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So I've never played any kind of tabletop roleplaying game, I started browsing /tg/ a few months back for the MTG threads, and for a while that's the only reason I came here. After a while I started looking into some threads on RP games, DnD, Deathwatch, Rouge Trader, Pathfinder, etc. The stories I read sounded like a lot of fun, and so I was wondering if any of you had tips for someone with a few years of experience with WH40k, and WHFB who wanted to get into these games.

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>those proportions

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bumping with marines and such

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Yeah, I'd like to try playing some actual tabletop games too.

But I have no experience, and I don't know anyone who would be even remotely interested.

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shhh its medicine, let him work

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If you're really desperate try roll20.net there's hundreds of public adventure groups, lfg and lfm threads, otherwise I recommend asking your friends if they're interested over finding a group of people who already play.

And stay away from /tg/s gamefinder thread.

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I'm in a similar situation, I have a friend who said he'd like to play Deathwatch with me, but both of us just come from playing the miniatures game, so we have no idea where to start.

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Start with acquiring the PDFs and reading them, either legally or just pirate them off 4shared or something, it has almost every pnp book.

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Thanks. Aside from the pathfinder's society that goes on at my local game store I can't really seem to find anyone who knows what they're doing, and if pathfinder is anything like I've heard it is I don't think it'd be my first choice to get into RP games.

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>5.49 MB
Did the file limit go up here or something?

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Pathfinder isn't that bad. Try it.

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It's a 8192 kb limit now. Probably so smaller .pdfs can be posted without too much hassle. If you look at the text under the post box at the top of the page you get info about the board posting limits/mechanics. File types, sizes that kind of thing.

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We're pushing the envelope here.

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Huh. I thought it was .pdf specific, for some reason.

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If you're playing it to roleplay you should probably try out any system you can, or ask if you can watch some games, if it's a PFS group they should let you.

If you wanna just mess around and do cool shit with your friends in your setting of choice just pick up any old book and read through it with your friends, you really do not need to "know what you're doing" at all.

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I had some people say to me that it would be a more difficult game to start off with, but I will definitely play it at some point.

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I just downloaded the Deathwatch pdf and will give that a look over. Thanks.

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Most of the popular systems are sort of complicated, but really with d20 systems you can just learn the basics and bullshit the other stuff or look it up when it happens since it isn't that common. The rules are there as a guideline for the DM and players in most good groups, not a strict regime. If you want to climb into the dragons throat and kill it from the inside out your DM doesn't need to know line C from the dragons stomach compendium IV, he can just make some shit up.

What kind of pnp were you looking to get into, anything specific like 40k, WHF, fantasy, sci-fi/cyberpunk?

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What game is that?

It's horrifyingly hilarious.

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Surgeon Simulator


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I've done some roleplaying before, but only on WoW when I used to do that... Some of it was alright, a lot of it was shit. I would like to do some of both, thanks for the advice.

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What he said

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Requesting the THANKS OBAMACARE version.

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congratulations, you made me uninterested within 20 seconds.

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According to Funnyjunk, surgery simulator 2013.

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I would probably lean towards something more sci-fi in general, preferably 40k based games.

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Just lurk on game finder threads. Bound to find something. In the meanwhile check your local game store for lists and the such or the website Pen&PaperGames.com

Read up on rule books also. A ton of them are available online and it'll help to know the basics. Don't think rule books are an end all be all either. Rules lawyering is the dark path to becoming That Guy.

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>Not liking Cr1tiKal
Fucking plebs.

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fucking hell that was the funniest rage quit in a long time

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It's a contradiction!

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his voice is uninteresting and his commentary is on the same level as a middle schooler's. So yes, I am indeed the plebeian here. I would half expect his LP to be covered by retsuprae

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I would recommend trying out any of the Fantasy Flight RPG games personally (Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, WHFRP 2nd Ed and even -shudder- Deathwatch)

The percentile system is easy to grasp for most people (Almost everything is simply rolling a D100 against you characters stats and applying modifiers to see if you pull it off, rather than some of the more abstract D20 shenanigans) And it can be played in a very rules lite manner without feeling like you are missing much.

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Dark Heresy (Inquisition stuff)
Rogue Trader (Rogue Trader stuff funnily enough)
They are both very popular 40k systems, but they're "sort of" specific in what they cover, but you can easily bend the rules for whatever the fuck you want. They're not that hard to learn, but they are very lethal and unforgiving if you're going by the rules.

There's some others too that I've not played,

Deathwatch (Space Marine Deathwatch)
Black Chaos (You play as chaos corrupted, not sure what this one really entails, whether it's space marines or regular beings)
Only War (You play IG cannonfodder)

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>Liking restuprae
>Not liking Cr1tiKal
You are two for two when it comes to shit taste.

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If you want to play 40k pnp the gamefinder threads aren't so bad, the PF games I've played from them have been awful though.

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I would assume your reaction means that Deathwatch has some problems, which is disappointing, I was hoping to play some. Thanks for the advice, I'll look into those.

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>They aren't human beings if they think that wasn't the proper procedure!
Fucking subbed.

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Thanks, I'll definitely look into those. Rolepalying IG cannonfodder sounds like a recipe for laughs if you ask me.

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I just personally don't like it, the game is fine rules wise etc, but due to the nature of space marines in fluff (Two dimensional single minded killing machines bordering on the godlike) most games devolve into endless combat and competitions of "Who can pull off the most ludicrous bullshit imaginable".

It can be fun for one off games, but I wouldn't build a campaign around it. But again, just my opinion.

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I generally view DW as an over-the-top action movie. It does what it does very well.

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I imagine that could be an issue. Thanks for your input.

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Well I'm going to spend the night staring at pdfs, thanks for everyone's input, I'll probably post again once I manage to figure some things out and maybe play my first game.

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Black crusade offers rules for playing Chaos space marines as well as cultists. As I haven't played it myself, I have no idea how it ends up balancing out

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Human Chaos servants get more XP at the start, a wider range of talents and a permanent initiative bonus.

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Also; more practical for infiltration, hiding in plain sight and the like, at least *before* you start sprouting tentacles from your genitalia.

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Human psykers are very definitely more powerful than chaos space marine psykers are.
If you want pure fight, though, go CSM.

Before playtesting it I thought psykers would be OP. Nah. Khornates are, XP for XP, by far the killiest. Likewise, if you want a social character, definitely go Slaaneshi apostate.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd edition, not the current most released 3rd edition) is an excellent choise for a starting RPG.

Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Death Watch, Black Crusade and Only War is less good in my opinion but still far beter then D&D or Pathfinder, and out of them WH40K RPGs you should probably not start with RT or BC, and I'd personaly suggest DH, with its issues and flaws (system emchanics), the setting and its themes and tone is a good starting point.

Another excellent starting point for roleplaying games are Call of Cthulhu, or Delta Green, both running on the basic roleplaying systems mechanics, which are very simple and intuative.

Can also recommend Deadlands, a horror cowboy, ghostrock-machines, and monsters kind of a deal, most recent edition attached to the Savage Worlds system (which is a trimmed down version of teh original Deadlands systems mechanics). It's very themey, and has alot of material to it, and teh original early edition material can easily be used as well, just don't touch the d20 version.

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