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This is how I pyromancer

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I... I can see it.

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This is how I Rage Mage.

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Guy Fieri...
He was an especially degenerate piece of filth.
He used his connections and guile to wriggle into the spotlight, and then on to other positions of power.
He somehow landed on the U.S. Supreme Court. Over the years, other justices started mysteriously disappearing without being replaced.
After helping rewrite the constitution to form an incomprehensible patchwork of fascism, theocratic mandates, recipes, and bad rap lyrics, he weaseled his way up the ranks to become the High Chaplain of Interstellar War.
I'm just gonna cut to the chase, cause really this ain't a big history lesson here.
He eventually came to be regarded as the third and final Antichrist.
No other human in history was responsible for more death and suffering.

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this is how i Necromancer

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Thank god he gets his corpse ridden down the falls.

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This is how I paladin.

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This is how I Shadowrun

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This is how I Dwarf Druid.

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Pathetic. I bet that man doesn't even know how to ressurect a roast.

This is how I necromancer

>246 edginau
I didn't think it was that edgy Captcha...

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This is how I Malkavian.

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So someone needs to run a chef-only setting.

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Would watch.

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>I hate the metric system
Kill everyone

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I would play that forever.

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Alchemist, reporting for duty.

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This is how I warlord.

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This is how I bardic performance.

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This is how I shaeshifter.

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>thinking you could top the Gravelord

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i would enjoy a DaS tabletop

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So would I, but I'm not sure how well timing skill and reading attack patterns would translate to the tabletop.

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>Thinking you could make better toppings then the Gravylord

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This is how i BBEG

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Bitch please.

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This is how i all-bard-party

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This is how I psyker / psychic

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This is how I Charging Attack.

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This is how I monk

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This is how I Inquisitor

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This is how I stealth.

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This is how I homebrew a monster manual.

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This is how I wizard

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This is how I can't unsee

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No, that should be professional DAUGHTERfucka.

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This is how I chaotic neutral bard

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This is how I techpriest

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Fuck you.

This is how I Phantasmal Killer.

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I wish Spectacular and EMH hadn't gotten cancelled in favour of that bullshit.

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This is how I Car Wars

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This is how I facial hair

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This is how I ingame romance.

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This is how I Artificer

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This is how I Monk

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This is how I min-max bullshit monk

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Monks be monking

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No this is your Alchemist

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Huh, is that Deculture's art?

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hell yes

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This is how I combat surgeon.
I am not a clever man.

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dropping charisma, wisdom and intelligence for high dexterity and strength isn't really minimaxing.

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This is how I chaotic good

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Yes, though he goes by "Protoculture" in drawthreads.

Half the thread saw that picture and wanted to fuck the character. The character's owner, the person that requested it, was unsure about how he felt about the situation.

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But I still have Toriko in my backlog.

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Funny, that's about how I surgeon too.

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This is how I Pyromancer


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This is how I Rogue Trader

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This is how I golem

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This is how I fail medicine roll

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This is how I deep and rewarding in-game economy.

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I wouldn't object to fucking her, though I wouldn't try and hit her at least with a conscious effort.

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>Wrapping is a rotten black cape.
>Bones are just bones, nothing tasty to gnaw on
>Bodymass under cloak is fat quivering lard, PaulaDeen tier

0/10. Would not even let fast food serve it.

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This is how I Lawful Neutral.

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This is how I Necromancer

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This is how I jihad.

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What you don't know is that she's standing over an entire side of beef. That bitch was Huge.

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This is how I beastman

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I can never tell if Wily and Robotnik would get on really well, or they'd instantly try to kill each other.

Wily's consistent, his stuff tends to be fairly good, but not stellar.

Robotnik is fucking random, some days he comes up with crap that's just terrible, or actually saves Sonic from certain death for no raisen (ie: Sonic 2 on the SMS), some days he builds a Deathstar in cave from scraps. Or pioneers timetravel to take over a small moon that exists outside of reality 90% of the time.

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Robotnik is best BBEG.

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What about the flaws: Phobia: Cats. Family Issues. Curse: Genderchange (trigger: Common), Bad Luck, Irresistable (Men AND Women), Socially Inept and inability to turn down any challenge of any kind no matter how asinine?

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This is a real thing.

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This is how I Bard

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Holy fuck, I actually had a Robotnik vs Wily conversation with a fa/tg/uy buddy of mine and it was actually a decent conversation.

Robotnik is batshit insane or a tactical genius, depending on which canon you follow of either vidya, comic, or TV. Wily is mostly the same, but Robotnik builds a lot of things in his likeness where Wily only mostly builds fortresses in his likeness.

The thing is they're pretty much evenly matched as far as standing military might, boss robot power, and general nefariousness, but I ultimately would give the win to Wily since it would essentially boil down to trump card vs trump card, and that's Metal Sonic versus Zero. Or hell, even Bass.

One of them is cunning, the other is brutal.

This is how I warforged.

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This is how I true neutral.

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And it is beautiful.

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So they're Gork and Mork?

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I love you.

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How is a guy in an armored suit a Warforged? Should be Vision or Ultron instead of Iron Man

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This is how I lawful neutral.


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Part 1 of…

>> No.23269042

…how I seduce person.

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Due to his fake heart, Iron Man is, technically, a cyborg. So he still fits into the theme of the picture.

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This is how I AI.

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Wasn't that the bitch who fucked everything up?

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This is how I bard.

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No, that's the other one. To be honest I don't recall her real name at the moment; I was to amused by Mute's swashbuckling, reactionary rage at the time.

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This is how I DM.

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This is how I backstory.

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>bdsm - it's a smart people's game

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You don't build hilariously impractical and unworkable devices just for the sole purpose of teasing someone's nipples?

What are you, some kind of an gay?

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Go to bed, Rube Goldberg

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But if he knows that it was the filings, it could be recreated.
What kind of asshole doesn't make an army or other sentires to carry on when he leaves off? Does he hate freedom?

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Because the current Sentry is insane, incredibly dangerous, and usually possessed by a world destroying demon. Also possibly an undead all powerful zombie.

Nobody wants to make more.

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>What kind of asshole doesn't make an army or other sentires to carry on when he leaves off?
A common superhero, obviously.
Hell, Peter Parker knows exactly what you need to do to make Spider-Men (just have them make more versions of the spider that bit him, and they know which one that was, because it was the only fucking one that went missing). But you can only be a superhero if it is on accident, or you are fantastically privately wealthy. As soon as you mass-produce/go to the government, you just get (inferior) baddies for those accident-prone teenagers/rich people to beat up.
>How I Warlord

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DC actually has an excuse for this.

The metagene.

Essentially, when Wally West is hit by lightning while soaked in caustic chemicals, he becomes the Flash, because he has the metagene.

Joe Q. Public Ninety-Nine Percent gets hit by lightning while standing in caustic chemicals?

He dead.

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This is how I Epic Monk.

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That's cute, this is how I pyromancer

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Oh god.

Oh god.

There's a movie of this?

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That reminds me, fuck the White Martians for fucking with protohumans so they all didn't end up with Martian-level powers, and fuck the Guardians for making the White Martians in the first place and not preventing them from fucking other species over because the Guardians only consider something a threat if it is a threat to them, personally.
>How I Diplomacy

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So isolate everyone with the metagene, take the current most effective superhero's origin method, and mass produce supers.
Even if they operate at half effeciency you've won.

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Why is this dude so sad

>> No.23271625

>Bob Ross
>ever sad

Not even a single happy little tree for you, anon.

>> No.23271640

That's impossible, for reasons I don't remember right now?

My DC continuity-fu is weak. I remember something about Auracles, the First Hero, and then... darkness.

In the meantime, this is how I 18 Charisma

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He always look sad

>> No.23271656

>"Gotta have opposites, dark and light. Light and dark in painting. It's like in life. Gotta have sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come.
I'm waiting on the good times now."

Dude was sad.

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> bob ross
> not fighting with crippling depression
> not hiding it all to look good for the camera

It's like you've never even looked into anything but the show.

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God, it wasn't longer than a couple years since I last read Marvel, and this picture leaves me completely befuddled.

Who is the Iron Captain America? Why does Wolverine have tribal tattoos? And why is that group shot so vaguely homoerotic?

I don't think I'm going to get back into comics anytime soon.

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One of the rare hilarious moments of post-Cascade Homestuck.

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This is how I GM

>> No.23271741


Did the randomly bedazzled documents and glitter from the Empress not amuse?

>> No.23271746


Yes, they are gonna release it on the Japanese movie theater. Here is the link to the trailer, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNU83D1r77c

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This is how we Only War

>> No.23271795


That's Iron Patriot, he's that Osborn kid and I think that's Wolverine's son, now Wolverine

Comics are so overly complicated with the new worlds, retcons, revivals, new timelines it's all 2confusing4me

Like what happened in Civil War back in 2006 I think?

Wasn't Bin Reilly or whatever the real Spiderman and Peter Parker just a clone but then who was civil war Spiderman? What happened with Spidey after Civil War? Is there a new storyline? How many of them are? What is the best one? What about that manga Spider-girl? How true are the cartoon series? Why aren't there heroes who manipulate time?

I have almost the same questions for DC but involving the Blackest Night

Too much for me, too much

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Dark Avengers.

Bunch of villains pretending to be heroes.
Let's see, there's Norman Osborn who's wearing an Ironman Suit, venom is spiderman, moonstone is ms marvel, bullseye is hawkeye, daken is wolverine... Coincidentally the theme is that they're all psychopaths.

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This plus sunglasses is how I'm about to Navigator.

>> No.23271839

Also, Lex Luthor made a wonderfully effective superhero serum that worked awesomely.
He then shut down everyone's powers, which got a lot of people killed, I think to get Superman's attention? Pretty sure it happened during 52, which I sadly haven't gotten to read.
Mass-produced supers just aren't allowed to happen outside of one-shots, because you sort of can't publish anymore issues then.
>How I Elder God

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The Condescension is pretty amusing, but all these lame attempts at drama and such really wears thin for me.

How many times has a character gone evil, not that characters going evil is bad but when it's done so constantly and irrelevantly it's not interesting.

Not to mention, They're going to beaten in a single page, instead of the glorious battle with DMK from Problem Sleuth

>> No.23271869

Oh, that's more fucked up than I expected.

I'm always tempted to come back because of the sheer trainwreck factor, but I learned my lesson by now.

>> No.23271885

Yeah, that was part of Steel's arc in 52.

Lex Luthor is a dick.

This is how I Runner.

>> No.23271893

Wait, who is going to be beaten in a single page and how do we know this?
It seems like the whole final showdown is building up to have a lot of actors, maybe even more so than the boss fight in Problem Sleuth. All the ghosts colluding, the whole figuring out how to kill immortal LE, etc.

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This is how I Rogue.

>> No.23271922

This is how I Lawful

>> No.23271927

This is how I barbarian

>> No.23271930

This is how I Ranger

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>What happened with Spidey after Civil War?
Well, Doc Ock mind-swapped with him, and then Peter in Doc Ock's dying body died. Though Ock in Peter's body has been visited by Peter's ghost, I think?
What's weird is that it is supposed to be a permanent thing (harhar!), despite the situation easily remedied by Peter's friend Doctor Strange.
>This is how I abuse free actions

>> No.23271937

>not Lawful Lawfullying like Pic related

>> No.23271947

This is how I drive the plot car

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>> No.23271968


>> No.23272003

I do not recognize the guy on the left.
Why do I feel like I should recognize him?

>> No.23272015

Everyone, let's just say everyone. Every fight that's being built up will end quickly like pretty much every fight since Jack Noir vs Bro.

Or worse, there'll be a 2 month hiatus for a huge flash animation which will be cancelled because Andrew feels like he wont be able to top it or something like before.

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Because Django is great

>> No.23272028

I'll grant the beard confuses things a little

>> No.23272044

He's an Austrian actor. The character is the bounty hunter from Django Unchained.

>> No.23272052

Christoph Waltz as King Schultz in DJango.

You know, the guy who does all the hilarious clips.

>> No.23272072

His (the actor's) name is Christopher Waltz. Can't for the life of me remember the character's name.
Too bad in the end he showed colors of Chaotic.

>> No.23272099



>> No.23272117


Dr. King

Maybe Schultz like the Arcanum family thing

>> No.23272123

I say Marvel does it better.
the original says "Spiderman Loves MaryJane", the story is about Peter's harem romance

>> No.23272127

Let me tell you this in a song.

Also, this is how I wish I would roleplay.

>> No.23272138

Seriously, the saddest moment in that film was when Javert wasn't in the closing song.
Because people who kill themselves don't go to Heaven, regardless of trying to do good in their lives.

>> No.23272154

>in the end he showed colors of Chaotic.
Didn't do a damn thing until Candy threatened him

>> No.23272157

I don't think you get it.

EVERYONE loves the Dick.

Dick Grayson is the heart and soul of the DC Universe.

For example, this is how I seduce the villainess.

>> No.23272168

This is how I Animal Companion.

>> No.23272206

This is how I rescue the princess.

>> No.23272221

im baked and this is hilarious

>> No.23272222

This is how NPCs react to my natural 20s.

>> No.23272235

>not a Cleaver man

>> No.23272241

Oh, I know. Starfire, for example, loves Dick.
Dick was originally going to be killed for Infinite Crisis because it would affected EVERYBODY. His superpower is knowing people and getting them to like him.

>> No.23272244

This is me seducing the villainess again.

>> No.23272258

Oh yeah, Starfire loves the Dick.

Though I've always preferred Dick/Babs as a DC comics couple.

>> No.23272263

this is how I philandering mercenary

>> No.23272267

This is how I 90s-nostalgia-pandering reboot.

>> No.23272291


I can't believe they fucked with the black-and-blue. Shit's iconic, yo. Give me Dickbats every day of the week, Dickbats was fantastic.

>> No.23272340

this is how I intelligent item

>> No.23272347

Related to this post.
This is how I BBEG

>> No.23272370

DIckbats and Damien was a great run, while it lasted.
By the way, this is how I psycho girlfriend.

>> No.23272380


>> No.23272388

Elaborate? Did someone do female armor properly?

>> No.23272409

This is how I Professional Badass.

>> No.23272411

The proportions say no.

>> No.23272435

This is how I lawful good Paladin/wizard

>> No.23272441

This is how my PCs milk run.

>> No.23272470

Does anyone else remember when MSPA was good?

>> No.23272485

This is how I random NPC

>> No.23272494

Problem Sleuth, and everything before the Troll Act.
So yes.

>> No.23272517

He's referring the the Venom suit that Flash Thomson is wearing.
The Venom symbiote is insanely obsessed with Peter Parker, despite their "break-up"
>This is how I GM

>> No.23272520

I'm with >>23271709
Everything post Cascade is a piece of shit with rare moments, as opposed to post trolls which was pretty good with a few shit moments.

>> No.23272533 [SPOILER] 

This really isn't the place to be talking about it though.

>> No.23272551

Rereading makes it much better, because the pacing no longer really works for the update schedule he's doing.

When it was like 5 pages multiple times per day the bad parts didn't matter.

It'll be better when its over and you reread.

>> No.23272605

I'm not re-reading all that shit, I have better things to do.

>> No.23272645

I actually look into longer and longer book series, so they'll be effective distractions.
The entirety of MSPA is just barely long enough to fill a weekend, bro. You have time.
Stop reading updates now, and then read them all at once when it's over.

>> No.23272673

>you're her first
>it's great
>she starts getting you to do stupid and irrational things though
>uses your body for her own fulfillment and against your will
>clingy as fuck
>you break up with her
>she hooks up with your 2nd worst enemy, and holy shit they're perfect for each other
>they make your life hell
>they have the worst child ever in the history of children
>he tries to fix her, but it ain't happening, no way no how
>he leaves her
The Venom symbiote is a living metaphor for why you don't stick your dick in crazy (and of course, is an extension of Bitches Love Spider-man the symbiote is indeed female).

>> No.23272692

Almost forgot
>now she's with your biggest fan
>seemed he's gotten her to see the light
>she's acting all chaste and shit
>we'll see how long this lasts

>> No.23272706

this is how I monk

>> No.23272788

Meanwhile, crazy literally has stuck itself on Dick's... er, dick.

Seriously, he was raped once.

>> No.23272819

Yes, by Tarantula. As was Batman, by Talia, but that was retconned into a consensual meeting because lolmencan'tberaped.

>> No.23272836

Dick is crazy good at seducing the villainess.

Maybe... too good?

>> No.23272907

>family of performers
>now fights crime
>ladies love him either way
Let's face it, Dick's a bard rehabilitated into a kickass paladin.

>> No.23273291

This is not how I Xenomorph.

>> No.23273340

Actually you have that backwards with Batman. It was originally consensual, but Morrison forgot that so it was retconned into him being drugged and raped by Talia.

>> No.23273449

Huh. The more you know, I guess.

>> No.23273451

That is actually pretty brilliant.

>> No.23273563

This is how I (mostly) Cleric

>> No.23273598

But that's not how her powers work.
This is how I back to basics.

>> No.23274129

yeah seriously, that guy was pretty badass for some total random who doesn't show up for the rest of the film.

>> No.23274205

This is how I fluffy descriptions

>> No.23274283

It's weird, I watched them beat Aizen on Hulu, which was fucking tedious, and watching the "new" episodes on [as] leading up to it is even more tedious. By Christ they flashback a lot.
Is it bad that I like the general concept of the setting?
>How I waste a potentially interesting setting point and Final Hour Superpower on a fight that was far too long and tedious against a dude who wasn't that important in the long run.

>> No.23274417

There's only one arc after that, and it's kind of pointless.

>> No.23274510

So I've heard. I'm just always a bit saddened by interesting worlds ruined by the actual stories told in them.
>How I reoccurring campaign nemesis

>> No.23274989

This is how I Necrons.

>> No.23275005 [SPOILER] 

No, it's not bad. But you shouldn't read because Kubo executes particularly well, you should read for the following reasons
>kubo designing clothes
>kubo introducing new characters
>kubo designing new weapons
>kubo generally being kubo
>whichever girl is your waifu
>implying Ichigo actually killing a sapient enemy for the first time wasn't a big deal
>watching bleach
Only for dat soundtrack and Grimmjow's delicious voice during the Mexico arc.
Manga's been done with that arc, they're on the final arc now: THE THOUSAND-YEAR BLOOD WAR (pic spoilered for plot twists)

>> No.23275189

This is how I mmmagic!

>> No.23275207

Oh, wonderful.
And the setting point was "someone has reached the logical conclusion of, if you can posses both types of spirit powers, bringing them both to maximum at once", not Ichigo's personal interactions. I mean, that's like some serious shit.
Some of the weapons and hollow designs are a bit phoned in/wacky, though I've no idea if that is just in the anime.

>> No.23275258

This is how I monk in modern campaign

>> No.23276311

This, Abdrew's pacing it so that it's best read from the archives when it's finished

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