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Time to guess what ridiculous fluff the new chaos codex will have!

>Khorne will be have a soft spot for something

>Draigo will make a cameo

>The new vehicle will look like a dinosaur

>Daemons will now get perils of the warp

At this point, I can't be the only one who can bat this stuff out with confidence

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You didn't get the memo, then? This isn't a Wardex. The fluff will likely be a copy-paste from the last codex and provide absolutely NOTHING for /tg/ to rage about.

Yes, I disappoint.

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Nurgle will finally get into Isha's pants.

It will be consensual

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You know, if you looked at it from Nurgle's point of view, Isha is the only female he can actually have sex with and not immediately kill due to the billion std's he has.

>be nurgle
>find a female that won't mind the stds
>she doesn't put out

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>Implying Nurgle would make the first move being a fat assed beta

I'm not projecting or anything I promise

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>just as planned

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>This isn't a Wardex

Yes it is...according to rumours.

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No, the book is confirmed as a kellydex.

That photo last night was forged.

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I've got to hand it to the anon who did the fake. He's still reeling 'em in.

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Does that mean Ward's doing Tau

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Literally every rumor about who is authoring what that has come out before WD leaks has been wrong so who the fuck knows?

hes probably still sleeping it off after writing the glory that is 6th edition BRB.

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Ward did the daemon's fantasy army book, idk if that would change anything. seems more like cruddace.

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And ward put plenty of shit in there that people started referencing.

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Ward didn't right 40k, though.

Are both codicies being written by the same guy now?

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>Khorne will be have a soft spot for something
Well yeah, Khorne has a soft spot for EVERYTHING... she's the ultimate Tsundere after all!

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>the new vehicle will look like a dinosaur

Sorry to disappoint, it looks like an angry brass yogurt cannon

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>wave of daemons last year
>another wave plus codex and army book now
Is it me, or is it pretty damn unlikely that we'll see new Greater Daemons any time soon?

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I am now imagining khorne's female aspects.

... I am so fucked.

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>Implying Khorne isn't a woman under all that bronze armor...

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>khorne goes on her period

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Bitch/Bastard/Dog-God be a transcendant thing man.

Being both female/male and not male/female is totally up there alley.

... I a

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>juggernauts are cavalry
>hellblades: choose which type of power weapon they count as at the start of each assault phase
>cannons can squadron
>daemon of khorne grants rage
>bloodthirster gets 2+ armor
>blatant wishlisting

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He is a being of pure warp and emotion, I doubt sex ever really crosses whatever counts as his mind.

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>Valkia the bloody
>Khorne is a lady
>Bumpin' cunts
>slaanesh wants in
>tzeentch just as planned

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It would explain her constant demand for blood...

She loses a bunch of it every month

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>period mind

the logical conclusion here is that the blood always flows.

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You can quote again, yo.

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Who is after Chaos deamons for 40K?

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Conventional wisdom/possibly bullshit rumours say Tau.

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oh hey you can.

Never noticed though, I got an extension that turns single > into quotes as well but thanks anyway.

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Really though, I like my head canon because Khorne being stuck as a Wargoddess in a Wargods world give her relationship with Slaanesh and hir constaint gender flipping that extra ironic twist.

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I forget is Nurgle treating her kindly or is he being an asshole?

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>Implying Khorne isn't on an eternal never ending period

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Apparently it's all just a big petty internal design agenda to get rid of every last trace of Alessio Cavatore's work at GW. That's why the big push of Chaos stuff and the new edition.

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layers and layers of truth and lies.

you can only attempt to explain the transcdent.

so have fun with your wargoddess who is in a shell of a wargod

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I think it's that he's trying to be nice, but, as the galaxy's personification of Neckbeardedness, he's inadverntantly an asshole.

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>40k dex is a kelly dex
>fantasy army book is a wardbook
Christmas is cancelled.

At least we didn't get a Cruddace surprise

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Is it because GW hates Italians?

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That's what I've heard

and frankly I'm not surprised one bit

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It's because he left and started Mantic.

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It's Australians GW hates, silly.

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Alessio Cavatore left GW.

He wrote the rules for Kings of War for Mantic, which is apparently made up of ex-GW guys

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How's the Fantasy book? I have a Tzeentch Daemon army on round bases but I don't play 40k anymore. New book might be a reason to swap them over.

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Well that's only reasonable, they're criminals and the descendants of criminals

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>How's the Fantasy book
We don't know yet. And we probably won't get a scan because /tg/ cannot into Fantasy.

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>He wrote the rules for Kings of War for Mantic
Kings of War any good?

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>/tg/ cannot into Fantasy

Sad but true. All these 40kiddies.

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I'm into Warhams Fantasy, but no one local plays so I've never gotten a need to buy an army or learn to play.

Love reading up on it all, though.

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Why Tau, and not space marines?

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Because all the spess mehreens except the ones nobody cares about have recently been updated.

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He feeds her all his new diseases and judges their effectiveness based on how long it takes for her to cure herself.

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>Khorne will be have a soft spot for something
Don't you remember? He gets the bad kind of pissed at his followers if they offer the skulls of non-warriors to him

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>which is apparently made up of ex-GW guys
Who... wanted armies to be affordable?

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So Khorne hates Slaanesh so much because before Slaanesh, Khorne had a monopoly in the tits department....

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I think Codex marines needs an update before tau. The SM codex is showing its age very badly.

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Because Tau haven't had a new Codex in a hella long time, since they got jumped up the line to fix gamebreaking imbalances in their first codex.

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>makes post guaranteed to cause white-hot searing rage
>adds kitten gif
Oh, you're a clever one, anon.

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the tau one is still from fourth nigga

from what ive heard, tau -> eldar -> deamons -> blood angels? or was it sisters of battle -> spuss mahrines

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Is this some really terrible troll attempt?

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>tfw someone saves your picture

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......... i vomited. i seriously just puked from rage. i need you to do me a favor. i want you to stuff a champagne bottle up your ass, then bash yourself in the stomach with a hammer untill it bursts inside of you. i think that should be sufficient

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No I just think marines should have priority over Tau. After all nobody plays tau, so they can retcon them and nobody would be upset

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>Tzeentch's most trusted daemon will be outsmarted by Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Wait, that's not new..

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For Nurgle that is kindly. He bakes her presents!

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From what I've seen it cuts out a lot of the fat from WHFB.

For example, instead of there being a magic phase with it's own casting and discasting rolls, Wizards cast their spells in the shooting phase. And all the different versions of magical missiles have been boiled down to 3 spells.

Zap!: A basic magic missile attack
Breath Attack: A short range magical attack.
Heal: Like Zap!, only you use it to heal units.

However there are different level of spells. For example a Wizard with Zap!(3) would pick a enemy unit within 24 inches and and roll 3 dice, each roll above 4 being a hit. A dragon with Breath Attack (20) would be able to pick an enemy unit with 12 Inches and roll 20 dice, each roll above 4 being a hit. A priest with Heal(3) could pick a friendly unit within 24", roll 3 dice and for every roll above 4, the unit heals a wound

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designers, not corporate fuck nuggets. The guys that do the work love the hobby and their jobs. Met Phil Kelly at chicago gamesday. Good dude. He gave me hints on the new chaos book before it was released. We chatted about what its like at GW and he was grinning about his job ear to ear. I think they would all perfer it to be cheaper, but they also no know that no one else has the dosh to hire them to do their work like GW.

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Tzeentch is the Wizard of Oz?

>> No.23312199

blood letter rules?

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Hey, the old Daemon thread has dropped off the end of the catalog.

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>Have to wait until 2014 for plastic meganobz and wartrakks along with shiny new gubbinz

Zog it.
I really hope orks come after Tau, Nids and Eldar. Those guys need it worse than we do but good gork I'm sick of lootas, shoota boyz and bikes being our only viable options in 6th.
I just wanna win with choppiness again.

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they look kawaii as fuck

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My local store had a campaign with so many tau players that it was split order vs chaos vs tau Tau is why myself and many other start this game.

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Why would I do that?

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no it wasnt. 40k is a kelly dex, fantasy is ward

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because you deserve it for such shit posting

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And that proves why Tau are fine.

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Man, that seaweed barfing Tzeentch chariot is actually kind of amusing.

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I didn't say they won. I just said they are popular.

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>Those chariots

Bravo GW.

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You have yet to prove me wrong on why Tau needs an update before Codex Marines. Codex marines are hurting bad. Tau are fine,

This post proves it

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Interesting. I think I'm a fan of this.

Anyone have a PDF of the core rules? Or a sample or something? Wanna check it out before buying it and all that jazz~~

>> No.23312339

>oldest codex thus far
>complains about how the newer, more generic codexes should be updated.
>reason is no one plays the old, piece o' shit codex anymore

and thats why no one plays anyone but spees mharines.
please take the largest kitchen knife you own and shove it as far up your ass as you can.

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i think youre actually right, im not sure about the order after tau and eldar. it think orkz are in there somewhere.

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Oh for pete's sake, he's trolling you.
Just ignore him.

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ha, no. that would be something though.

No, y'see, the current codex describes the maze of tzeentch, and it has 9 gates each guarded by the same daemonic gatekeeper, because lolwarp.

the gatekeeper will ask one of 99 mindbending riddles so complex and obtuse that only the greatest of lateral thinkers can hope to solve them all and pass through all nine gates in the maze. if they get an answer wrong the keeper eats them.

The codex explicitly states that the only mortal to have answered all the riddles correctly was "clad in the guise of a young girl with a little black dog."

in other words, Dorothy and Toto were smarter than Chaos sorcerers and unfortunate Imperials who got lost in the maze.

When Tzeentch called out his gatekeeper for letting her through, the keeper said she cheated. no joke.

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Wait, isn't that a Soulgrinder? But it's on a square base, which I'm pretty sure is Fantasy only. Never thought a giant cyborg counted as fantasy.

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I'm being semi-serious. It has already been established that nobody plays tau and if nobody plays that army in GW should discontinue the product since all it does is take up space

>> No.23312428

Oh, never mind, they've release mini-rules for it:


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>people can't stop feeding the troll

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because tau are shit tier with their weak codex from MOTHERFUCKING FOURTH EDITION

>> No.23312455

Codex orks is in a weird position, where it's still wholly viable, just that with current rules, to win or compete consistently you need to only use maybe three units. Which is a shame since the army is made to be characterful, yet bad moons or speed freeks are the only thing that'll beat anything but another horde army these days.

That being said, Eldar and Tau need it worse. I can't imagine having an 80% metal/resin army in this day and age. Not to mention somehow being awful in the current edition while this is the defacto shooty edition, in the Tau's case.
That and Tau/Eldar fliers are gonna be some cool shit.

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>> No.23312471

I have a 4th edition book that has refrences to rules don't dont exist. I have 2 of the worst units in the entire game, the worst troops in the game, and just about the entire book is hopelessly overcosted.

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i love that image so much im keeping it forever in a special folder called :D

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I've seen kroot hold objectives against armies for entire games. Full kroot squad with hounds in forest cover. Tell them to go to ground everytime someone shoots at them for a 3+ cover save. And most people are too afraid to charge 30+ kroot and hounds. Problem solved. Next?

>> No.23312521

bloodletters are badass, but why does that herald have such an angular face?

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>> No.23312532


>Awesome looking Herald for a cover

Well I guess the Herald of Khorne did end up looking pretty cool.

>> No.23312540

Tau have wargear in their codex that literally HAS NOT HAD A PURPOSE in TWO editions.

>> No.23312552

Oh well.
Couldn't all be hits.

>> No.23312555

now explain vespids

>> No.23312559

But that doesn't solve anything when the objective isn't slapped in the middle of a forest, and all of your units have T3 and either no armor or a 6+. See how well that squad fares against Orks, even with all the cover in the universe.

>> No.23312570

cover doesnt work that way anymore, forest terrain is not always available/ relevant to a game, flamers are prevalent and wreck kroot. doesnt solve the whole problem with having rules from two editions ago.

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The one where you use the commanders LD for split fire test? How is this a problem?

>> No.23312585

When will Daemonnettes have two boobs instead of one /tg/?

Or how could I get two boobed Daemonnettes?

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Holy christ, good point. What are we looking at here, then? Did they go to make a Fantasy splat and somebody slapped a Soulgrinder on a square base and put it in there on accident? Did they end up writing the Soulgrinder into the Fantasy Daemons book? How in the fuck did they fluff that one? My mind is full of fuck right now!

>> No.23312617

there is no explanation. It is an affront to all that is good and holy

>> No.23312627

>When will Daemonnettes have two boobs instead of one /tg/?

Even for Slaanesh that's too excessive.

Or too fucking normal, take your pick.

>> No.23312629

no, the one for target priority tests.

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File: 155 KB, 567x941, mantis-box-plus-command-group-EN_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>cover doesnt work that way anymore

Forest are a 5+ save, kroot get +1 to forest, then they go to ground for +1? Where am I wrong. Also why dont you bring forest terrain? ALl the tau players I know do so for that very reason

>> No.23312661


soulgrinder got fantasy rules a while ago.

>> No.23312672

>Did they end up writing the Soulgrinder into the Fantasy Daemons book?

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Not all codex's can have stellar units, all armies have units they wonder why GW created. Its the name of the game

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They became a Fantasy unit in the WD Daemon update.

>> No.23312691

Holy shit, people are STILL feeding that troll? I thought there'd be an actual thread when I got back from making a sandwich.

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The scooters?

>> No.23312702

can you fit all 30 guys in inside that piece? nope? anybody sticking out is in for a blastin. does not solve how common flamers are (both the unit and the weapon)

>> No.23312720


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You dont have to fit all models in terrain, you just need a majority, the GW forest kit will do the job.>>23312691
How am I a troll?

>> No.23312759

Weird that the Fantasy fluff for soulgrinders is vastly different and negative in tone.

>> No.23312762

The one where you use the commanders LD for target priority tests.

A test that hasn't existed since they went back to true line of sight.

Tau only have split fire when they used an entirely different set of wargear.

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I heard about that. Whats the other piece of worthless war gear?

>> No.23312839

Mechanically, the Space Marine codex is fine. It's pretty well-balanced both internally and externally, with a good range of playable units and options. SM players who are currently unsatisfied with the book have a wide range of alternative rulesets; Dark Angels, Space Wolves, etc to use instead.

Tau are, mechanically, a complete mess with several bits of wargear and a few rules that do nothing at all. They're rather limp on the battlefield and the internal balance is so screwed you're limited to cramming as many Battlesuits into a list as possible just to field a workable army. They need an update far, far more than Space Marines do.

So you're either a troll, or an idiot.

>> No.23312845

Is there any word on the tally still being the same or changed? Also im betting nurgle cav, the plague bearers on flies, is a sleeper hit like spawn. Kinda disappointed they didnt make giant flys instead of what ever the fuck those things are

>> No.23312860

>Tau are, mechanically, a complete mess with several bits of wargear and a few rules that do nothing at all. They're rather limp on the battlefield and the internal balance is so screwed you're limited to cramming as many Battlesuits into a list as possible just to field a workable army.
You know better than most that this isn't about to change with their new dex

>> No.23312866

They definitely move fast as balls, that's for sure.

>> No.23312884


They already get five attacks on the charge, all at strength four and the first an auto hit at initiative 10. Poison 4+ makes those rerollable under certain conditions. Combine that with the fact that they're tough and have 3 wounds along with whatever saves come with Nurgle Daemons (and possibly FNP) and you have a stellar unit.

>> No.23312898

Hey, we never know. The rumours of them being saddled with Cruddace might turn out to be false.

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File: 325 KB, 644x583, 1359870292322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me the Fantasy rules.

>> No.23312910

>Poison 4+

I think the Plague Drones have Poison (3+). There was a little snippet from the intro to the Battle Report posted, which claimed as such IIRC.

>> No.23312916

whatever lets you sleep at night

>> No.23312956

Maybe Cruddace will do okay!

You never know!


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Give me the loot.


That makes them more useful against MEQs and Monstrous creatures.

>> No.23312963

We should not mock the Tau for their misfortune however, but praise them.
It is a noble thing to take up the Burden of the Cruddex, so that other armies may be saved. And the Book of Ward promises those Burdened who endure will be reborn into the Glorious Kingdom of Ward.

>> No.23312974

no, 6th edition cover is a by model basis. "If when you come to allocate a Wound, the target model's body (as defined on page 8) is at least 25% obscured from the point of view of at least one firer, Wounds allocated to that model receive a cover save."

>> No.23312982

Fantasy has no Ice Magic.

>> No.23312996

/r/ing the rulebook pages that were posted earlier

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tau are not a mess.
There's no greater amusement than to see someone pause as you brought Eldrad with a group of ten wraithguards with warlock(conceal) to your force. In this case, let eldrad take his eldar psy powers. Double doom is like godsend to Tau. We can boost bs, but reroll to wound with spams of FW fire is absurd. He will also fortune this squad and sit on an objective.
Sure, it costs about 650 pts

>> No.23313013


Kislev was supposed to.

>> No.23313025

When you have to use allies to patch up the holes in your Codex, yes, your Codex is a mess. Like Craftworld Eldar, Tau aren't *unplayable*, but they're in serious need of a redo.

>> No.23313027

>Tau are not a mess
>They are good thanks to another codex

>> No.23313044


Wraithguard are fun, but unfortunately too expensive even in Eldar lists.

>> No.23313063

markerlights make mention of that same rule, landing gear makes a skimmer a non skimmer (for when skimmers exploded if they got immobilized) Decoy launchers also dont work anymore last i checked. oh and bonding knives dont work anymore either. so thats all i see from a cursory glance.

>> No.23313065


>> No.23313066

Tau aren't a mess! Just bring 700 points from another codex, and they're fine!

>> No.23313092

Yeah, well, they don't have rules OR models anymore so... good luck with your Warmaster army, dude.

>> No.23313102


Yeah, yeah. Kislev is best army though.

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>> No.23313134
File: 1.99 MB, 254x209, rich.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hey I'm solving *problems* whiiney tau players have.. You cry all day and night about how your army sucks and then when a Smurfs player like me teaches you about your army you dont want to hear it.. I dont get it?

>> No.23313166


That's adorable, I'm inspired to writefag

>> No.23313173
File: 592 KB, 762x948, screams internally.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23313207

>locking someone up in your basement because they can eventually heal any illness and using them as a lab rat, except instead of testing cures on them, you're testing plagues and diseases specifically designed to cause pain and suffering and using their suffering as a gauge for how much you can make the people you unleash these diseases on suffer
/tg/ is horrifying sometimes.

>> No.23313256
File: 99 KB, 605x650, cat drink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23313267

Only sometimes? We need to step our game

>> No.23313283
File: 9 KB, 259x194, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23313308
File: 71 KB, 600x450, Shop_Cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23313310

Damnit Andy Hoare lookit what you did. Again!

>> No.23313361

nope, just concerned about the possibility, no matter how slight, that you typed those words with a straight.

>> No.23313379

face, I accidently a word, that's as good an indication as any for sleep time.

>> No.23313409

This troll is a black guy. Why is it always the blacks that are the retarded shitposters on 4chan...

>> No.23313419

i thought decoy launchers got erratad to being useful?

>> No.23313448

What about Orks?

>> No.23313479
File: 836 KB, 360x217, 1353654879970.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit.. We have a winnar! I will take this as a sign I should go to bed.

*minus the troll part*

>> No.23313498


Bonding Knives now really only apply to casualty tests and not much else.


Decoy Launchers got worse. Back in the day, when Skimmers suffered instant death when immobilized, being able to reroll a damage result was a good thing. With the change in skimmer rules (they only suffer instant death when going flat out, I think?), rerolling on the damage chart is more likely to end up in a much worse result.

>> No.23313577

The chances of Tau getting a warddex are small.

However, they're still higher than the chances of Cruddace writing a good codex.

Maybe they'll let Vettock write it and it'll wind up like the Dark Angels codex, with 95% of it good and the remaining 5% so mind bogglingly terrible yours eye melt.

>> No.23313610

Isn't that the first chapter of Akuma ga Kill?

>> No.23313618

What was so terrible about the Dark Angels codex? Was it vehicles, greenwing units, fluff?

>> No.23313631

Well like I said before, Nurgle is basically the Chaos God of Neckbeardedness.
It's not his fault he's too dense to realise Isha isn't into his hobbies the way he is.

>> No.23313633

The flyers are complete garbage.

>> No.23313655

True, but the bikers and terminators compensate fairly well for that in my opinion.

>> No.23313670

The codex is mostly good, until you get to the flyers.

And then you're confronted with something that costs as much as a Stormraven with less firepower, less AV, and no transport capacity.

>> No.23313683

>costs as much as a Stormraven

Lolwut? Aren't both of them sub 180 points?

>> No.23313766

>When Tzeentch called out his gatekeeper for letting her through, the keeper said she cheated. no joke.

which is an actual line from the doorkeeper in the wizard of oz when she manages to get past him.

>To all those buttmad about nurgle keeping esha locked in his lab.

Might I remind you that nurgle saved Esha from Slaanesh, who kept her as basically his slave, Esha cried out and Nurgle heard, and enraptured with her and her beauty took his forces marched into slaanesh's palace and freed her from him.
While Nurgle forcefeeds his concoctions to her she's more in her element being a godess of healing, it even says in fluff because she has to heal herself she knows the best ways to stop the plagues and diseases in the real world, whispering them to the mortals that pray to her.

>@ everyone complaining about Codex releases.
Deamons got bumped up because of miscommunication with WD making screamers and flamers too good in 40k, in the weeks that followed they saw an abundance of all screamer armys that were dominating the scene, so they had to decide if they wanted the meta wrecked for a couple of months while they put out Eldar, or if they should bump daemons up and nip the problem in the bud. If you play the competitive scene be happy they did this. As far as I know Eldar are going to get the release next followed by tau and then Orks, with black templars thrown inbetween tau/orks or right after orks.

>> No.23313768
File: 16 KB, 500x500, khor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If pic related isn't canon, I'm going to be disappointed.

>> No.23313776
File: 16 KB, 500x500, tzen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this.

>> No.23313784
File: 15 KB, 453x492, nurgy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23313786


So what you're saying is that Daemons accidentally became too good and they need to be brought down.

>> No.23313789

Stormraven is 200 points. Nephilim is 180 points.

For the 20 points you're getting much, much more.

>> No.23313792
File: 19 KB, 500x500, slaan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> implying you wouldn't fall for him

>> No.23313809

>Not overflowing with deadly abundance

I will hunt you down and shit in your mouth

>> No.23313821

Tau have been pretty much confirmed. Retailers were told that the XV8 Crisis Suit is no longer "must stock". This happens when a model is about to get replaced with a new version.

>> No.23313822

> not wanting to lick up every delicious drop from nurgle's wounds

>> No.23313866

indeed, Last time I was at a tourney I actually saw no less than 3 full tzeentch armies, one of which was all screamers, fateweaver and a herald, he tabled every opponent he played. Too many things to shoot, they rip apart tanks, they rip apart infantry they capture points and they move fast across the board. and they got a point reduction in the WD update.

one more reason you probably won't see another WD update for a long long time.

>> No.23313898


>That feel when we go from bottom tier to top tier and GW moves heaven and earth to take us back down again

>> No.23313899

REALLY!?!?! squeeee!

>> No.23313913

top tier is fine, but nearly impossible to beat tier is freaking annoying.

>> No.23313936


I dunno about impossible to beat tier, especially considering that Screamers aren't a troop choice...

>> No.23313998

tellin' you mate I think it's gonna be eldar first.

>> No.23314026 [SPOILER] 
File: 17 KB, 500x500, TITSOUTFORTG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> limiting Slaanesh like that

>> No.23314096


Not likely, Hastings gave a specific order of release and it hasn't been wrong yet.

>> No.23314103

its more the flamers than screamers for me

>> No.23314137


Flamers are an elite choice...

Unless there's been a major points cost shift the Screamers/Flamers aren't a massive deal. As a Chaos Daemons player though I think the problem is that most people aren't used to having to play against us and the way we deploy. Coupled with top tier units that's a big deal.

>> No.23314223

they both got a huge point reduction, where have you been? flamers are so cheap and are anti everything plus got an additional wound.

>> No.23314228

flamers went to 22pts a piece. and screamers dropped in price as well(can't remember how much offhand), but still, 3 of those units dropping in and flaming up something is pretty nasty, especially if your main way to deal with them is in CC, since each one gets D3 hits with their flamers when you charge.

>> No.23314230

Screamers and Flamers are fucking huge gamechangers.

That being said, a lot of people do not understand how to deal with daemons. I myself tend to do fairly well despite never having fielded screamers or flamers. Of course I got rolled by the screamer spam present in my opponents list but that was to be expected.

>> No.23314245

Flamers are 22 points and Screamers are 25
Each have 2 wounds and T4 eternal warrior.

>> No.23314284


>22 and 25

That's not bad, not bad at all. Not broken imo, but not terribad.

>> No.23314340

Hey guys, I thought eldar were supposed to suck, I got obliterated by my friend who ran a footdar list.

>harlequins unleash 9001 s4 attacks with rend before my guys even do anything

shits fucking gay, and god forbid he fails a roll.

>> No.23314353

6 Screamers output on average 18 boltgun HITS upon arriving and turboboosting to receive a 3+ cover save. They then either do that shit again next turn or close with their 4 S5 AP2 I4 Armorbane attacks each to wreck anything left standing

>> No.23314362

> using gay as a pejorative
> /tg/

This reminds me of the dark tower

(newfags won't get this)

>> No.23314371

22 points for 2 wound model that is a jumper, a 4+ poison ap2 template that also glances vehicles on a 4+. yeah.... 5 points more than a pink horror for all of that?

>> No.23314381


What else would you describe your ultragrim manly army getting shredded by an effeminate army of clowns and mimes.

>> No.23314405




18 Point Marines, only slightly more Expensive GKs, 15 point Grey Hunters. An elite slot and 22 points in comparison to that (with limited squad size) isn't heinous.

>> No.23314419


>> No.23314420

What are autocannons, assault cannons and heavy bolters? Really footdar isnt that scary when you dissect its weaknesses. Any of those three guns will eat footdar from the entire map away and prevent armor saves while they're at it.

>> No.23314492

It also ignores cover in the event you care.
Also remember that these literally appear right beside whatever you hold dear and torch it without giving you a chance to respond

>> No.23314517


Welcome to playing Chaos Daemons, where everything Deepstrikes (maybe, and if you're lucky) and half your army gets wiped out before the other half makes it to the board.

>> No.23314560


It's the psychological aspect of the game most non-Daemon non-Dark Eldar players, especially marinefags, struggle with: the psychological response to having a unit just drop dead suddenly without anything you can do about it because it's saves/armor doesn't let you ignore it. Same reason why chess newbies panic when they are forced into trades early in a match they didn't plan on.

Marinefags and Guardfags haven't worked on the psychological aspect of their game.

>> No.23314582

why is that a bad thing?

>> No.23314619


Its kind of hard to do that on harlequins when you can't even target them until 24 inches, and even then its a chance.

Also he was cockblocking with a 20 block of guardians, that forced a leadership roll everytime I wanted to hit something worthwhile,the rest of his army just wheeled around and got into that fatal 18 inch range and then unloaded 40 million shots of bolter equivalent, I had a full terminator command squard with belial and a librarian (who was down a wound because of lol perils on 3d6) and I had to make something like 25 saves in the shooting phase then his DA charge, with defend lowering A by1, and the harlequins pile in as well, the defend wasn't needed because they gave kisses and hugs to everyone.

I'm thinking it was my fault for agreeing for the map to be relatively small and have lots of terrain, because he claimed 2 almost instantly with unupgraded rangers that just go to ground anytime I looked at them.

>> No.23314762

>until 24 inches
i take it neither of you have seen the faq then? shadowseer gives stealth/shrouded now. and eldar if played correctly are very powerful so it happens sometimes.

>> No.23314772

>harlequins when you can't even target them until 24 inches
>guardians, that forced a leadership roll everytime I wanted to hit something worthwhile
At least part of your problem is that you were playing with 4th edition rules.

>> No.23314975

...but also, Eldar don't really suck. Don't tell anyone this, but how well people play the game is actually a pretty big deal in 40k.

>> No.23315017

>implying America wasn't a penal colony

>> No.23315023

of course it is, but there is only so much one can do if i run ethereals and vespids with nothing but 6 man fire warriors as troops.

>> No.23315024


Don't tell /tg/ that.

>> No.23315032

more a religious reject colony, but alright.

>> No.23315055

No. Georgia was a penal colony. (And Britain kept it's gaols light by sentencing everyone they didn't feel like killing to white slavery in the colonies)

>> No.23315074

i thought i was more debtors prison than actual crimes

>> No.23315114
File: 19 KB, 250x323, eldar2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Autarchs better get something to compensate that strategy rating in the new Eldar codex.

>> No.23315146


America was going to be the next big business investment, until people discovered that all you could do is grow worthless shit like Tobacco, Cotton and Indigo.

>> No.23315163

Like I said. Everyone they didn't feel like killing.

>> No.23315204

Indigo is a kind of fish, not a plant, dumb shit.

>> No.23315212


Which is why America became a penal colony.

>> No.23315289


>Tobacco, hemp, cotton, furs, massive amounts of real estate, lumber, abundant natural resources

It's always been a boom until the colonists decided they wanted that shit for themselves.

>> No.23315301


But no gold....

Where is my gold King James? Where the fuck is it?

>> No.23315661

Question: did anybody notice the fact that Daemons can now spam full on Psykers (probably discounted with Heralds) like they were in style?

>> No.23315688

Unless he knows exactly what he's doing but doesn't really care. Nurgle already has all the hallmarks of a successful cult leader.

>> No.23315876

Just like with Dark Eldar, eh?

>> No.23315887

I am honestly tempted to start an all Slannesh army with this book. I already got a few Daemonettes and am busy sculpting tits raging from flat-nette to silicon babe. Even got my Standart bearer to raise her leg along the pole while licking it.

I wonder if I could bring a whole army of that into a GW.

>> No.23315889

and necrons too. good thing they removed both of them from the game

>> No.23315942


I think people have really overlooked the cheap and powerful heavy support options in the WD update, and I think we'll be seeing a lot more chariots and cavalry this go around.

>> No.23315984

they are focused on anti light infantry, and that is one aspect that deamons has always had in spades.

>> No.23315999
File: 1.18 MB, 209x180, cute-face.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that feel when dozens of Diaz 'nettes
>that feel when topped off with equal amounts of sexy 3rd party female models
>that feel when all metal all the time

>> No.23316037

nothing will change. Like with DE and DA. Thats how it works now. Codeci dont change fluff anymore

>> No.23316056


For 40 points they have vehicle level mobility and 7-17 Rending attacks, with 2-12 made at S4. That's pretty solid. We have in the same update elite and fast attack options that do anti-vehicle pretty damn well and for cheap.

>> No.23316124

im not saying it is bad, i infact like them. I am just suggesting that they compete with DP who provide that oh so lovely flying MC

>> No.23316155

>Codeci dont change fluff anymore
>implying this is a general rule and not just because /tg/'s Spiritual Liege hasn't written one in a while

>> No.23316173

>implying none of the Dark Eldar fluff was altered.
Full Fucking Retard.
>Implying no new codex ever changes fluff.
The term "newcron" not in your lexicon?

>> No.23316194
File: 235 KB, 432x510, 1357549293015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying anything

>> No.23316206
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, I'm fine... no really I'm fine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23316236

so much better, thank you

>> No.23316246

Just doing my job.

>> No.23316288

what did DE change?

>> No.23316307

I wonder what it would be like to get a blow job from a cat...

>> No.23316325

Probably like rubbing off with sand paper.

>> No.23316334

rub your dick with sandpaper, furfag.

>> No.23316349


Nigga shut the fuck up. This is /Tg/

>> No.23316357
File: 109 KB, 600x888, dark_eldar__supreme_tyrant_by_beckjann-d5646qj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But the Dark Eldar codex was a huge overhaul. They changed them from soul stealing dominatrixes in to psychic vampire dominatrixes that is invigorated and extend their life by feeding on the pain of others. Not to mention that their fluff in general was expanded a lot compared to that pamphlet of a 3rd edition codex they had.

>> No.23316361


that's Tzeentch

>> No.23316365
File: 16 KB, 391x452, 1265468340941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So... Anyone who wanna take a guess at the new fluff that will feature the new expensive units as they will hamfisted retcon'd into the fluff and end up being at the center of it all?

"Of all the twisted adorations brought forth from the Warp, few have earned a dread reputation of such scale as the mighty Yogurt cannon, and Khorne's port putty, sowing terror across a thousand, these mighty (and just one click away!) engines birthed by the foul powers beyond reality, have been the bane of many brave men, and almost a space marine, as their mighty gears grind hope into fear, and dreams into ash, whenever a daemonic host breaks into our reality is accompanied by these terrors of technology, the doom of the unfortunate host world is all but absolute."

>> No.23316379 [DELETED] 
File: 343 KB, 900x1200, khornette 2013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cool, can't wait for more Khornate daemons

>> No.23316389

Sounds about right. I don't mind what they do with 40k, though. I'm more concerned about how the WHFB fluff pans out.

>> No.23316403

>Codeci dont change fluff anymore
If that was true, which it really kinda isn't, I wouldn't complain. It would mean the end of a lot of the fluff inconsistencies that buttfrustrate people to no end. The DE codex did a great job on expanding the fluff that was there, with a few minor alterations that worked out just fine.

>> No.23316425

And their fluff is even reflected in their rules too. Something I wish they would do more often.

>> No.23316441

Just replace "world" with bretonian castles and Empire towns and you are golden.

>> No.23316460

Isn't this just an update of the old Khornate cannon daemon engine?

>> No.23316489

Why are kitten mittens like the greatest thing ever invented?

>> No.23316503
File: 155 KB, 500x500, khornewip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.23316508
File: 257 KB, 350x477, Daemonette hand job.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is seriously the least aluring thing I have ever seen, I realize that Slaanesh isn't just about sex, but why make him utterly sex less?
Why are GW so scared of sex apeal when their target market is 13 year old boys, PRIME target for plastic boobs.
Seriously, I highly doubt that Pic related will have anything past mild teasing.

>> No.23316512

>the bane of many brave men, and almost a space marine
I chuckl'd.

Yes, but much smaller.

>> No.23316522
File: 21 KB, 380x405, 1360094061742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have been the bane of many brave men

>> No.23316553

My hopes for that book are lukewarm. I have a hard time seeing how the content will be sufficiently depraved and demented for Slaanesh. They'll probably just use words like "obscene" and "decadent" with maybe a dash of "hedonistic" to gloss it all over.

>> No.23316561

Because sexy Diaz 'nettes were a fluke. The idea is not "look at me, imma sexy lady, yes?" They use illusions to lure mortals in love every inch of them, even when they're really hideous hags. And you won't care. You'll love every inch of them while your soul screams in terror and when death finally claims you, you won't find paradise but a cold emptiness and everything was for nothing.

>> No.23316576

Why should Slaanesh bend to your naive and untested ideas of what's alluring?

>> No.23316589


ohcool sum OC

>> No.23316602
File: 382 KB, 682x879, khornewip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.23316611

Rolled 1, 5, 6, 4, 1 = 17

Hi everyone, they're finally coming. The Daemons of Chaos are coming March 2nd. We'll be needing funds by 4pm CST on February 27th. All orders look like they'd be shipped out on Saturday 3/2. The weather being the only unknown. The battleforce looks to have a 3/16 date of release. Shoot me a PM if you'd like to order anything.

WBM: Daemons of Chaos (English) $8.25
Warhammer 40,000 Psychic Powers: Chaos Daemons (English) $5.63
Warhammer: Daemons of Chaos (English) $37.13
Codex: Chaos Daemons (English) $37.13
Chaos Daemons Burning Chariot of Tzeentch $30.00
Chaos Daemons Plague Drones of Nurgle $45.00
Chaos Daemons Blood Throne of Khorne $30.00
Chaos Daemons Herald of Nurgle $18.75
Chaos Daemons Herald of Khorne $16.69
Chaos Daemons Herald of Slaanesh $16.69
Chaos Daemons Battalion/Battleforce $86.25
And these are limited availability. If you want one, don't delay, I will TRY to reserve it for you.
Warhammer: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Khorne) $76.50
Warhammer: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Tzeentch) $76.50
Warhammer: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Nurgle) $76.50
Warhammer: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Slaanesh) $76.50
Codex: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Khorne) $76.50
Codex: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Tzeentch) $76.50
Codex: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Nurgle) $76.50
Codex: Chaos Daemons Limited Edition (Slaanesh) $76.50

>> No.23316636


so they're doing limited editions with cover art for each God?

at least they're somewhat cheaper ($77 instead of $83)

>> No.23316638

It should be all inclusive, this is the Prince of Pleasure's book, I don't want something so basic to be too good for him.

Besides, mix it up with something fucked up yet aluring and you are golden.
Hell this would be something I'd expect to see

I don't really know why everyone who raise a voice of mind disapointment with the way things are beind handled are being attacked and accused "Not knowing shit about chaos" these past two days.

>> No.23316662

i actually had someone tell me this with a bold face as he put down 3 land raiders filled with assault termies in a 1500 point game

>> No.23316712

fuk u bitch

>> No.23316719
File: 7 KB, 259x194, wierdest alien boner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23316755

Actually, the Hordes of Chaos codex from 6th states that they are totally hot, IIRC.

>> No.23316862

wasn't eldar psycher powers faq'd to only be used on eldar units?

>> No.23317200

>yfw khorne is now the god of Slaughter and HONORABURU COMBATURU
>Yfw greater daemons of khorne have a rule based on ONE ON ONE ME FAGGOTS

>> No.23317238

>yfw no new greater daemon kits until 2030

>> No.23317441

It's was in his portfolio from a long time and was ignored for as long.
Chaos gods having good... well not totally evil sides is an old thing, though it was never really used in fluff as far as I know.

>> No.23317504

It was during Diaz 'nette reign. It does talk about how they have an aura of unnatural beauty and mortals facing them are facing their heart's desire.

>> No.23317576

> Fetish radar
> "Now face what you heart desire most as I ... uuuhh, really ?"

>> No.23318064

Woah, I know what I'm using for daemonettes the day I start collecting fantasy daemons.

>> No.23318485
File: 47 KB, 500x375, 1341359774312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have been the bane of many brave men, and almost a space marine

>> No.23320260

They went from having no fluff to having fluff, for one.

Also, I think they changed Commaragh a bit. I don't think it was always presented as so MC Escher.

>> No.23320348

.... and your broadsides popped all three turn one, right?

>> No.23320350
File: 71 KB, 233x157, 1361418669381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guide and fortune yes. Doom no, as it affects anything shooting at the model.

>> No.23320528

Happened in the White Dwarf batrep - The Soulgrinder changes it's firing mode to skyfire in the last two turns and killed a flyer in each of those turns.

Is GW cheatyfacing?

>> No.23320619

its actually a 2+ save. Area terrain gives you +2 to your save if going to ground.

>> No.23320645

The Daemon prince placed a token, and from that token there spawned a random minimum sized troop choice every turn on a 4+.

>> No.23320835

I hope Ward will do what he did with Fantasy and not write any codices after writing the core rules.

>> No.23320897
File: 25 KB, 400x290, mat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You have been fooled.

>> No.23320944


>> No.23321078

How is this disproving my point? It's been 2 and a half years since 8th edition and this is Ward's first armybook since then. Let's hope for 2 years of no Ward dexes.

>> No.23321123
File: 179 KB, 212x200, 1360284056527.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now I'm raging. Nobody fucking plays Tau it doesnt make any fucking sense.

From a business prospective you drop products that dont sell and improve the items that do.

This is why GW is hated.

>> No.23321190

>This is why GW is hated.
>They've turned half the game in flavors of space marines anyway because they do sell
Moving on, did you miss the Dark Eldar update? The faction that they didn't stock in GW stores for years beforehand?

>> No.23321191

No one plays them because they haven't had a codex since 4e.

And there's a 50% chance no one will play them because all their shit is useless

>> No.23321246

That too, but it's also mentioned how they actually don't look too shabby, in addition to having an aura that dulls your senses and makes you see everything like in that scene from American Beauty.

>> No.23321252

You're a fucking idiot, that why. Even if tau weren't play any more (they are), old miniatures mean bad sells, new miniatures mean more sells. GW make its best sales by updating old things : GK, DE and necrons all worked. Just how many marines do you think you can sell ? At some point, you need new things.

>> No.23321278
File: 22 KB, 359x430, 1355980387746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This game isnt half space marines! You have Orks, guard, Eldar, Daemons.

Its still bullshit they would update Tau before Codex Marines.


>> No.23321315

Because Tau suck. A ton of my friends would play them if they got good.

>> No.23321336

All those need updating before marines. The marine line is reasonably up to date so they're updating the old codices, to invigorate sales. What do you not understand.

>> No.23321365
File: 1.84 MB, 320x240, 0494788221.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then discontune the product line, and focus resources on products that dont suck.


>> No.23321367

>Codex Marines sell
How can you be sure? Only thing "Codex Marines" have is their Codex and the Codex Marine Special Characters.
Marine products sell because a ton of other codices use the same products.

>> No.23321384

Or make them not suck and enjoy more sales from attracting a larger audience.

>> No.23321393

If it doesn't suck then why does it need an update?

>> No.23321411
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Currently thats the only thing they have.

Update the dex and give them unique features.

>> No.23321480
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To appease the fan base, who is the majority. Thats why.

>> No.23322241

Obvious troll.

>> No.23322278

Except most players don't want their codex updated constantly, just enough so that it fits with the fucking rules. Tau players are pissed because a lot of their upgrades and wargear offer literally zero advantages at this point and much of their equipment is overpriced for an older ruleset where they were good.

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