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Are vampires racist?
I heard that most white vampires kill black vampires on sight.

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>I heard that most white vampires kill black vampires on sight.

I wish.

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Who gives a fuck what color they are, the bloodsuckers need to die

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How do they even see them?

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>I only kill black vampires.
>it's just what I do.
>If they aint a vampire, and they aint black, they aint my problem

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Black vampires are only visible in mirrors, true fact.

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The flamboyant clothing of the black vampires makes them stick out.

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>black pimps are actually vampires
>their hoes are their thralls

It all makes sense now.

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It does explain those huge coats, hats and sunglasses they wear.

And how prostitutes only come out at night.

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That's admirably non-judgmental of you, anon.

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Where my page 76 at

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I don't understand any of the first four panels, but I am excited.

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>The black pimp super hero/villain is the patron saint of "The Street"

That's not raciest at all.

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No, but it is awesome.

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>not raciest

Ain't racist neither, cracker.

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>dat angle
>"Swallow" their pride
I'm definitely pickin' up what they're layin' down.

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>that picture
>that 'kareem' scrawled in on the corner

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