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I know this isn't exactly /tg/
>Discover Warhammer 40K
>fall in love with the lore
>bookmark the wiki to read
>DL'd the 1st dawn of war for PC

which race should I play as?
are the books worth reading?
whats your favorite factions and primarchs and why?

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>which race should I play as?

The one you think looks coolest orks

>are the books worth reading?

Dan Abnett is a good name to look out for. There is another one who's initials are ADB or something, I forget his name.

>whats your favorite factions and primarchs and why?


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You should play what race suits you. Though be warned playing some races will get you labelled a faggot by some. Then others will call those people faggot. And so on and so forth.

Some of the books are worth reading - depending what sort of stuff you are into.

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Aaron Dembwhatsit Bowdathingummun whatever.

Different authors are good for different things. If you want a good feel for the Imperium, Dan Abnett and Sandy Mitchell are good choices.

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Get that first to balance the game, as far as I remember, there's still a pretty strong community that plays this. As it is, the game is completely broken with bias for the Eldar.

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Play the race you think looks the best. But not grey knights.

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Word of warning: all the necron fluff in the game has been drastically altered

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By 'wiki' I hope you mean the Lexicanum

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Raven Guard nigga

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nah. the wikia.
is there a better one? give it up

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Just don't get DoW2, it's a mediocre CoH reskin that's a waste of money.
Just like the tabletop.

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There can still be Necrons that fit the Oldcron bill.

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40k is always /tg/ related. Ask away, OP.

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butthurt inferior warmahordes player detected

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No, just an Australian.

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THANK YOU! Somebody else fucking noticed this shit! I swear it's like if you say anything bad about "CoH - Blood Raven Edition", sperglords come out of the woodwork and proclaim it as the best game ever made. Even it's fucking expansion that finally let you play as something OTHER than spess muhreens, blew total ass.

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Ouch. Then I am quite sorry for you.

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Anyone have the DoW II comic about completely retarded spess elves?

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so half the primarchs were corrupted and became demons or whatever
Are there any still alive on the mortal side?
so far it seems like half of em are exiled or recovering somewhere but it hasn't been confirmed

>dat fascist imperialism
>so the eldar are elves, orks are orks, what are dwarves?
>so psychic powers are the magic
>I wanted to love the chaos gods but the whole demons becoming flesh thing turned me off

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It's okay, I'd grown to dislike the game by the time they really started with their price hikes anyway, always found myself bored by turn 3 and wishing we were doing anything else.

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>what are dwarves?

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...erm, around here, we don't talk about the squa-

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Because clearly everyone who doesn't play/like 40k is either Australian or Warmahordes.

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What do you mean we don't talk about the squa

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Guilliman is alive, but badly wounded, so they're keeping him in stasis. Lion'El Jonson is also in stasis, in a holding cell in the depths of the Dark Angels fortress-monastery that nobody save the Emperor knows about. Russ and Vulkan are probably still alive, out there somewhere.

The Dwarves are the Squats, a race of dwarves who are abhumans, essentially human mutants sanctioned because they are so genetically stable, they are their own species. They originally had rules in 2nd edition. Then they were eaten by Tyranids, and Games Workshop refused to talk about them for years. They were mentioned in passing in some recent fluff, but they've never had rules in the current system.

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IIRC Khan was last seen in the Webway and was presumingly captured by the Dark Eldar.

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so none of the chaos primarchs are alive and well?

shit I loved me some Corax, Konrad, Magnus, and the grim reaper

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any light on these dudes that were deleted from the records?

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>what are dwarves?
Squats, Demiurg, Lathemasters. Take your pick, 40k is brimming with Space Dwarfs

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Some of them are, however they're daemons now.

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Angron, Fulgrim, Lorgar, Magnus, Mortarion and Perturabo all became daemon princes.

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Corax is a loyalist primarch.

Konrad is dead.

Magnus and Mortarion are still around, they've become Daemon Princes.

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Dat commissar, just chilling

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The second and eleventh primarchs? Those are so you can make your own first founding chapters.

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Doesn't that piss off the autistic fans?

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Yeah. Even if that's the official reason from GW as to why they're blank, for the fans to homebrew, people on Bolter and Chainsword flip their shit if you post a Homebrew Chapter that is related to anything 2nd of 11th legion.

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I now know what I must do.

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>Still hating Grey Knights

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The Imperium really isn't that fascist. The average man lives out his life in relative peace (depending on who is portraying what aspect of Imperial life). It's only when shit like the Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy get involved that you start to see totalitarianism. The Imperium is ridiculously diverse.

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Technically it's not the 'official reason'. Officially, the 2 missing primarchs/legions are a nod to the roman empire which had the tendency to remove it's completely-defeated legions from record. In a sense, the 2 missing legions/primarchs were completely destroyed during the crusade, and thus the Imperium removed them to save face.

While this is the 'official' reason given by the designers during a Q&A, it is actually not written down anywhere. Part of this, they added, is because it's also a convenient way for players to make up their own homebrew first founding legion(s).

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Grey Knights still deserve their hate. They are the antithesis to fun in 40k. An entire army designed to make the game as unenjoyable as possible for as many different armies as possible. They're the Calvin-Ball army of 40k. While everyone else is still stuck having to play by the rules.

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I find it pretty fun. A small elite army that can cut down my Guard in droves. Grey Knights are only anti-fun if you play them to be anti-fun. What is inherently anti-fun about them? Psychic powers? I find the idea of an all psychic army pretty cool. Force Weapons? They still have to pass a psychic test and it means nothing against one wound models, which you should spam if they are causing you problems. The only thing I truly hate is the dreadknight, and only because it looks retarded.

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>full psychic army
Yeah... Or why not just give that to the Eldar.

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I was thinking about making an army of modified Wraithguard using Grey Knights rules. The fluff would be that they were the splinter of a Craftworld that fell to chaos/went Dark Eldar/whatever, and it's just the old dead guys who were like "oh hell no" and went and became a wandering band of undead wraithbone heroes.

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>which race should I play as?
>are the books worth reading?
>whats your favorite factions and primarchs and why?
I don't care about those pesky humans and their infighting. For the greater good!

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This is why people don't like Tau fans.

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I wish there were great Warhammer Fantasy PC games.

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allright. back a few hours later.
lemme tell you some things.

>This board just became one of my favorites
your on topic, helpful, and knowledgeable
also I've been told if I really want to discuss ASOIAF this is the place to do it. I'll save that for another day.
>Blood for the Blood god
>why the fuck isn't there more media about this shit? are there comics or something at least? the movie wasn't that great.
>what are the grey knights?
>all these hints that some of the primarchs rebelled out of loyalty to the emperor

this shits to deep guys, I might have to get out while I can

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yes there are comics

if you google 'Warhammer 40k comics torrent' you should get a torrent with fuckloads of them

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I'm on it

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On this note, there is an absolutely excellent comic named Deff Skvadron, from the perspective of orkz (against other orkz). It is hilarious and is just the sort of thing if you like your orkz the fun way.

Also, The Redeemer is an excellent comic as well, about an inquisitor (i think he is?) rooting out heresy in a Hive.

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There are comics and lots of novels about 40k.

The Grey Knights are a top secret force of all-Psyker space marines. They get called in by the Inquisition when a Chaos incursion gets out of hand. Their fluff is ridiculously over the top, even by 40k standards.

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Deff Skwadron is also free online in its entirety.

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Why not? I am not strong on Eldar fluff, but from a fluff perspective the Grey Knights should certainly all have psychic powers (granted I imagine most of them would simply use their powers to augment their existing strength, reflexes, speed, and toughness instead of shooting flames and shit).

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DoW Spess Mareen strategy:

>stall for time
>upgrade squad heavy weapon count
>get two or three squads
>maximum flamers

It won't win much, but it'll be hilarious for a few minutes.

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