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Does anyone else find themselves not being able to actually like space marines? No matter what I do, I end up finding myself feeling like they are kind of overdone and cheesy, especially when I try to think out what kind of list I would make if I had to make an army out of them.

I always end up going back building ideas for what I would do with the Imperial Guard, my hands down favorite faction.

Maybe its my aversion to paladin archetypes. I always prefer the normal guy fighting for what he is worth, and possibly dying, to the holier than though indestructible warrior.

So, IG pics, will dump a few. Its a flashlight.

I keep wanting to make a hammer and anvil-esque army to start building, focusing on a command squad and two vets in chimeras meant to camp points with flamers, with air support and tanks or artillery to pound things to dust while my troops defend the point / cower and cry for their mothers. Problem I keep running into is making it small enough to be a good starter list that wont cost too much (At least by this games standards) and that uses units I like. I made one 1850 I like, but its rather to big and expensive for me to start at, so not sure how to go lower.

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>Does anyone else find themselves not being able to actually like space marines?

Nope. The only thing that ever gets me about:

>overdone and cheesy, especially when I try to think out what kind of list I would make if I had to make an army out of them.

is the use of named special characters in army lists. Dat shit drives me bonkers.

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IG pic dump inbound. Secure for orbital entry.

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That's pretty cool.

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Getting a LR Demolisher in the mail soonish, and then I try my hand at painting, option one, is I fail, or hate painting, and then relegate it to a book-case ornament, or I find it find, and start buying more. Then I have to finalize a list, but at least I can still change stuff until I actually have the models.

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Oh wait I have medicae stuff too.

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Am I all alone?

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That kind of reminds me of Oglaf's style. Didn't the creator used to visit here back in the day?

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No, but my folders are so wholly disorganized taking me a while to find shit

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It's nothing like it.
Also, Oglaf isn't funny.

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I have no clue

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Doesnt remind me at all of Oglaf, thought I do find the stuff funny most of the time

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Fuck yeah, helmet liners. One of the best articles of cold weather headgear ever made.

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And that is the last of what I have.

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Piss off, Munitorum goon.

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looks like a somewhat edited START triage system. far to sensible for the imperium to be using tbh.

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Picking up the slack.

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What is this? Huh? What is this, a ballgame?

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A classic.

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Aaand I'm out. Next!

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All this stuff just makes 40k feel so much more real.

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>IG regiment "Feral Dogs"

holy shit, lumberjacks and newfies!

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Going through Army combat medic school, I can tell y'all that those medical things are all accurate, little dated in some cases but still accurate. And I'll be getting that caduceus as a tattoo on my upper arm when I finish this place.

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>Liking any race but the Tau, or the Orkz if you're a #TOPLAD

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liking the tau

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No seriously, stop trying to start in perfectly fine IG thread.

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I guess I will bump for a lil bit with my warhammer 40k folder.

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Is Gothic really just bastardized Latin?

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yep, it always has been too.

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the rest are somewhat humorous.

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>mfw imperial guards

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anyone else in here, or am I just wasting my time?

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Ah well, since no one else is posting I'll just let the thread die.

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Dear God, how would you stat that thing?

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God I remember that thread

This guy was creed levels of tactical genius

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I am not sure.

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ah well, one more I guess.

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What? tell the story of Creed Jr.!

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Deff Dread.
4 CCW.

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Nope. I love all 40k's factions. They're all special in their own way.

Except the space yiffs

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>space yiffs

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Damn it, all I have is Eldar, Chaos, Smut, or all of the above but I'll contribute what I can.

Ave Imperium!

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Not the guy you linked, but i reverse-searched the image and got a quick summary.

>White scars vs tau
>White scars army kind of cheesy, he holds the whole army in reserve instead of deploying
>Tau guy also cheesy, playing with tons of kroot
>tau infiltrates right to the white scar side of board
>WS cant deploy

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Huh...I really do have little to no Imperial Guard pics...ABORT ABORT

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>not knowing space yiff is a derogatory name for space wolves
Shirley you can't be serious

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This is technically Imperial Guard, right? I mean, it's got a commissar...and stuff...

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You are small time.

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I know exactly how you feel about Marines OP, it's why my first army was Guard and not Speshul Snowflake Marine Chapter 75.

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While they use bastardized Latin to represent High Gothic, and English for Low Gothic, they're actually nothing like the languages they represent

High Gothic:
>It derives from the common tongue of the time, an assimilation of English, European and Pacific languages which developed over many centuries in the American/Pacific region.

Low Gothic:
>Low Gothic is a bastardised version of High Gothic, combining additional elements from several of the oriental languages of ancient Earth. Over the millennia it has changed greatly, and now bears almost no resemblance to the tongues from which it derived

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Dat tacticool MagLite ...

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>overdone and cheesy
To me, that's their big appeal. But then again I don't take the setting all that seriously, not /tg/ levels of silly though, that's almost as awful as super srs 40k.

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