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Sup /tg/. One of my friends recently came into possession of a bunch of Rifts rulebooks, and we're both eager to play. However, from what I've seen the rules are fucked. So, my question is this: Does anyone know of some decent homebrew rules?

Also, Rifts general

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Shameless self-bump

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Nope OP - the entire system of Rifts is fucked from start to finish. If you absolutely MUST use a new system, I suggest GURPS as it's probably the only thing with enough modularity to make it work.

That said, I'd suggest you stay with the Rifts rules, but anon, you say, they're TERRIBLE! They are - some of the worst pieces of shit out there for balance where everyone is equally contributing.

That's the point - it's not a DnD 4.0 game - it's an ADnD game. There's a powerful motherfucker you all must protect (the Glitter boy) who's like a fucking nuke, but, if your DM is good, he's a sitting duck for everyone else out there.

Play your encounters as more than a dungeon crawl - have social encounters, have speed/chase scenes, and for gods sake actually read the fluff - if you try to run around in GB armour because of whatever stupid reason, realize that everyone and their mother is going to try to kill you (1) because that's CS property (or Quebec) and you might as well be wearing clan robes and (2) if they kill you and sell the damaged suit, they get a bout 100k in credits, and (3) if you aren't on good terms with the CS - good luck on replacement parts.

See that, a powerful character was brought down by circumstance and ROLEPLAYING - every major/powerful character can be suitably changed by this combo of cultural and economic factors as well as simply pitting a rival bad-mama jama against them.

Good luck!

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Rift has an interesting lore.

It also has the worst game rules ever created after FATAL, basically.

I'm sorry. It's broken to the point of uplayability. It's one of those palladium games that it takes AT LEAST two hours to make a character, and then realise it doesn't have the basic skills to survive, like breathing or some shit.


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Fuck you I'm a cosmo knight

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Dude, Glitter Boys are terrible.

It's like a DnD character starting at lvl 10 and that can ONLY ever go loose level for all it's life.

The problem class is the mind melter and all the RCCs basically.

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See - that's fine, but, I will drown your face in Skelebots because those are mass-manufactured and most of yall died in the seige on Tolkeen

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Yeah, those do pose countless problems for a good party/combat experience, but, there are always ways around it if you're DM knows how to handle the system - Magic fucks with them quite a bit.

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Okay, here's how to play rifts.

You know the basic attack roll. That's fine. Anythign under a 4 m,isses. 20 is a crit. Burst fire uses half the magazine for x4 damage. Full auto uses a whole magazine for x7 damage. This only applies to non-energy weapons and non-railguns, both of which have their own system which is stated directly in the gun description. If it isn't, then use the bust/full auto listing above.

The way I do attacks is you go round robin. Each player gets to make one of his attacks. If he uses a dodge or parry that isn't free, then he uses one of his attacks lowering his total number of attacks. This means the person with the most attacks is going to go a whole bunch of times after everyone has used their attacks. This is fine, it gives therm an actual edge without removing everyone fun. I recommend giving all casters the Hand to Hand Magic style from either Rifts England (under the Time Raider) or the Federation of Magic book.

Really, that's it. Everything else is pretty self explanatory as far as saves and such goes. Ignore most of the other rules.

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No, no, not cyberknight.

Cosmo Knights

FTL travelling, starship destroying, lazer firing, energy immuninining, juggernauts.

The point is, stick to the core book... and stay away from most RCCS. They're retarted.

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Ah, alright. Thanks.

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Ooh, I'll have to try that out.

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Oh Christ, I'll just sick the Splugorth on you or some shit - honestly, I'd rather ban the class as stupid.

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I ran a five year long capaign using that system. Worked fine, might have to tweak a few things depending on your players.

Remember, don't make the skill monkeys useless. It's pretend, let the non-RCC guys have cool shit and do cool things with their skills.

Rogue Scientist is repectable when you give him a tank of Splugotrth BioGoo to play with. A Scount is impressive if you give him the capacity to learn languages quickly (say, through a computer system he's programmed to be a universal translator or such). Reward creativity from non-powerful beings generously.

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Rolled 20

Reduce the average MDC to around 1-13 for "mooks". Powerful creatures should have hundreds of MDC dragons have 100-4000 . Likewise, only ultra-powerful creatures Like the aforementioned dragons do consistentMDC damage, and only THEN 1-13 mdc for "moderate" attacks. Only powerful technology does MDC damage (such as heavy artillery).

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Rolled 3

And splurgoth have on average 20-60 mdc.

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>we're both eager to play

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Alright, that's useful

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Rolled 19


Play the game and you'll understand why this is necessary. Combat is unbearably slow without it.

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