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If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend on /tg/ related things, what would they be?
I would fund an HBO series about the Horus Heresy. Each episode would have the same budget as the movie Avatar.

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I would put together the greatest opera singers and stage directors and costume makers in the world for one reason: to put together the entirety of the 40k timeline into a musical.

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Unlimited money you say... That might be just enough to buy one full 40k army from GW.

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I would settle for a 2D traditionally animated musical by Disney. With Trayzn the Infinite as the villain.

Does building a dreamhouse with a huge room for massive wargaming battles count?

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keep dreaming pal, that wouldn't even cover the cost of paint.

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yea, i would get basicly everything GW makes, and the funding a movie/tv show isnt bad. Good Quality CG tv series based around a guardsman seargent in the middle of a OHSHITEVERYTHINGSFUCKED situation

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WoD video games, in the mold of VtM: Bloodlines.

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Yer GerdDerm right it does.


You've got unlimited money man, fuck CG. You can have every actor be Tom Hanks and Charlie Sheen

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I would build myself some power armor.

And a Planet Killer.

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Buy enough shares of GW stock to make me the majority shareholder, force them to advance the story.

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I'd hire a slave army and build whatever setting my campaign of the week would be.

Gotta have that immersion for your players.

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People actually like DnD lore?

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is rent a /tg/ related thing? i'd like to be able to make that

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I said this once before in a thread like this. If someone is willing to write me a libretto, I would be totally willing to write an opera or a musical to go with the 40K world.

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i would fund space travel for commercial reasons in search of precious metals, then build a fleet to rival the imperium of man and start a machine cult on mars

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Sequel to the Space Marine video game set in the Horus Heresy, with two story lines to play through, one loyalist and one traitor. Either story you play, the game begins pre heresy with everybody on the same side, and it continues up through the Siege of Terra into the aftermath. And it would be long. Very long indeed.

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I would play the hell out of that.

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It has nothing to do with the lore and everything to do with the mechanics.

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Which idea of a libretto? There's some conflict over it.

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So would everybody else, but no, WotC and Atari have to be fucking retarded.

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Siege of Terra episode of an HBO mini-series would be /the/ shit.

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the heresy would be so good.

Imagine the first heretic in CG form. Tears would be shed

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From what I gather, a libretto is pretty much the script of an opera, right? So would it play out like this?:



[Commence Song 1]

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Well if a dream house with a wargaming room counts then.
A Medium sized to large house, secret passage ways, secret rooms, a basement with two rooms with 16 state-of-the-art desktop PCs each with air conditioning to keep them cool for badass LAN parties, a home theatre, all 3 rooms connecting to a huge central gaming room with a giant, modular board (that can be taken from or added to as needed), lots of terrain, 10K points of every GW army (A selection of Titans when available), every Flames of War, Infinity, Battlefleet Gothic, and Firestorm Armada armies/fleet.

I'd fund a 2D traditionally animated musical by Disney. With Trayzn the Infinite as the villain and an inquisitor who just earned his sigil as the protagonist.

A Michael Bay Space Marine film because Space Marines don't need plot, they need explosions.

A Planetside style Imperial Guard MMO.

A tau adaption of Mulan.

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You want tears, son?

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That would require 40k be a story though.

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I would use my unlimited money to block the development of a Horus Heresy series until a half way decent writer was told:
1. the basics of the Space Marines Legions and their primarchs, bare essentials.
2. The bare essentials of the Horus Heresy
3. Are not allowed to look upon the BL books, or see or hear, or talk to any of the BL staff.

Maybe we can avoid all that character assassination.

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The libretto pretty much is the script. I am not familiar enough with the lore of 40K to write it myself, or choose which libretto to use.

From the script, I could probably figure out what styles of music to use, and what voice parts the actors should be.

Already, the world of 40K seems like it would fit the mold of a standard romanticism era opera. It already has all the necessary plotholes.

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I would fund a TV Series of 40k THAT BEGINS on the eve of the emperor's birth and end in 999 M40 it would obviously run for about 20years, no seasons just a new episode every single week

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Why not just buy GW?

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But I feel like you'd probably have to incorporate Gregorian chanting and CERTAINLY there'd have to be some baroque influence because I mean come on.

Actually that sounds pretty awesome. We really need a writefag who could draft this libretto

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It is not and you can't use your infinite money on it. You can, however, use your /tg/ related stuff to "launder" the money for lack of a better term.

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I would revive Vampire, The Eternal Struggle and keep it healthy for a good many years.
Also I would finally commission that Sister of Battle dakimakura cover to be made.

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If I'm in charge, you can bet your ass it's actually gong to be a 4 fucking month long episode (or however long the SoT lasted) and it's gonna be showing EVERY FUCKING THING

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...Hm. Well then.

I can't make promises, because of how sincerely and totally ignorant I am about opera. However, I think I could try whipping something up. If there's any one that happens to be reading this that had the same thoughts though, I would advise you not let my words stop you. More librettos mean more choices, which would be better I think.

My first thought is a governor who is preparing for the Imperium's tax collector. An honest mistake from a friend- maybe his wife in sympathy for a starving city lets them at the grain stores, or an effete brother of the governor's getting swindled by a rogue trader- suddenly puts the governor at risk of not paying his tithe. In fear of the Imperium's wrath, the governor tries every measure possible to make up the difference, but only makes the problem worse and worse and worse.

I'm kind of halfway tempted to throw in Chaos temptation to try to make up the difference, but I'm not sure. I'll have to think on this. And this is just the idea, no real writing.

If I just posted the libretto to /tg/, would you see it or should I try to make it go some place else?

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Might be too /lit/, but I'd make good anime adaptions of some sf/fantasy books.

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Fuck it, lets have a contest. Set a date and after maybe a month of writing the best libretto wins. Maybe we even manage to find several composers and each choose their favorite.

I would consider writing one leading up to, during and the aftermath of the Istvaan Fiasco.

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I'd see it and try to help even though I know nothing of opera.

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I will create Commorragh in the middle of an artificial island in the Pacific. Every city of extravagance, depravity, and vice on Earth will pale before the black spires of the Dark City. Slaves, drugs, blackjack and hookers will flow in a never-ending orgy of abandon and lust.

The catch is that I have to make it related to a traditional game, which means that the entire thing has to technically count as a very large piece of tabletop terrain, which prospective citizens must win the right to live in through gladiatorial LARP in the Wych-Cult arenas. Non-lethal, because it's just a game after all. Think of it as the Disneyland for sado-masochists.

Of course, once we have spent all of the money on drugs (yes, we will spend all of the unlimited money) we will have to start raiding mon-keigh nations for supplies. Fortunately we will have a large supply of battle-honed, six-pack-abbed, drug-crazed nerds on hand.

The city will cause its own downfall as it pisses off every nation at once, and the resulting giga-ton explosion will leave a gaping hole in the ocean where it stood, an eye of terror. The prophecy of Sodom and Gomorrah fulfilled.

Actually, screw that city crap, I'll just take the blackjack and hookers!

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I should however state my entire experience with opera's is seeing one 10 years ago that i didn't really pay attention to.

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I might give it a shot but as Iid I know nothing of opera.

I might try one of an imperial guardsmen coming to terms with the prospect of a horrible death

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Again you persist in stealing my name.

Stop it. Stop it now

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That would require management skills that I lack. Even with all the money in the world I still wouldn't have the time or intelligence to learn that.

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Stop stealing my name.

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Pay other people to learn it for you?

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Hah, that sounds good. A lot of bombastic personalities, blood oaths, death all that.

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Don't get me wrong, I love baroque, particularly monteverdi and palestrina, but the musical seques may be a little too great. I could squeeze it in depending on the libretto though.
Chaos is always a plus in opera. The gods always have a hand in what's going on.

One of my favorite operas, L'incornazione di Poppea, is essentially the deities of love, virtue, and fortune proving who can fuck shit up more. All the while the stupid mortals are bending to their commands.

A contest would be cool.

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I would buy out GW and shut it down. Finally the end of the stupid that is 40k will be over.

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(After the Council of Nikea)

MAGNUS: My father hath decreed my purpose foul and full of spite! He knows not what this power means, the sheer force of its might!

TZEENTCH (disembodied voice offstage): He fears what he can't understand, the fool has lost his sight! With your great strength and sorcery you can put this empire right!

MAGNUS: My soldiers have been condemned, all outcasts by his hand! But no crime have we committed, I do not understand!

TZEENTCH: Even with your single eye, you see more than he can! Do not fear, for soon the time will come to make your stand!

(Music stops, as Magnus walks offstage deep in thought)

TZEENTCH: Hahahaha. Hahahahahaha! Ahaahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Why did you guys steal my name?

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Commission a solid gold life size statue of pic related with appropriate painting

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Does getting Isaac Asimov's book "Foundation" turned into a TV miniseries and RPG setting similar to Rogue Trader count?

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That reminds of some really weird opera that I became aware of recently. It was all musical settings of letters written during the civil war. There was no cohesive story, but it really showed how the war affected people.

Maybe something like that would work in the grim darkness of the 41st century.

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Rolled 46

Updated rulebooks for 40k/exalted ** written by humans **

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Why don't you trip

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There happy now

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A contest WOULD be cool.
So let's just set a date and see what happens?

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I have no knowledge on writefaggotry, so I don't know what an acceptable date would be.

Anyone have any suggestion?

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The conflict of the story could be whether or not to receive khorne s blessings in exchange for being the person who swings the chainsaw rather than the one who is slain

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Foul Impersonators are taking my name from me.

Can I use my unlimited money to buy the rights to my name, since everyone wants to steal it?

If not, I have to go with a 40k related show with HBO levels of funding. I'd want to do it about the Guard, but I think that I'd have to start with something iconic, like Isstvan III, and work the Guard in in a spin-off which covers the events of the present.

Now they're using tripcodes. Great.

Tell me, imposters: If you're the real LWDM, what does it stand for?

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Are you really that stupid as to think that making another trip code makes you me? I hate that I have to use a trip code to keep you from stealing my name.

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>Horus Heresy
No thanks. If I want to watch a bunch of egotistic manchildren throw tantrums all day, I can go watch Jersey Shore.

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Ok, so.
How long do we think it would take to create an almost decent libretto?
Also Operalord, what does a good libretto contain?
Just a general story? Detailed script for all parts?

>> No.23252326

I am interested in knowing this too, as another writefag.

>> No.23252343

Shut up anon we both know you would watch it.

The real question is who could possibly play a primary and how could any amount of money make the spectacle the books describe

>> No.23252372

A primarch fuck spell check

>> No.23252375

I don't know what you people are on, but 'I' am the one, true LWDM

>> No.23252379


Ryan Gosling on stilts with wings as Sanguinus

>> No.23252384

I know what it stands for, but I'd rather not tell an impostor like yourself to make it harder to copy me. Now please stop shitposting in this thread.

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Preferably, it would be a real script. Opera doesn't have to rhyme, and I could play with the syllables to better fit my purposes. Also, a synopsis (for those who don't know 40K to well, like me) and a breakdown into acts would be fantastic.

>> No.23252387

From what I can tell it's somewhat like the script to a play? There are the words to the song, who's singing/speaking and some very sparse stage directions. It seems the composer does all the matching to the music though.

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Ahhhh, now there's an idea.

It starts with a challenge! Four foul cultists, worshippers of each respective god challenge each other to do the worst evil with the least action. The Khornate states he will kill a single man, setting off a firestorm of war. The Nurglite says he will mutate a single germ, and it will cause a plague that will kill billions. The Tzeentchian says he will magic a spell to make a man think a single thought that will start a heresy that will ravage the planet for eons. And the Slaaneshi says she will leave a curtain drawn, that will destroy the world. The others are shocked by her boast, and don't believe her. The slaaneshi, a servant in the castle of the governor gives a knowing smile.

The next day, the governor is pleased to congratulate his ministers and nobility for their work in gathering the tithe of their agri world by throwing a concert. The sorcerous servant goes about the crowd, serving them graciously and humbly, while turning to the audience and singing of their hypocrisy and foul deeds. She then serves the governor's wife, and notes she's the worst of all, a woman with a compassionate heart. The sorceress let's the governor's child go and play, and the wife comes along to wonder where her child is- the cultist advises that she last saw the child in the tower. The governess goes up, and then glances at the open window, and sees a long train of starving citizens, begging for bread as the planetary defense force beats them back.

Then, wife lets the starving folks have some food, governor panics, attempts to gather more for the tithe provoke rebellion, everything goes to hell blah blah blah tragedy. I'll work on it.

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Another foolish interloper. Your name is wrong and you should feel wrong,

>> No.23252407

Outright purchase GW and fire every member of the legal dept then do a free run of all space marine chapters with a letter explaining why they're always referred to as "adeptus astartes" in official crap from now on as an apology to fans of both 40k and sci-fi in general.

>> No.23252428

Imperial Guard: Battlefront
That is all.

>> No.23252473

Fund it!

>> No.23252479

Deadlines are meaningless anyway. Let's say a month for a script. The first draft can be torn to shreds by /tg/.

in b4 someone does LCB.

>> No.23252491

At least I'm not a liar, like you, coward. How can a walrus do the Mambo?

>> No.23252496

Nick Frost as the driver. Simon Pegg as the Hero of the Imperium. Natalie Portman as the Inquisitor.

These are the memoirs of Commissar Caiaphas Caine.

>> No.23252502

That doesn't seem to hard (lol its still hard). We could probably at least get a definite direction and at least a solid act and outlines for the others within a month.

If people can write novels in a month, why not a libretto? It is after all shorter than a novel.

>> No.23252517 [DELETED] 

The same way one wallows diametrically, I would imagine, foul impersonator: With practice.

>> No.23252522

I might be a little biased but I am going to go out on a limb and say these are the best story ideas I might even try my hand at writefagging

>> No.23252556

Well, foul impersonator, I imagine it is much the same way one wallows diametrically: with practice

>> No.23252557

I would do the following...

1. Hire Uwe Boll and Michael Bay
2. Hire Shia LeBouf, Justine Beiber, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.
3. Make the most awful 40k Movie ever.
4. Sup on the rage of 1 million fa/tg/uys for years to come.

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What about jurgen?or are we going to be real meta we can exclude him like the books say happened in Cains Heroes

>> No.23252585

Jurgen is the driver.

>> No.23252586


That feel when someone saved an image I made.

Also: >>23252556
Quit meeping about, you slimy fucktard walrus.

>> No.23252590


Michael Cera as the Emperor of Mankind.

>> No.23252596

jurgen is the driver

>> No.23252598

Also make unlimited cash for funding HBO series.

>> No.23252625

That feel when I was the OP of the thread where the impostors first started and watched the chaos, saving that image to remember it all.

>> No.23252628

No jurgen is the lovable idiot with a melta

>> No.23252634

Good call. Maybe have Zach Braff in it as well. Also we'd have to add in some terrible Twilight level romance, maybe between a half-tyranid/half-eldar/half-necron and Caiphas Cain.

>> No.23252647

Cain ducks an eldar for the greater good

>> No.23252657

Tommy Wiseau as Sanguinius

>> No.23252663


Nostalgia, man. I was the guy who started the anti-LWDM thread. Good times, until it got entirely out of hand.

>> No.23252671

So, opera guys, I guess try to have a libretto for March 18th and we'll see what happens?

Should we try to keep contact, maybe spread word and get writers?
I can be reached on my /tg/ email:
[email protected]

>> No.23252677


Cain sucks a Dark Eldar because he thinks it's a woman, but falls in love anyway.

>> No.23252682

Or Lion El'Jonson. Or Fulgrim. Really, any Primarch who thinks he's so damn pretty and no one gets his emotions.

>> No.23252695

The season finale reveals the dark elder is actually John grammaticus

>> No.23252696


"I could not defeat him, I could naaaht. Oh hi father"

>> No.23252702

Yeah, it kinda did, still funny as all hell though.

>> No.23252716

The guy who played new Conan could play Antrim if you dubbed his voice

>> No.23252737

Alternatively I would hire Billy Herrington and his gay friends from all those nico-video mash-ups and make a super homoerotic Spess Mahreen movie.

>> No.23252744

Angron. Anyone know how to turn off spell check on a kindle?

>> No.23252757


The next season reveals John grammaticus is actually Adam Sandler.

>> No.23252760

You know, the whole Council of Nikea would be a good stage play. Kind of like a court case but with demi gods instead of lawyers.

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As much as I love that combo, Atkitson as Cain and Tony Robinson as Jurgen is the only acceptable cast. One still acts, the other digs stuff up on tv (though disappointingly doesn't ever say he has a cunning plan anymore.)

>> No.23252782

And adam Sandler is an alpha level Parker rival of the emperor for millenia

>> No.23252784

Alright, well, I'll save this and try to have something in by then I guess.

>> No.23252792

I'll be ready and prepared for when that date rolls around.

>> No.23252796


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This is fooken beeyutiful

>> No.23252813

Oh wait, shouldn't we be sending the librettos to YOU?

>> No.23252832


But Jurgen Keeps in in check, both psykicly and emotionally. And makes a love triangle with Cain and Adam.

>> No.23252843

No post them so we can get the get shot done ball rolling. How's noon central US time and everyone will try to keep the thread alive

>> No.23252844

>no mention of making anything involving blood ravens

The taint of chaos darkens you all, heretics

>> No.23252857

But Adam is put off by jurgen s body odor

>> No.23252862


There's either 0 or 50 blood ravens left, depending on who won retribution. Give them a rest.

>> No.23252863

That would probably make sense.

We should probably also promote this more (a couple threads through out the week?) to get as many writers as possible and maybe more composers on board.

>> No.23252865

...Is it a regular e ink Kindle?

>> No.23252897

Alright, sounds good.
Let /tg/ once again get shit done.

>> No.23252902

The inquisitor loves it though, and makes it a love rhombus.

>> No.23252904

u wot m8? (i have no clue what you're saying)

I would say we set up some form of organized correspondence so everyone knows what to do with their works when the date rolls around and we have more regular motivation than saying we would do it on 4chan a month ago.

>> No.23252908

Warhammer really does needs some quality movies.

Maybe even some Inquisition tales.

>> No.23252926

Kindle he fire I just got it and I was told it was android. Doesn't seem to be. I can't seem to turn off ads on wake up or do simple things like change the wallpaper.

I can watch porn and read 40k at least. easteRn if I have to force it to say the right 40k name everytime everytime

>> No.23252931


>blood ravens show
>commander boreale as the protagonist

I like it

>> No.23252954

Ducking hd not he

>> No.23252972


Steve Blum would voice half the cast.

>> No.23252980

Well. I'd rather not have an identity out there. But... I don't know. There some kind of communal google drive folder of documents we can set up?

>> No.23252981

You just aren't getting along with spellcheck are you?

>> No.23252987

It better be narrated by David Attenborough.

>> No.23252994

Oh, yeah, the Kindle Fire. You're kinda fucked.

>> No.23253000

I would make a good edition of DnD

>> No.23253014

I've never had to deal with it and it is really pissing me off . It should not add punctuation, why would they program that

>> No.23253019

That could work. I have no idea how to set that up. If you want to feel free.

Also, as far as staying anon goes, that can be done through gmail fairly well. You just give them a fake name when they ask for one.

>> No.23253035

It didn't even come with a manual

>> No.23253037

edit: I would probably actually design/make my own miniatures, and perfect a method for doing so

>> No.23253056

So, Dark Souls?

>> No.23253074

This. It's not hard to make a fake Gmail. In fact you should probably already have one. This is the internet.

>> No.23253086

You know, this thread made me think, what if a 40k broadway play / musical was made? And actually became popular? That would probably cause a huuuuge influx of rich and snobby people start gaining interest in 40k.

The prices of all the shit would skyrocket.

>> No.23253102

Is there a thing for writefags? I kinda want to try it but I probably need more criticism than the average thread can afford and I don't want to spam shitty stories for a little feedback

>> No.23253118

Imagine the ulreamarines after that

>> No.23253124


That would be nice if we didn't already know that it would end with half chapter being wiped out

>> No.23253159

There's a pdf on the Kindle Fire. The ads are probably because you got a discounted one- sorry those ads are going to be there forever, unless you're willing to shell another forty bucks to make them go away.

Source: Former Kindle tech support guy. You should call them. If you have an ounce of tech knowledge, they'll be glad to hear from you.

>> No.23253171

I don't know, I've never been much of a writefag.
In fact I've never writefagged.
But I'm sure we could find people willing to critique.

I'm looking into google docs now.

>> No.23253182

Buy a large amount of land in various geographic locations and build a few LARP oriented settings and sponsor groups from around the world to visit them, pay their airfare and stuff, and generally have a good time with people from around the world and foam swords.

>> No.23253207


lets try this, potential contributors click the link and see if you can see it.

>> No.23253209


Ultramarines was pretty good wasn't it?

>> No.23253211

What's the forty bucks for? Amazon prime?because I was thinking about getting it for videos

>> No.23253222

Nope. Forty bucks to remove the ads.

Nothing else.

I might be wrong on the price though, it's been a while.

>> No.23253256

Duck man I wish I had known that. The ducked up part is the ads are annoying enough I might do it if I can at least set a custom picture to the lock screen.

>> No.23253269

lol duck.

>> No.23253302

Maybe I can jailbreak it to something decent

>> No.23253386

Okay, Contest Guy, we need a place to communally have our writing posted for criticism/encouragement, right?

Because Google Wave can do that! Let me just go get it- oh. Oh damn.

>> No.23253394

anyone who said anything other than this is doing it wrong

>> No.23253413


I can see it, cant edit it though.

>> No.23253429

Access achieved.

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>> No.23253470

I would buy the most expensive go board in the world in addition to the highest quality stones I could find.

>> No.23253544

I would create a holographic 3 dimensional grid and use it to run Starfox 64: The tabletop RPG.

It would pick up dice rolls automatically and have a sexy, somewhat robotic voice to help narrate combat.

It could also flatten and work as a grid for other tabletop games. And I would have it pick up MTG card numbers so when they were played on the field, it could animate attackers/blockers and different spell effects.

>> No.23253632


>"that raven was gifted to us by the nest it came from!"

>> No.23253720

As far as I know, I have just udpated my email adress into the document. I'm sure that you guys can figure it out which one is mine.

If anyone has any questions about the music, the substance, or the format. Go ahead and email me,

>> No.23253722

>Not having two Master-crafted Raven Talons, a Runic Raven Shield, and a Raven-Tooth necklace
>Not outfitting your StormRav-....your LightningRaven with a CyRaven body
>Not taking Saga of Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'

I Sure Hope You Brothers Don't Gift This

>> No.23253876
File: 52 KB, 482x465, 1358093232651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

40k Opera is up and running (well, crawling slowly) so feel free to stop by.

You can always back out later, its not like we can hunt down anonymous.


>> No.23254012


Still waiting on that pic mofo

>> No.23254039


No you can't dumbass, Jersey Shore was cancelled due to the Jersey shore being wiped out by a hurricane

>> No.23254066


You need to learn more about 40k before you write anything, unproven whelp

>> No.23254133


I would hire several excellent screenwriters and force them into a room to generate movies to make /tg/ staples look badass. I won't forget those I don't partake in; 40k? You're getting a film that will be filled with epic space combat, dozens of worlds filled with pathos, darkness, and amazing production values for every codex. D&D? A six movie serial that chronicles the Greatest Game Ever Played. Magic? We do the Dominaria cycle from Brother's War to Rath. Then a film about each individual non Dominaria block setting. A Kurosawa epic Kamigawa, Innistrad from the mind of a room filled with horror writers. Each movie will make the Lord of the Rings look like Plan 9 From Outer Space.

And so on. I will sink the remainder into autism research to find a cure for neckbeardism and weeaboo angst.

You're welcome.

>> No.23254186


>> No.23254198
File: 222 KB, 950x476, Benevolence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd make this comic come true.

It would be a collaboration between Nintendo's finest, Bioware and/ or Bethesda depending on how ESO works out. It would have preset adventures for single or multiplayer, online support for up to six player plus DM, all the tools and pieces to build your own adventures, and the whole thing would be compatible to all major rule sets.
It would have a dedicated team chosen to create errata content and all the money and time to make this thing fucking perfect.

>> No.23254226


So you're making Neverwinter Nights into a Wii U game?

Thanks I guess?

>> No.23254263

Well the biggest difference is that there would be a live DM that could change things on the fly and it would look beautiful, but yes.

Also the multiplayer/online play would actually work.

>> No.23254291

You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

>> No.23254296

>doing anything good nowadays

Sorry, there's no current gaming company that could make this idea work.

>> No.23254327


>Creating all of this for the Wii U.

Why would you do this to people anon? Do you want no one to ever use your product?

>> No.23254432

Grand Theft Commoragh
Planetside: IG vs Heretics edition
4E D&D Turned into a turn based tactical RPG like in >>23251491 set in Forgotten realms (fuck the PoL setting) with Dark Sun & Eberron Expansions (1999 style expansions I.E. actual expansions)
Warmahordes RTS
Push development of the WoD MMO
Official TES RPG system and lots of books, with lore written by Kirkbride
L5R Vidya in the style of Way of The Samurai

>> No.23254442
File: 124 KB, 573x572, hurr2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> Hurr durr Bioware and Bethesda are too main stream for me because I'm such a hipster.

>> No.23254444

But with so many more people wanting it, then GW would have to make a large amount more, therefore putting more onto the market so that they could continue to make more money. then prices would go way down as more people had access to the figures and were more willing to sell them. Then what will happen is there will be something that causes a good chunk of the band-waggoners to jump off, sell all their stuff, and then you can get damn near anything for next to nothing. Then when GM starts losing money, they'll go back to producing the normal amount.

Such is the cycle of economics.

>> No.23254470

I would love to see a turn based 4e D&D game.

>> No.23254471
File: 116 KB, 1310x1096, HFY3 Dimensions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23254496


The current teams at Biowave and Bethesda are not those who made our favorite games. Could they, with enough money, fix it? Yeah... But most people are quite limited in their ideology.

If I heard that either company was being tasked with this right now? I'm doubting we'll get a truly great product.

>> No.23254510

You are right. Addendum:

The Bioware and Bethesda I refer to are the companies of yester year when a role play game was meant to foster actual role play and could be aneurism inducing if you didn't treat the game like a real, life and death situation. No speech wheel bullshit. No super special moves right before the BBEG. Just a trillion branching dialogue options from a silent protagonist and the abilities I earned through combat and hard work.

I must be real hard ignoring Nintendo making money hand over foot anon.
Not hard core? Maybe.
Selling consoles like they cure cancer? Yes

>> No.23254539


>Not hard core? Maybe.
>Selling consoles like they cure cancer? Yes

Yes, they sell a lot of consoles. But the average Wii console buyer purchases 1.2 games. I rarely see them outside of homes with kids or the occasional elder care home I go to on business.

>> No.23254638

I've always wanted to see a live-action version of the part in the Fulgrim novel where the Emperor's Children attend an high-class concert. The singing getting more and more chaotic and the concert devolves into a massive blood orgy.

>> No.23255231
File: 21 KB, 396x299, 1358903654678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.23256119

From Birth to Death, we serve the Imperium.

>> No.23256469

Buy /tg/ related things and sell them, so I have unlimited money to spend in whatever the fuck I want.

>> No.23256586

I would buy GW outright.

Hire competent writers for codices.

Ensure each new book is play tested against itself, and all other books to make sure we don't get any full retard clusterfucks.

I would make the basic rule book a free downloadable PDF stripped of all lore minus an introduction to the universe while creating a hardback premium edition with lots of images, stories, etc for those that wanted it.

Codices drop in price to encourage starting new armies.

Models drop in price, the revenue difference to be made up in volume.

Rework the ally matrix to allow for more combinations (harro tyranids).

Make skyfire a purchasable upgrade for units.

>> No.23256693

Get 8x(4x foil 4x non) of every magic card, 100(same split) of each basic land(including guru, euro, apac versions), get a full set of pokemons early tgc set, fund a fun DH style mmo, a show or two fer 40k I guess.... Meh maybe, 1 of each codex/army book ever printed by GW.... And that's it I guess..., don't like 6th Ed enough to want to get any minis

>> No.23256708

I would troll the fuck out of you all.
Imagine a future where tgs are guided by Monte Cook, Matt Ward, CS Goto, and that other person I can never remember the name of.

>> No.23256727

Oh and the ig would become, literally, green plastic army men.

>> No.23256886


EVERY. FUCKING. BOOK. EVER. Seriously. I'd try to get my cheeto-dusted hands on every rulebook for every Pen and Paper game ever, and I'd buy a house with a library dedicated to housing those. I'd build the ultimate gaming study, with an unfolding table and a desk made to be the perfect GM's throne. I'd drop enormous dosh to make that table modular, so hills and the like could form out of it.

I'd have a copy of FATAL in a glass box for throwing at solicitors too.

I want a gaming mansion now.

>> No.23257003
File: 31 KB, 400x270, aquila tattoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's just too silly. How about the Horus Heresy but with a few twists, like Horus and his remembrancer Petronella Vivar have a secret love affair going on, and all the sex scenes will consist of Horus Lupercal's massive muscular 10 foot tall body just wrecking the shit out of that tiny woman

>> No.23257459

Buy four of every magic card ever
Buy one of every edition of every roleplaying book ever published
Have huge hollywood style sets, costumes, monster makeup and props to play games
Invite people to come and play every day, allow people to larp in the background to really set the mood.

Stipulate that all of these possessions will be burned with me in a viking funeral

>> No.23261010

As long as you don´t insist on servo-motors, there are already manuals and plans to be founf on the world wide web.

>> No.23261029



>> No.23261131


Most cost effective would be a huge plot of land in some money hungry east-european country.
Plenty of smiths, farmers and people in need of jobs to ensure a healthy LARP industry could grow and nice large forests, rivers, mountain and ruins for location.

nd of course I'd have to buy a large plot of land in the US and have it made extra-legal so people can larp with hard foam-swords free of lawsuits hovering above.

>> No.23261540
File: 35 KB, 389x600, Hasso_von_Manteuffel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Id build the entire Großdeutschland division in 15mm, hire all my friends permanently so they can retire, buy a sports hall and play a campaign with every battle through from Großdeutschland's creation in '42 to their destruction and surrender in '45.

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