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Are there any /tg/-related anime you could recommend? I would ask /a/ but they're /a/.

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Black Lagoon
Anything by Hayao Miyazaki

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Ghost in the Shell

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You know, I don't think I've ever watched ghost in the shell despite how popular it is, should I start with the movies or what?

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Maoyu Mao Yusha

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Start with the first movie, then the two seasons, then the rest of the movies.

Also: Patlabor

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The TV series is better and more relevant to /tg/.

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Plenty. Here's just a few:

Vinland Saga
Spice and Wolf
Outlaw Star

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Spice & wolf

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Spice and Wolf
Those who hunt elves
Isekai no seikishi monogatari

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The Movie I think,
but note that in Ghost in the Shell, the movies, the anime, and the manga are all three separate but equal continuities

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Implying the movie isnt a master piece.

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Meh, at best.
Listen to the OST and you have experienced the best the show has to offer

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Ghost in the Shell, Record of Lodoss War.

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Thanks, I'm actually pretty excited for some reason

I've also heard of spice and wolf quite a bit but have no idea what it's about, enlighten this poor fellow?

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Black Lagoon
Legend of Galactic Heroes
Outlaw Star
Ghost in the Shell

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Economics in a well-constructed setting with better than average characterization and writing.

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Magical Girl Madoka


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Full Metal Alchemist

One Piece


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Basic premise is a schmuck merchant in Sorta-Europe befriends a pagan wolf-girl god, and they go around doing whatever they feel like.

That's the premise, mind. It turns out more like a look into medieval economics and village life.

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We're trying to entertain OP, not bore him to death

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Sword of the Stranger
Samurai Champloo / Cowboy Bebob

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Spice and Wolf
Record of Lodoss War
Ghost in the Shell
Black Lagoon
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
One Piece
Madoka Magica

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Record of Lodoss War was actually based on a D&D campaign.

Rune Soldier Louie is pretty amusing, it's about a guy who has all the makings of an awesome fighter, but was raised as a mage and as a result is incompetent at everything.

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Remember, watch it on japanese with dubs for maximum awesome.

If you like steam punk, take a look at trigun

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Sounds neat, I'm not usually a fan of mellow shows but it sounds cozy

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Dude, that show is fucking awesome. Shit made me cry in the end when I watched it a second time and understood what the fuck was going on

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>Ctrl + F
>0 hits

Now and Then, Here and There

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Ok, this one is fucking weird. The first two or so episodes are shit for no good goddamn reason and the last arch they do is subpar as fuck. Also that assassin-god dude pisses me right the fuck off.

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A Certain Magical Index & A Certain Scientific Railgun - on the technicality that /tg/ made a system for the setting a little while back.

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I got too pissed off at that show by episode 5 to ever advise it.

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Trigun really really bothered me for some reason, I'm not entirely sure why.

Maybe because vash was completely stupid in every way shape and form, at least to me. The ending left a bad taste in my mouth too.

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>Not liking Baccano

What is wrong with you.

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Are you one of those guys who think evangelion is about mechas?

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>Those who hunt elves

Muh nigga

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A lot of things are /tg/ related so...Gunbuster counts, I don't give a shit.


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Index a shit
Shitty harem anime.

Railgun is actually good.

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I'm not that anon, but Baccano! was pretty terrible.

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I understand, it's really not for everyone.

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Rune Soldier Louie is the adventures of muscle wizardry

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No, I'm one of those guys who thinks it's the most overhyped thing in the history of the world. I cannot remember another time in my life when I was so thoroughly let down and underwhelmed after watching it. It does not even exist in the star system as its hype

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WELP, I guess this is perfect

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Not him, but I kind of understand his complaints. The two edgy guys who can't stop talking about HURR I'M SO EVIL AND DANGEROUS are an enormous weak point for the show. It would be far better without them.

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Then you are gonna fucking hate Durarara!, which I suggest as an excellent example of Modern Fantasy

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Also and excellent example of headless boning.

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Slayers is THE /tg/ anime.

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I only watched Railgun for that catchy fucking theme song

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Look no further:


Read the VN too.

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Serial Experiments Lain
Black Lagoon
Dead Leaves
Ghost in the Shell
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Paranoia Agent
Hellsing Ultimate
[insert anime title here]

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FLCL is great if you want to have proper surreal and not just stupid wacky ( although it does have some of that)

Also gintama not so much because its good but it reminds me of the crazy shit pen and paper games.

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I like it, I just feel it gets overhyped cuz it has a few clever bits.

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Code gayass.

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Dude, that show has some mind-blowing political/character shit but goes full retard whenever they talk about military tactics.

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i think Season 2 went fullretard in more ways than just military tactics

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lelouch made that show.

also the mechs were pretty cool until they turned them into wannabe gundams

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I know I actually really liked it. But fuck the high school intrigue bullshit.

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When people say Ghost in the Shell, the series, do they mean Stand Alone Complex?

Because that sucked.

I watched the first five episodes and it was the worst waste of time I've ever experienced. What a fucking shitheap.

implying opinions

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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
It's a fantasy universe of sorts. I'm not sure what you meant when you said /tg/ related.

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It requires you to be completely worthless and pathetic before you can relate to it.

I think its popularity should be clearer now.

I still like it because it deconstructs anime, which I generally dislike.

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The various Lodoss War anime were based off a DnD campaign write-up. That's about as tg related as you can get.

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I've only watched the original. Is Brotherhood better or worse?

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>implying SAC wasn't great

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HOw so?

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If you don't mind something that's strictly manga, Vinland Saga seems like it'd be right up /tg/'s alley.

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Because everything about it SUCKS

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The first two seasons of Slayers. Stop after those two, trust me.

Tower of Druaga is also pretty good. A little more about classic JRPGs than tabletop though.

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I heard /tg/ likes bears. Polar Bear Cafe has a bunch of bears.

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Read Biscuit Hammer, cry some manly tears, take that spirit of adventure back to /tg/ with you.

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i personally liked brotherhood more, but most people that watched the original first liked it better.

brotherhood sticks strictly to the manga while the original goes off on another story the author wrote.

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Yeah, like your opinion isnt the worst waste of time Ive ever experienced.

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Most of the stuff I'd recommend has already been recommended, so I'll just throw in

Anything by Studio Ghibli (most notably Princess Mononoke & Grave of the Fireflies).

Higurashi (the first half of the series will seem like a massive clusterfuck of fear and gore but it all makes perfect sense in the end).

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they're also set in the same universe, somehow

See, there's the problem. You listened to hype.
When it comes to anime, it's better to watch it without the hype in mind, and make your own opinions.
In my experience, Evangelion was an amazing show made with one of the shittiest budgets I've ever heard of.

to be fair, Index was shit because the novels were great. It's an equivalent exchange. You can't have great source material AND adaptations. That's just silly.

May I also recommend Kara No Kyoukai?
Seven movies, all of them excellent, with fantastic music, fight scenes, and an interesting storyline.

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One punch man.
Dragan ball Z
One Piece

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>Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Now THAT is /tg/.

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That show's understanding of military tactics and strategy is complete shit, though.

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Durarara! Is much, much better than Bachanno!...

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Definately. Luckily, that's not the point of the show.

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Bokurano, my favorite anime
>Dead leaves
It's questionable whether dead leaves is an anime
It's also shit.

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Hah! I once thought as you did, boy, until I saw THE TRUTH! Equivalent exchange is a lie, Thor proves this.

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>In my experience, Evangelion was an amazing show
>to be fair, Index was shit because the novels were great.
>May I also recommend Kara No Kyoukai?

Oh my god. Your tastes are so shitty. It's strange, because there is so much people with good taste in this thread.

Your tastes are so shitty, I'm literally physically hurt. I'm bleeding from my left hand right now. That's how your tastes are shitty.

Anyways. Don't listen to him op, or anyone with good taste here. Kara no Kyoukai is a boring clusterfuck of DEEP and nothing happening ; index is shitty, and rightly so, from the beginning of the source material to the end of the adaptation.

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As we are including manga as well
Shingeki no Kyonin

It's the shit. Gigantic zombies ?
Desperate battles ?
every time

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No Planetes and Psycho Pass ?

>> No.23321275

7 Seeds.

I haven't finished the manga, but there were some pretty brutal moments. The beginning is admittedly terribad, but the story fleshes out very well later on - you'll have to trust me on this.

>> No.23321279


I let Psycho pass let its season pass before passing judgement on its quality

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One Piece is utter crap, DB:Z is messed up and much worse than the original DB.

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Black Lagoon
One Piece
Hayao Miyazaki films
Ghost in the Shell (shows and first movie)
Claymore (manga's better)
Outlaw Star
Legend of Galactic Heroes
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Gurren Lagan

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Considering the "original" (first anime, goes freeform) is a pile of shit, anything would be an upgrade. But yeah, Brotherhood (second anime, follows the manga) is better.

>> No.23321296

Seriously, this serious has everything.
- vast ship-to-ship space battles
- visceral melee combat
- political intrigues
- philosophy of war, governance, personal happiness

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Pretty much anything by Mizukami Satoshi is great.

>> No.23321320

Sword of the Stranger is a pretty nice movie. Also, don't bother to watch Berserk if you don't want to read the manga too. It will just piss you off.

>> No.23321329

Brotherhood is much better. Makes much more sense than the first anime.

>> No.23321350

Brotherhood has a plot

>> No.23321363

>no Outlaw Star
Shit list is shit.

>> No.23321373

>most people that watched the original first liked it better
Really? That's the first I've heard of it. In my experience, Brotherhood is pretty much universally agreed to be better.

I know that's my personal opinion, and I watched the original first.

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If you take these people's advice on Berserk (which I cannot begin to tell you how much I support them), make SURE you read the manga.

Berserk is beyond good, and the endless hours Miura puts into his manga absolutely shine through each and every page. He's a top-tier artist.

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No Guin Saga yet?

Both the Anime and the Manga are kinda eh though. Novel Guin is where it's at. He's like some freaky fatherly Conan dude.

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>tfw no image

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Record of Lodoss War has been mentioned only three times in this thread.
I think it's about time every elegan/tg/entleman in this thread hanged their head in shame for five to ten seconds.

For Pelor's sake, the anime is fucking BASED ON D&D SESSIONS OF IT'S CREATOR!

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One Piece is the only decent run on anime.

But I will partly agree in that it is definitely not for everyone.

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Most of what I'd say has already been mentioned, but I'd also add Mushi-shi. A lot of good inspiration for weird fantasy stuff in that show, and it's generally just great quality all around. It's one of those shows that really immerses you in a general sort of atmosphere as much as it tells a story (or a collection of short stories, as the case may be; it's pretty episodic).

>> No.23321441

one more to show some landscapes

>> No.23321444

I can agree with this, the manga for Berserk is absolutely fucking beautiful. It's above and beyond basically every other manga out there.

>> No.23321447

And not only that, but it's legitimately pretty damn good too.

At least the OVAs, anyway. TV series is rather lame.

>> No.23321448

is there anything with orcs that arent rapist?

>> No.23321459

>run on anime
cant not even?

>> No.23321478

>0 results

By jove, you plebeians would not know some righteous fun if it hit you in the head.

>> No.23321497

He means "run-on" in the sense of "run-on sentence". Goes on and on and on with no end in sight.

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Kino no Tabi.

>> No.23321507

Not really, they just treat tactics on a very, very basic level. I would prefer if they put more effort into the justification than a handwave, but in the end I have to agree that the tactics involved is simply not that important to the story.

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A Sengoku Basara campaign would be hilariously fun.

>> No.23321543

I'd say Guin saga is decent, and its run lasted over 40 years.

>> No.23321554


I want to play the Gundam.

>> No.23321566

You know, I get that SB is a hot-blooded good time, but honestly it's just a little too shonen for me. I'm old at heart.

>> No.23321571

i started watching berserk, just got bored.

>> No.23321574

you seems very upset.
Is it because my tastes are different than yours?
Because if so, then you really need to calm down, bro. It's not a huge fucking deal, here.

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pillars throwing Niggers are way more important

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Ok then: Lodoss War. Because I agree with you.
Also: Gantz

>> No.23321654

Bittenfeld confirmed for best character

>> No.23321660

and no one has said Fate/Zero yet.
I am disappoint, anons.

>> No.23321673

Let's assume for a second that you don't really think having a black character is a problem.

When have implausible physical excesses been a problem on /tg/?

>> No.23321675

Looks like a Modern Dark Souls, tell me more sir?

>> No.23321679

Yeah the series is lame BUT has an awesome opening...

>> No.23321683

Never watched. Whatsits like?

>> No.23321692

That's... not Bittenfield. Nice try, though.

>> No.23321696

>This is how I play Traveller.

>> No.23321706

It's a prequel to Date Stay night, which has a SHIT anime, but an awesome movie;
A battle royale between wizards over the holy grail. They summon heroes and villains from history and myth to fight for them.
There are some... differences between the show and some of the legends, though.

Overall, a great anime, though it has its rough spots.

>> No.23321714

I don't think it is a problem, Louis Mashengo was one of my favourite characters

>> No.23321726

Planetes, now there is some good quality writing right there. Certainly in my top 3 animes. Not sure how /tg/-related you can get with it though.

Bokurano was fantastic, though the manga was so much better. Watch the anime if only to expose yourself to it and try to find the manga, which takes dark storytelling to whole new levels. Great for developing your storytelling methods, imho.

Fate/Zero was just stupid fun. Fights were over the top and fantastic. Don't try to get drawn into the deep end with it. Just enjoy its for what it's worth. Also a good source of modern fantasy inspiration.

>> No.23321728

Well its Sengoku era Japan only...anime'd
You got the demon king (Literally a demon) Oda Nobunaga sweeping across the land, the mechanized (Literally a gundam) Honda Tadakatsu taking to the skies, and the effectionate (Gay) brolationship between the red and the blue guys there (Date Masamune and Yukimura Sanada).

It's...fun, yeah fun.
Its a fun anime.

>> No.23321730

Control + f
No hits for Astarotte no Omocha, Haiyore! Nyaruko-San, or Mononoke.

In order, they are:
Monstergirls: The anime, but turns into Multiverse's Best Dad.
Old Gods as teenage girls: The anime.
Weird elf guy fights spirits: The anime. Pic related.

>> No.23321732

I guess that's why there's months of waiting between chapters.

>> No.23321739

Well shit you are totally right. Schenkopf is my favourite, with Bittenfeld as a close second, forgive me

>> No.23321747

That OPENING, man.
But the tv series wasn't all that bad. Not as good as the OVA, but still enjoyable.

>> No.23321768 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23321792

I misinterpreted your intentions as internet sarcasm. I regret it.

>> No.23321794

>It's questionable whether dead leaves is an anime
It's a piece of animation that was conceived and produced in Japan, by Japanese people. How is it not anime?

>> No.23321805

I should mention that Astarotte no Omocha is actually horrible, though entertaining.

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>> No.23321821

No problem bro, have some kaiser-kun

>> No.23321824

I like your posts. I expect another one soon.

>> No.23321826

Any terrible late eighties/early ninties action anime would be kind of fun to play with as a setting. Watch some shitty shows like Baoh: the Visitor, M.D. Giest, Genocyber, Psychic Wars, stupid shit of all kinds.

Seriously though, Boogiepop Phantom for a Call of Cthulhu game might make for a good one shot.

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>> No.23321938


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>dat brunhilde broom

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>> No.23321998


>> No.23322028


Vinland Saga is the shit

>> No.23322220

>Absolutely no one has mentioned El-Hazard

You fucking sicken me.

Plus it's one of the few animes where the dubbing is actually decent!

>> No.23322293

>One Piece is utter crap

>> No.23322302


>> No.23322318

wanted to watch this for a while; what's the premise? And how good is it?

>> No.23322331

>This damn show

>> No.23322336

>but an awesome movie;
Except the movie is shit unless you've read the second route of the visual novel, since you'll miss out on a fuckton of the plot. The entire movie is basically fanservice for the route. But I'll be damned if I said it wasn't awesome.

If you've not read the VN, it will come off as very rushed.

>> No.23322417

Wouldn't Reinhard be a Slytherin candidate?

>> No.23322437

Why is it called Vinland Saga if it's set in England?

>> No.23322453

Because Leif Ericsson

>> No.23322458


iirc a lot of shit doesn't take place in England. Like a lot.

>> No.23322494

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Darker than Black
Now and Then, Here and There
Katanagatari (especially /tg/)
Kino no Tabi
Neon Genesis Evangelion
The Big O
Guilty Crown

Trust me, I'm an expert.

>> No.23322534

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex = cyberpunk
Blame! = sci-fi
Outlaw Star / Cowboy Bebop = Firefly knockoffs
Ubel Blatt = fantasy

>> No.23322543

Pretty much, yes.
The animation, music, and fights were absolutely fantastic, but the plot was just a cobbled-together mess of the second route.

Reading the Novel is, in the end, highly recommended, even if you don't watch the movie.

>> No.23322550

I would pay real money for a Darker than Black RPG.

>> No.23322588

Surprised nobody's posted this up yet. It's a rather handy chart if you're looking for something fantasy orientated.

Though if you're looking for something a bit more current, try Jormungand. Pretty good anime that would be perfect for a modern campaign.

>> No.23322615

Nobody watches fantasy anime because it nearly always sucks. Play a JRPG if you want fantasy.

>> No.23322616

Fuck your plebian ass with a serrated condom.

>> No.23322699

>Outlaw Star / Cowboy Bebop = Firefly knockoffs
u wot m8?

>> No.23322736

apparently, people DO watch fantasy anime, because a good damned deal of the anime recommended here has been fantasy.

>> No.23322776


>> No.23322788 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23322799

Depends. Define /tg/-related.

>> No.23322801

>Outlaw Star / Cowboy Bebop = Firefly knockoffs
>Outlaw Star: 1996
>Cowboy Bebop: 1998
>Firefly: 2002
I know, right?

>> No.23322830


>> No.23322857

Almost all fantasy anime is made like a parody of videogames.

>> No.23322883

logh best out of context images

>> No.23322901

It's been mentioned a few times, but you really do have to watch Gurren Lagann if you haven't already. I fucking loathe anime and still thought it was bloody wonderful.

Having a dick is almost a prerequisite to enjoy it, though.

>> No.23322913 [DELETED] 

Lots of people watch fantasy anime. Just count the amount of fa/tg/uys who've watched Spice and Wolf alone. In fact, most of the recommendations on that chart have already been mentioned.

Though I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Beast Player Erin or Scrapped Princess.

>> No.23322920

No one mentioning Sword/Shield of Uruk.

It's about as /tg/ as it gets,

>> No.23322924

Lots of people watch fantasy anime. Just count the amount of fa/tg/uys who've watched Spice and Wolf alone. In fact, most of the recommendations on that chart have already been mentioned.

Though I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Beast Player Erin or Scrapped Princess when even Those Who Hunt Elves was brought up.

>> No.23322932

>I fucking loathe anime

And then there's this kind of person, who hasn't seen even five shows.

>> No.23322935

Utawarerumono was pretty good excluding the hamfisted sci-fi crap. Entire world filled with catgirls is intriguing idea.

>> No.23322938

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is about the PC and BBEG realizing they won't solve anything by killing each other, and decide the best way to save the world is through the power of ECONOMICS.

Plus its based off 2ch writefaggotry, so its as /tg/ as you can get.

>> No.23322959


>> No.23322980

I loved that manga. Wait, did they turn this into an anime???!

>> No.23323006

>ctrl f "Liar Game"
>Not found

What the FUCK /tg/?

>> No.23323015


>> No.23323028


I mean seriously, Liar Game is pretty much about high stakes traditional games.

>> No.23323047

With liberal amount of Gainaxing.

>> No.23323048

Bunch of kids get sucked into a fantasy world where they discover each of them has a power and they decide to save the world.

Except one guy, who decides to be a better villain than the villain and take over the world with giant insects.

Much much better than I made it sound. It's really good and fucking hilarious. And it has a cat that turns into body armor. You can't go wrong.

>> No.23323073

Yes. Yes they did.

>> No.23323128

Legend of Koizumi and Kaiji would also similarly qualify.

You may not like the art style of the Kaiji anime but it's pretty damn good if you give it a chance.

But Legend of Koizumi, that's required reading. No excuse not to.

>> No.23323147

>Gurren Lagann
>I fucking loathe anime and still thought it was bloody wonderful.
Then you don't loathe anime, given that TTGL is about as generic a shonen anime as you can get.

>> No.23323169

It was a breath of fresh air among all the dark and edgy.

I also find that people who don't care for anime also like FLCL. It's pretty damn bizarre but still a good watch.

>> No.23323213

Maybe /tg/ can help me with this. I read a manga a long time ago, was about a kid named Mars. He joins a mercenary group, meets up with the four other main characters whom I forget. He's really good with a sword, and a small black bird follows him.

The manga follows a war between three different countries. Does anyone know the manga I'm talking about? I want to read it again but its been a long time, so I don't remember what it's called.

>> No.23323224


Hell yeah Wakfu! Shit's all about ADVENTURE!

>> No.23323280

Tales of Eternia.
Bakuretsu Hunters.

>> No.23323304

I looked up those who hate elves and found this little gem
"He is constantly arguing with Celcia and obsessed about curry and, briefly, heliocentrism."

>> No.23323364


>> No.23323372


vikings, that's why

>> No.23323395

Brave Story

>> No.23323412

Vampire Hunter-D is one of the few stories were I tolerated a vampire being in love with an human.

Umineko no naku kori ni has some great ideas on convoluted murders and shit.

>> No.23323438 [DELETED] 


But... Vinland was North America...

>> No.23323477

>Umineko no naku kori ni has some great ideas on convoluted murders and shit.

Sadly this particular story of magic and murder ends in cliché amnesia and one sad transexual/hermaphrodite/thing.

Great soundtrack though.

>> No.23323500

The VN is a hundred times better. Get the PS3 Graphics and voice patch and it goes to a thousand times better.

>> No.23323508

Samurai 7
Jojo's bizarre adventure (both original and the new series. New series starts at the beginning, old series only did the third story arc)
Afro samurai
Vampire hunter D: bloodlust.
Outlaw star.
Armitage III (both dual and polymatrix)

Not anime:

Kamen rider. Pick one.

I cant even begin to state how much of any of these series that I am willing to outright steal, even if it is just the atmosphere.

>> No.23323582

The real reason to watch Wakfu is for the villain though. He makes the show great.

Though the fact that the protagonists could be removed from the show and the plot would remain much the same sort of ticks me off.

>> No.23323589

>0 results
This is a terrible mistake which must immediately be corrected. Perfect for a modern campaign involving any kind of heist.

>> No.23323609


God, the two of them were such sad fucks. It's good that he left his child to be raise by his best friend.

>> No.23323645

>Nobody mentioned the 12 Kingdoms

For shame /tg/

>> No.23323681

A new series is starting soon. you could start with that if you wanted.

>> No.23323684

Seirei no Moribito. Its pretty good.

>> No.23323735

>Samurai 7
I have to give this one a thumbs up. Its not really a masterpiece, but the setting is original as fuck (which is hard to do considering the source material) and its a pretty fun watch.

>> No.23323774

As the guy who posted >>23322588 I can confirm that it is on that chart. Along with several other overlooked series like Millennium Dragon and Kemono no Souja Erin.

Also surprised that nobody's mentioned Moribito yet. Whilst the series may be a little slow, the setting itself is pretty amazing having been written by an anthropology professor.

>> No.23323786


>Samurai 7

Tries too hard and goes on for too long imo.


ahhhhh yesssss

>Jojo's bizarre adventure

Confirmed for FABULOUS taste

>> No.23323801

>It was a breath of fresh air among all the dark and edgy.

You're thinking of JRPGs? Or what? There really isn't that much 'dark and edgy' anime.

>> No.23323835


Depends on where/how you look. It could be very easy to search around and find nothin but 2edgy4u

>> No.23323855

I think he meant in terms of mecha anime, especially when Eva set the standard.

>> No.23323881

It does have some pretty colorful characters overall. Tristepin is one of the better examples of a paladin done right in recent years.

>> No.23323888

The problem is once you finish reading it you will likely rage when you realize how slowly new chapters come out. I mean one chapter every two months slow.
He refuses to hire help with his art (which is awesome, no doubt), but he really isn't trying to wrap up the manga at all.

>> No.23323900

I'll throw another recommendation for Jojo's (considering how many "make a Stand" threads I've seen recently) as well as Tower of Druaga. Yes, it's based on a JRPG, but it's pretty much every dungeon crawl ever.

As said before, Rune Soldier Louie is Muscle Wizard, the Anime. Dub's pretty good, too.

Shingeki no Kyonin is actually getting an anime starting in April, and it's a pretty proper grimdark HUMANITY, FUCK YEAR! setting.

One Punch Man is really the story of a fa/tg/uy that actually followed through on his dreams to also be the Muscle Wizard.

Though I haven't seen any of them, the "Tales of.." OVAs are probably a safe bet.

And another for Sengoku Basara. It still manages to hide a veneer of politics behind its overpowering shonen atmosphere.

>> No.23323910


Lawful-Dumb (Literally), but I'll be damned if he isn't endearing as fuck. That and he gets the hottest woman in the show.

>> No.23323932

Technically only Carrier and her brother.
Also one of few examples of race basically badassing themselves into extinction.

>> No.23323951

Liar Game is awesome. It also got me seriously into game theory.

>> No.23323993

>Also one of few examples of race basically badassing themselves into extinction.

I would like to know more.

>> No.23324017

Definitely Lawful Stupid, but the guy does get some really good moments. It's funny, because they didn't play it as just being disadvantageous. He's too stupid to know when to quit trying to save the day, and he has no regrets when it backfires. And he gets the hottest woman in the show.

>> No.23324050

I loved "Riui", or Louie. The dude just loves to cast Fist. It's been over a decade since I last watched it, too... man, I should try finding a copy of it again.

>> No.23324051

I didn't think of it because I don't consider 12 Kingdoms particularly /tg/-related.

Somehow for me it transcends genre or medium and is just... great.

>> No.23324099

book of bantorra
legend of the legendary heroes

>> No.23324121

Ask /v/, they have the best taste in anime.

>> No.23324133

horo is as many a fa/tg/uy knows as (one of) the bastard child(ren) of Leman Russ witch makes her the granddaughter of the emperor, witch makes watching mandatory!

>> No.23324175

They ran out of honorable opponents.
Unfortunately the only honorable opponent to a person who can routinely split stones and punch heads off is another person like that.
And the rest is history.
Well, there also was war of them vs everyone but honestly i'd bet for them if not for reason 1.

>> No.23324181

>Sadly this particular story of magic and murder ends in cliché amnesia and one sad transexual/hermaphrodite/thing.

I firmly belive ep8 to be inesistent

>> No.23324199


>> No.23324368


I fucking love Rune Soldier. It's like the transcript of your best D&D campaign ever. Not the most epic, the most fun, with the best friends.

Also, it's pretty easy to figure out Louie's stats if you're paying attention. He starts as a first-level wizard with 18 str and 12 int, and then starts taking fighter levels (once the dark-skinned musclegirl starts training him.) His spell selection is actually pretty solid; but his player is a lunatic. He has sleep (which he tries to cast on a mob of skeletons) and magic weapon (which he casts on his fists, in order to punch incorporeal nature spirits.)

It's also genuinely funny. Like the gladiator bit, where they figure out the opponent's secret weapon: he's got a gnome rogue hiding in his hat. This is the only appearance of gnomes in the series.

>> No.23324416

I read the beginning but it seemed too much like "OMG super bishie yaoi-bait uguu~ desu" unless I'm thinking of something else

>> No.23324449

use one of many superhero RPGs, build in a flaw or build in a custom mechanic that works for your payment. (Personally I would have all the players make up a payment and then randomly assign them!!)

>> No.23324459

I'll second the reccomendation of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere from that chart. It's /tg/ in the sense that it has a really big and detailed setting which involves changed laws of reality, magitech, actual magic and re-enacting the past to regain the knowledge to turn people into gods.
It also has a pretty large cast; pic related for that.

Do pay attention if you watch it though, since there's quite a lot of dialogue and not everything about motivations/the plot is spelled out for you.

>> No.23324495

Style over substance, IMO. I liked the second movie better and I liked Stand Alone
Complex better than both movies.

>> No.23324497


>Male main character, three female main characters
>He has relationship drama with NONE OF THEM

So, basically, fuck you, every other anime ever.

>> No.23324526

Seconding Bastard!!

>> No.23324559


I watch a lot of anime, and Horizon was way too anime for me. Stupid hair, huge tits, "wacky" characters, school uniforms, standard anime superpowers... even the alterations to the world are pretty standard crazy anime bullshit. It's like someone took a hundred anime, including Chrome Shelled Regious, Index, and a bunch of worse crap, and tossed it in a blender.

I mean, if you enjoy it, have at. But I couldn't take it.

>> No.23324586

Claymore sounds like something right the hell up my alley, being a huge Witcher-drone. Is it really good?

>> No.23324602

well they do tease about a possible relationship they never flat out say it. Could be completely one sided. But still very different!

>> No.23324631

Tiger and Bunny. I would kill to play in a Wild Talents game using that setting

Have players actually earn points. PCs can either not care about them or get hyper competive despite working together

>> No.23324666


It's not so much teasing as it is the head priestess telling the priest girl "You should sleep with him. Have you slept with him yet?" and her yelling "NO!"

Best religion.

>> No.23324689


You sir, have some mother fucking taste.

"Did you even check my pulse?" is one of my favorite lines in anime ever

>> No.23324710

I'll admit it's not for everyone, but I did find it quite enjoyable.
The frankly rather insane combination of characters, setting and plot elements somehow manages to work, even though one would never expect it to. It's one of the nice things about it, at least in my opinion..

I'll also third Tiger and Bunny. It's a rather different take on western-style superheroes that was really enjoyable. Don't go in expecting a masterpiece and you'll have a blast.

>> No.23324755

Fuck that, it's /tg/ in the sense that it is The 30 Years War with airships, lasers, robots, and magic. And werewolves and angels and dragons and demons and elves and mermaids and skeletons and dryads. And lesbians. And prosthetics.

>> No.23324793

you made it sound good anyway.
>they decide to save the world.
That right there sells it for me. I love when it's a choice; no bullshit prophecy, or situation forcing them to be the chosen one.
They just up and say "hey, let's go kick ass with this cool shit we just got."

Loved that series, though the OVA kind of confused me as to when it actually takes place.

>> No.23324828

>250 posts
>no mention of Hikaru no Go

you people fail hard.

>> No.23324868

Dude, imagine a fucking Bersekr bestiary/monster collection. It will be pretty great.
I fucking loved that anime, do you know if you can get the novels?
Yeah, at elast to me. I mean, hot-women figthing vs monsters who eat entrails? Pretty meh, but the stories goes one and it's quite entertaining and the art it's great.

So anime /tg/ related? I will say Fly The dragon knight, because muh infancy.

>> No.23324894

Yeah, those too. I kinda suck at describing shows.

Oh, and don't forget proper romantic pairings for a large part of the cast. There's basically no harem antics whatsoever, which already makes it different from a massive portion of anime.

>> No.23324913

Hot blood is in Mecha's history
EVA just turned that around.
There are still TONS of ridiculous and amazing mecha anime that are just flat-out fun.

just look at GaoGaiGar!

Also: Martian Successor.
I still, to this day, have no idea if it's a parody of space-opera, a true homage to space-opera, a pun hidden within ten other subtle jokes-and doing really well at it, or something dead fucking serious-and not doing very well.

>> No.23324944


>implying every moment involving Sky High isn't perfection in motion

>> No.23324993

With Fly I mean Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibōken.

>> No.23325009

It is. The premise starts out with the main character being a half-demon girl employed by a mysterious organization who chops demons in half for money with a giant Claymore...but definitely gets way bigger than that by the end with revenge plots and rebellion and mystery. It's like Berserk in that the characters are pretty likeable people, even the badguys, and not prone to sameface, it's got a good mix of bleak and lightheartedness, and the monsters actually look like creatures no sane normal person would take on.

I personally recommend you at least read up to the Campaign in the North arc. That's when you actually get to see just how large in scope the primary conflict is, overall.

>> No.23325019

Hikaru no Go

there's also a less good one about Mahong

>> No.23325028


>Martian Successor.

The spaceship has a zen meditation room where a robot whacks you with a rattan stick and says "banish worldly thoughts." It's a comedy.

>> No.23325053

Yeah, the plot goes one and it's awesome.
The bastards killed Isley ;_;

>> No.23325198 [SPOILER] 

I personally found it to be a great series. Though I don't think it reached it full massive potential, there were some fantastic moments of surprising depth and the narrative kept hinting at a greater story. You know, things that would have been perfect for plotting a superhero campaign.

Seeing as I'll probably never be able to run it, I just want a continuation of the storyline with a second season, not just another movie.

>> No.23325206

having looked through the thread, the only things I can think to include as well is Ghost Sweeper Mikami.

Which is about an Exorcist and her assistants in 90's Japan. It's funny, occasionally weird, and it features exorcism tennis at one point.

>> No.23325214

Better known as "Inception with all the mind rape left in".

>> No.23325216


I've watched 2/3 of the first season of Horizon and


Her parents were the best part of the show. They died in a blaze of glory. What remained was a bunch of terms being thrown around like they're going out of style with very little actual explanations being given. Like I did not even realize that they was a longterm project of reenacting history until the point were mankind took to space en masse until I checked the Wiki.

So you will have to understand that I dropped it after nobody was left whom I'd care about and the world hadn't begun to make sense 2/3s into the run.

Right now we've got access to Seirei no Moribito, Juuni Kokki and Saiunkoku Monogatari, which leaves the anime Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere at best on par with stuff like Mars Daybreaks, most Gundam and other series that don't really bother to actually explain the background in any detail.

>> No.23325239 [SPOILER] 

By /tg/ genre


Record of the Loddoss Wars - How everyone thinks their DnD Game is going to be
Slayers - How everyone's DnD Game turns out.
Vision of Escaflowne - Magitech robots fighting and transforming into dragons, fuck yeah!
Wakfu - Not technically anime, it is French, but fun nonetheless.

Modern both Fantastic and "Realistic."

Black Lagoon - Mercs and Guns the Anime
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Kicking vampire ass and doing cool poses. Also the source of wryyyyy!


Legend of the Galactic Heroes - I have only watched about half of it but it is pretty cool.
Ghost in the Shell - the seminal cyberpunk anime.
Bodacious Space Pirates - Really good world building with electronic warfare focused combat. It is waayy better than it has any right to be. Though beware of the disgusting fan service (pic related).
Cowboy Bebop - Space Bounty Hunters, a great lower tech traveler campaign.
The Big O - Gotham City has an art deco giant robot problem.
Rinne no Lagrange - Friendship and cool robots.

>> No.23325268

You have taste, I can tell.

>> No.23325284


Man, if that shit gets continued I hope that they do a spin off following a different pairing.

>> No.23325325

Maybe not so /tg/ related but cool anyways:

Check out Historie and Eureka!, mangas about the early Classical period. Bretty nice and interesting, Historie being the tale of Eumenes (Alexander's secretary) - the only fault is that it it's updated slowly, it's just only getting into Philip's reign now. Eureka! is about Archimedes and how his inventions kill Roman troops.
There's a manga about Roman gladiator boxing (cestvs or something like that) and I could find only the first 8 chapters, apparently the full set is out there in chinese - anyway, again very nice setting and feel. I recommend the chapters available in english even though it's a bit of a cock-tease.
Dorohedoro is a manga about a Lizard face guy hunting magicians to find out who fucked up his face. Starts off somewhat nicely, got grim as fuck now. Amazing dirty-organic dystopian feel throughout.
The dude from Hellsing is now working on Drifters, a manga about characters from history and their shenanigans in a fantasy-land, including but not limited to Hannibal, Jebus and Hitler.
Zipang is a manga about a modern Jap navy ship getting time-warped into WW2 and how the information they posses changes history. Does have nationalist wank but is actually well-delivered throughout and has a lot of focus on the political and moral side.
The bros at /ak/ are scanlating a manga called Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There. Now, this is unashamed otaku nationalist military wank but it's a fun ride about how modern military busts up niggas in fantasy-land.

>> No.23325367

You know with this many people liking this show.. Damn it I guess I have to start writing a campaign then

>> No.23325409

Which reminds me

>Seirei no Moribito

Basically: "The legends were true, but some fucktard Emperor faked the records for political gains. Drought is gonna kill us of we don't manage to find the correct version and REENACT WHAT ORIGINALLY SAVED OUR KINGDOM"
Which, in this case means that they need a group of Ninjas, a failed spirit healer and a professional bodyguard to trip the fuck out and roast monsters in the Otherworld with flamethrowers until the Spirit of Water can be reborn from its human host.
Oh and we might be fucked because we sorta killed most of those birds that are supposed to take the spirit along to the ocean.

And the Otherworld is really almost next door to us. It's a strange and awesome place.

>Saiunkoku Monogatari

Anicent Fantasy China, only that there are no gods, only body-snatching Immortals who are going to do nothing as the Empire turns into a living hell. That is - if the current Emperor and his protegees fuck up as hard as his father did.

But no pressure, guys, carry on. No pressure.

>> No.23325418

The guy you replied to here; that's basically my opinion as well. It's not really revolutionary, but still a damn good show.

If I remember correctly, the history re-enactment is actually explained in the infodump during the credits of episode 1. That's this show's biggest problem; they don't have the time to explain the setting as much as one would like. I actually hope they continue it as a series of OVAs so they do get that time.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is also great. The manga is supoerb, although Araki's artstyle is kinda weird in the beginning. The new anime is also really good.

>> No.23325433

Martian Sucessor Nadesico is a comedy in the same vein as Captain Tylor.

Also, if it hasn't been recommended yet, Terrestrial Defense Corp. Dai-Guard is worth watching if you're trying to make a monster of the week mecha game. It's also among the best mecha anime ever, and worth watching on it's own merits.

>> No.23325479

Coyote Ragtime Show
Kaze no Stigma
speed grapher
The Tower of DRUAGA

>> No.23325551

>Check out Historie and Eureka!, mangas about the early Classical period.

>not playing Companions of the Twilight

Evil party trying to kick primal powers where it hurts and save humanity. Mostly because they believe that they got the short end of the deal when they unwittingly joined hands with the power that wants to kill all life.

>> No.23325734


FYI, the manga and anime go hand in hand until you get to the north. Then the anime had to wrap up (26 episodes), whereas the manga is still going on with monthly releases. I *think* 139 is the most recent manga.

>> No.23325853

Goddamnit, people always leave Rayearth out when they talk about fantasy anime. I don't care if it's for girls, it's still the best fantasy show of the 90's.

>> No.23325931

Updating the wiki as we speak. Feel free to alter/update/improve the new entries


>> No.23326036

Rayearth's one of the best family-friendly fantasy animu. Plus, CLAMP.
It's good in my book.

>> No.23326192

If you can find it, Fortune Quest is a great send up of fantasy RPGs. The first episode has an accidental TPK, and then they quickly restart with clones of their first characters.

>> No.23326268

>Mizukami Satoshi
Her other story had me crying.

Why did she have to turn into a rock, anon? Why?

>> No.23327119


Iunno, Fate's philosophizing was a little hamfisted but they pulled it off reasonably well. "SHIT'S FUCKED, WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT?" is a pretty universal message and they didn't try to beat you over the head with it. Way better than Fate/Stay Night for whatever that's worth,

>> No.23327283

>Seirei no Moribito
I'm sorry, Moribito was alright and the art was in fact quite good, but it cannot begin to compare with 12 Kingdoms or Saiunkoku.

>> No.23327345

What'ts this anime about? First time I hear of it.

>> No.23327405

see >>23325409

>> No.23327410

IMO, Fate/Stay Night (and the larger meta-setting, to which it belongs, the Nasuverse) is a wonderfully complex and bizarre world which I really like, though it is not for all tastes. Kinoku Nasu, the writer behind it, is a little strange (to put it mildly) and has just as much of a problem sticking to the rules he creates as he does following through on the characterization he sets out on. This is why I think Fate/Zero is better than F/SN - he didn't write the novel as much as he approved of it.

For stuff in a similar vein, I also recommend Kara no Kyokai: the Garden of Sinners. It's not for all tastes (for every person who likes it, there's another who find it boring / pretentious / slow), but IMO it has a good atmosphere of tense mystery, lovely music, amazing animation and badass fight choreography.

I'd like to think it's an out-of-theway World of Darkness chronicle, starring a modern-day Euthanatos trying to come to terms with her place in the world.

At the very least, you can punk the OST for a game and everyone will love you for it.


A librarian and a teacher strive to achieve political reform in a decadent court ruled by an indolent emperor. TBH, I've not heard of it before, but this looks intriguing.

>> No.23327705

I heard bad things about second season of darker than black, some even said dont watch it. What is your thought about this /tg/?

>> No.23327858

Shingeki no Kyojin

It's not really bad on its own, but it kinda shits on and drops the things the first season had going, which is what people really liked and wanted more of. Furthermore, the main character is a cute little girl and Hei becomes more like a supporting main character. The ending is COMPLETE bullshit. It's also a bit of a mess in the sense that you'll have no idea what the fuck happened between S2 and S1 unless you watch the OVAs first (which you should) even though they were released after S2.

Still, it's enjoyable, but it's just not the same Darker Than Black that it started out as, and in that respect it is a piece of shit.

>> No.23328293

I see,i checked it out a bit and it looks a bit ..unrelated to the season 1 will check it out if i have the time . Thanks for the advice.

Also for /tg/ valkyria Chronicles the Anime, if you have ps3 play the game first. Manly tears have been shed.

>> No.23328312

Try Darker Than Black: Shikoku no Hana?

Also, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio.

>> No.23328333

I've never really understood the complaint that KnK is "2deep4u and pretentious about it." Since when is "it's powered by incomprehensibility" not a good reason for knife-fights? Sure, it's about as wrong about psychology as it is about meta-physics, but why shouldn't fiction explore ideas about people who think inhumanly instead of having magical powers but acting just the same?

okay I just read that and suddenly understood why it's pretentious. I didn't not post it, though

>> No.23328341

>valkyria chronicles
I love the aesthetic but why oh why is there such an emphasis on super speshul magical girls?
I just want an anime about hairy manly men doing hairy manly things (no homo) in a faux WW2 setting.

>> No.23328355

boku no not /tg/

>> No.23328393

counter-downvote you passive-aggressive mean person

>> No.23328400


boku no namae waa /teeeegeeee/

>> No.23328462

>/tg/-related anime is not /tg/-related
You sound this stupid right now, honestly.

>> No.23328494

>VC anime

No... just no. You're better off playing the game. The anime is just terrible in comparison

>> No.23328511


>Not playing 2



>> No.23328638

To be fair, they look like mechas. Of course, towards the end you should have wisened up to the fact they're really (actual spoiler)unearthly cyborgs animated by ineffable space magic, alien flesh bound with metal, controlled by an unholy collaboration between a parent and child's souls.

Oh, and let me spoil the meaning, because it's really obtuse: People can hurt each other, but sometimes they choose not to.

>> No.23328643

Don't get me wrong, I love the shit out of KnK, but I recognize that my love for it isn't a universal thing. What I find engrossing (exploring the inhuman psychology of magicians, serial killers, and the stupid-but-loyal guys who love them) other people have reported find boring, confusing, or stupid, so
I give fair warning when I recommend stuff like that.

Could Planetes work as a setting, though? Could a campaign run with the PCs one of the Space Patrol officers or terrorists?

>> No.23328729

Wow just wow, VC 2 was very very bad. seriously. It turned a decently serious game into a high school slice of life shit.

That is why i said if you have ps3 play the game first.


To be fair there was only one speshul magical girl in the beginning and even though she was powerfull she had her limits and with proper tactics she could be out-manuevered and defeated.
Other than that it was pretty manly. Also
Largo is very manly about vegetables.

the thing i really liked about anime was that they involved other characters in the squad.
The thing i didnt like in anime was the change of releationship between welkin and alicia, so much unnecesaary complications and unnecessary drama added.

>> No.23328953

alright, /tg/- after seeing so many people recommend it, I'm going to start on wakfu. any places where I can stream/download/torrent it with as few problems as possible?

>> No.23329029


>> No.23329409

For an ultraviolent campaign, or one stretching over a really long time, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne is a good one.

>> No.23330388

No Sound of the Sky/ Sora No Woto?
A perfect example of world building, and an interesting way to do high-tech & low-tech cross over and post-apoc stuff.
Plus the music is beautiful, and episodes 6 & 7 are manly tear inducing.
I really really want to run an Only War SnW game.

>> No.23331666


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