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Khorne seems misunderstood. Why are his followers so damn angry? I mean, he is only the blood god. That doesn't mean you should go insane with rage and rip someones spine out with your bare hands.

If anything, Khorne is more like a doctor, because blood is good for you, you need it to live.

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He's about removing blood from someone not blood itself.

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God of blood, war, murder, and ANGER, HATE AND VIOLENCE.

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What do people think Khorne looks like?

I like to imagine Khorne as a small japenese girl.

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I picture him as a bookworm type. Frail, intellectual and prone to sudden incoherent nerd-rage.

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There was a description of him on a scanned page yesterday. He had a beast's face like a rabid wolf or something, I can't remember all the details since I didn't save it though.

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hes got ork teeth if i recall

gork and mork use them as currency

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Yeah... Khorne the book worm. I like that.

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His Chain-Biro has claimed the lives of a billion Jock Daemons.

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omg any drawfag make that happen

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wait im stupid
that already happend pic very related

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Thats pretty much what i imagine Khorne like.

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