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/tg/ I need your vast info sphere.

What are purity seals exactly?

What should they look like, how customized can they be?

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We require pictures of purity seals!

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You would think that being virgins tg would know a thing or two about purity seals.....

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Why did you post that? Do you want the thread to go up in a shitstorm before it can even see the light?

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A little info there about marine seals

I imagine other seals would be prayer scrolls with common prayers to the Emperor inscribed on them, and generic blessings to guard whatever or whoever they're being affixed to.

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Purity bump

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Purity seals are basically the participant medal for being a Space Marine.

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Would you buy them to decorate your rule books or rooms?

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Yes, as long as they looked good, I would cover the tackle boxes I carry my army in with them.

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They show that a weapon/armor/tank is loyal, uncorrupted, and in service of the Emperor

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What's to stop Chaos forces from having seals with dark litanies written on them, issued by the Dark Apostle or someone of his stature? I've put plenty of seals on my CSM for this very reason.

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What this anon has just said is indeed canon, do note that the latest dark apostle model is *loaded* with dark litanies on impurity seals

But that's exactly what they are, blessed parchment upon which litanies of faith, benediction, protection and such like have been written upon. Once a space marine has had them for a rather long time, they get made into something a tad more permanent so that he needn't replace them every battle

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I have one on my door. (Space marine CE, came with it, sold the game, kept the seal)

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Purity Seals are basically puny medals, the stuff that's written on them are prayer wards that Space Marines have been brainwashed into believing by their Corpse Emperor. When they recite them, they delute themselves into having more faith, thinking it will ultimately have any effect on their eventual reunion with Papa Nurgle. The seals are only given to those who have proven themselves very true in the eyes of their emperor, but very false in the eyes of chaos.

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... I like you.

(Fantasy, chaos undivided player)

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Prototype Purity Seal by one of our tg regulars.

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Fucking nice, and is that Germish on there?

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It's ancient greek and latin, fairly standard prayer affair. I can identify Kyrie Eleison as "Lord, have mercy"

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>What are purity seals exactly?
i always imagined them similar to those badges for when a car passes a technical inspection (at leat in germany, that is)

so they would have some high gothic on them, translating to something like "space marine #1689776, purity confirmed, replace hatred within 2 years"

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There's a kiosk in most Battle Barges where you can redeem them for prizes. They have a Sega Genesis for like 21,000 but mostly you get a set of markers or a stuffed animal.

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You. I like you.

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The rest is God have mercy on us, holy spirit have mercy on us

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