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Anyone interested? it's 5 am here and I have nothing to do.

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Here have a bump fellow Soul Drinker. Death to the corrupt and evil Imperium! Save the Emperor!

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Our wiki
last session

but nah, I am going to work on wiki instead tonight, unless there is something specific you want to do

and yes, Sarpedon is cool

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I want to explore the Hulk Dark Sister if we can. Take Second Company and 2 Squads of the first (one squad being terminators)

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never done a /tg/ role play. im down though if you want a complete fucking ignorant to rules/workings newb.

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Read the Wiki my friend. Rules are pretty simple, although I don't advise making decisions before talking it out on the chat. Lower rolls are best


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Welcome. Come here if you wish clarifications on something or question in general:


Great. Which ship do you take, also do you want any additional personnel/machines?

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Yes lets bring some our Revenants, The Shadow Guard, a Dreadnaught Chasis, 4 Apothecaries, 3 Techmarines and 3 Thunderhawks with us on the 'Morbid'.

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I want to see how Harmantos performs with his new command and how he fulfills his duty of Chapter Champion. I have high hopes for him.

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why so many apothecaries though? i'd sub 1 of those for a termie

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As you prepare for the mission, Brethorius enters your cell and frowns at you:
>It seems we won't be exploring Dark Sister any time soon. We've sent a probe out and it's not there, it must be in the warp. Navigator Synius tried to calculate when it would reappear, so we should wait for about 14 months... Is that what we want to do?

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negative. we must find it. the hulk calls to us.

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We can't its in the Immaterium.

Yes we will wait but lets attend to other Chapter needs in the meantime. When are we going to go take that hike with the Ice Wraiths?

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Brethorius nods:
>Well, we could try to hunt it down in the warp and then board it, if Synius manages to find it... But it would be damn dangerous to say the least. Well, carpe diem - I'd sign up. Even if we fail, that will be a tale to tell...
Synius, your High Navigator, is a lot more sceptical:
>I believe that such endeavour is not wise to say the least. Even if I will manage to find the hulk in the warp, once you board it, there will be only a thin layer of reality in there, you'll have to fight not only whatever infests it, but also something far worse - stuff of nightmares that inhabits the warp... And if I may ask - why are we planning to board it at all?

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No we are not doing that stupid. We are NOT prepared to fight Daemons (we suck dick at it actually) and etering the Warp just to travel is sometimes a stupid idea. Now we are going to go IN an unprotected Space Hulk? Without Gellar Fields? Nope

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Well, another thing that you could do in the meantime indeed is to hike with Captain Harmantos into the White Mountains of Mormark, to see what he and his secretive cult are doing out there.

Otherwise, if you want to hunt the space hulk in warp, please roll d100 for Synius' astropathic navigation skill. Less is better.

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Lets go find out about these Ice Wraiths.

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Negative, brother. Your enthusiasm is admirable, but the Emperor's tools are not to be misused and discarded so easily. We shall return hence in 14 months time and do as we must, but to hunt it in the warp is madness.

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Brethorius, despite his thirst for glory, respects your decision and acknowledges that this type of mission is not the most suitable one for the Chapter that never had experience fighting in the warp before and you instead decide to spend some time with your Second Company, the Ice Wraiths. When you return to Mormark, their Captain, Harmantos, greets you with a smile and a brohug.
>We are honoured that you wish to travel with us. Our journey will take about a month, and we will leave all of our weapons and armour, apart from monoblades in the fortress-monastery. This journey is not only a spiritual experience, but a physical challlenge too.

Roll d100 for your hike and another d100 for your luck

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Rolled 9

Well shit we're fucked if I'm rolling

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For Hike

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Rolled 91

Retrying due to stupid

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Rolled 95

Hell, why not.

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Well, these are interesting rolls, but I'll resolve them once I get some sleep. See you on Sunday! Sorry for short non-session.

pic related

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Ew, tell me high is good.

High is good, right?
Aw shit.

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