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Max Dex + Preform

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Max bluff + SAN loss

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Maximum amount of Russian players in your WW2 flight game while you roll a B-17.

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nat 1 trasmutation

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turn earth in water

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nat 20 driving

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Source? I gotta know what other gems she has to express.

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No idea, but have another.

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Five seconds in google. Also, I'm samefriending.

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Too big for image search, can anybody tell me what is going on in that gif?

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Found a translation of the video?
Subtitles or something?

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Guessing here, but I think a pipe busted, and since most modern lawns have sod laid on top (which are big squares of dirty with grass holding it together), the water didn't leak through and instead pushed it all up in a bubble like a water-bed. I'm just spit-balling, though.

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First link, scroll down. Someone translates it in the comments.

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Yeah, no. That only lasts for a few seconds after an earthquake or something similar.

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Verfickte Scheiße!

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Leider nicht mehr in der Judentube.
Jauchs Gesicht dabei war gloreich.

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This is correct. What usually happens is the sprinkler system busts a pipe before the roots from the sod have had time to grow down into the layer of soil it was laid on top of, but after the roots have intertwined with the sod tiles around them.

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That's the coolest thing. Makes me want to put a water tight tarp between the sod and the dirt and run water under it.

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Or you buy a waterbed.

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Wouldn't be good for the grass long-term. Would be better to use astroturf or somthing.

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A waterbed is not my lawn.

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But it could be.

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But you can do essentially the same thing without the neigborhood believing you a moron.
Plus you can do it all year round.

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Nat 1 common lore

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Great Cleave + max Str

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is that like stripper school?

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Poledance school. There's whole competitions for this shit.

I personally like indian mens poledancing.

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Probably a pole dancing class. It's the new trend in women's exercise, since it's mostly core work.

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This does not make me proud to be swedish.

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Poledancing is originally a gymnastics practice and an actual artistic form of dance. The stripper thing is just a product of the 70s and 80s, not helped by the cheapening of its artistic value through use in cheap traveling circuses from the 1920s onwards.

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Soooo... Stripper school.

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There's certain thing that makes strippers strippers and poledancers poledancers.

Strippers strip, sometimes use poles to dance, but the main thing is the stripping.

Poledancers use poles to make gymnastic movements.


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I get that you think you're being clever, and I know it's not like it makes a big difference over the internet, but seriously cut that out. It's tasteless. The dance and general athletics and arts communities around it have been working hard over the past decade or so to try and combat that whole stigma and bring it back as a legit dance form. It's an impressive endeavor and it demands a little more respect than that.

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I wish that girl in the front would get out of the way so I could better see the Max Dex + Perform of the girl hopping in the back.

She's incredible.

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Maybe a sport that involves wearing more than short shorts and a bra, whose movements involve more than just grinding a pole and opening one's legs would do more to fight the stigma.

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you clearly know nothing of poledancing

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1, did you even look at the gif?
2, the reason the clothing is like it is is so you can see the movements of their muscles.
3, it's about balance, you moron. And your legs have the most weight of any limb, so if you're going to be spinning around the damn thing, use your legs to balance yourself.

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Did you watch the poledancing vid about with indian men?

Do you understand human body movement?

For shame, sir.

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Sorry, Chilli-dip. Worked in a dance studio that taught E-Fitness (Exotic Fitness). It was pole-dancing, or "exotic dancing". Which is another name for being a stripper.

Yes. She's wearing panties and a bra, flashing her scantily clad cunt at the camera while opening her legs. The reason for the lack of clothing is so she can grip the bar and because strippers tend to wear less clothing.

Yes, I did. Did you notice that he's wearing next to nothing, is grinding his gonads against the bar, and at one point his raging hardon starts to poke up through the top of his waist band on his little pink man-ties.

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What the fuck happens in the middle of that hop/jump/thing?

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>critical hit
>max damage
>exploding dice

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And that means what in the end all? You worked in vaguely close proximity to people who knew things you clearly don't? What do you think you gain knowledge on arbitrary subjects through osmosis?

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>gained a level

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He flipped his legs backwards, it makes you look like you skipped a frame of a video irl.

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>Charm Animal

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It means I watched, learned, asked questions, and formed an opinion.

See, you clearly lack any form of an argument since you're not saying that I'm wrong or how I'm wrong, you're simply trying to cast doubt towards my experiences.

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Boy, this board sure has taken a downfall since we got swarms of /v/-goers from Cyberpunk.

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What a GOOD DOG.

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thats friggen adorable

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Lighten up, faggot

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>Robe of Blending

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The benefits of having an animal companion.

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>stay here i gotta walk on that puddle again
>holy shit this is amazing
children are amused by such simple things, so adorable

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that's because everything is new

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>Nat 1 Trap

>> No.23183006

>critical success on pilot check

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You do realise you're a grown man sitting and being amused by a child walking on a puddle?

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>Nat 20 perception and throw

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Kann jemand die Frage erklären? Ist das eine von diesen "eins ist falsch geschrieben" dingern oder bin ich nur blöd?

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Welcome to the internet, I guess?


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Sorry, I don't speak Dwarvish.

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>nat 20 Intimidate + confusion effect

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>Nat 1 on landing

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Idea of the video being, all he did was talk loudly and jump out a door.

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Hopefully you're not referring to me as the /v/-goer from Cyberpunk.

Never been to /v/. I'm strictly /tg/, /b/, and occasionally /gif/.

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>critical failure thrown weapon

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Keine Ahnung was das Bild soll... da scheint was nicht ganz zu stimmen.

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I'm failing to see an issue here

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>I'm strictly /b/

It shows

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Nat 20 Intimidate.

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Thanks. ^.^

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Consecutive Nat 20s on a Grapple check

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Womöglich hat der 50/50-Joker nicht richtig funktioniert.

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You need to get back to TT gaming with nice people for a while. You seem to have taken a critical hit to your sense of childlike wonder and joy in the happiness of others.

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>dying with maxed-out reputation

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Time Stop + Magic Immunity

>> No.23183281

>fire immunity

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Nat 1 Diplomacy check.

>> No.23183316

>it demands a little more respect than that.

It will be sadly disappointed on that matter, it's fucking pole dancing I'm not even pretending to take it seriously.

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>demolitions critical failure

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I'm sure a lot of people could say the same thing about playing tabletop board games.

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Nat 1 Diplomacy check to gather informations.

>> No.23183373

>Performance check

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Indeed, but we aren't exactly trying to pass it off as anything other than grown men playing with plastic soldiers.

Pole dancers, on the other hand, are trying to claim that it's a legitimate sport.

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nat 1?

>> No.23183397

What makes other sports legitimate sports>

>> No.23183401


I don't think anyone is arguing that it's a sport.

I think they're arguing it's not inherently stripping because they're dancing on a pole.

>> No.23183405

To be fair, people are trying to pass a lot of variations of "running after a ball" as a legitimate sport.

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Many things, none of which involve the defense of "It's not the same thing as being a stripper."

>> No.23183431

I'd hope to god they aren't sitting there respecting complex games of pretend. Respect someone's right to do it sure but the games themselves?

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>> No.23183436


... Is that the Stig?

>Nat 1 Perception
>Nat 20 Smell

>> No.23183437

if it was a nat 20, the dress will 'accidentally' wear off

>> No.23183441

>Many things
Name some.

>> No.23183443


I just ctrl + f'd "sport"

You are the only person to ever mention "sport" in this thread.

The entire discussion is you going "LOL THEY'RE STRIPPERS BECAUSE THEY DANCE ON A POLE"

>> No.23183444

I danced ballet professionally for 5 years and I have some serious respect for competitive pole dancers. Besides, a lot of dancers who attempt technical shit in strip clubs make much less money then the dumb bitches who just grind the pole. Technical pole dancing is impressive as hell, and requires a lot of strength as well as aforementioned dex.

>> No.23183447

So you're saying playing baseball IS the same thing as being a stripper?

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>> No.23183464

It's a legitimate art form and sport. Thanks to US and stripperholes, there are uninformed opinions like yourself.

It's over 2000 years old sport, seriously. Practised by both men and women.

>> No.23183472

...that arm.

>> No.23183473

Forgive me, you're right. They're arguing that it's an art form.

Just as laughable, really, but since art has very little in the way of a clear definition, I suppose some people may consider it "art". But then, strippers would also be considered artists.

>> No.23183488

No. If it was the Stig, he would have thrown the other fellow into the windscreen of a passing Aston-Martin.

Nat 20 on a Will save to avoid further trolling.

>> No.23183493

As far as I've been able to note being an artist just requires that you do something well, regardless of what that something is.

As such I find the term worthless.

>> No.23183495


He's already admitted he visits /b/ and /gif/ regularly.

He's a fucking 14 year old.

Why are you arguing with him.

He thinks he's being a clever troll or something, just ignore him and report him for shitposting.

>> No.23183497

You basically just said that since painting is an art form, 3rd graders who finger-paint are considered artists.

>> No.23183512

Nah, man. I'm arguing it's a sport too. Just waiting for your counter-argument. Other then, well, your feelings.

>> No.23183515

art brut my man
if that whore dances well, she might just be an artist in wrong circumstances

>> No.23183516

took me a while to find it, but yes
>nat 20 pilot
>nat 1 landing

>> No.23183517

Technically? Yes.

Maxed out Charisma, 2 on the Performance check.

>> No.23183519


>defining a word how you want it to be

"Art" is something (painting, music, drawing, dance) where the artist intends to convey an emotion or idea to his/her audience.

That's literally what art is.

Dancing is art.

>> No.23183528


Conversely, natural 1 on pilot check, natural 20 on landing

>> No.23183534

That's the exact opposite of what he implied!

>> No.23183546

what is this from?

>> No.23183566

It appears to be Andrew W.K. on Fox News.

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>> No.23183581

>Oh let me guess, it´s the Stig?
>No, it´s not the Stig... It´s the Stig´s Pro-Wrestling Cousin!


>Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.23183586

No he said other sports do not have the defense that: "It's not the same thing as being a stripper."

So if I said "Baseball is the same thing as being a stripper" he would not have that defense available to him. He can't say that, because legitimate sports don't have that defense.

He implied that Pole Dancing is the only sport that is not the same thing as stripping.

>> No.23183604

>level 1 monks

>> No.23183624

>max ranks in Craft: Ramen

>> No.23183630

people, stop responding to the /b/tard

>> No.23183644

>nat 1 Athletics

>> No.23183654

>Grapple Check

>> No.23183695

>Grapple Check

>> No.23183707

There's a cooler one of a stripper air-walking down her pole.

>> No.23183708

So because it's old and practiced by men and women, it's a sport?

Is prostitution a sport?

>> No.23183720

>max ranks intimidate
>max strength
>always-on aura of fear

>> No.23183729

If there is competitions about it, then yes

>> No.23183739

dude, what the fuck man. youre becoming too obvious bro. just stop this shit, youre embarassing yourself, mate.

>> No.23183741

>fake shit wrestling

Let me clarify a few things. Sure their stuff may hurt but it's theatrical and planned.

>> No.23183753

>Professional Wrestling is scripted
Who would have known? What other insights do you have to impart?

>> No.23183757

Oh, behave~

I did not imply that history and practise by both genders are the only ways to define sport.
Also, no, as far as I can tell you, there isn't prostitution grand prix held anywhere in the world, where pimps and their team of hos compete who get the most tricks.

Even if there should be one, now that I think about it.


>> No.23183764

More like no rank at all in craft and some in performance. That's just some shitty instant.

>> No.23183777

man why you gotta be like that

>> No.23183780

Nat 20 Stealth in inauspicious circumstances

>> No.23183794

techno viking disagrees with you

>> No.23183818

Re-iterating, a good combat is one that can be applied to more than one instance. Wrestlers are taught to go with something they're pulled into doing, and to never make it look messy like real combat.

>> No.23183826

>critical success on sleight of hand

>> No.23183833

That's one hell of a flawed implication. I have the feeling you know that yourself.

>> No.23183837

>Pro Wrestling is scripted

Please tell me more
You're clearly a sage

>> No.23183864

No shit sherlock.
Did you know Ian McKellen can't actually do magic?

>> No.23183883

he cant? :(

>> No.23183892

There are very few kinds that aren't scripted. Are you making fun of P&P games by emphasizing that they're fantasy with fake natural *this and that*?

Sounds like patronizing taunts to me.

>> No.23183893

Wow... just wow.

>> No.23183920



>> No.23183953

Gay wizardry only

>> No.23183955

No i'm making fun of you having to assert that Pro Wrestling is fake in this day and age

Also there a reason why these aren't called PRO wrestling, but Amateur/Olympic/Greco-Roman Wrestling

>> No.23183996

Nat 1 critical failure on Animate (Cartoon)

>> No.23184013

Okay I've got to ask, what the hell is that from? Image search just ends up with everyone who has posted this before on a forum, facbook, as an avatar, etc.

>> No.23184024

I'm pointing out how fake wrestling in this thread is making fun of real wrestlers, by calling them "natural 20's".

Making fun of me is beside the point, and my point still stands.

Here is an example of an "ok" version of a category.

>> No.23184026


>> No.23184038

>critical success stealth + thrown weapon

>> No.23184089

>> No.23184146

dump stat: INT

>> No.23184178


lady, stop posting, your boobs.

>> No.23184209

actually, don't

>> No.23184234

Does it matter if it's real or not?

The Capoeira kick you posted is used on pro wrestling.
Countless martial arts movies use pro wrestling moves.
Fighting Games treat pro wrestling as it was real. Anime never stop using German Suplexes or Lariats or Shining Wizards in their comedy shows.

Doe sit really matters in this type of thread if the action is legitimate of it is just "cool"

>> No.23184243

>I'm pointing out how fake wrestling in this thread is making fun of real wrestlers, by calling them "natural 20's".
Oh dear I hope we haven't hurt your feelings with our appreciation for petend violence. Honey, I really hope you enjoy wrestling but do calm down.

>> No.23184339



Hah. Wow. You ARE like fourteen years old. That's... cute, I guess.

>> No.23184375


>> No.23184384

Archery critical fail

>> No.23184391

I honestly cannot see what the problem/confusion is. Fake or not, some of those take a lot of skill. So maybe some of those have bluff checks thrown in, but considering how some of those moves could go horribly wrong and really hurt someone I'm still willing to ... shit I just got drawn into the argument. Dammit.

>> No.23184402


>> No.23184432

>I'm pointing out how fake wrestling in this thread is making fun of real wrestlers, by calling them "natural 20's".

Are you fucking retarded? That's like saying that
Is making fun of real martial artists.

Are you going to complain about someone posting a cartoon fight scene saying that it's making fun of real people?

>> No.23184760

I need to know!

>> No.23184862

I really need to know if this is real or if the guy is okay

>> No.23184907

Me too.

>> No.23184922

Rolling a natural 20 on google-fu and ... still failed? Dammit, DM!


>> No.23185067

>Nat 20 Seduction

>> No.23185146

Based vidya royal rumble. Some laughs to be had from those streams.

>> No.23185155

>nat 20 intimidate

>> No.23185199

These two are obviously switched.

>> No.23185211

It's viral marketing for the can on the guy's head. Neither does the show exist nor would this accident be aired like that.

>> No.23185226

I'm glad this actually moved. I hate gifs that don't.

>> No.23185237

source of that gif?

>> No.23185239 [DELETED] 

You need to put ranks in it, yo.


It's fake.

>> No.23185248

>Max CON
>Max CHA
>every improved weapon bonus ever

>> No.23185275

>DEX of 6
>INT of 16
>WIS of 4
>STR of 14

>> No.23185311


>WIS 4

niggawhat. Mick is wise as shit.

>> No.23185371

Hahaha stupid swedes!

>> No.23185620

Full metal panic

>> No.23185643

Thank you

>> No.23185681 [SPOILER] 

Nat 20 disguise

>> No.23185696 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23185744

Does this make a nat 20?

>> No.23185796

So anyone know where this is from? It looks adorable whatever it is.

>> No.23185807

Nat 1 SCIENCE (and Wisdom)

>> No.23185817


It's a beer Ad.

>> No.23185932

That's a NAT 20 Science NAT 1 Wisdom

>> No.23185968

This makes you a try hard.

>> No.23185980

the best kind of science

>> No.23186007

>critical success: craft weapon

>> No.23186010

Nat 20 SCIENCE would have been tying the thing to a willing subject's dick. And noting reactions in a dedicated lab-book.

>> No.23186050

>Carl, why are your lab notes all drawings of dicks?

>> No.23186087

Hey now, a lot of famous scientists greatly advanced science by undergoing the risks themselves.


>> No.23186135


>Critical Success
>No Trigger

Pick one.

>> No.23186139

Yeah, a lot of others (less famous) scientists greatly advanced science by using batches and batches of sometimes willing subjects.

Though, in this case, the Mad Scientist can indeed do it himself. Worst case, he loses his dick, which served no purpose anyway.

>> No.23186165

Who needs a trigger when you have a hammer hitting the firing pin directly?

>> No.23186168

You're not quite understanding the image, I think. The hammer is the trigger.

>> No.23186185

He uses the hammer to slam the... you're an idiot. Look at the picture again.

>> No.23186239

What those guys said. You're supposed to hammer the guy with the bullet THEN hammer the bullet with the hammer.

That way, you can headshot him while you hammer him. It's a gunhammer.

>> No.23186276

I don't think that first step is entirely necessary. It's just a gun that you shoot by hitting the firing pin with a hammer.

>> No.23186303

>I don't think that first step is entirely necessary.
Sure, if you're a faggot.

>> No.23186330

Well, if you want to actually hit stuff with that, using it at point blank range is kinda useful.

Plus, I find it a lot better with the first step.

>> No.23186334


>> No.23186362

>Nat 1 Ranged Attack

>> No.23186447

>Dwarven work.

>> No.23186465

>Nat 20 Ridicule

>> No.23186500

What? Do you scorn the father for playing with his children and laughing with them?

>> No.23186502

>Nat 20 Reflex Save + Evasion

>> No.23186503

Is it the legendary Light B-Elsey Bulb?

>> No.23186551

nat 20 craft (NOPE)

>> No.23186568

>Nat 20 hide

>> No.23186597

nat 1 attack roll

>> No.23186669


>> No.23186712

Interestingly enough I just found that video on my own. My damn arteries hardened just watching it.

>> No.23186741

You are small time who has no idea how to Nat 20 Seduction.

>> No.23186774

He's smart as shit.

He videotaped himself jumping off a roof to try and get a job with WWF.

>> No.23186799

Who are she and what can she do about the boner she just caused me.

>> No.23186846


Do the gene pool a favor and further test this scientific hypothesis for us.

>> No.23186893

You poor soul.

>> No.23186933

I think the anon is saying that specifically in response to the anon who mentioned the kid getting excited about the puddle.

That is, the kid's getting excited about the puddle, and you're getting excited about the kid being excited about the puddle.

In other words, "maybe you shouldn't be so amazed since you're doing the same thing as the kid."

I dunno.

>> No.23186952

Nat 1 at life.

>> No.23187001

If we all ran out of the thread looking for puddles of our own to see what all the fuss was about, maybe you'd have a point. As it is people smiling at kids doing adorably silly stuff isn't the same thing at all.

No, you don't know.

>> No.23187002

>Nat 1 at /b/rowsing

>> No.23187071


Monster Hunter goes one better.

>> No.23187104


Could you guys make up your minds since you're both disagreeing with me?

>> No.23187177

>Could you guys make up your minds
Where do you think you are?

>> No.23187210


Yeah, when he was a teenager. He's wise as shit now. He's like the old Kung Fu Master of professional wrestling.

>> No.23187416

My bad. Forgot I wasn't on /b/.

>> No.23187514

/tg/ is not your personal hive mind.

>> No.23187540


>> No.23187561


"Oh no, no! Don't walk in the mud! The big ones always get cross me when I walk in the mud! Oh no... you're walking in the..."

"I blame those Calvin and Hobbes books. You shouldn't be reading them, they're a bad influence on you."

>> No.23187764

No one in the history of this site has ever needed to lurk more or harder than you, son.

>> No.23188343


>> No.23188379

Str 1 attack on a elite mook

>> No.23188428

Max Headroom

>> No.23189986

Man, Gunther Hitler is just straight up forgotten by history.

>> No.23190020

Yeah. After everything his done he was overshadowed by this mustached guy. It's just not fair!

>> No.23190644

i love you fruity rudy!

>> No.23191423


I was amazed to learn that fruity rudy actually played himself. Major props.

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