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"You know what's always irked me about those superhero power fantasies people have, whatever their nature? The chances. You know, some soldier kills an entire battalion's worth of enemy troops alone or some guy gets superstrength and beats his way through thusands of mooks and wins easy peasy.

I mean, what are the chances? Think war. You get your gun, training, then you march out. Chances are the guy on the other side got mostly the same stuff. So why would you say that you're special? Why should you carve a swathe through the enemy forces? Who says they won't do that to you?

Just look at the numbers. The kill ratio of the toughest soldiers out there usually doesn't go over 50, 100 if they're good and exceptionally lucky. Why? Because the chances catch up with them then. And when Lady Fortuna looks at a 100/0 k/d there's not many things she will choose from. The next landmine, sniper, tripwire, infection will surely come.

Make sure you don't try that. Make sure you don't try to be a hero, boy. It always ends in tears. Go in, get done what needs to get done. Noting more, nothing less. Stay under the radar and don't attract attention, not from your peers and definately not from the world itself. You're like the roadie of history. The chances must be on your side if you want to live. That's what it means to be a mook."


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It's a dark and stormy night at the Bluesteel Peninsula, as sheets of rain splash down onto guard towers, five meter high walls topped with wetly-glistening and dripping rolls of concertina wire and the few unlucky sods who pulled perimeter duty and are dragging muddy circles around the walls or standing in shoddy guardposts wondering when the next stong gust will drench them sideways- again. It is an average night at Vladmetall Enterprises.

You, luckily, are not one of those poor sods. You are part of the elite, part of the toughest of the tough, part of the oh boy why are you over-inflating your ego so much? You're another grunt, just like the boys out in the rain; only difference being you had the bad/good luck to be dragged through two years of mandatory military conscription service before you signed the contract. Since this gives you more combat experience than about 90% of the sec force out here combined (even if that 'experience' consisted less of actual combat and more of drunk shenanigans than you'd want to recount in polite company) you earned a free promotion on day one to Corporal; incidentially your rank in the military too.

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Not like it means much; technically speaking you'd be allowed yo yell at about three quarters of the force about what to do and where to go, especially in emergency situations. But due to the fact that emergency situations have cropped up a single time in the entire ninety-seven years of existence of this facility, and that one time was an out of control fire in the chemical section, you spend most of your time in the 'service' assigning yourself and your squad Emergency Response duty, fooling around in the watchroom and trading supply stamp type A for supply stamp type B or a better shift in the next rotation. You've got to admit that it's the cushiest gig you had in your entire life.

Then you hear two of four table legs stop creaking and start cracking and splintering, underscored by a tremolo of grunts and wheezes you've been aggressively not hearing for the past three minutes or so.

"Alex! Ben! The fuck are you doing! I TOLD you, no arm wrestling on the table anymore!"

As you toss the half-full pistol magazine you'd been re- and deloading again and again the entire night square in the face of the musclebound blonde's face you consider giving your squad a few assignments where they'd actually get to do anything that'd let them blow off some steam. As it hits with a satisfying smack you forget about that thought in an instant.

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"Hey, why did you throw that at me?" she grunts, not even twitching as it bounces away.

"BECAUSE YOU TWO PUNKS ARE BREAKING THE TABLE- AGAIN!" you bellow. Then you grab the edge and flip it over, sending the two tumbling to the ground. Ben, of course, makes the most noise as his powered armor clatters over the floor like an entire cooking cabinet being upended. He shoots you that look, some mix of offended about interrupting his musle-match and feeling a bit guilty about wrecking yet another table. It's his honor fighting against his sense of duty, as far as you know him.

"Get a new one and get this one out of here. I'll be waiting." As the two pick themselves up from the ground and make off with the table you turn back and sit down next to Jenkins and Fitzgerald again. "Every time. Whatever. Got any fives?"

"Go fish." mumbles Jenkins. Damn.

"Screw this." Your musings are interrupted by Fitz throwing his cards down on the table quickly followed by his head thumping against the boards. "Go Fish every night till it's coming out my ears, Don't you have anything to do for us?"

Well, do you?

[x] Just stay here, you must learn the art of the lazy-ass bum.
[x] We could just stroll around and fuss up some grunts with suprise visits.
[x] I guess we could check out the storage areas and look for security flaws.

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>[x] I guess we could check out the storage areas and look for security flaws.
This. Plus, maybe they have a loose bottle of something in there that we could grab.

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>[x] We could just stroll around and fuss up some grunts with suprise visits.
C'mon who doesn't want to fuck with grunts

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Oh god this is my first time running a quest, what do I doooo

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roll a die

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Keep going. In the future, try to limit yourself to single posts of exposition at a time.

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Rolled 2

Alrighty then, one for Storage areas, two is Grunt annoying.

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Rolled 1

Okay, grunts it is. Writing now.

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"Yeah, we could go and check out the boons up at the armory." you drawl as Fitzgerald pulls his face off the desk, thn pulls the cards off his face that got stuck there.

"Betcha twenty bucks one of them is smoking again?" Jenkins says while grinning like the last git on the planet. You mirror his expression. Not like they can set anything on fire when they're standing guard outside in this weather anyway but it's still good to fuck with them every once in a while.

"Sure, lets do it."

A short, entirely uneventful stride through partially covered and partially rain-exposed sections of the complex later leaves you looking at the gates of the armory while wringing out your red beret to get it at least slightly dry again. Sure as the sun rising in the morning the three guards have abandoned their spread-out posts and huddled together at the guardhouse where an electric heater and a bit of overhead cover offer at least a little protection from the wrath of the elements.

How do you proceed?

[x] ???

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Bust their chops mercilessly.

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tell them to get back out there by the time we get back

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Yell at them to get back at their posts, then when you are back on command send them some blankets, heaters or somethibg. You like the kids and they like you back, but discipline first

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take their heater

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>all dese different opinions
>I already started writing! ;__;
>but I want to support them all!

As you make a few fingerflicks and your co-conspirators spread out to the flanks you begin creeping forwards. The three guards are all turned inside towards the radiator. You hear bits of conversation drift over, something about pay, family, loved ones. You pay them no heed, you advance without remorse nor mercy. As they are slowly, ever so surely circeling the little crowd you give them a few winks and the noose begins to close.

Step by step you draw closer until finally you are right behind one of them. With perfect synchonization Jenkins and Fitz put themselves up exactly behind the other two, out of all of their fields of vision, just like you.

The knife-hand rises-

And claps down on the rookie's shoulder, making him jump and bang his helmet on the guardhouse roof. Your bros suprise the other two at the same time and you have a good old laugh followed by a talk about dereliction of duty and demotions in general.

Around the time the sweat on their foreheads seems to be flowing with greater speed than the rain you let up on the joke and tell them you'll send someone over with ponchos and pocket heaters once you get back to the emergency response station. You say your farewells just as your communicator begins ringing.

[x] Answer
[x] Naaahhhhhhhhh fuck it

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>[x] Answer
what ass wouldn't

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Answer cuz you are a pro. All grunts-kun admire their senpai.

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[X] Naaahhhhhhhhh fuck it

A mook lives by keeping their head down. If forced to answer for this, a technical malfunction can be blamed.

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You push butan to receev call.

"Hello, Emergency Response Unit here, how can I be of service?" you purr into the mouthpiece.

"Cut the crap corporal and haul your ass over to the hub, I think we got a situation here." That's Sarge. Technically he's the boss of your squad but given his habit of prowling the entire compound doing just what you did right now except with much less friendlieness you're 'in charge' most of the time, with the result of your squad being the lowest on the discipline scale by far.

He's also old and tough as nails. Like, there's more white in his hair than black and he's running the rookies ragged anyway (PHYSICALLY you should add) old and tough as nails. He's paranoid as hell too and yelling at people is a pasttime for him. He should probably already be the base sec commander but hasn't gotten a promotion in longer than you've been here. You never asked him about it. At this rate you will overtake him in the ranking sooner or later.

So you haul ass back to the response room where Sarge is standing in front of the observation screens, together with a sweaty Ben and Alex and -surprise!- a brand new table. He doesn't seem to have noticed.

"Look here corporal." He points to one of the outside camera screens. "That screen's been standing still for over ten minutes now since I began looking at it."

"So?" you ask.

"It shouldn't be. It's a panning camera. It just shows the same part of forest all the time."

What do you do?

[x] ???

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call tech support

>> No.23200704

fuck we will go take a look (grab to people and a teck and check the equipment)

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[X] Put the entire base on lockdown. There's an intruder about.

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You wrinkle your brow at this. Standard procedure says that in case of an equipment failure you need to put the entire base on lockdown and search the affected area with a fine tooth comb.Then again, practical experience and the last three years have taught you to just call tech support and let them sort out the problems with the crappy cameras the cheapskates at the head board decided on.

You keep thinking and thinking what to do but apparently someone else makes the descision for you as a red light begins blinking on the sec monitor board and Sarge rips a phone out of it you didn't even know was mounted there. A few 'hm' 'uhuh' and 'yeah's later he slams it back in and turns to you.

"Gear up, a sec guard close to that cam just didn't report in at the assigned time. I'm hitting the silent alarm." With a click a Big Red Button is uncovered and pressed and in every communicator on the base a small ringer goes off, telling the scientists, office workers and general employees to haul ass to one of the protection zones.


[x] Guard gear: stunstick, taser and stab vest
[x] Light gear: pistol, helmet and kevlar vest
[x] Heavy gear: submachinegun, riot helmet, armor vest

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>[x] Light gear: pistol, helmet and kevlar vest
Don't want to be slowed down while we run away from whatever fucks up our base

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very good point

>> No.23201116


This is the correct call.

>> No.23201142

(You are also allowed to mix-and-match, just so you know)

>> No.23201204


If it wouldn't encumber us, a stunstick would be a good addition, just so we can capture someone if needed. Honestly though if you're searching a forest, you need maximal vision and mobility.

>> No.23201292

Remember that if a mook wears a mask he dies. Always clear face unless some special/distintlctive mask.

Submachine gun, kevlar, helmet.
Also we dont wanna risk melee. If something moves we shoot it. Better safe that sorry, we are just mooks after all.

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>Remember that if a mook wears a mask he dies. Always clear face unless some special/distintlctive mask.
>playing my game on easymodo
u srs

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Get the playing cards out we're adding some plot armor to our helmet

>> No.23201375

Carmine wasnt a mook man.

You know what, grab your most dehumanizing mask. Fuck conventions

>> No.23201417

You forgot the dogtags of your dead friend, a bandoleer, a cruxfix and the skull bandanna.

> Can you even sue?

>> No.23201458


Take a card that lends itself to a nickname, nothing says "Never Dying" like a nickname.

Also a photo of your little sister who's all alone back home since you were orphaned as children.

>> No.23201487

you do realize that stuff like 'I have a family' or 'i'm going into retirement next week' are grade A deathflags hue hue hue

>> No.23201543



>> No.23201549

>Also a photo of your little sister who's all alone back home since you were orphaned as children.
Don't forget the standard issue picture of your standard issue loved one

>> No.23201572


Might be wise to only take one spare clip, you never know when nearly running out of ammo might help improve your sharpshooting.

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Jack of Clubs

>> No.23201597

> casual
Ace of spades

>> No.23201601

And our Noble-Sacrifice-Grenade™, the we will be forced to detonate in order to save the rest of our squad

>> No.23201619

Squad? Son we are going alone to investigate

>> No.23201622


>Taking the highest card
>People who try stand out get killed

Less egotism. 10 of Spades. Plot armour, not a bullseye.

>> No.23201627

So our sacrifice will save EVERYONE, with out them ever knowing.
So tragic!

>> No.23201631


>Not taking your wise cracking buddy who lights up a cigarette and gets shot, alerting you to the presence of the enemy and letting you get away


Can we get back on track?

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I love when /tg/ goes meta

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You immediately jog over to the lockers in the room and rip yours open; you grab your favourite gear: your old and battered helmet with the webbing over it (you never thought to remove that after the army service it though you'd rather die than disfigure it with weeds; I mean, you're a security guard, not a Green Beret backstabber commando), your company-issue Kevlar vest with plastic stab plates in it, your PainMaker™ stunstick. You put it all on and stuff the stunstick into your belt loop.

And last but not least DAT MP5 which you immediately cradle like a newborn in your arms. Ah, happiness is a warm gun. Cold gun. Whatever. As you catch the weird looks from your squad you try to pass the cradle off as an awkward attempt to sling it over your shoulder. From their looks while putting on their gear it kind of failed.

FUCK THEM YOU HAVE DAKKA but before you leave the room, your eyes fall onto the deck of playing cards on the table. You may still have use for the combat webbing...


>> No.23201778

The goddamn one with all the rules and crap for some random game on it that some decks have

>> No.23201779

I'll support any bid for a card of Jack or lower. I'd suggest taking the number of our squad in Hearts (so if there are 5 of us, take the 5 of Hearts) and then dropping it down to the relevant number everytime a member of the original group dies. So if everyone but you and one other die, and the rest are replaced by new recruits, you wear the 2 of Hearts to symbolise only 2 of the remaining group are left.

Gives us potential for moving acceptance scene later on when we increase the number by one when someone proves themselves to us in an as of yet unknown, but obviously very heroic, self-sacrificial and daring, manner.

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Oh you. 3 of diamonds

>> No.23201784

Jack of Clubs people, clubs beat people, and you can always trust Jack

>> No.23201788

Rolled 7


>> No.23201799

The dice have spoken.

>> No.23201801

Rolled 6


Rolling for my own bid. Because dice.

>> No.23201804

> 2013
> not chosing joker

We are a wild card baby

>> No.23201828

As long as its not spades or hearts we will be fine.

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Double dubs confirms it, we get Seven of Diamonds, sorry fellas but there's nothing I can do for you.

>> No.23201892

Rolled 14


A card's a card.

>> No.23201953

Plot armor level: adequate.

Our squad must have a name also

>> No.23201964

You people should help OP out by rolling when you post.

>> No.23202033


It's active enough that we can discuss a lot rather than just arbitrarily roll.

Names are hard, I hate names.

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You snatch the seven of diamonds. Seven's a lucky number, right? And who doesn't like diamonds? It's all about the money. You stick it into the combat webbing on your helmet.

"What's the matter corporal, gettin' 'Nam flashbacks?" the Sarge laughs at you. You once asked him if he was in Nam and he just laughed at you. You then asked him if he was in Korea and he gave you a funny look, then laughed harder. You need to ask him about Second World War one of these days.

A second before leaving though you remember the most important and crucial part of your combat gear: your scanner mask. What once was a normal gas mask was beefed up considerably with facial armor and shock absorber plates, a built-in thermal vision set and really curious prisma assemblies at the edges of the eyeholes that extend your FoV to practically the same as if you weren't wearing a mask in the first place. Hella expensive but also hella effective.

Of course it makes you look like a Dr. Doom henchman crossed with a Imperial Stormtrooper, especially with the red-backlit lenses (who thought that was a good idea?), but them's the breaks. You take off running after Sarge, your squad hot on your heels.


>> No.23202100

Emergency Response Unit, we already had a name

>> No.23202124


That's a job we're assigned to temporarily, it's not a permanent nick.

Can someone explain to me anything about the setting? Or is it all unknown/speculative. Is it on Earth? If so when? T.T

>> No.23202130

I like sarge, Ill be sad when he dies leaving us in charge.

>> No.23202161

E.R.U. because we run on rule of cool.
We need and emblazoned squad insignia

>> No.23202168

Red Shirt Brigade, since you've got nerds who are smartasses somewhere in your squad.

>> No.23202174

>Second World War
come on digga you can work this out

you a quitter son?

>> No.23202188

We are Bug Company. Because we ARE misfits!
(Bug Company - In boot camp, a company of recruits who are incapable of performing any task correctly, regardless of the rewards or consequences.)

>> No.23202203

>Bluesteel Peninsula
Google map'd, 0 results. Threw me off.

>> No.23202208

I like this OP

>> No.23202211

thats not cool. But misfits in other hand...

>> No.23202219

Squad Deadmeat.

>> No.23202223


He's a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything.

I'm fine with this, I also don't want to be a quitter.

>> No.23202296

We are the TG's, the Tactical Guard but also known as Those Guys.

> ohgodwhy

>> No.23202300

> scanner mask
Oh you bastard

>> No.23202335


Be sure to make an off-hand comment about fucking Bravo Squad.
Fuck those assholes.

Now X-Ray squad...

>> No.23202339


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You tromp in at the wall section where the camera is mounted after just about ten minutes of jogging (huge weapons manufacture complex is huge). What you expected was the local guards to greet you. Which they didn't. Which is bad, because ten minutes ago you radioed in and announced you'd be coming and they better get their asses in gear and check the area.

But they are not here. Sarge stops the rest of the squad from advancing but you already kneeled down and tuned the thermals on.

There... at the guardhouse. The hut squeezed in against the huge complex's wall, covered partially by the overhanging roof. A dry strip circles the building, the hut inside it. As you fine-tune the thermals you spot warm footprints, from someone who must have been in the guardhouse for a while, leading away down the wall of the building. Then stopping.

There's a intendation in the wall where they stop. You realize that that's not a dent; you've still got thermals on. It's a small speck of something warm. On the wall.

"Lock and load, but make it look inconspicious. Someone's knocked out the guard in plain sight and dragged him away from here." You get back up and loosen your MP. "We are being watched."

You are the second red speck from below. Factories to the left and right, small block to the left is guardhouse. Big blocks in front are watchtowers placed along the wall.


>> No.23202588


Can we get our own colour relative to the rest of the squad?

Radio in to the watchtowers/guards up there and get and ask if they've seen anything would be a good starting point. Can be done while walking if people really want to walk out into the open.

>> No.23202681

We dont know shit about our squad, describe them.

>> No.23202875

brb creating image

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While we wait, here's an iconic team leader, so we can all muse on leadership style.

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Fitz is sporting the same equip as you minus the stunstick. Alex got a large-caliber pistol and a huge knife as well as her fists which count as dual stunbaton. Power armor is bulletproof up to fiddie cal as long as he isn't hit in the joints. The rest is image-apparent.

>> No.23203279

Fitz & Jenkins cover you as you go to the guardhouse. Suggest Sarge stays with them, tell him to try radio through to the watchtowers on the wall to check for information. Go forward with Ben leading, and you and your future love-interest following behind.

Try to look as relaxed as possible.

>> No.23203314

>your future love-interest
huehueHUEHUEhuehue you have no idea

>> No.23203333


Having no idea is my fetish

>> No.23203390

This. But dont forget she is fitz waifu. Or was it jenkins?

> I saw your first thread OP

>> No.23203453

Sarge is Bill ;_;

>> No.23203493

yaaay it was remembered
also sorry for being a fgt and taking a whole goddamn week to dredge up the guts for this

you aint seen nothing

>> No.23203624

> stepupsenpai.avi

You crank up the cuhrayzee meta-ness and I keep my mouth shut. Also hue

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You need to OPERATE this up OPERATIONALLY as if you were an OPERATOR or you're done for; whoever is in here is tough, smart and/or fast enough to take out a random sec guard just walking down the street without anyone noticing or if someone did notice taking them out fast and silently enough not to alert anyone else.

"Guys, we need to work this really carefully. Sarge, can I take over?" you mumble into your mike. Sarge just gives you a sideways look out of his gasmask and a nod. He knows he isn't the spryest anymore.

"Jenkins, Fitz, Sarge, you stay back and cover me while I go check out the guardhouse. Stick up a smoke or something, try to look inconspicious. Sarge, radio around for anything in the vicinity and give HQ a heads-up about the situation Ben, you're on point. Alex, on me."

"Oh, you'd like me on you, wouldn't you?" she sasses you right back, her usual wolfish grin concealed by the mask. Alex just strolls past you two shaking his head.

>> No.23203916

>*Ben just strolls right past you

>> No.23203971

Rolled 99

Anything that movea we dakka it

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"Alex please, no one must know our secret. Especially not your future husband." you shoot right back. As usual, bringing up her boyfriend Fitz (though you're not even sure if you can call them that, they're as silent as a grave about it) causes her to clam up and turn away from you like a schoolgirl caught buying sticker tattoos. You never expected the boisterous, drinking mountain of a woman to be such a softie in emotional matters. You'd rather have expected her to push him down onto anything in the vicinity and just take him right then and there if the fancy struck her.

'I guess you can never tell' you think as you walk down the street, MP5 slapping against your wet clothes with every step.

That's when it hits you like a 9mm straight to the cranium. It's silent. Alex is chatting about something to Ben but you don't even hear it. This silence is agressive, it's like it's trying to eat into your ears and to kill the things you'd hear; it's merged with the constant splashing of the rain and now strangulates every sound that should be there; you cannot hear your own steps, you cannot hear Sarge rasping into his radio only a handful of steps behind you, all you hear is the roar of the water, the air rusing into and out of your lungs and the PAP PAP PAP of your SMG smacking against your chest.

Suddenly it stops. Your ears feel normal again. It's like a weight lifted off your shoulders, chest, heart, everything.

What do you do.

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Holy shit this whole quest is retardedly good. I'm laughing my ass off, literally. Keep up the good work!

Also, you totally need some air support!

I suggest Max, a former G-Police Pilot of an AG-60 Havoc Gunship. It can pull carzy VTOL shenanigans and has a fuckton of DAKKA. Basically an A-10 Warthog as a VTOL Jet-Helicopter combo.

Max wears typical blue-ish flight suit with a same colored helmet, which looks like Riot gear police helmet and has a yellow-ish seethrough protection shield. The clothes have a slight purpleish hue to them which is often the target of jokes regarding homosexuality and manliness etc.

He lost his arm during the last fight with the big Corporations Mercenaries and the Gangs they supplied with guns and got a new, regrown one. He is usually a very polite and professional person and is rather good at what a gunship pilot needs to do: Viciosly shoot things and people to shit, do dogfights against gang fliers and tank incoming fire like a BAWS (the AG-60 has intense Armor Plating).

Is that suggestion acceptible?

>> No.23204081

Rolled 25

Fuck, pressure difference. Fall back and regroup. Anything that moves you shoot.
Also contact with command and tell the situation.
> shit just got real

>> No.23204091

Stop for a moment and check surroundings,

>> No.23204103
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Here's the pilot.

>> No.23204107

>Mook Quest
not to be a dick dude but you're missing the point

>> No.23204112


PANIC. Actually, don't.

Ignore it for now, not time to be telling your squad you're potentially compromised and lose confidence, just be more careful. Keep going, tell them to chill on the chatter unless they see or hear anything.

>> No.23204125
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And here is my oppinion of this thread and the Quest.

>> No.23204142


If you've got a secure comm, tell the Sarge and recommend he talks to someone higher up the chain to raise the alert status of the facility as a whole.

>> No.23204421

>it was dat sixth instinct feel you silly boys, no pressure shit or anything
>luckily at least one guy said to look around otherwise you'd be shit out of luck

You come to a stop. You take a look around. You lower your face and rub your eyes. You raise your face. You open your mouth . You turn-

"Sarge, I think you should-"

You see movement at the edge of your vision. Fast movement, big movement. From the wall. From the farther watchtower. BIG. You let your knees drop out from under you. A huge shadow zooms past inches above you and impacts the guardhouse with shattering force.

The entire street explodes.

Ben immediately svivels around and begins hosing down the place where the guardhouse stood with 5mm bullets, Alex makes a jump and puts herself between your prone form and the wreckage, then pulls out a knife as long as your forearm. You roll around on your belly and extract the MP from under you to feebly check your six; you see movement in the watchtower and hose down the upper level and windows fairly emptying your entire mag into it. Jenkins is going completely nuts and alternatively sprays the guardhouse, the watchtower, the other watchtower further up the street and the upper edges of the wall with bullets, Fitz seems to have fled behind the factory building again and Sarge is just staring at that guardhouse, staring as if his life depended on it, with a look mirroring a shell-shocked veteran being shown the mangled remains of his friends.


>> No.23204456

>Mook squad in charge of not mooking out

>Sarge is just staring at that guardhouse, staring as if his life depended on it, with a look mirroring a shell-shocked veteran being shown the mangled remains of his friends.

Oh god. We're doomed. We just weren't OPERATOR enough.

>> No.23204492

Not enough DEAGLES

>> No.23204560


Jenkins is my new favorite squaddie, dat dakka.

>> No.23204563

Or moist nuggets

>> No.23204630

8 quest threads on the front page right now.

Just thought I'd let you know.

>> No.23204648
File: 116 KB, 584x488, Stand aside kitten.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I say we call in close air support. That gunship can just hover around and kill everything dead while our squad hides somewhere in a ditch. And makes photos with their smartphones.

Otherwise call in those guys --> Pic related

>> No.23204687


>> No.23204691

Mooks don't get air support that's only Super humans that can regenerate health behind cover

>> No.23204703

*only for

>> No.23204764

"GUYS, CEASE FIRE!" you yell into your microphone. Ben stops shooting. Jenkins does too, after a few seconds. The remains of the guardhouse give a few cracks and groans.

The silence again. The deafening silence.

"If it's okay, I'm going to check that out." Alex says, waving the knife towards the guardhouse and getting into one of those combat stances you always thought were a bit too much. She makes it look pretty threatening. You give her a nod. She creeps closer and closer to the wreckage, then when you'd expect her to take another few steps to get there snaps forward in a blink and gives it a kick that scatters the remains everywhere.There's nothing behind the wreckage but a ventilated metal wall with a fairly big hole in the middle.

"Whatever animal that was, seems like it escaped into the factory. This is the assembly plant, right?" Jenkins wheezes. You didn't notice him get out of breath. "At least it's not the manufacture one, it can't upset any calibrations like in there."

Sarge seems like he's got himself under control again and lifts up his assault rifle. He still looks kinda haunted.

"Sarge? You okay?" you ask. He gives you a look somewhere between thousand yards and waaay too close and mouths something. You don't exactly understand what he's trying to say.
He does it again. 'Puhunuh?' You tilt your head to the side. 'Behanu?' Then it hits you.
"Behind you."


>> No.23204790

Rolled 14


Trust me, I got mad reflexes.

>> No.23204793

Rolled 81


>> No.23204804


See. This is what confidence gets you.

>> No.23204872 [DELETED] 

Time to magdump.

>> No.23204886

Rolled 80


>> No.23204890

Rolled 65

Here goes.

>> No.23204929

Rolled 71

> calibrations
> mah nigga

>> No.23204951

As you whirl around faster than a tornado something BIG and WIDE and DARK gets into your field of view, barely a meter behind you.
>[x] FACE
>[x] CHEST
>[x] GROIN

>> No.23204985

We play dirty like a motherfucker

>> No.23204989


[X] Groin

Because that fucker won't see it coming, plus it'll take half a second longer to track upwards and aim at his face, and time is a premium.

>> No.23204996

>[x] GROIN

>> No.23205035

Like we are not going to shoot the groin

>> No.23205037

Calling it now its gonna be Alex

>> No.23205079


Unless Alex learnt Shadowstep and teleported from in front of us to behind us, unlikely.

>> No.23205093

You were in the first thread? Nigga dont spoil the fun

>> No.23205180


Are we being railroaded by people who have done this before?

>> No.23205205

Wait, is the DM seriously running the same quest twice?

>> No.23205226


>> No.23205227

No man, about a week agobhe made a thread about some world building. It was awesome and he decided to make it a queat thread.

>> No.23205247
File: 31 KB, 303x184, nutshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no to both, I posted the plot a week ago and tried to get a sounding if it's okay or not
I originally wanted to write it as a book or something
then /tg/ happened and the fags convinced me to make a quest out of it
the fags
now there seems to be a fag or two in here who remembers the thread but is bro enough not to spill the beans on the SHENANIGANS to follow

>> No.23205267

>whoops that image was supposed to go here

As the BIG and HUGE motherfucker leans forward to presumably do something very uncomfortable to your face with his FUCKING HUGE arms that look like he's using them to store leftover watermelons you pull the trigger from the hip. As is the disadvantage when you're as huge as him his groin is at perfect hipfire-level.

The next two seconds pass as a maelstrom of noise, bright flashes and pain but you'll never forget how you saw the stream of 9mm hollow point bullets, for your simple mortal eyes nothing but indistinct blurs, smash against the crotch of this huge motherfucker, flatten themselves against what seems to be a full-body kevlar skinsuit, nevertheless discharge their entire kinetic energy into his crown jewels and then drop down on the ground without punching through.

Your brain was so hooped on adrenaline it was like watching a movie in slowmotion. It looked like punching a waterbed again and again.

As the noise ends and your gun clicks empty your eyes wander up to this gigantic steroid abuser's face to espy the most constipated expression you have ever seen on the face of a human man, though he's stretching the 'human' a bit.

Then he begins to topple forwards.


>> No.23205287

Rolled 12


>> No.23205295

Rolled 58


Godlike reflexes, this time i'm owed it.

>> No.23205296

Rolled 36

We should slam this mofo

>> No.23205315

Rolled 46

We are a mook after all

>> No.23205317

Damn our mookness! Damn it to a gay prison

>> No.23205318


We're boned. At least Alex saving us can help with the incomming romance subplot.

>> No.23205367

Rolled 8

We have a card in our helmet...


>> No.23205379

haha no.

>> No.23205464
File: 254 KB, 1021x864, well there's no god here today only me the red skull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's huge. You just showed huge guts. He's gonna fall on your guts.

You kind of have these thoughts /after/ you're on the ground, flattened under him; your brain was a bit too scrambled to have them before. The constant tension is getting to you it seems. As you wheeze under the huge bulk of this guy (seriously, he must weight like two hundred kilos) you reconsider carrer options.

Then you hear gunfire. Lots of gunfire. And weird whooshing noises, along with your budies yelling shit into your earplug which you cant make out due to a HUGE MOTHERFUCKER LAYING ON YOU

>Roll for dislodging the pile of meat
>get over 70, misses mean delays

>> No.23205504

Rolled 20

"God damn motherfucking giga-nigga on top of me!"

>> No.23205518

Rolled 60


>> No.23205519


>> No.23205527

Rolled 51


>> No.23205529

Rolled 36


We're so bad at this. We're no longer the hero in our own story.

>> No.23205544


We cannot do dice. Literally for some of us. It appears you picked the right bunch of incompetents to take part in the quest.

>> No.23205550

Don't worry the real hero will save us, just have to wait for Sarge

>> No.23205552


>> No.23205554

We're not strong enough to push him off, we're not flexible enough to wiggle free.
There's only one choice left.
Set out stunstick to full, we seizure our way out of this predicament.

>> No.23205560


I want Dakka to be the real hero. I like his style.

>> No.23205585


We can't do combat. But we were real good at stalling for half an hour before the quest started chatting about trivial things, making meta jokes and trying to establish plot armour, then we fail in actual combat. We're literally the inefficient, mediocre core of the army.

This is meta roleplaying. You pretend to be your character playing your character.

>> No.23205695

Rolled 22

But what if being trapped under a pile of steroids, unable to escape, unnoticed, is our salvation? How many heroes start out that way? This is our chance!

>> No.23205860
File: 81 KB, 648x610, shitcurity the album.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bad idea and no roll is better than no idea and bad roll!
>bad in combat
>shooting a giganto-huge dude in the nuts so hard the drops KO is bad
>disabling a level 16 monk with a level 2 town guard is bad

You need to get out from under this guy and you need to do it now, your dudes need your help. So you wrestle your hand off the grip of your MP, maneuver it down to your belt and take hold of the stunstick. "It's time to dance, Ahnold." Then you J-J-JAM IT IN in between you, manage to lift him up by the barest margin and hit the zap button.

The gigantig huge soft mass on top of you goes rigid in a second, then rolls itself up and off you, slamming a handfull of your body parts against the pavement hard enough to leave bruises. God bless Tesla, as soon as you get hold of some ointment.

As you woozily look around you see that Jenkins and Fitz made their way to the other watchtower; Fitz is on top looking out the windows and displaying his less than stellar shooting skills while Jenkins has laid down on the ground floor and deployed the bipod on his SAW, blasting down the street. Hiding behind bits of the guardhouse wreck there's Sarge, taking aimed single shots at the same direction.

>> No.23206012

Rolled 83

Well, shit. Best get all serpentine & make our way to them to join the line, depending on how far we are. Oh, and thanks for leaving us pinned beneath a supersoldier guys, really.

>> No.23206033

Are mook's normally this robust?

>> No.23206044

Rolled 96


Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload.

Seriously. This cannot be stressed enough. Then go chill with Alex, we need more banter, not enough plot armour.

>> No.23206087

Use supersoldier for cover, we know he's bulletproof.
Possibly stabinate him first if we have something sharp.

>> No.23206123

Rolled 2

Yeah, I fail at dice.

>> No.23206150

>They call me corporal thunder
>i shocked a super soldier so much that he lit up like a lightning bolt
>Sir, i thought they called you thunder because when he flailed on top of you, the sound of his body slamming into and breaking your bones similar to a thunderclap
>s-shut up

>> No.23206151

Looking down the street, you see Alex in what seriously appears to be a blade-dance with some other chick; she's damn fast but you think you can see a domino mask, another one of those skin-tight bodysuits (and damn does it suit her, that's some curves on her oh wait you're locked in mortal combat) and something like black-glowing energy laser blades or something in her hands, seriously it looks freaky as fuck. Alex seems to be holding her own easily and Ben is right there next to her, hosing down a gaping blasthole in the wall with lead.

There's some sciency looking faggot standing in there, he's got all the freaky gadgets and bits on him, some weird sparking backpack, goggles, huge gloves with wires on them and the way bullets ping off half a meter in front of him he seems to have some forcefield or shit to protect himself with. You heard R&D was experimenting with crap like that but you didn't expect some intruder to have gear like this.

There's also a little kid next to him, looking barely older than... twelve? Fourteen? She's got weird green hair with flowers in it. Doesn't look like she coloured it either. And he's grabbed her at the shoulder and points at Ben and says something to her and she just nods at him and waves her arms like it's Expressionist Dance day and a HUGE FUCKING WALL OF WATER shoots past her and blasts Ben in the face. He slams against the wall and drops to the floor. You see him pawing for his minigun.

>[not done yet you faggots]

>> No.23206169

Yes you do.

>> No.23206175

* was similar to

>> No.23206179

Take it easy on the dice man, cuz they sure as hell aren't gonna take it easy on you.

>> No.23206296

Then there's this other faggot with some weird head assembly looking like it's necessary to keep his giant brain inside of his skull steps forward and waves his hand and

just what is

going on

in here

There's enemies in front of us. Let's shoot them.

>What do you do?

>> No.23206310

Shoot them

>> No.23206328

Shoot first, ask questions later

>> No.23206338

Try to shake it off it must be a trick

>> No.23206371

Rolled 76

This is a most sensible response. Surely hallucinogenic shit is going around.
Rolling for shootin' and scootin' away.

>> No.23206471

50/50 vote split shoot/not shoot
make your minds up or I pick the worst case scenario ahue
also don't forget to meta only because the action started

>> No.23206483

Rolled 29


Shoulda brought grenades. Forcefield is a forcefield. Kill the chick that Alex is fighting with, if bullets can't go through a forcefield, maybe fists can.

>> No.23206524

Don't shoot

>> No.23206538


>> No.23206540


You're in a weapons plant, right?

It's time to find a bigger gun.

>> No.23206599

>It's time for sufferi-
>you hero has arrived


>> No.23206620


Radio command! Chances are they still don't know what's going on here and they really, really should.

>> No.23206637


>> No.23206647
File: 58 KB, 699x695, watoneil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23206659

Why didn't, too high and mighty to make a suggestion when he is taking them.
>Catcha: this raonite

>> No.23206793


It took us ten minutes to get here.

You think these guys will just sit around and fondle themselves for ten minutes until backup arrives? We have to deal with this now.

>> No.23206813

No. No, this won't do. No, this won't do at all.

You're fighting against a mob of bulletproof superpowered scubberduckies with forcefields and shit and you're sporting a 9mm SMG. A formidable weapon in almost any other situation but right now you need something with a bit more punch.

So you stumble upright while the bullets whizz past you, stagger towards the hole in the wall, fall through (flat on your face), stagger to your feet again, make your way past heavy-duty industrial robots turning and lifting parts from conveyor belt to conveyor belt, grab something looking pretty big with pretty big bullets, grab some of the pretty big bullets from a rack someone else put up there (he must be a nice person), then stumble all the way back to the hole in the factory wall again.

Which is around the time your head clears from whatever that megahead punk did to you and, after giving HQ a radio message that they should hurry up with the backup, you immediately make a combatroll through the hole and get into a prone firing position.

Which is when you notice that you apparently grabbed a MG3 or something looking really close to it and three really big ammo boxes of 7,62mm.


>> No.23206829

You also notice that Alex is a shot-up mess on the floor where she was having her knife-fight, Jenkins is trying to wrestle the MP5 out of a crazed Fitzgeralds fingers (he's spewing foam what the fuck), a bubble of water has surrounded Ben and he's flailing uselessly to get out of it and Sarge is panicking because that Roid Rage maniac has gotten back up again and his suit is still bulletproof enough to stop his assault rifle rounds.


>> No.23206844

Walk away

>> No.23206847

Situation is fucked, eat gun.

>> No.23206878

Let's combine these two. Walk away while you're not being watched and then later on shoot ourselves because guilt.

>> No.23206929


Shoot up the knife bitch to get their attention and then run like a motherfucker.

>> No.23206949


Preferably in the direction of the backup.

>> No.23206984

Rolled 16

Ventilate the knife bitch, suppress the rest, and scream about FUCKING MURDERING SUPES. Only shoot around the little girl though, she probably doesn't know what she's doing. tl;dr COVERING FIRE

>> No.23206986

No no no no no, we gotta get OUTTA here man. You saw the men back at the compound, you think they're going to fare any better?
You needed to give them blankets and heaters for a little rain for christs sake.
we gotta RUN- away.

>> No.23206987

Can't outgun them, outsmart them? Lure them someplace volatile and hope that's enough. At the very least, try and get their attention so the squad can get the fuck out of there.

>> No.23207024

>I will disregard the surrenderers because they suck cocks
>also what the fuck /tg/ I thought you were /k/ lite too, I thought you knew the difference between M16 5,56mm ammo and MG3 7,62mm ammo
>if you don't know the difference is it is one makes a hole and the other blows the contents of your ribcage out the other side
>also it gives kevlar tender lovings where the sun does not shine

>> No.23207057

Rolled 74

[x]Melt barrel

>> No.23207079

Man, my idea was SHOOT EVERYTHING. This includes kevlarman. Knifebitch is the secondary priority so Alex can go knife that fucker with a forcefield. Assuming it can only stop bullets.

>> No.23207126

Alex is deeeeaaaaad.

>give oop
>roon ayawee

Really, /tg/? Right after getting sweet sights?
Voting to shoot the big muscly guy before he creams sarge.

>> No.23207127

get a chromed DEAGLE and fuck mofos up

>> No.23207135

open fire on kevlar man
Throw the max power stun stick at the girl if she got water on herself/the floor near her.

>> No.23207151


>> No.23207182

We fix this by sacrificing our enemies in her name

>> No.23207199

25 round bursts on Brainboy, then green-girl, then spaz out on everyone not mook.

>> No.23207219

Rolled 84

Go in a blaze of glory, you are a mook after all. Shoot the fucker in kevlar, tear him a new asshole. Then to bichy mcwater, rape the whore with bullets

>> No.23207225

Can't beat them Supes without glorious German engineering. Oh wait.

>> No.23207239

We can't fix that anymore.
She died because we ran away to get a better gun.
We got our better gun.
But Alex is dead. She's dead son. She won't cuddle with her boyfriend anymore because she's a gorestain.
She won't quip us with her short charming comments anymore because she was mutilated by some bitchfreak.
She won't break anymore tables by arm wrestling a man in power armor because all that's left of her can fit in large jar.
She's dead, son.

>> No.23207301
File: 88 KB, 700x480, allthedakka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You haven't been in this much of a pickle for a long time. It's actually pretty certain that you haven't been in this much of a pickle ever, period. As a normal male of roughly twenty years age you react with the normal reflexive action such a person experiences when faced with something confusing, frightening or dangerous.

You get angry. Anger in combination with firearms can lead to up to five hundred rounds per minute, effective, not theoretical. So you do.

As the pile of muscles goes down with multiple fist-sized holes in his back and practically your entire first belt expended you notice that the big headed fag seems to be up to something. You swivel the gun around and empty the rest of it on him. A red-hot barrel makes for bad shooting so most of your shots miss but one punches through his shoulder and he goes to hide behind the wall like the pussy he is.

You might also be screaming incoherently about what a bunch of scumbags/ cowards/ seal clubbers they are. You might also be cursing superheroes on a whole as lying, cheating scumbags who don't seserve a shred of the glory they recieve. You might burn yourself on the hot reciever was you fumble in a new ammo belt but you don't care about any of this.

You might also have noticed how Alex wasn't moving. You most definetly did not cry, no you didn't.

But as everything, even this state of affairs needed to come to an end.

>> No.23207334


>> No.23207455

Rolled 53

Fill that loli druid's eyes & exposed skin with kicked-up dirt and gravel. We can't shoot a little girl, but we can damn well fuck one up with shit we shoot around her.

>> No.23207485
File: 284 KB, 1224x792, last stand in the zone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As the Science fag comes up behind the wall and levels his fancy gloves at you you're already locked and loaded again. You blow through your ammo in an instant but that guy is charging something up in between his hands, all sparks and lightning. It was growing.

It didn't matter. Here it ends. Heaven or hell. The rattering of the gun went through your bones as ou wailed on the shield of that man. There had to be a threshold somewhere, right? Either the power source would burn out or the machinery would get overloaded. It only depended on weather that happened to his shield or your gun first.

As the top of the magazine cover explodes off and bullet casing shrapnel cuts into your face you find your answer.

Everything becomes a blur after that. The hammering of Sarge's assult rifle, the patter of Jenkins LMG (he got Fitz off him?), it all blurs together as you lift your head and feel the world swimming around you. Then the science bastard blasts off his energy ball and you are thrown against something hard.

The last words you hear before everything blacks out come from the big headed psycho guy.

"Mark my words: this is what happens to all evildoers who dare to stand in the way of the Justice Alliance. You better have learned your lesson."

>> No.23207488

Are you still writing?

>> No.23207616



Backup arrives.

>> No.23207700
File: 93 KB, 606x924, 4chan dude nichijou scientist doctor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You come to your senses in a wreckage of a building with your clothes torn up, your gun wrecked and a loli sitting on top of you.

Curiously, except for the bits of steel and concrete poking into your back you feel pretty okay, considering your last memories are of a gruesome death at the hands of massively egocentrical fuckbags calling themselves superheroes. Especially considering that loli was one of them.

"Are you alright again?" she asks you. She really can't be older than ten; she's sitting on your stomach and you can barely feel her. Her voice is really high too.

You just look at her. "What... did you do?" you ask her while feeling around for your stunstick, given that your gun is a melted and detonated piece of slag.

"I fixed you. I know BigBrain will get angry when I stay away and The Technician is probably worried a lot again but that's okay. You looked really hurt." she says, eyes all wide and, well, childlike.

Huh. You smack your lips. You taste iron. It's not a good taste. You look her in the eyes; they are green like her hair. They seem to glow.

"Well, I have to go now!" she squeaks, then jumps off you. You cough. Okay, you definately did feel that one. And is she walking around barefoot in this wreckage? "Will you be okay?"

"Huh?" you gunt, then you look up at her face again. She's looking at you expectantly.

>wat do

>> No.23207709

>"Huh?" you grunt,

>> No.23207741

Shrug off the question, ask about your friends, and why she fixed you.

>> No.23207754

Tell her to fuck off.

>> No.23207764

Attempt to guilt trip her about Alex.

>> No.23207782

"You drowned Ben standing up... Alex's probably dead... Don't even know how fucked the rest are... Why? What the fuck was this for? 'Will I be okay?' What do you think?"

>> No.23207786

Rolled 26

Show her a picture of a sweetheart that you left behind at home while reminiscing about how you'll go and start up your own shop once you return..

>> No.23207787

I'm voting for not threatening or in any way insulting the ten year old killing machine like a dumbass moo-
Well, let's at least tread carefully with out words when we ask about our squad.

>> No.23207811

Don't worry, our secret superpower is metawareness.

>> No.23207832

10 year old?
I bet 5 internets she is a super powerful ancient goddess that's a gorrilion years old and just looks like a 10-year old.
Though there's no katana or changing eye colors to support this theory as of now.

>> No.23207847

If used correctly that sounds like it could actually be the most overpowered superpower ever.

>> No.23207860

>implying it isn't
nigga why the fuck do you think I'm writing this

>> No.23207879


>> No.23207896

Rolled 46

Ask what happened about squad.
Don't thank her. Act disconnected. Brooding, even.

>> No.23207901

Thats the jokers superpower... Kinda
Ask her to fix Alex. You aint too proud to beg

>> No.23207945

Ask what happened, and this. Ask her if she can / will fix anybody else up.

>> No.23207949

Yeah, my first thought was that green haired girl needs to meet some 7.62X54R.

Don't waste this chance! Tell her your name, then ask her yours. In fact, keep yelling your name even as she turns to leave.

>> No.23207951

Ask her about the rest of your FRIENDS. Not squad, FRIENDS.
If they're still broken, ask her to fix them. Say please. Do not antagonize the superpowered loli.

>> No.23207966

I mean, ask her hers.

>> No.23207987

>Tell her your name, then ask her yours. In fact, keep yelling your name even as she turns to leave.
>implying you have a name
you're the mook. at most you're the corporal. dealwithit.exe

>> No.23208008

maybe she could fix our friends if we ask nicely and tell her our name

i also seem to have missed the name and cannot find ours...

>> No.23208024

eh nevermind about that then

>> No.23208329
File: 90 KB, 706x720, mooks at the end.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You give her the same look that Sarge gave you a while ago as he saw the muscle-man crash into the guard hut. She visibly shivers and shrinks back.

"What happened to my friends." It's not a question, in the same way that a gun placed against a head is not exactly a threat. It's a statement of the circumstances. She doesn't look very happy at all.

"I... I don't know. After BigBrain left and Technician was turning off computers everywhere I walked back and looked to help." She shakes her head from side to side. "The others are gone. I saw a big red white car drive away. There's a lot of bl-... of red stuff out there though. It doesnt's looks so good..." she says. She's looking to the ground and you're sure you see her lower lip quivering You really gotta hand it to her, if she's acting this she could make a carreer in Hollywood just by lying to the producers that she's Brangelinas secret eighteenth child.

"Why did you do that to Ben?" Her head immediately snaps back up and she looks straight at you.

"Wh.. who is Ben?" she stammers.

"Ben. The guy in the powered armor. Real big, metal all over, likes to use a huge machinegun. You put him into a watter bubble till he drowned." She immediately draws back.

"N-No! I didn't! I watched out for him! Oxygen percentage in his blood was only lowered enough so he went to sleep! I didn't ki- I didn't hurt him!" You definately see tears in her eyes now. "They were all okay when I left, even the big sister! She is tough!"

>wat do

>> No.23208387

lurk more because I'm uncreative

>> No.23208424

i know the feeling
like, i want to make a suggestion, but i can't think of anything cool or witty or meta at all
so i just go from that other quest thread and here
just another lurker mook

>> No.23208433

And if they're okay physically? What're they going to think knowing how close they were to death, how they couldn't do a damn thing to stop it, with that fear put into them? What was the point? Why? Just, why? And why do you keep changing words around? Blood is blood. Killing is killing.

>> No.23208459

>neechan, my sides

Thank her for watching over them, ask for her to move. Lets use her naivety, ask her if she knows anything more and the let her go. We are paid to protect the facility, not kill children

>> No.23208574

>neechan, my sides
i am confus

>> No.23208586

Rolled 82

You tried to make me kill my friends.


>> No.23208606

the loli calling Alex "big sister"

>> No.23208611

Dude, no point pushing her. We don't know how she'll react, and it certainly won't improve the situation even if she just cries. With luck she'll start to question the actions of her buddies in time.

Seconding this.

>> No.23208622

Forget the girl. Get up, grab any personal effects and head for the nearest hospital.

>> No.23208691

man, our employers can treat us better than any hospital

>> No.23208902

Rolled 61

those people your with the Justice Alliance, nothing good can com of them run child run as far away from them as you can, you too sweet.. too nice to be anywhere near them ..(give her our cell phone number)
if you need help call me

>> No.23208945

"Okay wait, no reasons to start crying for you at all here, I took all of those all of those for myself and I'm not so what gives you the right to, huh?" you shush her. She draws back a bit more.

A somewhat uncomfortable silence passes. "So." You break it. "What now. You'll continue with that, what was it, Justice bullshit? What was that all about? I didn't know I'm a bad guy. I'm just a security guard."

She looks confused at this. "But BigBrain said you are the bad guys."

"Well, I say I'm not. I'm a security guard. I get paid to put my finger up my nose eight hours a day. I'm not evil. Maybe lazy but that's it." She looks exceedingly confused.

"B-But BigBrain said you are the bad guys." She's shaking a bit.

"Am I supposed to repeat myself? Maybe he meant the company? Even then, we didn't get cops knocking on our door. I'm certain we pay all our taxes. What would he call us evil over?" She wrinkes her brow as you tell her this, then frowns at you.

"He said you were building evil weapons and that you were going to use them to hurt people!"

You give her the 'u srs' look. "Girl, this is a weapons manufacture plant. We do build guns, but we build them to sell them. Legally. Where would the cops get ther pistols from? The soldiers their tanks and stuff? Stuff's gotta get done somehow."

This only serves to confuse her more. You sigh. Little girls and real life morality, whoah nelly.

"Alright, you know what? How about this."


>> No.23208972

and I just noticed how rapidly my writing quality is falling goddamn the next one will be the last update for tonight it's 4am here

>> No.23209194

"Something's up with these fellas you're running around with and I dunno what. Here, have my number." You hand her one of the mass-produced cards your employer hands you in 500-packs once a year. It doesn't even carry your name, just 'Vladmetall Security Solutions' and your private communicator number.

"Call me if you get into trouble and you feel like you need an outside opinion on... well, on anything." She shakily accepts the card from you. "You do have a phone, right?" She nods.

"Alright then, run along. And don't get into trouble." Suitably shaken up in the morality departement she scampers off. For a moment you wonder how the hell she can walk over torn metal plates and shattered glass barefoot without giving a damn but then she's gone already, scampering off towards the heart of the complex.

You drop onto your back again. It's been a long day.

Then you pass out.

>> No.23209212
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>> No.23209243

I liked it, when's the next?

>> No.23209291

As early as possible? Probably next Saturday or sunday. Maybe I can run a short session tomorrow, maybe not. I got stuff to do.

>> No.23209338

Thread archived, be sure to vote it up.

>> No.23209531

Well, that's it? No questions or anything?

>> No.23209613

Not sure what to ask, boss. I'd like to know more about the world, like how common super hero or villains are but I suspect we'll find out in later threads anyways.

>> No.23209657


Just run. Ever thought about running a good quest i.e civilisation builder?

>> No.23209687

You will, that's mostly what the quest is built around anyway. IT'S ALL PART OF THE MYSTERY, as they say. I want it to go Half-Life 2 style where you find shit out for yourself but if there's any particular matters you want to know ASK AWAY I'll answer everything that's no spoiler.

What did you say?

>> No.23209724

I'd like to know what time period the quest is set in. Assuming the mooktagonist is american, and the mandatory military service is the vietnam draft, I'd hazard a guess at this being set in the mid-late 70's. Would also explain why the sarge could have been in WWII and still be young enough to have a security job.

How far off am I?

>> No.23209749

Baring all of the Super shenanigans, how's technology in the world? Ben has power armor, and Alex is genetically modified, is that something that security guards might get as part of the package or were they special cases? Probably more so Alex than Ben.

>> No.23209796

>What did you say?

Your posts are interesting and descriptive. You play for hours. As a quest runner I give you a B-. You have what it takes to be a legend. Too bad this current quest's concept was terrible. That's why I suggest you don't "waste" your talents and run civ quests.

>> No.23209812

I didn't set the background in stone like that for any of the characters. The thing with Sarge's age was done mostly as a gag; the time of the setting; hm, I kind of thought like a few years into the future due to force fields being researched and thermal gasmasks and everything. The conscription stuff, well, I just used an excuse for military training that you can consistently pull in my nation and get away with scot free. Then again reading into tbe backgrounds of these characers is kind of pointless since the entire point of their existence is that they are MOOKS and you can give JACK SHIT about their past since it doesn't matter anyway.

But now that you mentioned it maybe I'll make a plot hook out of it. Ahahah.

>> No.23209849
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...do you do nothing but shitpost in other people's quest threads?

>> No.23209912

>Quest over
>OP answered questions
>Makes a post that has nothing to do with it
>Thinks that isn't shitposting

Are you eternally butthurt?

>> No.23209977

About Alex and Ben, they're both kinda special cases. Genetic modification on Alex is due to an accident a few years back. Not 'she fell into a bucket of toxic waste' or bullshit like that, she got hit by lethal nerve gas on a special mission but managed to jack herself up with the antidote just in time. She was still a normal

Now, if you know your Sarine Gas that means she survives but she'll be worse off than someone with ALS, Rheuma and Parkinson all in one. So the company (who do a bit more than just arms manufacture, but you'll find that out in the next thead) hooked her up with gene therapy that, along with fixing her nerves right back up, grew her to the giant muscular amazon of a woman she is today. Also musclegirls are hot

Ben got Powered Armor because that's one of the things the company builds, alongside many other things, so when they're gonna have an emergency response unit they may as well kit them out with the swaggest gear.

>> No.23209995


>> No.23210077

So how is it that our mooks, which makes them mookier than us, has better stuff than us? I understand why Alex does, but Ben doesn't seem to have a reason for having it, unless he's just the designated heavy gunner man or something.

Basically, I want toys.

Just kidding, the mooks with the swaggest shit die first.

>> No.23210168

>unless he's just the designated heavy gunner man or something.
He kinda is, yeah. I mean, you're almost an officer for what it's worth, officers don't run around in shit like that, it's not stylish enough. But don't worry, I got a load of special mook-mook toys in store just for us, the most quintessential mook of them all. You'll be surprised.

>> No.23210543

Hiven that he'' shitting on anm origional, fun idea in favor of YET ANOPTHER shitilization quest, imma say yes.

OP, FUCK civilization. I want that shit, i'll go play it through steam. Good quest, loved reading it, enjoyed watching /tg/ not know how 7.62 works (/k/ here: you get a gold star).
Keep it up nigger, I will be watching.

>> No.23210610

No, he doesn't. Be glad you've never played a civ quest with him.

>> No.23210616

Squad lead doesn't carry the heavy weapon, he has shit to do that require shim to NOT sit in one place squeesing off five round burst for an hour during a firefight.

Here' hwo the us army handles a four man eelement:

V formation, commander leads. Left side, SAW. Keeps the hevaiest gun in close and leaves the side with plenty of firepower to compensate for fewer eyes. Right side, first in line, closest to commader: m203, trailed by the private with a rifle. This leaves two rifles to cover that side, meaning they can work together to provide continuous fire if need be, and the two most powerful weapons are directly at hand, but can be tasked WITHOUT command being tied up. Officers/ncos have a rifle and a radio. Nothing more.

>> No.23210774

You are the so god damn edgy.

>> No.23210804

And now I know. Although the biggest gun we could have equipped ourselves with was the MP5 that we used, but I get it.

Although it seems we'll have better options in the way of equipment selection next thread.

>> No.23214977

Holy shit, I didn't expect thisstill to be around after I woke up. Anything else? Might as wel...

>> No.23215524
File: 19 KB, 252x662, cleanprototype.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hah, seems like my writing still hasn't recovered from the night of long words.

Might as well post some character info!

Jenkins and Fitzgerald:
Much like you, these two guys are almost quintessential mooks. They wear their gas masks with pride, are practically indistinguishable when wearing them (except for Fitz' medic helmet), liberally apply bullets into whichever direction hostiles are coming from and generally operate on 'just following orders' as much as possible. Both of them have their little quirks however. Jenkins is about 200% more trigger-happy than the avergae mook and made this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqor-yDSA to his life's philosophy. Fitz took advanced medic courses and can now patch you back up and reattatch limbs you lost in battle with roughly 50/50 success rate; this didn't help him with being a bit of a coward and bad at actually attacking people. He's also totally together with Alex but won't admit it for which they both recieve endless ribbing from the rest of the squad.

Not much to be said here, you know most of what he's all about already. He's an incredibly dutiful guy and wouldn't be able to live with himself if he became a load to the team, which is why he's riding the entire sec staff so hard; partially to make them better sec officers, partially to show himself that 'he's still got it'. He's a good shot with an assault rifle and knows military tricks others might not know.

>> No.23215679

As said above, this gal is the result of gene therapy to let her use her fingers for more than wiping the drool running out of the corner of her mouth. A pretty sweet girl once you get to know her (you could even say the 'mom' of the group), she's a fierce close combatant with or without her knife which is not enchanted, a family heirloom or carved from moon metal but just a pretty huge military knife she once found in a store and took an immediate liking to. Even before the therapy she was very close-combat based but generally preferred shotguns and/or SMGs due to her build not exactly making going toe-to-toe with the big bubbas of this world possible; now that she can there's nothing she'd rather do. Additional effects of the therapy include buffs to dexterity, strength (obviously), toughness and agility as well as a healing buff when recovering
A bit of time and she'll be right as rain guys, honest ;___;

He really didn't get much screentime in this thread, did he? As hinted at in the character poster he's all about honor and his Powered Armor is his personal expression of that. He wouldn't hit a lady, would open doors for her and pull her chairs out and generally be a Tumblr femnazis worst nightmare. He's polite and friendly but he won't take insults lying down and is more agressive than you'd give him credit for if you'd know him from everyday life. Uses all kinds of heavy weapons, prefers explosives but wants to limit collateral.

>> No.23215690

And last but not least, You:
Goddamn, it's your choice to make. As long as you are given the choice, of course.

Any questions now?

>> No.23215862

I thought it was a very well written quest. Now that the first round is over can you give us a link to the plot from last week? Or would that be way too meta?

You also need to hint that you're not done writing, maybe with a to be continued sign or something.

>> No.23215975

I liked it a whole damn lot. Didn't get a chance to participate, but will look out for this in the future.

>> No.23216314

I'm gonna put [1/2] signs at the posts I'm still writing, is a good idea that.

And please, I'd rather not give anyone the plot, it would be like spoiling a series. Let's just leave it as an in-joke for the guys back then.

>> No.23216397

actually its bat-mites super power

>> No.23217130

I tought bat-mite could warp reality... Joker just knows he is in a comic book so doesnt gives a fuck

>> No.23218240

bump so some more fags can read this

>> No.23221725

>check suptg
>17 votes
>"Excellent thread"

>> No.23221821

Clench your butt cheeks and enjoy the ride!

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