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OP's to tired to sleep.
It's that time again.
Someone Roll a D10

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Rolled 3

Ok, rollan

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Strategic Prognostication
So now we have a Chapter ready and waiting for battle.
When were we founded?
Roll D100

>> No.23194636

Rolled 94


>> No.23194640

Rolled 78


here we go

>> No.23194657

41st Millenium (Twenty-Sixth and last known Founding)
We are a fresh and sexy as hell Chapter.

Now where did we spawn from?
Roll that second D100 bawss

>> No.23194661

Rolled 80

Secound founded!

>> No.23194679

Rolled 46




I will not surprised if we where from Smurf...

>> No.23194690

Progenated through
Dark Angels
How pure is the gene seed?!
Give us a D10

>> No.23194700

Rolled 3



>> No.23194725

Rolled 5


We are pure as homo...

>> No.23194736

Rolled 2

Have a roll.

>> No.23194741

Lets see what we get

>> No.23194760

Bitch we be a pure Chapter.
Now one more d10 for Our Chapter's demanour.

>> No.23194773

Rolled 3


Hope it's interesting...

>> No.23194776

Rolled 3


I hope for.... RIP AND TEAR!

>> No.23194779


>> No.23194820

No Mercy, No Respite We gonna kick asses so hard!

SInce we kick so much ass though Just who exactly is our Chapter LEgend? Roll us up a D100

>> No.23194829

Rolled 47


C'mon good stuff!

>> No.23194885

Somebody start fluffing because Our chapter master did something truly badass

But before you fluff the fluff what is the fluff that must be fluffed?
What is this badass deed? Roll that freakishly ball like D100

>> No.23194889

Rolled 14


Bad ass tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!

>> No.23194894

Rolled 93


And the Badass Deed is...

>> No.23194915


He killed them orks. He killed them dead.

>> No.23194931

The figure is remembered as the bane of the Orks, to such an extent that his name is known to the vile greenskins even to this day.


Fluffers start your fluffin

Now where do we live? Roll the D100 orb once more

>> No.23194943

Rolled 33



>> No.23194968


>> No.23194980

Feral World.
we're badass enough.

Now roll D100 again for terrain good bros

>> No.23194985

Rolled 80


Hope it's as hard as we are.

>> No.23195009

Rolled 59


> 80 - Urban
> Feral World

We live in the Ghetto? Or is this world covered in huge stone cities or some shit? Ravnica?

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>> No.23195032


>> No.23195036


Damn I wish I could think of a funny jokefor an Urban Feral Homeplanet.

How do we rule this planet? Roll d10

>> No.23195069

Rolled 2



>> No.23195082


Soo close...

>> No.23195093

We in chargeof this bitch and you won't forget it!

>> No.23195110

Also Role our organisation because we just can't go kicking ass with out order here Prepare the D10!

>> No.23195119

>Urban Feral

>> No.23195120

Rolled 10


Let's take a roll...

>> No.23195134

Rolled 5


> Unique Organization


>> No.23195139


>> No.23195151

We are an unique organisation!
because fuck the codex!

How do we roll up and kill bitches? Roll D10!

>> No.23195159

Rolled 3


With SWAG, of course...

>> No.23195169



>> No.23195183

Armoured Assault
We be gangsta chapter
Rollin' in on 22 inch rimmed Rhino's blowin shit up!

Now how be our specialty's restricted?

>> No.23195197

Roll D100

>> No.23195200

Rolled 98


I'm curious but horrified...

>> No.23195202


>> No.23195211

Rolled 1



Or we make something up that's weird.

>> No.23195224

>Feral World
>Armoured Assault
Holy shit, we are the gangsta chapter.

>> No.23195229


> dice+1d100

>> No.23195246

The idea of an urban feral world is awesome

>> No.23195250

>armored assault gangstas

>> No.23195260


I vote we make something weird up. What's an odd restriction for this peculiar bunch of badasses?

>> No.23195269

Y'all heard! We wanna rol again or do we want to go for absurd?

>> No.23195274

Can't back down. If a heretical bitch thinks he can step to you or your boys, you gotta put his bitch ass down.

>> No.23195293


Absurd is the word!

If these guys turn out cool enough, I might have to make an Allied Force of them.

>> No.23195344

We Honour Bound bitches!

We got some special equipment Homies!
Roll up the D100

>> No.23195359

That Space Marine is out of proportion.

Respectful sage for off-topic.

>> No.23195364

>Gangsta space marines.
I don't think you need to worry about this chapter being not badass

>> No.23195369


We fight with Sonic Weapons (crushing their foes with the Emperor's Word)? That's not really a restriction... Maybe no devastators, or some unit has to take Sonic Weapons?

>> No.23195375

Rolled 81

Impala-Pattern Predator, has an unusually low ride height?

>> No.23195378

damn, more and more gang like every minute!

>> No.23195382

Rolled 58


What's our special swag?

>> No.23195414


> Preferred Fighting Style

How vague.

>> No.23195430


>> No.23195438


Bolter/Bolt Pistol in hand?

>> No.23195447

Otherwise known as the Mountain Street Homies this chapter is notorious for showing up unannounced to anything and everything on their home planet that they think might concern them in full force with their BoomBlox Rhino's not far behind. Quick to anger when it comes to the Chapter they will turn any event into a bloodbath in mere moments be it a party or an Ecclisiarchy Temple Opening.

>> No.23195448

Preferred Fighting Style: The Chapter has a specific way in which it prefers to go about killing the enemy in the name of the God Emperor of Mankind. Examples: Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, dual Power Swords, special Bolter pattern or ammunition

Awwwwww shiet nigga! We do like we do!

Now roll that D100 for our beliefs!

>> No.23195452


Why not both?

>> No.23195455

...In land raiders. Drive-bys in land-raiders. Me likey.

>> No.23195462

Rolled 77

Emprah is the ORIGINAL original gangsta?

>> No.23195466

Rolled 100


>> No.23195477

Oh glorious!

>> No.23195484


Oh, man... That is so appropriate...

>> No.23195510

Death Cult
We don't give a fuck. because we'll all be dead! And then they'll put us in gold plated Dreadnaughts!

Now how strong is our chapter?! D10 suckas

>> No.23195519

Rolled 1


>> No.23195530


My god...

> Endangered: The Chapter numbers only a handful of Companies or less having suffered devastating losses in combat, accident, or dramatic genetic instability. If recovery is even possible it will take many decades, making every Battle-Brother (and his Progenoids) an invaluable resource.

>> No.23195540


We really gotta watch out for a brotha'...

>> No.23195543

>We don't give a fuck. because we'll all be dead!
Still gotta poor one out for our fallen battle brothers though when we get the chance.

>> No.23195552

Oh jeez...

>> No.23195564

Obviously we are all that is left after a disasterous rap battle that consumed the world in flame.

Wait, our chapter is decended from the Dark Angels? Fuck we be worshippin our lord Snoop L'oniel Jondizzle

>> No.23195565


Death Cult is feeling REALLY appropriate now...

>> No.23195578

We are so bad ass! That they couldn't handle anymore of us!

Now what is our crazy ass Chapter friendly with? Who do we trust so much that we turn our swag down in their presence? ROll the D100 son.

>> No.23195591

Rolled 61


Who's our homies...

>> No.23195593

Rolled 28

We better not be friendly with no Arbites or Inquisition. Fuckin' pigs always up in our grill, man.

>> No.23195596


> Ecclesiarchy

We are some religious motherfuckers.

>> No.23195612

The largest slight of the chapter occurred 40 standard years after their founding. A group of Naval Armsmen on shore leave called the chapter collective mothers "Ogryn Whores" this lead to a series of battle that resulted in the remaining Naval Armsmen retreating to their ship the "Respectable Chap" . The ship was destroyed in orbit when the Mountain Street fleet gave a rapid series of broadsides and promptly disappeared into thin air.

>> No.23195613

>friendly with the man

>> No.23195620

sorry for the typos going to sleep now

>> No.23195631

We homies with the eclesiarchy brothers!

Now who the hell do we turn up the Swag and badass so high and pop out all the caps in they asses? This is the last troll of the D100

>> No.23195632


> friendly with the man

That "Man" is the God-Emperor, son.

>> No.23195638

Rolled 33


Hope it's Orks or Arbites...

>> No.23195650


It's ELDAR. What the fuck? How does this make sense?

I opt to ignore this roll

>> No.23195660

It works like this.

>> No.23195662

Bitch ass Elves always lookin' down on us homies

>> No.23195675

>How does this make sense?
Eldar are the ULTIMATE rich snobby white guys.

>> No.23195687


That works for me. Can we get all these crazy attributes in a convenient list form, please? Be nice to have a handy reference sheet.

>> No.23195709

The Eldars.
Bitch those clowns always be startin shit.

And so the Mountain Street Homies have been created!
Let us fluff up the shit out of our badass selves.

Where shall we go from here?

[sppoiler] ;eft my email in the field because I want to see if anyone is crazy enough to build an army based off this

>> No.23195715

Hey, no brotha came from the hood without a good proper respect for a man of the cloth.

>> No.23195716

I too wish to have all this in a refrence sheet.

>> No.23195741


>Strategic Prognostication
>41st Millenium (Twenty-Sixth and last known Founding)
>From theDark Angels
>With Pure Gene Seed
>Our Demenor is No Mercy, No Respite
>Our Legend: Chapter Master
>He is the Bane of the Orks
>We live on a Feral World
>That is also somehow Urban
>We rule through Stewardship
>And have a Unique Organization
>And love us some Armoured Assault
>But we Honour Bound
>We have a Preferred Fighting Style
>And our beliefs are that of a Death Cult
>We are Endangered
>Friendly with the Ecclesiarchy
>And hate us some Eldar

>> No.23195755

we pop a cap in dem hoes!

>> No.23195764


Now we add:

> Chapter Name:

> Colors:

> Heraldry:

>> No.23195771

Urban (aka flamers and CC), lots of mech, full of swag but full of honor. No shits given about death cuz we all dead but always remember to pour for a brotha.... Anything else I gotta remember before boiling up some fluff and building a list?

>> No.23195783

>Mountain Street Homies

>> No.23195789

>Mountain Street Brothers

>> No.23195810


I'm of the opinion that we try and take it seriously to some degree (Emperor's Nightmares,Blood Jaguars), but having seen /tg/'s other creations (Angry Marines, Reasonable Marines, Pretty Marines...) I guess it doesn't really matter.

>> No.23195841

Either works.

Part of me wants to see the colour schem have some sort of orange grey thing going

>> No.23195843


>> No.23195854

-shrugs- I haven't been around long enough to know if /tg/ CAN be serious.... Why do we do the name last and move on to the next bit.

>> No.23195862

Do we light up Space Marine weed though.
That's the real question

>> No.23195871

Space Brothers!
Brother Marines!

You know how Space Marines call each other brothers?
They call other space marines 'Brothers from another mother!'

>> No.23195881

We menthols man.

>> No.23195899


Grey Undercoat, Orange highlights or stripes like caution tape.

>> No.23195918


As for Heraldry... Any ideas? We are Dark Angel's successors, so Angelic imagery? A feather, wings, a halo?

>> No.23195922

YEs. Paint it!

>> No.23195951

Feather ornaments on our weapons and shoulder armours sounds like a good image. and failry gangster as well.

>> No.23195961

Blehh shits awful man, I rather fall back on narcotics first and those made me miserable.

>> No.23195965

Maybe some of those Willie Nelson alligator-clip-with-a-feather-on-it things?

>> No.23195983

We have to get our weed from the Clouded Brethren then.
our if you have no clue who those guys our then yeah we smoke weed.

>> No.23196015


I'm liking the Halo idea. We are also a Death Cult who lost pretty much all the Chapter (possibly due to the Orks our Chapter Master butchered), so the theme of remembrance and memoriam should be strong. Halo'd Skull? I feel like that should influence the Chapter Name as well.

>> No.23196018

>we smoke weed
every day?

>> No.23196023

I want to see the drive-by's in Rhino's
Shit would be awesome yet funny at the same time

>> No.23196031

Of course that means our Rhinos need firing ports. . .

>> No.23196038

Feather for every Brother lost?

>> No.23196053

>>2319601 Halo Skull sounds failry good to.

Roll a d10 for both this and the feather and let's see who wins.

>> No.23196054


Or a Tear...

>> No.23196069

So a halo'd skull adorned in a shit ton of feathers then?

>> No.23196072


Why not all of the above? 3 remaining companies, one for the Feather, one for the Halo, one for the tear?

>> No.23196097

I like it

>> No.23196113

I like this.
This is what we shall do then!
So 3 companies....if my knowledge is right then that puts the numbers for the chapters in the 300 area?

>> No.23196114


Command Company and standard Tac?

Assault Marines, Drop Pods, Air Support.

Veterans, Dreads.

>> No.23196125

Fuck yes

>> No.23196138


Of course, the overarching Heraldry can be more in line with original Dark Angels, but we can work on that later. We can work on that with the name as well.

>> No.23196148

I definitely dig it.

>> No.23196220

Chapter Master is Bane of Orks.

Legendary drive-by war with the Speed Freaks

>> No.23196224

What's the likelihood of this thread surviving to tomorrow?

>> No.23196227


Over-Arching Heraldry...

I say we make it a Crucifix and be done with it. Such a symbol sees enough usage in gangsta imagery that it could work, if even as a placeholder.

Chapter Name... Still working on that one...

>> No.23196235

Why did I say this. Now I want to writefag it, but I'm bad at stuff.

>> No.23196236

Grey base, orange cation like highlights.... Since I always start with dreas what color should the tear be?

>> No.23196243

What was wrong with the Mountain Street Homies?

>> No.23196246


There's hope, but it's slim. I suggest we either archive it or write all of it down so we can build on it later: it's pretty much some golden material we have here and we just need some polishing to it.

>> No.23196249

Fucking Gold

>> No.23196251

Dark Angels green in tribute to the progenitor chapter?

>> No.23196265

I'm on a classmate's mobile so I can't screencap but if one of you guys do it I'll start writefagging stuff over the weekend...

>> No.23196276

Sounds good.

>> No.23196277

Meant this >>23196224

>> No.23196282


A little too silly in my opinion. Perhaps if we made it just a tad more subtle, break out the thesaurus if we have to.

>> No.23196293


Halo: Orange

Feather: White?

Tear: Green

>> No.23196294

I have one question.
Are these guys black gangstas or white gangstas

Captcha: Scout urNobt
No captcha, I don't want to scout my Nobz

>> No.23196296

Mons Via Fratres?

>> No.23196311

I've been screencapping various things and what not so I could put some of them in a thread should you writefag up everything.

>> No.23196325

I'll make the end of the feather look slightly burned, homage to those who died in the fight against DA's fallen

>> No.23196330

Having never done this before... where the hell do you go to get the results of this chapter building thing?

Gene Seed is pure, so no mutations or anything. We love the ecclesiarchy and the emperor, and we *hate the fuck* out of the xenos... lets say the eldar tricked us into fighting orks in a battle that we fucked up the orks so bad that they're still pissed about our chapter master, but we lost most of our chapter from it.

We favor armored assault (only terminators/dreads and mechanized portions of the chapter made it out of the fight with the greenskins?)

>> No.23196334


That's... Actually starting to get good. A little cleanup into a simple, two-part name would make that perfect, in my opinion.

>> No.23196335

They are clearly black gangsta.
though probably not black skinned or anything but considering how White gangsta goes I'd much rather have the attitude of an original black gangsta

>> No.23196341

Everything sounds classy in Latin.

>> No.23196348

I'll have to bounce in roughly 30 mins so just a general screencap would be fantastic then.

>> No.23196357

>The Mountain Rams Chapter is known for their hard-headedness, but if you become friends with one, he will have your rear-guard for the rest of his life. They have a love for armoured assault. Their chapter master slew hundreds of thousands of orks with his famous dual-wielding swords technique. Unfortunatly, their chapter was demolished down to a mere three companies due to a particular long and drawn out brutal war with the Speed Freaks. They can call themselves what most Chapters can't: A Family

>> No.23196361

Alright, I'll start writefagging that drive-by war with the Speed Freaks I mentioned

But I'll need a name for the Chapter Master at some stage. I'm bad at names.

>> No.23196364

>Strategic Prognostication
>41st Millenium (Twenty-Sixth and last known Founding)
>From theDark Angels
>With Pure Gene Seed
>Our Demenor is No Mercy, No Respite
we angry as fuck
>Our Legend: Chapter Master
>He is the Bane of the Orks
wiped out a lot of orks in a battle that cost us most of the chapter.
>We live on a Feral World
>That is also somehow Urban
Walled cities that separate us from spooky as fuck forest? basically like spirit : origins of the past?
>We rule through Stewardship
>And have a Unique Organization
>And love us some Armoured Assault
Only portions of the chapter that survived the disastrous encounter with the orks were terminators / vehicles / dreads?
>But we Honour Bound
>We have a Preferred Fighting Style
>And our beliefs are that of a Death Cult
>We are Endangered
>Friendly with the Ecclesiarchy
We fucked up, we need to repent.
>And hate us some Eldar
Believing the word of xenos once led us into a disastrous battle with orks that cost us most of the chapter.

>> No.23196391

Ellsworth Johnson.

>> No.23196399

I'll deal with the history post-war once you're done/have a basic outline.

>> No.23196416

Fraink Lukas.

>> No.23196429

Just go for it, I'm writing it all down before I post, probably in another thread, at a later date

>> No.23196434

>Mountain Rams
>Family type organisation
You glorious anon!

>> No.23196440

Meant to reply to >>23196399

>> No.23196442

For the specialized fughting technique:
Holding a bolt pistol sideways.

>> No.23196446

You got a proxy email? I rather have a chapter with a thought-out history than the fill in the blanks garbage GW usually gives.

>> No.23196455

[email protected]
Though I rarely use it, I'll check it from time to time if we're gonna be working on this

>> No.23196472

Anyone got a good name for CM"s relic weapon?

>> No.23196479

either of you can feel free to keep me updated through my email in the field and at another proxy email [email protected]

>> No.23196481

Some kind of Gat. A bolt pistol used to cap a Warboss.

>> No.23196489

Alright, beginning of the Great Drive-By War. Just posting to see if everyone's okay with my writing style

>> No.23196490

Liberace's AK?

>> No.23196491

Alright, I don't have one that I can remember at the moment so I'll just hit you guys up at some point early tomorrow. But I gotta bounce as the prof. just noticed me.

>> No.23196504

Liberace Bolter sounds aropriate..

I've been resisting the urge to make Tupac/Biggy refrences.

>> No.23196510

A golden bolt pistol with special ammunition - inferno rounds(?)
And fights with not a sword or axe, but a chain. Like linked bits of steel like a motha fuckin flail. "No one fuck with ah homeboys".

>> No.23196516

>Brothers through mountains.

>> No.23196521

>not making at least on Biggie reference
He should be the Chapter Master
"via" is actually Latin for "road"

>> No.23196523

Fuck, I sun goofed. Anyway...

Wassup, brotha?
So, you wanna hear of the Great Drive-By War? A'ight, I got some time to kill.

Not long after the gang was founded, we were approached by the Eldar. Can't remember which Craftworld. Don't much care, but if you see an Eldar, pop a cap in it's ass. Their Farseer told us the were a whole heap of Chaos on the world of Karris IV. Told us we'd lose the system if we didn't go. That last part might have been true, but there weren't no traitors on Karris IV. There were orks. Speed Freaks. Thousands of wartraks and wartrukks. They stole some of our rhinos during the war. We lost a lot of brothas in that war, but Chapter Master Fraink Lukas really fucked up them orks


>> No.23196526

I'm gonna have to go, I'm hoping to see this thread survive to the morning or afternoon, I hope or at least want to see it get archived.

>> No.23196530

>Chapter Master Fraink Lukas
I approve.

>> No.23196532

I like these

>> No.23196536


We were given a lot of extra rhinos for that war, and I'll never know why, but it's 'cause of that that Fraink invented the Drive-By.

And that's all I got right now

>> No.23196543

And then we can give the battle brothas knuckledusters. Instead if chainswords.

>> No.23196550

Fuck everything. Replying isn't working for me right now.

>> No.23196558

Flails, knucledusters and tire irons...

>> No.23196561

A more correct translation is "way", "route", etc.
Yes it also means road, but that's because they didn't have a unique word for it.
I spent too long memorizing nouns for you to pull the "Actually" shit on me.

>> No.23196572

Sounds good, brotha.

Oh dear, I'm starting to speak in nigger...probably not a bad thing considering what I'm writefagging

>> No.23196578


It could instead be that the Eldar chose the battlefield (leading the Orks to the homeworld) and these Marines fought to the bitter end with them. The close-combat inside the cities made armor a liability, and so without heavy support, they fought on in CC and building-to-building fighting, getting torn up in the process, except for the Chapter Master, who raged so hard that his Brothers were being shot and chopped t shreds without armored support.

They still have a large complement of vehicles, being largely unused or untouched by the destruction, but not enough pilots and drivers.

>> No.23196589

But...but...muh drive-by war...

>> No.23196594


Heavy CC fighting, the survivors might have had to play dirty with their weaponry, using whatever was at hand when weapons broke or ran out of ammo.

Of course we are Honor Bound, so does fighting dirty go too much against the grain?

>> No.23196603


Ork Bikes had an easier time getting through the narrow streets? Orks just mowed through the structures while Marines didn't have the luxury (maybe they had a gargant to clear a path)?

>> No.23196606

Its not really fighting dirty. Had to improvise with weaponry. Said weapons became symbolic of our strength against huge odds and are now revered.

>> No.23196611

We specialize in drive-bys, we fought the speed-freeks, and it's your story bro not his. I'll take his thing and make it happen as sorta 100 years later for round 2 thing..., maybe

>> No.23196623


CC weapons take form of batons, chain-flails, and reinforced fists, rather than simply knives or chainswords.

>> No.23196628

Alright, I'm leaving to writefag now. And then probably go to sleep, cause I got a meet to go to tomorrow.
This thread had better be here in the morning(/afternoon), brothas

>> No.23196639


Yeah, drive-by war sounds cool. I do agree, maybe the Chapter suffers terrible loss, and hollow victory, over the Orks Round 1. Round 2, they bring the fight to them, bringing their untouched Armor battalions with them.

>> No.23196879

Honestly, I'm more inclined to play it straight than to go 'hurr durr full stereotype' as playing it straight is *far* more entertaining than just hamming up a cliche.

Playing it straight got us the blood jaguars which are fucking awesome, lets see if we cant do the same with this shit.

>> No.23196907

I second this

>> No.23197110

Well, shit. I already finished, and it seems rather short. But I'll post it here anyway, from the top.

Wassup, brotha?
So, you wanna hear of the Great Drive-By War? A'ight, I got time to kill.

Not long after that gang was founded, we were approached by the Eldar. Can't remember what Craftworld. Don't much care, but if you see an Eldar, pop a cap in its ass. Their Farseer told us that there was a whole lot of Chaos on the world of Karris IV. Told us we'd lose the system if we didn't go help out. That last part might have been true, but there weren't no traitors on Karris IV. There were Orkz. Speed Freaks. Thousands of wartrukks and wartraks, and later on they looted a lot of our rhinos. We lost a lot of brothas in that war, but Chapter Master Fraink Lukas really fucked up those orkz.

We were given a lot of extra rhinos for that war, and I'll never know why. But it's 'cause of that that Fraink invented the Drive-By. So the first few days we dropped a full company down in rhinos. We had enough, why not use them? Answer to that is 'cause you can't much see out of them. We lost almost 3 full companies to ork anti-tank weaponry in a week. They had some boyz hiding in buildings with rokkits, and mines along the roads. Any infantry we dropped down was dropped by Speed Freaks in vehicles driving circles around them. We lost another company to that, though it took as long as the last 3 combined.


>> No.23197116

But we dont run away. Fraink Lukas had an idea, but didn't tell us what it was until we were ready to use it. He had the techies punch holes in the side of all our rhinos, then revealed his plan to me and the rest of the homies we still had left.
"Brothas, we lost a lot of our homies down there, and they got more boyz than we got brothas left. When we don't use the rhinos, they be drivin' circles 'round us. When we usin' the rhinos, we can't see shit, and there's to many buildings to use 'em how they are"
You know Karris IV was an urban world, right? Good. Anyway, so then he says:
"The techies over there punched a whole lot o' holes in the sides of our rhinos. We're gonna drive around, and you shoot your bolters outta the holes whenever you see an ork, right. Each squad is gonna have a missile launcher with it, and you use that to destroy vehicles and walls. Bolters for orkz, missiles for trukks, got it? I call this the Drive-By, 'cause you drive by them, and shoot 'em"

So we go down and start using this 'Drive-By' tactic. And it starts working. Pretty soon the orkz catch on and start doing the same thing, and it became a war of rhinos and trukks driving around each other, shooting into the holes that the others were shooting out of. But we were better at it. We lost another two companies, but we killed over ten thousand speed freaks. We started pushing them back, and mowed down the ones who didn't run.


>> No.23197133

Fraink Lukas took part in the battle, with a modified bolter, made to be smaller, and fire faster. Not as powerful as your usual bolter though. He called it a 'Subby'. Eventually, our Drive-Bys had gotten the orkz down to less than a hundred, in a single city block. Fraink left his rhino, and challenged the Big Mek in charge to a fight. The ork didn't say no. And they traded blows. Power Klaw versus tire iron and knuckledusters. Cyborg Parts and 'Eavy Amour versus Power Armour and Iron Halo. After a long battle, Fraink won, the Mek's head crushed by a well-placed blow from his tire iron. The war was over. We'd won. We killed the few orkz left and headed home to see if we could find the Eldar who sent us there.

And that's all there really is to it. The Great Drive-By War of Karris IV.

>> No.23197150

That should be 'the gang' at the start there, not 'that gang'

>> No.23199796

I actually dug that pretty good.

>> No.23200162

bumping cause it's to awesome to die

>> No.23200646

>Walled cities that separate us from spooky as fuck forest? basically like spirit : origins of the past?
More like basically, the Origin of the Dark Angels, but less Feudal Europe.

>> No.23201272

sounds legit

>> No.23201629


Thirding this.

>> No.23202205

So I got a crap ton odd screencaps from this thread on my ps3 now. Should the thread be lost to where ever threads go when they die we'll be safe

>> No.23202435


Sweet, now we can come back to this crazy Chapter later. But it seems like we've got a split in the base: one side wants full-on silly gangsta stereotype, and the other wants to make this the next Blood Jaguars/Emperor's Nightmares. I personally lean towards the last latter category, as we've just rolled ourselves up some awesome stats, and have some gold nuggets in this thread. I am loath to see them fall to a joke-concept.

>> No.23202650

Couldn't it be possible to run them a little of both and have the silly bits be more comic relief?
But if I had to go on a solid spot Yeah I'd go for the serious side.

is it bad that I want a Tupac expy to be commander of one of the companies though?

>> No.23203108


Commander Pak of the Second Company?

I feel like if we do incorporate silly elements in it, we go subtle: it reads normal until a few seconds of though. Hide it well and carefully under thick 40k setting theme.

>> No.23203196

Sounds like a good plan to me.

>> No.23203220

jokes are fine, so long as they're subtle. This chapter due to it's unique feral/urban world could recruit heavily from hive gangers *and* fun deathworld warrior types. They're dark angels founding which means they likely have some dark secrets and dont care that much about codex.

In fact their planet sounds like something you'd find straight out of vampire hunter d, or spirit origins of the past or actual dark angel homeworld. Said chapter is religious as fuck and has the views of a death cult, a vampire hunter d type bend to them could be entertaining. Also they hate the xenos cause they trusted an eldar once and it led to a pyyrhic victory against orks.

>> No.23203240

As for the world concept, Feral and Urban, we could go post-apocalyptic.

> World was once a Hive World, heavily populated, cities covering the surface.
> Massive event, war, disaster, or other, depopulates and wrecks most of the world, shattered cities everywhere.

>> No.23203304


Liking this. They show no mercy, they were shown none, they are Honor Bound, keeping their word is important to them, and those who break that oath are just as bad as the treacherous xenos. Very nihilistic, but at the same time full of resolve, a pretty cool concept.

How do we write the chapter's history now? They're a 41st founding, so practically current events.

>> No.23203387

I imagine...
> notable leaders
>The event leading to their endangerment (The drive by wars!)
>The revenge.
hwo it is now.

>> No.23203450

Vampire hunter d world is pretty cool, fits dark angels and crazy religiousness well. There might be a few hives, but the rest is dangerous feral world of supernatural creatures that at best are merely monstrous, at worst they can pass for / infect humans. In order to join the chapter you have to be willing to brave the wilds alone to travel to their mountain monastery - originally chapter scouts were supposed to sort of be guides, but also supposed to masquerade as creatures to test the prospective recruits resolve... Ever since the disastrous battle with the orks there have been no scouts to monitor / guide would be initiates and the creatures have gotten more common... Even amongst the hives. This has been bad for recruitment as the ways to the monastery are mostly lost, only the very bravest and most hardened even dare face the wilds now and the flow of initiates has slowed to a trickle.

Those who would face the wilds are allowed a charm representing their faith in the emperor, the clothes on their backs, two weeks worth of rations, a prayer blade and a 'primative' stubber with 10 shots. The journey averages a month in the wilds.

>> No.23203538

The best part would be if that the pyyrhic victory the eldar guided them to was completely necessary for the survival of the chapter (stem weak recruits / prevent destruction of their world or something) and was a case of a farseer being fairly altruistic... but it still left them deeply embittered and with a massive hatred of xenos

>> No.23203734

>mfw this thread

thank god you exist op

>> No.23203851

it's been so long since we hammered out a spess mehreen chapter, i almost forgot what it looked like. good job OP, good job fellow neckbeards. we should do this again soon.

>> No.23203908

I blame my stubborn refusal to sleep at appropriate hours.
So you're welcome

if it helps I'm surprised how well it went also

>> No.23204080

Come to think of it I wish I could afford to buy the army and paint up the chapter.

>> No.23204198


It'd be a cool chapter. But we have templates online for painting marines with shop software. Of course, let's make them worthy of the tabletop with some good fluff, first.

>> No.23204247

I think the thread needs to be reviewed and have the sillyness serious'd up (I mean it's still okay for some sillyness, but subtlety is key)

>> No.23204336

I'd be all for that, where shall we begin.

>> No.23204410

Is there a template for making chapter banners/pauldrons? That would be exceptionally helpful, as I've been looking for something like that to no avail.

>> No.23204459

Clean up the obvious 'hurr durr' gangsters references is the largest priority - yes a large portion of the chapter can be hive gangers. Armored assault is their specialty, with rhinos / flyers... not sure how to clean that up, 'special chapter weapons' being 'hold your bolter sideways' and 'power knuckles' is just a bit too obviously silly... having the chapter master stove in a big meks head with a tire iron is cool, but i'd rather it just be a random object he found lying around.

Specialized bolters are cool, being slightly smaller or having a slightly different design. Not sure what to do about their melee weapons etc.

Chapter is a halo'd winged skull with tears... the feathers on the wing, the rays from the halo and the tears from the skull are supposed to have special significance.

3 companies survived the war with orks. (first war being rather large loss of infantry companies, complete loss of scouts etc but leaving them with a boatload of leftover vehicles, second war being huge use of vehicles / terminators / dreads that lead to a more or less landslide victory).

>> No.23204503


> Establish What They Are
We've very well established their badassery, but we need more. We need to get a better feel for these guys, individuals, outlooks, relations to other Chapters, outsiders looking in, insiders looking out, that sort of thing.

> History
What have we done, and how does it effect what has happened. Obviously, how the Urban setting became Feral Urban would be interesting, and the Chapter's defining moment was their massive loss to the Orks from the Eldar's scheme. And, of course, we've written in the bitter revenge that they took.

>> No.23204517

Low numbers and an Ironwing focus means, what, Deathwing with vehicle support in terms of 40k deployment?

>> No.23204532

Deathwing seems appropriate in terms of army organization.

>> No.23204544

Clean up the blatant stereotype jokes. Can do.

I do honestly think the Chain and knuckle duster for the weapons would be neat, but I wouldn't cut out the use of traditional Marine weapons.

Someone suggested specialised ammo for the bolters as well

I was under the impression that the feather skull halo thing was to be divided amongst the three companies based on their importance.

>> No.23204600

Will update a bit further once I get the dark angels 6e codex downloaded, cause I think it's most appropriate to organization on tabletop with that large armored / mobilized force they've got

>> No.23204620


>Chapter is a halo'd winged skull with tears... the feathers on the wing, the rays from the halo and the tears from the skull are supposed to have special significance.

That seems way complicated. I'm in favor of simplification, of course my aesthetic sense always leans towards the monolithic: the simple and single image.


Chapter Master rallies the few survivors, leads them on a Death or Glory charge head on into the WAAAGH. They manage to butcher their way through the WAAAGH to the Warboss, religious fury and rage for the fallen turning them into whirling dervishes. Guns run out of ammo, weapons break, fists and whatever they can grab for leverage (pipes, chains, choppas, severed Ork arms) used as improvised weapons.

>> No.23204631

I imagine we'd run into problems with quite a few chapters given the "Fuck the codex" philosophy we took. Outsider Chapters could range from seeing us as overly violent. or just the right amount of violent. I imagine the (civilised) inhabitants would either view us as the hero's they need while others would see us as overly invested in every

Not sure on individual space marines with in the chapter though.

I should probably brush up on fluff and find out just how many chaptersdo not like the codex outside of the space wolves.

Not sure on history though.

>> No.23204693

>>23204620Well it was suggested that the symbology is broke up amongst the companies, One group having the skulls. Another the feathers and the last with the halo.

>> No.23204732

>Chapter symbol* is a halo'd winged skull with tears... the feathers on the wing, the rays from the halo and the tears from the skull are supposed to have special significance.

Variation of heraldry based upon company? Deathwing terminators for 1st company army, ravenwing bikers / landspeeders for 2nd company army, veteran command squads for 3rd company army?

>> No.23204743

I had an idea last night about commandeered Chimeras for this "drive-by" idea.

>> No.23204762

>how many chaptersdo not like the codex outside of the space wolves

Ultras, Ultra progenitors, basically all forms of vanilla marines. Chapters who value honor are in with us, so maybe the Ultras are on the fence.

We're in friendly with the Ecclesiarchy, so Sisters like us. Maybe they like our religious fury, we've got that in droves.

Space Wolves and Dark Angels have some big issues, enough so that when they meet they fight in non-lethal combat. So we're probably on the fence with them as well.

>> No.23204765

An actual dark angels army works, because biker troops / landspeeders / etc.

>> No.23204806


Very Drive-by. That huge open-topped skimmer is basically that.

>> No.23204917

We deathwing/ravenwing army now. Termies, Land speeders, bikers etc.

>> No.23204948

The eldar that 'tricked' us basically sent us to fight on an ecclesiarchy world?

>> No.23204966


Sounds good. Termies for Halo'd 1st Company (Deathwing), Speeders and Bikes for Feathered 2nd Company (Ravenwing), and 3rd Company (Tear)?

>> No.23204981

Why dual wielding swords? We are gangsta niggaz we use dual bolt pistols

>> No.23204983

Sounds great.

>> No.23205002

Wasn't it agreed on slightly that part of why the Orks ripped up so hard was they amcushed us in an crowded area where we ddn't have any fast super maneuverable vehicles?

>> No.23205044

The Chapter Master wielded the swords.
after a point the remaining companies lost all their gun ammo and just grabbed chains and pipes and other shit from the ground. that is when they got gangsta my good frienf

>> No.23205098

There's some serious refluffing going on taking a lot of the silliness out (or making it subtle). Recommend archiving thread and getting a proper name going for the chapter so we can maybe continue with a second thread.

Didn't see that bit, we're still working on building a consensus on a lot of things. So far what we've got is "Our world is basically vampire hunter d the planet, hive cities in a few spots, but scary as fuck everywhere else with monstrous creatures / monstrous humanoids that sometimes infiltrate hives and masquerade as local populace. We were 'tricked' into a fight with the orks by eldar that led to a Pyrrhic victory the first time, and an absolute stomping of the orks the second time. Our chapter is intensely close nit amongst the survivors - being a 'family', most of the recruits came from gangers - probably ones that noticed the 'monsters' in their midst, killed them and left to join the chapter. recruits to the chapter have slowed to a trickle due to the scouts being completely wiped out... we probably live in a mountain monastery". We're tight with the ecclesiarchy, we don't have many basic infantry companies left but we've got a ton of vehicles - bikers, termies, dreads, landspeeders, tanks.

Because tabletop wise this is essentially a dark angel army in order to get things to function properly you need to take the special characters...

>> No.23205114


True... Was this home-planet side, or did the whole Chapter get lured into an ambush somewhere else? Dense Jungle, tight-space spired-hive? Somewhere where vehicles won't work? Or maybe they had heavy vehicles before, and this fight made them change philosophy and sacrifice heavy hitters for speed and tactics.

>> No.23205144

tl;dr our scouts/tac squads were prettymuch all wiped out by orks... maybe they were just merely the first people to get to the fight, or they were just wiped out so heavily by speed freaks that all that was left was the other companies.

>> No.23205156


Dual Pistols sound like an actually cool Preferred Fighting Style.

>> No.23205176

How do we archive it?

And I can definitely agree on everything in the rest of your post.
if I recall tight hive city actually. they never specified whether it was on the homeplanet or if it was elsewhere

>> No.23205246

Also somewhere it was suggested The chapter name was "The Mountain Rams" given the hard headed never back down nature

>> No.23205265


Please vote.

>> No.23205281

Woops, wrong link. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.m/archive.html?tags=Chapter%20Creor

There we go, that'll link to the thread and just hit the vote option on the side.

>> No.23205358


I've voted, we've got one.


I've been feeling that the name should be Stone-somethings. If it's an Urban Feral world (Ravnica+Gruul) the buildings would probably be made of stone. Stone Angels?


Might have been a nearby Ecclesiarchy planet, and why we're so friendly with them: we saved their asses, and lost so much in the process.

>> No.23205517

Belial is BARELY a special character. Especially if you swap out his default weapons, making one his special rules AND his special weapon, irrelevant.

>> No.23205521

I do like the explanation for why we're friendly with the Ecclesiarchy.
I can't quite say I like the NAme suggestion too much.

>> No.23205535

I like Stone Angels, it's simple and it works.

>> No.23205539

I thought termites and dreads got the tear to remember fallen brothers.

>> No.23205586

Halo for command
Tear for armour
Feather for bikes etc

>> No.23205594


Yeah, TH/SS Belial is a perfect counts-as any Master of the Deathwing of any successor chapter who is not a bolter sharpshooter and does not have a legendary sword of the ancients.

No special statline, no special wargear, no special special rules beyond termi troops and no scatter.

>> No.23205940

Sounds good.

>> No.23205975

Belial works, so he's the unnamed 1st company leader, who usually uses thunder hammer and storm shield?

And Sammael should be the replacement for our chapter master on tabletop as he has no real special rules or super marysue wargear.

I've got no ideas for 3rd company captain, although anything could work and it could be the heavy veteran / vehicle company.

>> No.23206121

With chapter heraldry, organization and the name of 'Stone Angels' (seemingly) settled... What are chapter colors?

I saw a mention of Grey and Orange earlier. I'd like to avoid bone white (deathwing), pure black (ravenwing) and standard green (regular dark angels aside from maybe a patch on right shoulder denoting parent chapter). I am in favor of the robes / wings that dark angels have.

>> No.23206250

Quite a few posts went with a Grey base with Orange set up like caution stripes and what not. Matched up with the urban gang lords concept.

>> No.23206281

Also I wouldn't be opposed to the robe wearing as badly.

>> No.23206666

'Stone Angels' is a bit... plain.

Maybe do Stone Virtues, instead, to be a bit more different?

>> No.23206722

Quads aside stone virtues has no ring to it. There own set of rules could be the stone virtues.

>> No.23206773

Something like this? (ignore the dark angels insignia, that's supposed to be chapter heraldry), the numeral on the leg is company, and the squad insignia should be skull / feather / tear.

I was tempted by robes but the cover up the aquila chestpiece (if you could modify it so it displayed the aquila it would be a good replacement for loincloth) remember that a lot of these will be termies / bikers.

>> No.23206783

That would be something like squad leader, where squad members might have slashes of orange color / chevrons or something.

>> No.23206797

I like it except for the green boots.

>> No.23206800

a beaky helmet would extend the stripe on the head all the way down.

>> No.23206814

I definitely love that color schem, somewhat better than the oragne warning stripes in my head. Though I imagine the regular members might have that anyway.

HEre's hoping the thread is still here when I get back from eork

>> No.23206836

Green boots were mostly to get just a bit more color there.

You can always check the archives. There might be another thread later as well, just to keep fluffing things out.

>> No.23206910

Oh and ofc because they're dark angels successors, feel free to go with dark angels models with all the wings and stuff. The only model painter online I could find just had basic space marines.

>> No.23207269

Different from previous anon. Since there armour heavy here's a dreadnought.

>> No.23208113

Yellow Is gold I assume.

>> No.23208264

One shoulder is green other is orange, although it could be varied up for Dreads / vehicles. otherwise its fairly solid.

Maybe more like this? (you did awesome on the original dread, I'm just tossing this out to see if people like it).

>> No.23208321

Company number usually goes on knee, company symbol on green (right) shoulder, chapter heraldry on orange shoulder, unless obstructed by a crux terminatus or mechanical bits.

>> No.23208462

Dread variants

>> No.23208649


Fuck yeah.

Play it straight.
Make the guy across from the table from you connect the dots.
trollgrin like a boss.

>> No.23209293

I like it. I christen it Tedroit.

>> No.23209345

Oh hey, a gangsta-themed SM army! Hallowed Skulls eh? Why not have them in conflict with an Ork Clan themed after gangsters too?

>> No.23209567

Because it lacks subtlety, and the gangster theme when exaggerated like so many /tg/ people want to do is a cheap joke and not even that great of a laugh. In fact it's a pretty unfunny way to portray something that has the potential to be pretty awesome by simply not taking the unfunny cop-out.

Aside from all that, I have no desire to shit over another established /tg/ army... especially one that at first glance looks to be a cheap joke.

>> No.23209598

Eh, it' my cheap joke anyways, I instigated that long ago.
I consider it to be free to become anyone's enemy/ally/whatever.

>> No.23209725

>Gangsta Marines
They may be more prominent than the Astartes Mafius, but they will never have the class... Or quotable quotes
>You come to me, this day our primarch is to be celebrated, and you uh... Ask me to commit Exterminatus? For Thrones?

>> No.23209748

No, lets not go back down this road "LOLOLOL DEY NIGGER 'GANGSTA' MARINES, LOLOLOL THEY DO DRIVEBYS" isn't a funny chapter, in fact it's a retarded way to handle it.

>> No.23209800

Yeah, leave the silly 'lol drivebys' to the Orks. Give your marines more sophistication in their methods.

>> No.23209824

Damn you guys hammered out a lot while I was away. I'm a slow writer so I don't have much to say yet but I'm glad we left the whole gangsta thing behind. It was hardly funny the first time.

>> No.23209935


I've come to agree with playing it straight rather than full-on stereotype.

>> No.23210029

A stereotype can be entertaining - as long as it's done well (in this case played straight). Blood Jaguars were an aztec stereotype and they worked well, this just has a lot more to work with than 'niggers and their drivebys'.

Yeah a lot of the chapter recruits come from gangers, yes they're very tight nit, but focusing in on just that is one dimensional.

Who is in charge of the 3rd company (the non-deathwing, non-ravenwing one... the one that's veterans and vehicles), what awesome shit has he done. How did we get in so tight with the ecclesiarchy (from discussion it's prettymuch a given that eldar 'tricked' us into a fight with orks and we fought them twice, did we save an ecclesiarchal world the first time?).

What is our vampire hunter d planet important for? what's one of the notable beast creatures that got (or didnt get) killed? I see a lot of potential recruits coming from an infiltrated gang, they notice that the leader is suddenly acting strange and fucked up and maybe they kill him and go for the monastery, maybe they don't kill him and go to the monastery to try to get help?

>> No.23210261

I still think that a focus on shooty vehicles would work well. It incorporates the driveby subtly.
>more dreads

>> No.23210304

I think bikes/landspeeders would do it just as well if not better. Dreads seem too subtle to me

>> No.23210353

>too subtle
I see what you did there.
Not subtle enough.

>> No.23210361

The picture was not related to my post. The chapter has a dread heavy section because so many of the chapter brothers died. Landspeeders and bikes are in a different section.

>> No.23210512

Wait. What did I do?

>> No.23210578



>> No.23210802

Dreads are one of the least subtle troops ever.

>> No.23211670

I'm pretty sure noise marines are worse but what do I know....

>> No.23211950


>> No.23212521

Drop pod dreads are a subtle way of saying 'fuck you' to whatever they land next to.

>> No.23212613


So third company specializes in 'subtle' attacks with heavy armor? Land raiders and shit and is a running gag in game? sounds great. remember lets not take it overboard.

>> No.23213056

I think we should give ALL the vehicles firing ports.
Or would that not be subtle enough?

>> No.23213665

Tabletop army is recolored dark angels army, using either deathwing, ravenwing, or a high veteran / vehicle number. So we cant really do shit that isn't allowed by rules.

>> No.23214489

I still think Mountain Rams sounds like a good name for this chapoter

>> No.23214654

Stone angels so much better.

>> No.23214860

ANgels of the Mountain?

>> No.23214905

we seem to be Auto Saging.

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