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What do you do if THAT GUY has more pull than you?

I've wondered from time to time whether I'm dealing with THAT GUY or THAT GROUP, but I'm convinced now that the problem is just one player. He's the one player who never plays a setting appropriate character, he's the one who throws a tantrun if you ask him to separate IC motivations from OOC motivations. He's the player who's only there to make a comedic spectacle of himself when the gm is trying to run a serious story.

Most of the time, that-guy stories are about the sore thumb that the whole group hates. What are you supposed to do if That Guy has leverage? We play at That Guy's apartment. That Guy's girlfriend is an important player. We're too afraid of stepping on toes to admit he's a problem.

I know that if I walked out today, less than a third of the group would come with me. Sure, he's the one who throws tantrums, but he's more in control of the group than I am anymore. These are old friends, I know if I don't handle this well I'll lose half of them. Hell, I think they'd even take it badly if I started roleplaying with different people.

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Also THAT GUY general. I like stories.

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Not really a that guy story, but this might be the thread to vent.

I just walked away from an OW game as the GM. I haven't played that many games yet, so it might've been exaggeration on my part, but I just couldn't handle the way the commissar was playing. The PCs arrive at the regiments camp as reinforcements. The regiment has just had an order to redeploy, but the commander sees it more like retreating and doesn't hide his view. So the commissar right away goes on about shooting the commander in the first minutes, but after all just has a talk with him. The almost constant talk of executing others when ever he pleases was already ticking me off, but nothing had happened yet.

He sends the players to fetch supplies, but they were only able to get some very basic stuff. The armory and the commanders field tent are close to each other, so the commissar feels its appropriate to command one PC to set fire to the tent and command the other to steal stuff while no one is looking, because he knew there should be something, they just weren't willing to give it. He said the commissar had a right to take anything and I couldn't find something against it in the core rulebook. Long story short, one PC ends up captured for attempted assassination while the commissar hangs around in the officers' club. So I ended up without a commander organizing a vital defense, one player writing a new character two hours in and the commissar telling me how it's ok according to the lore.

Maybe I was wrong to leave, maybe the player had a power trip, I don't know. I don't think of myself as a railroader, but maybe I just had written the great trans-siberian railway.

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Games that are set in Wharhammer 40k tend to give asshole players an airtight excuse to be cunts to everyone.

I'm hesitant to even get started with how my players handled Rogue Trader. Two sessions into the game, my players had already committed planetary genocide once.

They would have done it twice, but I told them there weren't enough materials to construct another bioweapon on that scale.

So yeah, my group is never allowed to play a game set in a warhammer universe again.

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We play mostly Deathwatch, which goes rather well actually, but then again the marines are pretty much equal and there isnt a lot of interaction with outsiders within the team. What annoys me probably the most is that I spent quite some time writing the story and had some key characters in it that come along at the beginning, like the commander, but I failed to consider the possibility of the players being able to be such a threat to him. I still like the story and the setting, so maybe I should try it with another group. If it still goes down in flames, then I'm at fault.

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Why does it concern you so very much if players do what they want? Unless the planet was a HUGE plot hub, there's no need to get your panties in a pretzel.

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40k is an entire setting of That Guys, so I think there's not really much room to complain when someone's being That Guy in a 40k game.

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You do know there are different levels of Commissar - Platoon, Regimental, and Command level? A Player Commissar does not have the right to execute a commander. There are others for that.

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It concerns me because, if somebody's idea of a good time is fantasizing that they're a war criminal, then I don't want to be in their friend anymore.

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Not entirely a THAT GUY story.

>Join a 3.5 game one session late
>Rebels vs Kingdom scenario
>Group chose rebels
>One guy is fucking around with a half-dragon
>Two are with the rebels
>I'm supposed to join the dragon-fucker
>Our groups meet outside a dungeon
>The Guide is supposed to escort the Paladin
>Paladin is a fucking moron and runs inside while we sleep
>Guide follows
>Paladin jumps into a pit of spikes INTENTIONALLY leaving the guide to fight an invisible creature by himself
>We manage to go after him and save the guide
>I cock-block a rebel then save the Paladin
>We rest a bit until some jackass leading a squad of soldiers decides to fuck us up
>Fireball the corridor, he runs away
>Paladin decides to be stupid again, gets knocked out by the army
>Find a magical book of magic
>No-one can read it despite two wizards and a cleric in the party
>I take the book for safe-keeping
>Jackass shows up again
>Wall of fire, kills three dudes and burns 18 of them to a crisp
>Fireball into molten corridor
>Oh god the kills, the glorious screams.
>Escape via secret passageway
>Barricade it from the outside with a BOULDER
>Weld the dungeon doors shut, trapping the Army's Force inside
>Army guy has the Paladin, torture him.
>He's an idiot and doesn't how to even
>I ride off into the sunset with the best horse
>They realize I have their entire reason for being there in the first place
>Chase me desperately

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Isn't the entirety of 40k about war crimes and the people who commit them?

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>Be at work, rummaging through bag for laptop cable, dice box falls out of my bag whoops there go all the funny dice.
>Slightly odd but nice enough coworker sees dice, is all "hey man you play dnd?"
>Far too loud about it but whatev
>Decides it's dnd storytime and starts telling me about his dnd experiences, and then:
"I joined this group one time and annoyed everyone because they were all like really gay and TOO into their characters, you know? So I tried to kill them all but this one girl whose character I killed yelled at me and kicked me out"
>Then he tries to join the game I run.
>"Sorry man we're full" despite the fact I struggle to get the numbers some weeks.

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They're called rule of cool players, who play the game to do ridiculous shit and don't even comprehend trying to take the narrative aspect of the game seriously. Unfortunately, this is the majority of /tg/ players, so you will get flak if you try to call them out on this board.

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>fantasizing that they're a war criminal

Your character isn't always you.

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You're accountable for wanting to play that guy

At the very least it speaks of a man's poor taste

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Are you saying good narratives never do things that stretch credibility, because they are cool?

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I want to make a Serbian-themed regiment now.

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Nevermind, guess it wasn't worth it to wait for advice. I just quit my group.

Hey, what do you think are the odds of finding a group somewhere that's made up entirely of people who get branded with a "No Fun Allowed" epithet? That'd be something. A group where Rule 0 is an afterthought, and a real fucking story gets told.

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You're fucked, wherever you go, a THAT GUY from /tg/ will be there. THERE IS NO ESCAPE

On a more serious note, you should try browsing sup/tg/'s IRC channel for groups that need a player or are willing to take another player.

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I recommend that before you quit, you try to split the group subtly, so that they don't notice.

If you can't beat that guy by pure blunt personality, then there are many paths to take, cunning, dirty, cutting his resources, etc.

Do this before you quit because you should be able to outsmart the monkeys in every session, and if you have the same personality that a straw man has, it's going to take a while until you're likeable enough to pull it off by just laughing at said person.

If you don't improve your social skills, the next table might be conquered by the next monkey.

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>oh nooo there is evil in my campaign

I wouldn't wanna be your friend, buddy.

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Lucky for you

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This is probably your best chance. Talk to anyone who you're pretty sure agrees with you and see if they would be down for leaving if everyone else did, then try to convince the neutrals

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That seems a little morally dubious, doesn't?

I mean, I have a problem with the guy, and it's definitely within my rights to say "I can't do this anymore"

But it feels like a step too far to say "And I'm taking as many of your friends away as I can"

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It's a dick move when everyone else is playing neutral or some form of good.
>"Hurr Durr I kill the bartender because I'm CE"
>party gets chased out of town

You can't just pull him aside, or invite him out to lunch or a bar or something, and talk to him about these issues?
Or do the same with each individual party member and get their perspectives on it before you act. You could wind up with everyone on your side, which gives you more leverage.

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Well you can just leave if you want, but it sounded like other players were also annoyed and you didnt want to lose your whole group

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I had a commissar like that, next time it happens have a higher ranking commissar give him a beating. Then throw a pdf of the Imperial Infantrymen's Uplifting Primer at him and say "If it's not in there, and you can't give me an airtight excuse why it should be in there, you can't harm anyone"

He's been good thus far, the other players have found some creative ways to use regs against him.

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The trick is playing rule of cool while staying within the bounds of the narrative.

Oh, and when something randomly goes your way bluff and act like you planned it.

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I must be lucky. I genuinely enjoy gaming with every member of both gaming groups I attend: One rules heavy, one rules light. The closest guy we have to a that guy is also a genuine team player and always tries to fill out whatever the group is missing.

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At the end of the day, a Commissar is just another officer to the troops. The very grimdark troops. You know what happens to a bad officer that can't be discharged through normal means, right?

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I generally resent this idea that rule-of-cool players have that goes aomething like "Nothing's wrong so long as people are having fun."

It's just wrong. If all I cared about was having fun, I'd stay at home and masturbate furiously for a few hours. During my refractory periods I'd play videogames.

The reason I go out and roll a dice in a room with friends is because I want a story to happen, and I want it to be a good story.

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>Starting up a Shadowrun game
>Older brother loves the setting and wants to join
>Has never played a RPG in his life
>Tell him to get a backstory going and will put something together for him
>Meet him for lunch later
>Ask him about the backstory
>"Well, it takes heavily from Fable."
>Alarm bells ringing off the hook
>Summary of his story boils down to him being one of the few survivors that were on a ship that hit a reef
>Survivors were hunted by Balverines and he was bitten by Balvor the last White Balverine
>I'm sitting there with a confused expression on my face
>Continues to say that every five hundred years he has to "empty his mind"
>Get kind of angry, but don't make a scene
>"Did you even read the books I sent you?"
>"No, but you can make it work right?"
>My face

He had done so well at a L2P D&D thing at PAX. He played a Dwarf Fighter who will checked/intimidated a bee-hive into letting it be braided into his beard. Which is more than I expected from him.

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Well, er, actually, Commisars are there to make sure the troops follow orders, so if the CO tells them to retreat and the brass didn't say otherwise, the commisar should put away his gun and his execution-boner and get the troops to follow the redeploy order.
Also, take note, commisars aren't COs, they do not give orders and have no rank in the military structure, they just enforce discipline.
TL;DR, you're right, the commisar was a dick

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>Continues to say that every five hundred years he has to "empty his mind"

What the fuck, I can't stop laughing

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So, like, drugs? He made a character who, every five hundred years so, does all the drugs and wakes up with no idea of who he is?

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Consider the setting. Magic didn't even show up until 2012.

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I'm not your buddy, guy.

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>only war
>investigate traitor guard
>shit fuck there summoning demons
>be ratling
>call him out on his shit
>group doesn't understand why im mad

seriously what the fuck

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The artist is mattrhodes. he had a deviantArt account but he closed it.

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I'm not your guy, friend.

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I'm not your friend, buddy.

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I'm not your buddy, Guy.

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Thus is all abhuman scum is good for.

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You are not even a guy, faggot.

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>First time playing DnD
>It's me and 3 other people
>Only one person knows how to play
>He creates an Orc Barbarian
>Ends up trying to kill us 1 round into the game

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