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Happy Birthday /tg/! You're 6 years old today.

Let's take some time to talk about our favorite /tg/ made things guys.

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At least SOMEBODY remembered.

So, how was your Valentine's day?

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I'm celebrating my in 2 weeks during break

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Oh Jesus fuck, it's been six years? I've been here for six years?

Christ, what have I done with my life. From Diesel Punk and Devil's Dixie and Miko arting in LCB to...This.

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I had no idea today was /tg/'s bday and for that I am sorry. I am quite thankful for all it does and all the people that come here to make it such an interesting place.

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Happy birthday, /tg/

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I know right? I unfortunately got on the /tg/ boat late 2007, but it still feels like I've been here forever. It's actually hard imaging life without /tg/, and I can't tell if that's beautiful or sad.

I hate a lot of you fucks, but you are all my friends in some weird way.

Happy birthday /tg/.

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I think that one story on /d/ right now is the best birthday present /tg/ has ever receive.

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You too, man. You too

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The what now?

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my favorite sccreen of all time
can i get the pic of OP

captcha:ordoebrightes apothecary

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/tg/ was born on February 15th? What, did the collected
>tfw no gf
of 4chan's neckbeards spawn us or what?

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Huh. Been coming to this place since 2007.

Kinda miss how things were, but I don't mind how it is now. I sure wish Weaver would come back. We lost a lot of old drawfags over the years, too. But it's still pretty much the same.

Happy birthday, home.

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4571771 on /d/

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Let me get that for you.


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6 years...


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Why did /x/ dump us?

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i know what im putting on my board

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Wait a sec, my birthday's the 15th.
I can't tell if this is a good or bad omen

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God. /tg/, you're still good to me. Even after what RubyQuest did to this board, there's still some bits of that precious old /tg/ here.

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/b/ raped /x/ and she never really recovered. We went our separate ways; it was easier to remember the good than to see the half-dead husk that remains.

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If this is true, then I have been visiting this board since very nearly day 1. And here I thought it was already well established when I first came across it....

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Wait a minute... does this mean that /tg/ IS the Phallusar?

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Yes you am.

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You decide.


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Phallusar just makes me think of some horrible dong-shaped dinosaur no matter how hard I try not to.

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...It's beautiful.

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What font is that?

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Seems the dubs were wrong.

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>Go to read fapfiction on /d/.
>Oh, it's this shit again, oh well

Am I a weak man for getting actual feels from this fapfic?

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Impact, I think.

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No, you are strong. Like the neon pink buffalo, you have the courage to bare your feelings proudly.

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Nah that's not impact, the letters don't have the jumps

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Meanwhile, on /fit/...

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Oh, my bad.

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never before have i seen such boldness

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I believe it's stencil.

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Anyone have that picture of the guy going"WIIIIZZAARRRD?" When he was talking about how he summoned an angel and demon?That made me laugh for an hour I swear.

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I remember playing Space Marine and seeing how there were almost no stairs in that game. The only ones you come across are solid metal or concrete ones.

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Normally I always lack the appropriate picture, BUT TODAY IS NOT A NORMAL DAY.

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Just read the write-faggotry as well. How do we make this shit canon?

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I wish I remembered the name of the thread this was in. Such a barrel of laughs that one was.

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>yfw acrobatics was not a skill in 3.5e
>it was tumble, jump, and balance
>therefore one of two things:
>A) that anon's story is not true
>B) that anon made a serious mistake and confused pathfinder with 3.5e
>Since B) is almost impossible, A) is clearly more likely.

Happy birthday, /tg/.

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The first image I ever saved that was related to /tg/.

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You glourious motherfucker.Thanks

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I have hunted long and hard to try to find those spiral stairs.

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They houseruled them into one skill, acrobatics
I do this if I run 3.5. Same with spot+listen+search = perception.

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>not just playing pathfinder
And you wonder why I didn't consider that option.

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Does anyone have news about the situation on Terranis?

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What about in a splatbook, like Legend of the 5 Rings or the Tome of Battle?

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Get /x/ to love us again?
Have a delegation of fa/tg/uys spend certain amount of time on /x/ daily, starting good threads?

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I remember these.

These were the first things I wrotefagged on /tg/.

What a nub was I.

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But don't announce you're from /tg/ until the thread is well and truly going.

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/x/ still likes /tg/ sometimes. It likes /mu/ just as much apparently though.

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6 years, you say?

Anyone remember this?

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I think I remember my first thread was asking for help to run a WW1 game.

People told me that it would be boring. I showed them, I showed them all!

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>tfw some fapfiction off /d/ is one of the most positively inspiration thing you've read in days.

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Is 14th or 15th of Feb?
Cause it's 15th where I live.

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It hasn't been quite six years yet for me, I'm afraid, it would have been a few months after this boards creation I left the swirling vortex of /b/ and journeyed far and wide across the boards in search of one to call my home, and months still before I would discover this blessed land of milk and honey, but I would just like to to take the time in this thread to thank you all for the experience, the laughter, and transforming me from the jaded, cynical Warhammer player I was to the roleplaying pen and paper dervish I am today, and all the friends and good times I've had in that pursuit I can lay down in thanks to you also.

I don't know when the next appropriate time will be, so I'll say, thank you ladies and gents of /tg/. In the halls of Valhalla may we all meet again, to fight our edition wars in the day, eat our meatbreads in the evening, roll our dice and spin our tales both new and old, and venerate the Emperor before we succumb to sleep in anticipation of the next day, and the next, into infinity.

Thank you all, so much words fail me further. Live long, happy and love filled lives, /tg/. It's what you deserve.



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>Implying that the fapfic isn't correct in it's assertion that /mu/ has terminal limpdick.

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Dudes , rural doctor thread. I was the doctor who's village was beset by a gang of war forged. Any other docs still out there?

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Pretty much everything on that. Thank you /tg/! Happy Birthday!

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Remember warpuppets? With the fucking broom?

God I hated those things.

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Check it. /x/ is having a whole thread where they're in stunned admiration of /tg/.

"strange glowy bald chick looks at me at night, wat do?"

/x/: "Protection spell! You don't wanna die!"

/tg/: Fuck her! Death in the pursuit of hot glowing chick booty is noble!

The reaction from /x/ is like, "That dude is gonna die, but /tg/ makes me laugh."

I miss the /tg/ and /x/ interactions. They were a ton of fun.

I was in this thread.

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Whoops, forgot the pic.

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I'll post this and then the blank one, and leave it there.

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D) as tumble has been translated as "acrobazia" in the italian version of the 3.5 manual, anon was italian or spanish and unsure of what the original term was. So he went for the easyest translation, the allmost litteral one, but italian->english instead of english->italian. IRL babelfish translation.
I propose this explanation beacouse this kind of things occasionally happened to me too.

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And the blank one that launched years of /tg/ and /x/ interaction.

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Anyone got the Monorail/Monolith cap?

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I admit that I lost it reading that at the part

>Even /r9k/... well, /r9k/ was still alone.

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I remember the fun old days of /tg/.

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To be honest, I only lurk here for the 40k threads. But have been doing so for almost five years. If not the /tg/, the internet would be dull. Happy birthday /tg/
Pic related, a drawfag made it for me once.

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the recent /tg/x/ threads have been getting interesting.

but /x/ seemed to really like this that we made for them.

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And another drawfag made this too, with the same idea

>> No.23177580


I like it!

can't speak for the rest of /tg/ but i'm always happy to see more drawfriends on the board!

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>I miss the /tg/ and /x/ interactions. They were a ton of fun.
The one thing I will never ever miss is cross-board shitposting and meta threads.

Fuck you.

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In the spanish version tumble was translated as "piruetas".
(your theory is still consistent, it was just a small clarification)

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Cool Story Bro

That is awesome. But where does /x/ even mention it?

>> No.23177679

it was posted in a similar thread over at /x/ and they seemed to like it. i believe the thread died though.

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the white wall, noh, valiance, winter king is my favourite

im planning to make comic of them one day

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I went looking for the original image for that picture in my collection. But I can't.

It is him naked, wearing just a red thong.

>> No.23178131

.... if you're wearing a thong you're not naked.

>> No.23178161

Thread died shortly after, yes. Here's a link to what it amounted to. http://archive.heinessen.com/x/thrd/12013658

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I always lose it when arriving in Yemen in a Ford Pinto.

Hardly old!

Also, behold, my only /tg/ thread pic (which I myself didn't get from threads like this)

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Oh, I know.... but, what if your balls spill over the gusset?

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I should put in that the cat is now called CREEEEEEED Night Rape.

>> No.23178345

Best believe it, son

>Is 14th or 15th of Feb?
Valid question. Anyone know?

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Search this thread. It's in here, I saw it a minute ago.

Can't believe nobody has posted this yet

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/tg/ has the same birthday as me?

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HAH! I requested that from B&hammer 40kun!

I'm still super happy he took that request. On reflection, I think that's the only request I've ever had fulfilled.

Barring, y'know. Miko.

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"Piruetas" is really cool!

>> No.23178443

I cannot remember since when I get stuck in here.
Happy <<uploadingday?">> /tg/.

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I'm really depressed now. I've been trying to remember when I first came to /tg/ and I recalled that I started playing Warhammer in 2007, but then I remembered that I found /tg/ a little less than a month after Ruby Quest ended and the board was still in an uproar about that. I just looked up when that was. February 2009 :/

>> No.23178462

Happy birthday.

>> No.23178598

I don't ever remember when I first started coming here... best board by far.
Raise the chalice.

>> No.23178637


There was an uproar after Rubyquest? I'm afraid I came here a bit later.

>> No.23178653

Not a bad kind of uproar, more like that's all that anyone was talking about. And this was like, a week or a month after it officially ended. It was to /tg/ then what 40k threads are to /tg/ before and after RQ

>> No.23178668

Came here in the middle of 2008 and have stayed here ever since.

I raise my horn to you /tg/.

>> No.23178670


Whenever ye olden days come up, some guy always starts talking about the wave of "furry shit" that happened after Rubyquest, and usually points out Sergals and by extension the Unified Setting as examples. Were they actually related?

>> No.23178689

Furries and sergals were around before RubyQuest.

But RubyQuest started the endless Quest threads. And with the endless Quest threads, there were 'Ruby' threads that hid under that umbrella, which was thinly veiled furry porn.

>> No.23178690

I doooo seem to recall seeing Sergals on /tg/ back then but I'll be totally honest here, /tg/ back then was the same as it is now, at least in my eyes. RQ didn't inspire as much porn as you might think. There was too much adoration for the characters and Ruby's decent ethics. Kinda like how there isn't a lot of Katawa Shoujo porn, yeah?

>> No.23178767


I ran one of those endless quest threads. It did eventually end, and the players had fun.

>> No.23178774

I was around on 4chan before /tg/, and when /tg/ showed up I didn't pay much attention to it. I don't think I even posted on it at all until 2008 or so. By then I finally recognized it as a fun place to hang out.

It's certainly changed over the years, even if the core has stayed pretty much the same. I don't remember much of the furry stuff, but that's probably my brain blocking of those memories... I do recall the centaur dick threads being a problem though.

>> No.23178802

I miss grandpa dreadnaught.

I'm not really sure why though.

>> No.23178833

dont forget shark girls

>> No.23178843

That was a really weird month or two.

>> No.23178882


Damn, now I feel like I missed out on something.

There was some other weird thing that /tg/ was obsessed with, but I can't remember what it was and it's driving me nuts.

>> No.23178896


>There was some other weird thing that /tg/ was obsessed with

Anon, the list goes on and on, good luck pulling out particular things.

>> No.23178906

>implying that it ever ended

Anon, you disapoint me

we never stopped enjoying sharkgirls

>> No.23178950

basically, /tg/ has an appreciation for the obscure Rogue Trader alien species known as the Saharduin

take note of the images on the page - they are extra heretical

>> No.23179014

The syllable count is so off it makes baby Emperor cry.

-11/10 wouldn't sing

>> No.23179025

This was a good day

>> No.23179045


yeah, times change and we fall apart

>> No.23179062

God. Flareshit, that was the worst.

The only good thing that came out of that was a wonderful Vietnam40k fic. John Falker or something. I think he was replacing bits from an actual Vietnam story, but I never did find it out. It was really fucking good though.

>> No.23179064

We've gotten some amazing things done over the years

>> No.23179072

I'm still kind of flabbergasted every time I see that.

>> No.23179095


What is happening in that picture? I get from context that it's a reference to /tg/, but I'm not sure how.

>> No.23179116

Vindicare Assassin, stalking an eldar farseer. Who coincidentally has her mask off.

>> No.23179124

Me too. And it's not even just that either. There's Just As Planned and Grendal also made canon by FFG, Drive Me Closer, Take This, and pic related by Relic, ADB's incorporations, and um... that's all I can think of ATM but I think there's more.

Go read Love Can Bloom, mate. Go read Love Can Bloom.

>> No.23179141

Happy birthday /tg/!

>> No.23179142

You silly people.

>> No.23179145

Ok, Take This and ADB's incorporations, I've somehow missed. Explain?

>> No.23179149

Don't forget that WH40K rp quote which referenced the Litany of Litany's Litany. Some guy saying "the litany of" before being cut off. I think I have a screencap of that somewhere on my computer.

>> No.23179158

Probably /tg/'s greatest love story.
It even spilled over into other fiction like Emperasque.

>> No.23179167


It's a lot more recent, but my favorite has to be Ditches and Lhos quote in the new OW expansion. Does anyone have a cap of that?

>> No.23179173

Say, I know that it's pretty recent and all, but I only recently caught up.

Any word about Emperasque? Is it finished and done? Will it be back?

>> No.23179185

Quote was

“Every planet’s different, but every battle is the same. Keep your eyes forward, and keep shooting. You live ditch to ditch, lho stick to lho stick. In the end, it seems like there’s nothing else left to life besides ditches and lhos.”
–Corporal Dwayne Biehn

in Final Testament I believe. Can't remember which page though.

>> No.23179190

You know that whole "It's dangerous to go alone, take this" cat meme? Relic stuck that in Dawn of War II: Retribution, alongside Drive Me Closer. The whole expansion was basically a reference to 4chan, not even joking. Also, ADB (Aaron Dembsky-Bowden) is one of the newer and better Black Library authors and he's done threads on here where we shoot him ideas for stories and he talks about them.

Haven't seen that one. Do post.

Or this one. Seconding.

>> No.23179202

This probably wasn't us but I'm still amused every time I see it. It got posted every day for weeks when it first came out.

>> No.23179212

Love Can Bloom, a write-fags attempt at a romance story in 40k. About a Vindicare Assassin who falls in love with an Eldar Farseer. Many on /tg/ believe it is the pinnacle of writefagging, many hate it's guts. So much in afaik it was banned in terms of threads.

But as I enjoy writing myself (albeit shit) I still appreciate it's link to /tg/ and 40k.

So, yeah, it was a fanfiction that got a lot of praise and somebody in GW managed to sneak it in. As for if it's actually in memory of LCB, none can say for sure, but Farseers don't usually take off their masks....

>> No.23179214

fuck you elegan/tg/entlemen.

you are the best. lurking here since the summer of 2007 and I love you guys.

>> No.23179219


>> No.23179222

It probably won't be back any time soon, I'm afraid.
I was even surprised to see it continued after the first part after watching a stupid joke grow so humongously out of proportion it became a book.

Can't blame someone else for being fed up with that stuff in the end.

>> No.23179235

That's good, it means he can steal the costume and claim it was in character.

>> No.23179236

Dude, /tg/ wrote LCB. How is it not from us?

Of course it's a reference to LCB. The assassin's name is LIIVI for God's sake.

>> No.23179248

Yeah. They've done enough, and they have my kudos. I would like to see more obviously, but I can understand not wanting to finish.
If nothing else, the "Cognomen Designate LIIVI" is hard to deny, seeing as it's a direct callback to the protagonist Vindicare in LCB.

But let's move on before it causes rage.

>> No.23179267

Stay classy /tg/. Stay classy.

>> No.23179292


Correct, it is, but who knows, perhaps the writer was actually part of GW all along?

But it does cause rage, so, lets stop.

>> No.23179298

Jesus Christ I never knew they took the lego thing any further than pic related. Side note, when they say don't put Bengay on your balls they REALLY mean it.

>> No.23179385

Been here since I was 14. Just read threads never partook because I was obeying rules. Waited until I turned 18, 2 years ago to post for my first time. Have been posting ever since and TG has since gotten me through some shit. Thank you for 6 years guys it has been amazing.

>> No.23179394

Happy birthday /tg/ Thanks for all the 40k advice too!

>> No.23179401

Any way to get this stickied for the day ?

>> No.23179405

Oh god, that thread.

>> No.23179436

It's a War Machine.

>> No.23179468

I'm kind of surprised Pathfinder is so popular.

>> No.23179476

I miss her. I wonder whatever happened to her.

>> No.23179485

Make a thread on /q/ and keep it bumped until moot wakes up? Only thing I can think of. Seconding this idea though.

Did you really, honestly not post until you were 18 because the rules said not to?

>> No.23179499

Hand on a bible yes.

>> No.23179517

That is stupid... at the same time quite honest I guess.

>> No.23179518

We got Paladin material right here

>> No.23179527

I wonder how she ended up here to begin with.

>> No.23179533

Happy birthday.


I'll never leave here, will I? /tg/ won't let me.

>> No.23179538

you're the only one raging about shit all started by a stupid drawing done by ironshrinemaiden/miko

>> No.23179545

Dawn of War. She's a /v/irgin at heart and loves RTS games. She found her way to /tg/ because she drew fanart of the game and we raped her DA page.

>> No.23179553

Hopefully she's not dead or addicted to something and just busy with working in an employment that pays her to be artistic.

>> No.23179572

Thanks I guess? I love you guys and Just didn't want to get I trouble.

>> No.23179592

I thought it was us raping her DA page that drove her away.

>> No.23179597

Happy birthday, /tg/.

>> No.23179600

I heard she banged some guy from the Warhammer Wednesday crowd. There was apparently some falling out between the lot.

>> No.23179607

Jesus Christ. That was beautiful. And hilarious.

>> No.23179608

Fuck I am still trying to forget

>> No.23179614

I remember...Though mind you, I could be wrong, but I remember that she actually posted the original Love Can Bloom comic to /tg/. And then somebody wrote a fic in the thread. And then things spiralled.

I could be wrong. But I THINK that's what happened.

>> No.23179626

I do believe the writefaggotry came first.

>> No.23179642

I'm certain the writefaggotry came second.

I just don't know if she posted her comic to /tg/ herself, or if somebody else posted it.

>> No.23179667 [DELETED] 

Considering that I posted this thing up for at least three years on here, I would feel as though I need to make mention of this here, despite (or because) it would make everyone angry.

>> No.23179681

Considering that I posted this thing up for at least three years on here, I would feel as though I need to make mention of this here, despite (or because) it would make everyone angry.

>> No.23179694

you have a dl to that?

>> No.23179700

Just checked 1d4chan. It says the writefaggotry came second.

>> No.23179701

You heaps of filth.

>> No.23179713

Ah, I see. My mistake. It's been years and I can get details muddled.

>> No.23179723

I don't into 40k, what's the problem here?
Is something too heretical?

>> No.23179728

Ah, don't worry about it. It's been...Six fucking years.

>> No.23179764


They're a faction that I made up that don't entirely fit into the 40K universe. They're supposed to be a small transhuman empire and don't have as much of the grimdark which pervades 40K. As such, some people on /tg/ love them, and some hate them.

>> No.23179770

And so much to take in. I fear that I'll never see all of it. Or, even worse, that /tg/ will die before I do.

>> No.23179816

See, I never understood why people could abide how absurdly over-the-top everything is, yet exalt the grimdarkness.

"Nah man, this doesn't fit with my preferred flavor of retardation"
"Why don't you just play orkz so we can laugh you out of the store?"

I don't even understand how anyone can enjoy a setting that's apparently grimdark as a rule. A bit of that goes a long way in a lot of places, but I just can't appreciate it at all when it's beaten over your head every six seconds.

>> No.23179878


>That img

I was in that thread when it was still not flipped upside down Harvey Birdman.

>> No.23179928


I was so delighted the first time I saw that. The saga of Grendel is the best DH story ever.

>> No.23179989

This is still one of my all-time favourites.

>> No.23180138

Hundreds of thousands of players "get" it and you don't, so I'll break it down for your pathetic self: That's the joke. Grimdark is a few moments' fantasy reading material, but playing against other people is real enough that the background can be - and usually is - safely ignored. The autists who "beat you over the head" every six seconds are the usual faggotrolls who so graciously coined "grimderp" for /tg/ and are clearly 3edgy5u.

>> No.23180157

I've been here way too long if it's six years already.

Ah well, happy birthday to /tg/

>> No.23180192

I started coming here 7-8 months ago. I can't find the exit.

>> No.23180219


None of us can. I put my left hand on the wall and it just keeps going...

I think we're trapped by a powerful spell. Moot's Mind-bending Maze. Powerful, soup-fuelled magic indeed.

>> No.23180235

Whew, 6 years already. So much to say about /tg/.

/tg/ is sort of like yeast: It takes upon a subject, chews on it, grows on it like fungus, and the farts awesomeness. Sure there might be some strange things along the way, but you don't get the same quality of brew anywhere else on the net.

/tg/ is that place I know I can go to when I need to laugh my ass off.

/tg/ is that place where I know even the oddest question will be met with even odder answers.

/tg/ is that place where, no matter what you throw at it, you can get something interesting in return.

I've always felt an amazing level of camaraderie within this board. Sure we love to trash each other's backyards, but I see it as sort of the way you can insult good friends and they will insult you back, because you get along good enough that no offense is taken.

I truly could not picture my web-browsing without /tg/.

Thank you, fa/tg/uys, for all the endless hours of fun. May you live many more years.

>> No.23180259

There isnt one. I fell in to this rabbit hole of piss and wonder 3 years ago. I've lost hope.

>> No.23180319

I tried asking the locals. They just told me to roll for perception.

>> No.23180327

Squats are canon again a Codex made in winter 2012 mentioned them.

>> No.23180352


Problem is, you'd need to roll a natural 21.


>> No.23180371

That shouldn't be so hard; just use a d100.

>> No.23180401

catgirls too

>> No.23180415

>/tg/ is that place where I know even the oddest question will be met with even odder answers.
>/tg/ is that place where, no matter what you throw at it, you can get something interesting in return.

That pretty much sums it up. /tg/ is my subconscious. I come here to brainstorm. We all throw ideas at each other and wonderful things happen. I've been here since nearly the beginning (like others I did not notice that /tg/ was a brand new board when I first came here) and one thing I've always been proud of is how we can turn troll threads into something worthwhile.

Not always, of course. Not often, even. We're actually easier than we like to admit sometimes... but now and then when we got a troll who didn't know how to mess with us, and they just assumed they could throw some intentionally ignorant question about a game or setting at us and we'd argue about it because we're nerds... and then instead we'd roll with their mistake as an elseworld, build an economy for this alternate setting and explain how the various factions and protagonists would have changed in response!

Dragons>Giants>Gods as a dynamic>Static>Entropic circle of existence was awesome too. Lots of brilliant things happen here all the time. But here's the thing... people talk about the glory days of how /tg/ used to be good and summerfags and whomever else have ruined it. That's bullshit. /tg/ was NEVER good. It has always been 75% dumb junk, 11% cool pictures, 8% pretty clever junk, 5% utter jaw-dropping brilliance, and 1% margin of error.

Happy birthday /tg/. I love-hate you all. You are my bitter internet nerd friends, now and forever.

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

>> No.23180452

Happy Birthday /tg/! Also Happy Birthday my wife, who is 25 today. So /tg/ gets a picture of her as an evil, onion wielding lady.

>> No.23180463

only problem is is that the check uses d6

>> No.23180484


Why is she using the onions as a shield against a collapsing universe?

>> No.23180509

Happy birthday, you glorious bastards. Have we ever done a "/tg/ Sings" like /v/ and /mu/ do sometimes? I think with our record of terrible ideas turning out brilliant, we could throw out a winner, although I don't know what we'd sing.


>> No.23180517

Thanks, and happy birthday to your wife. And tell her that the onions aren't any good as a ward against faerie sprites. She better grab something iron if she wants to come out of this alive.

>> No.23180539

I dont think they are faeries. I think, its some kind of magic shield, that her onions are evoking. It's a good think, at least it appears so.

>> No.23180548


I remember that thread when he was first posted. We immediately crowned him King of /tg/ and begged to Moot to sticky the thread.
I don't think anyone first watching that was quite prepared for the DWARVEN EPIC they were about to hear.

>> No.23180566

There was just mention of a race called Feliidae and nothing else, and you assume catgirls. For all we know they could be the Cat from Red Dwarf or the Thundercats.

>> No.23180567

We survived, and then we had tea. I give you the gift of hope, because you really can be a dungeons and dragons nerd in your thirties with a super-hot wife in her twenties.

>> No.23180584

Chapter Master!


>> No.23180606


It could be our tribute to the king, then! I'm sure we have some talent buried somewhere in here.

>> No.23180640

>ctrl+f meatbread
>0 results

really, /tg/?

>> No.23180649

Happy birthday, /tg/!

I came here Back in 2010 after hearing about Deep Rot on another forum. The dedication to worldbuilding brought me to /tg/ and 4chan as well.

I sometimes explore other boards (there ARE good discussions, here & there), i still hang around here mostly, because there's always SOMETHING interesting to be cooked up or talked about here.
Sure, there's shitposting and asshattery and what-have-you, but that's part of any community. /tg/'s been a great ride so far, and I hope it continues to be!

Thanks, /tg/! Happy birthday!

>> No.23180664

/tg/'s been helping me nuke Minnesota! For a Fallout game. If it works out, I'll collate everything into a campaign guide and put the PDF up for you.

>> No.23180807


Where's the Cursed Meatbread? The soul-stealing one?

>> No.23180817

>Why is she using the onions as a shield against a collapsing universe?

Allow me to accurately and definitively answer that question with the the one-and-only pilot episode of The Amazing Screw-On Head.


>> No.23180839

Do not look directly at it.

>> No.23180912




That thread was side-splitting. I was tempted to do a meatbread thread myself not long before, since I'm one of the blessed few who can make a meatbread without it looking like an elder horror from beyond, but then this... thing was created and I knew, I knew then, that I could never come close to something so extraordinary.

>> No.23180915

>> No.23180961

i remember this story and it was amazing

>> No.23181006

Never change, /tg/

Happy birthday. Here's an oldie but a goodie.

>> No.23181043

There ARE NO bones in human penises though

>> No.23181058

I fucking lost it.

>> No.23181084

he didn't say human, did he?

>> No.23181100

That's the joke.

>> No.23181148

I'm always amused to see just how many of us are /d/ regulars.

>> No.23181264


>> No.23181274


>> No.23181388

Happy birthday, /tg/

>> No.23181398

According to the chart 35% of /tg/ goes to /d/. Though I would be surprised if 80% or more of /d/ is from /tg/, especially considering >>>/d/4571856.

>> No.23181423


>> No.23181513

49 have confirmed that they're from /tg/ whilst about 6 have said they're not. That's roughly 89% and, whilst these statistics are going to probably be inaccurate due to the anonymous factor, I think we can confirm that a majority on /d/ are also from /tg/.

>> No.23181535


/tg/ has always been /d/-lite. It's one of the reasons I like it here.

>> No.23181594

Another classic.

>> No.23181628

He's talking about raccoons, I think, they DO have baculum bones.

>> No.23181709

Jesus, I can't remember how or when I got here. I mean, I don't even play tabletop or anything.

Happy birthday nontheless, and keep on truckin' you magnificent motherfuckers.

>> No.23182260

Happy Birthday /tg/

I Remember when you faggots used to roleplay all the time using these fucking images

>> No.23182873

I lost it

>> No.23183157

That reminds me of a woman I heard about. Apparently she was sexually attracted to walls. Yes, she had sex with walls, however that works. She cried when the Berlin Wall fell.

>> No.23183215

I remember before I found out about /tg/ I printed this pic out and pinned it to my wall

>> No.23183343

Is there a full set of them somewhere? They'd be useful to have on hand

>> No.23183366

Really? Well Happy Birthday, /tg/!

>> No.23183574

fun fact, Icy Hot isn't fun on the sensitive bits either.

>> No.23183697

Not broken into individual characters, unfortunately.

>> No.23183700

I can't confirm this but life experience has led me to believe that the list of things that don't cause pain when you rub your balls with them is shorter than the list of things that do.

>> No.23183867

well, I can't speak for balls, but it sure as hell isn't a party on a clit.

>> No.23183928

Ditto for the urethra. That was quite a hospital visit.

>> No.23183939

That's fine. Thanks.

>> No.23183964


I want stories, goddamnit.

>> No.23184007

>/tg/: We speak from experience.

>> No.23184047


He ditched it in favour of WHH (not that there's anything wrong with that).

>> No.23184071

Well, that escalated quickly.

>> No.23184076

same reason that one guy put marbles up his butt.
science burns

>> No.23184153


That's both beautiful and kind of terrifying.
Did you work your way up to rubbing it on your genitals, or did you just plunge right in? (so to speak)

>> No.23184206


>> No.23184225


But later /tg/ Lebron'd and fucked it all up.

>> No.23184252


New guy on the cross country team put a glob of the shit down his pants during practice once.
I think he ran 400 meters fast enough to compete with the track runners.
Then he rolled around on the ground for a few minutes.

>> No.23184265

Did Bill Murry show up?

>> No.23184280

(not ureathra anon, by the way)
Tried rubbing a residual amount on, then when things went south, so to speak, I tried to remove it with a tissue.
I only succeeded in spreading it on a greater area.
icy hot is also not kind to the labia.

>> No.23184281


And choked.
But I didn't have any screenshots from that part.

>> No.23184347

and yet /tg/ doesn't like starship troopers

>> No.23184440

Urethra anon here. Not much to tell. Just that urinary catheters aren't very fun and that for certain people inserting it can be rather painful. But hey, that's what anaesthetic cream is for.

>> No.23184500

>Still remember the warhammer wednesday threads on /b/, that caused the creation of /tg/.

>I've been here more than 6 years

What have I done with my life

Oh wait, I know. I spent a good amount of my highschool years playing videogames instead of studying, but it didn't really matter because the classes were piss easy and didn't need studying for anyways, after graduating with about a C+ to a B average, I let all my friends drift away as I spent the next four years or so sitting on my ass mooching off me mum and doing nothing with my life beyond posting on 4chan. Then I fell in love for the first time with a girl on the internet and acted like a clingy weirdo, naturally she got the hell out of dodge and I was incredibly devastated so I spent the next half a year getting my shit together, getting a job, hitting the gym, and finding new friends to do things with, now I'm going to university to become an engineer, work at a bar and spend some of my free time hiking around the backcountry in my province and the rest of my free time on the internet, and yet somehow I'm still living at me mum's place and posting on 4chan.

I wonder what I should do

>> No.23184597

Move out yer mums place and get an apartment you bum

>> No.23184679

I don't know. Get your own place for increased independence?

That's the thing about being a 4chan user. You could be an incredibly successful millionaire philanthropist professor with a medical degree who's saved countless lives and furthered society and you'd still just be another faggot retard posting on the asshole of the internet. And yet people always come back for more.

>> No.23184693

>my province
>me mum

>> No.23185218

This this this.
[insert board here] was never good!
So much time and energy is wasted by people talking shit about the good old days,
i'm fairly new to /tg/ but i've seen /b/ be clogged and choked by people bitching about how bad it's gotten.

Boards are made good by people bootin rather than moaning, and murdered by people who'd rather remember some golden, untrue period.

I love /tg/, it's my favorite board, and although ive not been here long, i check it everyday before my e-mail, first thing.

You're great.

This is a prime example of why.

Happy Birthday.

>> No.23185292

Rolled 16

>Sexy nurse gently rubbing anesthetic cream over an exposed urethra
Fuck you anon. Rolling for a new fetish only today of all days.

>> No.23185315

Joining the whathaveidonewithmylife wagon.
Ye gods.
Six years.
Imagine the useful things one could've done. But nope, still here.

>> No.23185351

>Implying it wasn't a disgruntled filipino woman or a bro-douche male nurse who was just trying to get whatever they had to do over with so they could sit at the station and pretend to chart

I hate my fucking coworkers

>> No.23185409

Public hospitals really that bad? I work in a government and we actually take damn good care of our patients

>> No.23185459

You know, on no other board would the occasion arise where I have to refer to myself like this.

But anyway, urethra anon here again. I believe it was a woman, though probably not a particularly attractive one, but it happened so long ago I'm not that sure.

>> No.23185487

Depends on the hospital.
when my grandfather was dying, one hospital treated him with the utmost care and dignity, another, my mum was visiting him, and stepped out for a smoke.
when she came back in, one of the nurses had tied him to a chair with a bedsheet because he kept trying to get up and use the washroom, and she couldn't be bothered to explain to him that he had a catheter in.

>> No.23185515

>took 6 years to get 23 million posts

>> No.23185572


>> No.23185609

Was that a request?

>> No.23185716

>russian prepped up wearing glasses so big you can't see her face, even with her posing she still doesn't look very comely
>Kunis is wearing a dirty sweater and sweat pants and looks like she just woke up from sleeping in them
I mean Kunis isn't the hottest but even with everything against her she's still better than the 14 year old Russian.

>> No.23186129

I'm a white guy but grew up with filipino best friends my entire life so I understand a fair bit of spoken tagalog, some of the things I have heard middle-aged filipino nurses say to patients when they think no one can understand is revolting.

The bro-douches aren't any better, I couldn't tell you how many times I've saved someone's job (and in some cases life) by actually doing what they're supposed to.

Not to say there aren't good nurses in public hospitals and that private hospitals, such as Kindred down here in So Cal (no clue if they are nation-wide), don't have complete shits for nurses, but speaking from experience they're a very small minority.

>> No.23186348

I guess it is a matter of pride. I take pride in making people feel good and it shows in my work pretty much everyone who went through boot to do nursing does.

>> No.23186423

I vastly enjoy my job, I'm like you in that respect, I love being able to help people and go to some of the more impoverished areas to run health fairs and the like. It's just in the places I have to go to actually earn a wage it sometimes feels like I am the only one who enjoys their job.

>> No.23186437

She got taken over by /b/ and assimilated into us, /co/ and the various boards where /b/'s influence is thin.

>> No.23187802

Love this one.

>> No.23189669

TG Vs Spetsznaz

>> No.23190558

Dear /tg/

In my youth, I played many a dice game. There were good moments, bad moments, and moments of such bro-hood that it would make the angels of chuck norris weep. But alas, I have not been able to play an RPG game of in many a year. Marriage makes such things difficult, if not impossible, and I have different responsibilities now.

But being here has made me laugh, cry, and remember the good old days. Days gone by of battling dragons in a giant mecha with a flaming sword and a spell on my tongue. Of moments snacking on bacon and pepperoni pizza while laughing at my friends poor roles. Of traveling a world strange, bizzare, and altogether creepy as hell with naught but a song on my lips and a banjo on my knee.

Happy birthday /tg/.... you bunch of beautiful bastards.

I share with you now, one of my own stories. I still reflect back on him, and how he was foiled in his attempt to destroy the world.... with poo.

I give you, my cohorts in dice and neckbearded-ness, the shit-wizard

>> No.23190864


Wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.23190900


I'm calling dragonshit on that

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