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Gluttony and Sloth/Wrath.

I probably wouldnt end up ever using Wrath, but the drawbacks for those Gluttony and Wrath are the only ones that arent a big deal, and I wouldnt mind Sloth too much.

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Greed and Wrath.

Time to turn a bunch of pickpockets into "heroes" while I enjoy my money and passive disruption to all who annoy me.

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what's with the slow posting tonight?

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Gluttony and sloth, easy.
I'd just sit on my ass and play video/tabletop all day while looking fit as hell.

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I have gluttony's drawback already, so might as well go for it.

The rest is boring or the drawbacks trip me up too much. Probably would go for sloth.

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That's actually a pretty nifty idea, might steal.

However, I think I'd probably go Gluttony and Pride; everyone already thinks I'm an elitist jerk (I'm assuming this wouldn't interrupt hooking up with strangers/being with my SO) and I jumps from project to project as it is, so no loss there.

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I am a very lazy person already. It's basically perfect for me, assuming the $1000 accounts for inflation. I live alone, that money is enough to easily support a fairly opulent, hedonistic lifestyle.

Though I have to ask, when I become exhausted after 20 seconds of running, does that burn the same amount of calories as if I had run till exhausted without taking the deal?

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Wrath is pretty fucking stupid, what happens when an entire city goes missing? What the hell can you make up to make several hundred thousand people heroes?

Also what if I use my power to kill someone in self defense? Are they treated as a hero for trying to stab me?

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Nope, just exhaustion. Think of chronic fatigue

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Can we get more of these?
Also gluttony because fuck yeah.

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lust and gluttony
fit as hell, any and all porn ever, and have intel on where people hide anything valuable (all the pirate gold)

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I think I was born with all the effects of Gluttony except the active effect, I think I would go with Pride

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Well, I didn't intend to live to old age anyway.


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Wait, is the strength of the retaliation effect of Wrath relative to what they do, relative to how you feel about them and/or the deed in question, or measured on some absolute scale?

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pride and sloth Write 2 books a day for a year then change to music. Just be a huge dick that becomes super famous.

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Huh. I already have Pride.

Seriously, though, I'd take Gluttony and Lust. And get videos of people who don't know who the hell I am entering their passwords and access codes.

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1 person per minute max
that's 1440 a day tops

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Here in Murricaland shooting an armed assailant is pretty much a-ok and knowing muggers and thieves they're bound to be armed with something.

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the passive would be relative to what they do

So if someone spits a raspberry at you, they'd accidentally bite their tongue. If they go out of their way to fuck over your career, they'd "accidentally" hit reply all on the email gloating about it.

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Lust and Pride. Fast learning, Instant mastery, and Xray vision + Porn of EVERYONE EVER? Pretty good.

The downsides of Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed sound horrid. I'd hate anyone I got close to (unless they lived under a rock), I'd be forever peckish (not being satisfied after a large meal would be horrible), I'd be incapable of basic tasks, and/or I'd be constantly robbed. Fuck all of those things. I can live with being seen as an elitist and as a perv to certain people.
And, as much as I enjoy Wrath, I'd probably kill the people who saw the victim as a hero and the cycle would be unending.

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wrath, and maybe sloth but the drawback would suck majorly
greed would be great if I didn't have to get super paranoid and crazy prepared to stop people from stealing my stuff

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Oh I get two, add gluttony to that.

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So if you took everything personally, that effect could still be potentially wide reaching. At the very least, politics would get more interesting.

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>Local hero dies tragically trying to mug town grump
>People in the try county area are mourning the untimely passing of Stab Murderape
>Stab had a long and lustrous career murdering and raping people in the area.
>Unfortunatly, stab suffered from a heart attack while attempting to rape and murder this asshole [photo of anon looking like an asshole]
>"He was going to rape and murder me, and then he just died in front of me." said Anon.
>"This is a tragic day in this community." said the mayor "Stab was a vital part of the area, and his passing will not be forgotten."
>There are already plans to erect a statue of Stab at the spot where he died, as well as local domestic violence shelter being named in his honor
>"I used to be scared to go outside," said one battered woman, "but the Stab Murderape home for domestic violence has allowed me to realize what is truely missing in my life, and pursue it with courage."
>Many of the people at the Stab Murderape home for domestic violence where raped and/or stabbed by the hero, and many of the victims say if not for Stab, they would never be able to make something of their lives.

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When you put it that way, wouldn't you become the best treated person in the world? Anyone who opposed you would get stomped on by retaliation and if they didn't learn from it, you could just kill them.

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>I have gluttony's drawback already, so might as well go for it.
You too huh.

I go for Gluttony and Lust since everyone already thinks I'm a pervert. I don't care about the video downloads but I want the 'see people naked' bit. Especially for hot people I'll never see again.

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I love /tg/

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Yeah except if you did that they'd get hailed as a hero, most likely for standing up to tyranny. You'd need to hate them to death by taking everything personally.

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Anyone have more of these?

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Yeah wrath is pretty much a perfect life.

I can probably take gluttony's downside, so I'd choose Wrath and Gluttony

Would take Pride if I wasn't worried about my attention span

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Pride. Fuck haters, if I can do anything ever, why the fuck not. All those other attributes weren't even considered for a second.

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Question: Can the passive ability for wrath be turned on and off? If so, I'd want that sin, because it'd help me feel better after a bad day, but otherwise I'm not childish enough to have EVERY slightly rude - even unintentionally rude - person pay for my irrational anger. I guess my other one would be gluttony, as I love to eat.

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Lust and Wrath. This combo seems to be the least bad (jesus christ these drawbacks). Fortunately the active on Wrath actually can make the world a better place, since the romanticism of a world with no "bad guys" can be realized gradually by making all the evil masked by a veil of heroism. Plus, they're dead, so shit's stopping anyways.

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I'll say that it only applies if you want it to.

For example, if someone who's a friend does something accidentally, they won't fall down an elevator shaft.

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It says "in a way that makes you feel better" If you don't feel better, it shouldn't happen.

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True. In that case, it's gotta be those two. Although pride is tempting (as I'm already kinda snooty, and with a short attention span), I'd rejoice in being able to eat everything ever.

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guys, we are talking about deadly sins here. Abilities handed to you by a friggin demon. So wrath means WRATH. Someone fucks with you he feels the consequences. Even if it was unintentional.

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Aw man Gluttony and Sloth. You have enough time to master any skill you are working on or even to spend hours on end filling your bottomless stomach. $1000 + $500 food every week??? Oh man, what a life!

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Similarly, Gluttony, as it pretty much describes how I am already with the benefit of free food money, and Lust, so I can solve crimes.

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If you aren't childish enough to WANT retaliation, it wouldn't hit the trigger mechanism, I think.

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>Not super-physique(super-strength,durality,speed, regeneration) with energy powers
>Pride not becoming a super genius
>Disadvantage isn't purely cosmetic

This one is shit.

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