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Yes it's one of these threads.

>This is how I druid.

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This is how I Secret Society

>> No.23230840

This is how I perform agility check.


>> No.23230868

This is how I dervish dance

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>this is how I drivers test.

>> No.23230942

This is how my PCs deal with plot devices

>> No.23230956

This is how I disguise.

>> No.23230975

This is how I female fighter

>> No.23230996

This is how I bbeg.

>> No.23231032

This is how I cover bonus

>> No.23231040

This is how I Intimidate if I didn't suck at Intimidate.

>> No.23231068

This is how I dwarf craftsmanship

>> No.23231075

This is how I Animal Companion

>> No.23231081

This is how I muscle bard.

>> No.23231096

this is how I nat 20

>> No.23231123

>All that tacticool bullshit

>> No.23231142

this is how I medic

>> No.23231143

This is how I RPG adaptation

>> No.23231153

This is how I backstory

>> No.23231163

This is how I princess.

I wish.

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>This is how I bluff check against detect alignment.

>> No.23231169

this is how I CoC

>> No.23231185

This is how I helpful NPC.

>> No.23231189

This is how I alignment

>> No.23231212

Shouldn't of drank that potion the Imp dropped

>> No.23231220

This is how I Shadowrun

>> No.23231241

This is how I paladin

>> No.23231262

This is how I psionic

>> No.23231266

This is how I mirror image

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>> No.23231280

This is how I elf.

>> No.23231281

This is how I DM fiat.

>> No.23231307

This is how I bullshit one shots

>> No.23231312

this is how i respectfully decline the GM's intended story

>> No.23231318

This is how I Handle Animal.

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>This is how I diplomacy

>> No.23231332

This is how I paladin.

Seriously, I've made paladin characters based on him.

>> No.23231336

those girls know how to handle a piece of meat

>> No.23231342

Immediate thought? Damn, that bitch wants to catch that pig.
Secondary? That pig must be fucking terrified.
Tertiary? I saw the file name and lost my shit.

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Why not like this?

>> No.23231351

This is how I Mutants and Masterminds.

>> No.23231359

Or like this?

>> No.23231369

This is how I react to NPCs trying to romance my barbarian

>> No.23231379 [SPOILER] 

This is how I stole all your shit while you were reading this.

>> No.23231386

This is how I DRYH introduction

>> No.23231416

>this is how I spot check

>> No.23231418

Because, despite his name, Paladin isn't a paladin. He's strictly mercenary.

>> No.23231436

Do you think we're being too literal?

>> No.23231471

This is how I Will Save vs. unnatural seductions.

>> No.23231521

This is how I metal bard.

This is how I use suggestion to force an enemy to drop prone:

>> No.23231522

This is how I play Only War

>> No.23231553

I lost my shit.

This is how I paladin.

Get it?

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This is how I Perform (Dance Of My People)

>> No.23231656

This is how I reflex save.

>> No.23231660

This is how I PC.
I cropped this myself.

>> No.23231721

I want to run a game where players have to actually perform whenever they decide to do shit like this

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This is how I familiar

>> No.23231782

This is how I Runner.

>> No.23231795


I really hate the obviously fake viral video fad.

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This is how I magical item.

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This is how I Druid

>> No.23232057

Strange. This is how I Only War.


>> No.23232073

This is how I Alpha Plus level Psyker

>> No.23232294

This is how I druid.

>> No.23232442

>Not utilizing superior cover
>Not ambushing unaware enemy
>Troops funneled into narrow openings
>Charging enemy force over open ground
>So ill-equipped that troops are attacking the enemy with window sills and footstools

It's so perfectly IG.

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this is how I Only War

>> No.23232886

This is how I musclewizard

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