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this is how I bard

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Funny, I do something similar.

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this is how I color spray

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this is how I That Guy necromancer

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this is how I mess with our rogue

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This is how I Barbarian.

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This is how cross-class into artificer as a gunslinger.

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this is how I monk

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this is how I druid

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This is how I Deathwatch

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This is how I guardsman

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do you have the one where the standing guy gets shot down 2 seconds later?

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This is how I Rogue

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This is how I Rogue Trader


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...That hurt me to watch.

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What, not like this?

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tbh i have never once done a sexual act in a pnp

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This is how I Khorne.

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Why aren't you dead yet?

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This is how I Warforged

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no, I've been looking for the 5 image on, saw it on /k/ but was on my phone and didn't save it

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This is how I Runner. Any Runner.

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This is how I magic missile.

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that better of been a training dig or a fake skull or something

also pic related, It's how I party driver

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I am too awesome for death.

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Is that real? It better not be.

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I love that crazy bastard.

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This is how I Noble Wild Sorcerer.

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This is how I Lawful Evil.

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I have a strong feeling that was a joke scene, but I raged a little inside anyway.

Just in case.

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This is how I necromancer

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This is how I Sorcerer, Psion, and Wizard, respectively.

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This is how I cleric

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at least read the thread.

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This is how I early edition ranger.

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This is how I Mad Tyrant.

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Now that's how you play a villain.

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This is how I WOD.


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This is how I end up doing nWoD

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I believe that's from Arrested Development

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This is how I courtier.

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Oh polpot you so crazy

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this is how i techpriest

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This is probably going to result in a derailed thread, and over 200 posts on the subject, but out of sheer curiosity, why not?

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never felt the need. My characters are not as sexual as I am. I get all my sexual frustration taken care of outside the game, and don't bring my fetishes into it. If I ever end up playing a barbarian I might do some raping and pillaging, but so far no, sex isn't needed.

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Doing it wrong

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This is how I Druid.

But which?

All of them.

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b-but you're the bard, it's your job

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>owl party
There's always the greedy THAT OWL that has to eat the entire rodent.

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This is how I Hunter: The Vigil

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Why is it needed.

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This is how I Bard

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Cliché and tropes, nothing more.

Personally, I wouldn't say that sex in a game is needed. However, as long as the players treat it in a mature manner, and don't go any more in depth than a simple fade to black, then there's nothing strange or off-putting about it.

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This is how I do

>> No.23165926

No kidding. That was one of the points where I realized OOTS was one of the better webcomics out there. Focused on story rather than art style.

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This is how I shadowrun

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this is how I monk

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This is how I Hunter.

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fffff, is that that one company that made that walking dog thing?

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How I Wizard. When asked to do anything.

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Gonna be that guy...
what on earth is happening in OP's pic?
>an explosion lel
I know, but can someone give me a story or a link to a longer vid?

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Well played OP, I laughed.

>> No.23166142

Probably a suicide bomber or other form of terrorism at a peaceful protest.

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>This is how I magic missile.
But thats a laser guided bomb...

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Nono, see the rings? Magic.

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this is how i necromancer

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I need to finish watching that. I have 4 seasons downloaded and I'm only halfway through S2

>> No.23166338


I'm torn on watching that series. On one hand, I feel like I'd love the setting. On the other, I hate Rie tsunderes, and Louise seems like the most abusive of all of them.

>> No.23166551

a magic laser guided bomb

>> No.23166632

if you start to hate S3, just skip it. it isn't worth it
S4 is really enjoyable, though

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Strictly speaking, the term "missile" can refer to any stable, cast projectile (such as arrows and spears, for example). So, strictly speaking, since it appears she's about to fling it at someone via magic, it is indeed a magic missile.

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It is.


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that is the ONLY way to monk.

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Tarquin is the best villain I've seen in a while.

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This is how I Sneak Attack

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This is how I Warforged Paladin.

>Maintain the public trust.
>Protect the innocent.
>Uphold the law.

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This is how I decker.

>"Guys. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping to pay for this truly awe-inspiring rig. Also, I'm in the system."

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This is how I unstoppable rage.

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I don't care how popular Arrested Development is with the tumblr crowd. It never fails to make me laugh out loud.

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yo wut's dat from

>> No.23172660


Greece, I think.

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This is how I Intimidate.

>> No.23172695

Judging by the swarthy complexion of the people, those Greek riots

>> No.23172723

that made my day

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This is how I failed Disguise check.

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What is this from?

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this is how I hypnotist

>> No.23173330

I thought on lettuce

>> No.23173402


>implying I'm not going to post even though I didn't get carrot

>> No.23173464

My brain is too slow so I just said fruit

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This is how I Necron.

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i dont know why i thought bacon, but i did

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This is how I Bard

>> No.23173596

also potato
No anon, you are the potato

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This is how I Only War

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This is how I Chaos mutation.

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This is how I Slaaneshi Cultist

>> No.23173738


Spider Man has some interesting intimidate checks.

>> No.23173814

This i show I Arbitor

>> No.23173876

This is how I plagiarism.

>> No.23173882

This is how I make an entrance.

>> No.23173934

get on my level Bowie

>> No.23173964

This is how I Swim check.

>> No.23173976

This is how I medic.
>Yeah you're pretty fucked. This strike right here instant death.


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Wait. What happened next?

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This is how I Limit Break

>> No.23174007

This is how I soldier.

>> No.23174015

This is how I Rogue Trader

>> No.23174016

Too subtle for you.

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And then my brain went Smashmouth.

>> No.23174041

This is how I vampire.

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Wow, that's really blatant

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I have no idea.

>> No.23174105

Do yourself a favor and stop after the second.

She's okay for the first two seasons. Third seasons a crap shoot and 4th is meh.

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This is how I Shadowrun.


>> No.23174133

That's the only way to Shadow run

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It's a Harlem Shake video. It's all the rage on the interwebs.


>> No.23174181

Oh this Harlem shake business. I heard about the general idea and never bothered past that. The soldier .gif looked hilarious but I suppose all good things have shadows.

>> No.23174229

He will never do better than this strip.

>> No.23174279

This is how I AoO.

>> No.23174452

This is how I Lawful Evil.

>> No.23174492

This is how I monk.

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>> No.23174564

This is how I CoC

>> No.23174574

This is how I bard.


>> No.23174581

Ah yes, IP Man. I got that movie for Christmas last year.

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This is how I Monk/Rogue/Fighter/Bard/Main Man/Afro/Gunslinger

>> No.23174770

This is how I bard.

>> No.23174778

Owls always eat the entire animal. They don't hunt anything larger than they can easily swallow.

>> No.23174832

This is how I Chaotic Evil.

>> No.23174856

girls, you're both pretty.

>> No.23174962

I know expecting people to show decency in 4chan is like pissing in the wind, but 14 people died in that explosion.

>> No.23174976

fair point but not laughing isn't going to bring them back.

>> No.23174981

I'm listening to All Star because of >>23173934, and it totally fits with the .gif

>> No.23174983

Oh fuck off.

>> No.23175037

Then we're going to need bigger bombs with those spetillion Tyranids out there.

>> No.23175056


This is how I bard

>> No.23175171

this is how I nat 20

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Full brainmelt, so i said vegetable. Then i corrected it to broccoli. Then i changed my mind to carrot.

>> No.23175392

This is how i final showdown
ALso thank smashmouth reminding me of myster men

>> No.23175596

This is how I Lawful Neutral

>> No.23175811

What the hell
fucking sorcery i said carrot

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