Villain even got taken out Trishna style

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the second Kovacs book, they all use Maori bodies because of their radiation resistance, because they're in space.

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Oh, so just because I belong to an UNDERSERVERED demographic, means I can't be served at all? I have to serve up any efforts of mine for the white man to consume and ruin? FUCK YOU

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I insist, its not THAT bad!

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Just so you guys know this was a redpill operation from /pol/. Thread just got deleted over there.

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I have a book for you, called "Guns, Germs, and Steel". It explains why your opinion is retarded and wrong and may just make you a better person if you can stop gargling shit for five minutes.

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Is gaia the rock? The mudball? Or is she something more? Do we carry a peice of her wherever we go? Or is she as dead and lifeless as the rock itself?

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How was that not blatantly obvious to everyone?

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Oh, go play Shadowrun: Lagos. Or play a setting where there are no hunams at all.

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No, he's telling you to make your own art and culture, and not expect someone else to do it for you.

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taking naked pictures of your mother and selling them on the internet may be new in literary circles, but its been going on for a long time now.

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>implying mexico can't into space

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>muh zebras: a novel

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It's funny because...ah, fuck it, I'm to tired to start this horseshit.

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For a group to quit being underserved someones gotta serve em, yes.

It would be really cool if we could make shit exist by wanting it to exist, but alas.

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I'm sorry. I tried. You can't just pull magic out of a hat.

I wanted to be successful so bad. Just so tired of ramen and noodles.

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>who's gargling shit ?
>genetics or behavior, you know it doesn't matter either way

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Skin pigmentation divergence within the species is based on diet and cultural/scientific factors governing sun exposure. Once in space, people will spend the majority of their lives sheltered behind thick bulkheads and electromagnetic fields, cutting their exposure to ultraviolet rays down to a fraction of what the civilized world endures today. Logically, after 50 generations in space, everyone up there will be pale white.

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>Not knowing the difference between training and domestication

>> No.23370077

>replying to the troll
I applaud your taste in reading, but really? And it was such an obvious troll.

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>Trishna style

Holy fuck that movie was fucking depressing. And all I wanted to see was Freida Pinto's boobs

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OP, you're a massive weeboo.

We all know that without white people to guide them, the lesser races will fall upon themselves in an effort to become that ruling sub-species over humanity, and the only race powerful and smart enough to do that are the Asians. The issue is that Asians lack the parental compassion that the European colonists felt for the rest of the world and will probably just kill off all the nigs and kikes and mudslimes.

Can't you just appreciate these utopian pictures of the future where the best race has tranceneded a world corrupted by monkeys and sandniggers?

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>Just so you guys know this was a redpill operation from /pol/. Thread just got deleted over there.
Wait... so you're saying that this is some kind of trick? A ruse perhaps, where OP posts something stupid and we're all supposed to react to it? Why would someone do such a thing?

And /pol/ is a described in the catalog as a place to discus news and current events. Your theory just does not seem to match the stated purpose of that board.

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>implying non-whites can into the future.

This PC shit is a passing fad. We'll get back to genociding you in a few generations.

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Eh, I just wanted to spread the name of the book around on the off chance there were any /pol/ititards hanging about and watching their attempt fail hilariously.

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sorry. i have to appease my dark glade.
the kinds of shit you have to do to get noticed.

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>Not realizing training is the first step
>Not realizing Africa never even got that far

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Wow. That's the most logical thing I've ever heard about skin in space.

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It's called genetics and its not as simple as you're implying.

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Revisionist history. You can do better.

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So... anybody got some dragon dildos to show off, or something?

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Thank You. Granted, that's only skin colors. Other genetic traits and physical features will vary widely based on future cultural trends and technologies.

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I want to run Houses of the Bollywood sometime, if that's worth anything. Main issue being the only other friends I have who've watched any don't enjoy tabletops.

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Here, I'll replicate the experience:
>Good goyim.

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could someone be so kind as to give the source of this?

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Actually it's pretty much close to that. Minor deviations due to natural melanin content, but without enough sun people will be pretty pale compared to the way they are now. Even the white folks.

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''Ecological Imperialism'' is the same book, but an actual history book instead of a pop-history

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I got this picture of a tesseract I took from wikipedia.

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there are only 3 cultures left that aren't complete specks on the map that haven't already been explored in a popular rpg setting:


Considering how generic psuedo settings are, thats pretty generous.

How do we make arabs, africans, and indians popular with the RPG crowd?

I want to wear a Helm of Radiance AND be a black guy.

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Not saying the person you are replying to is correct, but skin colour is actually a highly mutable trait. On Earth it takes roughly 5 to 10 thousand years for an isolated population to adopt optimal pigmentation.

However, if there is no strong selective pressure to change (there probably wouldn't be in space), there's no reason to believe we wouldn't end up with a mix of skin colours like we do now. As you imply, it's unlikely that any specific colouration will be bred out of the pool by accident alone.

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redpill your friends into bollywood

Make them watch Dum Maaro Dum, it's a good movie, they'd fall into it that way

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Sure is White Guilt in here. Go back to your cuckold forum.

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Rolled 17, 33, 36, 16 = 102

Does /pol/ not like that book? I thought it was great.

Have you read pic related? His work on the deforestation of Polynesian Islands is the stuff of campaign material.

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Get your galoshes and go inside son. I smell a shitstorm brewing.

>> No.23370243

No. No they don't.

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Could Obama BE any more of a nerd? I mean the guy can't go five seconds without giving someone the "murderface". We need a macho black guy who is not in a porno or prison movie.

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In the future everyone will be varying degrees of of beautiful caramel color.

>> No.23370264

Dolph Lungrin 2.0
"The watermelon Patch"

>> No.23370275

Darkwar, by Glen Cook.

It's about wolf people.

>> No.23370277


To expand upon that, it's a good 80s miami vice style movie, but is Indian enough ti be unique in it's own way.

Plus, dat soundtrack


>> No.23370278

I need a macho black guy i can fawn over while suppressing homosexual urges and channeling them into violent fantasies who doesn't scare my white tush.

>> No.23370288

I was wondering why someone claiming to be from /tg/ posted in /pol/ now I understand. You must admit that at least this was fairly original.

>> No.23370290

Well, you could just go the mythology route

>> No.23370291

black swartzenegger, i'm looking at you.

>> No.23370307

You asked for it...

>> No.23370312

In David Webber's Armageddon Inheritance books the culture that humans on Earth are descended from are a mixture of all the racial Phenotypes that have homoginized across the species into a darkish-tan skin tone with almond eyes and wavy hair.

>> No.23370314

Also, there has never been a good cops and robbers rpg where you play as the cops. Ohh, i know! Lets bastardize vodoo! Everybody loves vodoo!

Oh wait, Rifts already did that.
Oh wait, who cares, its Rifts

>> No.23370325

It's powered by donkeys.

>> No.23370329

putting it in is not the hard part. Its moving up and down without it falling out.

Also, a human partner would just keep going when you hiss and spit. Females lack the capacity to masturbate effectively.

>> No.23370337

I could have said the same thing about the dildo

>> No.23370347

Pretty nifty. A volcano beast or something?

I drew up a Tyranitar design I'm rather pleased with, but I haven't gotten around to ordering it yet because I can buy SO MANY GAMES with that money.

>> No.23370352

That's also the future from South Park.

The author of the Takeshi Kovacs books has more mixed (heavy on the black and brown, since white women know who to fuck for proper genes) people getting into space, while white males become more xenophobic and paranoid, embracing religion and expanding the Bible Belt to most of America.

>> No.23370354

unless your femdom has some real raperage, she won't provide the kinda friction you need.

Sure, I'm on china white NOW, but give me a few months, you'll see. Black tar, all the way up inside.

>> No.23370363

Also, why is black peoples semen not black? That makes me mad. I don't know why.

>> No.23370364

Modern sub-Saharan Africa would be a pretty good setting for an RPG.

You could start out as a group of malnourished children who had just been orphaned by conflict, who become soldiers of fortune (or at least aspire to be, starting as general murderhobos).

Starting from this state, you can experience growth not unlike that of typical RPGs. Securing proper food can dramatically increase your health and physical capabilities, and you can grow and learn to become vastly more effective than your original condition.

There are magic weapons, like AK-47s and RPG-7s. Wondrous items like cellular phones. Mounts and monsters like technicals and helicopters.

You can become warlords, or go around fighting injustice, or just scrape up enough money to move somewhere peaceful.

There are places in the world where life is still an adventure, as strange and horrible and wonderful as it ever was.

>> No.23370375

I find it funny that you think 'adventure' is synonymous with killing people.

>> No.23370383

My favorite alt history book.

>> No.23370386

Wife picked it all out... she liked the color blending and while still outlandish, this was the most "normal".

>> No.23370399

And then you die because Africa is a shithole that's only good for the exploitation of resources. Which generally just worsens the situation, but who here honestly cares as long as the internet stays on and the food is palatable?

>> No.23370406

hey, racists are a viable demographic. They may not know what they like, but they know what they hate. And they won't hate this.

>> No.23370407

lol those silly white guys never accomplish anything, amirite fellow rebbitors?

>> No.23370420

its not though. I have to meditate a half hour just to keep my lunch down.

Fucking mcdonalds.

>> No.23370425

I don't eat that crap myself, but good for you.

>> No.23370433

Eh, if anything one route would be immigration route
>go to America
>become civil servant
>live american dream

>> No.23370434

>/pol/ topic
>actually typed out "LOL" on 4chan
>86 replies omitted
6/10, died a little inside

>> No.23370440

I'd eat other stuff, but yuck, vegetables :p

>> No.23370451

South Park has dun it with the GOO Backs
>OP Isn't White and is racist

>> No.23370462

There's an angle there, too: the Outsiders, alien-looking people with mysterious motives, following strange and incomprehensible rules.

Some seem to be trying to help. Others want something from the ground, or from the people.

Do you avoid them? Deal with them? Steal from them? All sorts of complications are possible.

>> No.23370468

man, our brains really need a firmware update.

>> No.23370476


>> No.23370479

>I find it funny that you think 'adventure' is synonymous with killing people.
Well, yeah?

>> No.23370490

no-one is immune.
just type ain't no thing but a chekin wing on black people forums.

>> No.23370495

It's all a racist conspiracy! Conspiracies everywhere! When will it end!?

>> No.23370497

You just added a reply.

So have I.

>> No.23370509

I absolutely hate fast food. It's greasy, unfilling, mediocre, and of questionable nutritional value.

Shoot them with my rusty AK for being a different tribe.

>> No.23370510

Why is this /pol/?
You'd think it was more /tumblr/.

>> No.23370518

And now I just find it sad that you find adventure synonymous with killing and DnD (where murderhobos come from).

>> No.23370519

"I stab you with a spear,"
instead of
"i stab you with a sword"

Car chases with spear chucking. Literally.

>> No.23370529

Its what keeps me from being a trap. Good and bad thing.

>> No.23370531


>> No.23370535

Because he posted the same thread on /pol/

It was deleted. Think about it. /pol/ has better mods/janitors than /tg/.

>> No.23370546

I, for one, enjoy our lax moderation.

>> No.23370547

>not spotting that this is /pol/ pretending to be /tumblr/

>> No.23370549

sniff. oh, the times we had.

>> No.23370559

Well, when mods came by to clean the shit off /tg/, everybody bitched.
Now that they've decided to stay away, we get shit threads and off-topic nonsense all day because "lol /tg/ is all boards"

>> No.23370568

This proves that it's a racist conspiracy, probably done by a white man. Note. I'm not being racist. There are many good white people, such as pic related.

>> No.23370582

Come on, guys. This is /tg/. I trust in our power to take things off topic.

Let's talk about terrible and wonderful orphan adventures in modern Africa.

>> No.23370595

You are part of the problem.

>> No.23370598

I would prefer constant and consistent moderation as opposed to /tg/'s periods of lax moderation separated by short, brutal, totalitarian crackdowns.

>> No.23370609 [DELETED] 

How about just reporting this thread and starting a different one about orphan adventures in modern Africa.

>> No.23370612

Only if we can sneak dragon dicks into it, somewhere.

>> No.23370618

Alright, roll to see what parasites we have.

>not saging

That is indeed preferable.

>> No.23370625

I don't need to apologize for slavery. No one in my family has ever been able to afford them.

>> No.23370628

I'd play Africa Wars, but only if there was a technical vehicle construction system.

>> No.23370649

Less than 2% of the white population of Dixie owned slaves at the time of the Civil War.

This thread is so white guilt.

>> No.23370657

Same here.
Dirt poor Irish potato farmers and dirt poor French-Canadian factory workers couldn't afford slaves.

>> No.23370664

Why can't whites stop committing conspiracy atrocities against us? This thread is just the latest assault on our safe spaces.

>> No.23370667

I loved Multiplicity

>> No.23370680


>> No.23370686

It's fucking Mind Boggeling how easy /tg/ is to troll

>> No.23370695

It really is.

>> No.23370700

the fuck is going on...Why do I want to punch them...

>> No.23370708

Yes, we showed them with our insensitive troll / racist assault on a recognized safe space.

>> No.23370709

this thread

>> No.23370713

>vast majority of posts clearly identify OP as a bad troll attempt
>easy to troll

>> No.23370714

Mostly because we are usually aware of the troll and charge headfirst into it on purpose.
Because arguing is fun, even if the other party is mostly faking it.

>> No.23370718

>racist assault on a recognized safe space
God, you sound like a Tumblrcunt.

>> No.23370724

Because they're omega-tier faggots who feel the need to apologize for shit they didn't do.

Why no sage?

>> No.23370729

To bump the thread for more insightful discourse, obviously.

>> No.23370736

Do any of you jigaboos in this thread have anything worth stealing?

>> No.23370743

I bolt my shit down to stop niggers like you.

>> No.23370744

New to /tg/, eh? We're talking about general scifi now. And dragon dildos, but mostly the scifi.

>> No.23370754

It's a /pol/luting strawman parody of a tumblr mindset.

>> No.23370757

>this entire thread

>> No.23370763


>> No.23370764

Put the cup down and walk away...

>> No.23370767

>they all use Maori bodies because of their radiation resistance

wait, what? which tribes are these? Because I'm pretty sure Ngai Tahu or Nga Puhi aren't radiation resistant.

>> No.23370772

That's just giving him free bolts.

>> No.23370780

No, we're bitching about trolls, the thread itself, and some idiot is trying to force a derail.

>> No.23370791

Only problem op is that skin color has to do with exposure to the sun over several generations.

When we get off this rock everyone will turn white in a few thousand years.

>> No.23370792

>Red Blood Ravens
>Droppoding in BLUE drop pods

I'm glad the Ultramarines gifted them such devices!

>> No.23370793

>we're talking about scifi
etc. etc.

>> No.23370796

I like your style, kid.

>> No.23370797

bitching is a /tg/ past time

>> No.23370814

Too late. I already got all the things I wanted, plus the things I thought you might miss. And I banged your sister's daughter.

>> No.23370817

I admit that I concocted this racist conspiracy in league with a group of fellow Aryan uberschutzstahljugends. Any way, /tg/, you really need to diversify your hobby, it's 99.99% white male dominated.

>> No.23370824

Reminds me of the Un-Thread.

>> No.23370833

Why can't we just talk about the Strawman God some?

>> No.23370838

>post a thread talking about something
>people acknowledge that it's intended to be inflammatory, then talk about tangentially related things
Wow, you sure trolled us!

>> No.23370844

mfw this thread
it won't stop
it won't leave the front page

>> No.23370861

>Any way, /tg/, you really need to diversify your hobby, it's 99.99% white male dominated.
Is that true? Why is /tg/ against diversity?

>> No.23370862

sage does not work like that you dumb bitch

sage for not on topic...what ever it is now

>> No.23370864


>> No.23370870

>Le sage is le downboat!

>> No.23370872

I saw Stewarts head and an instrument in the thumbnail, and got excited thinking I was going to see Gurney Halleck in some kind of blooper or deleted scene I never knew about.

>> No.23370876

Nah, it's not true. It's somewhere in the 60%-70% range.

>> No.23370883

>Resurrected Emperor Sees The Imperium.gif

>> No.23370885

I miss the days when /pol/ trolling was only composed of stormfaggotry. I'm just not used to getting trolled by other liberals.

>> No.23370887

Sage doesn't work like what? It doesn't prevent your post from keeping a thread on the front page? Because that's exactly what it does.

>> No.23370901

Oy vy, you neonazis need to stop being so white and male! Don't you want diversity?

>> No.23370907

The days you're thinking of predate /pol/.

>> No.23370915


>> No.23370924

Did /pol/ ever really troll /tg/? I don't really remember any political trolling that wasn't home grown.

>> No.23370928


>> No.23370933

BS. 90% at the very minimum. /tg/, sci-fi and all that is a hostile environment for vibrant diversity and it needs to change.

>> No.23370969

No thanks, Dr. Shekelstein.

>> No.23370972

You're right, it was /new/ back then.

I recall it being mostly derails back then. There certainly wasn't this Red Pill/Blue Pill faggotry that we see now.

>> No.23370975

Goddamn, she got told hard.

>> No.23371006

I'm not familiar with your specie's social nuances, but if I take all your lovely, silky skins, would that help?

>> No.23371028

Predates /new/ too, though they're really just the same thing.

>> No.23371030

My family coulda been the biggest group of slave owners for generations until the end of the civil and then one more, I don't need to apologize for shit, they're not me.

>> No.23371039

Have you read the content that gets posted here on a daily basis? Very little of it is diversity inclusive and safe space enabling. no/tg/ood

But there's hope.

Think about the many small ways you can help in being diversity inclusive in every post you make, especially if it is a thread or a game. We need to make the environment more open and welcoming to everyone regardless of their race/gender/identity/sexuality and we need to show it on a proactive basis. Failure to do so will result in a stagnant, boring, ghastly white graveyard with no vibrancy.

>> No.23371059

But it helps when you can point to actual family documents from the time period that verify that your family was poorer than the poorest slave owner and on the wrong side of the country.

>> No.23371075

Not sure if this one's any good. I've been meaning to read it. Something about it feels kind of cliche/stereotype to me for some reason.

>> No.23371078

graveyard of ideas. Nothing fresh will ever happen until we learn to open up and embrace joyus tolerance. Tremendous potential is lost is ignoring our vibrant contributors of color and alternative sexualities. Just look at the state of sci-fi. Complete shit. And who's making it? White men. It's time for change.

Yes, I realize this will get downvoted or reported or whatever. I refuse to buckle, I take a Stand against intolerance. Will you take a Stand with me, /tg/?

>> No.23371082

>Very little of it is diversity inclusive
Well it doesn't explicitly say "look brown people, you can play with us too!" but being patronizing about race isn't actually better than discriminating in other ways.
>safe space enabling
Behold the complete lack of bullets and disease flowing through the tubes. /tg/ is as safe as it gets.

>> No.23371093

This makes me happy.

>> No.23371098

>stagnant, boring, ghastly white graveyard with no vibrancy

You described my tomb world.

I like my tomb world.

You'd best choose your next words carefully, mortal.

>> No.23371107



>> No.23371108

It makes me happy every time I watch it.

>> No.23371124


I have no reason to post this, I just really like this song and I felt like sharing it because it's fucking beautiful.
This was the only thread I had open.

>> No.23371127

Considering that the exact same thread was made on /pol/, using the exact same text and exact same picture...

>> No.23371128

>as long as they FUCK OFF and get out of the way of the REAL doers.
You're adorable.

>> No.23371135

>Behold the complete lack of bullets and disease flowing through the tubes. /tg/ is as safe as it gets.
Educate yourself. Words hurt. Words can be the most dangerous weapon of all.

>Well it doesn't explicitly say "look brown people, you can play with us too!" but being patronizing about race isn't actually better than discriminating in other ways.
That's an insensitive and chauvinistic comment and is the complete opposite of the diversity and inclusiveness /tg/ needs. It honestly comes across as "herp derp brown people." Are you even reading your own words?

>> No.23371141

Hey. To be fair, the shuttlecraft is likely rated for 4 but can fit, like, 25. So that has its benefits.

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