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ITT the characters from movies, books, comics, etc that most perfectly embody D&D alignments.
Inb4 Joker is chaotic evil. We all know that.

Little Bill from Unforgiven - Lawful Neutral. not a bad guy, per se, but does not give a FUCK about anything other than maintaining law and order at any and all costs.

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So what would Will be? CN?

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The Knights of the Cross - Lawful Good Paladins.

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Luca Blight, definitely Chaotic Evil, guy's a fucking madman.

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Chaotic Neutral.

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Neutral Evil.

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I've been trying to work this out. Help me.

Morgoth - Chaotic Evil.

Sauron - Lawful Evil? He obeys Morgoth and believes he's improving the world.

Tom Bombadil - True Neutral.

Lawful Good - Gandalf. Servant of the Secret Fire, and all that.

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Lawful Good: Aragorn, since he's acting in the role of commander and rightful king. He IS the rightful authority, and he's using it to save the world. Also probably Gimli, as he has a fairly rigid code of behavior and is undoubtedly Good. Gandalf, for reasons already mentioned.

Neutral Good: Frodo and Sam, being primarily devoted to simply doing the best they can; Legolas, being a bit more free-spirited than Aragorn or Gimli.

Chaotic Good: Merry and Pippin. They're kind of dicks, but for a good cause, they're simply young and inexperienced.

Lawful Neutral: Boromir - devoted to his country to the point that he's willing to use Evil means to save it, but only because he feels it's the best chance for the survival of Good.

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Little Bill always seemed (to me at least) to take just a little too much pride and enjoyment in his more vicious punishments than I think the "perfect" LN character would.

When I think of LN, I tend to think of Dredd. He is, in fact, the law.

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-king arthur and his knights: lawful good (you can be flawed and still be on the side of good)

-Morgan Le Fey: lawful evil

-Paul Atrades: neutral good (I think)

-Harkonnen: neutral evil

-Sepheroth: Chaotic/whiny Evil

-dukat: lawful evil

-Q: chaotic neutral forever

-robin hood: chaotic good

- Merlin: neutral Good

and cue the rage in 3...2...1...

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Sephiroth is Neutral Evil - his plans are fairly reasoned, thought out, and designed first and foremost with his advancement in mind. Muad'dib is largely Lawful Good - his primary motivation is to ensure civilization continues, which is why he fights so hard against the jihad.

Otherwise, not too bad, although I think there's a fair spread among the Knights of the Round Table - Though I would agree that over-all their goal was Lawful Good, somebody like Sir Kay strikes me as more Neutral or Chaotic Good.

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Actually, Seph's alignment is a bit iffy because he actually went crazy, and for the majority of the game he was under Jenova's control. He's more LN than anything, does the job, does it well, and then he goes crazy.

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No, no, no

The Ultimania confirms, HE controls Jenova. He was only insane for the small period of time between 'Learned about Jenova project' and 'Tossed into the Lifestream'

Then his will subsumed Jenova, and he plotted to use its unique capacities to become a god by infiltrating Jenova Cells into the Lifestream as a whole, making all of the world's life 'Sephiroth Clones' in the style of SOLDIER, giving him an endless supply of puppets.

I know the PS1-era translation was bad [this guy are sick], but at least read the material before you make an alignment argument.

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god i love the dresden files

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CE party

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Chaotic Neutral in a nutshell

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I propose a radical change to the DnD alignment scale.

Lawful gets replaced with Dick

Chaotic gets replaced with Stupid

Neutral gets replaced with Faggot.

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That is known as Chaotic Stupid

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That is what happens when every stat is a dump stat

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Well, crap, that changes this >>23189108
to Stupid Faggots

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Neutral Good

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>Ichigo and Nigo
>Neutral Good
>Not Lawful Good
Do you even JUSTICE?

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Chaotic Good anyone?

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Except you know ...
he was Chaotic Neutral in the book.

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So now the Alignments are:

Dick Good, Faggot Good, Stupid Good.
Dick Faggot, Faggot, Stupid Faggot.
Dick Evil, Faggot Evil, Stupid Evil.

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>LG invented justice

OOO faggot pls go.
I'm amazed you even recognized them.

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V was a hardline anarchist with a reckless disregard for human life.

So it's like, depending on who you are, you're gonna view him as a certain alignment.

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I dare you to fit this guy into your chart.

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I don't even like OOO. I prefer W much more thank you.

Pic related.

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Now replace "Good" with "Codependant" and "Evil" with "Sociopath".

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Shouldn't it be True Faggot?

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Now replace "Good" with "Codependent" and "Evil" with "Sociopath".

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>Stupid Sociopath

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Dick Codependent, Faggot Codependent, Stupid Codependent.
Dick Faggot, Faggot, Stupid Faggot.
Dick Sociopath, Faggot Sociopath, Stupid Sociopath.

Dick Faggot sounds like a fun one.

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Oh yeah, you're right. Oh well.

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I'd guess you'd just be a regular dick.

The kind of guy who docks pay if someone's five minutes late.

Rules are rules.

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You know, that's surprisingly accurate now that I think about it.

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Mario and Luigi: Neutral Good
Wario:Chaotic Neutral

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>Mario and Luigi: Codependent Faggots
>Wario:Stupid Faggot

I like this system already.

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Bizarro am totally sociopath. Him morals am just like Superman, he know that dumb am smart and right am wrong. So him am always not do wrong so he not save the day and make no one miserable. He hate beauty very little and love ugly just as little. Him forward thinking man of yesterday.

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Something between Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral. He was fighting people who were Lawful Evil, no question.

Evie was maybe on the way to Chaotic Good, though.

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Everyone on the team is TN save Guy

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Make the middle one 'true faggot' instead of just 'faggot', and you have yaghtzee.

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CG or LG

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Chaotic Good

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Did you even watch their series or did you just assume they were LG because it fits 'generic good guy' morality?
They worked both by themselves and in cooperation with the law (FBI) to foil Shocker and used all sorts of underhanded tricks and schemes to confound Shocker's actions.

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Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, True Neutral.

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Chaotic Neutral party.

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Lawful Neutral, and damn good at it.

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Lawful Evil

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Eh, he's more Neutral Good, IMO.

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Not even close, Dexter was a fucking superhero and committed acts of altruism all the damn time.

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Except when he was DM, then Lawful Evil was pretty accurate.

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Oh hell the fuck yes.

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Go, Dexter's family go!

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Phonetically speaking, Dick just doesn't work well with the second half of this. We need a better word to replace Lawful.

>Yeah, Dick Faggot, whatcha gonna do about it.

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Lawful Neutral

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Honestly may be best to just replace "faggot" with something more neutral.

Though unfortunately less 4channy.

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No, no, faggot works great. All the faggot alignments sound fine. It's just the Dick alignments that are fucked right now. And it doesn't quite capture the nuances of Lawful.

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No, it does. It really does.

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Alignment thread, eh?

>Chaotic Eggs

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But like, I dunno, Dick Sociopath just doesn't sound as good as Faggot Sociopath or Stupid Sociopath. Likewise with Dick Codependent vs. Faggot Codependent or Stupid Codependent, and Dick Faggot just doesn't work phonetically at all. Say them all out loud, in a single sequence, and you'll see what I mean - the Dick alignments sound less natural, they don't roll off the tongue as well.

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>I will use the almighty power of Dickery in a way befitting the quintessential Faggot.

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Lawful doesn't mean stupid unless they did things that compromised their rules or morality in their efforts they are still lawful.

After all undercover agents wouldn't be considered neutral.

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How about "Dicklord"?

>> No.23190381

"Dicklord Sociopath"

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Yeah, that works better. More syllables, really.

I can live with being Dicklord Faggot.

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Dicklord Codependent really gobbles up that top corner.

Oddly appropriate.

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Shit, now we just need this complete with Batman images and quotes in every slot, and it'll be perfect. We could even send it over to /co/.

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>Implying he was not chaotic neutral in the movie, chaotic evil in the book.

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Font is Calibri, go to town.

>> No.23190618

>implying reckless disregard for human life isn't seen as even by some people.

>> No.23190633

Moralfag more like it.

>> No.23190687

Lawful Neutral.

>> No.23191040


>Not Lawful Good

Lawful Good does not mean Lawful Nice.

>> No.23191085

Neutral Good Scoundrel

>> No.23191099


Next let's do WH40K versions of these.

Khorne: Asshole

Nurgle: Neckbeard

Slaanesh: Bitchbastard

Tzeentch: Cunt

Gork (or possibly Mork): Punching in the face

Mork (or possibly Gork): Punching in the back of the head

Eldar Gods: Pussies

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>Implying that what "some people" thinks means anything just because some people thinks it, even if its stupid.

>Implying alignements aren't well defined and neutral just wont go out of his way to help people as a good character would do, not actually kill innocents to impose his point of view, which is evil, because in D&D and the alignements system the end does not justify the means.

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"Scoundrel" really should be added to some character's alignments just to remind the DM that the character has the tendency to to step outside their alignment without changing. Like Indian Jones and Batman.

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I love Lawful Neutral being Dick Faggot XD

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