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How do you keep track of how many people you killed?

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Reanimate them as a zombie and have them carry my stuff. When I forget how many I've killed, I just count em up.

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Well, I kill on average 1 person per day, and I am 5845 years old, so the numbers say I've killed 2,133,425 people. Give or take, I'm sure.

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Hitler is still stylin' on you.

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I look at census data from areas I've passed through.

>> No.23312922

Oh well that's easy!

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Psh, he only killed himself and his bitch wife. I do all my dirty work myself.

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I mark a notch on my weapon for each man i've killed.

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>Implying Hitler actually had gas chambers
>Implying Hitler didn't appear with a longsword in true Aryan master race plate armor

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By how many weapons my megabuster can change into.

>> No.23312997

I used to do that.
I've gone through a slingshot, gun, net, and my own arm.

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What about the Sniper Joes? They need to go home to their Wife Joes, but they can't now. Their Baby Joes have no father. And you don't even factor that into your kill record? You're a heartless monster!

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Of course he didn't, because Hitler wasn't Aryan.

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I take a molar.

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I keep tally marks on my char sheet.

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Psh, only the Robot Masters deserve the right to be considered people because they're the only robots with AIs advanced enough to think in any real capacity.

The rest are just mindless automatons. Obstacles in my way.

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I don't because that's tantamount to a confession to murder one.

>> No.23313139

When the skies open up and crash to the earth in cacophonous rapture, when the seas revolt and claim the heavens, when hope fades as a dying ember, then I may mourn.

Until then I will continue to kill without remorse and treat human life with the indifference it deserves.

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But when you go from one game to another you drop all your weapons. Do you keep them in storage somewhere?

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That picture disgusts me.
It's not how you hold a knife.

I keep track of the numbe rof people I killed by not killing people.

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If by storage you mean "memory banks" then yeah.

This whole things just a game Wily and I play, why else do you think he keeps getting away? I'd be breaking the rules if I used the weapons from our last round.

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I don't. It's a common occurrence for things to die in land ruled by a military dictatorship and constantly being attacked by extremely powerful undead.

Extremely powerful as in a basic zombie is intelligent, articulate, won't stop chasing you until it is killed or someone else gets between you and it, uses weapons with the skill of a seasoned soldier, and is one of the weaker things kicking around. Were they motivated to do more than kill whatever they saw it'd be the apocalypse for the locals along with everything else on the landmass.

Shit dies constantly.

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Get out of here Trigger.

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What are you doing off the moon, Volnutt!? Who said you could leave!?

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I dont.

>> No.23313281

I have a running tally which I mark with my bade on my dick

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I'm still on the moon. Those 100,000 strong for MML3 guys shot a rocket up here, that had a laptop on it. It's awfully lonely up here, though. Can I come back, yet?

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I count the fingers on the necklaces I've made.

>> No.23313320

Not until Inafune apologizes and/or the fans make their own game so we can take the cre- or "publish" it for them

>> No.23313322

I keep a diary.

>> No.23313325

Man, I've wiped out planets, I'm not tallying that shit.

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Junos a guy.

>> No.23313372


Right. Like a guy would have long flowing purple hair, boobs, a narrow waste, and a big butt. The women I know don't even look nearly that feminine.

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I check the condolences letter count in my email outbox.

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where the fuck do you see boobs?

>> No.23313424

But look at those forearms, you know he was fapping. He got his waist that way from starvation due to how much time he devotes to fapping.

>> No.23313441

That spot on your chest that's rounded where the men and most of the women I know don't have anything.

What's fapping? I'm gonna google it, really quick.

>> No.23313443

I'm a Space Marine, I stopped counting when it hit a hundred. If you count xenos as "people" then it's probably four digits.

>> No.23313463

Nobilis character: sad stickers on cell phone for personal kills, exhaustive records in triplicate audited and investigated internally and externally for less personal kills.

Pathfinder: I let others kill for me. I have better things to do with my standard actions.

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Oh Volnutt, you're definitely the most boyscout of all the Megamans but you peep on your not-sister all the time so you're also the most perverted.

There's no way you don't know what fapping is.

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1. his full name is Megaman Juno
2. you seem you have your own Fan fluff in your head so you cant see the truth.

>> No.23313532

Google Deep Sounding.

>> No.23313556

Oh. THAT'S fapping. Yeah. Roll made me an arm attachment for that.

This is why they left you alone underground for so long.

It's a book? I don't read much. Mostly I've been shooting at rocks up here. I've become such an expert on rocks, I've started calling myself Rockman.

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Well, at least you've got a place of your own to stay in up there. We had to move in with a friend whose also down on their luck

>> No.23313700

Come live with me, guys! .exe already visits me on my laptop every once in a while.
And stop by Tronne's to get us some servbots to build us a house. And maybe bring a Roll to keep the place tidy. I can't wait to hear about all the stuff you guys have been up to.

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Image search, friend. Moon relevant.

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hitler was a gunner in the german army he killed people himself

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So Volnutt... You've been stuck up on the Moon now for about ten years....

Just... stuck up isolated from everyone except a mocha loli and hot MILF with nothing to pass the time...

Hows that situation....developing?

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Great. You see, I'm the only one with a gun. That way, I'm safe if they ever succumb to Lunar Madness, and that kangaroo conspires with them to kill me.

Well all the Rolls are female, silly.

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Can't one of them turn into a mammoth mecha Shiva Elder Goddess that pisses high output lasers?


>> No.23314351

She promised she'd stop doing that.

>> No.23314374

Promised to stop only for as long as you don't piss her off, you mean.

>> No.23314418

If Mega Man keeps count of the dead by the Buster upgrades... does that mean each new game that wipes them is the equivalent of Robotic Absolution?

>> No.23314463

At first I got a new letter. But lately I've been counting them more traditionally.

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Oh yeah. That thing. I've never killed anyone. Just reaverbots. Sure I've kicked a dog, blown up some people, destroyed some vending machines, and completely filled a bakery full of cans for profit, but I've never gone so far as to kill anyone.

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I don't, but i can try to give a approximation based on how much mass i reclaimed

>> No.23314568

How do you keep track of how many breads you have eaten?

>> No.23314634

yep ww1 hitler was hard as fuck thats why they wanted him to lead the nazi party. His shellshock made him turn to drugs tho and he went crazy.

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Dio why are you on the computer
You should not even be alive

>> No.23314708

... Wasn't he a scout and message runner?

>> No.23314712

Somebody's never heard of Fairbairn-Sykes. That, sir, is how you hold a knife when you intend to kill the shit out of a man in the quickest manner possible, namely by going straight for the nearest arteries.

>> No.23314812

Case in point.

>> No.23314938

Why would I want to keep track of that? It gives me no pleasure to kill people, nor to remember it.

>> No.23314948

The amount of unfinished paperwork on my desk

>> No.23315133

>not having a kill counter

>> No.23315179

I find a tonberry and ask him.

>> No.23315208

I put one of their bones in my collection, I'm trying to complete a whole skeleton.

>> No.23315322

So do you dig the bones out of their inner ear?

>> No.23315358

at the shop i play 40k we have a kill counter of how many men my commissar has killed

the number is only 58

>> No.23315374

>Not digging bones out of the inner ear
>laughing professional necromancers.jpg

>> No.23315382

I'll get around to it. I have a wonderful recipe for Ear Drop Soup I want to try...

>> No.23315422

Hadn't done it this far, but I'll start for sure!
Gonna use my phone.

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How many were Gaurdsmen?

>> No.23315571

I used to keep a dogtooth of each, but one day a player threw my special necklace to the ocean.

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Before I kill someone I make sure to sit them down and ask them their details so I can write them down in my tome.
I usually get their age, date of birth, birthplace, hometown, family members names, their locations, their occupation, their sex and their name.
Then I slaughter them and cut off an eyelid and stick it at the top of the page. I can't wait to be a Lich so when I'm finally killed by a group of heroes they can find my book.

Oh, and I also track down the family members and slaughter them also.
>tfw you interrupt a birthing but you can't stop now

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