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Old one is about to sure, didn't see a new one, so here we go. Warmachine general. Starter topic:

why exemplars are cool, despite being the meta poster children for menoth. Can you run exemplars and still be cool?

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Sure. Depends largely on how much of a dick you are though.

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started a new one but this one is fine too.

To answer your question if they were not overused I would be just fine with exemplars in all forms, my problem is that everyone and their brother who runs menoth uses the fuckers and they become a crutch. My local meta consists of 5 menoth players (includng myself) Except for me all the menoth players run 1 if not 2 units of errants. And then say TFG are OP when I curbstomp their unit by weakening it with AOE's first.

I'm just so tired of seeing errants, exemplars and vengers whenever I play menoth, Because the list is almost always the same every time and it's been like that since I played in MK1.

it doesn't help that PP really hasn't given any menoth unit besides the exemplars plastics either.

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I run a list of all exemplars under eKreoss because its fluffy. Not 1 our two unites because its smart meta. But then, that's why I lose.

Of course, zealots are the only other unit menoth had worth bringing

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Definitely. Nothing wrong with taking Exemplars, it's when you start taking as many Errants as you can fit along with the Avatar and only ever take those units that you become a boring person to play against.

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>I run a list of all exemplars under eKreoss because its fluffy.
I begrudgingly accept that as a valid reason. I have a soft spot for fluff armies
>Of course, zealots are the only other unit menoth had worth bringing.
My Flamguard would beg to differ. and while I'm sure you don't consider them a unit, choir are in fact a unit.

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Errants are not the be-all, end-all. They're not fast, and while they have AD and pathfinder, they die easily to ranged fire due to their low defense.

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Unless they're in cover or have Defender's Ward.

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I've been thinking about getting Daughters of Flame. Not really looking to fill a slot in my army, just like their look and rules.

Do they translate well from paper to table top?

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They also die very easily to fire.
And are usually on the receiving end of the charge because people put them to close.
And only have 1 wound.

exemplars are easy to kill for very much the same reasons. which is why if I see an exemplar unit I send my unit of daughter to deal with them, two strikes that cause an auto point will kill those solo-like bastards dead in a turn.

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Overall they are a very useful unit. High defense, very mobile, advance deploy. I use them quite frequently.

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yes, they're the speedy ninja assassins that they are in the fluff and they tend to die fulfilling their missions (like in the fluff)

I'm working on my second unit right now and they're nice but a little fiddly to put together.

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I love daughters myself, but I'll be honest 3/5 times they will die for two reasons.

A) they don't get stealth
B) their armor is paper thin, blast damage has a serious threat of killing them.

But they do get acrobatics, and they do get 2 attacks with anatomical precision. You'd usually be better off with somthing else but I always say play what you want. It's your army and maybe you can make them work.

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Thanks guys!

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You might love my Ret army. Its pVyros Legion of Dawn Tier 2.

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Well, one of them is.

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everybody in my current meta is selling their ret armies so I'm afraid I haven't played one yet, mind telling me the models in it and the fluff?

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Can someone post a link to the menoth pdf?

The rapid share on here is down

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Its on piratebay pretty readily.

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not sure if that will help but it was the one that was the most legit.

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Yes, choir are a unit. but :

a. I was referring to combat infantry (granted, my choir has a few kills under kreoss feat, usually a friends combiner who find herself in the wrong place, wrong turn)

B.choir is taken first granted. Menoth without core isn't really menoth.

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By combiner, my phone meant man hunter.

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Its his default tier from the Retribution book. Themed on running Dawnguard. Only allowed Dawnguard Units and Solos, Arcanist Solos, Stormfalls, Retribution non-Character Warjacks. Tier 2 gives a second UA for Dawnguard Sentinels. So generally I run:

Dawnlord Vyros (*6pts)
* Phoenix/Banshee (10pts)
* Sphinx (7pts)
Dawnguard Sentinels (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
* Daemon (9pts)
* Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard (0pts)
Dawnguard Sentinels (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
* Daemon (9pts)
* Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard (2pts)
Arcanist (1pts)

Makes for a fun list to dick around with.

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It would be interesting to see a battle-choir of sorts. Three or four man unit; some combat abilities. On a kill, buff another unit / model with X buff.

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My Vindictus list doesn't have Choir. The only 'jack in it is Fire of Salvation.

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You're menothing wrong. Stop that. Stop that now.

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I think you mean,


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Drowning my opponent in a sea of frenzied mujhaddin seems pretty in-character for Menites.

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It makes sense for his list why waste two points when they can be better spent elsewhere.

meanwhile I'm trying to think up a decent non-tier E.feora list, for when I get my judicator. right now I'm thinking Judy, a choir, a vassal, the avatar, and the fill to burst with TFG until I can pick up a unit of holy zealots for the cheap-o fire trick.

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I don't think you really need the Avatar in that list, honestly. Better off with a Vanquisher and two Vassals.

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>has avatar
>doesn't have vanquisher
I'd actually run a reckoner if I had an extra plastic crusader to chop up.


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Quick noob question. Am I missing any details on how cloud effects work?

Is it just +2 def from concealment? Is that it? I am pondering between gobbers or a feralgeist.

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you want gobbers
I'll answer that for you.

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They can block LOS if you are on the other side.

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So if I stand in it, I only get +2 def. If I stand on the far side, it blocks los?

How do? Is that the three inch rule? I thought that was only forests?

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cloud effects are 3" across, and block Los if you are completely behind it.

read the core rules.

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Cyriss a shit

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Looking forward the release. Might need to switch who I am enlisted under.

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>Read filename
What the little orb thing to her right? I doubt they're going that direction to make a portal reference. On a side note, I'm looking forward to them, they look pretty neat to me and with their fluff of putting their consciences and souls into machines/robots reminds me a whole lot of the Core from Total Annihilation.

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Most people are saying it's gonna be humens in the Warcaster bodies and just robots for infantry, which is really cliche and kind of a turn off.
Hopefully PP will do something else.

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I'm sure PP will be clever with their fluff for these guys, though I wouldn't be terribly put off if what the people are saying is true.

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>What the little orb thing to her right?
Exponent Servitors, she is part of a warcaster unit. dunno wtf they do though.

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The Warcasters are ensoulled. I hope the infantry is ensoulled too, but if they aren't I'm actually slightly happier. Having an army of robots is a favorite of mine.

>> No.23177899

They'll probably do something like EDD's Halfjacks.

>> No.23177918

AI constructs with some sort of personality like in Mortenbrah's fluff would be cool, ensouled shells like that guy up said, anything is better than another soulless robots army.

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That would be interesting. Maybe the Warcasters are AA while the units are AI.

>> No.23177968

That would be cool. The Warcasters having Actual Intelligence and the units / Vectors / Solos have Artificial Intelligence. I like it.

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Clouds and forests have this thing that if you stand completely on the other side and aren't a colossal/battle engine then no matter how much of the cloud/forest intercedes between the two models it is completely hidden.

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Not a big fan of BEEP BOOP ROBUTTS in general. Something like the Skorne constructs is way more interesting. I also find the designs we've seen to be very generic.

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Her attack is called aperture blast as well. (or something with aperture in it, anyway)

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I Didn't realize her head was the cyriss logo. Is she going to be the big had of their army? How many of the WMH armies have female leaders?

I know of Makeda, is Harbinger super high up in Menoth?

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Harby is super high up in Menoth, but Serverious is the leader, she's technically his spiritual adviser.

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Harby is the Pope to Severius' king of France. So no real political power, but may very well have more power in the grand scheme of things.

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So what's consider a must-have with Skorne? And who would be a good caster that isn't pMorg to start with?

>> No.23179175

Beast Handlers. They are Skorne's equivalent of Choir.

>> No.23179189

You know, the Iron Mother's Exponent Servitors remind me more of 343 Guilty Spark than GLaDOS' spheres. In fact, Directrix kinda reminds me of robot Maria from Metropolis.

>> No.23179195


I thought so. On paper, they look like the best fury management in the game.

>> No.23179197


pMorg is a pretty safe start, and as already mentioned, Beast Handlers are a good buy.

>> No.23179211


I know he's a safe start, but I'm not too keen on his model.

>> No.23179225


Which one, there is two. Besides you could convert if you wanted.

>> No.23179261


Either. He just looks too weedy to be a caster. He just looks like a standard troop model.

I could convert him from something bigger, but it'd be a pain, and wouldn't look right.

>> No.23179336


Well besides pMorg, I'd suggest eMakeda and Xerxis are pretty decent starts. Both are rather powerful warlocks.

>> No.23179347


Xerxis looks pretty good, and having my caster just be a massive beatstick could be fun...

>> No.23179441

Hexeris has always looked good to me. And I've heard he's a fairly balanced caster for a beginner to play.

>> No.23179470


pHexeris' feat looks...incredible on paper.

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>> No.23179711

Death March on a full unit of Nihilators is pretty nuts too.

>> No.23179737

Angry Horse has had it with this bullshit.

>> No.23179783

>General insignia
Looks like the Lord Commander is getting even more of a promotion. Wonder if he'll still be exempt from the usual chain of com and?

>> No.23179886


I'm with the guy in the other thread, the horse would be a lot better as a jack-horse of some kind.

>> No.23180010


e motherfucking Makeda. There is nothing that isn't improved by eMakeda. Skorne's main drawback is their speed. eMakeda makes EVERYTHING faster. You want to slingshot Molik directly at their caster? Go ahead. You want titans that moves as quickly as Cygnar jacks? Go ahead. You want Nihilators that will be FREAKISHLY fast? Go ahead.

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Good morning komrades how would you go about using zerkova?

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That tier list that lets for take Vanguard merc jacks looks interesting.

>> No.23181128

Empress Ayn Vanar runs Khador, although she does not have representation in the mini's game. She's never been identified as a Warcaster to my knowledge, she's just an ambitious, effective administrator of her state.

>> No.23181142

Coming from a long term Khador player, with notables like Karchev, pButcher, eButcher, and the Vlads; Do. Not. Overestimate. Your. Warnoun's. Durability.

Seriously. Armor 19 and camping 6 focus can be torn down. Arm 20 and stocked with fury can be torn down. And Medium Bases are trickier to protect.

>> No.23181197

Any thoughts on this 35 point list?

Dr. Arkadius -6
*Road Hog 9
*War Hog 7 (8pts normally, -1 for tier list)
*War Hog 7 (8pts normally, -1 for tier list)
*Targ 2
*Razor Boar 2
*Razor Boar 2
*Razor Boar 2
*Razor Boar 2
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 3 Grunts) 2
Farrow Slaughterhousers (Leader and 5 Grunt) 6

>inb4 Arkadius is bad and you should feel bad

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Zerkova's not like any other Khadoran Warcaster and requires special attention. She is pretty good at denial, but will require you bring a lot of relatively self-sufficient models with you.

The Hunting Wolves theme force is a very good way to play her, the Vanguards allow her to keep a Warjack back with her for Shield Guard and for Watcher, both of which the Vanguard is phenomenal at.

Not playing the Hunting Wolves theme force does allow you to bring some of the more intimidating choices, like the Behemoth or Beast-09 for your Watcher choice, as well as enabling Sylys Wyshnalyrr, who supports Zerkova extremely well, and with more models being released regularly, non-theme force Zerkova is becoming more and more viable.

Many people feel Kayazy Assassins are Zerkova's best friend, because you can put Banashing Ward on them, and harass a number of units and solos.

>> No.23181215

I've wanted to try Arkadius's Mad Science at t4, now that the bitty bacons are out. Let us know how it goes down.

>> No.23181220

>Not having political power

>> No.23181263

Especially with stuff like Arcane Assassin and Flagellant.

>> No.23181269

The times I've played this list, it's been "shenanigans everywhere", the list (side note, it's actually only tier 2). The minipigs are awesome transfer targets and missles to put a few damage on important heavies before the slaughterhousers follow up for the kill. But the real game changer for me has been the Road Hog. Because of sprint/force for extra movement/pathfinder he's wonderful for Ark's feat (up until this point I thought was too difficult to set up for the ridiculous "swiss watch" charge feat turn, but sprint changes that.)

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The Harbinger is Menoth's prophet, but she doesn't directly control the state. She is somewhere between Joan of Arc and a walking Arc of Covenant.

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So I have my first tournament ever on the 2nd. I've only played caster kill games so far, so I'm excited for some scenario based goodness.

How do tournaments usually go? Is it like 40k where you are graded on paint, sportsmanship, comp, etc, or is it just points for winning? I want one of those metal coins!

>> No.23181335

Depends on the specifics of the tournament. Take a look at the 2013 Steamroller release for an idea of what the scenarios will look like.

>> No.23181373

The Harbinger is kinda like Jesus. She's chock-full of Menothbeams, and is so holy she can't touch the ground. Additionally, she's responsible for the creation of the Avatar, which is seen as Menoth's way of both showing approval of Warjacks when used to further the goals of His people, and a giant fucking robot who is also full of Menothbeams. She's sorta outside the chain of command, but everyone listens to her because, well, she's talking proof of their God's existence.

Severius is the theocratic leader of the nation-state of the Protectorate of Menoth. He got the position because Harby tk'd the last theocratic leader. The previous guy, Voyle, was 10 kinds of bad-ass, but didn't listen to Harby when she said not to take a city, so she gave her magic sword to that swanfucking faggot Stryker because otherwise he wouldn't have been able to even touch Voyle.

>> No.23181410

Would you recommend focus efficient jacks for her (kodiak, berseker).

>> No.23181502

all I have so far are contents of the 2 player starter set.
4 widowmakers and a kodiak, could you give me a list of things she needs/wants?

>> No.23181666

She can actually hand out focus pretty readily, unlike many of our warcasters. When you're running non-Hunting Wolves, you generally want one supremely efficient (meaning multiple base attacks) warjack, this is usually the Behemoth or a Conquest, however, if you bring lower point cost warjacks, like a Berserker (or a Kodiak if you find your meta filled with rough terrain) for frontline work, and a Juggernaut to stick close to her and act as a Watcher subject, it can work out. Just keep in mind you will lose that front line jack, its just going to happen. She's also one of the warcasters that can benefit from marshaled warjacks (despite having two spells that affect her battlegroup models) so the Koldun Lord/Destroyer team is pretty effective.

Widowmakers are a great start. Kayazy Assassins will take you a long way, and will be beneficial for virtually every other Warcaster in Khador. A greylord ternion is often overlooked because of its squishiness, but is one of our most versatile tool boxes.

If you want to play Hunting Wolves; next purchase should be Gorman and at least 1 Vanguard. Work toward the Kayazy Asssasins and Underboss.

If you don't want to play Hunting Wolves; Sylys Wyshnalyrr, and pick a 6/10 unit of your choice (that's a unit that has 6 models at minimum or 10 at max such as Iron Fang Pikemen or Winter Guard Infantry) to begin rounding out your force.

>> No.23181711

She can hire mercs in her tier list?

>> No.23181746

do Nyss hunters work for khador? If so you could run her out of tier and making the blood sacrifice have a very self sufficient unit to play with. It would also give him an excuse to getting the ranking officer for shits and giggles.

>> No.23181782

Hunting Wolves (NQ 34)

Tier Requirement
Khador non-character warjacks with ranged weapons, Marauders
Units: Greylord units, Kayazy units, Widowmaker units
Solos: Gorman di Wulfe, Greylord solos, Kayazy solos, Widowmaker solos
Zerkova's battlegroup can include Vanguard light warjacks.
These warjacks are considered to be friendly Khador warjacks.
Additionally, increase the FA of non-character Greylord and Kayazy units and unit attachments by 1.
Includes Gorman di Wulfe and one or more Greylord units
For each Greylord unit in the army, place one 3" AOE cloud effect
anywhere completely within 20" of the back edge of Zerkova's deployment zone
after both players deployment, but before the first player takes his first turn.
These cloud effects leave play after the first round of the game.
Includes one or more Kayazy Assassin units
Your deployment is extended 2" forward
Includes three or more warjacks
Reduce the point cost of warjacks by 1

Yeah the only thing missing that I can think of is syls

Also to answer myself: yes Nyss hunters will work for Khador.

>> No.23181821

alrighty then.

>> No.23181888

How many fucks would people give if I used a different model to represent my Tharn Bloodweavers? Assuming they're colored along with the rest of the Circle force, have a pointy knife, and I specifically mention they count-as Bloodweavers?

>> No.23181971

In casual play, no one will mind (barring general stupidity). At competitive events, it will not be allowed (At least that's what the tournament rules say.)

>> No.23181980

I mean, as long as they look Tharn-y, have the same base size, etc., I don't think there'd be too much of a stink. Not gonna be tourney legal, though.

>> No.23182239

Keep in mind this means that Vanguards, one of the best light warjacks in the game, are cheaper for Khador, then they are for Mercs. Suck on it mercs. Suck it long and suck it hard.

Next time you hear a merc player bitching about the merc tax, you tell them to suck it up and enjoy their light warjacks, non-character arcnodes (I KNOW ONLY MAGNUS CAN TAKE THEM, FUCK YOU!) and their goddamn terrifying infantry.

Sorry. Had to get that out of my system.

As an addendum, Andrea Uderzo can suck it as well.

>> No.23182360

merc tax?

as a side note I wish steel head halberdiers still had forfend would make them an auto-include in my TFG army.

>> No.23182422

There's an old adage that holds Mercenary models are disproportionately high in point cost because they can be employed by the big boy factions. It has come to be a badge of pride for Merc players, who believe they are working with sub-par material to create cohesive and winning strategies, tactics, and armies.

>> No.23182446

This. I knew a guy who used Confrontation Fusiliers as Cygnar Long Gunners (he hated the pose, specifically the fact that they all have the stock under their arm) and repainted Grind 'jacks for light warjacks. Never caused any problems in casual play, since the weapons were always recognizable.

>> No.23182451

>their goddamn terrifying infantry
Ranking. Officers.

>> No.23182464

That seems a bit silly. I've always seen it as Mercs cost because Mercs tear shit up.

I mean, hell, Boomhowler and company, anyone?

>> No.23182588

Still restricted by what will and will not work for a faction.

Forgeguard under Valachev? Motherfucking devastating in the name of the motherland.

Highshields? STILL SHIT.

Croes? Yeah, let's have the officer that all these abilities are tied to be the ONLY model in the unit without pathfinder or stealth, GREET PALN GUYZ!

Herne & Jonne? Ok with Fire For Effect this is pretty godamn baller.

Boomhowler? Watching eVlad awaken the Umbrean blood in a bunch of trolls is actually pretty entertaining.

Now there are some times that fucking ranking officers work out very well, like Murdoch. 'Coz he's a foppy swan, even if he is Clint Eastwood.

The Protectorate doesn't really benefit from Mercs much, and the benefits of having them be faction isn't that great in my mind, however, being able to make Steelheads even more versatile is always nice. Being able to do it to Steelheads AND another Merc unit is bullshit.

>> No.23182613

Right that first line should've had an additional sentence; Too bad Forgeguard won't work for the motherland!

>> No.23182652

Merc tax (in MKII) is a lot like "Carver tax", an excuse crutch for bad players.

>> No.23182661

>Murdoch is a foppy swan

My Dug-In Assault-capable maxed-out Boomhowler unit would like a word with you.

>> No.23182754

Run. Run to your cover, to your fox holes, to your warjacks, to your cities, and to your impotent king.

The Butcher will still come for you.

>> No.23182868

lol medium-based warcasters

>> No.23183847

I know the bald guy is the analogue to Lenin but why is the Kayazi underboss on the banner?

>> No.23183977

I think its supposed to be the Butcher, Vlad, and Irusk.

>> No.23184043

yeah but Lennie Small is clean shaven, and the 2 khadorans with handlebar moustaches are: Kossite woodsman #3 and the Underboss

>> No.23184068

That is who I played in the musical at school Kossite woodsman #3.

>> No.23184400

Medium base is still smalltime.

>> No.23184510

I love everything about that model that is above the elbow.

His hands in that 'meh I'm a skeleton' pose, and the reverse hold on that giant blade... meh.

>> No.23184554

so you were in the play "little rat4 of noCRA?

Sorry /tg/ I had to try

>> No.23184587

It is especially awkward when you realize that he is making that face and hand gesture while in a squatting shit position.

>> No.23184710

Would bang/10

>> No.23184843

This thread needs more artwork and painted models.

>> No.23184916

posted mine before was tolled they look like dog shit.

>> No.23185005

Then post art instead. I'll never have enough of the concept art pieces.

>> No.23185114


>> No.23185168

>> No.23185200


Very nicely painted, but I hate, hate, HATE that sculpt.

>> No.23185257

Usually I'm not too hot on sexy chick models, but other than that stupid crossbow pistol, i really like that model.

>> No.23185297

>> No.23185384

Anyone have any Legion stuff?

>> No.23185404

What if the reason mecha work in this setting, is that it channels magic better and that the techy bits just help that along?

>> No.23185406

>> No.23185455

Well all the warjacks in the setting are half-arcane anyway. And there are (potentially retconned) evidences that the magic used to create thinking, fighting warjacks can in turn fester and create Junker Hulks

>> No.23185462

I don't follow.

Are you making fun of mecha anime ideas like how mecha feel natural for the pilot to control?

>> No.23185745

Most mecha anime is just comic book level bullshit to begin with.
Im being specific to Warmachines.

>> No.23185947

Warjacks are, largely, fueled by a coal-furnace thing, which in turn gives them the power to do all sorts of things for several hours. Their cortex, which is effectively a brain, is mechanical with some magic added in, which gives a warjack limited individual thought. Warjacks can also be powered by other means, like Cryx uses souls, and the elves of Scyrah have advanced generators.

And yes, magic does help all of these processes along.

>> No.23186067

>> No.23186718

eh what the fuck I'll post my junk though people are probably getting sick of my Irish catholic looking army.

>> No.23186756


>> No.23186772


>> No.23186798


>> No.23186830


>> No.23186856


>> No.23186895


>> No.23186907


What's wrong with taking exemplars? Bastions are the strongest and errants are the most useful but there's nothing wrong with taking any of them if the list supports them.

Also I fucking love Bastions models.

>> No.23186927


>> No.23186966

the problem if you read further is that they are some of the most overused models that menoth often fields. He is more addressing at what point when fielding exemplars does a menoth player become "that guy"

>> No.23187048


Vanguards are okay, 4 pt vanguards are great if only you had anything that had flank.

Which you don't.

Also Galleon was here, your colossal sucks.

>> No.23187127


I've never had that thought about any of my menite players and most of them DO take at least one unit of medium based infantry. They're good but they're not game breaking. Just solid.

>> No.23187356

Bastion models are really damn cool but they suck ass to paint. There is just so much detail on them.

>> No.23187706

As I've said before bastions as I rarely see them are fine, but Exemplars, Errants, and vengers are often spammed, overused and often boring armies to play against.

>> No.23187840

I'm starting up Retribution, any advice or lists (preferably a mix of shooty and punchy)?

>> No.23187850

Will Man-O' Wars ever really be worth taking?

They're an kind of iconic unit, but I still feel like they are kind of bleh compared to Khador's other infantry options, most notably IFP doing their job better than they do. Obviously they aren't Kossite or anything awful like that, but they feel like a novelty item when you bring them to the table.

>> No.23187875

I don't often see Ret players taking Nyss Hunters, and I'm not sure why not.

>> No.23187910

MoW used to be worth taking before their better counterparts came along.

>> No.23187940

Every time I hear about a new release for Khador, I pray for a Man-o-War UA. Every time, I'm disappointed. Just something to speed them up a bit would be enough. The main problem with MoW is that by the time they get into combat, it's too late.

>> No.23187949

I'm sure PP will eventually release and attachment/caster/tier list that makes them more viable.

>> No.23187975

just like we were supposed to have plastics of everything by 2012 right?

>> No.23187990

I occasionally see Demo Corps on the table. They always work well in games I see them in.

>> No.23188222


Perhaps, but I don't think that balances out absentee Bombardiers or even normal MoW that almost never get used because of how hard it is to make them work. Even Demos could just be coasting by on unfamiliarity, but who knows? I just would like some options besides the same 3 infantry units we routinely field over and over again.

I think a UA for a speed increase sounds pretty reasonable, maybe it's something we'd get for the next Khador release if not a new Jack Marshal or another attempt at a more dedicated ranged Jack.

>> No.23188534

Im guessing the coal furnace provides the raw joules needed. And yeah, magic would be a must for that to work and power the suit. Because it isnt using visible wires and apparently judt transmits the power along the armor.


>> No.23188841

They tend to be reinforcements for Ret.

>> No.23188895

It's a shame that the bombardiers are so mediocre, I really like the goofy chainsaw bombards, especially in thematic concert with a decimator (also a sub-optimal choice).

>> No.23189021 [DELETED] 


Same here. I like about the MoW in general, but mediocre is the ultimate descriptor for them. And considering how infantry heavy Khador has to play, it's a very hard call to bring mediocre infantry to the table when being competitive means busting out WGDS or Iron Flesh Kayazy.

>> No.23189053


Same here. I like a lot about the MoW in general, but mediocre is the ultimate descriptor for them. And considering how infantry heavy Khador plays, it's a very hard call to bring mediocre infantry to the table when being competitive means busting out WGDS or Iron Flesh Kayazy.

>> No.23189146

I'm starting an Iron Kingdoms roleplay with my friends soon. It's going to be a short campaign over a few days. (A good friend of mine is coming into town for that week.) So far it seems like it will be fun!

Thankfully my players don't know too much Iron Kingdoms lore so I can have fun with it since they won't catch on to the fact that I don't know the lore very well either. My knowledge is pretty shallow, basically stereotyping each country.

Are there any parts of the lore that might help for an interesting part of the game? Any ideas in general for an Iron Kingdoms roleplay? I want to give my friends a fun experience and I have some ideas, but I'm trying to find inspiration; I've never used an existing setting before.

>> No.23189181

There's a bunch.
If you grab the IKRPG core rules the first like 100 pages are just fluff.

>> No.23189216

Yeah, I was definitely planning on flipping through it, but I was just wondering if there was anything else I should pay attention to so I didn't have to through every 'Forces of' book, or wonder if there were No Quarter articles that said any interesting plot, or in the old books or anything of the sort.

>> No.23189283

Well yeah there's a ton of shit going on, but you gotta be more specific.

The last big thing I recall, the Retribution found the Vault of Nyssor (which is like a coffin, I think) and they stole the Torch of Menoth from the Khador, and believe it's the only thing that can thaw him out/wake him up. However before that it was tampered with by a Cryx dude (I think Goreshade) who did something to it.

>> No.23189358


Nyssor was returned to Ios.
Torch of Karazak? Was taken when they fought Zerkova off of Ossyan.
Vyros was promoted to Incissar of the Dawnguard.
Hyperions have been taken off of border guard.
Skorne just destroyed a watchtower and are still coming to Ios for an assault on the Gate of Mists.

>> No.23189374

A good starting frame work for them would be something like this:
*Your Prefered Warcaster
*Jacks that work well with the warcaster (If your having trouble choosing Phoenix, Banshee, Griffon, and Manticore are all great jacks if you use them right.)
*Mage Hunters +UA
*Stormfall Archers
*Dawnguard Sentinels +UA
*2x Mage Hunter Assassins

Spend the rest of the points as you please. Some good solos to consider are pEiryss and Arcanist. Other than that, stick to that basic format when you start list build and you'll be fine. However, once you become more seasoned change some stuff out and try new things.

>> No.23189393


eEiryss > pEiryss for Ret imo.

>> No.23189618

check /rs/ for urban adventure it has info on five fingers, or the latest issue of noquarter has a town with a newfound gold rush in it.

>> No.23189918

Welcome to the elf master race.

>> No.23190045

Anyone want to post paint/conversion/terrain works in progress?

I have a new android so I'm trying to figure out how to post my attempts as bases.

>> No.23190058


attempts at* bases

>> No.23190116

Last thread had quick Ret lore recap re: gods, goreshade, ret.

Can we get more Ret lore?

What's up with Garryth?

Why do Eiryss and Sylys work with other factions?

>> No.23190127


Here's my Daemon's WIP base.

>> No.23190159

So, starting Everblight, and thinking about my color scheme. I am considering going something like a dark colored flesh instead of the usual pale, and a light metallic on the plating for my warbeasts, something like a silver or a metallic iron color, probably use bone with metallic highlights for teeth and claws.


>> No.23190171

Eiryss was an advance scout for the Retribution, gathering intel and killing mages for fun and profit before the Ret became a faction. She continues working as a mercenary mostly out of game mechanic tradition at this point, think.

Sylyss is an Iosan, but not a member of the Retribution. I think he's trying to find a more productive way to cure their gods than "kill all humans" by doing wandering research.

>> No.23190214

>LEDS in the miniature

>> No.23190217

Have the recap:

You brought your gods over a bridge between worlds.
It exploded.
Fucked up the natural order of things.
Elves struggled and were attacked by Skorne.
The gods began to decay.
Eventually a number vanished.
The Nyss left.
The priests went mad.
Cults appeared.
Some cities went mad.
A dragon broke out and fucked the shit up.
At some point Scyrah reappeared.
She's dying.
Soulless are being born.
The onset of multiple negatives coincides closely with humans gaining magic.
A guy called Goreshade got power.
Experimented on soulless, took over Ios, abused trolls etc.
A civil war started.
Goreshade fled to Cryx.
Retribution became more active and was sanctioned as its own military force apart from the Iosan military.
Goreshade is attempting to kill the gods.
Almost killed Nyssor.
Retribution recovered Nyssor.
Hyperions were taken off the border defence.
Scyrah is still dying.
Goreshade got the Torch of Karazak smuggled into Ios and will likely attempt to kill the gods soon.
Skorne is heading up to fuck up Ios.

>> No.23190228


Ugh, the old metal light jacks looked terrible

>> No.23190238


FYI, Ret killed the Dragon, removed the Athanc and sent it to be guarded somewhere else by the Nyss iirc. That dragon was Everblight.

>> No.23190316


Garryth has served in the Retribution longer than most of the others. Used to be a criminal in Ios' underworld. Was a killer or some shit. Retribution got him out of it or jail or something can't remember off the top of my head, and trained him in an ancient Lyossan martial art. And he basically became leader of the special forces/assassination specialist.

>> No.23190554

Some friends got me the 2 player starter box as a gift and I've been working on painting them all. This is my first miniature war game and first shot at painting them. Almost done with the Menoth side. Suggestions for later? Sorry about the camera phone and yellow lighting.

>> No.23190572

Pick up a Choir unit and some Knights Errant or Daughters of the Flame.

>> No.23190672

I hope skorne actually wins the conflict considering so far it's been an even if they win they lose scenario for pretty much every battle.

>> No.23190725


They can't. I'll explain why in a minute. But I'm eating now and don't wanna get my keyboard dirty.

>> No.23190735

Any advice for a player going to his first timed tournament? I've been playing games with -1 minute turns to get ready and have compiled a crib sheet, are there any other suggestions out there?

>> No.23190755

I know they can't win considering how crippled ios would be by losing the gate, I just want skorne to actually get a complete win and not their usual cripple the enemy then something crazy happens or they weren't fast enough sort of victory.

>> No.23190825

Pyrrhic victories are all you can aspire to when statted characters can't be killed, and everyone has to come out as a semi-winner.

>> No.23190884


To be fair, PP is kinda slowly removing plot armor.


Sadly they won't though. Shall I sum it up for those who are unaware?

>> No.23190899

I'll take a summary.

>> No.23190923

Thing is though skorne doesn't always even get that the forces of book had a dragon destroy a castle and mordikaar was nearly killed until rasheth scared the opponent away. and the intro story for naaresh had him nearly die to absylonia.

>> No.23191125

Doesn't Haley have magic downs now?

>> No.23191141

Christ I hope so.

>> No.23191315

Here you go:

1. Gate of Mists is the most important defensive structure to Ios. The Rhulics have never started shit so Storms is less important, Aeryth Dawnguard is also less important because nothing has come across the Stormlands. Basically meaning a large deal of Military force is probably gathered around the Gate of Mists and the southern border in general.

2. Rhyslyrr, one of the five great military houses famed for Archers are there. So we have a heavily fortified locale with ranged support.

3. Vyros may have removed Hyperions from border guard, but then you realize, since Nyssor has been recovered and Vyros has been promoted, a large deal of the Retribution has been called back into Ios. So there are going to be more soldiers than Skorne is expecting.

4. One of the actual arms of the Retribution, called Scyrah's Blade, is actually charged with expanding the southern border and helping the Gate of Mists when in need. So they'll be around the area.

>Continued in the next post

>> No.23191352

Haley solo confirmed?

>> No.23191520


5. If you include League Fluff, it implies that Vyros knows that Skorne is coming and is aware of their movements.

6. If they take the Gate of Mists, any march onwards has to go through a natural maze full of mist that the elves believe may be alive.

7. Ios is pretty pro tier at divination.

8. Circle completed a ritual that is supposedly going to affect it.

So before we continue, what we are suggesting, is that Skorne is going to march through hostile territory, alerting more elves every step along the way, to assault a fortified position built with the help of the gods, whilst the arguably greatest military mind in Ios currently is expecting them and they have some overhanging dark cloud from an Oroboros ritual to deal with.

And that is all before numbers. If you consider numbers, Retribution has roughly 20,000+ soldiers, Homeguard has roughly 60,000+ soldiers. The entire population of Ios is only around 1,000,000. Meaning any significant loss of life will drastically will drastically affect the future of the race. If Skorne does manage to take the Gate of Mists, Ios has to leave. They cannot afford to attrition fight in which they are the attacker. They simply lack the manpower to launch the siege.

So basically you have the following options:
>Plot Armor, Skorne loses, Elves survive.
>Skorne Wins, Elves leave Ios, Elves survive?
>Skorne Wins, Elves don't leave, Elves are done.
>Elves win, Skorne loses again. Elves Survive.
>Elves get back up from somewhere, Elves win. Elves survive.

Guerilla war could work, but it'll have heavy casualty for the elves and they can't really afford that right now.

>> No.23191531


And then Hal3y happens.

>> No.23191586

The Skorne force could always get ambushed along the way. There are a lot of forces that could make that happen. Khador, Protectorate, Trolls, Circle, Legion could all come and stop the Skorne's march to Ios.

>> No.23191614


>> No.23191695

one thing to consider though is that skorne is currently at it's strongest since they just re-unified the houses and the last battle was before they got a chance to re-solidify the support lines. So there's a good chance that military wise they currently outgun everyone that is around to stop them.

No matter how this ends though it will likely push retribution into a greater position of power within ios and cause some outlying military groups to join them, so even if skorne wins the elves won't all die off.

>> No.23191793


Its more complicated than that. Any significant wartime casualties basically devastate the elves. Keep in mind they have the nosoulitis thing still going on and actually increasing in frequency.

>> No.23191814

Grand High Poobah Victoria Haley: Swanfucker Double-Epic Warcaster

SPD 6 STR 6 MAT 7 RAT 6 DEF 18 ARM 18 CMD 12

Hand Cannon

Fuck You Stick-P+S 18 Magic Reach

FOC 10 Damage 25 WJ points +8

Feat: Fuck Balance: Friendly Models withing Haley's control range get an additional activation. This includes Maintenance Phase. Additionally, for three turns, friendly models gain +2 SPD, STR, DEF, and ARM.

Spells: Deceleration, Chain Lightning, Blur, Deadeye, Disruption Field, Easy Rider

>> No.23191885

eHaley's not that bad.
She's no worse than eGaspy, Harbinger and the like.

>> No.23191913

I'm not denying that I'm just saying skorne needs a win and the fact that the major skorne battle for the hordes gargantuans book has every retribution and a lot of skorne fans pretty much knowing the outcome beforehand (since a victory would pretty much ruin the elves position within the setting) is pretty disheartening.

>> No.23191927

damnit meant to link to

>> No.23192113


Yeah, a crusade against Menoth might have been more interesting.

>> No.23192895


It's not that she's the worst it's the fact that she's the least fun Warcaster to
play against.

>> No.23193171

eGaspy with a billion banes is worse imo

>> No.23194994

I'm with you. Banes are one thing, but one of my turns just being my opponent being smug is unbearable.

>> No.23195005

Which faction gets the first inevitable second colossal? I figure they are too popular not to have more developed and PP probably makes a fair chunk of cash from each one sold.

In my heart, I think I would like Khador to get one the most since Conquest is so damn vanilla, but Ret probably needs one more and you could make it more varied. I'll be pissed as hell if Cygnar gets it though, after Stormwall, I think they'll be good on that front for a long time and they get everything first anyway.

>> No.23195096

Everblight's getting the first second Battle Engine.

I'm tempted to say Khador too. Cygnar seems to be sweeping with theirs, the Kraken isn't bad, I just couldn't see Menoth getting another one before Cygnar or Khador or even Cryx. Maybe Ret.

>> No.23195166

I don't think it would make sense for Menoth to get another Colossal, given their fluff. Another Battle Engine for the Protectorate would make a lot more sense. Hoping for a catapult or trebuchet that fires huge, explosive Menofixes[/spoilers]

>> No.23195207


Fuck yes, this. That would be amazing.

>> No.23195334

Khador could use a new Battle Engine, not as sure on a new Colossal. And what's the word on the second Everblight engine, if any? I mean, the Throne is certainly interesting, but I'd love to see what else I could be using for a draconic 'battle engine'.

As for a Menite battle engine, awesome as that would be, some kind of mobile siege weapon with giant flamethrowers or rocket launchers would probably make more sense. Maybe like a giant nebelwerfer.

>> No.23195393

I really want to see that all painted up now.

>> No.23195433

Trebuchet are traditionally siege weapons. Having Cleansers and Deliverers crewing it or as a part of the Battle Engine would be awesome.

>> No.23195434


>> No.23195699

Everblight's Lylyth3 (supposed to be in Gargantuans) is supposed to be a Battle Engine Warlock.

So...that should be interesting.

>> No.23195808

Taking bets it's going to be a chariot from which she can hunt with her bow.

>> No.23195826

Now I'm imagining Lylyth riding something like a small Archangel, just putting arrows in and Parasite on everything.

>> No.23195828

I hope Lylyth3 -is- the chariot.

>> No.23195884

Rotwang is back!?

>> No.23195971

It might be.
They had a pic of a sleigh they put up as a joke round Christmastime (they admitted it was in poor taste), and a lot of people complained about it, thinking it was stupid.

A chariot might be possible, if not something altogether monstrous.

>> No.23195982


Anyways Which menoth caster is getting Epic'd next book? I really want Feora3 but I don't see it happening unless they take her ability to it's final conclusion and make her literally on fire all the time.

>> No.23196001

I vote eHarby

>> No.23196028

how was it poor taste? did they show a disemboweled santa hanging from the back of it?

>> No.23196083 [DELETED] 

Rumours of Maschinenmensch's alleged boob job continue. When directly asked about it, Bridgitte Helm remained silent but many suspect her smile spoke for itself.

>> No.23196090

Just poor taste because a lot of people expected the picture to be real, whether they liked it or not.

>> No.23196092

I'd be on board for that. Though I don't see that happening either. In all likely-hood it's gonna be the testament for the next E3

>> No.23196098

Rumours of Maschinenmensch's alleged boob job continue. When directly asked about it, Bridgitte Helm remained silent but many suspect her smile spoke for itself.

>> No.23196116

Testament3? Interesting. Is he going to become Undead?

eHarby I'd love to see because its time for our Teenage Godhead, Prophet to grow up a little bit. Maybe her own character 'jack.

>> No.23196167

She already got one it's called the avatar.

as for the testament getting E3'd I don't know it just makes the most sense to me right now, unless of course they decided to give some depth to the other casters they haven't made E versions of yet (amon, Thyra, Reznik, ect.) but given that stryker and his anger horse are getting picked I don't think that's gonna be the case.

>> No.23196214

Me and my friend quit playing because Menoth is so boring to play against. Maybe we should get into Hordes armies.

>> No.23196254

I'm gonna go out on a limb an guess all exemplars all the time.

There are other ways for people to play menoth, but as I said at the beginning of this thread, you hardly ever see them because everyone overuses Errants and Exemplars.

>> No.23196314

Sometimes, but mostly those jacks with the huge aoe always on fire even on a miss.

>> No.23196366

I assume you are talking about the vanquisher which gets a 4" aoe and has continuous fire on it.

It shouldn't have been that hard to deal with, yeah it will shred infantry pretty good but it only fires once per turn, twice if they had a vassal.
my real question is what armies were you running and what caster was he using?

You really won't escape this problem by switching to hordes, they are sister games with rules that match up so you'll probably end up facing menoth again before long.

>> No.23196715


Hmm, this brings up a question, what's the least varied competitive army in the meta right now?

Khador would have been my go to answer, since a lot of their gameplan can come down to which Warjack between Conquest, Behemoth, and Spriggan am I bringing to assist my WGDS or Kayazy units? But considering the Solos and Mercs (Sylys tends to be really handy) you can have tag along, you can end up with some flavor, so I'm actually not sure.

>> No.23196727


eGaspy doesn't prevent you from actually PLAYING the game.

>> No.23196753


>Khador heavy jacks are now classed as light jacks
>Khador colossals are now classed as heavy jacks

Make it so.

>> No.23196820

Well relatively that is already true. Or Khador comes in two flavors. Heavy, and Super Heavy.

>> No.23196823


Khador is only least varied because of their community's adamant refusal to stray from the standard, and denounce anyone who tries(including people with impressive tournament results).

I would actually argue Cygnar's meta is going to be the most static in the days to come. It will be difficult for any competitive Cygnar player not to take a Stormwall. It's pretty evident in recent tournament results, with Cygnar taking top tens by storm.

>> No.23196845

>taking top tens by storm
Haha, nice.


>> No.23196859


>the most static
>taking top tens by storm

>> No.23196872

I find it hilarious the faction touted as being the bigger is better tough guys run a minimum of 'jacks to maximize their squishy light infantry.

Also, fuck competitiveness. It actively makes the game less fun for the 80% of the hobby who enjoy playing with models that look cool rather than the same three lists utilising one of the worst sculpts in the game.

>> No.23197020

Start customizing after you have an agonizer, beast handlers, a bronzeback, and probably a gladiator.

>> No.23197041

And now you're probably going to want a Willbreaker too.

>> No.23197114

Probably. Though I get the feeling it will be more of a must have for the warnouns that can't help their beasts enough right now. Like morg with his baby fury.

>> No.23197119


Yeah, it's dumb, but it works. Quite a few Khador warcasters synergize well with high def, low arm infantry and none of them support multiple jacks well, even Karchev and Harkevich. How the faction is set up right now is built towards making really good infantry even better and letting the jacks doing whatever on their own.

Doesn't help that the Heavy Infantry is also pretty underwhelming, Man-o' Wars just aren't what they are cut out to be. Iron Fang Pikemen see plenty of use though and Doom Reavers still have their place even though they are getting less common these days. After that, it's a bunch of bad units and a lot of really great solos.

It's not the worst thing in the world though, even if Khador players are starting to cry about the state of things. I just worry about all the anti-infantry stuff every other army is getting and what to do after what's standard now is a little less powerful than it used to be.

>> No.23197283

I have a hard time feeling sympy for a faction that's had so many easy buttons for so long.

>> No.23197357

Every noob is told to run choir and errants. So like me they buy them. Being cool is for faggots anyway.

>> No.23197370

Well, at least the Choir part is right. Kind of odd nobody seems to have a problem with it considering how ridiculously good it is. They could probably bump the cost up and people would still consider it an auto-include.

>> No.23197384

Shhh, don't give PP the idea to increase the cost of Choirs.

>> No.23197411

I play Cygnar, so I'm perfectly fine with an appropriate cost. Or at least a slight nerf. Because goddamn, they're pretty much worth the cost just for the bodies alone. Half a point a piece is just ridonks.

>> No.23197445

I did a fair bit of research before I bought everything. Most recommended is choir, errants and reckoner. I didn't wanna get fucked like random buying would in 40k, so i just went with it. At least the errant models are nice.
Reckoners pretty fucking ugly though.

Gif related buying whatever looks cool in 40k.

>> No.23197655

So, when does Cyriss come out anyway?

And does anyone know a good Bridgette Helm look alike mini?

>> No.23197662


Lock and Load, I think. So June?

>> No.23197803


Last weekend or week of May iirc.

>> No.23197982


>> No.23198145

Exemplar errants?
The bog standard-in-every-army-list-must-te-unit?
12 guys including standard and boss?

fuck off.

These aren't cool. They are effective, really useful good all round troops, so it's no surprise they are in just about every protectorate list.
But they aren't kewl.

Vengers are kewl.

>> No.23198161

>zealots best unit
Silly, that isn't how you say "temple flameguard"

>> No.23198166

Being killable doesn't make them less useful.

>> No.23198181

Oooohhhhh, that's stinger !
So Retribution of scyrah is so bad that players are selling out.

>> No.23198196

Phone's can be like that, they don't recognize which games use which units.

>> No.23198229

Doesn't everyone use bargain bin confrontation long gunners?

>> No.23198234


It's like Skorne and Beast Handlers. They're cheap in points AND in cash. PP could bring both of their prices up, and people would STILL consider them necessary.

Hell, Skorne are build around the use of Beast Handlers, because we don't have a dedicated "beast caster".

>> No.23198290

Me? I don't much care for Errants. Not fast enough, too easily killed to screen properly, and while pretty killy, other stuff is just as killy.

I prefer Zealots to screen stuff, honestly.

I've had good luck with...

-Crusader x3
-Forgeguard with Attendant Priest

With Crusaders call the stuff gets there damn fast, and Guided charging zealots will hit damn near anything. Forgeguard and the Attendant Priest + Crusaders are the second wave. Nicea and the Vengers are the first wave up there usually on turn 2, zealots hit turn 3, everything else hits turn 4. Harby herself plays fairly forward, with the kill-vector for most casters being her charging you and then throwing a double boosted point blank Cataclysm.

>> No.23198320

Beast Handlers did take a pretty solid nerf from MkI to MkII, though.

>> No.23198348


To be fair, they were just fucking BROKEN in MkI. They're still fantastic now, but now I don't feel guilty about using them.

>> No.23198419

Too bad about the Acestral Guardians, though. One of the coolest and most integral Skorne models turned to shit.

>> No.23198456


I still break out the eMakeda/Ancestral Guardians/Immortals combo every so often, just to put the fear of (a lack of) god into people when some of the slowest models in the game start moving way quicker than they were prepared for.

>> No.23199012

So, Mage Hunter Infiltrators, what are we expecting?

I'm thinking something along the lines of SPD 7, MAT 6, DEF 14, ARM 11, P+S 9. Stealth, Arcane Assassin, Advance Deploy. 5/8.

>> No.23199017


If they don't have Ambush, I'll eat my own shoes.

>> No.23200240

I am fairly new to this setting and have been conscripted to DM one of these games, I just have a small question, When a warjack lives long enough and develops some quirks, is it possible to have it develop an AI this way, or would it need a newer model Cortex to go about this way?

>> No.23200280

Jacks aren't fully self aware. Even the newest and most advanced cortexes aren't that advanced. However, if a jack is in service long enough, it will take on certain quirks and get more efficient at certain tasks which it performs regularly, and may even gain something resembling a personality. They are capable of learning, but its very slow and the capacity is very small. You'll never see a properly self aware jack.

>> No.23200324


As in, a true AI?

This is actually really difficult to say, since what passes for computing in the Iron Kingdoms is based on magic, not ones and zeroes. I think by their inherent design, though, they're meant to accept orders and be commanded, and I don't think cortices have ways to actively modify their design or "programming."

So while a cortex might get smarter and better, I honestly don't think SHODAN is ever going to arise from your Forager.

>> No.23200411

thats about the summery of it. 4 people have ret armies all 4 are trying to sell them.
This guy gets it.
Though to be fair zealots are a good unit.
great now I'm going to think of SHODAN as cyriss until the end of time.

>> No.23200445

>Cyriss discovered by studying the stars
>SHODAN was in space

>> No.23200464

Get a good deal and upset the meta.

>> No.23200476


>> No.23200561

shame I don't like their aesthetic.
If their 'jacks didn't look like dumb escaflowne gundams I might be more on board with them.

also I'm just starting to build a small gator army on the side

>> No.23200631

actually this response just got me thinking what is everyone's current meta at their FLGS or where ever you play?

mine right now is:
5 menoth players
1 main cryx player
3 khador players
1 ret player (but he's again trying to sell his stuff)
2 mercs players
1 troll player
1 circle player
3 everblight players (two just restarted though)
0 skorne players
0 cygnar players
4 gator players
1 pig player

I could go further because multiple armies but this is mainly what they play.

>> No.23200706


I'm hoping for a literal angel of menoth.

A plate clad, great sword wielding winged knight of the faith, called from the war in Urcaen to do battle amongst the faithfull and the faithless.

Just so I can have Dartan Vilmon stand at the head of the army with his friend behind him.

>> No.23201177

Pretty sure that ain't gonna happen. But another thing I can see happening is getting a literal ghost unit, especially if testament is next on the block to get E3'd.

fuckin' ghost army of the faithful.

>> No.23201220


Would be nice but would be more like a Warbeast than a Warjack. I don't think they really want the factions to cross over like that.

>> No.23201273

Amongst my group we have:

2 Mercenaries(myself being one)
3 Kahdor
1 Cryx
2 Legion
1 Trollbloods
1 Gatormen
2 Cygnar
1 Farrow
1 Retribution

Now some of those are repeats since a few players have several armies(for example, one of the Khador armies and our Trollbloods army are the same guy). I'm hoping Cyriss has a caster I like the look of, if they do I might jump in with them.

>> No.23201663

no menoth?

color me surprised.

>> No.23202243

how funny would it be to play the shadow of the colossus fight music during the turn it gets into close combat with some troops?

More specifically this song

>> No.23205245


>> No.23205884

>Buy what looks cool in 40K
Man I love Tyranids.

>> No.23207436

We've got a smallish group here, but:
1 Circle & Cygnar
1 Cryx & Legion
1 Khador
1 Menoth
1 Retribution

Most of us started around the same time, so we tried to each start different factions.

>> No.23207469

You know you don't need Errants and Reckoners to win with Menoth, right?
Sure, they're good units, but the game's still balanced enough that you can pick just about anything out of the book and win with them. Assuming you pick models that actually work together somewhat, that is.

>> No.23207497

This guy is correct.

A lot of crutch units are just talked about a lot here.

>> No.23207563

Ret's that bad huh?

>> No.23207581

Oh wait, we do have one...sort of. I've only ever seen him play maybe one game. Our main Menoth player ended up moving, though.

>> No.23207621

Ret are fantastic, out of all my regular opponents, Ret probably gives me the most trouble, with Cryx a close second.

>> No.23207670

It really is the player that makes the game.

>> No.23207695

Yeah, I agree. My point was that Ret aren't that bad though.

>> No.23207770

I was more adding to your comment than refuting it.

I should have replied to the person you replied to. But I didn't.

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>> No.23207958


Ret just doesn't inspire the same sort of faction loyalty that the previous Warmachine factions do. No to mention all the bandwagoners who hopped on Ret are of course now just going to hop on Cyriss.

>> No.23208088

>doesn't inspire the same sort of faction loyalty
Really? After reading the codices I found that Ret had the one of the clearest and most solid motivations out of any of the factions. I even normally hate elves, but Ret are cool elves.
I get the bandwagoning though; at least Warmahordes is cheap enough for people to bandwagon.

>> No.23208149

Taliban elves are best elves.

>> No.23208263


>clearest and most solid motivations
>their entire reason to go to war is based off of speculation

At least the other nations are fighting for things that are real like land, religion, money, or even just survival, Retribution is just GUESSING. Retribution's goals are completely fueled by fear and corrupt politicians.

>> No.23208352

I think it's more that the faction loyalty isn't as quickly gained as with the other factions. The other armies have plenty of warcasters, unit choices, jacks, etc. Scyrah doesn't have as many things for people to get attatched to. Also, it's aesthetic is pretty different compared to the other Warmachines factions

>> No.23208390

Got back from a game. During, there came up an issue with charging. According to my opponent, you could choose to charge a friendly model but choose not to make the attack. I looked up the charge rule and it says that a model that has successfully charged "must use its action to make a combat action" which must be in the form of initial melee attacks or a special melee attack. The way I see it there's two ways to read this:

1) The model MUST use its action and MUST use said action to make an attack.
2) IF the model uses its action, it must use said action to make an attack.

So, which is it?

>> No.23208560


Well there are goals outside of speculation, such as the recovery of Nyssor for example. Ultimately the Retribution's goal is the same as Ios or Goreshade's: the salvation of a dying race.


Ret isn't bad at all.

>> No.23208591

That adds to it; they're truly fanatics.
The other factions seem muted in comparison. Cygnar and Khador are basically RED and BLU playing Attack/Defend, for instance.

>> No.23208634

Both? Wording is weird. Anyway, you have to roll an attack after a charge, you can't charge and not attack, that's called running, which you can do.

Charges have to be against the designated charge target too. No charging the jack, but using the attack against something next to it.

>> No.23208697

>Got back from a game. During, there came up an issue with charging. According to my opponent, you could choose to charge a friendly model but choose not to make the attack. I looked up the charge rule and it says that a model that has successfully charged "must use its action to make a combat action" which must be in the form of initial melee attacks or a special melee attack. The way I see it there's two ways to read this:

It's Charge Attack, you have to attack after the charge.

>> No.23208704

why didn't he just run?

>> No.23208710

You can charge a friendly model, but if you get into melee range with it you MUST roll to attack it.
You only have to attack once though, so if you have more than one initial attack you can use the others to smack other models around, or you can choose to not use them at all.

The main reason you charge friendly models is that you can't cast spells or use a feat before running. You can however cast spells and feat then charge, even if the charge is unsuccessful (though you can't use spells or feat after moving a failed charge)

>> No.23208743

You can charge a friendly model successfully, cast a bunch of spells and/or feat, and then swing.
One nifty trick with certain casters is:

1.Charge friendly model successfully.
2.Feat or cast spells
3.Cast a spell that lets you place the Warcaster or the model you charged out of melee range
4.You are no-longer in melee range, so you don't have to attack your friend.

>> No.23208763

It wasn't his move. It's something he suggested I should have done. It wouldn't have worked anyway, considering the next paragraph says the attack after the charge movement must be against the charge target.

>> No.23209202


Yeah eCaine can do that stuff. And then it gets fun.

>> No.23211571

Caine kirby

>> No.23211581

Fuck, Stryker Kirby

>> No.23211850



>> No.23211880

Anyone have NQ 46? I need to the stats on the gigantic 16 EP buffalo thing.

>> No.23212025


>> No.23212089

>> No.23212104


38611 = Byhalia, Mississippi

>> No.23212357

>> No.23212462

Oh, nah that was an order number.

>> No.23212495


Ah, what job?

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