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Can we get a Nurgle thread. He is by far my favorite Chaos God

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Rolled 59

Yeah, that picture is badass.

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Grandfather Nurgle loves all and only seeks to spread his message.

Look at how adorable his little nurglings are!!!

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Rolled 51

Tzeentch probably would've been more awe-inspiring, however.

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Papa Nurgle loves me :))))))

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Nay. We all know the greatest Chaos God and its greatest servitor.

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40k's only benevolent deity.

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that's pretty fair, idk how any normal person would actually react to seeing essentially a mountain of rotting, smiling, diseased flesh

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Why? Slaanesh gives you sexy purple chicks. Nurgle gives you the Sister of Nurgle.

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who is a fine ass woman with huge squishy pus filled tities and an ass so fat (from swelling) that your dick will literally rot off and live inside her forever

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also a lot of those chicks have claws....

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Rolled 1, 6, 6 = 13

Rolling fer STR

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How would the imperium even know what the Chaos Gods looked like?

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Rolled 4, 4, 2 = 10

rolling 4 Con

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that's a good question maybe visions of the warp from astropaths

also the nurglings have come to play!!!

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Fuck you Cartman! every war comes to an end but decay is forever!!!!

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Anyone see a resemblance?

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Nurgle is so ugly, even I wouldn't hit that!
Not love, ever,


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Hahaha gather round my little decaying children. What shall Papa G'aap cook up for dinner tonight?

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Nurgle followers love travelling too.

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All Hail Booger-Lord!

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hmmm let's see ah this human will make a fine steak for my little darling boys! Hmm but I'll have to marinade him in the cauldron for a while. What should we use to marinade? remember young ones if you don't take your toxins you'll never grow big and strong like Papa!

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>tfw you will never know Grandpapa Nurgles love.

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let's start with just a dash of nurgle's rot. Hmm yes smell that decay! Hahaha!

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yeah, no thanks

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I smell heretical bullshit!

pfft, I kid. Nurgle is the best. He's the grandfather we all wish we had.

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So it's theorized that Khorne's first servant was Genghis Khan (Doombreed) and Tzeentch's first was Isaac Newton (M'kachan). Do Nurgle and Slaanesh have a historical servant?

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It was Margaret Thatcher

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Now, lets add some botulism toxin to keep his flesh somewhat together and then we'll let him simmer.

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No. IT was nobody human. Humanity had nothing to do with the rise of the chaos gods.

I am kind of getting tired of people thinking this.

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Who would do this?

Why do this?

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His flesh is a bit too tough. Let's apply a liberal dosage of leprosy

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Finally, let's give him some juice. Ebola should make him nice and bloody!

There you are my childre, dinner is served now eat up and grow strong and sickly! Hahaha


They grow up so fast!!!

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not to mention penises

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For nurgle at least I believe the Great Unclean ones are basically physical aspects of him so if you manage to glimpse one before your eyeballs explode into maggots well there you go.

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It's canon that khorne came about during Terras middle ages

Nurgle was around then too.

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>Marilyn Manson
>not Alice Cooper

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nurgle has almost always been

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Lol'd at the tentacle grabbing the guy's sword. First he has to dress up in corroded armor that will probably break after the first blow. Then he and his comrades have to march in ankle deep pisswater. Now, just as the battle's finally getting started, some tentacle won't let go of his fucking sword. Guy's having a bad day.

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>all fantasy dudes
>all in fantasy armor, swords maces and knives
>that one cunt with a boltgun, wtf

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STILL waiting for my fucking arms to arrive for my second plague marine squad

hurry up Bitzbarn

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My favourite part is the faggots chilling on the Greater daemon of nurgle.

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why dont they have arms?

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because chaos that's why

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Because thats a Deathguard upgrade kit (about $20) You only get the torsos and heads

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I bet Slaanesh's first Daemon Prince would be a really depraved pre-fall Eldar, the type who committed genocide for pleasure, who impressed Slaanesh so much (s)he spared him.

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Who said M'kachan was Isaac Newton? He doesn't seem like him. Hell, the fluff contradicts itself over whether he's a Daemon Prince or a Lord of Change.

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Yes, yes I do

Fighting Great Unclean Ones was some of the most fun I've ever had in Warhammer Online. The one in the streets of Altdorf was an amazing public quest that brought the whole slum district together, and battling the other on top of the mountains in Ostland was great. Man, I miss that game.

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then let nurgle blessing reign forth bring on the nurglings

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A remnant of the time when 40k Chaos and Fantasy Chaos were more intertwined.

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Good times. I use to run a Dwarven Engi and a Black Orc. Fun timers.

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It has to be fanwank.
It makes no sense whatsoever for him to be even a chaos worshiper, let alone a daemon prince

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does anyone else have more alt art of nurgle and his daemons

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not slaanesh...enjoy your cock rotting to nothing.

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how do you not find this attractive

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just a simple Plaguebearer in the service of loving Grandfather Nurgle

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