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Thursday night is poker night.

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You should shrek yourself before you wreck yourself, friend.
Just some advice.

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I recognize Double D, Dexter, Velma, the test sisters, and number one, but who are the others?

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Starting at 12 o'clock, going clockwise. Daria, the Test sisters, Velma, Dexter, Double D, Numbah 1, Jimmy Neutron.


I'm not sure how i feel about instantly recognizing them all.

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>only recognize 4 of them
I'm sorry, /tg/, I'm not worthy

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Daria and Jimmy Neutron.

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>not recognizing Daria

Do you even good cartoon?

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I have kids and satellite.
I have no idea what your excuse is.

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That image is shit for two big reasons.

1. The twins from JOHNNY TEST. Enough said.

2. Daria is not a genius. She's just a rotten bitch. She has nothing to offer other than snide sarcasm and if anything her presence is counter-productive.

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Numbah One, Dexter, Jimmy Newtron, Velma, Double D, Daria, Test sisters

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Jesus christ.
From top and clockwise
Daria from Daria
The Twins from Johnny Test
Velma from Scooby Doo
Dexter from Dexter's Lab
Double Dee Edd from Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Numbah One from Codename Kids Next Door
Jimmy Neutron from Jimmy Neutron

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>you need to be a genius to be in the illuminati

That's what they've got Dexter for.

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So why does DD belong then?

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A spinoff of Beavis and Butthead.

Have a sample

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Test sisters are technical geniuses and would work well as Dexter's lab bunnies.

Daria....I dunno. Maybe she became a psycho-analytic expert or something.

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What is the point of Daria being there? She has no connections, she's not a genius in any field, just a rotten cynic.

He's built shit that rivals Jimmy Neutron and Dexter from household items.

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She's the straight man.
The rest of them are to some extent, completely and utterly batshit insane, even Velma the most grounded of them.
She keeps them from going completely wacky

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I don't think you guys ever watched Daria.

I've seen every episode. She was a master manipulator and straight-A student.

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DD is very intelligent. He would run logistics and stuff. He makes things happen.

Numbah 1 is ground team leader. Jimmy Newtron is pilot, Test sisters help Dexter in the lab and Velma is the cryptographer and problem solver.

There would be a power struggle between Dexter and Numbah One for overall group leader I think

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Be careful when asking such dangerous questions.

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here you go, OP

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>Implying Numbah 1 wouldn't automatically assume leadership with his alpha speaking voice and speech writing skills

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Dexter has an ego issue, 1 just has too much ambition.

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Numbah 1, Dexter, and Jimmy have egos the size of Jimmy's hair.
It would be a problem for all of them

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>She's the straight man.
That's what Numbah 1 is for.

But among super-geniuses like Dexter and Jimmy Neutron, that barely counts for anything.

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The only one I did not recognize was Jimmy Neutron, and holy crap now I see it now that it's pointed out...I dig the redesign.

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What part of "the others are batshit insane" don't you get?
Numbah 1 is one of the crazier ones.

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But it's a "so crazy it works" crazy.

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Just because she doesn't build crazy supertech doesn't mean she isn't in the same league as the others.

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God Forbid you have some new blood in the group. The oldest one is Velma from 1969 and everyone else is from the early-mid 90's. They'd work, most of the shit they do's pretty competent. It's Johnny that keeps fucking it up.

It's Dexter's Lab from a gender-switched Dee Dee's perspective with a dog. That's it. Minus the good quality.

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Yeah it does.

>everyone else is from the early-mid 90's
Jimmy Neutron and Numbah 1 are from shows more recent than Daria.

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*Everyone else save Numbah One, and he's the youngest at 12 years old

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He and Numbah One are the same age.

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This. Numbah 1 has leadership skills, but is not great at controlling his less stable subordinates. Jimmy has no sense of proportion when it comes to the tech he builds (flying laser-equipped burger restaurant), Dexter even more so. Double-D is spineless and easily pushed around by those more charismatic than himself. The Test Sisters have too much of a For Science! mentality, and while Velma's pretty stable, she always seemed perfectly happy letting someone else take the lead. They need Daria to keep them under control.

The real question is why the hell Mandy isn't leading them, but I'll assume she's ruling from the shadows and that Daria secretly reports to her.

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That doesn't change anything.

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>Implying Daria knows Mandy is secretly in charge
Nigga you even shadowgubment?

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Daria serves a purpose as the groups face and if her reputation as a manipulator is accurate, is the best "party face" when dealing with outsiders.

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Mandy AFAIK wasn't terribly techno-savvy, just manipulative.

Daria would be something like a platoon sergeant (the second-in-command and actually getting the minions to do shit and micro-managing and leaving the planning to the boss) and Velma would be a mentor/advisor, seeing as she's been around the longest.

Numbah one would be the leader and visionary, setting the scope, direction and the plans. He'd be reigned in by Daria if he gets too insane.

The Test Sisters and Dexter would be the bulk of the manual labor. Their output levels are insane.

Neutron and Double-D would be a straight-man/wacky-sidekick duo in charge of applications. The work monkeys above would make the shit and these two would decide how it would be applicable in the real world.

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Then why is Velma there? She isn't a superscientist.

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She's one of the only ones with critical thinking, analysis skills, and common sense.

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She is an occultist and is very, very good at analysis. The others are all creative intellects, while Daria and Velma are analytical intellects.

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Manipulative to the point where she compromised and assumed control over the entire KND within a day or so of learning they existed. There's precedent.

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I think the artist's criteria was 'genius' and the easiest way to show that in a kid's cartoon is by making them a superscientist.

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Exactly. My point is that Daria shouldn't be excluded simply because she isn't a well-known superscientist.

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Again, manipulative. The only ones in that group who don't at least dabble in super-science are Daria and Velma, and Daria just isn't because it wouldn't fit at all in her show and Scooby-Doo is a mystery show. I'd say they'd both be generally competent.

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basically to use Old World of Darkness terms, Daria and Velma are the NWO along with No. 1, handling internal affairs, management and wider strategy.

Double D is the Syndicate.

Dex and the test twins are interation X/Progenitors combined.

Jimmy Neutron is the Void engineers.

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Fred has near complete mastery over his trapsmanship. He's closer to a super-scientist than Velma is, oddly enough.

>> No.23269393

Depends, they're different in each fiction they appear in.

Generally they are shadowy rulers behind world control.

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Yes, Fred is a true master in regards to traps.

>> No.23269415

so is Double D the voice of wisdom?

>> No.23269423

Fred is just a high-functioning autist. He doesn't understand how or why the traps work, he just builds them.

Wouldn't be surprised if they had him locked in a room making doomsday weapons.

>> No.23269466

Double D is the only member with a moral compass, much like Taggart in DX:HR, but is ignored by the rest of the group in that regard.

>> No.23269473

Given how spineless he is, that would not work out. I could see him as the lab team head, though, trying to keep the other geniuses on track like he did Eddy.

>> No.23269495

That and the MacGuyver; I mean, how many times has he made working machines that, by the normal laws of physics and logic, couldn't or shouldn't work, out of shit he found in a junkyard?

>> No.23269506

pretty much what i figured

>> No.23269509


That would be Velma. Daria would be, but she's too much of a sarcastic bitch. At least Velma has somewhat-decent people skills and people actually listen to her, unlike Double-D. She could be his mouthpiece, however.

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Dexter and /possibly/ Numbuh 1 or Daria are the only ones lacking moral compasses. Velma's easily the most LG person there.

>> No.23269570

>Dexter lacking a moral compass
That's bullshit. Dexter was a fucking superhero.

>> No.23269581

Daria has a moral compass, it gets her into trouble.

>> No.23269596

He tried to kill his sister because she "stole his glory", which was just him making an assumption

>> No.23269629

That's Dee Dee we're talking about, she was an insufferable walking nightmare.

>> No.23269630

Dexter 'being a hero' was generally a side effect of him simply looking out for himself.

>> No.23269643

Yeah, Dexter has shown himself to avoid breaking laws, even when using superscience, and he is pretty clearly a good guy. Daria is too, although she does so in a less friendly manner than Dexter.

What episode was this?

>> No.23269676

The movie, robots come from the future to kill "the savior", Dexter assumes it's him, time shenanigans ensue, turns out it's Dee Dee who's the savior, he builds the robots to try and kill her for "stealing his glory"

>> No.23269679

According to my local tinfoil hat, the ILLUMINATI are the good guys. Their New World Order is supposedly a good thing, because the current order of the world is apparently complete bullshit that is controlled by banks, royal families, and rich assholes.

So, the ILLUMINATI are good, because they want to overthrow the current set up and start it over..

So, yeah, take that how you will.

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>implying Dee Dee wasn't a bigger liability than a bull in a china shop and shouldn't have died by running into the road as a small child

>> No.23269729


>implying they aren't as corrupt as 90% of human beings in a position of power

Humans. Humans never change.

>> No.23269871

I feel bad for not recognizing Numbuh 1, Jimmy and Double D

>> No.23269894

So what does this crack team actually do?

>> No.23269920


They look at you expectantly

I for instance would crack under pressure

>> No.23269970

take over the world ofcourse

>> No.23270009

The same thing they do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

Also have orgies.

>> No.23270039


"We captured this pair of mice. They... seem to understand higher-order math. At least the little one, anyway."

>> No.23270137

"The taller one reminds me of Ed if I am honest."

>> No.23270214

"He reminds me of our little brother, Johnny."
"He reeminds me ov my sistehr Dee-Dee." Oh god I can't write a Russian accent for shit

>> No.23270219

Slightly bigger version

>> No.23270505

was it Russian? i never knew exactly what it was but i never thought of Russian.

>> No.23270580

I personally never thought of it as russian. Just a very sophisticated tone. Then again, I'm more used to hearing male russian accents coming out of big, deeper-voiced guys than boys like Dexter.

>> No.23270593

Russian-ish. It was based on Tartakovsky's when he was a kid.

>> No.23270725

this may be of help


>> No.23270758

Easily the best era of CN bumpers. I wish this had stayed through today.

>> No.23270833

God damn she was a bitch

>> No.23270883

You're a good person, Anon.

>> No.23270892

These people, Adam, they're like ghosts, always hiding in the shadows, always hiding behind lies and proxies.

>> No.23270958

Oh, go spill Chemical X on something, Utonium. You're not fooling anyone with that getup.

>> No.23270995

Who would this group be working against? Would they have a rival group?

Delightful Children From Down The Lane and Mandark would work but they need others. Maybe from other shows.

>> No.23271046

Their heavy fire support division is Megas.

>> No.23271100


This picture makes it look like smart girls are nerdy, while smart guys are Poochie.

>> No.23271251

They're the Illuminati. They don't have rivals, they have upstarts that need controlling.
>those prima-donnas from Townsville
>Double D's childhood friend, now a wealthy but wildly corrupt businessman after scamming Bling-Bling Boy
>Francine Foster and the Imaginary Peoples' Liberation Front

>> No.23271270

They'd probably work similarly to Marvel's Illuminati. Just generally work at solving major problems in the world behind the scenes, maybe making a really fucking stupid mistake once in a while. And when I mean fucking stupid, I mean "Shoot Hulk into Space" fucking stupid.

The rival group would certainly have Delightful Children (and Father), Mandark, perhaps one of the villain guises from EEnE (Eddy's cash-based villain identity, or the Squash-based one Johnny takes during the credits of Big Picture Show), Professor Calamitus, Mojo Jojo, Professor Pericles, and let's throw Mandy in there, since she's the only one who could intimidate all of them enough to get them to work together.

>> No.23271271

>Double D's childhood friend, now a wealthy but wildly corrupt businessman after scamming Bling-Bling Boy
But who will Ed side with?

>> No.23271280

This whole thread is amazing.

>> No.23271281


the onr with the most gravy

>> No.23271284

Buttered toast

>> No.23271292

>the Debbies from the Oblongs

>> No.23271300

As in Grim Adventures Mandy?
That would imply that the Illuminati would have to deal with the grim reaper

>> No.23271308

Ed goes with whoever yells at him more, so long as he won't get in trouble with his mother. If Eddy's business is legitimate on the surface, I could see Ed being Eddy's personal bodyguard. That fucker can tear apart a small town in an hour.

>> No.23271314

>That would imply that the Illuminati would have to deal with the grim reaper

>> No.23271317

Whoever offers the most profit.

>> No.23271327

I'd say he would side with Eddy first, then eventually realize that Eddy is a total selfish dichbutt. Maybe he puts Sarah in danger or something.

>> No.23271330

I'm sure they can beat him at Limbo.

>> No.23271332

Velma: Founding Member, Unrivaled deductive skills. Founding member of the now-dissolved Mystery Inc, she's the foremost forensic analyst in the world, and capable of making deductions based on trace evidence that dazzle investigators and courts across the world. Under that sweater, though, she has a wild attraction to very stupid men, which may cloud her judgement.

Daria: Psychoanalysis as her specialty, her deadpan drawl and innate calm leads her to being the absolute level head when everyone else is panicking. Inherently condescending, she has some problems with interpersonal relations, even among men and women who are her closest friends.

Neutron: Astronaut, Archaeologist, Aircraft engineer, Artificial intelligence developer... it would actually take less time to list the fields in which James Isaac Neutron is not considered a major player. His corporate holdings, however, are the greatest part of his contribution to the Illuminati. With global resources at his disposal, Neutron's financial stability provides the bulk of the funding to the Illuminati.

Edd: Nervous, introverted, extremely peculiar, in ways that would take too long to explain (the hat never comes off, a general mistrust of women's earrings), "Double D" is a engineer, by trade, and a constructor of unrivaled capability and insight. Prone to flashes of insight and creation that exceed even the vaulted intelligence of his comrades, Edd has been a paid employee of both Dexter and Neutron, but currently licenses his creations and designs to the highest bidder.

Dexter: Graduated college at age 12, publicly discovered a new kind of subatomic particle at age 13. Owns 2,305 patents of his own design, and another 160 which were developed by his personal company, He's 22 years old, and gradually revolutionizing the planet, one improvement at a time. He is almost completely incapable of admitting his own fault in any action.

>> No.23271342

Mandy with an enslaved Grim and Buff action hero billy working for her.

>> No.23271347

Eddy has a team of sleeper agents that live in Eds house and put rocks in his shoes when eddy needs shit wrecked

>> No.23271362

>implying Sarah isn't an even bigger villain than Eddy, with villainous sexual tension directed at Edd

>> No.23271363

Ed is practically the Hulk. When he gets mad he can destroy anything.

>> No.23271367

Buff Billy vs Ed.....

>> No.23271403

what about the twins?

>> No.23271415


And now, I'm trying t think of a way to explain why the Test sisters would be sexing up jimmy neutron, and i'm suddenly aware that it's rather intensely out of character for them... and so i tried to figure what their characters would do... an i realized that they are just so... flat? I can't actually describe how they would behave as adult super-geniuses.

Nigel Uno, though, he's obviously the head of an intelligence agency and provides the illuminati with contacts on the ground.

>> No.23271416

Holy shit you guys Daria was one of the more realistic shows, the super genius thing is compensated for by the fact they're all fictional.

>> No.23271445


Where the hell do you think you are!

>> No.23271452

Make up their character then. We're already violating canon here.

>> No.23271475

I'm pretty sure it was outright stated at some point (Nick Magazine?) that Jimmy and Cindy would wind up marrying in the future.

>> No.23271486

The twins were taken on as interns (despite being older) of Dexter.

Numbah One is also a martial arts master, weapons master and all around master tactician and leader. He is the one they use when they need to be a bit less subtle.

>> No.23271490

Allright, give me a few minutes.

>> No.23271510

Nigel uno, Leader of a secret agency thats basically the MI6 for the Illuminati with hundreds of thousands of cells all over the world

>> No.23271513


Depends on the series. In the current one, he's actually really good on the knowledge and understanding front...as long as it's about traps.

>> No.23271575

He's a Vietcong supersoldier experiment.

>> No.23271581

The Tests are from arguably one of the worst cartoons to plague Cartoon Network in at least 5 years, maybe the last decade (it's surpassed 100 episodes by the way), so it's acceptable to not see anything in them. The whole show is essentially a genderbent Dexter's lab starring the DeeDee character anyway.

I'd say they're there because they're good assistants, they give good head, and they're the only remotely pretty girls that are smart enough to understand what Dexter and Jimmy talk about on the regular (I doubt Velma and Daria know that much about as many fields as they do). In return they get fucktons of grant money for their own research, so long as the Illuminati are the first to see their results.

>> No.23271591

Have some more nostalgia.

>> No.23271614

They are Dexter's lab bunnies

>> No.23271634

So what happens when one of these geniuses builds another time machine, and winds up rescuing a FOOLISH SAMURAI WARRIOR WIELDING A MAGIC SWORD?

>> No.23271653

He's the group's line of defense against the gathering and manipulating threat of Aku.

>> No.23271845

The Test Sisters: Susan and Mary Test have been collaborating on projects since their first chemistry set. The two of them have been noted for being able to complete each other's sentences, occasionally from across entire buildings. Susan and Mary started as paid interns for Dexter's corporation, and were hired on full time after their first (and second, and third) patent. They currently are responsible for 85 of the outstanding 160 patents made for the company not made by Dexter himself.

Their relationship is... complicated. In addition to being Sisters, there is signifiant rumor to the effect that they may be... intimate. Ever since Susan was assaulted by a male stalker (whose prison term was suspended almost immediately, Velma believes a bribe may have bee involved), Susan came out to her family as a lesbian, and since that time has lived exclusively with Mary. While Mary has pursued relationships with James Neutron and Dexter, Susan has never left her side...

>> No.23271915

For a bunch of geniuses their obligatory giant robot seems a bit lackluster.

>> No.23271979

Why don't they have the clearly best bio-engineer that made 3 super Hero's he now deems his daughters?

>> No.23272030

wait. what?

>> No.23272076

Do you even Megas XLR?

>> No.23272077

Because the Illuminati crushed his career when they vaporized Townsville to finally eliminate Mojo Jojo.

We still need Numbah 1.

>> No.23272089

It's that japanese site with all those little generators that change words around. This one takes up to ten words and turns them into a mech. Real fun to mess around with.

>> No.23272090

Professor Utonium hasn't really done anything SINCE the Powerpuff girls. He's seen as a bit of a threat actually, since his experiments have negative repercussions more often than not.

And Nora Wakeman has ee also discounted, since her advanced age would probably stand at odds with the progressive philosophy of the Illuminati.

>> No.23272111

>best bioengineer
>tried to create homunculi out of sugar and spice like Severus fucking Snape
>fucked it all up by being a clumsy idiot, lucked out and got loyal superbeings instead of unstoppable abominations

>> No.23272116

>Implying Mojo Jojo is a real threat
The one to worry about is Him

Especially because he is working with Aku. It is they who truly pull the strings of the world

>> No.23272125

Well, suffice to say, OP, you're not getting your information.

>> No.23272144

Mojo is a threat though: His first attempt at taking over very nearly succeeded, by virtue of converting hundreds of other primates into insane super-geniuses like himself.

>> No.23272186

Daria was basically the show of my childhood.

>> No.23272199

More likely he'd show up for one episode, have them try to get him back home, have it fail for deus ex machina, and then he'd leave the well-meaning but nerdy nerds behind, forever the wandering ronin.

>> No.23272201

Aw shit, what about XJ-9? And what's his face, the nerd stalker from that show who was essentially in the steps of being the next super robot genius?

>> No.23272218

>in order to obtain funding, the group bankrolled and maintains the careers of rock duo Puffy AmiYumi and fashion industry executive Jon Bravo

>> No.23272230


>implying Eddy's a villain and not Chaotic Neutral

>> No.23272255

He's a physical fitness miracle success story. He's like 5 Zyzzes put together but still can't talk to girls well.

>> No.23272259

I'd say leave out the relationship business. It's really distracting when reading the rest and calls attention to the additional detail by being the only one that is a second paragraph.

Also, sexuality in no way influences why they are members of the Illuminati.

>> No.23272279

XJ-9, Robot Jones, and Goddard make up their robot hit squad

>> No.23272283


At least it's a fucking cartoon.

>> No.23272318

So, villians. We've got an alliance of Mojo Jojo and Him on the crazy side, Eddy as a gangster and tycoon, Mandy and the angel of death as... themselves? and Mandark on the evil scientist trade.

Anyone else?

>> No.23272325

He talks to girls fine. He's just doing it in the femsbian capital of the world.

>> No.23272331


He's more like Ben Stiller's character in DodgeBall, except less of a douche.

>> No.23272337

Could Darias sister Quinn be a villain? She's not that bright but she's popular, could have a lot of Henchmen.

>> No.23272343

CN Real has pretty much died aside from Level Up, which is basically a nerdier power rangers. No, I don't know how that's possible either.

Yes, I would like it gone also. You made a channel for one thing, dammit, stick to it.

>> No.23272345


This. They're the Illuminati. They're better than inter-office fucking and sexual favors. That's why they're the damn Illuminati.

>> No.23272348

The issue which brought all these minds together: breaks in the fabric of reality caused by unspeakably hideous, extra-dimensional beings known as the Lyvacshuns.

>> No.23272349

But... but... the females need to be sex-focused! What other aspects of their personality could they have?

>> No.23272355

Aku the shadow mastermind.

>> No.23272360

Dad? Aku? Wuya?

>> No.23272372


When it was first on, the live-action plague was still going strong.

>> No.23272376

Have you seen Johnny Test?
Their entire schtick is trying to seduce this random neighbour.

>> No.23272393

Well, take into fact that he was out to create the 'perfect little girls' the chemical x just added the super powers. There might of been more to add to create them.

>> No.23272401

Jack Spicer and Wuya, thirty yesses.

>> No.23272404

The problem with threads based on that image is everyone always starts grasping at straws to get their favorite characters included even though they're not supergeniuses.

>> No.23272416



>> No.23272425

They recently started playing this god-awful sketch comedy called Incredible Crew that's like you took all the bad parts of All That and MAD TV and mixed with legitimate LOLRANDOM comedy people like today. One of the main stars of it is the guy who voices Finn on Adventure Time and holy shit does he look and act like a douchebag.

>> No.23272434

Oh man I saw a porn comic that has that dude the twins want so badly peering through a hole int he fence at their mom, they decide to go out into the backyard to try and seduce him as he watches but before they get there he non-nonchalantly walks off, citing "No reason at all".

>> No.23272437

Did they ever explain what his deal was?

>> No.23272452

Yes, Aku is secretly behind everything.

Even behind the Illuminati. One of them is a traitor[/spoilers]

>> No.23272460

>putting the Test sisters in with all of those top-tier cartoon characters

Absolutely shameful man.

>> No.23272465

I do not know these villians, except Aku, who is now working behind the scenes probably building a robot army.

>> No.23272469

Pshaw, Teen Titans Deathstroke was just a reskinned Doctor Doom. You may as well use Doom instead.

...You watch Johnny Test?

>> No.23272474

I don't think eddy is right because edd is to much of a bro to him. Now eddy's brother that's different.

>> No.23272488


Dee Dee as a ditzy head of a fashion and toy empire.

Beavis and Butthead as heads of a (Superjail) prison gang

..And how could we forget the team of superheroes who take it upon themselves to try and police the Illuminati themselves, featuring no other than Major Glory, Action Hank, Vall Hallen, Monkey and Krunk.

>> No.23272492

Yeah, I'll admit that sucks.

But at least it's not Supah Ninjahs.

>> No.23272501

He's fucking Deathstroke. He doesn't need to explain shit. He made a deal with inter-dimensional Satan to be raised from the dead, and then betrayed him anyway.

That part of the Trigon season finale where he and Robin are fighting fire elementals and shit and his mask comes off and there's just a skull there. That was amazing.

>> No.23272502

Jack being the bumbling occasionally brilliant Deedee to Mandark's Dexter.

>> No.23272534

Supah Ninjahs has has George Takei and is on a channel that's had live-action since its inception. That's two things that put it above any live action on CN.

I mean, if they're going to have something live action, could they at least TRY? They look for the new face of a block on a kid's channel and they seriously decided on Andrew WK? Granted, WK's cool and that gameshow he hosted was alright, but he's the last guy who should be the face of Cartoon Network.

>> No.23272543

It'll become a running joke that Dexter still doesn't realize he created Monkey, while all the others are convinced he's playing dumb.

>> No.23272562

Told you. they're too flat for me to make interesting.

Susan and Mary Test started out as interns in Dexter's company, in spite of being older than he is. Their combined intelligence rivals (or perhaps exceeds) that of any other individual in the Illuminati. Their inclusion to the organization is strictly probationary, as Neutron has expressed concerns with their questionable ethics. Mary and Susan are lmost always the first to suggest human testing be used for any project.

>> No.23272587

Much better. I like it.

>> No.23272617

Well now I'm wondering if they eventually killed Johnny and the dog.

>> No.23272643

>"Killed"? Nonononononono.... maybe. It's complicated. but they do still have a brother. and a dog. Just no guarantees that it's the original brother or dog.

>> No.23272644

Eddy is a billionaire playboy with his hands in more than a few shady operations. He's a threat, but he helps them out when it benefits him (and it usually does). The fact that Eddy and his #1 enforcer go way back with Double D only helps their relationship.

>no Ultra Lord

>> No.23272647

They went missing some time ago. Nobody knows what happens and the sisters don't seem to know anything. But Velma gives them this look every now and then

>> No.23272662

The Three Guardians of Townsville are clearly a threat.

They maintain only loyalty to Utonium, and while they may *intend* for their actions to save people, they invariably end up destroying the town and causing just as much chaos themselves.

However, the third girl- the one in green- she might be tempted to join our cause.

>> No.23272667

This group has to view "fosters home for imaginary friends" a huge threat...

>> No.23272681

Why would they? Please give us some reasoning for your statement.

>> No.23272715

A home for the ambient manifestations of latent psychic talents that inhabit a very small town? Mild threat, at worst. The kids from that city probably train as Psychonauts.

>> No.23272718

>Their combined intelligence rivals (or perhaps exceeds) that of any other individual in the Illuminati.
Aside from the fact you're giving too much credit to a shit show, Dexter and Jimmy have built things such as FTL drives and cures for world hunger. Dexter even created world peace as a ONE-OFF GAG.

Eddy bankrolls half the threats the Illuminati face.

>Buttercup as anything but an unwitting pawn
She's dumb as a box of rocks and would fuck everything up if she were let in on their existence.

>> No.23272737

Ah yes. "Buttercup" they call her.

She may be persuaded against the others but she is the most volatile and destructive of the bunch.

The Pink one, Blossom. She seems more intelligent than the others and might be able to reach a diplomatic solution.

Under no circumstances are we to engage them with hostilities though. If provoked they are extremely dangerous.

>> No.23272744

>There is an increasing level of inter-dimension anti-matter pockets forming around the globe.
>These pockets are undetectable without very specific equipment, but have no ill effects on any life on Earth.
>Despite this, they absorb brainwaves within a frequency of humans under the age of 18, and can create a physical, sentient being based on those waves.
>There has been an attempt to hold these beings in a "Foster Home" in an area of notably high activity.
>I propose that Madame Foster is due a visit.

>> No.23272771

Did you see the episode with teenagers at the junkyard? They were cockfighting with imaginary things made to be more and more powerful. It's a huge threat. Say, they infiltrate a place, imagine a bomb-character, and then leave?

Course, the whole idea of the imaginary friends thing is game-breaking.

>> No.23272773

>Eddy bankrolls half the threats the Illuminati face.
He didn't know they were a problem at the time of course. He would never put money over his friends...

>> No.23272777

I said they were flat characters. And they process in parallel, while everyone else is running a single brain. I think their greatest achievement was probably that one episode where they built an intentional pneumatic tube system.

>> No.23272804

I'm not >>23272667 but...
>collection of arbitrarily powerful lifeforms
>these lifeforms appear suddenly around small children, claiming to be "imaginary friends"; the impressionable children see no flaw in this logic
>after some period of time, the creatures emigrate to a single location, where they have amassed under the guidance of an elderly woman

tl;dr obvious witch, obvious army of familiars

>> No.23272820

I remember "extremeasurouses" a physical manifestation of a teenage boys rage towards the earth. AKA the giant ball and chain monster that seperates into bombs

>> No.23272821

I bet Ed is subtly being Eddy's conscience.

>> No.23272832

>intentional pneumatic tube system

This is better than FTL how...?

Just keep them as promising young protoges overly fond of human testing. It works.

>> No.23272837


Most kids aren't that intelligent. Most of them can't imagine anything other than things which will give them immediate gratification. Don't give them too much credit.

>> No.23272840

Inevitably they'll end up creating one of their own threats from within.

>intentional pneumatic tube system.
...That's their greatest achievement? When Dexter and Jimmy have fucking teleporters?

>> No.23272897

You know what I'm amazed I haven't seen in here yet?

Hey Arnold.

>> No.23272906

Oh, they have teleporters too, and all the other silly fantasy-science standard (lasers, instant-mutation-guns, inflatable portable labs, giant robots) but the pneumatic tube thing stuck in my brain.

>> No.23272919

He wasn't Cartoon Network.
I don't think.

>> No.23272925

Arnold and Helga have devolved into a Joker/Harley combo?

>> No.23272929

Play up DD's neuroses more I think. It would better if you went into more detail about his immense ingenuity, like how he makes fantastic things out of pure literal garbage

>> No.23272934

Arnold and Helga hooked up in high school, married after college. He's a writer, she's a professional security advisor.

>> No.23272961

Why? The way you guys are trying to shoehorn everything in is starting to turn Bleedman-tier.

>> No.23272964

Neither was Jimmy Neutron. On the other hand, Arnold was pretty much just a normal guy, and I can't think of a good way to weaponize Helga's massive crush on him.

>> No.23272974

"But Eddy, wouldn't that get people hurt?"
"What? Nah, they'll be fine. Besides, look at all this money!"
"But Double D said those people are dangerous"
"Ed, you're being stupid again. You know he over reacts. Here, take this and get me some jaw breakers. And not the cheap ones either!"
"Ok..I'll get one for Double D too, in case he comes by"

>> No.23272988

I love this idea.

I'd say Eddy's brand of super-genius is different from the others with A: his ability to build stuff on the fly, while even Dexter, Jimmy and the Test sisters aren't much use without their labs, and B: being the only one with something resembling a conscience.

Their time travel shenanigans are fairly cautious, since they have a tendency to run into a mysterious samurai with a magic sword, and his friends- a super-strong teenager wearing a white hood and a shapeshifting dog. The future's a crazy place.

>> No.23272990

>Have you seen Johnny Test?

>> No.23273010

We all know he's a Neat-freak, and has numerous obsessive compulsions, I think double D would become a Tesla-like brilliant loon, someone who functions on a completely different plane, so much so that he has trouble with real life.

I imagine that he needs a new cell phone every week, since the old one has become "contaminated", or he needs a near limitless supply of Sticky-notes, on which he writes ideas that stretch between half-formed mathematical formulae, and simple reminders of activities that most people do without considering. I imagine 'Remember to eat" is probably regularly recurring.

>> No.23273017

>we have been getting reports of an very intelligent animal goes by the name of weasel
>Location: unknown
>locate and determine worth

>> No.23273026


Not every cartoon character is a major player.

Arnold grew up in the projects, was a normal kid, did normal-ish things. The most he would be is an X-Files/Mulder-type agent.

>> No.23273032

Arnold's parents were apparently adventurers of some sort, and he DOES have quite an array of street smarts and will go to all kinds of lengths to help people. So who knows.

It's more League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with animation, thank you very much.

>> No.23273033

There's also the Time Squad with a child, robot, and buff guy always their to set their history mucking up straight.

>> No.23273041

>It's more League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with animation, thank you very much
That's what he was trying to do too.

Guess how that turned out.

>> No.23273060

Oh, how could I forget?

Depends, I kinda see Edd as the only one who actually documents his findings properly.

>> No.23273083

He would be the least connected to the outside world, spending mostt off his time at the Illuminati headquarters. Sometimes he gets in tangents that turn into downward spiral into aggression. Especially if one of his many peeves is severely broken. Him and the test sisters have had a tough time getting alone since one tried to take of his hat and he slapped her across the face

>> No.23273092

Oh, everything is properly documented... on post-it notes, spiral notebooks, hundreds and hundreds of pages of looseleaf.

the last time Edd really documented stuff, didn't his entire world collapse into a surrealistic horror show?

>> No.23273108

The fact that they wear earrings... that is what really bothers him the most.

>> No.23273111

Who would you send? I say Numbah One and Velma.

>> No.23273114


"And the simian? Apparently, where ever the anomaly is, it, some form of baboon, is always there."

>> No.23273152

Well, to a given definition of 'properly'. He's still probably the only mad scientist there who has a grasp of ethics.

Numbah 1 probably technically isn't part of the KND anymore at his age, along with most kids of that generation, but he maintains his network of contacts. He quite likely has some ex-KND keeping an eye on Stan Smith and Archer.

>> No.23273167

Reclusive expert on paranormal phenomena Daniel Fenton acts as a consultant for the group, though he has rejected offers of full membership due to "personal issues".

A former professor of Dinkley's, Denzel Crocker, is also occasionally called on, though Morgendoffer and Uno have both frequently questioned the wisdom of taking advice from a long-term resident of the Dimmsdale County Asylum.

>> No.23273171


Good choices, but put Dinkley in charge. Neutron and Morgendorfer have no tact and I've given up on charting the tangents Uno's brain go off to.

>> No.23273181

>Mary and Nigel travel to investigate a strange occurrence.
>A villain traps them inside a confinement chamber.
>They spend an entire episode lone, together.
>A Suave secret agent, and a known boy-crazy genius.
>The inevitable happens.
>Later, Susan and mary, covertly switch identities.

>> No.23273194

It's a fucking cartoon crossover, that's the fucking point. Are you honestly so retarded as to think Daria meets Dexter's lab is fine, but Hey Arnold meets Dexter's Lab is sacrilege? The point is to find ways to fit other characters in.

I say Arnold should be a beat cop in the city with his partner Gerald, and they somehow get mixed up in things. They can be the down-to-Earth-everymen type characters in a one-off

Alternately Arnold, Helga, Phoebe, and Gerald have formed an adventuring company and go to find artifacts and shit under the direction of a shadow agency.

>> No.23273218

When Fenton isn't available, or shit reaches a level that even he can't help with, they sometimes end up having to track down retired paranormal expert Egon Spengler, and his old network.

>> No.23273232

Why does Velma look like Sarah Palin. That just ain't right.

>> No.23273235

...and now I'm picturing a crack team put together to investigate this mysterious 'Iluminati' organisation, consisting of top agents Stan Smith, Archer, and recruit Johnny Bravo.

>> No.23273240

Sacrilege? Is that what you think this is about? You should try to actually make a good story what with we've already got before you begin throwing everything in. Lose sight of that and it turns into clunky, disjointed SHIT.

>> No.23273264

"I suppose their case file can be filed right after dexters and deedee's, the same concept occurs here. After further investigation weasel appears to be quite intelligent and a gentleman at that, where as the baboon is his complete opposite truly a neanderthal."

>> No.23273267

What about that Tenneyson kid and his family? They've got heaps of alien tech and connections off world. Hell, I'll bet that the plumbers are pawns of the Illuminati.

>> No.23273273

Stan Smith and Archer are bad fits for all this. Cut from a totally different cloth.

>> No.23273281

>the CIA (plus Bravo), ISIS, SPHINX, and Black Dynamite all investigating the Illuminati

>> No.23273319

>Stan Smith and Archer are bad fits for all this. Cut from a totally different cloth.

>> No.23273321

Not really, the same formula when you get down to it just with more raunchy jokes.

And also having all their agents with secret orders to sabotage each other. Modern-day Paranoia.

>> No.23273352

>Not really, the same formula when you get down to it just with more raunchy jokes.
Not gonna argue about anything, but the main qualification is that they were on Cartoon Network (not Adult Swim), which American Dad and Archer were not.

>> No.23273406

Daria was on MTV, Jimmy Neutron on Nick and Scooby-Doo predates Cartoon Network by a LONG time.

>> No.23273408

The jokes and mindset of their creation and execution is totally different. The intended audience changes everything.

>> No.23273424

Jimmy Neutron already invalidates that.
Targeted towards children is probably more accurate.

>> No.23273431

Oh, right.

Time for bed.

>> No.23273441

Okay, fair enough.

Course, that does mean I'm tempted to somehow fit GI Joe and Transformers into this.

>> No.23273443

Bravo is on a whole other level as well though!
The man cant die, he recovers from injuries that would cripple even superheros in a matter of days, Even moments (provided an attractive humanoid female appears)
Our teams have put in countless man hours pouring over his specific amounts of hair gel and tanning, as well as his eating habits (which are inhuman in their own amounts and type. This Pop's should've been condemned and arrested for what he sold.)
We've even had scattered reports from our religious sectors that he'd obtained godhood for a short time.

Field researchers have maintained no contact perimeters as per the guidelines, but we've had a few close calls of near contact when he tried to buy chocotacos from the stake out vessel. We've switched from ice cream truck to plumbers.

>> No.23273475

Jimmy wasn't CN

>"multiple computers in sections H-J are being shut down"
>"what's the meaning of this?"
>"we don't know mam the workers just keep mumbling some kind of code..."
>"yes mam code:lyoku or lyoko or something"

>> No.23273478

>not having your stake out agents double as legitimate ice cream vendors

(I actually thought that kinda fits because Johnny Bravo is pretty much the same James Bond wannabe personality type that they're all cut from, but with a level of arrogance, stupidity and luck to outclass them all. I expect at least three mexican standoffs an hour)

>> No.23273484

Name? I need it for reasons.

>> No.23273485

>as well as his eating habits (which are inhuman in their own amounts and type
Dinkley's seen worse.

>> No.23273520

This mean WOOHP is secretly run by the Illuminati?

And they'd be stupid not to try and recruit Agent Possible.

>> No.23273540

Can we include Courage?

>> No.23273558

But they did a shit ton of cardio

>> No.23273560

Well yes, but that's to be expected from a stoner and a greyhound. (who may also be a stoner)

Speaking of Disney, I'd be surprised if the Illuminati didn't try to recruit Phineas and Ferb. Actually, I bet they did, but they quit after a day when their sister accidentally the entire communications setup.

They could probably use Kim Possible, she's used to working with assorted eccentric super-geniuses, and can probably work well with Numbah One.

>> No.23273566

That dog has turned aside more supernatural, extraterrestrial and even extraplanar threats than any other person I know.

>> No.23273587

Sure. He'll stay in the middle of Nowhere and scream on occasion.

He'll make the same influence as though he wasn't there, for a few years anyway. Then it really will be the same.

>> No.23273593


Was the page I was talking about, it's by Jab.

>> No.23273594

Courage is just a dog desperately trying to protect his owners in the middle of Nowhere, with their estranged hired assassin son being grateful for it.

>> No.23273618

All this, and yet no mention of their top weapons tech guru, known only by his alias as the ANGRY scientist.

>> No.23273647

Seriously, why did it have to be that sheep again, and not just any old sheep for their sheep powered raygun?

>> No.23273651

She's freelance. They've worked with her on occasion, through the 'Global Justice' front corporation, but as long as she keeps the so-called 'supervillains' in line, they aren't terribly concerned.

>> No.23273692

Great Dane actually.

>> No.23273700

Because the raygun is powered specifically by that sheep.

I'm quite sure the Angry Scientist, Professor Utonium and Dr Wakeman all get together at science fairs, and the Angry Scientist gets driven bonkers by the other two talking about their goddamn kids endlessly.

>> No.23273702

I think it was the right shape to fit it, or something.
Anyways, even in the series he moved on. In the last episode, he built a narrator-powered raygun

>> No.23273711

Who are the discordians?

>> No.23273722

That's it, damn dog names that start with G.

Also, somewhat unrelated, but goddamn, Jimmy Neutron aged well.

>> No.23273757

Jimmys dogs name starts with G too, Goddard; though he's robotic not an animal. Perhaps goddard-class dogbots?

>> No.23273800

>"I once watched a man stretch his mouth open like a shark- no, like an alliga- Jinkies, I don't even know how to describe it," she said, falling back into the habitual patois of her youth. "The sandwich stack was four feet high. He put the whole thing in his mouth at once."

>> No.23273802

(and you have no idea how tempted I am to throw in Dr Light as well)

I get the feeling Kim Possible is getting competing offers from WOOHP, the CIA and GI JOE.

>> No.23273838

Five Tons of Flax, that's who.

>> No.23273845

Maybe I'm crazy, but I always got more the sense that WOOHP focused on in-house training and promotion from within.

>> No.23273848

You. Write more. That was hilarious.

>> No.23273875

Because of this thread, I am now planning Nostalgia Week for Spring Break. I'll watch all the cartoons from my childhood.

Thank you /tg/.

>> No.23273970

>I get the feeling Kim Possible is getting competing offers from WOOHP, the CIA and GI JOE.

Have I mentioned that I love this board?

>> No.23274117

They've also made time machines, inter-universal travel, sub-atomic shrinking devices, alchemical rays, rule 63 machines, etc.

They certainly have their place in the group, although I still prefer the idea of their position as the significantly less ethical voices that are, especially, needed in an Illuminati styled team.

>> No.23274338

I dont know, Kim seems completely freelance, doing a lot if not all pro-bono spy work.
Then there's her sidekicks fast nacco fortune.
>implying Dex or Neutron hasnt bought the place though

>> No.23274395

I can see Kim Possible kinda being a freelancer that keeps various sides in check along with fighting assorted supervillains with ridiculous gimmicks, backed by her billionaire boyfriend with monkey kung fu powas. (presumably after how fast he lost his first set of royalties, Ron was a liiiittle more cautious next time)

...of course, now we have to put all the antagonists together. I can already picture Shego as the main draw for the antagonist organisation with Drakken being a nominal tagalong just to get the green girl on their side.

>> No.23274524

Eddy will find just the right price.

>> No.23274548

Let's see... oh god, if the Illuminati there is already basically a bunch of egos, neuroses and insanities keeping each other in check, imagine the villainous counterparts.

I suppose Father would be main leader of... let's call it Majestic-12 to go with the name theme. He's just skilled and terrifying enough to keep everyone else in line, mostly. Mandark is definitely their own counterpart to Dexter, barely tolerated due to his incredibly annoying tendencies. ...and if Mandy is on any team, I think she'd fit in better here, and the only reason she and Father haven't killed each other is because they get along spectacularly well.

>> No.23274594

I think Eddy works better as a neutral party, who will work with anyone for a buck.

That girl who was the leader of the Fashion Club should totally be on the board, just because.

>> No.23274629

High utility specialists that Eddy hires out, make money by letting people want to work for you so you'll let them work for other people.

The perfect scam.

>> No.23274638

...oh, and The Simpsons at least counts as being aimed at kids enough that we should totally throw in Hank Scorpio. He's in charge of employee management and security.

>> No.23274758

I believe you forgot some people.

>> No.23274768

See: >>23273560

>> No.23274925

So where does Coop come in?

Jeremie Belpois and his wife Aelita are the computer techno-savants that the Illuminati have design their security mainframes. They're the heads of Carthage Inc., a Microsoft-expy that deals in user-friendly digital interaction software.

>> No.23274956

He makes mad dosh on monster truck shows and can be called in to help against extra-terrestrial threats.

>> No.23274959

Or when you need to be as unsubtle as possible?

>> No.23275148

Majestic-12 is every tzneech cultist's dream job. It's loaded with counter-chessmasters all trying to out-Xanatos each other, while maintaining the illusion of cooperation.

Mandark (Susan), is an obvious choice. While his intellect is not as great as Dexter's, his zealous nature and unquenchable thirst for power (also, Dexter's big sister) lead to a technological base that outstrips Dexter's own organization. If dexter is running a Google young, innovative startup analogue, Mandark is running a GE old industrial behemoth.

"Bling Bling Boy" is a crazy stalker, his vast wealth is inherited, and while his scientific teams are quite good, he has no interest in expanding their developments beyond his own pursuit of hedonism. I don't think he deserves to be a member of Majestic 12.

Mandy is in. She's a politician who settled nicely in to the cutthroat world that is the American government. As an unusual quirk, her seat in whatever district she oversees is never opposed. Perhaps it is because the last three people to rally against her mysteriously pulled out of the race early in the campaign. She has no designs on the presidency, her current position offers her sufficient power, with much less personal responsibility. She dispatches various quasi-governmental agencies to assist (or hinder) other members of Majestic-12.

>> No.23275212

>Coop barges into an illuminati base after tossing a robot through a mountain

>> No.23275448

Mandark's introductory episode showed that he is indeed smarter than Dexter, has a more sophisticated lab, and can apparently read minds (though that could just be for a gag or being easily able to read people).

>> No.23275642

And, he can also do magic.

>> No.23276041

>This entire thread

What, what the whatting what?
What the what is going on?

>> No.23276132


>> No.23279251


Different generation. So is Scooby-Doo but he's always been on in some form or another. GI Joe, Transformers, ThunderCats, all that shit is not only overdone but also a different gen.

>> No.23279265

Go to hell dragon.

>> No.23279270

Someone archive this.

>> No.23279278

So that's Daria, Velma, Dexter, Edd and some nobodies.

Who are the nobodies? I hope that guy with the douchecut isn't someone I forgot from Johnny Quest or something.

>> No.23279345

>Francine Foster and the Imaginary Peoples' Liberation Front


>> No.23279476

The twins are from Johnny Test.
I don't know the others.

>> No.23279497

Oh, please don't forget about their communications expert.

>> No.23279541

Guys. Someone come up with a catchy title.

>> No.23279574

>I can't read


>> No.23279576

Read the goddamn thread.

>> No.23279578


>> No.23279601

Mmmmmm... no. sorry. megabite is a computer virus on a partitioned hard drive in some Canadian game design company's in-house server. Now, his programmer might work for them...

>> No.23279622

>hidden society
>big ass tattoo in the middle of the cleavage

>> No.23279627

It's dangling on a necklace, I think.

>> No.23279630

What is the Internet?

>> No.23279649

A place mega bite never got to in three seasons of the show?

>> No.23279656

...he's totally the Doctor Doom to Dexter's Reed Richards isn't he?

Drakken and Shego are possibly a power couple of sorts, working together a little better now they finally hooked up, though of course with Shego wearing the pants. While they wouldn't really match up to the rest on their own, Drakken's skill combined with Shego's brutality make them too effective to ignore, and between them they can engage with just about any other member of Majestic-12. (obvious Drakken would get along better with Mandark, and Shego with Mandy)

Hank Scorpio is the weirdo of the group, having taken control of much of the US East Coast, and notorious among just about every agency in the world, but he has an incredible level of employee loyalty. His amazingly personable and charismatic behaviour makes him an ideal diplomat, quite valuable considering the rest of Majestic-12 are from from people persons.

>> No.23279666

Ahhh, something interesting that came across my desk the other day.

This group is shrouded in secrecy and appear to be incredibly adept and covering their tracks. From prison breaks to industrial espionage, I do not believe I have seen any other cell operate with such precision.

Perhaps we should consider bringing them into the fold?

>> No.23279702


They're skillfull, but small-scale. If anything I would keep them in control of a valuable, maybe-contested area that would otherwise divert our time and attention.

>> No.23279776

Remember that episode of EE&E where someone was trying to destroy the eds, and it turned out to be little, perpetual pushover sick boy Jimmy, by means of this giant chess master ploy?

Jim is the last person you might suspect to occupy a position of power in a secret society. His body is frail, to the point that many believe his physical weakness is some form of advanced disease or condition, but none can truly say what of. However, he is one of the founding members of the Majestic-12 organization, and even Mandark knows not to overtly question his capabilities.

His well being is seen to by his personal nurse Sarah, who doubles as his bodyguard... and lover.

>> No.23279781


Jimmy's gay. She's his cover.

>> No.23279798


>Cornelius C. Fillmore, ex-criminal, ex-cop. Fired over repeated cases of property damage to various institutions and businesses across the continent. Extremely competent, zealous in his pursuit of justice; has never lost a target.
>Ingrid Third, Filmore's partner. Possesses a photographic memory, which she puts to great use with her superior intellect. Ex-criminal like Filmore, but after receiving help from him in clearing her own name of a crime, has stood by him steadfastly ever since even after his dismissal from the force.

Hm. They have...potential. What say you all?

>> No.23279929

Contractors, Like Kim Possible, they act as private investigators at the dispatch of Velma, in order to ascertain who is responsible under certain situations. Nigel thinks they would be excellent as full agents, but Velma maintains a veto on that, as their steadfast dedication to the law may ultimately interfere with Illuminati designs at some point in the future.

>> No.23280123

Apparently this one is the result of some...freak computing accident. We have very little info on who he was before the change and still not enough on what he is now.

However, we do know that despite his...eccentricities, he is one that upholds justice and tries to protect ordinary citizens as best as he can. It was determined if he could be probably controlled he may be of some use to the organization.

However, upon being administered the routine agent's exam he proceeded to write 'HUGBEES' as every answer and then told the proctor that he was, and I quote, 'going to get a mint'.

That was three weeks ago and no sign of the strange being has been seen.

>> No.23280356

Thanks for showing me the site.
Now let me show you how the robot would ACTUALLY look

>> No.23280387



vote to archive?

>> No.23280645

Thundercats got that reboot recently.
Then again, I'm not sure if the Illuminati have any interest in a king of a relatively small area/population who keeps getting blue balled by the girls who happen to be getting with his close associates.

Actually, that's pretty much Namor. So yeah, they might.

>> No.23281004

Illuminati Network.

So are they the good guys or what? Morally ambiguous protagonists? What is their agenda, power and influence for the hell of it or something else?

>> No.23283833

>spoilered line
My heart.

>> No.23283872

And Jonny '2x4' is his top enforcer.

>> No.23284061

The Illuminati is working around governments, cultures, and international restrictions on a single minded goal of improving human life and well being, without being obvious about it. They know from personal experiences that you cannot force change upon people, that people have to come to it by themselves.

Tell someone that there is a better alternative to what they've been doing for 30 years, and they will fight you to keep things in the old way.

But get them to actually participate, and make the change gradual, and they'll accept it like nothing happened.

The thing is: you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Sometimes the easiest, most obvious means of overcoming adversity is to remove the obstacle. Some things done for the betterment of all mankind are extreme detriments to the individual. Sometimes, the future is not as clean and easily manipulated as they try to make it.

And, as much as they try to act on behalf of the whole world, there are other forces at work. Dark, nebulous organizations like Majestic-12, who act out of spite and greed, in order to fulfill their own ambitions and plots. And it is through indirect opposition that these two organizations fight...

And, occasionally with highly paid mercenaries engaging in hat trading sessions in various gravel pits.

>> No.23284268

I'm still waiting for an invitation to this jolly group.

>> No.23284302

Your application was rejected due to Baboon-related interference.

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