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Hey /tg/!

I'm a proud owner of a box of Dark Vengeance / Dark Angels Veteran Squad and I got my significant other into Necrons (thus, they have a battleforce box!) This is all for fun and likely not to lead to competitive play. We've the Codex for both armies, too.

I've just finished sanding down the odd bits here and there and started piecing that wonderful Inquisitor together! What am I in for? Suggestions for my Vet Squad construction?

How can I keep the two box sets fairly matched to keep interest or at least complete steamroll for either side? Also, I'll do a mini dump of pictures!

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>playing for fun

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Keep them within the same point values

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>started piecing that wonderful Inquisitor together

Doesn't the Necron Battleforce lack an HQ and as such you can't play proper games?
For casual games, just ensure that you both have equal points. Don't be a dick and tailor your army into crushing his/her's, just make a good all around list (aka "Take all corners" list) or just one that you like the look of.

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Is that so? Any cool HQ suggestions for the Necrons? I'm not against being steamrolled too much, but I know if I start doing that to her forces the interest will be gone.

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Regular Overlord with Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Semp Weave and Phase Shifter. She could just buy the Catacomb Command Barge because it comes with a plastic Overlord AND is both a command barge (which is awesome) or an annihilation barge (which is also awesome).

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>significant other takes mindshackle scarabs
>broken up a day later

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That is one of the next purchases I was going to make, despite worrying about being overwhelmed by air/vehicles.

Are the Lychguard / Triarch Praetorians or Necron Warriors boxes worth picking up at all with the Necron battleforce?

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proud owner? what are you some gw staff using /tg/ for advertisement?

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My CAPTCHA was nceirit wife. Necron wife is more accurate, though. I'm just trying to keep a moderate playing field. We may make large enough armies someday to justifify a Monolith and some other goodies. That is a ways off. We want functional and fun armies.

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Necron Warriors are more useful than Lychguard (AP3 with 4++ or AP2 with only 3+ has no real place)
Warriors are your bread and butter. Crypteks are good, but you should try to convert them as you'll want a few and they are kinda costly individually.

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Hah. No. I was hugely into MTG for years and always had an interest in 40k. I have a ton of Omnibus books even. I always hestiated with the investment until I started to look at what I spent on magic. It was a proud moment to upgrade from paper to plastic.

I originally wanted to get into the IG, Greyknights, or Legion of the Damned but... well, codex recons and such.

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op works for gw

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worried about overwhelmed by air units? how? i thought your significant others just started with you, how will she magically acquire them?
tsktsk, I smell a gw staff

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>getting into 40k for the fluff

You're a fucking good person

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Thanks. It narrows down what I need to purchase.

Any suggestions on Dark Angels? I know there is always the battleforce but I really want that Terminator squad. I love me some Terminators.

I'm going to have to use spare bits to customize a cool looking Dreadnought too, aren't I?

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Ha! OP fell for one of the classic blunders: being enthusiastic about Warhams on /tg/.

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DA Terminators are stompy as fuck, but Terminators can run expensive after a while. If you're of flexible morality, you can buy some models from the CoolCast--he's a Chinese seller, which sounds really shifty, but he's confirmed bro by pretty much anyone including myself that's dealt with him. Free shipping, replacements if anything comes through broken--better cast quality than Finecast too. I don't have the ordering instructions offhand, but I can find them for you if you're interested.

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Actually, I was reading numerous articles online which swayed me away from netdecking or whatever it's called in this forum.

Plus, very ugly looks from people that said Necron's are cheap and horribly difficult for new players to beat because of their air units.

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>people that said Necron's are cheap and horribly difficult for new players to beat because of their air units.
so your wife is going down to gw herself aand buy 9 nightscyths? not seeing it bro

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Pulled them up just in case anyone wandering by this thread wants them; hopefully the password hasn't changed. Take a look around and see if anything catches your fancy.

Pleaes check my photo album: http://photo.163.com/coolcastornot.vip/
When you open this link,just click on the catalogue of the album.And then key the password.
OK, you will get in the album of thi catalogue.
The password is : 93089
From the photo album,you can find what items are in stock and the price of the model(please check photo's title).
If you want to make an order,please let me know the information like blow:
1.Order list:
FW-XX x 1
WB-0XXX x 3
2.Your paypal account : [email protected]
3.Your shipping information(include tel number)
When i confirm your order,i will send an invoice to you and then tell you the order's number.
When order is sent out you will get tracking number.
Thank you

[email protected]

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Define "Stompy as fuck"?

I might. I'm looking at spending $55.00 for 5 units in that Deathwing Command Squad.

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For DA, if you want to max out on Terminators, get one of the HQs that make you Termies a troop option. Terminators are a solid choice all around. You could easily buy a few more squads and be set with that and DV, (and, if you're feeling cheap, you could look online to buy just the termies from DV)
I have no idea about the Dreadnoughts. If you're running one, you should probably back it up with a second (redundancy is a hell of a thing) and if you're doing that and wanting Terminators, once again you'll want the guy that pushes Terminators into the Troop slot.

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Standard newbie advice: DO NOT buy direct from geedbuya unless you want to support a local GW shop. Instead, either buy from a local LGS or find the online sellers that give you around 20% off GW prices.

Or go ebay.

Or go that Chinese guy that /tg/ keeps talking about.

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My area is just starting to catch onto Warhammer, really. I mean... we barely had a PTQ in my state (to my knowledge) until recently for Magic. I'm in a very religious and stifled state.

That being said, when people come in and buy/ sell magic cards or make huge purchases - it draws attention and conversation.

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Stompy (or choppy, if you're an Ork) units are units that get in to melee and do their job well, as opposed to shooty units, which throw out tons of ranged firepower (or dakka, if you're still an Ork). Dark Angel Terminators can hold objectives, unlike the Terminators of other chapters, which means that they can plow through a squishier squad guarding an objective, then sit and look pretty with their 2+ armor save.

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>implying stompy isn't also an Ork word

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>starting to catch onto Warhammer
Oh I get it, this is the counter to "gw is ddeclining thread". im proud of you gw staff

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Nice. I always liked the DA fluff so it's cool to see I didn't make a horrible mistake in some of my purchases. I may not have my Legion of the damned but... hey!

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Yeah, the DA are really Fab-u-lous

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Oh man, this looks great! Maybe I'll use it to start an SOB army/allied contingent!
>No sisters
Although I am tempted by that cheap Heldrake

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My LGS had DV sitting on a self for $105.00 for the last four visits I made. I looked the owner, who I've known in the for a while, in the eye and said that they only thing making me hesitant was the amazon price and he basically matched it. I knew I'd be buying from him then. I want to support my LGS since Utah is a bit lame for gaming.

Hell, I'm struggling to find good tools for these plastic kits even. I had to take all my DV parts out with an xacto knife. I have a few new scars to say the least.

Also, is it true that the servo-skull measuring tape is a total POS?

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Good ole Chinaman

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I bought two already. Do it.

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Now, which guy pushes though the Termies? Also... any confirmation about the Servoskull Measuring tape?

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Dunno about the Terminators, but I had a friend that had the servo-skull tape and it does indeed seem like it comes apart pretty easily--surprising, considering that their normal ones are pretty well put together. Their hobby tools are actually pretty top-tier, but the price reflects that, and you can typically get them cheaper elsewhere. The only tools I absolutely had to get from them were the hobby drill (because no one else in my town sold them) and the saw (because a friend had one and the handle is comfy as fuck).

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damn nigga that's a good concept
any more from this artist?

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>third marine from the front
>bolt/plasma pistols

cypher confirmed for blood angel

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That's a shame. Well, it saves me a little bit at least.

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Is the guy who works with the termies listed in the Codex? Perhaps I can just browse that to find out?

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Which store do you play at OP?
I have an old Necron army from last edition , I wont mind giving it away to a fellow /tg/er

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Yeah, look at the end where it tells you the point values.
It should say "Taking So-and-so make Deathwing Terminators a Troop Choice" or something.
There are two. One guy exclusively makes Deathwings. The other makes both Deathwings and Ravenwings troops.

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more picture dump
1/50 for your wife

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I'm just getting into the game, I don't have a dedicated store yet. To my understanding nothing outside of SLC really sells or runs things for Warhammer. My information could be outdated. I'm hoping that Heebeegeebeez starts hosting events in the future, it may bring me out of my reluctance to play in a competitive environment. The only other place that seems to carry anything 40k related is... Gamer's Asylum. The people working there are really quiet and preoccupied, though.

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Lets play Mistress&Commander with Space dildo with OP's wife Im sure she'll enjoy it immensely compared to boring toy soldiers.

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IIRC, Azriel makes Ravenwing and Deathwing Troops, and Belial just makes the Deathwing Troops. Belial is probably the better choice, considering he's cheaper for what he does.

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warmachine pls go

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The store you play MTG at is fine, just let me know the name.

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fuck you? warmachine dont have space dildos

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Oh, you're right. infinity pls go

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I've not played full on for rankings for years, so if you are a regular in the area - you wouldn't know me that well. My thing was really legacy I used to play at Bookshelf and Heebeegeebeez. Once in a while at Endzone and I know of a few people that frequent Hastur's in SLC, though the trip isn't so fun with family.

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i play Warhammer you faggot...

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Dude, just tell me the store you posted this in
>My area is just starting to catch onto Warhammer,
I don't care if your just starting or not, I just want to know that if I ever give you or deliver you my Necrons you will have a place to use it instead of selling it.

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I just told you the stores I've played in. I can assure you I don't sell things I've collected. Give me a throwaway messenger ID or something and we can talk further. I'm really hesitant to share much more info than has been previously stated.

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Smart man.

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The stores you listed, they either don't play warhammer, that or they are closed down.
The bullshit with your area picking up warhammer, you cant even list 1 real flgs that plays warhammer.

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smart GW staffs. a new rare breed

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Aside from Endzone, which I can't speak of, as I rarely visit family in that area, both of the other locations are open. Even if they may not have an updated webpage. Secondly, you must be right... all that terrain in the back of Gamer's Asylum must be for Heroclix!

Of course there aren't places hosting events yet. If you'd followed any of my posts... you'd understand that aside from Magic, Yugioh, and Pokemon... nothing has every really caught on in my state. We barely get PTQ here for Magic, which is bigger and much better funded that GW.

Are you trying to troll me, sir?

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Oh, wait. I stand corrected. I forgot about the following for White-Wolf and VtM in SLC for a while.

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I've the feeling we have derailed for the evening. All is not lost.. I've managed some to find some good advice for rounding out our armies.

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Well. It's been a fun night of dumping pictures, advice, being called a GW spokesperson, and being trolled. I must be off for The Walking Dead. Take it easy my fellow Elegan/tg/entlemen!

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