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We had a few 'Strayans in a 40k related thread a few days ago. So, Australian /tg/ thread?

What do you guys play and what city? How do you fellas save cash while playing Games Workshop games?

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Perth. Deathguard player. I dont spend that much money on it. I live out of home, study and go out a lot, its more of a dirty secret.

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Chaos, Melbourne

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I- is this 40k o-only? It's not like I want to post in this thread or anything!

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Works, Meblun. Don't play much nowadays though. Hard to find anyone who just wants to have fun :(

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Ballarat, student, GK, Tau and IG, buy off ebay.

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Brisbane, just started picking up random deals off ebay. trying my hand at kitbashing and modelling mostly necron and csm parts.

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Melbourne Ork and Space Marine player here. I buy through Good Games and Mind Games which somehow manage to be 20% cheaper and 300% friendlier than my closest geedubs. I don't really play much any more because the rules are fucking frustrating (3-4 rolls to determine if a shot kills something? seriously?) but I still enjoy painting and modelling.

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Imperial Guard, and Orks. In Albury. Using websites, and buying second hand in the area. No local stores stock it anymore. There was a pricing war between the three stores that did stock it, one went under, the other got busted by GW for releasing products before they were allowed, and the third was a Mind Games, which recently closed up, though in the end, it barely stocked any, thanks to GW's war on Small Businesses.

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Imperial Guard, Eldar and Space marines

I save money by playing elite armies that are small. I have a dantewing army, paladin army, wraithguard army and a plasma vet army. They were the most expensive.

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>Imp Guard
>Prussian Empire
>Yu Jing

19, Canberra. Usually buy off combat Co for GW, Maelstrom for non-GW

Canberrans, hit me up, email in field

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Melbourne, Orks. Usually save money going through eBay. For non 40k things I usually hit up Milsims

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Gold Coastfag here... I play at the local GW, decent guys there, wish I hadn't picked dark angels though... 3edgy5me

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If I ever play one of those 40k games, I'm going to be those Australians from Django Unchained.
"You ain't bad for a xenos, mate."

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A question for melbourne players. Where do you guys play? Are there any good FLGS around or do you all just play with mates in someones garage? Or emperor forbid in an actual GW store?

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Melbourne 3029. I play with a group of mates 40k and RP games mostly buy from kayjays near highpoint.

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Sunshine Coast

Orks and Nids (small armies for how) and necrons for painting

I buy on ebay when I have the chance, willing to train it to places like brissy and Gold Coast for pick-up only. I buy off of friends when they quit and buy off of a friend who owns an online-retailer (get about 1/3 GW prices)

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Geelong here

I have
Tyranids for 40k (just started a Genestealer cult army as well)
Ogres for Warhammer fantasy
Freikorp for Malifaux
Imperial and Tyranid fleets for BFG
a Goliath gang Necromunda
and I'm planning to pick up Menother in warmahcine soon
also looking at Infinity.

Mostly play 40k and fantasy though.
Funds wise I just set aside 10-20 bucks a week till it gets enough for the next thing I want to buy.

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Geelong here

I have
Tyranids for 40k (just started a Genestealer cult army as well)
Ogres for Warhammer fantasy
Freikorp for Malifaux
Imperial and Tyranid fleets for BFG
a Goliath gang Necromunda
and I'm planning to pick up Menother in warmahcine soon
also looking at Infinity.

Mostly play 40k and fantasy though.

Funds wise I just set aside 10-20 bucks a week till it gets enough for the next thing I want to buy.

For the last year and a half I've been the TO for the local gaming club I'm in. Only run 40k so far but hoping to do some other games as well.

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3060 here. Where/whats Kayjays?

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north brisbane here, any chance you have spare bits or can get me some mates rates? could also pick up local for bros,email in email

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Brisbane, currently playing Newcrons and Dark Angels. I use Black cultist to buy stuff usually, guy does a 21.5% discount. Site is currently screwy though, so eh.

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79 Rosamond Road Maidstone
Its a nice little store 20% off gw prices and the guy that runs it is a nice bloke. Not the best store I've ever been to but I like to pick one FLGS and go there until the owner eventually goes broke and hangs himself, its good being an aussie.

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I got a few spare bits I'm willing to share, what are you interested in?

Also, anyone know of any good LGS on the Sunshine Coast that's not GW?

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'Staya! Fuck yeah!

Thanks for the address. It is the place on the corner of Rosamond and Verdun i take it?

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Starting Vampire Counts soon.
Gold Coast.
I buy from non-GW stores.

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Melb here. I've been out of 40k and role playing for something like 3 years and I'm starting to get back into it.

Where do folks play around here? The CBD games workshop seems like the staff are ok, but I feel like playing in a GW will turn me into a mouth breather.

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There are a few clubs I've been to in Melbourne.

League of Ancients meets at a German Club in Windsor once a month, mainly do assorted Historicals but you get some GW stuff there.

There's a club that meets at LaTrobe Uni every Friday that I went to once, they seemed alright.

Mainly though I game at G.R.O.T.S, meets in Eltham every second Sunday, mainly GW stuff but you get some other games sprinkled in.

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>Still playing 40k
After all those price hikes?
Battered wife syndrome much guys.

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There's Good Games in Melb. They play MTG and 40k but ive been in there a few times and no one ever seems to be interested so your milage may vary

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What is FLGS?

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But GW really does love us. We just make it mad some times and it as to punish us... They really don't want to charge those prices. It's our own fault reall

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>Not doing stuff you enjoy based on principle.
You know I heard somewhere that food prices have risen since the 1800's, you aren't still eating are you?

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That's incorrect, they've dropped significantly since mass production really started to pick up.

I guess they don't want to give you those horribly unbalanced rulebooks either.

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But warhammer is mass produced too, I guess it's ok the do it then.

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Grey Knights. Sunshine Coast. Mostly ebay and ForgedWorld stuff. Fuck the GW here

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Usually mass production involves a price drop and lower quality, with fine cast for example all you got was lower quality and a price hike.

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Oh hey another sunnycoaster, where abouts?

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Chaos and DE. Brisbane. I buy through ebay and chinese ripoffs that come in better quality at times

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Go to bed Matt

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>that feel when no adelaide bros
>that feel when no pain

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anything really, i dont play, just collect and model, hit me up if you want to get rid of some stuff

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Friendly Local Game Store

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Anything /tg/ related happen in darwin? Just moved up here and I'm having withdrawals.

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Shouldn't you be asleep? You have work soon bro

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Perthfag here, I've actually been procrastinating a shitload on my current projects and have not bought anything as of late

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I have a few thousand dollars of GW products sitting in my house and want to get rid of them, but every time I look at them I just can't be bothered.
Maybe I'll do something about it next month.

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North Brisbane here, Only recently moved here so looking for place to play/club. As for money for plastic crack, always buy online, Combat company is ok for an AU site, but Ebay is where the good shit is at. I snipe cheap auctions or if I'm cashed up then I use US sellers like discount_games_store
Those sort of guys give 20% off US prices, fast delivery and awesome deals, just get a bunch of stuff at once so postage is easier. Also I am this guy, pink nids for life

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Adelaide bro here. Know of anywhere to play that's not a GW store?

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Any orks or nids, I'm more than happy to buy them off of you direct

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Nope, just Marines and Wood Elves in generally poor condition.

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Mein Neeger.

I've been phoning around to clubs but I haven't really got anything back, Im not sure they're still operational. There are like, 3 GWs in Adelaide though I guess.

Ever been to Infinity Games? Last I heard (about two or so months ago) they were thinking of hosting 40k.

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Well my little bro plays marines, would you be willing to sell them? I've wanted to help bulk out his army (it's around 500-750pts at the moment) and it's close to his bday.

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I don't see why not, alot of it will have to be stripped of spray paint thought, never got around to finishing them off. I'll toss in the case for him too as a present

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Man that's really sweet, you're a bro. Stripping will be fine, I've had some experience with it

My Skype is Rayner05

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Realm of Legends in Croydon is petty good. They had to move to a smaller venue, but it's still decent.
Staff are bro-tier, and they do decent coffee too.
Not sure when the 40k night is though. I normally rock up for the Warmachine night on Wednesdays.

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I have, but not for ages. It might be worth a look, it's moved over to a shop near the Pancake Kitchen, didn't it? Which army / armies do you play?

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>>23217106 #
Realm of legends? Cheers ill look into it.

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