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Hey, /tg/. I'm playing a gunslinger in Pathfinder and the GM surprisingly handed me an advanced firearm (rifle, but he added a homebrewed scope that adds 50 ft to its range, putting it at 130).

Now, I'm having trouble planning which feats I want to get, and the google machine keeps insisting I get Deft Shootist and the Snap Shot tree, but personally I can't find these to be of much use to me.

Is Vital Strike tree worth it? Should I invest in getting a critical effect since I want to get Improved Critical anyway? I don't want to be completely useless in later levels.

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Multiclass into Rogue. Start taking the rogue talent that lets you increase the range at which you can still get sneak attack damage.

Become an actual sniper.

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It's my first game and I cannot into planning how to multi-class yet, but I suppose I can look into it.

Got any other suggestions?

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Was gonna take that, too.

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In Pathfinder, you just start taking another class. That's all that's required.

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Far Reaching Scope and the Far Shot feat. Get one for 4,000GP. Take a full round action, and fire a single shot at touch AC regardless of range.

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Okay, this is the way to do sniper.
The thing about any martial class is that it is very hard to do very much if you are not full round attacking, and I don't know about you but I don't like the idea of firing a billion shots a round so here's what you do.

Need 7 levels of gunslinger to make this work, but if you are the mysterious stranger archetype you can spend a grit to add cha to damage (above and beyond the dex you add anyway), this damage unlike all your other effects is multiplied by your number of attacks (so pick up rapid shot, despite only actually shooting once). So we're at 3xweapon damage which is pretty poor for the rifle but +3xCha to the shot and most importantly 3 chances to make the shot a critical, add all the effects you can think of on this critical because it's already at x4, it's the most fun thing about sniping in PF. Get shocking/icy/flaming burst, get keen, oh mother of god get keen.

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Between Rogue and Gunslinger you get almost every skill as a class skill, even more than the rogue alone.

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Don't listen to the rogue afficianados, rogue is rubbish unless you are throwing a fuck-ton of attacks out, which a rifle just doesn't do.

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I thought you can't get Keen on firearms?

I should probably mention I'm actually already level three, And a musket master.

I've already got Rapid Reload, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and Deadly Aim. With fast Musket and an Advanced Firearm, I think I've alaready landed reloading down to a free action, right?

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>advanced rifle with rapid reload
Fuck yes, sir.

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>Getting multiple extra dice of damage on your shot

This guy, I tell ya.

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Yeah. My original plan was to get Snap Shot since everybody on the internet says that, but when you've got a rifle with a first range increment of 130 ft, it doesn't sound very appealing.

I'm planning on taking Rapid Shot next level, Improved Initiative at 5, and Vital Strike at 6.

I'm really on the fence about Vital Strike since it does about the same thing as Dead Shot, but I don't really know.

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>not being a mysterious stranger gunslinger/free hand fighter and going sword and pistol
>scooby dooby doo

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A couple of things to consider later.

In addition, you ought to look into either Boots of Speed or a Speed weapon enhancement for Haste. Lots of attacks, only diminished by DR once if it applies at all.

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I can't find the said rogue talent.

All I could find was something from the Sniper archetype that adds ten feet every X levels, and that seems rather underwhelming.

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> Not playing a full caster in caster edition

Just MC wizard and ignore the gunslinging.

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>Clustered Shots
Doesn't Dead Shot render this thing redundant?

>Hammer the Gap
It seems a bit unimpressive, I mean, at level 20, I'll do a whopping 4, maybe 5 more damage? Or am I thinking about it wrong?

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Rogue is garbage in pathfinder. Ninja is strictly superior.

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If you're going for multiple attacks, I suggest not using Vital Strike since using VS is a standard action in and of itself unless you're going sniper mode, since VS can be used as the attack in a full-round action to apply various things like the above-mentioned Far Reaching Scope.

With Far Shot that becomes an attack at maximum range 1,300 with a -10 to hit at Touch AC, though you're less likely to need that extreme of a range in lower tech settings, which means more accuracy for your ridiculous shot with dice multipliers to the attack.

Sneak Attack will make that even more hilarious if you like the Rogue option.

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>playing babby mode for babbies by playing the easy mode class setups in the game
It's like you're bragging about being Halo 3's campaign on Heroic.

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Well that's weird. I saw it in Hero Lab the other day, but I can't find it on the web either. Lemme see...

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It's there, but it only extends the reach by 10 feet. By the time you've invested enough rogue talents for it to be worth it, you'll be able to afford Sniper Goggles (20,000gp) which let you sneak attack at any range and get +2 damage per sneak attack dice within 30ft.


Though I will say that the Spellslinger was fun.

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> Implying anyone actually plays Halo for the campagin.

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>Sniper Goggles
This. Gunslingers are practically made by the way magic items affect their shooting, and mixing them with other classes which have abilities you can upgrade with levels/magic items is awesome.

Hell, I could see doing a gunslinger/urban barbarian and making the altered consciousness thing their way of going into THE ZONE.

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>implying anyone actually plays 3.X for the wizards
Exactly my point.

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How does Sean Bean die in that one?

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Dead shot is a single shot that adds another dice of weapon damage.
Clustered shots is firing all of the shots and their modifiers.
At 7th level, it's the difference between
2d12+(modifier for one shot) and 2d12+ (modifier doubled for two shots.)

So if you're adding Deadly Aim for +4, and your Dex (guess +5 by then), and a +2 weapon for a total of +11, it'd be 2d12+22 instead of 2d12+11.

Hammer the Gap is a small bonus, but stacking little bonuses and numbers helps when adding damage.

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In a way that makes the audience cry like little girls, how else?

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>that gunslinger praises the sun

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Oh, oh, so instead of spending three feats for Vital Strike and latter versions, I can just get Clustered Shots?

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You know that thing where bullet time happens and then the shooter manages to shoot faster than it takes for the bullets to reach their target despite being a semi-auto weapon, and it's like a hyper-accurate shotgun blast when it hits the target?

You do that.

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Your analogy doesn't even make sense.

Playing with anything but a wizard/cleric/druid in 3.5/Pathfinder is like playing Halo using only your melee attack and never using guns.

It's just intentionally gimping yourself.

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>Sniper Goggles

OP here. I think I have to change my underwear after looking that up.

Although, when I think about it, I'm in a party with a cavalier, a magus, and a magister, I'll probably only very rarely be able to utilize my now ridiculous range IF I GET FAR SHOT.

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I am embarrassed to say I have a picture of Sharpe in my Ranged Fighter file but haven't actually seen the series.

This brings up another point. Want to really be able to customize and perfect your weapon and equipment? Master Craftsman lets you take Craft Magic Arms and Armor or Craft Wondrous Item with your ranks in a Craft skill as your caster level for the purpose of qualifying for them. This will cut your gear costs in half, as well as giving you a much-needed activity for down-time if you didn't have something already in mind for that aside from hookers and blow that many adventurers spend their money on.

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It's more playing Halo 4 without using the DMR/Boltshot.

It's not the most OP combo but it's certainly more fun than auto-winning every combat and having very little of anything interesting behind your combo.

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How else are you going to get insane damage then?

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He's reduced reloading to a free action. Sky's the limit.

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Not to mention you now get to call your rifle a caster gun without just having it handed to you.

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He doesn't. He lives. For like sixteen or eighteen movies.

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We have a magister with Keep Watch who spends every night crafting wondrous items for us instead of sleeping.

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>Sean Lives
Hold on making SAN checks.

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There's a cloak somewhere around there that will get you a flight speed, and a ring or item of indivisibility can make you into a flying gun-ship/kill-sat style that used to be reserved for archers with flying mounts.

Far shot, IIRC, just diminishes your range increment penalties. If you're looking at dipping Rogue, there's the Sniper Archetype which stacks with Far-shot on the first level to double-half your penalties. (.5 on the second increment, 1 on the third, 1.5 on the fourth, -2 on the fifth (650ft at this point).

If you do this though consider talking to the DM and seeing about whether he's okay with having to practically prep two maps for an encounter; one for the main fight, one for your perspective if he wants to be able to retaliate.

Also consider some Evasion options because fireball is going to be one of the few easy go-to responses for that kind of range.

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OP here.

I think it's unanimous that /tg/ is telling me to multi-class into SOMETHING, but since this is my first game, I'm kinda scared.

Won't I technically be inferior and might turn out half-assed?
How do my BAB values work, then?

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He lives, fucks a bunch of hot bitches, kills a bunch of people, captures a French imperial eagle, shoots one of his own country's royals in the back, and basically smacks France with his dick until it learns to call him "sir".

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Multiclassing is a lot less shitty in PF because fuck off XP penalties or not being able to treat class skills as class skills.

Your BAB is cumulative. Let's say you're a gunslinger 5/fighter 5, for example: +5 from one, +5 from the other, it bumps to +10. A +6 BAB gives you a second attack at +1, so you have, by 5/5, a BAB of +10/+5 just like you would as a member of one class or the other.

In the Gunslinger/Rogue Case, you'd drop to a +8/+3 (because at this point you'd have the GS at +5 and the Rogue at +3), but you'd get the extra 3d6 of sneak attack dice and the gun's natural touch AC at first increment.

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The role he truly deserves.

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Yes the damage is good it isn't much better than a fighter's output on damage, is pretty hard to pull off consistently and means you don't get dead shot, which is awesome.

Vital strike only does the same thing as deadshot at first glance, vital strike doubles weapon damage, deadshot can triple it (quadruple if you got haste + rapid shot) and gives you three chances at a crit.

you are correct, but god damn it it just feels stupid firing 4 shots in a round (also feels stupid with a bow but less said to start that troll thread the better) wheras deadshot just feels right and with crit feats and haste/rapid shot, isn't actually too bad (also has the slight bonus of making the bastards take massive damage checks)

Reloading's a free action but you will still always be one shot behind the two weapon rogue, not to mention the problems of getting sneak attack.

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Multi-class is a way of taking advantage of your range options. Don't think that you MUST multi-class, but keep in mind that you are playing a Fighter class. This means that you will be good at Fighting, but that the class features don't leave you much else aside from crafting more guns. This can be useful, sure (running a bit of a business maybe) but that's about it.

Rogue with Sniper Goggles is easy damage, but you can just as easily keep augmenting your weapon and getting arithmetic stacking instead of geometric (adding d6's every couple levels, plus more from gear options).

If you're a gunslinger5/Rogue 5, you add the BAB, Saves, and class features up to those levels in both classes. (5BAB GS, 3BAB rogue, total +8). You'd have 3d6 sneak attack, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge (unless you take an archetype to change that) while still having Gunslinger's dex-to-damage option, gunsmithing, and all that kind of fun.

Still Gunslinger is a pretty straightforward class, and if you're new to the game it may be a better decision to get a handle on the game before multi-classing, as you are on a pretty easy class to play.

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Basically Pathfinder tries to balance out removing the XP penalties for multiclassing by putting all the really good abilities for most of the classes at the very end of the class progression, usually 20th level. If you don't go all the way Monk, for example, you never get to become immortal.

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Hmm, the sneak attack is very tempting, but until I can get Sniper Goggles, I'll rarely be able to use it if I want to make use of that 130 ft range increment.

Okay, so Dead Shot is superior to Vital Strike, with Vital Strike's advantage being that I can still move after I do it. But what about Clustered Shots versus Dead Shot? Should I bother?

From what I can read of other responses, Clustered Shots is technically superior, but it's sort of silly when you're trying to form images of a battle in your head?

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Yeah, but most of the high-level powers never get accessed anyway because the average game never hits about level 13 unless you start closer to the 8-10 gap.

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True, but that's more a problem with the players than the system.

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>Don't think that you MUST multi-class


>If you're a gunslinger5/Rogue 5, you add the BAB, Saves, and class features up to those levels in both classes. (5BAB GS, 3BAB rogue, total +8). You'd have 3d6 sneak attack, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge (unless you take an archetype to change that) while still having Gunslinger's dex-to-damage option, gunsmithing, and all that kind of fun.

Well, when you put it that way, now it seems really tempting to do so.

>if you're new to the game it may be a better decision to get a handle on the game before multi-classing,

You're sending me mixed signals, man.

Oh, the tearing of my self apart.

> but you can just as easily keep augmenting your weapon and getting arithmetic stacking instead of geometric (adding d6's every couple levels, plus more from gear options).

H- how? Teach me your ways, master.

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That's it exactly, although another good thing about dead shot is that if your DM uses critical failure stuff then you will never critically fail unless all your rolls critically fail. Also gunslingers get the targeting deed which is very cool and thematic (allows you to shoot a guy in the leg to make him fall or shoot his weapon out of his hand)

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The game you're playing doesn't often lend itself to realism, and the damage output is based off of iterative attacks more than it is off of single shots (unless your DM allows you to port the Tome of Battle, and that's not Ranged without homebrew so let's not go to that can of worms)

So, Clustered Shots is superior (more damage multiplied) and means that you'll be firing a shot once per second in mid-levels. A Musket-master in one of my games is at this point, and is one of out biggest damage-dealing players.

Toward the end, a Caster is a reality-warping monster, a Rogue can deal 10d6 damage by poking the target with a needle, and a fighter can carve buildings open or wrestle dragons. That you'd be firing a lot in a short amount of time is pretty par for the course.

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Gods don't get me started on the musket freaking master...

What I don't get is who decided that getting a musket up to the speed of every other gun was a good idea instead of upping damage.

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Yeah, I'm really looking froward to Targeting, but this thread has made me begin to question the wisdom of sticking with Gunslinger past level 5, when I get my Dex-to-damage bonus.

The loss of Dead Shot is not too bad, since I can get Clustered Shots to stand in, but I'm really going to kneecapping people who came to the wrong neighborhood.

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Well whatever you do, don't forget deadly aim.

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Already got it, hombre.

What rogue talents would be of use to me, anyway?

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Sorry. Both multi-classing and not multi-classing are options here.

>Stay Gunslinger
Full BAB, no interruptions, you can stick with one class, keep things simple. Your damage output comes from multiple attacks with big chunks of static damage. You're a Dex/Wisdom based class and after those Constitution, Intelligence are your important scores; strength is mainly used as a carrying-capacity stat for your purposes. You will want to find ways of adding little bits of damage at a time to your attacks (+1 to +2 on your weapon, boosting your Dex for to-hit and damage, Deadly Aim, ammunition bonuses, hammer the gap, etc) as those will add up to quite a lot once you start getting them all together.
Main Pro is simplicity and reliability; gunslinger can shoot stuff.
Main Con is that there's not much else to it, but if you play your RP cards right this doesn't need to be an issue; characterization and backstory can be useful in finding other things to do.

Multi-class options in PF are best thought of like this; each level you decide what kind of abilities you want, and take a class that fits that idea. If I want to play a Fighter/Mage, then Magus is the easy way to do it, but if I want to really emphasize the split between them (Less synergy, more gimicky) then I can go Fighter/Wizard. I take Fighter4 for bonus feats and weapon proficiency, then Wizard two for a start into spellcasting and some utilities. In combat, I'm still mostly a fighter, but I can drop Truestrike if I'm having trouble hitting a target, or Grease if my party's trying to bail out to cover our escape.

In your case, you're looking at a Fighter/Thief with the Rogue multi-class, which isn't a bad move either. You get more skill points per level, some nifty class features, and Sneak Attack. However, unlike a Fighter, the Thief class like Rogue gets extra damage based on Precision, and it's easier for them to add additional damage DICE rather than damage Modifiers.

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Strictly superior at weeaboo shit, maybe.

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Got cut off at the end. Also running out of gunslinger pictures so I may switch to archers soon.

Anyhow, so Rogues add 1d6 to their damage every two levels, whereas the Gunslinger pure would add +1 or two to their damage modifier each level if feats and equipment allow. This would make it look like the Rogue can do more Potential damage, but then you take into account BAB and that Gunslinger gets more attacks as they go along than Rogue will. At 20th level, they have a base of 4 attacks, rapid shot, haste, and maybe one or two more from other effects I don't know of right now. The Rogue will have a base of 3 attacks with the same gear maybe getting to 5. Between the damage modifiers and multipliers, the Fighters are still better damage dealers.

You could still benefit from Rogue, especially if you mean to and can attack from stealth effectively and regularly, but what you'd really be getting for your trouble is an increase in skill points (utility, mobility, and Use Magic Device) and Evasion to dodge AOE's tossed at you in retaliation if your enemies can't Find you but want to flush you out.

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Just to name a few. The last one might work well even as a sniper once you have the goggles; the weapon is concealed (as are you) if you're hiding in the first place.

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Wow, thanks! That's really helpful.

So, if you don't mind me putting that into list form, if I multi-class GS5/R5, I get:
-8/3 BAB instead of 10/5
-Lose some nifty gunslinger deeds, particularly targeting, actually, just targeting
-Gain 2d6 damage of Sneak attack
-Shit, son, look at all dem skills
-If I go Sniper archetype for Rogue, I get free Far Shot because fuck finding traps, man.
-Gain Evasion

And this is assuming only a game that ends rather early.

This is actually looking very great. Do you have any feat suggestions in mind, if I choose to pursue this path?

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Ah, that sneak attack is supposed to be 3d6.

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Derp everyone knows Pathfinder rogues are shit.

You suffer from low system mastery.

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Its a matter of "do you want trapfinding or poison usage." If you want poison usage, quit being a whiny fucking pussy and play an alchemist. You absolutely faceroll the rogue and ninja.

Low system mastery? No, I just dislike the hurr we should have more Asian-inspired classes mentality Paizo likes to slip into.

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If you go for flat-out GS5/Rge5, then you'll find that most of the same feats for being a sniper Gunslinger are required for being a sniper Rogue. It may be worth looking into the some of the feats that key off of your sneak attack for their effects, but that's really going to be the only major feat selection change to worry about.

Sniper rogue gets Far Shot, but because it's not called Far Shot it seems like it would stack if you took both, but really you should still have enough + to hit that you can deal with the penalties with one or the other.

Keep in mind though that Sneak Attack depends on you being Sneaky and denying your target their Dex modifier to AC. If you can't arrange that situation, your Sneak Attack dice aren't of any use. Being invisible is a good first step if you can grab a wand of Invis, but that means one round of disappearing and then re-appearing when you fire the next round, cutting your attack pattern in half. If you're at a distance, that's one way to keep out of sight, but you're not operating alone; the party's cohesion might not form well around guarding you as you pick off enemy guards from half a kilometer away.

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Huh, yeaaah. I looked up things about Sneak Attack and it now looks much harder to maintain than I thought it would.

This is getting tricky.

And yeah, we've got a Bladebound Magus, a Magister, and a Cavalier, so, they'll, uh, mostly be in the thick of combat a lot of times..... I might become a distraction in terms of playing. Don't want that.....

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You can see about ways to get Greater Invisibility (move and attack without breaking invis) to get sneak attack in proximity. You could also pick up an item to let you fly and float above battles when possible, though be wary of flying foes finding you; it's not always safe in the air.

The real question is this; what do you want your play-style to be like? You've clearly got a preference for the gun, and Gunslinger does that quite well. What else would you want your character to be able to do?

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You don't play Ninja for poison use you cockmongler, you play it for Ki, and basically becoming a monk without the unarmed strike, unless you go that route as a Ninja/Monk. Protip: Spend 1 Ki to attack at highest base attack bonus in a full attack? All day, erryday. Throw 2 extra shuriken? All day erryday.

>> No.23283358


Mostly? I just want to hit extremely, extremely hard. We'll be getting a monk and a beastmaster soon-ish, possibly a paladin too, and I don't want to be a burden to the party.

>> No.23283430

I think you're screwed, most of the party is going to do PHAT DEEPS, so I'd do something more focused on battlefield control, but that's just a suggestion.

>> No.23283458


Aw, man! I'm a musket master, how would I do something regarding battlefield control?

Knew I should've gone with Mysterious Pistolero. Now I'm sad.

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Gunslinger pure will do that. Dip Fighter 2 levels if you find extra feats you need after Gunslinger5 or 7ish, but if the main objective is shoot'em'up, then you won't need to jump around much.

Personally I'm a fan of the 1-level dip in Wizard or Cleric; if you find wands or such of spells, and you have the spell on your class list, you can use the wand with no skill-check or the like required. This proves useful down the line, but it also looks as if your party is mostly combatants and non-casters (unless that's a Beastmaster Druid) so that might not even come up much.

>> No.23283516

This is assuming optimization. Paladins are retardedly good at handing out the punishment, as are Magus and the Beastmaster (Druid), but all only if you optimize them properly. If they're not, get ready to hand out dem d8 like a boss.

>> No.23283559

>1 level dip in wizard or cleric
There's rarely a reason -not- to do this. However, for intense lulz, playing Gunslinger/Paladin is actually very viable and flavorful as well. There's a guide on the webs somewhere that will show you the Light of it. *Ba dum tish*

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>he thinks trapfinding and poison use are things that matter
>he doesn't know about invisible blade

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Invisible Blade is 3.5, not PF, but you're welcome to your laughing whores. They'll only leave you hallow in the end.

Hi Mnemo.

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Hmmm. I think I'll do gunslinger pure with a dip in Wizard! It fits my backstory and it sounds rather nice, mechanically speaking. I do lost True Grit, though, which is a bit of a shame, isn't it?


This does, however, leave me with the problem of I don't know which feats to take after level eight.....

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If you've gotten to a game that goes all the way to level 20, there'll be a hell of a story to tell. True Grit's not a bad capstone, but with the caster dip there's probably a spell on an item that will make it all okay.

Feats are difficult to pick some times. I'd recommend you do a couple searches into Gunslinger Handbooks on Brilliant Gameologist, Min-Max Boards, and maybe Giant in the Playground. Those should give you plenty to guess at.

If you decide later to progress your casting, consider Eldritch Knight or some other prestige class to synergize with. Also, there's a gun-specific Wizard archetype, but it won't do you much good unless you mean to progress your spellcasting, so Generalist or one of the other options would be your best bet.

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Pressed enter prematurely, here's how my feat progression looks like right now:

4: Rapid Shot
5: Improved Initiative
7: Clustered Shots
8: Improved Critical
9: Critical Focus
11: Signature Deed: Bleeding Wound
13: Improved Precise Shot
15: Staggering Critical
17: Stunning Critical

Do you have any suggestions or anything? I've just been trawling through the d20pfsrd and stuff.

>> No.23283729


"Invisible Blade (Su): Whenever a ninja uses the vanishing trick ninja trick, she is treated as if she were under the effects of greater invisibility. The ninja must have the vanishing trick ninja trick before selecting this ninja trick."

>> No.23283740


Yeah, weird thing is the handbooks and the google machine all suggest Deft Shootist and Snap Shot/Improved Snap Shot.

While I see the benefit of them on gunslingers limited to early firearms, I can't see them being as useful for someone with advanced firearms.

>> No.23283786

When the DM/GM gives you anything he intends to take it away from you.

Don't take feats to optimize a weapon unless you got backups

>> No.23283797

Hi person.

You only lose your last level benefits, because as previously stated few games actively get to 20. True Strike isn't super important since you already hit on TOUCH AC anyway, but Mage Armor and the like can turn you into a walking fortress of death and destruction. You could also contemplate a Spellslinger Wizard for further lulz as casting spells with your gun is a good option. Not super optimized, but viable.

>> No.23283883
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Well damn, I stand corrected and apologize for my comment.

Snap shot and such are good for local area control. If you've gotten your damage up enough for your liking, being able to stop people from charging at you 10 feet away isn't half bad; needs combat reflexes and Stand Still to really do that though instead of just punishing them for the attempt.

>> No.23283941


Hmmm. Interesting. In any case, I still have 9 levels before my next unplanned feat, if none of my other feats seem questionable in their selection.

Thank you, you've been a real help! Maybe if I can't even pick some more feats, I'll just dip into Wizard after 5 or 7.

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