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You are Joe, a street fighter in the classical sense of the term. Targeted by the most dangerous gang in a dangerous city, you try to look inconspicuous as you leave the back alley location of your last brawl. As inconspicuous as you can traveling with a man in an orange gi and a man in homemade knight armor wielding a pipe like a sword, at least.

"So why are you guys coming along again?" you ask your companions.

"For might!" Tatsuya says, brandishing a fist.

"For right!" Saul says, holding up his pipe.

"That...that doesn't quite sound right," you say.

>need a miniboss. roll 1d100 and present a picture/short idea for one.

>> No.23283123

Rolled 21


The specially trained dog pet. The crab disguise is a custom armor filled with some blade inside, and the dog itself have been trained to be vicious as shit. The gang leader employs him to intimidate and murder people.

>> No.23283147

Rolled 52

>Psycho Cog

needs more Cogs

Some badly made death robot

>> No.23283200

Rolled 30

A bear in a leather jacket with a motorcycle helmet, so that he passes off as an overweight man. With a cog on the back.

>> No.23283280

Rolled 7

An italian guy wearing black t-shirt with short sleeves, a sleeveless brown jacket and a gold medallion around the neck. He also wears white pants, white and black shoes and black gloves.

He have long black hair tied in a ponytail.

Strangely enough, he is italian, but his last name is Garcia, a latin last name.

>> No.23283287

Rolled 44

The most retardedly steampunkish thug who has ever lived, with cogs everywhere.

>> No.23283289

A foulmouthed Schoolgirl who fights 'like a lady' using implausible amounts of tea sets and such

>> No.23283302

Rolled 67

Dayum Son. Do the bear idea, but with a baseball bat.

>> No.23283305

Rolled 78

for that

>> No.23283309

Rolled 57

You forgot your roll. I'm rolling for you.

>> No.23283327

Rolled 19


What if we combine this both? The beast and the beauty, the schoolgirl is the bear trainer. She can even spout things like "Bear, I choose you!" or "Now, Bear, paw attack!"

>> No.23283328

Rolled 67

A Punk with a Mowhawk and a chain. Pretty generic. Or a Bruce lee lookalike.

>> No.23283331

Rolled 1

An obese man on a mobility scooter (which is souped up and far more fast and mobile than it first appears) who fights by running into people and attacking them with a metal rod with a grabbing hand on the end.

>> No.23283332

Rolled 57

A Gearheart, a Cogs lieutenant that sports very noticeable, steampunk-style "enhancements". Whether it's actually a prosthetic limb or just strapped on, no one knows, but getting punched full force by a metal thing full of pointy corners sure as hell hurts.

>> No.23283340

The dice gods disapprove of my idea, clearly.

>> No.23283355

Rolled 52

The Beauty And the Beast. The girl is dressed formally, the bear looks like a punk.

>> No.23283357

Rolled 83

i approve this one

>> No.23283383

fuck yes!

mini-boss is angry waifu(spelling?) gang member since we're clearly in their territory. hes a very durable sumo-style fighter

>> No.23283405


>after I looked up pictures of the robot from Rocky IV and everything

"Anyway. We have a rough game plan?" Tatsuya asks.

"We aim for the top. The Cogs are only dangerous because they're organized. If we can take out their base of operations the cops can mop up their remaining street soldiers pretty easily."

"Sounds good," you say. "So we just drive over there or what?

"It's more complicated than that," Tatsuya says. "First we've got to find out who's pulling the strings."

"Two ways to do this," Saul says. "One, we go to the radio station they own. You heard them pass the hit on you, right? Someone there has to be in touch with the boss. He might even be there. Either way, it's a lead."

"Sounds legit," you say, mulling it over. "And the other?"

"There's a new street drug half of these punks are out of their mind on, The Glow. We find a dealer and beat his supplier out of him, then we keep moving up. Whoever's running the Cogs is running The Glow."

>Let's start by heading to the radio station and chasing down that lead.
>Find out more about The Glow.

>> No.23283426

Rolled 54

fucked up my roll

>> No.23283428

Rolled 76

I think the radio is a better idea.

>> No.23283452

Rolled 31

The Radio station.

>> No.23283475

Radio Station

>> No.23283486

Get ourselves a weapon of some sort, then find out more about Glow. If it's not processed from the secretions of a giant insect or something of the sort, I will be dissapointed.

Also, I'd very much like to propose Joe as being the straight man of this group. We have crazy 80s gangs, we're teaming with a karate lunatic, a karate hobo and a guy in plate armor wielding a pipe. We HAVE to be the straight, serious guy in all of this, and be absolutely dumbfounded by the world we live in. That includes our fighting style being serious, effective and to the point.

>> No.23283543

radio station, if we keep them from being organized i believe the over all will be easier. even if there is already a hit out on us and probably the rest of our friends/allies. resistance will be MASSIVE though.

>> No.23283551


We should keep these in mind. Or maybe make Gearheart a high ranking boss, not sure.

>> No.23283586


fighting style is already to the point and serious. but i second being the normal one.

>> No.23283613

So, The Superego (Saul), The Id (Tetsuya, of course), and the Ego (US)

>> No.23283665

Glow. See, the problem is that everyone knows who we are. If we hit the Radio as ourself, we insult EVERYBODY. What we need to do is lay low a bit, or rather lay LOWER by busting The Glow, and then we get the Coggers. That way, the bounty goes away without any other gang really getting involved.

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Radio station. More idiots to put your fist in. More fun that way.

>> No.23283707

This place is pretty dead. But I love me some street fighter quest.

>> No.23283710

And, to add to this, we're free to raise hell again at a later time but without the risk of dragging our waitress friend into it, or at least the risk's greatly diminished. Either way, right now we're too new and too public to invade the big scene and survive.

>> No.23283733

"Radio station. Working our way up a supply chain could take too long, we should take a more direct route."

"Most excellent," Saul says. "You guys want a ride? I'm parked on the street."

"I...really? I kind of thought we'd have to fight a lot of guys on the way there," you say.

"Yeah, this...this seems convenient," Tatsuya says. Sounds disappointed. Probably hoped he'd get to smash his way through a horde of enemies to reach it.

"Yeah, it's that...one..." Saul's voice drops as the three of you reach the streetcorner.

"The one that's on fire?" you ask. A dozen Waifus in a mixture of mismatched Japanese costumes - hakamas paired with high school uniforms, kimonos being worn open like trenchcoats - stand between you and the car, backlit by the flames. A teenaged girl steps forward, flanked by katana-wielding Waifus.

"I hear you motherfuckers broke up a dice game we had goin'," she says.

"The Cogs did. Those total motherfuckers," you say. It's half true.

"I also hear you say anime's for little kids," she says.

"That's not a problem, is it? I mean, you are a little kid," Tatsuya says. He seems unfazed by the Waifus producing a mismatched scattering of Japanese weapons.

"BANZAAAAAAI!" the little girl screams. The Waifu horde charges forward.

>What do?

>> No.23283793

Rolled 63

Punch first one nearest us, take his weapon, go to town

>> No.23283800

Rolled 79

Katanas are DANGEROUS

Do we have some personal weapon?

Well try disarming them

>> No.23283802

Kick the first one with a bladed weapon in the stomach to stun him, then take his sword/sai/dagger/whatever and go to fuckin' town.
Failing that, rip and tear.

>> No.23283803

Find weapon to stop other weapons with. Priority is throwing weapons>decent range weapons>short range weapons. Especially since I assume we're not about to shank motherfuckers.

>> No.23283810


>> No.23283814


>> No.23283817

Rolled 69

forgot roll

>> No.23283823

Pick up trash can, go donkey kong on their collective asses.

>> No.23283843

We need a Gundam reference! Something to do with honourable battle and one-one-one! Quick, any Gundam nerds in here?

>> No.23283849

Take down the ones who carry katana before they have any chance to say a single word. Also, ask them who is better, Asuka Langley or Rei Ayanami. Hopefully, they will beat each other after a while.

Let the knight take care of unarmed waifus, the psycho karate guy would handle the rest.

>> No.23283853

Rolled 52

these while shouting >>23283814

>> No.23283865

Rolled 81


>> No.23283879

Cast fist.
then add more fist.

>> No.23283885

Rolled 20

My roll for the "tell us who is better, Asuka or Rei?" trick.

>> No.23283893

NGE was made in the mid-90s, I'm pretty sure this quest is mid-80s.

>> No.23283918

Rolled 96

Fuck... humn...

Change Asuka and Rei for Mazinger and Voltron. Or the robotech Valkyries.

>> No.23283934

Rolled 28


>> No.23283946

Is, is he riding a Cresta? If he is, yell "CRESTAAA!" and charge them.

>> No.23283958

Rolled 18

Got the 8-ball rollin'.

>> No.23283966 [SPOILER] 

Rolled 54

you mean macross

>> No.23284016

Rolled 86


Macross in Japan, but in the usa at the middle 80's was released as Robotech. I don't know when the usa had the chance to actually meet the original Macross, but even today Robotech is a recognizable brand.


>> No.23284033

"if they pull a weapon, you get a bigger weapon."

disarm the first one to get to us and take his weapon. throw his ass into the oncoming crowd to slow them down.

>> No.23284063

A few ideas flash through your head. First, katanas are sharp. You're not stabproof, you're fairly certain your friends aren't either. Maybe if you start by psychologically unbalancing them....?

"MACROSS WAS BETTER THAN GUNDAM!" you shout at the horde. The momentum of the charge is broken instantly as they lower their weapons and begin arguing.

The three of you are on them before they finish explaining the intricacies of giant robots to you. You kick the nearest katana-wielder (the one wearing a kimono open like a trenchcoat over a Lum t-shirt) in the stomach and follow it with an elbow to the skull while he's bent over. The two next to him - unarmed - go down just as fast.

By the time you're finished with the enemies near you Tatsuya and Saul had carved through their share of the horde. That only left the little kid.

"Okay, I know this looks bad," she says, holding her hands in front of her. "Just give me a second to explain."

"So do we call her parents or what?" Tatsuya asks.

>What are we doing about this kid?

>> No.23284120

hold a katana to he throat and calmly explain that she is to go back to her leaders and explain that we intend to free the city from the cogs. it would benifit them to NOT get in our way.

>> No.23284123

Give her a slap. Not "HOLY SHIT THAT LOOSENED A TOOTH BITCH GONNA BE TASTIN BLOOD" slap, but a fatherly kind of slap. Then tell her to get her shit straight, only better. Probably go on a rant about how they should go home and be family men or anime fans or whatever they are. Streets are dangerous.

>> No.23284144

Spank him and remind her gangs are not a joke. And remind him, Mad Max is the best action movie ever.

And Asuka is better.

>> No.23284146

Give her the time to explain, but don't drop our guard. we are good guy, but not stupid.

this too.

>> No.23284163

We don't really know if they lit the car up, do we? Give her a chance to explain.

>> No.23284315

"Alright, explain," you say.

"So we were just sitting here when this dude from the Cogs shows up. With like a wicked cool costume."

"Uh-huh," you say.

"Yeah! He says some dude named Joe is coming and we should try to stop him. Big money in it if we do."

"So you didn't hear the radio message?" you ask.

"Fuck no, they ain't play j-pop on the radio, fuck that noise. Anyway, so this dude in the purple suit tells us to wait here and jump you."

"And my car?" Saul asks, gritting his teeth.

"His eyes start glowing bright fucking red, man! Lit it on fire WITH HIS MIND!"

"What." Tatsuya looks unimpressed.

"True story, man. Lit it on fire with his mind and fuckin' teleported out!"

"Sounds legit," you say, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I suppose that you didn't...believe...all of that, huh?" she says, doubt starting to cross her face. "I suppose you couldn't BEAR for this to be true, huh? Couldn't BEAR it?"

"Why is she shouting the word bear?" Tatsuya says.

"What? I'm BEEEEEEEEEARly raising my voice," she says.

It occurs to you to look behind you.

>roll 1d20, taking highest result of the first five

>> No.23284332

WAIT FUCK THE CAR! WE NEED A A WATERPOST OR WHATEVER THEY'RE CALLED! This is the 80's, those things are everywhere.

>> No.23284336

Rolled 7


>> No.23284347

Rolled 5


>> No.23284355 [DELETED] 

Rolled 29

Oh, dear God... does this mean what do I think?!

>> No.23284357 [DELETED] 

Rolled 54


>> No.23284362

Rolled 20

goddamnit look!

>> No.23284370

Rolled 10

This time with the specified dice.

>> No.23284383

Rolled 19


>> No.23284430

Aw shit yeah, Mr. Bearington's about to get toasted. I vote for a shoulder throw towards a, a one of pic related, busting it open so it can quench the fire. I mean, Natural 20.

>> No.23284435

This warrants a spinning backfist to the snout or something like that.

>> No.23284470

Rolled 4

>Mr. Bearington
SIR Bearington for you, pleb.

Still, nat 20, we kick his... nose? hard enough to throw it off balance. Still, I am not sure going melee with a bear is a good idea.

>> No.23284546

we are practised in sambo. from a crazy old russian man. we are bear wrestlers by nature.

>> No.23284626


No time to look back. On raw intuition you take a half-step back, grab an arm you only vaguely intuit is there and hip throw your unseen assailant forward.

A hairy guy dressed like some sort of motorcycle cop goes flying past. Accidentally hits the kid, smashes her against the side of the on-fire car.

Everyone exchanges panicked looks for a split second before rushing forward and dragging the duo away from the car.

"Is the kid hurt?" you ask.

"Looks like she's knocked out but fine," Tatsuya says.

"The Bear is also down for the count," Saul says. "That was nice, by the way. Tossed him without seeing him."

"Crit success," Tatsuya says.

"Hey, you play D&D?" Saul says, grinning. "So do I!"

"We figured," you mutter. "Wish I knew why this guy was called The Bear," you say.

"That's...it means something different to certain people," Saul says. "I'll tell you about it later. For now, how are we getting to the radio station? It's a couple miles from here."

>find a train, hope we don't get ambushed while we wait for it
>begin Sneaking Mission. Make our way through side streets and back alleys, avoiding areas where we're likely to run into large numbers of Cogs

>> No.23284658

>we are bear wrestlers by nature.

>> No.23284700

Rolled 13

>>begin Sneaking Mission. Make our way through side streets and back alleys, avoiding areas where we're likely to run into large numbers of Cogs

This is a Sneaking mission snake

>> No.23284719

Rolled 36

>find a train, hope we do get ambushed while we wait for it

>> No.23284736

>The Glow
Streetwise references? Ew.

>> No.23284740

Rolled 14

>begin Sneaking Mission.

Only if our companions agree on using a cartoon box as cover. Otherwise, we go to the train.

>> No.23284754

>find a train, hope we don't get ambushed while we wait for it
Gonna need a ticket to ride, though.

>> No.23284755

Find a train! Everyone knows thungs gather at trainstations. We need a proper fight and it could be useful as a diversion.

>> No.23284771


Never played Streetwise. I was referencing The Last Dragon.

>> No.23284830

In Streetwise a big plot point is Glow, a designer drug that's a magical steroid that makes people zombies.

>> No.23284845

sneaking mission.

>> No.23284881

I will accept this, on behalf of the Shogun of Harlem.

>> No.23284982

Find a train. Trains are fun.

>> No.23285110

"Alright, we're going to the train station. But first we're changing clothes."

"What? Why?" Saul asks.

"Because the descriptions they have of us are probably vague. 'Guy with armor and a sword. Guy in orange gi. Guy in army jacket.' If we can get on the train without a fight we might be able to surprise whoever's behind the Cogs when we show up."

"I see your point," Saul says. He begins to remove the homemade armor, setting is carefully aside. Hopefully the Waifus won't find it if they manage to wake up.

"And me?" Tatsuya says. "This gi's all I've got. Fighting people was all I really had planned for the night."

"Take a kimono off of one of the Waifus that will fit over it," you say. Tatsuya looks hesitant. "Next time we get in a fight you can dramatically disrobe like a boxer. Come on, it'll be boss."

"That...that does sound kinda cool, actually," he says. He goes to look for a Waifu with a kimono big enough.

For yourself, you shed the army jacket. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt aren't very distinct, you think to yourself. You see guys who look like this all the time.

By the time you reach the station you look like a giant European in a business suit carrying a pipe, a giant Japanese man in a nonsensical kimono covered in dragons and a Bruce Springsteen wannabe.

Tooooootally normal. The assorted punks don't even look at you twice.

>Anything we want to ask our party while we've got a quick breather?

>> No.23285152

"How come you carry yourself so well in a kimono?"

>> No.23285173

Rolled 1


"Hey, armor guy, what the fuck were you thinking?" In a more friendly tone, of course.

>> No.23285258

Apparently we are as rude about it as it sounds.

>> No.23285275

Ask Tatsuya what style of martial arts he practices, where he comes from, that sort of thing, he's impressive.

>> No.23285297

C'mon, who cares about that stuff? He's walking alongside us, that's all we need to know.

>> No.23285346


What's going on with that boxer dude? Anon? He still regional champ?

>> No.23285383

Talk to Saul, try to find out who he is, why he started wearing an armor and wielding a lead pipe, where the hell he got a suit of armor.

>> No.23285395

This is a prequel set in the 80s bro. Most of the SFQ characters haven't even been born yet, or are like 5.

>> No.23285408

Rolled 18


Unfortunately, that guy rolled a nat 1, so have fun exchanging insults.

>> No.23285437

Anon was all 'bout the eskrima. And this is a prequel.

>> No.23285438

Since Street Fighting Man didn't ask for a diceroll I'm hoping it won't matter.

>> No.23285439

The three of you settle onto a bench, still trying to look totally normal. The station reeks of garbage and spray paint from the tags and graffiti covering everything, but it's tolerable. There's trash everywhere but no needles, and at least the tags aren't just dicks drawn all over everything. Altogether one of the nicer stations in this town. Over your awkward silence you can hear the punks at the other end of the platform joking around with each other, laughing over some dumb joke or another. No music, though. Maybe they haven't heard about the manhunt for you.

"So how did you guys learn to fight like that?" you ask, trying to break the quiet.

"Kyokugen Karate. Strongest style in the world," Tatsuya says. "I'm doing a bit of a walkabout, traveling to find what I can learn in new places before I head back to my home school."

"Yeah? You staying with friends in the city or something?" you ask.

"A dojo that we're kinda friendly with is letting me crash there," he says. You have a feeling this is a continuity nod to something, but in the original Street Fighter Quest we never did learn Pete's last name so it can't be casually dropped here to explain how he and Tatsuya first became acquainted when Tatsuya stayed at his parent's dojo when he was a child.

"Huh. How about you, big guy?" you ask Saul.

"Did a lot of LARPing back home," he says. "Really fun stuff. It doesn't always translate to hitting people with a big pipe, but it's close enough."

"What made you start the whole knight thing in the first place?" Tatsuya asks. "I keep running into you beating on dudes, but I never thought to ask.

"As I was leaving a...club, some young men thought they could have some fun beating the shit out of some friends of mine. I decided to teach them the error of their ways," he says. "After that I just kept intervening wherever I saw trouble. Next thing I know I've got a reputation."

>field too long

>> No.23285489

>You have a feeling this is a continuity nod to something, but in the original Street Fighter Quest we never did learn Pete's last name so it can't be casually dropped here to explain how he and Tatsuya first became acquainted when Tatsuya stayed at his parent's dojo when he was a child.

>> No.23285590

Tatsuya and Saul keep talking - exchanging strategies for keeping cops from noticing you beating on gang members, how to find the best concentrations of them to beat up - but your attention is drawn elsewhere. A youngish guy dressed a little like you were a few hours ago came in to wait for a train. One of the thugs noticed him and quieted the rest. They're watching him like a hawk now.

"I think we've got a problem," you say. Tatsuya and Saul quiet down as well and watch.

"Hey, Joe," one of the gang members yells. Your lookalike doesn't look up. The gang member throws a half-empty beer at the double. It bounces off his shoulder. "Hey, I'm talking to you, fuckface. You deaf or something?"

"My name's - "

"We know your name, bitch," the lead punk says. He's walking his way to the double, over-acting casual bravado. "We know who you are and we know what you did. You wanna come with us easy or you wanna fight?"

"Shit," Tatsuya says. "You're the brains of this outfit. What's our play here?"

>> No.23285632

Rolled 66

Walk up behind the harassing punk. Begin stabbing. Let the kid know he's either fighting or running.

>> No.23285639


Yell HELLO? IS IT ME YOU'RE LOOKING FOR and jump them when they're confused.

>> No.23285641

>kick their asses, change clothes again. Repeat until they're looking for 10 different groups of people. Or maybe find masks and kick their asses, start gang war between the Luchadores and the Cogs.

>> No.23285655

We obviously can't let this guy take a beating, or worse, just because he matches Joe's description. Beat their punk asses and warn the unfortunate guy afterward.

>> No.23285663

We should try to talk to them, asking them what is the problem and offering the small guy a chance to explain he is not us. We can actually offer a couple dollars, and negotiate some additional favor (like a free beer and such) and preach about going along together, good manners and peace.

>> No.23285701

Rolled 99

this, maybe we convince them an army of people are tired of their shit and they go to ground

>> No.23285707

Rolled 85


This. Let's ask what the trabble is. And explain we don't want no trabble.

>> No.23285746

"Hey, punks! Yeah you, you cheap change smalltime sons of bitches! Come over here and let me screw your heads on straight!" Then we bounce. We can't leave the guy to take our heat and we can't take the train if they know it. Better to beat these punks up and find out if they've got transportation, then take it from them.

>> No.23285755

Well, looks like we have a long term plan. I hate this rolls.

>> No.23285984

You have some better ideas. But then that Lionel Richie song gets stuck in your head, with his beautiful voice and that heartbreaking video. That blind girl sculpted his head! That's so cool!

You motion for Tatsuya and Saul to follow as you stand up and walk towards the punks. The poor bastard must think you're also here to harass him, he's almost shaking.

At the last moment you decide to try diplomacy, though. Just...see if it works.

"What's the problem here, guys?" you ask.

"Fuck right off you horrible little fuck," the punk snarls at you. He pulls a knife, does that dumb stereotypical blade-licking thing. "Bosses are paying for anyone fits this description. We beat enough of these losers we're gonna get the right one eventually."

Shit. Sounds like everyone who fits your description is being harassed. And you have an incredibly vague description.

You wait for him to start licking the blade again and punch him in the mouth. It's...it's really gross, actually. The rest of the punks step back, horror and disgust written on their faces.

>Say something dramatic and give yourself a distinguishing bandana or something. Don't let unsuspecting fools around the city get shanked because they shopped at the same thrift stores as you.
>Try to play up the mysterious crowd angle. Let them think an entire army is coming.

>> No.23286009

>>Try to play up the mysterious crowd angle. Let them think an entire army is coming.

Thiiiiisssss. And get new clothes elsewhere.

>> No.23286014

>>Say something dramatic and give yourself a distinguishing bandana or something. Don't let unsuspecting fools around the city get shanked because they shopped at the same thrift stores as you.

Play up the bandana angle, then stop wearing the bandana at the next stop.

>> No.23286044

>Try to play up the mysterious crowd angle. Let them think an entire army is coming.

Time for another costume change I guess.

>> No.23286052

Rolled 73

Rolling for intimidation

>> No.23286062

This shit has to stop. We're trying to kill this bounty to save our asses, we don't want others to get harmed. We need a motherfucking bandana... to be ditched quicker than quick as soon as this whole ordeal is over.

>> No.23286093


>> No.23286101

Rolled 33


This crap is cowardly and tedious. Beating on every random guy that happens to wear a commonly available, generic outfit? Fuck that. Scare up the thugs, then "hand myself in". Let them take you to the people in charge, pretend they captured you and end the charade directly.

>> No.23286255

Rolled 82

Changing My vote to Bandana, and then taking it off after they Identify you.

>> No.23286367

"Hello," you say. "Is it me you're looking for?"

The punks look confused. Probably should have opened with that line or just abandoned it.

"I mean, you...I'm saying I am the man you're looking for. That's what I'm getting....fuck, let's just beat them up."

Tatsuya doesn't even have to dramatically unrobe. Thirty seconds later half the punks are laying unconscious, the other half are badly beaten. Time to ham it up.

"All you wounded! And those of you who can! Hurry back and tell your leaders you'll need more men!" You bend over and take the bandana off the first punk - the one with the bloody mouth - and dramatically wrap it around your head. "I'm headed to...." You look at the train's scheduled stops. You'll need a stop that's nowhere near the radio station... "To our secret base downtown! By the Inafune stop!"

The train finally makes its appearance as the terrified punks make a run for it. The three of you (and your terrified lookalike) step onto the train. You wait until the train starts moving before you tear it off and start laughing.

>> No.23286444

Rolled 37

>"All you wounded! And those of you who can! Hurry back and tell your leaders you'll need more men!"

>> No.23286489

Calling it there for today, the internet in my building keeps going on the fritz. We'll be back again at 1pm 4chan time tomorrow.

If anyone's still around, though: I've been wanting to turn control of the combat a bit more to you guys. Anyone have ideas for a rules-light enough way to handle it that won't bog us down in the quest? Or previous quest threads that handled combat in a way you liked?

>> No.23286516

Rolled 57

Don't know.

>> No.23286545


>> No.23286634

I liked the combat in the previous Street Fighter quest.

>> No.23286703


>> No.23286717

I like the combat just fine, personally, but if anyone can come up with a good system I wouldn't mind at all.

>> No.23286823

Ditto. It seemed enjoyable enough then to me.

>> No.23286877


Rolling 1s repeatedly was hilarious.

>> No.23287078


>roll 1 when we face a Kyokugen fighter for the first time
>get beaten so badly Ellie temporarily takes over as MC

Good times. I might switch back to that system with a few extra bits bolted on.


I was hoping nobody would notice this is a secret Protomen Quest until the final boss is revealed to be Wood Man.

>> No.23287596

Well, you gotta admit it was a pretty blatant line lifting.

>> No.23287724

The final boss of Final Fight Streetwise is a Glowed-out-of-his-mind-turned-giant-berserker Cody, spurred on by the evil preacher who turns out to be the brother of Belgar (remember him? Dude you kicked out the window at the end of FF1?).

Yes, it's as dumb as it sounds.

>> No.23287805

Which will ALWAYS infuriate me, because 3d brawlers can be AMAZING games, tremendous fun, and Streetwise shat all over that and Final Fight by being a tremendous piece of crap. Anyone looking for fun 3d brawlers should try out Godhand and The Warriors, both for PS2.

>> No.23287879

Weren't there several systems made depending on different fighting styles? Our style is sambo, so there's a pretty even mix of striking and grappling, with an emphasis on submissions.

>> No.23287905


If I'm gonna go out of my way to reference one of my favorite albums I'd hope people would get it. The outrage over being caught was entirely in jest, I assure you.


Seriously? That's...that doesn't sound very good at all.


I like the combat system in God Hand, I just sort of wish the rest of the game around it was better. I'd avoided The Warriors because I thought it looked like a bad tie-in, if it's actually good I'll have to go find it.

>> No.23287935

>Cody has a little brother (and is the main character, in fact)
>Guy starts using guns
>Haggar steps down from office and becomes a vigilante
>The Glow
>Cody gets hooked on painkillers and eventually other drugs because he can't fight any more
>Metro City is still a shithole
And that's to say nothing of the shoddy game mechanics.

>> No.23288052

Sounds like we should just forget it exists.

I was generally jesting, as well.

>> No.23288077

Fortunately for you, Capcom forgets it exists, too.

>> No.23290671

Oh yes, The Warriors is a metric fuckton of fun. And then you play coop and it goes beyond even that. Game could use some more polishing, especially when it comes to graphics, but holy crap is it a fun beatemup. It's a game that gives you experiences like beating the crap out of a butcher with the salamis found in his shop because he wouldn't pay protection money, or grabbing a mime/clown from behind and pulling his head down so your buddy can crack the back of his skull open with a bat/lead pipe like he's trying to decapitate the creep. Then there's pelting a wheelchair-bound, revolver-wielding skinhead with bricks and empty bottles and making him fall into a chasm. Or punching and pillaging your way through a good chunk of NYC, because POWER'S OUT MOTHERFUCKERS! and then the riot cops show up and beat the shit out of everyone. Everyone.

The Warriors is a fun game is what I'm trying to say here, and very much worth anyone's time, especially fans of the beatemup genre.

>> No.23294196

Rolled 95

making sure we don't 404 again

>> No.23294292

Quest's over though, bro. SFM will make a new thread tomorrow or the day after. If it's been archived then there's no real reason to bump the thread. Though I guess more people seeing it wouldn't be a bad thing.

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