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>Recap: In the year 1987, as the first World Warrior Tournaent begins, a young street fighter named Joe saves a woman from a gang and finds that they put a price on his head. On the run he finds help from a wannabe-knight vigilante named Saul and a bloodthirsty martial artist named Tatsuya. They battled a few dozen Psycho Cogs, found Saul's car burned by a gang of anime nerds called the Waifus and finally made it to the metro, where they saved a guy from a gang who mistook him for Joe.

As the train pulls out of the station you pull off the bandana. It was a cool look and a decent idea to make the gangs look for it, but you don't feel the need to draw any more heat than necessary.

The subway is bizarrely deserted for this hour of the night. The three of you and your unfortunate doppelganger are the only three on the train.

"So are you three another gang or what?" he asks.

>> No.23301887

"Not...exactly," you say.

"We're waging a war for justice," Saul says. You don't think he even realizes how grandiose it sounds.

"Like the Judges," he says, jamming his fists into his pockets. "Kicking people out of their homes. Taking over entire blocks."

"We're not a gang, we're just..."

"Ruining this city for good, normal people," he says. He's so upset he's nearly shaking. Pulls his hands out of his jacket, a revolver clenched in his right fist. "You think you can just push anyone around?"

>Talk him down yourself.
>Get Saul to handle it.
>Get Tatsuya to handle it.

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>Talk him down yourself.
This sort of thing is exactly what sambo is good at. Disarm him and pin him down, and try to explain to him what's going on.

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Addendum: that's if the poor guy actually points the gun at someone. Still, if anyone is going to talk to him, it's the guy who knows that an arms war rarely ends well for either side.

>> No.23301970

Do it ourself.
"No, man, no. I don't want to push any one around, but the Cogs seem to have forced my hand. So we're gonna let the see what happens when a good man is pushed too far."
Let's at least try not to interact with him physically.

Wrestle him down and prove him right? That our might is right, simply because we're stronger?
Oh. Okay, that's cool then.

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>talk him down
"We don't have any plans to control the city. We just beat on people who like beating up others. A 'defend those who cannot defend themselves' kinda thing.

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"you ever been to Germany? They have groups of people who go around beating up skinheads so the skinheads don't beat up, well, anyone. We're kinda doing the same thing here"

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Talk him down.

"Thats just like, your opinion, man.

>> No.23302068

Bitch slap him, and tell we are just taking down one of the big gangs so they can't pimp his wimpy ass.

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put the gun down man, nothing good will happen if you wave that around.

sorry if we made you get on the wrong train, we'll stay away from you if you if you want.

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You hold up a hand to warn off Tatsuya and Saul. They're certifiable badasses, but nobody's bulletproof.

"We're not bad guys. We were attacked and now we're just trying to protect ourselves and other people. Imagine what would have happened back at the station if we hadn't been there."

The miserable-looking git is staring at his gun, shaking a little.

"We're not going to take anything over. We're not going after any territory. We just want to take down some bad guys so people like you and me can live in peace, alright?"

"What, by arresting them? Are you cops or something?"

"Er...no. We were just going to beat 'em up," you admit. "Still, shooting us isn't going to make you safer. We're trying to make you safe.

For a brief second all seems well. The man with the gun stops shaking and takes a few deep breaths. "That's exactly what the Judges in East Metro used to say," he says, in a dead tone of voice.

Then points the gun at you.

>SAMBO! Roll 1d20, taking the furthest from the median either high or low. (Ex: if the rolls are 13 and 5, I'd take the five, if the rolls are 2 and 20 I'd take the 20.)

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Rolled 10

Le's roll.

>> No.23302203

>Furthest from median
>roll 10

>> No.23302228

Rolled 15

Lets show him how we roll.

>> No.23302252

Rolled 6

They see me rollin'

>> No.23302257

Rolled 12

Alrighty then, let's see here.

>> No.23302290

Rolled 1

Not too late for a crit!

>> No.23302296

Rolled 18

Let's not get shot.

>> No.23302298

Rolled 12

do critical failures count?

>> No.23302300

I wasn't wrong.

>> No.23302305

Rolled 20

oh god no.
saving this with a 20 (hopefully)

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Well, it was a good quest while it lasted.

>> No.23302316

Rolled 12

Ok, guys, we better create a new champ, what about playing a zang...


Holy shit!

>> No.23302323

You win this round.


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Ahahahaha this warrants a missed shot before we disarm him.

>> No.23302474

Ahahahaha, this warrants nothing. Stop being a faggot.

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>/tg/ dice and this quest will never be friends.

A possible series of events unfolds before your eyes. You try to wrestle the gun out of the man's hands, it goes off and you die instantly. Tatsuya and Saul turn the man into the police and vow to carry on the quest in your name. Probably they find a replacement third guy. He probably looks like a giant Russian wrestler or has a cool motorcycle and talks about Justice or he's a redneck sumo wrestler, something improbable like that. But your story ends there.

You snap back to reality. A nervous, high-strung man is pointing a gun at you. Your chest, you suppose, he's not very good at this.

"You forgot to cock it," you say, calmly as you can. Any observer would think pure ice runs in your veins. He stares at you, not wanting to believe it. His eyes flicker down to the gun for an instant.

You lean forward and calmly pluck it out of his hand. Don't even need to joint lock him or anything.

"Does anyone know how to open one of these things up and unload it?" you ask. "I don't know shit about guns."

"I only know punches," Tatsuya says.

"Swords," Saul says.

"W-w-was it cocked?" the nervous guy asks.

"Fuck if I know," you say. You consider keeping it - may come in handy - but if nobody knows how to use the thing it's more dangerous than it's worth. "Don't beat yourself up over this, guy, you're just not cut out for violence. That's a good thing."

"I knew it. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it," the nervous man says, bitterly and hatefully. He reaches back into his jacket. "I knew it wouldn't be enough."

"Hey, don't pull anything else, we've got a gun now," you say. "It - oh fuck is that a grenade?"

The nervous guy has a grenade. Unceasing tears stream down his face as he pulls the pin.

>what do?

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Grab his hand and keep the... that handle the side, squeezed.

>> No.23302521

This might only be me being cranky, but by this point I'm considering beating him to a pulp in a few microseconds then leaving him in the train with the grenade while we jump ship.

>> No.23302542

Rolled 19

Shit our pants.

Try to calm him down, maybe lowering the grenade or something. If possible, push him out of the train on the next station.

>> No.23302544

Striker lever I guess it's called.

>> No.23302545

Actually, toss the grenade out the window, THEN beat him to a pulp. For being this dense.

>> No.23302568

Rolled 17

"Well, now you're just acting like an idiot."

Punch him in the face, grab the grenade, throw it somewhere safe, punch him in the face again.

>> No.23302585

That is the proper solution. Trying to grab and throw it is bad, grenades have a rather large radius for explosions.

>> No.23302606

Keep him from releasing the lever (assuming pnapple grenade)

"A Bomb's a bad choice for close range combat"

>> No.23302632


i fucking love you SFM. your refferences to the judges make me thoroughly exited and i deeply enjoy the universe you are creating.

on that note,

we need to grab this guy and throw him AND the grenade to the other end of the subway OR we need to smash a window and rip the grenade from him and throw it out the window

>> No.23302633

Addendum: throw it in a dumpster.

>Captcha: leswag save

>> No.23302672

This guy has a fucking grenade? On public transport?

I realize the train's fairly deserted, but jesus, dude.

>> No.23302680

grab his hand and ensure that it remains holding the release down.

>> No.23302730

You're a good person for playing Jade Empire, but a terrible person for suggesting KICKS ONLY as a fighting style in this. God I hate Taekwondo.

>> No.23302744

Rolled 3

Why is so hard to believe it? In gotham, almost every other random citizen carries a shotgun, and apparently no villain have problems acquiring a rocket launcher.

>> No.23302764

Yous got a problem with my legitimate business of selling weapons grade explosives on street corners? The peoples got a right to protect themselves.

>> No.23302774

I just meant he's supposedly trying to keep people safe. While being prepared to blow up a public train.

There's a bit of a disconnect there.

>> No.23302805

we all make mistakes. i suggested 2 things, bear wrestleing and legendary strike. i liked the flavor of the HEAVILY leg focused style. my bad.

>> No.23302815

Rolled 12

Oh, gotcha.

Yeah, some minds work like that, so no surprises there. In his mind, it may be logical: if I can't survive them, at least I will try to not let them go alive either!

>> No.23302856

"Smash a window!" you shout to Saul. The man hasn't released the - lever? arm? You know even less about grenades than you do about guns. Considering how long Uncle spent training you in hand to hand combat you'd think he'd have set aside an afternoon for ranged weapons. Even an hour. Just pointed you to a magazine article about them.

You manage to close your hand over his before he lets go of the lever. You don't now shit about grenades, but you're pretty sure from watching old movies that releasing the lever is the big thing. A moment later Tatsuya wrenches the poor bastard into an awkward full nelson, bent over forward so you can keep his hand on the grenade.

"Why do you have a grenade!?" you shout. "You are so bad at hand to hand fighting!"

"I have a grenade because I'm a bad fighter!" he whines. The unceasing tears continue to not cease. "I can't beat you up, I can't shoot you, now I can't even blow you up!" He descends into making a sound best described as "A bloo hoo, a bloo a hoo" after that.

"We didn't even want to fight you!" you shout. A blast of cold air hits your face. Saul must have managed to smash open a window. "How long do grenades take to go off?" you ask.

"Three seconds? I think? Isn't that what they say in movies?" Tatsuya says.

"Do any of us know anything about grenades that don't come from movies?" Saul says. Everyone shakes their head. Even the guy who brought the grenade.

"Okay, let's just walk him over and drop it out the window. That's probably fine, right? Are train tracks grenade-proof?" A round of shrugs this time. You find yourself thinking that maybe you should team up with people with wider skillsets next time.

It takes some awkward shoving and pulling, but eventually the three of you drag the man and the grenade over to the window and shove his arm out. As you let go of his hand - wrenching his thumb a bit to make sure he lets go too - the grenade drops into the darkness.

>> No.23302867

bet hes a former judge. thats why hes so weary of them. bet thats why he is so suspious of us being with them. then again, if he where he would know we're not because none of us have judge dread esque gear on

>> No.23302874

I'm kidding, obviously, but KICKS ONLY is such a shitty idea for actual fighting.

>> No.23302906


hit the deck!

>> No.23302926

Tossing it out hard might've been a better idea than just dropping it.

>> No.23302931

>Dropping the grenade in the darkness

>> No.23302944

The bomb explodes somewhere in the darkness. You can barely hear it, actually. Not as impressive as you'd think.

Just to be on the safe side you punch the mystery man in the face as hard as you can before he can pull a live wolverine on you or something.

"They're probably going to shut the tunnels down now," Saul says. "That's what they did last time the Psycho Cogs threw a bomb in the tunnels."

"Damnit," you say. "Alright, let's just play this by ear from here on out."

>see what Boss Honda is up to

>> No.23302958

>see what Boss Honda is up to

>> No.23302959

well i saw it in a cartoon when i was like 12 and that logic sounded flawless back then. something about, "having a mind so developed its like two people are controlling your body. one able to use the arms to focus on total defense while your legs are on total offence. its a truly perfect counter to the style used by the protagonaist who is entirely offence with his arms and has little in the way of defensive fighting."

>> No.23302961


>see what Boss Honda is up to

do you even need to ask?

>> No.23302977

Rolled 1

Sorry, but who is boss Honda? Is somehow related to that sumo guy?

>> No.23302985

He's from Street Fighter Quest, one of the co-main characters.

I'd suggest reading the archives of it, you'll laugh your ass off, good times.

>> No.23302991

see what boss honda is up to

>> No.23302999

Is it PSYCHO WORM time? Tell me it's PSYCHO WORM time.

That was probably my favourite moment of the last quest.

>> No.23303008

It's cool. It was just a pineapple.
>Boss Honda
Fuck yeah.

>> No.23303063

>see what Boss Honda is up to

Do you even have to ask?

>> No.23303125

Somewhere out there in 1987, Boss Honda thinks on his situation. He and Anon seem to have destinies that are inexplicably linked, once he thinks about it. If Anon went left, he went right. Anon took the high road, Boss Honda took the low road, but in the end they always seemed to walk the same path.

The real difference, he mused to himself as he shifted gears on the Time Tank, was that his adventures were all goofier. Over the top. Anon went to a dojo to train, he became a wandering karate hobo. Anon fought in the World Warrior tournament, he went and battled a fantasy kingdom in Idaho. How Anon's out there in 2013 walking the Earth, he gets stuck in this time adventure. It seems like a story that will be cool to tell people, but they'll probably roll their eyes the way they did over the whole Idaho business by the end.

The change in gears seems to have corrected his Tokyo Drift through backwards time. Aiming the Time Tank back at 2050 and the psychotic Robot Cowboys of the Moon, he pushes the throttle to full and leaves 1987 for good.

>> No.23303170


time traveling Boss Honda.

>goofy adventures indeed

>> No.23303171


...I'm gonna chalk this up to a bad batch of LSD and never speak of it again. Now let's beat up some fuckheads.

>> No.23303182


>> No.23303185

He was a character from an earlier quest, who last I checked suffered from chronic Worf syndrome. Got his ass kicked all the time.

>> No.23303187

There is nothing about this post that I do not like.

Fuck yeah Boss Honda, wandering time vigilante.

>> No.23303196

I... I think I love you, Street Fighting Man...

>> No.23303197


Once SFQ gained a few extra viewpoint characters I'd switch between them whenever I needed a brief timeskip for another character. Boss Honda was the one who had the weirdest adventures, so I thought he might just crash into 87 for a lark. Think of it as a weird piece of self-indulgence, maybe.

>> No.23303242


This is perfect you glorious motherfucker.

>> No.23303261

This is going to please those of us who followed the last quest. Hopefully it doesn't alienate the new guys.

Maybe give a quick rundown of who Boss Honda is and what adventures he's already had (and how he ended up on them)?

>> No.23303270

>Boss Honda goes to the future and has his Time Tank upgraded to a Time Train.
>Suddenly, somewhere in the middle of the timestream...

>> No.23303301

Train hopping, chi blast using, E. Honda inspired sumo wrestler who found a mentor in an old train hopper, he fell to darkness but that was fixed.

He went to Idaho, a place full of chi storms which formed a fantasy kingdom, he fought his evil side there and beat him by doing the worm.

>> No.23303308

You are Joe, a perfectly normal guy who punches people a lot. You and your companions have been quiet for most of your subway journey. Tatsuya took over a bit of the floor to meditate, Saul bowed his head in silent prayer, you mostly tried to clear your head. Violence is hard on a man, and you have a feeling you're going to see a lot more before the night is finished.

The subway comes to a stop. The three of you come to your feet and disembark.

"Radio station's just down the street from here," Saul says. "How do you want to handle this?"

>Front door, ask the receptionist to see the DJ.
>Find a side or a back door, enter quietly.

>> No.23303329

I don't know who that is, but I want to.

>> No.23303338

I suggest you start reading old Street Fighter Quests.

>> No.23303341

Rolled 15

Enter quietly, I guess

>> No.23303346

>Front door

We have Tatsuya.
All we need is to point him in the right direction.

>> No.23303358

>Find a side or a back door, enter quietly.

Read the SFQ archives. Just do it, you'll thank us later.

>> No.23303372

>Front door, ask the receptionist to see the DJ.
Receptionists are generally pleasant people. I'm sure he or she would be accommodating.

>> No.23303386

Dammit going through the back door makes a lot more sense if we're trying to make sense, but I REALLY want to go through the front door and wreck everyone and everything if we have to.

>> No.23303387


that is a robot who kept appearing during train scenes in the previous quest, demanding tickets or no ride.

gets kicked around a lot but always comes back for your tickets.

>> No.23303398


Let's look around first. Sneak up on the radio station, if there's a lot of gang presense in the lobby, go to the back. If not, reception.

>> No.23303414

Oh, I remember now.

I feel dumb.

>> No.23303432

Or maybe it was a person. We never did find out.

>> No.23303452


mysteries are fun!

>> No.23303550

>votes seem split evenly between front door, stealth mission and undecided

"Ehhh, let's look around," you say. "Maybe the front lobby won't be full of gangsters or whatever."

A few minutes later, peeking out of the bushes across the street, you find this to be true. At this time of night there's just a janitor and a receptionist pointedly ignoring each in the front lobby. You decide to just try the front door.

As you enter the lobby the receptionist - a bored, middle aged woman who obviously wants to be at home - rolls her eyes at you. You and Tatsuya have a bit of blood on your fists, Saul's lead pipe has obviously see its share of people's mouths.

"You here from the Cogs?" she asks in a nasally voice.

"Y...yeah, we are. We've got a new message," you say.

>roll 1d100 and give us our gangland DJ

>> No.23303594

Rolled 3


Sorry, we can't tell it to anyone but the DJ, you know how it is.

>> No.23303600

Rolled 61


one DJ please

>> No.23303608

Rolled 88

just over 18 kid who fights using psychic powers drawn from pins

>> No.23303609

Rolled 67

Buff man in an oddish suit. Cuz I love this image.

>> No.23303638

A tag team of androgynous, cigar smoking, suit wearing, women.

>> No.23303647

Rolled 56

And of course, I forget to put dice on.

>> No.23303653

Rolled 18

A man with insane hair and a ridiculous mustache.

>> No.23303657

Rolled 9


Famous radio psychologist turned street fighter after one too many red wine and Bach binges.

>> No.23303659

I do like this one.

>> No.23303660

Rolled 21

Corrupt former(or current) chief of police.

>> No.23303668

Rolled 73

Our DJ is Vishnu. Complete with Golden Wheel.

>> No.23303701

Rolled 19

Crazy cowboy who fights with a lasso.

>> No.23303739

Rolled 30

An actual DJ.

>> No.23303748

Rolled 12

A Jamaican kickboxer guy who wears boxing pants with the word "MAXIMUM" emblazoned on the sides.

He smiles even when being kicked, so probably he have some kind of nerve damage.

>> No.23303766

Rolled 86


>> No.23303775

Rolled 74




>> No.23303785

Rolled 97

Your evil twin.

>> No.23303790


>fuck it's been years since I played that

"We've got to give it to him directly," you say. "Some complicated ins and outs. Subtle shades of meaning," you say.

"Sure, whatever," she says, pointing you down the hall. "Second door on your left.

In the booth you find a silent young man with enormous headphones presiding over a turntable and a soundboard.

"You the DJ?" you ask.

"..." he says. You didn't even know people could make that noise in real life.

"We have a message from the Cogs," you say. "We just need to, um, verify that you're the proper recipient of the message. Could you tell us who normally stops by with the hits?"

"..." he says. You have a feeling there's some sort of inner monologue happening that you're not privy to.

"This is going nowhere," Tatsuya says.

>Threaten to beat it out of him.
>Try telling the truth
>Offer a bribe?

>> No.23303807

Ground Control to Major Tom?

>> No.23303817

I understand why you missed my roll but I now demand our evil twin shows up as a major plot point some time in the future.

>> No.23303826




>> No.23303828

Rolled 92


We threat him with the next song:

Now this is a story all about how,
my life got flipped upside down,
and i'd like to take a minute, just sit right there,
i'll tell you how i kick the ass of a gang called mad gear.

In west metro city i was born and raised
on the playground is where i spent most of my days.
chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool,
and spoting' some b-cup outside of the school.
When a couple of guys who were up to no good,
started makin' trouble in my neighborhood.

i got in one little fight and my gal got scared,
and said "you're kickin' mad gear's butt in metroid."

[Spoiler]I am bad at this, if someone can help me to improve it.[/spoiler]

>> No.23303830

>Offer a bribe?

He's a JRPG protagonist, he loves belts, offer him belt and he will do whatever we need.

>> No.23303831


I didn't see that until I hit post. Evil Twin in some way or form is going to happen sometime in this quest now.

>> No.23303841


>> No.23303869

And if he doesn't take it, use the belt to hit him repeatedly. One of us is old enough to be his dad, right?

This was in incredibly poor taste

>> No.23303870

>Threaten him with dragging him outside without headphones

>> No.23303929


Damnit. Maybe we can convince someone to run Evil Frasier Quest.


On one hand it hurts my heart we didn't get this guy. On the other hand I legitimately don't think I could do him justice.

>> No.23303934

actually this makes me want to do this.

>> No.23303948


Well, just have Evil Frasier in reserve if you ever need a miniboss or something.

>> No.23304211

You notice he's covered in belts. A truly unreasonable number.

"Let's talk belts," you say. "Maybe...maybe we can come to terms?"

"..." he says, looking at Tatsuya's black belt.

"Not a chance in hell," he says. "Let's just smash the equipment so they can't use it to coordinate their forces anymore. Saul?"

Saul steps forward, pipe raised, preparing to just smash the boards. It's inefficient, but it'll work, you think. As the pipe swings down a shadow detaches itself from the wall and catches it between its palms.

Fuck. A ninja. These assholes are everywhere in the 80s. The DJ takes off running out the side door.

>Who stays to fight, who goes after the kid?

>> No.23304239

Tatsuya and Saul would probably have more fun fighting ninjas than we would, let's take the kid.

>> No.23304243

Rolled 7

Let the epic battle between knights and ninja begins!

The crazy karate dude can take care of the DJ. We stay to watch the epic battle.

>> No.23304250

Saul is a Knight. That's a Ninja's natural enemy. He should stay and fight.

>> No.23304268

Joe should go fight The Kid

He is the MC after all

>> No.23304269

Saul VS Ninja, us and tatsuya go after the DJ

>> No.23304311

Oh is there just the one ninja? Then I change it to everyone else's vote for Saul V. Ninja

>> No.23304341

Oh shit it's just one ninja. That means he'll be a competent fighter.

>> No.23304431

Considering the ninja caught Saul's pipe, I'd consider that a personal challenge. They kind of have to fight, now.

Tatsuya could stick around in case this ninja is incredibly competent and Joe could go after the kid, or the other way around.

>> No.23304435

We need to find more Ninjas before somebody gets killed.

>> No.23304462


>Just the one that we know of for now.

"Saul, swordfight the guy!" you shout. "Tatsuya, come with me! Get the DJ!"

You chase the kid through hall into the lobby. He's franticallying "..."ing to the janitor, an older guy, kinda gruff looking.

"Ha ha. Well, if that just don't beat all," he says. He reaches into his little cart of brooms and mops and cleaning supplies and pulls out a spear. "We ain't been raided by an enemy gang in what, two weeks? Now these punks come raising a ruckus. Guess we've gotta clean things up around here."

He puts the spear through some complicated spins and twirls around his body, stepping between you and the kid. The kid takes off out of the front door.

"Yes yes YES!" Tatsuya says, cracking his knuckles. "I've always wanted to fight a spear guy."

>Be Joe, chase the kid.
>Be Saul, fight the ninja
>Be Tatsuya, fight the spear guy

>> No.23304474

>Tatsuya vs. spear guy
Well now we kind of have to.

>> No.23304481

>>Be Tatsuya, fight the spear guy
Who the fuck is this janitor?

>> No.23304492

>Be all of the above

But I vote for Saul first

>> No.23304493

>Be Tatsuya, fight the spear guy

Let's go full punchy.

>> No.23304497

Rolled 9, 1 = 10

>>Be Joe, chase the kid.

Shit, and we can't be witness to either the knight vs ninja, or crazy karate dude vs spearman. I am starting to hate this quest, missing all action scenes

>> No.23304540

>Be each of them, rotating through from fight to fight to chase sequence

>> No.23304607


This so much

>> No.23304625

I'll third/fourth this

>> No.23304653

You are Tatsuya, HERO OF KYOKUGEN. Some scrappy street fighter and a knight drafted you to fight the entire city earlier tonight and now someone pulled a spear on you.

It's like Karate Christmas up in here.

"Get running after the kid, Joe," you say, raising your fists. "I've got this one." The spearman's eyes never leave you as Joe makes a wide arc around him. Obviously he thinks that if he commits to an attack against Joe you'll crush his skull with your next punch.

He's perceptive.

>Ko'ohken. Keep some distance while we gauge his reaction speed.
>Zanretsuken. Get in closer than the spear can account for and light him up with punches.
>Taunt. Have him make the first move and counter it.

>> No.23304678

>Ko'ohken. Keep some distance while we gauge his reaction speed.

This guy isn't a chump, play it careful, we're a giant brick of death, but we aren't dumb about it.

>> No.23304682


>> No.23304683

>>Taunt. Have him make the first move and counter it.
So.... E rank luck huh? I swear you're like the third lancer I've seen today

>> No.23304685

>Zanretsuken. Get in closer than the spear can account for and light him up with punches.
Beat the range, beat the spear.

>> No.23304708

Rolled 11, 4 = 15

>>Zanretsuken. Get in closer than the spear can account for and light him up with punches.

This! And while we release a furry of punches on him, we scream "ATATATATATATATATA!!!"

>> No.23304720

Pfft. That's not Kyokugen at all.

>> No.23304746

Just as long as we grab that spear and snap it in half at some point, I'll be happy.

>> No.23304778

This. I don't think Tatsuya is the type to rush in and end the fight immediately before seeing what this guy can do anyway. Where's the fun in that?

>> No.23304876

Play it safe. See what this guy's got.

"Ko'ohken!" you shout, throwing a hand forward. A burst of chi shoots out. You kind of suck at fireballs, but maybe...

The spearman gives the spear another spin and swings it upward, like a golf club. Your go'ohken rebounds straight into your stomach. Hurts like a son of a bitch. Maybe you're getting better at those.

"You're not bad," you say. "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"Spear fighting doesn't pay the bills," he says. The elaborate, serpentine movements he's been making speed up as he steps forward. Whatever his style is, it's not like anything you've ever seen.

>roll 1d20. Same as before, taking the highest roll above or below 10.

>> No.23304897

Rolled 14

Let him do his serpentine stuff, we're a train made of destruction and raw physical violence.

>> No.23304902

Rolled 3

People in this city have the strangest hobbies.

>> No.23304905

Rolled 14

>mention poor luck

>> No.23304924

Rolled 16


>> No.23304927

Rolled 11


Holy shit, it's palette shifted Anon. With a spear.

>> No.23304928

Rolled 7

Go for another Ko'ohken, while he tries to deflect it side step to get out of the path of the incoming reflection and bumrush him.

>> No.23304945

Rolled 3

Smash his face in.

>> No.23304956

Rolled 17

Well, fuck.

>> No.23305020

Rolled 2

Let's get that crit.

>> No.23305030

CLOSE ENOUGH! The chronic bad roller strikes again!

>> No.23305037

Rolled 17

You ruined it, once we have a good roll just leave it alone. 17 matched 3. We would have been okay.

>> No.23305047

Rolled 6

/tg/ dice hating the fuck out of us is SFQ tradition.

>> No.23305053

Rolled 11

Yes, but you tempted them. We were fine, now we're at 2.

>> No.23305066

Rolled 6

Wasn't me, actually. Just wryly amused by this whole thing.

>> No.23305072

Rolled 9


>> No.23305073

I'm the guy who rolled that crit 1 and got countered by a 20, I've got a super villain thing going on here. I even said I'd return and everything.

>> No.23305087

Rolled 19

Oh, sorry, the other person tempted them unnecessarily.


>> No.23305107

Rolled 3

Super. Villain.

>> No.23305166


You keep an eye out for openings in his defense. No fixed pattern emerges, no blind spots. Might be time to create your own.

You dash in, left hand throwing out a flurry of feints and jabs. The spearman deflects a few, soaks a few flicker jabs that he knows he can take. You see an opening just long enough to throw your right hand. Don't realize the opening was a trap until the butt of the spear spins up and hits a pressure point on your right elbow just as as your fist crashes into his face.

You pull back your arm, now numb below the elbow on your right. You pain's a familiar one, it'll be fine in ten minutes assuming you're alive.

"You're a work of art, you know that?" you say, a smile you can't control spreading across your face. "Damaging you would be like punching the Mona Lisa."

"Well then, don't," he says, mirroring your smile.

The lights in the building go out. Probably ninja shit.

>switch to Joe
>switch to Saul

>> No.23305168

Considering 19 is technically farther away from 10 than 2 is (by all of 1), I think we've got a winner here.

>> No.23305183



Want to count it as an success for whoever gets chosen next or for when we skip back to Tatsuya?

>> No.23305184

>>switch to Saul

>> No.23305186

>>switch to Joe
I want to see a parkour chase where one party uses psychic powers

>> No.23305202


(save it for tatsuya)

>> No.23305204

Saul, I guess.

Let's see how well ninjas stand up to having their heads smashed in with pipes.

>> No.23305222

Let's keep it for Tatsuya when he gets his triumphant return.

I think that him numbing both of Tatsuya's arms and then getting headbutt would be a beautiful way to do it.

Switch to Saul.

>> No.23305339

You are Saul, knight of the streets. You've been smashing heads and shattering limbs to clean up Metro City for nearly a year now, but this is the first time you've had to fight a ninja.

You don't like it very much.

As Tatsuya and Joe ran out of the room you took a swing at the ninja's head and hit a log that he had switched places with. Since then you've been wandering the studio, poking under tables and in dark corners, hoping to flush him out.

"If you just come out we can fight honorably, like men," you say. "Come on, it'll be fun."

Sighing, you poke under the console. He's going to run out of hiding places eventually, you think. Then the lights go out.

>roll for perception. Same rules, 1d20.

>> No.23305348

Rolled 8

Justice shall guide our lead pipe, swing it behind us and see what we hit.

>> No.23305358

Rolled 16

He'll come out of a vent, 10:1

>> No.23305376

Rolled 10, 2 = 12

Swing our pipe as crazy, trying to hit an invisible piƱata.

>> No.23305406

>Rolling d12s

>> No.23305431

Rolled 19


>> No.23305436

Rolled 15

Sorry, sorry, wrong roll, different quest.

>> No.23305441

Close enough.

>> No.23305448

Rolled 6

Can't bungle 'em all.

>> No.23305559


You quickly thik it over. The places you checked in the order you checked them, the blind spots you left open. Must have gone out the back door, then. If he went out the back door and he's moving slow enough to be stealthy that means he only has one logical approach vector. You think all this in German, of course.

You turn and swing the pipe as hard as you can straight into the ninja's ribs. You can just barely make out his form in the darkness, as he drops the sai he was about to stick into your back and puts both hands to his ribs. Trying to stay silent while you're in that much pain must be hard. You smash him in the head with the butt of the pipe to knock him out. It seems merciful.

>switch to Joe
>switch to Tatsuya

>> No.23305588

>>switch to Joe

>> No.23305594

Rolled 7

>>switch to Joe

>> No.23305599

Rolled 13

>Thick it over.
Oh my!

Switch to joe

>> No.23305650

>>switch to Tatsuya
Lets finish the spearman battle.

>> No.23305739

Let's switch to Joe, then go back to Tatsuya, then back to Saul and so on and so forth until everyone's done and the party gathers.

>> No.23305883

>i-is it just me or are we kinda shedding readers? Let's start wrapping up for the day.

You are Joe, street fighting guy. A scrawny guy in too many belts is running away from you. He's not doing too well, the belts are weighing him down.

You tackle the kid down to the asphalt and hold him down. He starts rubbing a pin with a weird symbol on it. It begins to glow a little.

Fuck that. You slap his hand away from the pin.

"I think you might be some sort of mute or something, so I'm going to give you a piece of paper," you say. "I need to know where to find your contact, the person who gives you the hits. Write it down and I'll let you go."

>What's the next stage? Roll 1d100, high roll takes it

>> No.23305907

Rolled 73

sewer level

>> No.23305925

Rolled 70

On top of a giant robot that also happens to be a bitchin car.

>> No.23305936

Rolled 55


>> No.23305953

Rolled 17

Ice rink.

>> No.23305959

Rolled 95

On top of a moving train.

>> No.23305978

Rolled 45

There is a chargo. We chase it, and jump over the trailer who is carrying the drugs. The next level is on top of a trailer running through the high lane.

What happened to the crazy karate dude?

>> No.23306000

Rolled 42

Series of hollywood movie sets.

>> No.23306014

Rolled 43

I'm not sure where it is, all I know is that The Floor is Lava

>> No.23306023

Does Joe look like Joey Wheeler, because in my head he does.

>> No.23306033

Rolled 13

That's on top of another moving train.

>> No.23306059

For some reason I imagine him as a Younger Karate Hobo Joe.

>> No.23306060

Rolled 96

Lost city of atlantis

>> No.23306083

Rolled 6

Holy crap!

We go into submarines now!

>> No.23306087

Rolled 31

oh wow

>> No.23306103

Rolled 79

Fight ninjas on top of a speeding bus with a strangely stable roof. The Tick style.

>> No.23306108

Rolled 41

Mode of transportation: Giant sea turtles.

>> No.23306115


>> No.23306130

Rolled 21

The lost city of El Dorado.

>> No.23306137


I think he looks similar to Cody circa Final Fight 1 or Axel from the first two Streets of Rage games, just because "blond guy in jeans and a white t-shirt" was almost the default look for a protagonist in these games.

He's sort of like Anon was, though, as MC his appearance and background are up to the individual reader.

>> No.23306161

>Motherfucking Atlantis
We Boss Honda now?

>> No.23306310

Rolled 54

Turns out Atlantis is a gigantic underground arcade frequented by the most hardcore nerds in the city.

>> No.23306338


Lost City of Atlantis, a seaborne arcology-casino-stadium-multiplex off the port of Metro City, built by a shadowy Japanese corporation on the site of a former landfill.

>> No.23306348

Rolled 58

Or, ya know, Aquarium.

>> No.23306367

Rolled 9

That focuses entirely on sharks and mutant sharks and land sharks

>> No.23306375

Rolled 4

DOes anyone remember that Simpson chapter when Homer and Bart join into the big/little brother program? The final fight between Homer and that big brother?

Yeah, pretty much.

>> No.23306381


It also has an aquarium of course. With lots of sharks. Like that Bond movie underwater villain base.

>> No.23306456


You make good on your promise to let the kid go once he hands you the piece of paper, until you read what's on it. "The Lost City of - GET BACK HERE!"

>You are now Tatsuya
>with an auto-win due to an earlier roll

The janitor is magnificent. The skills of a true master and the heart of a lion. You've shattered half his ribs and barely broken his rhythm. He stabbed you up a little. Just a little, though. You're younger than him by thirty years and have been training harder than he has, though. You both keep your distance, wary.

You and the janitor strike at the same moment. Even do that thing where you pass each other and then freeze.

"You're bleeding," he says. He's right, too, a fresh cut in your side. You press your hand to it to staunch the bleeding as you turn to face him.

"You're out of the fight," you say.

"Hah. True." He holds a broken half of the spear in each hand. "You broke the weapon when you could have killed me." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen. Writes something down and presses the paper into your hand. "You are a true warrior." With that he's gone, wandering down the halls, whistling something out of tune as he sweeps.

Moments later your companions enter the lobby. Saul looks pleased with himself, Joe looks glum. He always looks glum.

"Beat up a ninja," Saul says.

"Got the kid and an address. The Lost City of Atlantis, some sorta weird disco built inside an aquarium or something like that. What happened with the spear guy?"

"He's...defeated," you say, looking at the piece of paper he gave you. A beeper number. "Come on, let's find a first aid kit and go smash up an aquarium."

>> No.23306472

Rolled 19

>Tatsuya: Drinking buddy acquired

>> No.23306490

>and go smash up an aquarium
Oh boy

>> No.23306495

Rolled 99

You took all three things I said and turned it into one. Well, minus the giant sea turtles (for now).

>> No.23306503

The "furthest under/over" mechanic seemed to work out a little better than I expected it to! That's it for the day on the main quest. Due to work constraints I won't be able to run the quest again until Tuesday, 1pm 4chan time. See you then, hope you all have a good weekend!

>> No.23306513


I vote to invent a lesser-known, deadlier variant of wolverine hand fighting, namely moray eel hand fighting.

>> No.23306561

Or we dunk people headfirst into different dangerous tanks until they tell us what we want to know.

>> No.23306584

And you had Tatsuya snap his spear in half just like I requested. Magnificent.

>> No.23306615

Also, he just goes right back to his sweeping despite having half his ribs shattered. I love this guy.

He should probably check into a hospital once his shift is over, though.

>> No.23307416

Also, has this been archived yet?

>> No.23307629


Not yet. I'd do it but it's a huge pain in the ass on a phone.

>> No.23307645

Rolled 11

I don't think so, does anyone care to save it?

>> No.23307676

I've got it. Relax.

>> No.23307703

Weird. sup/tg/ isn't recognizing the thread; it says it's 404ed.

>> No.23307783

Never mind. There it goes. Just had to open up a separate page and attempt the archive again. It's up now.

>> No.23307833

BRB playing Rival Schools again.

>> No.23311219

>a fucking beeper
Holy shit it really is the late 80s.

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