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Lets get a 40k army list thread in here.
Post yer army lists, rate others.
Painted work also welcomed.

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I've been itching to pull my boys in green out of cold storage. 1,500 points:

•Company Master: Power Sword, Combi-Plasma, Melta Bombs, Perfidious Relic, Artificer Armor- 155

•Deathwing Terminator Squad: x5, Chainfist, Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield/Cyclone Missile Launcher- 255
•Dreadnought: Venerable, Plasma Cannon, Missile Launcher- 145

•Tactical Squad: x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Sword, Melta Bombs, Flamer, Multi-Melta- 185
•Tactical Squad: x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Melta Gun, Lascannon, Razorback, Dozer Blade, Storm Bolter, Extra Armor- 280
•Tactical Squad: x10, Veteran Sergeant, Chainsword, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon- 200

•Devestator Squad: x10, x4 Missile Launchers, x4 Flakk Missiles, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist- 275

Been thinking about swapping the PC for an AC on the dread, vehicles getting hot rustles my jimmies.

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Pretty solid build, if your thinking about using autocannons on the dread I believe its best to use one for each arm.

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Don't bother with Flakk Missiles. They're only S7, too expensive to spam, and don't have Interceptor. Enemy flyers will just ignore them and do their thing regardless.

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I meant an AssCannon, Riflemen are good, too, so it is something to consider.
Also, why is the Vengeance's cannon such ass? In fact, all three of our new attack vehicles aren't really good at attacking.

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I want a 750 point all comers army. Knowing full well there should be an emphasis on how well the troops perform. Since they make or break the concept at this points level by the objectives list. Because they can be under performing in large quantity or die too fast to a few heavy support in low quantity.

This points level intrigues me. Yet if I buy more, they will always ask me to play larger games with them. I can always grenade leman russes or protect a lascannon with 9 ablative wounds, and make it dangerously difficult for him to deny me an objective.

Maybe the character of 40k is at 750 points now. but alas, this is the point level where HQ's shine hardily as anti infantry. Herohammer point level.

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My havocs with flakk butt fucked a vendetta.

If you want a squad with missiles to chill like ballers then it's fine. The vendetta came in, shot the landraider (didn't hurt it at all) and that was the end of that story.

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Play orks, crush 750 points because you are tier 1

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Orks? You mean like a few klaws, shoota boyz and a lootaz mob?

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Warboss, 60 boys, nob pk bp in both, take the rest as lootas

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You got lucky, and your opponent was an idiot for misusing his Vendetta, simple as that.
4 S7 shots are not a reliable way to deal with flyers, considering they launchers cost 25 fucking points each.

Sure, sometimes you'll roll above average and it'll work, but the same is true of literally every other shit unit/upgrade in the game. Just because it works every now and then doesn't change the fact that you're paying points out the ass for a sub-par upgrade.

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Was thinking along the lines of no flyers, orks may do it for me. I'm interested in mixed vehicles and infantry though. Like a unit of Hydras with camo nets, combined platoons with flamers and missile launchers and a psyker HQ for synergy.

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You get Flakk alongside your frag and krak, the latter making a lack of Intercepter irrelevant.
Besides, how may flyers would I be seeing at 1.5k?

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But even at 2k points you don't need to build anti-air into your list and still win

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need to shave 3 pts...

Haemonculus -65pts
w/ hexrifle

Farseer -100pts
w/ warding, fortune

5 Firedragons -180pts
Waveserpent with TL shuricannon.

5 Firedragons -180pts
Waveserpent with TL shuricannon.

3 Guardian jetbikes -76pts
w/ 1 shuricannon

3 Guardian jetbikes -76pts
w/ 1 shuricannon

6 Pathfinders -144pts

5 wracks -120pts
w/ liquifier gun
Raider with disintegrator

5 wracks -120pts
w/ liquifier gun
Raider with disintegrator

Nightwing -145pts

Voidraven -165pts
w/nightshield flickerfield

Warphunter -125pts

Warphunter -125pts

3 dark reapers -147pts
w/fast shot, EML

Aegis line - 85pts
w/ icarus lascannon


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Unless you're playing against a faggot, 0-1, MAYBE 2.

Which is exactly why you shouldn't pay a million-billion points for a shitty anti-air option that will just get insta-killed if your opponent is packing a Heldrake.

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>how may flyers would I be seeing at 1.5k?
Guard: 2-4
Crons: 2-6
Deldar/marines: 0-3
Air Orks: 3
Everybody else: 0-1

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If the heldrake wants to shoot havocs good.

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Uh.... wracks suck and so does the hexrifle

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I would, only thing in you list that can kill me and 40pts a model to boot.

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Hell disintegrator cannons suck

>> No.23255098

Why is that GOOD? If you give them Flakk they represent a massive point investment. Why would you WANT 200+ points of models getting wiped off the board in one fell swoop on turn 2?

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What would I do with the 40 points, other than give a squad a rhino with a SB?
Drop the EML maybe? And fuck yeah, Nightwing!

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Hexrifle I can see, but the plan was to stick him with the pathfinders.
Wracks suck? why?
That or Dark lances.
Eml is decent Anti tank and insta kills t4.

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I'm fine with 170 points of heldrake killing 175 points of havocs yes, because guess what this is SIXTH E-FUCKING-DITION AND FUCKING LOTS OF SHIT DIES.




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Yeah darklances are sexy>>23255145

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Fine, here's my mad ork (+FW) list. Problem, nids?

HQ (Warlord): Big Mek (100)
-Kustom Mega Blasta
-Mega Armour

Troops: 30 Gretchin (135)
-3 Runtherds with Grot-Prods

Troops: 30 Gretchin (135)
-3 Runtherds with Grot-Prods

Troops: 30 Gretchin (135)
-3 Runtherds with Grot-Prods

Troops: 30 Gretchin (135)
-3 Runtherds with Grot-Prods

Elite: 5 Grot Tanks (205)
-4x Skorcha
-1x Kommanda with Skorcha + Rokkit Launcha

Elite: 5 Grot Tanks (220)
-4x Big Shoota
-1x Kommanda with Rokkit Launcha + KMB

Fast: Grot Mega Tank (180)
-2x Twin KMB
-3x Skorcha
-2x Boom Kannisters
-Wreckin Ball
-Red Paint

Heavy: Big Gunz (3 Kannons) (75)
-Five extra Krew

Heavy: Big Gunz (3 Kannons) (75)
-Five extra Krew

Heavy: Big Gunz (3 Zzap Guns) (105)
-Five extra Krew

1500 points

I know the FW stuff is unnecessary, merely adding targets for anti-tank weapons and some unreliability with the added pain of "lol you can't use FW here, this is a GW store", but it's fun and silly.

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I do MCs like nobodys business at 2000pts Double Force Org



-Great Unclean One 195
Breath of Chaos
Unholy Might
Great Unclean One
Breath of Chaos
Unholy Might
Cloud of Flies

-Great Unclean One 195
Breath of Chaos
Unholy Might
Great Unclean One
Breath of Chaos

4x7Plaguebearers at 105Pts each

-Daemon Prince:245
Daemonic Flight
Unholy Might
Iron Hide
Mark Of Nurgle
Breath Of Chaos

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You're a god damn moron

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-Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo, Lord of Titan - 275 pt

-2x (Paladin Squad: x5, Brotherhood Banner, Master Crafted Nemesis Daemonhammer, Master Crafted Force Halberd, 2x Master Crafted Nemesis Force Sword, 2x Master Crafted Storm Bolter, Apothecary, Master Crafted Psycannon, Incinerator) - 910 pt (455 pt each)

-Lord Commissar: Carapace Armour, Power Fist - 95 pt

Infantry Platoon - 211 pt
-Platoon Command Squad: Platoon Commander w/Bolt Pistol, Medic, 2x Meltaguns, Grenade Launcher - 87 pt

-2x (Infantry Squad: Sargeant w/Bolt Pistol, Meltagun) - 124 pt (62 pt each)

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>What would I do with the 40 points

Make your HQ not suck. He's a wet noodle who will just end up dying and giving up the Slay the Warlord point without accomplishing anything.

You're an idiot. Packing a shit-ton of points into a single squad that won't do jack shit compared to how much you payed, and then die like punks is pretty much Bad Listbuilding 101.

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By that logic, Pyrovores must be a fucking great unit.

You are retarded.

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Does anyone have advice for a new player? Never played before, but I'm going with Nids. I already bought like 12 Hormagaunts and I'm thinking of what else I should get for a 750~pt army.

I'm thinking using a Prime as my HQ, Hormagaunts, Genestealers and maybe a group of Warriors for ranged attacks

Help pls?

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Starting off a 750 space wolves game to play with friends how does this list look?

-Rune Priest 100

-Dreadnought 130
Extra Armor
Plasma Cannon

-Wolf Guard Pack 205
x1 TDA Assault Cannon Pw
x1 Combi Melta CCW

X2 Grey Hunters Pack 210
X6 Grey Hunters
Plasma gun

Blood Claws Pack 105
x6 Blood Claws
Power Weapon

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Wracks suck because Warriors are 9 points.

Wracks at 10 are awful.

3 attacks on the charge for a dedicated melee unit is atrocious.

Against a 10 man squad of tacticals at INITIATIVE 4 you'll take your 11 attacks, hit about 4-5 of them and wound 2-3 times on average.

Then they'll save on average 3 of them and kill you with the return attack.

Ok you fired the liquifier gun first, you still only kill about 3 of them in melee but the gun kills maybe on of them unless you roll lucky.

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Except those missile launchers already fired krak missiles into a tank or vehicle or MC and already earned their points back. Are you fucking stupid?

>> No.23255277

Tervigon, Termagaunts, Flying MC

>> No.23255281

That picture always makes me chuckle, good job OP

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Can dark angels do this list better?
>pic related

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25 points-each missile launchers aren't going to earn their points back in 2 turns.

The reason Missiles are normally good is because they're affordable. Tacking on an extra 10 points for a borderline useless upgrade
defeats the purpose. You may as well just give yourself a 40-point handicap.

>> No.23255320


2x Wraithseer w/ dcannon
1x Farseer w/ fortune RoWard
1x Farseer w/ Guide RoWhit

3x Jetbikes w/ shuriken cannon
3x Jetbikes w/ shuriken cannon
3x Jetbikes w/ shuriken cannon
10 x wraithguard
1x spiritseer w/ conceal

1x Wraithlord w/ BL+ML
1x Wraithlord w/ BL+ML
1x Wraithlord w/ BL+ML
1x Wraithlord w/ SC+SL
1x Wraithlord w/ SC+SL
1x Wraithlord w/ SC+SL

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No. Dark Angels don't have access to Thudd Guns.

>> No.23255339

That's fine, they're paying 100-400 points for fliers that are only on the table for half the game.

>> No.23255346

why not a CCS and give the infantry squads a lascannon and use them to hunt tank with the bring it down order plop em on an objective and rain hell

>> No.23255356

>only on the table for half the game.
Wait what?
Anyone competent that takes flyers also brings an aegis with beacon and/or autarch/astropath/ect
so turn 2 for all of teh reserves.

>> No.23255363

>He's a wet noodle who will just end up dying and giving up the Slay the Warlord point without accomplishing anything.
So Mace of Redemption and a storm shield, I guess?

>> No.23255375

And then they fucking fly off

>> No.23255388

I don't think I'd listen to this guy much, he screams a lot about fliers so I don't think he's played many 6e games, just clings to the past glories of 5e (which are almost nothing)

>> No.23255391

Not enough cash right now. All in jew time.

>> No.23255400

Okay, step one is to convert those hormies into gaunts. Here's what you want for 750 points:


1 Hiveguard
1 Hiveguard

10 Gaunts
10 Gaunts
1 Tervigon
1 Tervigon

Spare points are spent upgrading Tervigons. You'll want about 50 spare gaunts (on top of the 20 taken as Troops) for this. Fleshborers all round.

Basically, keeping this pattern up, you'll survive just about everything. At 2,000 points you could happily be rocking 6x10 Gaunts and 8 Tervigons and even eighteen Vendettas won't be able to do the necessary damage. At 750 points, an opponent could field a couple of Vendettas that won't be denting you.

Obviously the way you play this list is "sit on objectives, constantly shit out more gaunts to flood the board, deny actual area for hoverspace, and tarpit enemies in close combat so you can't be shot despite sucking at close combat".

>> No.23255402

But what would i do with warriors? no heavy until 10 and even worse assault performance makes me hesitant.

>> No.23255424

wanna team up and play 4000 pts and laugh to many high priority targets for them to stop, we Might give you Isha back

>> No.23255435

>And then they fucking fly off
WTF, how?
unless you are retarded it is fairly easy to keep gun flyers on the table and targeting the enemy, especially with helldrakes and other turreted flyers.

>> No.23255445

Venoms, two splinter cannons under the bottom of those fuckers, give the five of 'em a blaster.

>> No.23255453

Now I can tell you're trolling :) You should shave that neckbeard of yours

>> No.23255455

This must be a thing.

>> No.23255470

Well at least your not using missile long fangs

>> No.23255474

B...but 2Hp...

>> No.23255477

I'm just not really sure how much more you can buff up a Company Master. They aren't exactly monsters of HQs, none of the generic loyalist marine guys are, except the 500 point Wolf Lord of like, 6 wolf nouns (and 1 bear).

>> No.23255508

I just got 70 boyz and 25 grots with runt herds. Would a warboss on a bike and some zapp guns be a good addition?

>> No.23255513

you advance towards them, i come in behind them with daemonic assault. laugh as they are forced to shoot the big scary things or get fucked in the ass. we sit on objectives with our troops and giggle

>> No.23255517

5+ invul, 4+ jink if you go flat out and the cannons have 36 inch range AND everything shooting at it is -6 inches to range.

Premeasure, keep out of range of shit that can hurt you and hide behind buildings and other things.

It's not fucking hard

>> No.23255519

>woah bunch of t8 big monsters
>this is what dark eldar players live for
On a serious note I would love to spam deamon walkers, not that are that awesome but fuck it I like defilers and forgefiends.

>> No.23255540

Yes, as a dark eldar player who runs 5x venom 2xraider 2x ravager 1x voidraven yes.

Yes I do live for MC, be it flying daemon princes (who get grounded then die) or normal MCs (who just die). I also live for killing ravenwing because AHAHAHAH I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR TOUGHNESS

>> No.23255559

Enjoy it while you can, come next week deamons will go back to deploying like mortals instead of deep striking everything if rumors turn out to be true.

>> No.23255560

I know im scared of DE luckily only one person at my LGS runs them and i havent even seem him in months and cant remember the last time he played

>> No.23255562

Wolfgang Wolfbane, teh grand Wolflord of the Space wolves 7 company.
Riding his mighty Thunderwolf and wielding his wolfttooth necklace, his wolftail talisman, bearing the mark of the wulfen, a pair of mighty wolfclaws and the saga of the bear.

>> No.23255585

Can't take a Storm Shield without Terminator armour.

You'd need to go with a Conversion, Displacer or Power Field.

>> No.23255595

Planning out a Salamanders army to add to my Wolves/IG

Vulkan He'stan - 190pts

Captain - Bolter, Thunderhammer, Artificer Armor, Auxiliary Grenade launcher - 160 pts.

Command Squad - 2x meltaguns, 2x Thunder hammers - 195 pts

Squad one - Meltagun, missile launcher - 175

Squad two - Flamer, missile launcher - 170

Ironclad - heavy flamer, hurricane bolter, hunter-killer missiles - 165

Dreadnought - heavy flamer - 115

Landspeeder - Heavy Flamer, Multi-melta - 70

Thunderfire Cannon - 100

1340 Total.

Actually thinking of trimming it down some, possibly throwing out the Land Speeder.

>> No.23255604

I havent read the rumors, im scared too. Fuck them if they take away deep strike. Its the only thing weve got to make it safely across the board. I play nurgle i have one dude who throws a large blast 24 inches whos 300pts everything else is fucking flamer templates and i only have 6 of those

>> No.23255608

Wait, you don't want shit to die and you're playing dark eldar? You have the wrong codex friend.

Go to your FLGS, in tears, mascara running down your face, proclaim you have made a huge mistake and then buy Codex:Chaos Space Marines.

You will then need to buy 4 boxes of plague marines, 1 box of regular chaos space marines, some green stuff and you will need to order in more plasma guns (or other special weapons but come on this is 6e, plasma is king).

You will have a nice and safe 3+ armour save and then a 5+ fnp if you fail that :)
Also wracks are 6+ 5+ so a gust of wind will kill them.

>> No.23255645

It's ok, the DE players will only ever play you once with their shit (because we feel bad about absolutely crushing MCs and we don't want people to hate us)

Have fun with your godzillas :) maybe one day I'll $1000 spare and I'll have a godzilla-nid list that can fight your guys on equal footing (or at least size)

>> No.23255651

Ok throw out the landspeeder, those things are fucking awful

>> No.23255659

Maybe all your guys will become beasts?

That would be sick!

>> No.23255663

Why no Termies?

Are Command Squads worth it? Guy at GW said they are rubbish.

>> No.23255669


They're fucking awful when alone. In squadrons of three, they're OK...

Vindicator instead?

>> No.23255676

>Guy at GW said they are rubbish.

>Listening to GW employees

>Believing anything they say about unit performance

>> No.23255680

Vindicators are traps for retard players.

Unless you are short on ways to deal with mass infantry, then one is fine.

>> No.23255684



3 trueborn
3 blasters
Venom with 2 splintercannons

3 trueborn
3 blasters
Venom with 2 splintercannons

3 trueborn
3 blasters
Venom with 2 splintercannons

3 wracks
Venom with 2 splintercannons

3 wracks
Venom with 2 splintercannons

3 wracks
Venom with 2 splintercannons

5 warriors
1 blaster
Venom with 2 splintercannons

5 warriors
1 blaster
Venom with 2 splintercannons

5 warriors
1 blaster
Venom with 2 splintercannons

Ravager 3 dark lances
flickerfield, nightshield

Ravager 3 dark lances
flickerfield, nightshield

Ravager 3 dark lances
flickerfield, nightshield


so yeah. double that I guess.

>> No.23255687

Yeah, him, that guy. You just forgot his two fenrisian wolf buddies.
Everybody else is just okay in comparison to like, fuck, a Lord Commissar. You didn't have crazy shit like tricked out Warbosses, or bike Autarchs back in 4th (holy shit, 7 S6 WS6 I7 attacks with no armor save? And a Melta shot first? Rerolling wounds? Hoping to fuck he didn't have a bunch of SS mates with him so after that assfucking you just got he legs it and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it?)
Captains/CMs were good with RoB, now they are glorified unit sergeants and a liability.

>> No.23255688

>Why no Termies?

I don't like Terminators

>> No.23255699

Its ok I have Guard too lol, I dont always play daemon zilla its just fun when i put 7 Nurgle daemon princes/GUO/Ku'Gath on the table plus 4 Squads of 7 Plaguebearers the faces are hilarious and god are they tough

>> No.23255704


>Implying my two Vindicators have never been worth taking

>Implying they aren't shitloads of fun when they make entire squads dissapear

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File: 74 KB, 800x562, 800px-AMLMkIV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Autocannons are pretty sweet on Dreds.

I thought flakk missiles were cheaper on your troop choices?

One large unit of wracks would probably do better than two small ones. More advice on them further below.

The Voidraven is alright. Most DE players really, really enjoy the sheer amount of Dakka an anti-infantry Razorwing can provide.

Best advice I can give you is to proxy for a few games with paper circles or the like before buying in.

Apparently Boneswords are freaking amazing. I've got a soft spot for Mycetic Spores personally.

Looks alright. Grey Hunters would be a little stronger if you could fill out the squad and give them that freaking broken banner.

Wracks in units of 5 don't measure up well. Groups of 9 with a Haemy or 10. Either way, the second liquifier gun will help a lot.

The Haemy would give the Furious Charge, which would let them reroll to wound, which is pretty awesome against Marines.

They're great at taking one objective and going to ground for the rest of the game.

So, yeah, my weird arse list incoming.

>> No.23255729

1750pt army

Warrior Prime w/ deathspitter Boneswords and regen (105)

20x Termagaunts (100)

20x Termagaunts (100)

Tervigon w/ claw regen and cata (230)

Tervigon w/ claw regen and cata (230)

9x Warriors w/ boneswords (150)

Doom w/ spore (140)

3x Hive Guard (150)

20x Gargoyle w/ toxin sacs

3x Biovores (135)

Not sure where else to spend the points

>> No.23255732

Welp im not really studying or writing my papers so heres a vassal list i wanna try, im on a losing streak and vassal is tourny heavy.
Deamon prince, mark of tzeentch, mastery lv3, wings, power armor, mutation, spell familiar, black mace , ichor blood (370)
Warp smith , combi melta , aura , mot (140)
Warp smith , combi melta , aura , mot (140)
10 cultists 50
10 cultists 50
10 cultists 50
10 cultists 50
Heldrake with baleflamer 170
Heldrake with baleflamer 170
Forgefiend with ectocannon 200
Forgefiend with ectocannon 200
Forgefiend with ectocannon 200
Defiler, warpfire, combi flamer 210

>> No.23255736

I knew he was wrong I just wanted to hear the opinion of someone who uses it.

Feel no Pain seems too good to pass up.

>> No.23255738

The trueborn in venoms should have darklances not blasters, 2x dark lance is way better because THAT RANGE!

>> No.23255746

yo /tg/

how much does a basic army + paints and other shit i need cost

each troop is worth a certain number of points right? how much would a small (1000 point?) army cost?

>> No.23255751
File: 116 KB, 700x1024, 1360061966645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I won't have enough money to afford my first wh40k army until next autumn

I really, really, really want a themed army: drop-pod Space Wolves allied with all-female norse Valkyrie-themed Imperial Guard (aboard Valkyries).

>> No.23255756

Doubtful, everything now has Slow and Purposeful so 6" a turn and thats it, no running for me and no running people down

>> No.23255758

>Feel no Pain seems too good to pass up.

Feel No Pain pisses me off whenever my friend uses his fucking Brother Corbulo in his Blood Angels army.

There have been times where it would have been preferable to rip off my own dick.

>> No.23255759

>Voidravens don't have 4 scatterfield missiles which evaporate infantry

>> No.23255765

Honestly dude? depends on army.
hell Grey knights can do 1000pts easily with like 10 dudes.

but horde armies wlll have 100+ and tanks.

>> No.23255781

You absolutely can take a Storm Shield without terminator armor, it is the first option in the entry (unless they errata'd that in a bold, literally retarded move).
And two of those other three don't improve my invul, and the one that does has a chance of displacing him out of his unit.

>> No.23255785

But dark lances are heavy.

>> No.23255790

Does anyone have a good link to something on DE tactics and strategy, or maybe just tips would be good.

Aside from the obvious /tg/ shit

>> No.23255794

my girlfriend has a 1750 pt Gretchen only army (Including killa kanz and zzap guns and that shit)

Even has a little Gretchen warboss

>> No.23255797

seeing as how pretty much objective based you need more cultists larger blobs to camp objectives

>> No.23255802

Yeah my friend uses a Doc with his Nobs. Literally saved 10+ worth of wounds.

>> No.23255803

uh, necrons are super op right? how much would they cost for a 1000 point army?

also tau seem pretty cool, are they any good though? from what little i know about the game, grey knights are really bad, just the army you pick if you cant afford anything better

>> No.23255814

>from what little i know about the game, grey knights are really bad
haah waaw

>> No.23255821

>I thought flakk missiles were cheaper on your troop choices?
Same cost, and you need to focus fire against flyers anyway, 1 shot isn't going to cut it.

>> No.23255832

Tau can be nasty when played right, they have the most survivable transport in the game currently dat 3+cover save outside of 12" and the jumpshoot jump and moving transports in the assault phase to give your dudes cover is nasty

>> No.23255837

are they good then? why doesnt everyone use them if theyre cheap and good?

>> No.23255840

Do you want to play space marines? If so then you are in luck, off ebay search for DARK VENGEANCE and you can get 10x tacticals for like $15

If you want to play chaos then get greenstuff + the above tacticals and make them chaotic.

Honestly you can get REALLY cheap armies depending on what interests you. Also ask if your FLGS has a forum or something, maybe someone will sell a second hand army cheap.

Paint will probably be about $100 after you get brushes and a set of paints...

go to games-workshop.com and check out the army overviews, tell us what catches your eye! Cool models are more important than buying a top tier tourney list!

>> No.23255856

Eldar have the toughest transports but the devifish is fucking bullshit yes

>> No.23255862

Everyone DID use them because they are cheap and good, in 5e tons of people played them

>> No.23255874
File: 250 KB, 2048x1152, 138_0486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sorry man, looks pretty boring to play against.


HQ 155
Archon 80
+ Venom Blade, Haywires, Ghostplate

Succubus 75
+ Venom Blade, Haywires


Troops 650
10 Kabs 160
+ Raider, Nightshields, Grisley Trophies

10 Kabs 160
+ Raider, Nightshields, Grisley Trophies

8 Wyches 160
+ Hekatrix, Venom Blade
+ Raider, Aethersails

15 Wyches 170
+ hekatrix, PGL

Fast Attack 384
6 Reavers 176
+ 2 Heat Lance
+ Arena Champion, Power Maul

5 Beastmasters, 6 Khymera, 6 Razorwing Flocks 228

Heavy Support 290
+ TL Liquifier Gun

+ TL Liquifier Gun


Experimenting with a self imposed limit of no more than 10% wargear. Been playing with noobs, want to make things interesting.

>> No.23255877

apparently im just like GW because for some reason i always forget about Eldar

>> No.23255878

id rather spend a little more and get a really good army, is there like, a tier list of which factions are the best? im ok to spend a bit of cash, i just want to start off small

>> No.23255892

so are the editions like patches sort of? i literally know nothing about this except for what i've read here on /tg/

>> No.23255905

Editions are new Editions of the game.

>> No.23255912

Uh, honestly the #1 tactic is premeasure.

Your vehicles should have night shields so ask your opponents about their weapon ranges often, move carefully.

The most important thing is target priority, shooting the highest threats first.

For example I played against DA with my DE and he had a vindicator (ahahahah) so I could ignore that for the first 2 turns BUT the plasma pattern predator I could not, so that's the most important, put dark lances into it until it's disabled or not a threat. Then pop open transports because rhinos move 6, dismebark 6 and then the marines inside shoot 18 inches at your paper boats and can glance them to death.

So just pre-measure, shoot high priority targets, use things like the crew (if they have blasters) to open up transports for venom underslung splintercannons.

>> No.23255921

yeah uh, im not really sure what that means at all

>> No.23255930

Ok but here's the difference, his list is good and yours isn't

Guess what "spam" actually is? Redundancies because EVERYTHING IS FUCKING FRAGILE AND WILL DIE

>> No.23255934

>dat candy color paint job

Eldar had fucking bs transports before but now holofields and such dont matter so much. they get a 5+ cover for moving though?

>> No.23255941
File: 74 KB, 700x923, 418408_429553927096800_1985322926_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd enjoy putting a few hours into a DE tactics thread on tg.

Also, there's the Dark City. Avoid yesthetruthhurts since they're all bad people.

Freaking adorable.

Grey Knights... such a cool army when not played in a cheesy way. Soooo incredibly easy to cheese.

Generally, people will hate you for playing them or Necrons with more than 1 flyer.

>> No.23255946

After X number of years a new edition comes out.

Rules are changed, altered balanced and the focus of the game shifts.

5e for example was dominated with mechanized infantry

6e vehicle rules changed and now they're more fragile so balanced lists are the focus.

>> No.23255962

If you're playing to WAAC get the fuck out and go play Magic.

there's no pro circuit, there's no more tourney support in NA so why the FUCK do you want to WAAC?

>> No.23255963

ah ok, thanks, thats what i though. what are the best factions for 6e? when does 7e come out?

>> No.23255976

You're talking about a Combat Shield. Different thing.

>> No.23255989

If your in America check out this website called "thewarstore" under their GW bitz section you can get the entire dark vengeance dark angels force which is about 800 points of models for like 50 bucks

>> No.23255990

i just dont want to spend 500$ and end up with a shit army and lose all the time, thatd be awful. winning is still fun even if you dont get anything for it. how balanced is the game anyways? are there some shit factions that you should just never choose? are necrons really that op?

>> No.23256000

half the game is marines, pick one and youll probably be good.

>> No.23256003

You're still not getting it.

You're going to spend time building and painting these models.

It will take a lot of fucking time. Games themselves last 2-4 hours also.

This is not something you want to half ass.

There is no BEST army, just pick the one that looks the best to you. Read a bit about fluff before buying and make sure you like the army.

The game is only 1/3rd of warhammer, the other 2/3rds are split between building, painting, collecting and reading fluff.


So you say you like the look of Necrons and Tau? Fine they're ok, necrons are "better" than tau.

You don't like losing? Get better.

>> No.23256005

how about spend $25 and actually figure out if you enjoy assembling and painting

if you don't then play warmahordes

>> No.23256013


In 6e everything is viable.

>> No.23256016

devilfish have something that improves there cover save by 2 if whatever shot them is further than 12" away, so therefore if they move which they always do they get a 3+ cover save

>> No.23256033

You have to be trolling. I'm looking at the Company Master unit entry right now.
And Combat Shields are on the armory page, with storm shield being absent entirely from that section.

>> No.23256038

True but wavserpents are cheaper, av12/12/10 have ignore melta/rendeing/ect and treat s8+ as s8

Also Shuriken cannons/scatterlasers.
Its just a shame that none of the vehicel upgrades are anygood at all.

>> No.23256041
File: 71 KB, 448x473, 1339681634967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Game balance is laughable in 40k. The company bills itself as a model selling company not a game company.

Consequently, the rules are pretty bad.

If you want to play with or against 9 of the same vehicle and unit that's fine.

Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to dedicate an hour of set-up and two hours of play to being bored.

>> No.23256047

Just a general comment; I'm thinking about putting together a Thousand Sons list under 6th ed:

Termies with mark of Tzeentch
2 or 3 squads of TS

Is this still viable, or should I splurge in for some daemons as an ally?

(I'm playing more for flavour than min-maxing, winning around where I play isnt too hard so long as your head is screwed on properly)

>> No.23256053

sorry their**** before anyone corrects me im fucking tired

>> No.23256064

i've made/painted models before, i like it, they just werent 40k
thank you

>> No.23256067

HQ: Haemonculus

Troop: Wracks (x5, Liquifier)
Transport: Raider (Dark Lance)

Troop: Wyches (x5, Haywire Grenades)
Transport: Venom (Splinter Cannon)

Troop: Kabalite Warriors (x5, Blaster)
Transport: Raider (Dark Lance)

Troop: Kabalite Warriors (x5, Blaster)
Transport: Venom (Splinter Cannon)

Fast Attack: Reavers (x9, Arena Champion, Venom Blade, 3 x Heat Lance)

Heavy Support: Ravager (3 x Dark Lances)

Heavy Support: Ravager (3 x Dark Lances)

Was going to copy this list for starting out as DE

>> No.23256073

>Game balance is laughable in 40k.

which guilds are/nt good to play?

>> No.23256074

Well, you've got two and a half weeks until the new daemons drop, so you might want to wait it out for a bit. What kinda stuff is your sorcerer lord packing?

>> No.23256079

If it takes you an hour to setup 11 vehicles on the table then you MUST have downsyndrom, ADD and also be crippled along half of your body

>> No.23256087

>Taking 1 hour to put models down
>Taking 2 hours to win as DE
u wot

>> No.23256090


Your LT (the aspiring sorcerer) is 68 points.

Thousand sons are NOT viable.

As a one of they're cute because people can throw plasma and lascannons into them and they will shrug it off.

But then you lose because you spent all your points on shit troops

>> No.23256098

Other list thread died off it seems and all I got was a snarky "You'll never get any games" response*, so I'll re-post my Necron list here. I have most of the stuff for it, but I'm wondering if I should drop a Doom Scythe for more warriors.

Destroyer Lord: Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs - 140 pts
Destroyer Lord: Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs - 140 pts

10 Necron Warriors: Night Scythe - 230 pts
10 Necron Warriors: Night Scythe - 230 pts

>Fast Attack
5 Canoptek Wraiths: 3x Whip Coils - 205 pts
5 Canoptek Wraiths: 3x Whip Coils - 205 pts

>Heavy Support
Doom Scythe - 175 pts
Doom Scythe - 175 pts

Total - 1500 pts

*people are starting to bring a lot more flyers to the table in my area now. It was only a matter of time, I NEED TO DEFEND MYSELF.

>> No.23256102

People bitch that sisters are bad, tau are bad, tyranids are bad.

Dark Eldar are super fucking hard to play

>> No.23256112

By the way sisters aren't bad but I don't suggest them as a gateway drug to the hobby.

>> No.23256114
File: 223 KB, 1415x1083, basedprophet our lord and saviour of stupity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're here to show your ugly mug again ey?
bad troll pls go.

>> No.23256128

Ok fine you want to WAAC, play dark angels, get the models off ebay cheap (don't buy a DV kit, buy pieces). You've got a codex, you're garaunteed future support, and 3+ armour saves are cruise control for easy noobs.

You'll also want to ebay 2-4 rhinos, and some tanks (get predators).

>> No.23256136


>> No.23256145

>how balanced is the game anyways?
Not very.
>are there some shit factions that you should just never choose?
No. Every faction can win.

>> No.23256148

The only thing currently keeping sisters from falling apart, is their obsession with flamers and overwatch allowing them to fuck up anyone charging them.

>> No.23256168
File: 212 KB, 500x325, 1334537396875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

D-Lords have warscythes as standard, right? The only thing that might bite you in the ass is a lack of orbs, so you are really going to have to gut anything that threatens those warriors.

>> No.23256170

pls go, or stop using the trip so I am no longer offended by your presence.


>> No.23256173
File: 328 KB, 481x396, ultramarines are badass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My core group is:

Open topped trukk with most of the upgrades(except it keeps a big shoota):
Big mek with KFF, kustom megablasta, and most of the upgrades.
11 'ard shoota boyz, 1 is upgraded to a nob, another is upgraded to big shoota.

Two more open topped trukks with most of the upgrades(except they keep their big shootas):
12 shoota boyz, 1 upgraded to a nob, another is upgraded to big shoota.

2 looted wagons with boom guns and most of the upgrades

Thats about 1000ish points.

I use a battle wagon with most of the upgrades(has 4 big shootaz) and:
20 shoota boyz inside, 1 upgraded to nob, 2 upgraded to big shootaz.

I keep my 3 trukks within 6 inches of the force field for that delicious cover save on one side, I group up my looted wagons usually, depends on the enviorment and their forces, on the other said, accompanied by my battle wagon which moves forward to offer a defensive line for the looted wagons.

With the battlewagon im at about 1400ish points.

If they have a lot of tanks I switch to rokkit lawnchairs from big shootaz, however Im thinking of just keeping big shootaz and running away from any threats to my trukks.

Also the people I play with have 2000+ point armies, so I'm thinking for my last 500 I get a group of boyz or killakanz to surround my looted wagons, as body guards in case im outflanked.

I kind of want to get another trukk, fill it with 10 angry nobs and a warboss, and use it to flank them, taking out any artillery they might have.

I currently fight against someone with plague marines/orkz(who runs horde orkz with sluggas(dont know why) with zagstruk and a bunch of storm boyz), someone who runs space marines, someone who runs grey knights, and someone who runs chaos marines and space wolves.

And no, im never using nob bikers, thats cheap.

>> No.23256179

And the 3+ armor save, allies rules and their fucking special missile launching armor 13 rhino-organ tanks which shoot d6 missiles a turn.

They're still in power-armour wielding bolters.

>> No.23256185

Truly the best of images.

>> No.23256198

Yea, they have scythes standard. and I had planned on having the warriors on the ground instead of in the Scythes, I figured I'd just have to (try and) murder everything if they get shot up and it's objectives.

>> No.23256202

but anon you're forgetting about the faith rules... which sadly arent that badass as before so no more 2++ invuls suddenly. though rending heavy bolters is nasty, same with twin linking melta.

>> No.23256203

maybe post an actual list instead of that never ending story

>> No.23256217

Trukk boyz are bad because you lose fearless almost immediately

>> No.23256222

First, keep trukks cheap. 40pts tops, if that. They are brittle and explode to a swift breeze... you DON'T want to invest more points into a piece of shit transport than you absolutely must. Second, Looted Wagons are pretty crap-tastic. Get IA8 and run them as Big--Trakks with Soopa-Kannons if you must. Otherwise if it's a Russ conversion, just run it as a battlewagon.

And if you're running trukks (dear god why...) then you should be running as many as possible in the force-org chart. Preferably taking battlewagons where possible.

>> No.23256224

so is it the units that are imbalanced then, not the factions?

>> No.23256231

It's Ecchi, he doesn't like games and only posts for attention. He's said so himself.

>> No.23256233

Also looted wagons are shit unless you're playing for lol random

>> No.23256252

No it's just that the game is objective based and you can shot to death everything so like in chess you will often draw

>> No.23256256
File: 407 KB, 250x250, 1339690586226.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Looted Wagons are pretty crap-tastic. Get IA8 and run them as Big--Trakks with Soopa-Kannons if you must
While you are at it get at least 2 Dakkajets and some Nob Bikers.

>> No.23256265

refer to

>> No.23256273

They've always been that. 3+ save isn't what keeps them going. They still suffer more wounds (and casualties) than MEQ based armies.

Literally NOTHING you listed has been something that's changed about the sisters since 3rd ed. And they were shit last edition, too. The biggest thing keeping them from falling apart in 6th is the flamer-obsession, overwatch, and simply not having anything better to spend your Heavy Support choices on. Otherwise they scale terribly in higher point games.

>> No.23256276


>> No.23256286

the whole game is random. to be honest i kinda need more 'oh shit thats funny shit, in my games. i would get the biggest laughs with orks right? chaos has random champs become spawns or cultists become princes

>> No.23256292

>but anon you're forgetting about the faith rules...
No. I'm not. Considering the old Faith rules, I'm doing a justice by not mentioning them.

>> No.23256296

Pretty much. You end up with units that don't make sense points wise any more, or have rules that no longer exist, or general rule changes affect their special rules/equipment and inadvertently nerd/buff them, etc. 2+ saves, for example, got a lot more desirable with the introduction of AP values on melee weapons. Meanwhile, Howling Banshees got a lot worse, because their prime target (terminators with 2+/5++ saves) now take their 2+ save because of the changes to power swords.

>> No.23256300

I've been playing 40k since I was 8 m8, I've earned the right to push plastic models around and argue about rules, you haven't

>> No.23256303

>Trukk boyz are bad
Fixed that for you.

They're just bad. End of story.

>> No.23256306

Run Looted Wagons if you fucking want. But you need to run at least 2. It's godamn S8 large blast.

You can park the wagons behind some of your own units and even if you happen to roll a one then you will still get to fire as you can't shock your own dudes

>> No.23256307

another question... how do the chapters/clans/ect work? do you choose one and stick with it, or can you mix and match? do the different chapters play very differently from each other?

>> No.23256309

You can use trukk shoota boys as a mobile shooting platform so long as you run max battlewagons to draw their AV fire

>> No.23256313

>No. Every faction can win.
Once in awhile.... Some factions have it stupidly worse than others, especially in certain match ups.

>> No.23256316

Oh wow this is bad trolling, stop calling armies chapters/clans, you even called them armies earlier

>> No.23256322

>another question... how do the chapters/clans/ect work?
They work about as well as you do on this board.

>> No.23256329

That's like recommending a space marine player to pick up some marines...

Though you can do without the MiG-knockoff, honestly.

>> No.23256330

Mobile shooting platform with BS2? 30 Boyz sloggin is better

>> No.23256331

>doesn't like games
Then why did I put so much effort into painting and putting together a battlewagon, 3 trukks, and over 50 boyz?

I got the looted wagons pre-made/painted as a gift though.
Heres the thing, they don't want to play with 1000 points(even though half a year ago they said the limit will be 800) and instead want 2000+ point battles. So I'm using the looted wagons as filler until I get something lovely.

Also, the ork player, as I said, runs a horde. I target the center of his ork blob, if I scatter, I still hit just as many, unless I roll boxcars. And even then, he has so many fucking pieces on the board I hit quite a few things.
I give the trukks red paint, ram, and I think grot riggers. To make sure I never have to footslog from immobilized.

>> No.23256332

The different space marine codexes play marginally different from one another. Note that the colors you paint your models don't matter, just that you stick to your one codex (or 2, if you are taking allies).
No other faction has variant rules, so you don't have to worry about it.

>> No.23256343

Can I see your 50 painted boyz

>i dont have a camera here right now

>> No.23256348

There's nothing 'funny' about counting a looted russ as a rhino with an overpriced (1/2 range) ordnance weapon. In fact, it's sad. It's a sad, bitter, slap in the face.

> i would get the biggest laughs with orks right?
Only if you enjoy losing a lot.

>> No.23256352

Marines are troops

The others are powah gamang

>> No.23256354

>Then why did I put so much effort into painting and putting together a battlewagon, 3 trukks, and over 50 boyz?
If I recall, its because you said you like painting. It's a common enough thing: You like the modelling but not the playing.

>> No.23256356

Hey bud you should read the FAQ

"Q. If a Looted Wagon rolls a ‘1’ for “Don’t Press Dat”, but is unable
to complete its move (or even to move at all) because it is blocked
by something it cannot move through (friendly models, etc), does it
still count as having moved for the purposes of shooting? (p54)
A. Yes, regardless of how far it actually moves, the Wagon
always counts as having moved at cruising speed."

>> No.23256361

In which case you should just be fielding Battlewagons and throwing shoota boys into them.

>> No.23256366

i honestly dont know the difference... ive never played 40k before

>> No.23256375


>> No.23256376
File: 328 KB, 481x396, ultramarines are badass2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my original post in this thread there was a picture of one.

Here I'll repost it.

>> No.23256377

Oh well, wagons are still cool.

>> No.23256381

They don't. Clans/Legions/Regiments/Craftworlds no longer exist. Chapters however, you just pick the codex you want to represent your army with.

>> No.23256387

49 to go

>> No.23256390

You don't know anything about firearms either.

>> No.23256393


Play orks, take a shokk attakk gun (it's awful but funny)

And wierdboyz attached to meganobz

>> No.23256395

I think you take the game a little too seriously

>> No.23256402
File: 390 KB, 900x1080, 1343205612898.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's this thing, called playing with noobies.

There's this other thing, called driving to a crowded flgs.

Yup, this is mainly it. There's a large number of units in the game that don't quite measure up to the other options you could be taking.

Also, there's a general tendency for GW to make the older models less useful when an update comes along.

Generally, this hobby is about modelling and getting in beer and pretzels games with friends.

The rule set is very, very vague which can lead to massive arguments with competitive folks.

>> No.23256406

This guy knows how to have fun.

>> No.23256407

Sick burn, you need burn heal, etc. etc.

>> No.23256415

I never said that.
Its all worth it if they hit.

I had a wagon fire on 11 grey knight...whats the ones that aren't terminators? The ones without a 2up save? Those, I forget their name because I don't run grey knights or fight them too often, but it got a direct hit and killed all but 1. The last one then died to a rokkit lawnchair from the same looted wagon.

>> No.23256421

How the fuck are you losing as orks in 6e?

Lootas are the best anti-air in the game and troops (which you get super cheap as fearless) are the most important unit in the game

>> No.23256428

Why does your shoota boy have a slugga

>> No.23256434

Meh as a point filler it's fine.

It's also fine if you're devoted to speed freaks and are running tons of nob bikers and biker boys

>> No.23256447

Based it'll be okay, just go back to whatever board you came from.

>> No.23256453

alright will do

>> No.23256459

Teleporting meganobz across the table? Yes.

>> No.23256461

If you like wagons keep using them. People here think they are very good, and shy away from anything random. These people also complain about how fliers are ruining the game and are unbeatable.

>> No.23256464

AV 11 open topped meaning they will never get a shot off

>> No.23256478

You know you can choose more than 1 thing in your list right?

>> No.23256480

You also want 2 dakkajets and like 30 or 45 lootas

>> No.23256487

So you don't like painting then. I see... what a shame.

>> No.23256489

Yeah, I'm going to go into my workshop and bring out all 50+(the plus is counting the trukks/wagon) of my minitures at 3am in the morning to take a picture for a troll on 4chan.

Even though you'll probably make the excuse of "hurr u dont play u just paint"

I'll do it another day, with my next to them and everything.

I second this, I've fought grey knights and came out on top.

>> No.23256492

Ok well if the s8 blast template will ever threaten their units the looted wagon will be dead unless your opponents are retards

>> No.23256494

Compelling counter point

>> No.23256497

Why are they in a workshop and not your FLGS

you clearly only paint and never play

>> No.23256505

It's the god damn truth, same reason why vindicators are a waste of points, 24" range will be dead before it gets a shot off

>> No.23256509

looted wagons are 'ard case.
No, I mean I never said I dont like the playing.

Fuck it, not going to respond to dipshits who make shit up.

>> No.23256531

>Fuck it, not going to respond to dipshits who make shit up.

Guise this is how I play orks ok, it's totally different than what's good now and if you listen to me you'll lose all your games but I'M NOT A TROLL AND I LOVE THE GAME YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE BECAUSE I HAVE MODELS TRUST ME HERE'S A PICTURE OF ONE ORK THAT I DIDN'T GET OFF GOOGLE

>> No.23256533

>Yeah, I'm going to go into my workshop and bring out all 50+(the plus is counting the trukks/wagon) of my minitures at 3am in the morning to take a picture for a troll on 4chan.

Yes? What is that a waste of your time? You are on 4chan at 3am apparently, your time isn't that precious.

>> No.23256534

I don't know about you, but I bring my models home because I consider them safer here.

>> No.23256538
File: 99 KB, 750x376, 40k mmo Penny Arcade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By the time you get good enough for army choice to matter, the meta will likely have changed. Go with what you like the look/feel of. Trust me on this.

>> No.23256543

Boomgun is 36inches.

>> No.23256549

ok, cool, thanks

i dont know much about the races besides looks. what do each of them play like?

>> No.23256558

It's 36"

>inb4 lol wat difference does 12" make

>> No.23256560

Welcome to Ecchi's logic. Wish I had capped him back when LoL generals were on /v/ and all the bullshit he spouted about that game. At one point he said MF was better as an AP champion than AD... but that's getting off topic, thus the sage.

>> No.23256578

That's a sick zing actually

>> No.23256584

>Then why did I put so much effort into painting and putting together a battlewagon, 3 trukks, and over 50 boyz?

So you could whine and cry and call yourself a wargamer

>> No.23256588

or does that depend on what units you build your army out of?

>> No.23256595

The point is still there, a smart opponent will deploy around the range and dismantle your low armoured vehicle before you get in range

>> No.23256623

>MF was better as an AP champion than AD
I know I said I wouldn't respond to dipshits like you, but what?

I never said that, but what really confuses me is why are you making up bullshit instead of using other statements I've said that people don't agree with?

You could have said things about me using heal on AD carries, rushing last whisper, not taking smite to jungle, thinking udyr is better at tanking than shen...but no, you had to make up bullshit.

>> No.23256647

I rarely move my looted wagons, almost gaurenteeing me one shot.

And I've seen one shot from them decide the game.

>> No.23256649
File: 34 KB, 600x450, 1347722149495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eldar is fast. Lots of specialists who do only one thing really well.

Dark Eldar is faster. More fragile. Hits like a ton of bricks.

Tyranids are the creature from alien and come in 3 flavors: sneaky, hordes of gribblies, and godzilla.

Tau are little blue men with amazing guns and horrible eyesight and nice skimmers.

Orks are really good at bringing tons of fast moving dudes.

Imperial Guard are lots of footsoldiers with really nice tanks, artillery, and air support. Think WWII era.

All the Marine armies are the same. Baby's first wargame. Actually, there's a few small differences. Mostly story driven. Each has one or two cool unique tricks or units, even vanilla marines.

Most armies can do most things at an alright level if you aren't playing against powergaming dickholes.

>> No.23256659

>I know I said I wouldn't respond to dipshits like you, but what?

Well you're not a proven liar, I'm more inclined to believe anon

>> No.23256665

You've spouted so much bullshit you can't remember what you've said.

Also rushing LW wasn't terrible at the time, depending on enemy team comp.

>> No.23256669

Stop responding to him. He is a notorious troll on /v/ who admits to trolling.

>> No.23256670

*now a proven liar

>> No.23256682

Because nobody but sniper lies, obviously.

>> No.23256685

dark eldar seem cool, along with tau too. does the playstyle depend on what units you choose for your armies alot? what do the rest of the races play like?

>> No.23256710
File: 63 KB, 600x445, 1335294635869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unit choice matters a lot in this game, and you can get boned over in list creation just as surely as in any other phase of the game.

Hard counters happen in this game, and balanced lists are relatively difficult to work properly.

So, yes, you'll have a massive amount of choice and accounting to go through before you find the "right" way to use your army.

>> No.23256745

I don't think anyone is implying that he lies intentionally all the time. He's said so much -- jokes, truths, information he was originally wrong about, opinions, perhaps some lies here and there to rile people up -- he simply can't keep track of it all. That's what happens when you get old and senile and you still want people to pay attention to you.

>> No.23256749
File: 1015 KB, 1481x1186, 40k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23256758

>people wanted to be oldfags
>"heh oldfags are senile, summer of 2012 reporting in!"

>> No.23256791

It's primarily a problem with chronic trip users, akin to how politicians simply change their mind over the years on issues due to new understandings, technologies, etc. Problem is, everything they say is publicly locked in time for all to see. Any slip up gets shown like a festering wound for all to poke and tear at.

Shame, really, as Ecchi has contributed quite well at times, even if he does so by simply being wrong.

>> No.23256796

Sorry, grandparent, times are changing. I started here half an hour ago.

>> No.23256798

>enjoy losing
I heard rumors the guy who made the grey knights book is updating tyranids, so I expect them to do a lot better soon.
>grey knights is the one played by cool people
The fuck it isn't.

I had a guy scatter his dreadknight onto a mishap, roll a 1, and raged harder than I've ever seen someone rage before.

>> No.23256802

I like playing the Burniest list possible.

Barring how shitty Burna Bombaz are anyway.

Big Mek (35) 140
Burna (20)
KFF (50)
Heavy Armor (5)
Boss Pole (5)
Cybork (10)
Attack Squig (15)

Big Mek (35) 115
Burna (20)
KFF (50)
Heavy Armor (5)
Boss Pole (5)

Deff Dread (75) 95
Skorcha 2 (10)

Deff Dread (75) 95
Skorcha 2 (10)

Shoota Boyz (20) (120) 160
Nob (10)
Pole (5)
Klaw (25)

Shoota Boyz (20) (120) 160
Nob (10)
Pole (5)
Klaw (25)

Burna boyz (11) 165
Burna boyz (11) 165

Fast Attack:
Burna Bomma 185

Heavy support:
Looted Wagon (35) 70
Skorcha (15)
Shoota 2 (10)
Red paint (5)
Ram (5)

Looted Wagon (35) 70
Skorcha (15)
Shoota 2 (10)
Red paint (5)
Ram (5)

Battle Wagon (90) 115
Shoota 4 (20)
Deff Rolla (20)
Ball (10)

Battle Wagon (90) 115
Shoota 4 (20)
Deff Rolla (20)
Ball (10)

For some odd reason, No one who plays Orkz nids wants to wants to fight my army.

I also have a "Firz to da foight/" list that encompasses 60 stormboyz with zaggy, three dakka jetz, shoota boyz and trukks. By turn two, I'm already krumpan and da dakka aint leff wantin'

>> No.23256824

Is it me, or has /tg/ REALLY been letting tripfriends get to it lately?

>> No.23256825
File: 92 KB, 580x750, 1344573100398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Troll or not, this is the most interesting thread at the moment.

Generally each army has two or three ways that they are played very well, but lots of the small unit tactics comes down to you and what gear you give to each squad.

Take fast dudes, be fast. Take shooty dudes, be shooty, etc.

Sisters of Battle are all about flamers, melta, and missiles. They're... hard to describe. They suffer from having one list syndrome though. Their good stuff is amazing, most other options are meh.

Necrons have all the cool technology, are resilient, and have strong melee options. You'll hear lots about their flyers.

Grey Knights are "the best of the best." You'll always be outnumbered, but chances are each of your dudes is significantly better than whatever the other guy has.

All flavors of marine generally have a good mix of a variety of options. Each can do just about anything alright, but has one or two specialties.

Space Wolves do generic marines best.

Dark Angels do bikes best.

Dark Templar do Landraiders and swarms of marines best.

Blood Angels do jump infantry best.

Vanilla Marines do Thunderhammer Terminators cheapest and have the most options.

Chaos... kinda lacks mobility, but does very well in the value department. Cultists, helldrakes, and generic marines are nifty.

Chaos Daemons are random as all heck (you've got no control over when parts of your army show up, or even if they do at all), but generally have really good value.

>> No.23256834

I thought about going burna boyz, the idea of getting a battlewagon right up on a piece of terrain that soldiers were hiding behind and rolling 66-some dice really appealed to me.
>No one who plays Orkz nids wants to wants to fight my army.
I actually do, since I'm shooty so I outrange you. What time zone you in?

>> No.23256841

Only the ones that are proven liars.

>> No.23256843

Fuck that is fantastic.

>> No.23256857

But everyone lies.

>> No.23256858

>the guy who made the grey knights book

10/10 excellent trolling you have WITHOUT A DOUBT proven that you have NEVER played 40k or even SEEN a 40k model

>> No.23256863

It's because there are just some really terrible ones.

There are about 3 who just act like complete turds and morons.

However on the flip side, unlike other boards, everyone else is actually pretty reasonable/cool

>> No.23256869
File: 29 KB, 280x280, poptart_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, his army is so hot its cool.

>> No.23256875
File: 85 KB, 580x737, 1348869293209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Our local Grey Knight player has made a habit of shattering his minis against a wall.

I mean, if he was playing guard and wore a commisar hat, I'd forgive him.

Man, that's scary. Really, really scary. My DE tend to be on foot as often as not and that many templates........

Must make ya feel like pic related.

>> No.23256877

Have you never seen his posts here before? He really is a moron who can't read, or can't keep quiet.

>> No.23256879

are games usually 1v1 or multiplayer? and id imagine some armies are just good matchups in general vs other armies? dark eldar seem like the most fun to play for me, but i really like the look of the tau too, and then grey knights and necrons are just really strong in 6e? so to start out 40k, id need an army (research what units are good online?), a codex, and some paints and brushes?

>> No.23256885

use google what the fuck

>> No.23256891

Thus the trip, he gets off on people calling him an idiot.

You can really google a lot of this shit, but generally games are 1v1.

>> No.23256892
File: 12 KB, 236x365, 1361216206655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Chaos Daemons are random as all heck (you've got no control over when parts of your army show up, or even if they do at all)

Not anymore

>> No.23256898

okay, so I'm about to build a necron army, mostly because i like most of the models. i don't want it to be absolutely unplayable, but it shouldn't be cheesy either. also: i hate the models of their fliers so they aren't an option.

how about the following list (1500p):

Overlord (Warscythe, Command Barge, Sudoku Scarabs)
Harbinger of Despair (Shroud of Darkness)
Lord (Res. Orb)

5 Deathmarks
Triarch Stalker

10 Immortals (Tesla)
10 Warriors (Ghost Ark)
10 Warriors

3 Scarabs
3 Scarabs
3 Wraiths (1 with Whipcoils)

Annihilation Barge (Tesla)
Annihilation Barge (Tesla)

is that an okay list? keep in mind, it's not for "competitive" use

>> No.23256910

You want more warriors and the scarabs are better as one larger unit than two smaller ones

>> No.23256918
File: 49 KB, 631x469, must not laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I mean, if he was playing guard and wore a commisar hat, I'd forgive him.
I laughed harder than I should have.

But it seems that people who play grey knights play it because they don't care about anything but winning, so when they lose, its something they dont expect to do when they're GK.

Not all people though, I've met some nice grey knight players, but most of them have a really short temper. Like a redhead on her period.

>> No.23256920
File: 18 KB, 253x302, f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can never really remember. I live in Nashville, TN though.

Range really isn't that much of an issue for me. Also burna boyz in Mass are fucking brutal.

Looted wagons aren't HORRIBLE, but a battle wagon with fifteen Burna boyz ( two mek boyz and a big mek for the repairs makes killing it a bitch and a three quarters)
The skorcha on the looted wagon also makes it where heavy armor means jack shit. The second it blows up and I lose a few of the boyz kinda sucks, but next go I'm going to charge and if it's there, go lord are you fucked.

I can even drop the Burna Bomma, and Wreckin' balls bring more burna boyz, add another looted wagon and you're pretty much fucked if I get anywhere near you.

39templates of "Fuck you hordes."
Averaging five models per temple, that's 160 auto hitting str 4 and 25 str 5 attacks with no range and against orkz and nids no armor save.

>> No.23256934

I'd really like to see this list in action against a MEQ list. Just to see how it would roll out.

I'm sure theres heaps of tactical shit you can do with pure template to fuck with any army THOUGH.

>> No.23256939

okay, what would you suggest dropping for the warriors? and i guess more units of 10 is what i am aiming for?

>> No.23256940

It does if I don't play against my necron friend.

I fucking hate necrons. At least when I kill a marine they stay fucking dead and don't auto glace with their basic infantry gun.

>> No.23256945
File: 88 KB, 600x814, 1355812654271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really, you'd be best off going to your local store or finding a group to play with and getting a few practice games under your belt before committing.

40k is goddamn expensive. Find out if you like the game before buying in.

Most games are 1 v 1, though 2 v 2 is doable. The game mechanics don't really support three way combat well.

Dark Eldar is one of the most difficult armies to play, but your wins will be that much more rewarding.

Tau do look pretty nifty, and they are kinda hard to find right now. Well, in my experience anyway.

One of the main benefits to buying marines is that you can use 90% of the models with any of 7 or so codexes. So if you don't like your army, swapping is easier.

The downside is, everyone and their grandmother runs marines.

>> No.23256947

Nice. I'm in south carolina.

I've been to TN quite a few times, maybe if I go to dollywood again I'll stop by the hobby store you go to.

I'm thinking of proxy-ing my shootaz and burnaz and trying that sometime. Theres a guy who claims to have an "unbeatable" 2500 point ork horde army that I really want to show up. Hes quite arrogant.

>> No.23256954

>Theres a guy who claims to have an "unbeatable" 2500 point ork horde army that I really want to show up. Hes quite arrogant.
Okay I have to filter you now

jesus fuck who cares

>> No.23256957

Barring the army, it's really dependant on how well you and your opponent roll. If you roll "Don't press dat when you're in range for a burn it sucks so bad.

If you lose all your looted wagons before you even make it there, it sucks BAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

If it's guard it's going to suck. You will be lucky if you can get there without losing a lot of your boyz and wagons.

>> No.23256973

>Okay I have to filter you now
Is it because you've made a thousand posts talking shit about him and hes ignoring you?

>> No.23256983
File: 57 KB, 442x722, LDaemon1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deepstrike mishaps can happen, friend. It's very rare for other armies to lose a unit in the deployment phase.

That said, yes. 6th made reserves a lot easier to get out of and made mishapping less dangerous. All good things.

Daemons are doing really well now, right?

hmm... need more daemon pictures. All I've got is lawyer daemonettes.

>> No.23256984

thanks for all the help dude.

>> No.23256990

I goto Wargames LLC. It's a cool shop, right now everyone is on a Fantasy binge though. Including myself.

"unbeatable" 2500? Yeah, just bring six squads of fiften lootahz and six battewagonz.

Easiest way to beat that is to bring Tankbustaz in a battle wagon with rokkit and a kill kannon. Second that wagon goes "boom" drop that kill kannon right on the survivors and let that troll face gleam.

>> No.23256999

put your trip back on

>> No.23257045

>Most games are 1 v 1, though 2 v 2 is doable. The game mechanics don't really support three way combat well.

It does and it doesn't. It's main problem is the second someone brings any sort of scary unit, the other two are going to look dead at that fucker and blow it the fuck up.

>The downside is, everyone and their grandmother runs marines.
Play orkz then YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

Want a fast army? Kult of Speed; Evil sunz, Storm boyz Stompa Squadz
Want a shoota list? Bad moonz
Krumpy? Goffz
Taktikul? Blood axes
Swarm of da boyz? Snake bitez

I really hope the rumors are true about the ork update though.

FNP Stock on every ork infantry model, AP on choppaz and big choppaz, Wyrdboy getting more waaagh abilities.Buggies not sucking
Tankbustaz maybe getting nob stats. Oh lord would it be great.

>> No.23257060
File: 52 KB, 400x669, 1353069464296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been slack with my DE since 6th. (Mostly because i'm a Chaos and DA player and it's been an interesting few months...)

1500 points

HQ – 140p

Haemonculus – 65p
Venom Blade, Liquefier Gun

Succubus – 75p
HWG, Venom Blade

Troops – 855p

3x Wracks – 55p
Acothyst w/ Venom Blade, Liquifier Gun
˪˪Venom w/ Extra Cannon – 65p

10x Warriors - 90points
˪Raider w/ Splinter Racks, Night Shields – 80p

10x Warriors - 90points
˪Raider w/ Splinter Racks, Night Shields – 80p

5x Warriors – 60p
˪Venom w/ Extra Cannon, Night Shields – 75p

5x Warriors – 60p
˪Venom w/ Extra Cannon, Night Shields – 75p

5x Wyches – 60p
˪Venom w/ Extra Cannon – 65p

Fast Attack – 312p

6x Reavers – 156p
2x Heat Lances

6x Reavers – 156p
2x Heat Lances

Heavy Support

Ravager – 125p
Flickerfield, Night Shields

68 points left

>> No.23257061
File: 60 KB, 800x600, 1347739053184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome. I treat ya nice because that's what I've seen on this board. Pay it forward to some newbie some day?

Any other questions?

Also, check 1d4chan for 40k advice. It's usually pretty accurate.

>> No.23257135
File: 40 KB, 480x640, 1355399165617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>10x Warriors - 90points
>˪Raider w/ Splinter Racks, Night Shields – 80p
>10x Warriors - 90points
>˪Raider w/ Splinter Racks, Night Shields – 80p

I run these every now and then too.

Though I've seen some people run Splinter Cannons over the Splinter Racks in squads like these. Sure, you get less shots, but if/when the squad disembarks or their ride gets blown up they can still put out extra dakka.

At Range, the Racks will give you about 3 more shots. The Cannon will give you 2 to 4 more shots.

How has that 3 wrack squad with two HQs been working for you?

>> No.23257168

It's supposed to attract fire (and oh god it does) but it means the most of my army shoots at priority targets however I never know what to do with our HQ's. I just sorta throw them away since i'm used to HQ's that can actually do shit (like MoN Chaos Bikers)

>> No.23257182
File: 30 KB, 480x320, 1342581388713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Who said anything about now? I'm talking about the future.

>> No.23257274
File: 26 KB, 378x363, 1356824733031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hm? Am I missing nifty rumors?

> I never know what to do with our HQ's
Usually I put a cheap HQ in a squad of troops who want to come in from reserve and take an objective via assault on turn 4 or 5.

I've had a little luck in taking two stompy HQs and two reaver squads and going after both enemy flanks.

>It's supposed to attract fire (and oh god it does)

I think I'll have to give it a shot. I almost never put my HQs in a venom.

Has anyone seen that invisible beasts DE list that's been doing well in major tournaments lately? Stompy things.

>> No.23257299

>insert my_sides_went_to_auschwitz.png

>> No.23257315


Check Faeit212, now that GW announced Daemons, the floodgates are apparently opening

>Flamers and Screamers are getting nerfed, but the real big change will be Deamons having standard Deployment rules: no more Daemonic Assault.

>> No.23257325

> sob figures
> looking like women

Good joke.

>> No.23257349
File: 70 KB, 454x378, 1355781900219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's... wow.

I'm a little sad that the wonky deployment won't be a thing anymore, but at the same time... wow.

Wasn't everyone betting on Dark Templar, Tau, or Eldar getting updated before Daemons? Come to think of it, which Codexes are oldest right now?

>> No.23257364
File: 148 KB, 720x539, 1354096348831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HQ: Necron overlord - res orb/phase shifter
royal court: 5 necron lords - res orb/phase shifter

troop: 20 necron warriorsx6

hows my 2300 list?

>> No.23257403


Nah, Daemons have been known for a while now, the only thing was people didn't know if it was going to be a codex/army book or WD update.

Tau are next, followed by Eldar, for 40k anyway.

Black Templars are a long ways off, at most they're looking at a WD band-aid in the future.

Apparently this is the reason for updating Daemons so soon.

>The big reason Deamons were fast tracked has to do with Alessio Cavatore. Chatting with a few inside GW there has been an everything Alessio purge, and Daemons are the last big chunk of Alessio material left. Yeah, I know it sounds kinda petty, but it was a major impetus to get Daemons done

>> No.23257446

Easy as balls to get rid of.

Shit man all I'd need to beat you is bring three Looted wagonz with boom gunz

Three squads of Lootahz

And shoota boyz, you'd lose BAD

>> No.23257466

if tau are getting updated soon, should i hold off making an army until then? and when you say eldar are getting updated after, is that just eldar, or dark eldar too?

>> No.23257500
File: 39 KB, 478x520, 1329678442710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>FNP Stock on every ork infantry model

>> No.23257520

>the real big change will be Deamons having standard Deployment rules
Wait... I thought GW were trying to make the game MORE fun and wacky?

>> No.23257556

>should i hold off making an army until then?
You can probably get away with getting some basic stuff like Fire Warriors. You don't want to buy a whole load in one go anyway. It takes tiiiiiiiiiiiiime to assemble/paint.

> is that just eldar, or dark eldar too?
Just Eldar. Dark Eldar were updated a couple of years ago, which is the 40k equivalent of 'yesterday'.

>> No.23257592
File: 6 KB, 175x162, 1359387620171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did you laugh even a little at that list?
you talk like you would be proud of winning that game.

>> No.23257624

who's alessio cavatore? yeah the update to deamons does feel kinda early, though any update is kinda hopeful for 40k. gotta admit im not sure if i should be worried or thrilled at the rate they're putting out faqs now

>> No.23257662
File: 174 KB, 1024x361, 20121208_153457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no shokk attack?
i also go for 9 zzaps for shits and giggles

just got my grot tanks so will be reshuffling this lot to include 'em

>> No.23257779


As far as I know he's a game developer who used to work at GW and then left and created Mantic's knockoffs of 40k and Fantasy.

>> No.23257808

No, I legitimely thought you were serious.

Sad part is, Mech Guard that list might do ok.

>> No.23257850

He did a lot of fantasy

He did "ok" from what I can remember with fantasy

His Ruleset for Kings of War is good, it basically is fantasy, minus all the bullshit.

Warpath is fucking horrible though, he really needs to just stop trying writing for it.

>> No.23257852

Hey guys, I need some help with an army idea I had. Long story short I'm a WHFB Bret player. that finally got convinced by his friends to get back into 40k. At first I wanted to dust offy 3rd Ed Sisters and bring them up to 1500 but after seeing their prices and new codex I decided to hold off on that. Anyway after putting my brain into high geàr I came up with the most original idea EVAR: knight themed biker army styled after my Fantasy army. My friends recommended me to check out the SM codex since they can field bikes as Troops and I liked it at first: Marines have this knight feel already going for them and Scouts could. play the role of squires, but the fact that they are meant for shooting instead of assaulting. I guess I could just go with them treating their bolters as swords, meltas as lances but that's a bit... meh. Can you tell if there's an army with assault oroented bikes ?

Other than that bile army tips would be welcomed.

>> No.23257879

you'll want dark angels ravenwing then. they are knights, tetunic? i cant remember right now, and are pretty decent now with their new book. lots of feathers. if im not mistaken they were/are native american based

>> No.23258046

If you blow up a vehicle that has dudes inside, can you then shoot the guys inside that came out that same turn?

>> No.23258164
File: 198 KB, 481x1423, 1333860144906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, with a different unit. No blowing up a transport with a unit's melta gun, then having the other 9 guys in that unit wait to shoot.

Dark Angels do Knights on bikes. Orks do really stompy bikes. Eldar / Dark Eldar do faster and "shoot and run away" bikes.

I don't know much about DA, but they apparently do very well at buckets of bolter dakka thanks to a sacred banner. The native american thing is mostly out of date and unsupported now.

I know space wolves do squires on bikes with their Swiftclaws. Chaos also can field a pretty mean bike list with Mark of Nurgle bikers.

Black Templar have always been more traditional "Knights" but they won't play anything like what you're looking for.

>> No.23258212
File: 157 KB, 1000x1000, Warhammer pron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do necron lolis have a bandaid on their forehead?

>> No.23258244

Considering running a 1500 Psychic Choir in order to play some genestealers again:

Swarmlord (280)
Tervigon + Catalyst, Onslaught, Toxin sacs (200)

3 Zoanthropes + Mycetic Spore (220)
2 Zoanthropes (120)

15 Termagaunts (75)
15 Termagaunts (75)
Tervigon + Catalyst, Onslaught, Toxin sacs (200)
9 Genestealers + Broodlord (158)
8 Genestealers + Broodlord (158)

Total: 1500, 10 psykers, 55 models

>> No.23258401

>Yes, with a different unit. No blowing up a transport with a unit's melta gun, then having the other 9 guys in that unit wait to shoot.
I was told in the rulebook it says when you start shooting phase you have to say whos shooting at what all at once, and then roll. Making it impossible to shoot at the people inside.

>> No.23258435

I'm 99% sure thats not the case.

The way I play and all the wargaming videos I've seen do it otherwise.

I could be wrong, I'm very uneducated in the tabletop game with only 10 games under my belt.

>> No.23258521

Alright I decided to read the book for you as many people on this board has done for me.

Heres what it says on page 12.
>The shooting process can be summarized in five steps, as described below. Each step is explained in greater detail later in this section. ONCE YOU'VE COMPLETED THIS SHOOTING SEQUENCE WITH ONE OF YOUR UNITS, SELECT ANOTHER AND REPEAT THE SEQUENCE.

The sequence is nominate unit to shoot, choose target, roll to hit, roll to wound, allocate wounds, remove pieces.

So since nominate who shooting what is in the sequence, which you repeat, this means that no, you dont select whos shooting what before before you ever fire a shot.

On the subject of can you pop a vehicle then shoot the guys who come outside, i dont remember, I'd believe the guy you responded to though.

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