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Alright /tg/!

I'm trying to sit down and get some Eldar writing done. Inspiration is slow and I'm going to do it, but lets get an Eldar general going, shall we?

Conversation starter:
How long do you think Eldar tend to stay on one path? If the path is just not working out for them can they step off rather early?

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>How long do you think Eldar tend to stay on one path?

Decades, I would assume. It could be more or less too, though. It just depends on when they feel like they have gotten what they could out of the path.

>This is if they don't get lost on said path.

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>Love can Bloom

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Eldar can leave pretty much as soon as they want. They usually would stay until they have dealt with the emotion the path in question concerns itself with.

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Do you think there would be consequences for quickly jumping paths over and over?

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The Path of the Eldar series is great. Well, Path of the Seer is great. Path of the Warrior is still pretty good, though the protagonist is less appealing. Path of the Outcast I've only skimmed, but the protagonist seems to be a total douche and the ending is a nonsensical clusterfuck, so I'm in no mood to read the whole thing.

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Some might view them as flighty, not sticking through to a conclusion, or afraid of becoming lost.

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Aren't you the Inquisitor from the Ordo Chronos?

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>the protagonist seems to be a total douche
>Eldar who runs away from home because he's too cool for school

I see nothing wrong here.

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>kills some governor's son for no reason
>winds up bringing said governor's wrath upon the whole Craftworld because he disgraced the entire eldar race by his total lack of foresight

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A life of piracy awaits.

My understanding is Eldar away from their own kind slip into degeneracy.

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He sounds good enough to be a Farseer.

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And worst of all... he got into a relationship with a Dark Eldar.

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I think Eldar fiction should be centred around their occupational activity almost completely.

They are people first then Renaissance-style citizen soldiers out of necessity.

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The Hipster Inquisitor meme? Yeah... my con friends (one of them dressed as an acolyte) smashed a pair of hipster glasses on my face and made that meme. It was amusing enough that I could not refuse.

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I agree. LOVED Path of the Seer. Kinda hated Warrior, I wanted to give the protagonist a set of balls. Outcast was.... interesting >>23204092 And there was that. Intrestingly though, they talked about how she felt different from other DE. Oh... and chatting Solitaire.
What I'm currently working (slowly) on is the next chapter of my story which follows a young mariner.

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I actually liked the Harlequins in Outcast. And Solitaries have always been able to talk. It's mimes you're thinking of, and even the mimes talk sometimes. (Given their job to let people know when the Harlequins are coming, it'd be hard otherwise)

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Mariner or Steersman?

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Mariner, so a general person on the ship. She runs third shift scans, but mostly is there because her parents are still on board.

Currently they are exploring a maiden world. There isn't much excitement, just discovery and exploration for a little bit. So it is a little dull to write until I get back to the action. There is some interesting things to discover, I've just got to get there.

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Right, just wanted to check, as sometimes they've been used interchangably, and at other times have different (and contradictory) roles.

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In REALLY old fluff, it was said that if they spoke to you outside of a performance that you were cursed.

I wasn't upset by it, it is just evidence of changing fluff as codex's come out.

>I need to stop double posting. For shame on me.

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Ah right, in the really old fluff, outside of the The performance, you'd never know of a solitaire being there.

The performance because they only ever appeared in one dance. The dance without end.
Otherwise they just appeared to be regular members of a craftworld.

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I had this White Dwarf.

I think I binned a load of old ones at some point, one had a genestealer/orc hybrid table that took anal to a new level.

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Boyfriend and I called the protagonist of Outcast "Social Awkward Eldar".

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>the protagonist seems to be a total douche
>Eldar who runs away from home because he's too cool for school
Isn't that pretty much the backstory of every Eldar Ranger?
Fuck this oppressive path oriented life style I'm running away and wandering the stars as a free man. It's like the Eldar equivalent of buying a Che Guevara shirt and dying your hair.

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I haven't read the Path series, but for all the praise I hear about it there always seems to be something really irritating that I know I wouldn't be able to drop if I started reading it.

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The Path series is pretty much skub; some people like it a lot, while others will not shut up about how some of the stuff in there is just badwrong to the max. It's divisive and not really for everyone.

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Eh, they're both outcasts from their home, opposite genders, reckless to the extreme. Why is them boning such a problem?

Are you one of those people who think two eldar seeing each other naked will result in Slaanesh emerging from the warp?

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Eldar thread? Does anybody know anything about the ritual that Harlequins go through?

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Why, you should be the one to know, Mat. Speaking of, how is ol' Eldorath Starbane doing these days?

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No one does. It's apparently only mentioned in a single citadel journal. No scans have ever appeared, no photos, and it's never been confirmed.

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Imprisoned on Macragge and constantly under the watchful eye of a big burly Ultramarine.

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Despite fighting on the side of the Ultramarines and despite winning the engagement with the Necron forces led by Imotekh and Trazyn, Farseer Starbane somehow manages to come out of this as the biggest loser on any side.

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Didn't he kick more ass than either of the HQs in the actual game as well? I seem to remember him being a key player.

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Yeah, it was just the post-game fluff that had him completely fucked over by himself, the Necrons and the Ultramarines.

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That's what always seemed weird to me about that whole thing. I mean, I'm all for bringing fluff into the games, after action reports, all that. But when you write stuff that seems to be the exact opposite of what happened on the tabletop, it just comes across as weird.

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Got to let the Newcron characters have their moment.

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>Exarchs = Stubborn, exarch powers are squad upgrades.

Farseer = mastery level 1, can upgrade to mastery level 3, may take 4 powers. doesnt roll for eldar powers.

Pheonix lords = FNP, Fuegan gets 4+ FNP

Autach = seize initiative 4+, 2 warlord powers.
DIre avengers =24" Assault 2 shuricats, Bladestorm is all weapons are salvo 2/4

Guardians = min unit size 5, defenders get bs4 and support weapon options, storm get ws4 and plas/haywire grenades

Scorpions = stealth for 10pts

Banshees = furious charge for 10pts, ap 2.

Wraithguard = 35pts, FNP.

>Fast attack

swooping hawks = Skyleap = swoop like MCs, intercept = Vectorstrike with Haywire grenades.

shining spears = get s6 ap2 PW on charge, have unwieldy maul afterwards

Warp spiders = Deepstrike without scatter for 10pts, Enter reserves at end of asssault-phase for 10pts(roll deepstrike mishap table)

>Heavy support = BS4 for 5pts for all guardian units(falcons,warwalkers, ect)

Dark Reapers = skyfire and intercept for 35pts

Wraithlord = twinlink is optional, FNP

>Vehicle upgrades

Shock field = 15pts assault transport, can't be combined with holo fields.

Holo fields = 15pts shrouding

star engines = 25pts may flat out in the assault phase

Shadow Weaver= unit hit is in dangerous terrain.
Starcannon=36" S6 AP2 Heavy 3
Vibrocannon= causes ap- penetrating hits on vehicles.
Brightlance= 10pts cheaper

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They were defeated in the battle report, so Ward wrote the fluff to make it seem like they defeated and humiliated a Farseer who had already been defeated and humiliated in a previous engagement against the Necrons. The guy has a pretty good shot at being the Worst Farseer Ever of All Time, even if the DoW games are accounted for.

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It's typical in GW treatment of Eldar.

Eldrad killed Abaddon in that one battle report everyone knows, so GW wrote up a story where Abaddon teleports away and Eldrad has a vision where he sees he has failed and Abaddon is destined to rampage across the stars unharmed.

Such is the tragedy of the Eldar.

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they are doom to be forever incompetent even when they win.

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The reason they fought to begin with was because Abaddon wanted to wipe out the Ulthwe Seer Council, and, so, he successfully managed to lure the Eldar out in the open, thereby fooling Eldrad, possibly the greatest living schemer in the universe. Eldrad defeating Abaddon after that was just making up for it. I view Abaddon's successful deception not as proof of his superiority over Eldrad as a schemer, but just that he has very powerful allies in the Dark Gods. A lot can be handwaved that way; the Eldar are plotting against gods, not mere mortals.

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I'd say that Abs actually comes off much worse from that confrontation. While it may have been based on a battle report, it's still the only time he's been depicted as going up against another character post-Heresy*... and he lost. Against a guy who, while a skilled fighter in his own right, is a seer first and a warrior second.

* Well, unless you count his duel against Brother-Captain Stern in Apocalypse. Which he also lost.

Meanwhile you have guys like Calgar, Mephiston and Draigo pissing over everything they see. Admittedly, Calgar did get beaten by the Swarmlord on Macragge, but then he smashed its face in on Ichar IV so I guess they're even.

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To be fair-ish, Starbane is pretty bad even compared to other Eldar.

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Do maiden worlds have world spirits? I always get a little confused on this.

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The framework might exist, but I'm pretty sure only worlds settled by Exodites have World Spirits. I guess it's also possible that the World Spirit is something the Exodites construct upon settling on a planet, so it's hard to say for sure.

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Yes and no.

They'll possess the wraithbone framework, that being used partially to terraform the worlds.

But the framework will lack souls, as there were no soulstones being placed there by settlers.

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Well good! This is what I assumed!! I'm glad I don't have to tweak any plot now!

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I personally kinda like the 'Eldar are incompetent' thing. At least it's entertaining. When 40k fluff tries to be badass, it's not even funny.

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>Eldrad has seen the stars stained red with your blood, and it pleases him!

>it pleases him


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To be fair to Abaddabadoo, Eldrad may be a seer first and a warrior second, but the pointy-eared dick is a ridiculously powerful psychic by most accounts, and he's armed with the most awesome bling the Eldar can provide, which is something.

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Didn't he also have his posse with him?

>> No.23207602

Posse or entourage; whatever you think fits better.

>> No.23207693

Two other Farseers helped him take on Abaddon, one dying in the process, while the four Warlocks fought the Black Legion icon bearer and then some Plaguebearers.

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Be careful with your titans too, you never know when you enemy might deploy plasmaguns, bane of Eldar Titans.

>> No.23207825

Wasn't it in the Path series that the Eldar deployed 2-3 Phantom Titans against the Imperials, but it didn't really do much good?

>> No.23207861

Dunno, haven't read the series yet. I do now however that an Eldar Titan is powerless in the face of a few Termiantors with plasmaguns.

>> No.23207886

I'm pretty sure that it was in the Path series that the Eldar deployed a bunch of Titans and an Avatar of Khaine against some Imperials, but it only slowed down the Imperial Guard.

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>GW hates the Eldar so much their Titans fail against infantry, anything and its mom can solo a Avatar of Khaine (except apparently for a Black Templar Chaplain in Priests of Mars) and they're not even the best at being Eldar anymore.

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Exactly how well trained are Guardians?

Everyone always makes it seem like every single Eldar is some kind of elite warrior, equal to your average Space Marine (though the games present otherwise), but I don't think anyone's ever described what an Eldar Militia could do.

I guess that would exclude Black Guardians since they seem to be Faux Dire Avengers.

So how would Guardians face against (one on one) a Guardsman, an Ork, a Space Marine, a Dark Eldar Warrior, etc.

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To be fair, they were backed up by a Chapter of Space Marines. Still, an Imperial Titan conquers planets; the best Eldar Titan can't fight back some Imperials when fighting on its home turf, and in groups of 2-3.

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They are faster than humans and have better reflexes and hand-eye coordination. They get basic training but are not a standing military, just a militia to be calked upon when needed. Kabalites are generally superior to Guardians, as they are generally more physically fit and often have more experience. I guess Guardians have telepathy to coordinate with one another,I do not think it matters much.

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I just burned a fate point IRL.
>Going to get food
>The snow starts getting bad halfway there.
>Should we turn back? Naw?
>10 ft later someone's van is SIDEWAYS across both lanes.
>Everyone is sliding out of control and it looks like I'm going to be the difference between a five car pileup or not, depending if I hit the car I'm headed straight for.
>SOMEHOW I get traction last second and narrowly avoid other car by INCHES.
> Get back on road like nothing happened.
> Friend and I look at eachother and agree that not only is it time to turn around, but I just burned a fate point. (And get a free increase to my drive skill)

I had to come and tell you that we lived to post again.

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They could take on a couple guardsman easy, and probably an ork too.

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So, here's something I've been pondering.

There's a particular myth in Path of the Warrior about Lileath:

"In the time before the War in Heaven, before even the coming of the eldar, the gods schemed their schemes and planned their plans, engaging in an eternal game of deceit and love, treachery and teasing. Kurnous, Lord of the Hunt, was the lover of Lileath of the Moon, and they enjoyed both the blessing of Almighty Asuryan and the friendship of the other gods; save for Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed One, who desired Lileath for himself. He craved her not for her beauty, which was immortal, nor for her playful wit, which made friends of all the other gods. Khaine desired the Moon Goddess simply because she had chosen Kurnous. Khaine endeavoured to impress her with his martial skills, but Lileath was unimpressed. He composed odes to woo her but his poems were ever crude, filled with the desire to conquer and possess.
Lileath would not be owned by any other. Frustrated, Khaine went to Asuryan and demanded that Lileath be given to him. Asuryan told Khaine that he could not take Lileath by force, and that if he could not win her heart he could not have her. Enraged, Khaine vowed that if he could not possess Lileath then no other would. Khaine took up his sword, the Widowmaker, the Slayer of Worlds, and cut a rent in the void. He snatched up Lileath by the ankle and cast her into the rift in the stars, where her light could no longer shine. For a thousand days the heavens were dark until Kurnous, brave and resourceful, dared the blackness of the rift and rescued Lileath so that her light would return to the universe."

Now, the Dark Eldar Lhamaea pay homage to the Dark Muse Lhilitu, Consort of the Void.

Does it seem likely that Lhilitu is in fact the aspect of Lileath when she was cast into the void? Kind of like a cult of Persephone being dedicated to when she is in the underworld?

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Does anyone have a link to the Path of the Outcast ebook?

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