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Hello fellow drawfriends!
What kind of music do you listen to while you draw?

Otherwise: how about a drawthread!
(By requesting you actively support procrastination, thank you.)

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Pretty much anything I like.
Can't draw right now, BUT
There are some recordings, there is music most of the time.

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I listen to "Hot Chip" "Flume" and "Deftones" while drawing. I usually design tattoos and do album covers, but I like to do speed doodles for /tg/ like this crap.

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Anyways, any chance I could nab a request? If so:

I would like a woman wearing a black suit and a red blouse. She has long, dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She is wearing sunglasses. She is also a vampire, but if you don't wanna make that obvious, it's up to you.

>Pic related it's another awesome drawfriend's interpretation.

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Joshua Graham as an Inquisitor.

>> No.23162088

And here's a better picture of what he's wearing. Though that's kind of irrelevant since the idea is he's gone Full 40k, but it might help inspire you?

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Did a whole bunch about newly recruited renegade pilots and their first days on the job

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Oh, you requested that before, didn't you? I already wanted to give it a try then, but was busy drawing something else before I forgot about it. I'll give it a go, something more SMEXY MAYBE, BAYBE? Don't expect too much though, I'm not so good with serious stuff.

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>I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any other.

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I have that picture.

Some other highlights:

"A slap across my face I can forgive, but an insult to the Lord requires... No, demands correction."

"I am the right hand of the Lord, and the instrument of his vengeance."

"I have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame."

"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.
Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem;
who said, Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation.
O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed;
happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us
Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."

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Heres a 120 second speed sketch. What are you thinking for him? I mean an inquisitor can wear almost anything

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Point, point.

I was basically picturing a scary, bandage-swathed, possibly bionic heavily burned inquisitor with some sort of flamer.

It seemed appropriate. He just seems like he'd fit in really well in the 40k setting.

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I'm a writefag, and I'd really appreciate this.

A Cadian commisar (I'd like the uniform to be wholly black, and the regiment number to be 666.), with round facial features and a beard resembling Chuck Norrises. His hair is short, very short. Also, he's muscly, but not too bulky.

Bonus: Maiden world background.

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Mr. Drawfriend, would you be able to draw something a bit complicated?

It'd be an Aarakocra (parrot variant) pirate captain (with a typical captain's hat and clothing) and a Tingle-ish Halfling on his shoulder brofisting a Dwarf that looks oddly like Dimebag Darrell in light leather armor. On top of their fists is a pill bug with a wizard hat.

I have reference pictures for all of them

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Can I get a Heretek holding a grenade launcher getting thrown into a battlefield by a Night Lord?

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I can't draw for shit but when I write I like to listen to the World of Warcraft soundtrack, or my Celtic radio on Pandora.

And I humbly request a picture of this skeletal gentleman shooting a demonic creature of some sort with a Mauser C96. Or a shotgun. Drawfag's preference really.

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Yo, anyone alive?

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Can I get a wolf humanoid, like the one in this picture, but looking less evil, with sunglasses, wearing a suit and black footwear without visible socks. He is showing to the viewer a golden cop badge that he just took out of his coat pocket.

Floating on his side there is a chibi little girl (who is a spirit). She is wearing a red cloak/hood and is carrying a basket.

I think this is it, unless I forgot something (and I'm pretty sure I did). The reference pictures are here.

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A Warhammer 40k Chav ganger Scum with an uncanny resemblance to a young Inigo Montoya, if Inigo Montoya was an underhive ganger with poor taste in tatoos and less facial hair.

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I hope being prepared to thrown into battle is good enough for you.

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Here ya go! That took awfully long. But I quite like how it turned out, hope you do too.

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Whoa, this is awesome. Do you mind to draw my request?

>> No.23164340

Oh wow that's awesome.

Could you do your version of Inquisitor Graham?

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Just post it. It's getting quite late here already, so I might have to do it another time, but someone else might try it. Apart from that the quality of my drawings isn't very consistent, just so you're warned.

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Hey OP, can I get a sniper pair for a zombie apocalypse scenario?

>> No.23164398

This one

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Currently listening to Metallica, but my range of likes goes all the way to my endless love for Chopin

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Oh, can I see a sketch of it before it's done?

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Tada! How is it?

>> No.23164785

I'm digging it! I can always use more Inquisitor Graham.

Favorite part of that DLC, probably my favorite New Vegas character along with Dean Domino and Cass.

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Requesting Tzeentch, the God Emperor, the Void Dragon, and Eldrad gathered round for their friday-night bridge (or poker) game.

>> No.23164901

Thank you!

>> No.23164918

Metal when it's badass stuff
Industrial when it's girls.

>> No.23164935

You're welcome.
I am currently working on >>23164795, i will need to draw Tzeentch in his bird form, as we all know the real one is just a terrifying mass of limbs, mouths and eyes

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If it's bridge, who do you imagine the pairs being?

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Oh fuck.
I was already on the decision of making it poker, since i have absolutely no idea how to play bridge.
Hope you don't mind.

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Prince [the singer] dressed in a purple-and-gold Vault Jumpsuit from Vault 69.

The reference picture doesn't show it, but generally the vault number is on the back.

>> No.23165079

Sketchy sketch is sketchy. Hope you can recognize anything, but that's how I work.

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oops forgot the sunglasses, I'll add them. Anything else I missed?

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Guy who is doing this, when done, please do this.

>> No.23165130

Not that I can remember, and it's pretty cool. The girl doesn't need to be so small, though.

>> No.23165396

That's totally fine. I was having trouble deciding on pairings myself.

I don't know how to play bridge either, I just know what it looks like. Poker is perfectly alright, though.

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He's an Exalt, Dragonblood, Fire-aspect. For those who know Exalted.

He dresses in a chef's attire, without the goofy hat. If colours matter, he has reddish-brown hair. Eyes can be whatever colour. For weapons, he uses a Reaver Daiklaive (think giant meat cleaver) or knives, skewers, meat tenderizers, pots and pans, and other cooking tools. In addition, he has as his constant companion a small Corgi named Tater, who is capable of human speech.

Together, they travel the world, spreading the word of the Way of the Chef throughout Creation!

I'm posting an image I found for an example, but feel free to ignore it entirely! Pictures of him cooking encouraged!

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>> No.23165645

Cool... Are you going to color it?

>> No.23165647

...Kotomine what are you doing

Why aren't you making a curry, Kotomine

>> No.23165658

Ok, your turn. Ref pics appreciated.

>> No.23165683

K, wait a moment.

>> No.23165835

Is he brown or grey? The wolf I mean.

>> No.23165852

Grey or dark grey.

>> No.23165969

Here's the Aarakocra as drawn by another drawfag.

>> No.23166028

Here is the pill bug, wizard hat, Dimebag Darrel, and Tingle

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>> No.23166252

On it.

>> No.23166306

Cool! Thanks anom.

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>I would like a woman wearing a black suit and a red blouse. She has long, dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She is wearing sunglasses. She is also a vampire, but if you don't wanna make that obvious, it's up to you.

Man, you ask this every single thread, it's getting kind of creepy now.

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Oh god, I'm sorry, I'm too tired. I'll try again another time, for now, please bear with this.

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Dude, that's fine. I like it.


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My playlist is hyper spastic. I range from music that fits /v/, /tg/, and /co/ respectively, music for me matters on the material I'm drawing. Which can be a bad and good thing considering if I'm listening to one song, and then the next one is a completely different emotion provoking song, I'll lose sight of my current drawing and try to make a new one more focused on the current song.

Currently I'm listening to Cake, Mahna Mahna to be exact.

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Can someone try their hand at this?

A female guardsman smiper with Tactical goggles, short, blonde, wacky styled, shoulder length hair, a longlas, and ear piercings. Full artistic license with the Ghilly suit! She's quite eccentric, almost steampunky

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Hey, dude, original requester. THat's fucking awesome beyond words. Just... Holy shit wow. Thanks man.

>> No.23169513

It's actually an in-character thing. She's collected a fuckload of portraits due to her vanity, and I like to get immersive and shit.

>> No.23169585

When are you going to update man?

>> No.23169608

So she has a room filled of portraits of herself?

Yeah that's pretty fucking creepy, I guess.

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any dnd/fantasy/scifi standard requests?

>> No.23169646

Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchel, or Death Cab for Cutie.

>> No.23169652

Vampire, man. Creepy comes with the territory.

>> No.23169723

Will you draw me a female Svirfneblin (Deep gnome) cleric who looks like this? This is a really old picture I did of her. But you get the idea.

I will love you forever.

>> No.23169800

not a drawfag, but do you guys like swans? i cant stand them normally, but when im doing something else, like homework, theyre great.

>> No.23170373

I was wondering if I could get some cute little robots like the one in the picture? Though not a doc-bot.

It's for a musician, the little robots are cicrular and float around. They've got a clear-shell, and a bunch of lights on the inside, and flash different colors and neat stuff like that.

>> No.23170495 [DELETED] 

Could I get Oddball (and the rest of his tank crew) from Kelly's heroes sitting on top of an Urbie?

pic related. Urbie

>> No.23170503

on it
keep an eye out for the threads if this one 404

>> No.23170547 [DELETED] 


Oddball is the one with the tank-cap and the beard.

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>> No.23170642

When I get back from Indiecade East this weekend. In the meantime. I made this.


>> No.23171234


Link broke, try here.


>> No.23172945

A plague marine giving Isha a valentines card.

with quote "Happy valentines day mom."

>> No.23175653

1'10" grippli binder.

Visible equipment:
Mithral scale mail,
Adamantine Morningstar

Something for scale.

Looking for something adorable showing.

>> No.23176550

I can't draw women to save my life, i hope you're okay with this

>> No.23176570

Can I get a king riding a bike, having the time of his life as the queen watches in annoyance facepalming?

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there's a sever lack of drawfriends during the past few months aroudn here ;_;

>> No.23180433

there's a severe lack of drawfriends during the past few months aroudn here ;_;

>> No.23180479

I usually draw whatever movie starts playing in my head when I listen to a song. Most of it is dubstep though, which translates to a very sketchy drawing style.
Pic related, art of my regular characters

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>> No.23180780

Carlos McConnel posing heroically with felinids catgirls clinging to his legs.

>> No.23181222

Brilliant! Thank you very much!

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>> No.23186324

bump 2

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>> No.23189137

Could anyone draw this guy in a standing position, with a rebreather on, and with wires sticking out in places, like his sleeves and pant legs, with the same blank expression?

>> No.23189366

not him.

>> No.23190320

Where is everyone?

>> No.23190823

Not sure but have a bump.

Can I make a request?

>> No.23190874

Well Im here so I guess I will bump my request at >>23180780

>> No.23190912

Why does EVERY!!! FUCKING!!! EXALTED GAME!!! have a lolz-randumb exalted chef who uses a death spatula or giant meat cleaver or giant spoon or whatever?

>> No.23190993

I dont know what Isha looks like.

Sure man. I take from 30 min to an hour to sketch these, but I don't full monitor these threads, I have other work to go back to, so I wont have it up terribly soon.

>> No.23191474

Superman in an Imperium-styled outfit leading a gaggle of Batman-themed space marines.

>> No.23191521


This is the best thing.

>> No.23191523

Thanks! I'd be interested in seeing my Adeptus Evangelion character in your art style, if it sounds worth drawing. She's a 14 year old Canadian Prodigy (aka: regular kid) AT tactician and pretty much the team optimist.

Short with green eyes, light freckles and pale blonde hair, she tends to smile a lot. Raised by foster parents in (relatively stable) post-Impact Canada, she’s about average height for her age group (proper nutrition) with a somewhat light build. Hair's is light blonde, mostly straight and up to lower neck length, can be bit messy and is usually held back by a hairband. She has a small nose, slightly angular facial features, and a scattering of freckles which becomes more noticeable when she smiles. Tends to dress in white/blue/cheerful colours, if that's relevant.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.23191573

Can I get a picture of my Only War character and her comrade? Here's a picture of her - I picture him as a young, beardless Rudy Reyes type, both of them still pretty fresh on the battlefield.

They're the heavy weapons team of the squad, using an autocannon, but I'd prefer something more... personal. Her hacking over her first lho stick, him scribbling away in his journal... just one of those downtime moments.

>> No.23191685

If there are any drawfriends still here, I'd like to request a typical blond elven archer lady, dressed in sensible(non-slutty) leaf armor.

>> No.23191718

Depends on what I'm drawing.
I bought "Music for Gustavus Adolphus and Queen Christina (1611-54)" which is fucking awesome.

>> No.23191722

Another drawfriend's take on her if you want a reference image?


Polite sage to avoid wasting a post.

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>> No.23192754

Any drawfags still around?

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>> No.23193570

I would like to request a white trash samurai. A katana in one hand(maybe resting on his shoulder) with a can of PBR in the other hand with one foot up on a very scared looking pig(in a he's going to kill and eat it way, not a he's going to have sex with it way). Makeshift armor(if any), some over-alls and a straw hat to tie it all together. Maybe have him smiling with a few teeth missing?

>> No.23194119

OMG thank you

>> No.23194339 [DELETED] 

Is there anywhere I can get something painted well? I want pic-related painted (I have no skill with painting, not a fan of wargaming) for my DND character.

failing that, easy ways for a noob to paint something without it looking like crud?

>> No.23194362 [DELETED] 

well, ah, sorry

that was meant to be a new thread

and i did not make a pw for deletion....

well then

>> No.23194395

Dude, theres heaps of tutes on Youtube. Really, there is like a universal way to paint these things. Just follow the basic steps.

Also, maybe at your FLGS you could commission someone.

>> No.23195401


>> No.23195431

Any update on this?

>> No.23195894


>> No.23196478


>> No.23196649 [DELETED] 

Thanks. The take on her plugsuit colouring's certainly...interesting, but it's a neat sketch! Thanks for taking the time and effort to sketch it.

thread bump

>> No.23196887

not artist, but just wanted to point out. we get lots of people like you and then people wonder why we have minimal drawfags.
>The take on her plugsuit colouring's certainly...interesting
your request had a lot of words. its a drawthread. hes probs only interested in the visual side of things. you only told him: 14 years old human, green eyes, light freckles, pale blonde hair, smiles, neck length hair (but tied up), small nose, angular features

thats all the head stuff. and height.

dresses in blue/cheerful colors. thats it for the suit.

what are cheerful colors? (some people think the color red is disgusting, others love it. very subjective.)

you should've given more detail to the suit. since its 90% of the image.


id like to request something carefree. just like a nice image, like a fairy on a mushroom. or a dwarf smoking a pipe on a oak stump. something fantasy/nice.
drawfags with plenty of reign on this one.

>> No.23196994

I did appreciate that they took the time to do my request and didn't mean to be offputting. You have a point about the wording. Polite sage.

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>> No.23197929

again again

>> No.23198969

Any more drawfags want to try some?

>> No.23199443


>> No.23199878


>bikini plugsuit
that's pretty hot

>> No.23199924

please be gentle

>> No.23199947

I couldn't get in good, forgive me.
Will take more shitty requests

>> No.23199975

Yo, so, could I have a picture of my AdEva character?

Dude's a prodigy, so I was thinking red hoodie, jeans, baseball cap. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, big grin.

Think Kid-With-Knife from Phonogram as a general reference.

>> No.23201501


>> No.23203549


>> No.23205381


>> No.23206702

It'll be done tomorrow.

>> No.23206865

Please respond

>> No.23208414 [DELETED] 

keep the threda bumping please

>> No.23208434

keep the thread bumped, please

>> No.23208752

I would like someone to draw a blue eyes redhead 1.85m wearing victorian dress and actual day boots. Thanks!

>> No.23210341

one bump dispensed

>> No.23211354


>> No.23211399

Could you draw a female thri-kreen, dressed in late 19th century garb, being carried into the sunset in the arms of Gazghkhull Thraka? Thank you.

>> No.23211455

Is this what she should look like?

>> No.23211465

By the way, I'm not a drawfag.

>> No.23211477


Yes, that's what I had in mind.

>> No.23211589


Bumping for this. I will have my fetish fulfilled.

>> No.23211745

Dude, you just asked for it like ten minutes ago, give it some fucking time. Threads go slow on /tg/.

>> No.23211756


I know, but a bump never hurts.

>> No.23211995

My god, that parrot is best bird.

>> No.23212111

Oh man...
Yellow wires coming out of his pockets.
He has all da speggeti

>> No.23212253

Wait.. isn't this Isha? The Nurglette of course.

>> No.23212320


>> No.23212344

Not at all.

>> No.23212361

We got a new Isha now.
Goddess of Fertility ho!

>> No.23212394

Isha is the Mother of all Eldar. She is their highest female god, their goddess of healing, and one of the only surviving ones.
When Slaanesh ate all the other gods (except the Laughing God and bits of Khain) Nurgle saved Isha because he loved her.
Now he keeps her locked in his garden and infects her with all his newest illnesses and diseases, because that's how Nurgle shows his love. She, being a goddess of healing, rapidly overcomes these 'gifts.' She occasionally manages to slip out cures for the more nasty ones to the mortal realms.

>> No.23213134

Jesus christ how horrifying

>> No.23215011


>> No.23216464


>> No.23217101


>> No.23217201

Requesting Millie and friends!

>> No.23217217

Previous Millie art. She's in RAVENCLAW.


Thread detailing Millie and co's appearance. Mite be cool to have them sitting together on the quidditch field.

>> No.23217865 [DELETED] 


>> No.23218721 [DELETED] 


>> No.23219162


>and the regiment number to be 666.


>> No.23219204

Does anyone mind if I do some requests in here?

I will try and keep the rampant anime in check.

>> No.23219228

>If there are any drawfriends still here, I'd like to request a typical blond elven archer lady, dressed in sensible(non-slutty) leaf armor.
>Add-on: Green eyes.

Please, drawfriend. I need it. I can't find a suitable pic anywhere.

>> No.23219242

These two shopping for more tau vehicle parts, maybe with the guevesa lagging behind lugging the stuff they already bought.

>> No.23219309

I don't mind at all! I actually like your style.

>> No.23219332


>> No.23219351


The animu shouldn't interfere with an ork and a thri-kreen, so why not?

>> No.23219388

She needs a leaf bhurka

>> No.23219417


>> No.23219466

Could I get a naive-as-fuck looking young female police officer holding a mask like in pic related? Like she's sort of "Hey I found this, I shouldn't be touching it should I?"

>> No.23219684


>> No.23219688

Awesome. Thanks.

>> No.23219706


H-Hey can you do the one with Ghazghkull Thraka and the thri-kreen next? I'm still here.

>> No.23219893

Hey you have a tumblr or dA or something? In case someone wanted to toss you money to do what it is you do?

>> No.23220029

>Commission me

Uhm, I don't have any art sites I post anything on aside from 4chan, but my drawing e-mail is [email protected]

I'll work on it while I do char-gen for my Black Crusade game, we finally got enough players.

I am a happy drawfag, finally got a game.

>> No.23220053

If you all were looking for more players, why didn't you say so?

>> No.23220089


>mfw that pic

>> No.23220129

After him, think you could try >>23219242?

>> No.23220264


>> No.23220271

Gimme a bit, I'm coughing up my goddamn lungs

>> No.23220563


Thank you man. The only thing is, it lacks a sunset to be walked into!

>> No.23220635


Also, don't be so hard on yourself. I realize this is a quick sketch; I don't expect a bug creature being carried in the arms of a living war machine to be a masterpiece.

>> No.23220801 [DELETED] 


>> No.23221135

This is still here, I'm impressed!

>> No.23221694 [DELETED] 


>> No.23221993

The thread lives

>> No.23223043

I was told to post my request in the drawthread and it will be checked out tonight. I was looking for something like this picture, but with a Rifle

Our campaign takes place in a Steampunky setting and I'd like my Cleric to fit the part.

>> No.23223139

Like this?

>> No.23223207

kind of like that, but needs more....picture

>> No.23223255

Sorry I'm late.

>> No.23223403

I am an idiot.

>> No.23223920

Wow, that's awesome. Care to draw some Shadowrun children? They are all around 6 years old and are dressed up in various costumes
> One is dressed as a white collar programmer or office wage slave
> One is dressed as a decker (hacker with wires connecting her skull to a keyboard in her hands. Pic related.
> One is dressed as a mechanic
> One is dressed as a detective. Think Tracer Bullet from Calvin & Hobbes.
> One is dressed as a sensei (complete with fake beard) or professor.
I'll let you pick the kids' genders, ethnicity/race, and metatype (human, elf, ork, dwarf, troll, or something else), but keep in mind I'd like a diverse group. If you aren't sure what to pick, I can make some suggestions for you.
That is the best response.

>> No.23224860

Sounds enticing
I'll give it a try, be advised I'm actually very awful at drawing&painting children.

>> No.23225123

I-is this still aliev?

>> No.23225683

Can someone keep the thread bumped, again, please? thanks for the people who did it so far!

>> No.23225792

Who still has a request that needs filling and will likely be around for a good while? I want to do some fills, but I also need to have my dinner. It's way too late and I am practically a hobo so dinner means stewing lentils for hours aaaaand on top of that I draw slow, so:

tl:dr I want to draw some stuff but I won't be able to finish it for hours so if you request be prepared to wait for ages.

>> No.23225918 [DELETED] 

you can try your take on >>23223920

>> No.23225928

How about >>23223920 ?
Although there's already an artist working on it, it's nice to have multiple interpretations. I'll be around for awhile.

>> No.23225954

I've got nothing to do all day. My request was >>23193570

>> No.23226021

>already working on
Yeah, I don't mind it at all
I usually take up for hours and days anyway, sometimes getting burned out and not finishing it.

>> No.23226126

Well, if you get burned out and don't finish it after working on it for hours or days, I'd still like to see what you produced. Attached is my email address.

>> No.23226130

You could try >>23219242. I might be off and on a bit, but I will be here.

>> No.23226218

sure thing

>> No.23226272

Thanks again!

>> No.23227385

Right, I'm back. Going to do the white trash samurai
So this guy. Anything you forgot to mention? Also I might give him a trucker hat instead because I am just wild like that, unless it is super crazy important.

>> No.23228417

Bumpity boo

>> No.23228784

Alright, here we go. Sicne I get the feeling OR is long gone, I'm going to say this man is definitely about to fuck this pig. And there ain't nuffin you can do about it.

>> No.23229204

Soooo. Does anyone else want something or am I in here all on my lonesome?

>> No.23229382

I guess third time might be a charm >>23219242

>> No.23229400

Wow, that's awesome. Can you do >>23223920

>> No.23230666 [DELETED] 


>> No.23230703


>> No.23230894

That, good sir, is just ten types of awesome. Thank you.

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