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(Disclaimer: Although i will use the Supernatural logo as my OP and my premise is similar, these quests will have nothing to do with the show.)

You are Albert C. Holici a college student currently studying pre-law classes at Asgard Technical institute. As a former Army Infantry Sgt. you are treated with respect and courtesy around campus. You are also well known member of the local the party scene; some of the students have even branded you "Alco-Holici". A life of popularity and academic success has blinded you to the strangeness of the world. You like many others live in a world of ignorant bliss never looking over your shoulder. What is lurking just outside of our conscious reality is about to tear the wool from the eyes of at least one soul tonight.
So yeah hey guys this is my first Quest on /tg/ and i chose to go the route of demons and werewolves.

>character creation thread

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You are Albert C. Holici a college student at Asgard Technical institute. A former Army infantry Sgt. with a clean service record and sixteen personaly confirmed kills. You Returned to the states a hero amongst your friends and family. You used your GI benifits to attend College and get a Law degree.

Guts:20 (you've seen bodies they wouldn't scare you reanimated or not.)
SR:31 (HOLY FUCKING SHIT (yes thats the description of your spiritual resistance to magic,ghosts,demons,and general fuckery) )

The Warrior

>(Unforeseen Complication: unlucky - Having a 13 in your stats makes you reroll any crits when facing a luck based enemy. EX: The Game of Two with a "Dealer".)

>(Student of DA RUUULEZ: You gain a bonus when ever Law or contracts are involved. Ex: a demon deal.)

>(Wargear: You mailed home a battered e-tool that took a chunk of shrapnel that was meant for your neck. It is a symbol of your time in the desert. + 2 to attack and defense rolls when wielding your shovel.)

>(Cool Heels, Nice Wheels: You own a black and red 1969 Mach 1 Mustang. It gives no stats, you get all the bitches. Stop being greedy)

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You have my Entrenching Tool, Dumble.

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sweet lets get this bad boy rolling

>> No.23293041

ok, let's get this going.

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im writefaggin first post sorry they will be faster after this one

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In the meantime, for those who are unfamiliar, this is our chosen weapon.

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This thread excites me.

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I thought /TG/ loved wood axes

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You wake up hunched over a desk. Your head rests smothered in your folded arms. A dull throbbing pain is all you can make of last night. As you open your eyes and try to raise your head, you immediately recoil. The bright florescent lighting of the room burning your retinas like a vampire in son light. At least you think it hurts them, that twilight movie got you all fucked on the subject.

As your eyes adjust to the room you realize you are in a lecture hall on campus. It seems to be empty save for you and a figure sitting three rows in front of you on your left. You rub the sleep from your eyes, they clear and reveal a woman with bright orange hair flipping through notes. She has headphones blaring and doesn't notice you waking as she sings softly aloud.

>Say something
>Go over to her
(warning: i will ignore all overly silly posts and if other option is abused i will remove it.)

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>It's late nigjhh and we are on campus, let's leave then. Also, we are popular but beta faggots.

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What if we leave to take a rest and something for the ache or something?

>> No.23293191

Why the fuck was an ex-army sgt watching Twilight?

>Go over to her, time to fuck a redhead, USA!

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im glad i hope i don't let you down with my sup par english skills

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>It's late night and we are on campus, let's leave then. Also, we are popular but beta faggots.

>> No.23293211

you have no idea what time it is
sorry if that wasn't clear

>> No.23293232

a girl you were trying to fuck wanted to see it at the movies. you are a romantic like that. you got anal that night.

>> No.23293233

we should go over and talk to her

>> No.23293247

then you would just leave and i would writefag

>> No.23293248

Seems legit

>> No.23293251

Go over to her, ask when class starts.

>> No.23293258

>you got anal that night

Shit, watching twilight for some anal... I am not sure if it was worth the pain.

>> No.23293282

its a straight swap. pain for pain.

>> No.23293285

That's what she said, OH!

>> No.23293300

Ok then talk to her.

>> No.23293304

get your last votes in guys

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You stand up and walk down the isle to come up on her left side. She catches the moment out of the corner of her eye and pulls her ear buds out. Before you have a chance to speak She smiles and says. "I was wondering when you would wake up. I got in at eight twenty and you were out cold." She has a rapid fire way of talking which you find more adorable then annoying.

You open your mouth and begin to form sounds when she cuts you off.

"In forty minutes" she brushes your confused look off and immediately continues talking.
"So do you always spend the night in here? are you a transient? or some kind of book worm?"

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shit sorry
>Explain that you were drunk and have no idea
>(lie) make one up and i'll post it

>> No.23293502

Should we lie guys, we could get laid

>> No.23293512

tell her the truth

>> No.23293519

Meh, what can we say? We were resting the eyes?

>> No.23293526

How has she not heard of you

>truth is always the best

>> No.23293537


CHange your name faggot.


Lie, let's get laid.

>"I was just resting my eyes, you know. I'm so damn hard right now."

>> No.23293550

the truth will set you free.

>> No.23293558

just cause shes seen you or heard about you doesn't mean she knows shit about you. we are talking about thousand of people.

>> No.23293589

I will never change it, tiss my title

>> No.23293604

I hate you. You dont have a legacy, faggot.

>> No.23293624

Explain you were drunk and have no idea.

"Heh, I must have been at a *really* good party last night, usually I can hold my liquor but I couldn't begin to tell you how I ended up here. I hope I didn't interrupt your studying with my snoring. By the way, I'm Albert."

>> No.23293657

if you hate me then you've heard of me, my name shall live on

>> No.23293672


>> No.23293689


Shall live on by hate of one person. I am the only autistc who remmeber you, bitch.

>> No.23293710


You grimace as the throbbing paint in your skull catches up with you again. You run a hand across your face and sigh softly deciding the truth will serve here. You never much liked lying to women.

"I had a few two many last night and i honestly have no idea where i am. "

The girl gives you a consoling smile which contorts in to something that could only indicate he thinks your pain is funny. "I never understood you lot. You know going in that drinking is only gonna lead to discomfort." She laughs and turns in her seat so that her knees face you were you stand. "i think i have some aspirin in here somewhere." she pulls a leather satchel off the table and in to her lap and starts rummaging through it.

roll a 1d100 perception check 90 and up win

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I will tell stories of your great conquests to my grandchildren.

>> No.23293728

Rolled 20

Bleary eyes, don't fail me now.

>> No.23293732

Rolled 34


I got this.

>> No.23293737

Let the good times roll.

>> No.23293741

Rolled 46

I focus on her tits

>> No.23293742

Rolled 61

"No pain no gain, baby."

>> No.23293744

Rolled 48


>> No.23293748

Rolled 53

dont fail me know dice

>> No.23293758

Rolled 73


>> No.23293765

Rolled 10


>> No.23293769

Rolled 71



>> No.23293786

Rolled 23

Rolling to find ecstasy.

>> No.23293805

Of all the rolls.......

>> No.23293821

Rolled 5

Well this bitch as been fumbling for like 6 minutes I say we move on.

>> No.23293822


Your legacy is born.

>> No.23293866

I've got to go, seeya and the thread seems interesting GM, keep up the good work

>> No.23293969

>you fail your check

The girl pulls out a small bottle pops the lid off. "I'll give you last three, you look like hammered crap." She up ends the bottle in to your hand and passes you her starbucks mocofrapofaget coffee to wash it down.

You take them and say "Thank you, Im Albert by the way."

"I know" She smiles wildly and you see a small flash of light cross her eyes. You look around to see where it came from and notice the professor entering the class room struggling with an arm full of fillefolders. Must have been the door opening.The girl stands up and rushes to help the teacher. As she runs she looks over her shoulder and says "I'm Anna"

The Professor thanks her for being so dutiful and they both head towards the podium at the head of the class. Anna raises her voice so you can hear her from cross the room. "I've gotta help Professor Yohansen with his lecture before class."

She runs in what you find to be a pleasingly athletic way to your side and says. "I'll come find you tonight." and with out another word she turns 360 degrees and walks away. When she reaches the podium she shouts "and don't forget your backpack."

>go after her
>say somthing

>> No.23293981

hey man come back by some time ill keep em going.

>> No.23294002


>and with out another word she turns 360 degrees and walks away.


>> No.23294003

also i would love it if you guys up vote these threads when they go on suptg

>> No.23294018

Rolled 10

>turns 360 degrees and walks away


>> No.23294027

i couldn't help it

>> No.23294035

Rolled 42

other - Grab your backpack
Also scold her for spinning around and then running into you like that
Also Dumble, I don't care if you make spelling errors, because you're a pretty cool guy.

>> No.23294039


Get a Gatorade from a vending machine to help with the hangover and go lay down for a couple of hours in our dorm/apartment.

After all, we totally didn't just get magic roofied.

>> No.23294050

Rolled 16

"Nice moves" and proceed to moonwalk out the door yourself.

I'll make a dex roll for shits.

>> No.23294057

Rolled 67

Oh yeah, and grab your backpack, can't forget that after all.

>> No.23294059

Rolled 58

grab your backpack, and a gatorade then head home for a light nap

>> No.23294074

>Grab you back pack, turn 360 degrees and walk away.

>> No.23294088

>pic related
yall nigga just cant wait for the cliche nightmare

>> No.23294176


You mimic Anna's spin and finish it off with a 10/10 moonwalk all the way back to your backpack. >DUN DUN DUN DUN YOU NOW HAVE AN INVENTORY! sling the old jansport over your shoulder and head out of class. After twenty minutes of nopeing around the building you find an exit and head to the quad. There you find a glorious site a engaged Gatorade machine just waiting for you to stuff your money in its slot. It will give you EXACT change and put out EXACTLY what you asked for.


>> No.23294192

Rolled 42

>Anything other then Lighting blue.

>> No.23294210

encaged fucking autocorrect

>> No.23294213

Rolled 5

Lightning Blue

(rolling for the machine to drop two cuz I'm too lazy to to delete my e-mail field)

>> No.23294218

Rolled 73

the only good one, blue

>> No.23294222

Rolled 78

Frost, for we are just too cool for anything else. Plus, we gotta stay frosty when the ghouls and goblins come a knockin'.

>> No.23294228



>> No.23294229

>implying this is 2013

also op is gonna go get some ice for his soda so get to chosen your drink.

>> No.23294245

Rolled 1



>> No.23294255

>look cool
>drinking what looks and tastes like cum

>> No.23294263

Rolled 57

Rolling for yellow flavor because fuck all of you.

>> No.23294270

Rolled 20


>> No.23294273 [DELETED] 

Rolled 24

Rolling for yellow flavor because fuck all of you.

>> No.23294283

Rolled 76

And I am rolling for blue because fuck you!

>> No.23294297

Rolled 80

If there was Moxie in this machine, I would have voted for that. It has two benefits - One: It shows you're willing to suffer to look like you just don't care and Two: No one will ever steal your drinks from the fridge.

>> No.23294302

I respect your inferior tastes my friend.

>> No.23294315

Incidentally, I've heard that the blue dye in Blue Gatorade is made from beaver balls. No idea if it's true, but why risk it?

>> No.23294337

Because it's worth it.

>> No.23294347


>> No.23294468

You slam the button for lightning blue like a virgin cunt.Your thumb bends back with each repeated forceful thrust. In your head lady by styx starts playing as your drink drops in to the tray. When it is fallowed closely by yet another you nearly lose your shit. This is must be some kind of demon magic you say internally. You laugh and brofist the nearest hungover male. His abnormally large shade covering most of his face, "i should call him shades" you decide to call him shades.

You leave the quad and head in to the parking lot swinging your keys in one hand. You continue to hum and whistle styx moving on now to "too much time on my hands". You arrive in front of your pride and joy. You pop the doors and slide in tossing your bag in the back.

>turn on the tunes and head home.
>enjoy your drink
>leave(the car)

>> No.23294499

Rolled 86

turn on tunes and head home + drank

>> No.23294502

>take a shit on the seat

No but seriously let's head home and enjoy our drink on the way.

>> No.23294519

Duh, get your drank on and then potentially pass out in the embrace of your favorite girl (your car of course).

>> No.23294531

Current Inventory:

The Mustang: Shovel,jumper cables,gas can,road flairs, rags,blanket(for hood sex), school books, spare tire, jack, tire iron, tit mag, you, your backpack, delicious drink x2.

Your backpack: books,pencils,pens,paper,flashlight,ham sammich, homework (you forgot to turn in)

>> No.23294535

We fought so hard for that drink, we say we enjoy it.

>> No.23294542

Rolled 95

what they said

>> No.23294550

this sounds like the text message you send some one at the beginning of the night and later find out they wrapped themselves around a tree going a hundred in a residential.

>> No.23294609

Just the opposite, I propose the enjoyment of our beverage and then a safe, stationary nap in our vehicle.

>> No.23294675

You drive home consuming 1 delicious drink - it was delicious. You have gained nine health points and no longer have hydration sickness (yeah we hardcore mod now) As you drive the radio plays some music and you sing along like the boss you are. Damn you're cool.

You arrive at your apartment and kick in the door. (its always unlocked and slightly ajar because of your shitty roommates) You enter the living room and find your roomates sitting on the couch lighting up a twelve foot tandem bong. They "sup" in unison and one point at a pile of pizza boxes on the coffee table. "My grandma has oldtimers and she kept ordering pizzas so she sent them to us hughhaahah *cough hack weeze* "

>get lit
>eat pizza

>> No.23294718

>Eat pizza

We cool enough.

>> No.23294724

Rolled 3


Eat pizza, then nap.

(Gatorade + pizza) x nap = hangover cured

>> No.23294726


Let's get this horror show on the road.

>> No.23294746

song list for the drive:
thunder struck - Ac/dc
hold the line - toto
jump - van halen
spirit of the radio - rush

playing in the living room:
bob marleys three little birds on a slowed down repeat while they watch finding nemo with the commentary on.

>> No.23294752

Rolled 36

same as this guy, pizza, then nap

>> No.23294753

Eat pizza to absorb any remaining alcohol, avoid the bring as it will inhibit our reactions if our roommates try to prank us while they're high, and then take a nap in our room.

>> No.23294866

You grab four slices of pizza and fold them over so that you have a panini and you head in to the back of the building. You climb some stairs and pull down an attic latter. As you climb inside your room the motion lights flick on. It is a small room but the novelty of a space decked out with awesome memorabilia always called to you.
On one set of shelfs your whole warhmmer army faces you.

>spas mahreens

>> No.23294894 [DELETED] 

Why no option for waifus?

Vote for spas mahreens

>> No.23294895

it has nothing to do with the quest lol sorry

>> No.23294912

Rolled 2

I'll let my dice decide. (1-orks, ect.)

>> No.23294929

Rolled 3

Good idea.

>> No.23294931

>implying you need a waifu
>implying its not gogo

>> No.23294960

Rolled 3


>> No.23294964


Dude, we were infantry, We have an army of Krieg Imperial Guard. Those guys know how to use an entrenching tool.

>> No.23294969

we eldar now

>> No.23294979

i actually like this more retconed

>> No.23295020

You plop down on your bed and scarf the pizza panini down in six massive bites. You pull your shirt off using it as a napkin as you toss it in the bin (it hits the bin and falls to the group) You then instantly pass out. maybe your headache was something worse.

You are standing in the dark, a spot like appears in the distance and its starts scanning for you.

Roll 1d100 to dodge

>> No.23295034

I have to bounce, early work tomorrow. Make sure the thread gets archived so I can read the rest in the morning! It's been fun, good luck guys.

>> No.23295045

Rolled 39

Swift as a coursing river.

>> No.23295051

oh boy the harry potter threads gonna start soon. TIME TO DUELBOX LIKE A GOD.

>> No.23295060

you better come back my friend

>> No.23295062

Rolled 98


>> No.23295070

Rolled 19

i hope i roll better than my usual

>> No.23295115

awwww shit 98

You go in to full operator mod, channeling your inner costa. You dynamically dip tactically duck operationally dive and finally dodge. The light starts to fade.The space is going dark fast.

>go toward the source
>run away from it
>kill your self

>> No.23295131

Rolled 53

>>kill your self

This. This so hard!

>> No.23295136

Rolled 26

>Go toward the source.

>> No.23295138

Go towards the light.

>> No.23295143

Rolled 71

go towards the light, but be stealthy

>> No.23295166

you are on an ethereal plane type deal there is nothing but you and darkness and the light

>> No.23295239

You head towards the light which immediately blazed at full strength and you hear Annas sing song voice say "Gotcha!" you wake up with a start still hearing the word echoing in your head.

Gotcha! Gotcha gotcha gotch gotc got go g ....g

you are in your room alone. It is exactly as you left it exept its hours later and the sun is going down. (you skipped todays classes and didnt turn in your homework; fornicate the Constable)

>piss (you slept like 12 hours)
>lick greasy shirt to see if its clean enough to wear again
>find a new god

>> No.23295277

i'd hang out with albert he seems like a cool guy. hes like /tg/s older brother who got us in to table top and is still popular with his friends.

>> No.23295281

Rolled 22

go to the bathroom then we should see if we can find anna some how, i have a feeling she will find us.

>> No.23295283

Rolled 94

Followed by
>Get a new shirt on
Followed by
>Find a meal

>> No.23295410

You climb out of bed and piss in to a strategically placed hole in the floor. The steady stream of urine lands cleanly in porcelain a story below you. (u mirin?) Then you find a clean shirt. One of your girlfriends most have been by you haven't washed clothes in a week. You pull the green shirts on and head down stairs to find your room mates in the same place you left them. Doing the exact same thing. They "sup" and point to pizza when you remark of your mighty hunger. You demolish a box of cold pizza and milk while looking out the window in to the night.


>> No.23295437

>go outside
>stay inside
>go back to room
>get lit
>eat more
>leave the state and become a roadeo clown like your uncle bonzo

>> No.23295444

BRB, building piss magical piss hole.

>> No.23295457

Rolled 27

>go outside
Little fresh air would feel good.

>> No.23295462

God damn it, that rodeo clone option is tempting but...
>go outside

>> No.23295504

Rolled 27

go outside, maybe have a walk around the block

>> No.23295557

You open the door of the apartment and walk out on to the step. The fresh air of this college town smells only slightly less like weed and pizza then your dark apartment. You take in a deep breath and shut the door behind you.
You see a figure on a bike riding down the street toward you on the left. They seem to be avoiding the street lights. You see a glow that you assume is a lit cigarette.

As you watch the figure comes in to view and your night eyes make out Anna's face in the orange glow; made all the brighter by her hair.

"Albert, i do hope you slept well. You will need to be well rested." She says with a wicked smirk.

>I had a nightmare
>yeah i slept fine

ok cool think about this picture i found the first picture of anna a long time ago for this quest and i was like THATS HER. and months later i find this one and im like WAIT WTF ITS HER!!! so yeah ... cool story op

>> No.23295580

i award points for well written other responces

>> No.23295596

"S'okay. Weird dreams, but that's not unusual for me really. Where you off to late at night?"

>> No.23295612

Rolled 97

we should be all like "had a crazy dream, that'll teach me not to eat half a pizza before bed, what are we up to tonight"

>> No.23295619

"Well, nothing beats a good desk but I'll manage. What did you have in mind?"

>> No.23295627

Rolled 71

Slept like a rock soaked in Ambien. What's going on?

>> No.23295640

>4 slices
>half a pizza
im a really that fat that i think half a pizza is like 8 or 12?

>> No.23295665

Depends on how the pizzas sliced and the size I guess.

>> No.23295668

Rolled 8

no but i was thinking if they were from your friends grandmother she probably lives alone in a home so she only orders small pizzas, but i could be wrong.

>> No.23295682

you just mind fucked me and i wrote it....

>> No.23295742

"Well I did miss my desk, hahah. Although i did have some weird dreams. Guess that's what i get for eating half a pizza before bed. "

"It was probably Tarian root in the pills i gave you. You will start seeing things but the fucked up dreams only last about a year."

>"haha yeah, WAIT WHAT THE FUCK? what is Tarian root?"
>you drugged me?
> dinosaur

>> No.23295768

Tarian root huh? Might want to get some for my roommates. I feel like they might appreciate it more then I do.

>> No.23295779

Rolled 35

"you drugged me, and you didn't even take advantage of me after, geez now i feel like i'm not pretty enough" chuckle chuckle chuckle

>> No.23295787

idk bad trip might not be jessy and james vibe (yeah they are team rocket but both guys)

>> No.23295812

is it just down to us now? i though i had a good fallowing

>> No.23295822



>> No.23295849

>Whenever they light up they yell in unison "We're blasting off agaaaain!"

>> No.23295858

Rolled 4

i have no idea what happened to everyone else but where i am it is 1:30 so maybe it is to late for the wimps, i have tomorrow off so i can be up till whenever i want.

>> No.23295875

i can sink another hour or two in

>> No.23295881


>> No.23295896

You play off the obviously creepy situation by saying. "you drugged me, and you didn't even take advantage of me after, geez now i feel like i'm not pretty enough" and chuckle

Anna smiles and says " Tarian root isn't really a drug. It has properties that make it useful. It protects people like us from lower level feeders. Some people call it shield root, its made from the roots of trees that people have been hung from. It will let you see the dead, and that will be necessary where we are going."

>say some shit
>say some other shit

write in what you want guies

>> No.23295914

they got my joke

>> No.23295921

"Whoa, whoa, people like us? See the dead? Dafuq?"

>> No.23295929

"So there must be a metric shit ton of this stuff in the Ol' South then?"

>> No.23295946

>inb4 nigger dont have souls

yeah sure buddy prolly some hoodoo priestess that sells all this shit out of her houseboat in liseeana

>> No.23295948

Rolled 49

"right so now that i have consumed the roots of a hangman's tree i can see dead people, and we are going on an adventure. So what mental ward did you say you escaped from again?"

>> No.23295982

Ohhh Ok. I see. Look your cute. Damn cute. But crazy just aint my type.

>> No.23296003

Rolled 71

then at the end of my sentence add in "and what do you mean people like us?"

>> No.23296021

"Right, lets go pop some zombie heads or whatever?"
We are assuming this is some sort of drug lingo and just playing along.

>> No.23296025

>you all kinda went with you crazy bitch so dis one

"right so now that i have consumed the roots of a hangman's tree i can see dead people, and we are going on an adventure. So what mental ward did you say you escaped from again?"

Anna just laughs heartily in your face before walking of down the street pushing her bike alongside her. "come on nub, I've got alot to show you."

>stare at dat ass then follow
>leave woofing is always and option.

>> No.23296060

Rolled 97

>stare at dat ass then follow

>> No.23296092

Rolled 60

before you follow her if their is time go back inside and grab your bag and your shovel you never know, then follow her sticking to the other side of the bike so if stuff goes down you can get out of there before she can get to you (thats the army training always in the back of your mind)

>> No.23296121

those things are in the car right next to you

roll a 1d100 50 and up you have the for thought to grab it

>> No.23296129

Current Inventory:

The Mustang: Shovel,jumper cables,gas can,road flairs, rags,blanket(for hood sex), school books, spare tire, jack, tire iron, tit mag, you, your backpack,

Your backpack: books,pencils,pens,paper,flashlight,ham sammich, homework (you forgot to turn in) delicious drink.

>> No.23296154

also fun dip for dinner is how dumblewaiters rolls

>> No.23296184

im waiting on this roll guys

>> No.23296185

>blanket(for hood sex)

well aren't we responsible

>stare at dat ass then follow

>> No.23296188

Rolled 89

don't fail me now dice, ill keep everything that i have the same as in the inventory but ill change the shovel to the backpack if i get 50 or higher.

>> No.23296190

Rolled 84

Here goes nothing

>> No.23296204

Rolled 92

ya boyyy

>> No.23296280

>not taking the road flares and gas
You stand with your mouth half open staring longingly at Anna's perfect ass.Once she is so far ahead that your view is soured you snap out of it.
Quickly you grab your backpack and throw your lucky shovel insides hurriedly zipping it up and running after they mysterious woman.

you jog along side he as she lazily peddles her fixie. As you huff and puff you manage to spit out the question thats been plaguing your mind.

"what did you mean people like us?"

Anna responds by peddling faster right past you and bunny hopping a curb and riding down a grassy hill in to a wooded area.

>> No.23296322

Rolled 7

>not taking the road flares and gas
i don't pay you to point out stupid mistakes i make

>> No.23296346

Follow behind at a chilled pace.

>> No.23296362

Rolled 77

what he said, and if it is dark bust out the flashlight in backpack

>> No.23296371


>> No.23296402

We glide down the grassy hill like this

>> No.23296413

Fun dip is a dinner of champions, just to let you know. Your mother must be very proud.

>> No.23296465


You make your way carefully down the kill and in to through thick bushes in to the wooded area. An owl hoots at you as you switch on your flashlight and clip it to your backpacks shoulder strap. You make your way through the eerily quiet woods. You can't even hear so much as a car passing on the road 30 yards from you. It is easy going thanks to a trail that is partially lit by the moon. Your flashlight beams cuts through the slowly forming fog like a knife.

>call out to anna
>pull shovel
>pull shovel and dig trench to hid in

hive mind

was that a mean comment ON THE INTERNET? how dare you sir! Pistols on de_dust at Dawn!

>> No.23296491

I didn't intend that to sound sarcastic. Forgive me. I love fun dip. Though I usually just eat the stick then chug the powder...

>> No.23296502

Pull out shovel keep it rested on your shoulder and follow Anna.

>> No.23296507

i couldn't eat the stick it felt like chewing chalk

>> No.23296514

Rolled 25

i don't think we need to pull the shovel just yet, we aren't little girls. We will call out to Anna and pick up the pace a little, still being careful not to trip on roots.

>> No.23296517

you can see anna i thought that was implied by the lack of her in the post and the
>call out to anna thing

>> No.23296532

Rolled 42

seconding this.

>> No.23296567

Yeah but she is riding a bike in the woods. The tracks from the tires should be blazingly obvious to follow.

>> No.23296617

Rolled 47

Perception check to see what kind of trail it is through the fog? Is it old? are there many foot prints? Is there a lot of overgrowth? Could we run through the fog without falling? Is the ground muddy or dry? Snake holes or gopher wholes or is the area void of animals?

>> No.23296650


You call out "ANNA, ANNNA" and your voice seems muffled by the fog and trees as though you were yelling in to a pillow. You decide to fallow the tire treds as you carefully navigate the path. looking out for loos rocks and roots. you've had enough of roots for one night.

You see Anna standing with her bike fram propped between her legs her hands resting on the handle bars looking up at a large building in the center of a clearing. The sky is absolutely clear, like impossibly clear. No light pollution from the city or clouds to be see. You see shooting stars reflected off the broken glass in the buildings many window frames.

"its beautiful" says Anna With out looking away.

>best responce wins
yes its all of that and more and land mines and nazis

>> No.23296652

Rolled 57

Also, Are you going to hop on the HPQuest again now or are you focusing here? You COULD do both I guess...

>> No.23296666

im focusing here and posting sporadically there

>> No.23296673

It's some thing alright. These your digs Anna? Nice choice but i'd bet the rent's outrageous.

>> No.23296681

>knew you from hp quest, shat bricks when saw you running your own. full of aww yisssss.

>> No.23296682

Rolled 48

Cool. Tell Anna to make a wish. Also wink at her.

>> No.23296685

"Soooo, you live here or something?"

>> No.23296700


>> No.23296706

This but afterwords say, "So are we gonna go kill some zombies and shit or am I about to get Murdered/Raped/Organs harvested?

>> No.23296711

you will nevar escape it

>> No.23296717

Rolled 74

"Ya Anna it really is beautiful, I haven't seen a sky like this since i was a little boy and my mom brought me out to the country. Anna what are we doing out here, first you drug me, then you say we can see the dead, then you bring me out here, I have questions and I think you should start answering them"

>> No.23296724

hey thanks man it means alot if people like it

>> No.23296852

"Ya Anna it really is beautiful, I haven't seen a sky like this since i was a little boy and my mom brought me out to the country. Anna what are we doing out here,
do you live here or something? First you drug me, then you say we can see the dead, then you bring me out here, I have questions and I think you should start answering them"

You bombard Anna with all your confusion and frustration and she just slowly swivels her head to face you with a smile. You can see the sky reflected in her eyes. She hold out a hand to you and lets her bike fall to the ground.

"it'll be ok Albert. These ones won't hurt us." as she says this your vision catches flitting blurs behind Anna and you jump with a start. There are black shadows of all shapes and sizes forming in a crowd behind Anna. They look as though they are made of uncoproeal swirling black fog. Like shadows out of focus behind glass.

"I have brought the warrior." she says raising your hand up so that the shadow people can see you.

There is a sound like a thousand whispers of wind and you feel a chill run up your spin.

roll 1d100 gut check add guts

>> No.23296872

Rolled 3


>> No.23296876

Rolled 82 + 20

Roll "So what is this, some kind of fancy magic fog machine?"

>> No.23296917

Rolled 85 + 20

oh man my psychiatrist said ide suffer from ptsd but i didnt believe her

>> No.23296940

you managed to fail a guts check against noncombatant level 1 ghosts with a + 20 guts
are you Nevile longbottom ?

>> No.23296978

Rolled 37 + 20

Please don't use his.

>> No.23297021

>so much raw guts

Regardless of the fact that you have no idea what the fuck is going on you remain composed. You stay still as the Shadows close in around you and examine you closely. Some seem to nod or adjust "glasses". Others simple glide through you.

"is this some kind of trick?" you ask Anna

"nope these are students and teachers from the old school." She says pulling a metal plack from a heep of fitted stones near her and showing it to you.

It read "AL-Harra Academy for the gifted."

>What do you want with me?
>what do they want with me?
>what the fuck is going on?
> all of thee above

>> No.23297058

Rolled 51

all the above

>> No.23297066

" 'The warrior' huh? What's that about? While you're at it what's EVERYTHING THAT'S GOING ON about?"

>> No.23297087

how am i doing?
impressions Anna
impressions of how albert is turning out

>> No.23297090

Rolled 62

So what? This is where they put the extra special dead people?

>> No.23297102

Rolled 17

Seems fine other than some capitalization and punctuation problems, but fast response times are a big +

>> No.23297113

English is not my strong suit.

>> No.23297126

Rolled 12

i think you are doing well, im liking the story and the characters so far, Albert is kinda a bad ass so thats awesome. well its time for me to get to bed someone remember to archive this, I expect many great things from this.

>> No.23297136

Rolled 65

Also, Anna Is just a little bit cliche so far. But I really shouldn't judge, I am shit at making characters.

>> No.23297214

You take the sign in your hands and brush soot off of it. You realize its extreme age when the rusted metal begins to crumble in your hand.

"Anna i need you to explain.... everything."

She presses a finger to her chin in a thinking pose. "well I can't tell you everything but i can generalize for you. These are uncorupted souls of those who died in the fire." she blows the plack and soot goes everywhere. "and you are the Warrior... well a warrior." she pokes your chest. " It is after all the most common path us hunters take. These fine folks just want you to rid them of a pest. To hunt something."

She wanders off through the shadows and disappears.

>continue asking questions loudly

>> No.23297232

cliche in what way i would like to know.

>> No.23297240

we can archive now and continue tomorrow if you guys want.

>> No.23297284

also its sammich time brb

>> No.23297341

Rolled 74

Mysterious demon killer who stalks us? Is probably way more powerful than us? leme guess, she is magical and/or not human? The whole Morpheus devise to frame a story. Showing you the light and being way better then over time you become much more powerful than any other member of your faction because you are 'The chosen one' is just kinda used a lot. Maybe that's not the path, but that is what I see.

>> No.23297352

dude you are so so so so so so so so so so so far off

>> No.23297377

i am the type that would just tell you were you are wrong but i dont want to spoil the suprise for others so if you want to know give me an email

>> No.23297390

Rolled 40

I prefer the surprise. I am ok with being wrong.

>> No.23297398

requesting an archive because things seem to be winding down

>> No.23297529

Rolled 92


>> No.23297535

thank you kind and based spectral

>> No.23297556

Rolled 63

ok time to sleep, have a good night everyone. any idea when you are going to start up again tomorrow?

>> No.23297584

umm i dont have a job or school right now so lets say 19:00 server time

>> No.23297604

Rolled 92

ok sir ill see you there, have a good night everyone, and i hope no one dreams of lights scanning them.

>> No.23297649

damn, just as i was about to join in... WEAK!

>> No.23297694

im sorry buddy

>> No.23297707

meh, no worries, always tomorrow

>> No.23297756

yeah man make sure i know who you are and ill give you a little extra tip on one of the votes

>> No.23297801

that's what's up, the story/quest looks pretty good so far, i'm digging it

>> No.23301028

what time is it?

>> No.23301086

>what time is it?

Why, Christmas Day!

>> No.23301094

Time for supernatural I think.

>> No.23301139

nah 1900 server time bud we gotta wait for the regulars to get back on.

>> No.23301182

Fuck those guys I heard them say they didn't even like you.

>> No.23301220


>> No.23301242

Me and you could start our own quest. With blackjack. And Hookers.

>> No.23301270

i like the way you think

>> No.23301301

We'll keep it a secret for now, don't want the others to catch wind and spoil the fun.

>> No.23301322


>> No.23305299

A secret huh

>> No.23305351

sup bush welcome back
quest part 2 at 19:00

>> No.23305363

19:00 EST?

>> No.23305366

What secret?

>> No.23305403

if 4chan is running on est then yes

>> No.23305460

Then I'll see you there

>> No.23306046

Fuck, I'll be busy from 19:00 to 20:30
If the threads still up at 21:00 I might make it

>> No.23309193

yo dumble-homie, is this going down?

>> No.23309223

new thread get over here

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