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So I was all like "Messatsu" and showed her my Raging Demon for like 20 D20's. Bitches love my raging demon

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Shut up, Oni. No one likes you.

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>tfw having his horrible bone structure

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Poor fucker got his hand spiked

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And yet this guy BLOCKED the Shun Goku Satsu. Piss off.

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Apparently, Koreans didn't like Juri not because their long-clamored-for Korean representative in Street Fighter was unrepentantly evil, but because "no Korean wears their hair like that."

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No wonder.

Her brand of Evil is pretty cool. Unlike her hair.

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She's the psycho sadist bitch who uses the Feng Shui Engine implanted in her eye to supercharge her ki to devastating effect. She's also a Tae Kwon Do prodigy. I'm not sure it's a "cool" sort of evil, but she plays the part pretty well.

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Why does she look like she just jizzed her pants?

Wait, hang on, I think I know the answer to this one already.

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>I'm not sure it's a "cool" sort of evil
It's pretty fucking cool. I'm not even into feet, but DAYUM

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She's absoltely unrepentant and enjoys every single moment of it.

No emotional conflict, no "I must do it for my mother's sake", no evil for a good cause, no hidden agenda, she's just there to fuck shit up, because honestly? The only person she loves is herself and everyone else is just food for her to consume.

And she's having the time of her life doing so.

I'm lovin it!

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I guess it's that time again huh

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It's an obvious shop, but somehow, it fits with her.
Like I said, she plays to her brand of evil very well. She's psychotic and sensual and more than likely is an animal in bed. She has the distinction of not only being Capcom's first Korean character but also Street Fighter's first legitimately evil female -- Cammy and the Dolls don't count because lol brainwashing.

Fun fact: in the very first rendition of Juri's profile when SSFIV was being released, one of her listed likes was "big breasts." Almost immediately, her profile was changed to remove this. Coincidentally, her bust size also increased a little, I think.

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Long-haired Juri is best Juri.

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Oh god

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>juri likes yuri

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>Juri thread on /tg/

I'm going to allow this.

Also, this is how I chaotic evil

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Apparently she single-handedly awesomebombed Guile pretty badly. It wasn't even a close fight. And I think Guile's power is stated to rival Bison's so it's at the tippy-top of the scale.

I like to pretend she raped him after beating him up.

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Her engine got broken by Cammy and Chun fighting against her I think so she dropped a lot after that.

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Again, I believe it. Juri is as freaky as they come.
Are you talking about the Juri OVA? I don't really take the OVAs as canon. If they're to be believed, it takes Chun-Li and Cammy combined to BARELY beat Juri. I don't buy that. Also, according to the SFIV OVAs, Ryu has succumbed to the Satsui no Hadou, which I think is bullshit. Supposedly, she's supposed to be equivalent to at least Sagat in terms of power, which I think is a bit of a stretch.

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What is this thread about, again?

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Considering Guile's vendetta against Dictator, I wouldn't be surprised he can stand toe-to-toe with him for a while.
You know something else? The attached pic is apparently one of the few people in the world Dictator legitimately fears because he would destroy him.

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Street Fighter in general, Juri in particular.

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Well, he is a veteran in beating bad guys.

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Nonsense. Present your citation!

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He didint block it, he just emptied himself out of his body so he didint have to get fucked as hard

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Uuuuh Cammy beats Juri pretty hard. I guess you can try zoning but Cammy has a million ways to get in and all Juri can do is block and hope.

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His final enemy in Alpha 2 was Dictator, plus he's often in cahoots with Rose, Dictator's diametric opposite. The guy's power is apparently no joke, to say nothing of being the heir to Bushin-ryuu Ninjutsu, which is meant to be used to defeat evil.
Yeah, that's how you beat the Satsui no Hadou: empty yourself of desire and thought.

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We mean story-wise.

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I find Juri to be a little over-the-top tryhard in both her villainy and power level. They're also trying to hype her by having her beat canon heavyweights, which strikes me as...weird, honestly.

Canon in the Street Fighter universe has always been hard to verify. Fanon, secondary sources and alternate continuities all sort of blend together to form a cauldron of information from which every player tends to pick and choose information that pushes characters they like and ignores characters they don't.

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I'm confused as to what this has to do with /tg/.
Not complaining, just confused.

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>"My body? You want to see something like that?"
I'm sure a lot of people do.

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street fighter has a story?

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You can read moon runes?

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It has gallons of story.

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So, erhh, sadist chicks are
Why would you be on 4chan if you can speak nippon? I'm sure the nippon boards are better

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I read that in her English voice.

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Are they >implying Capcom thinks Turkish people are red giants with blue Lego hair and no pupils?

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>They're also trying to hype her by having her beat canon heavyweights, which strikes me as...weird, honestly.
What other way is there to do it? You put over young talent by having them go over established stars.
Now lean over here so I can stunner you.

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Are you implying they're not

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I'll admit that much. Juri is a bit of a tryhard when it comes to her evilness and power, mainly because she comes out of nowhere. Personally, I'm waiting for Capcom vs. SNK 3 just so I can play Kim and stomp a mudhole in her; she embodies everything he stands against.
Some guy made a shoddy dice joke involving Oni. People decided to make a proper discussion of that.
Indeed, it does. It's on a character level, but there is indeed story.
I'm currently in my fourth semester of Japanese in college. My kanji needs work, but if I know what words are, I can translate.

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I think the red skin is supposed to be his wicked sunburn from all the Turkish oil wrestling. He's a really cool guy, though, with a hot wife and seven daughters. He's especially virile, it seems.

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Perhaps not, but Hakan is, and dammit he's cool.

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Does that make Guile the Undertaker?
>American Badass

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Aku wa yurusan!

Also, will there be a Capcom vs SNK 3? Because if you got my hopes up for a Juri vs Bonne Jenet grudge match for nothing, I will find you and I will hurt you.

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Related things (a quest, a system for fighting-game style action, discussion of the old RPG) happen on /tg/ now and again. I think this isn't the first thread to open with this particular image, though, I think some anon just has a boner for it.

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Hate to break it to ya, but there will never be a Capcom vs SNK 3.

Damn shame too.

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I just noticed it's all one line instead of two, but I'm not sure why "body" (karada) has the subtext "hadaka". Either way, as is, a better approximation would be
>"My body is the sort of thing you want to see~?"
Unfortunately, no, not that anyone has seen.

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/woo/ on my /tg/?

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You forgetting that she's supposed to be psychotically hateful of shit because of Shadaloo killing her parents? Revenge and BAWW CHILDHOOD TRAUMA are her reasons for being evil.

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>gib hug?

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Yeah, she has the Batman excuse (plus losing her eye and having it replaced with the Feng Shui Engine) as her excuse for going evil. It doesn't change that she still wants to take over everything because she's selfish, if not burn everything.

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I almost forgot about her spider motif and how she wants to "eat [her enemies] up, bones and all."

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Juri's English voice is Frankie from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Just letting you know.

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Oh god mah vore

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It's metaphorical, ya dingus.

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The best kind of evil there is.

Fuck the "b-b-b-but motives and and like reasons!!!" crowd. Get the fuck off I don't need that shit. Whats wrong with being evil because you were naturally inclined to it?

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Shush, you do not mess with a mans fetishfuel

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>tfw glorious glorious mods

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See >>23125342

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Except that doesn't work as its never referred to as her reason for being evil lol

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>Hair horns
>Glow eye
>shirt made of a bib and a bunch of belts
>arm warmers
>karate gloves on top of arm warmers
>spiked bracelets on top of karate gloves on top of arm warmers
>triple-wrapped belt with skull belt buckle
>Massively baggy chaps over spandex
>stirrups? footwraps? I don't know.

Juri's design is so tremendously busy that I cannot even handle it. It's like the designers just kept coming up with COOL accessories and didn't know when to stop giving her shit. It's a fucking wonder she doesn't have a robot arm or an eyepatch on her non glowing eye.

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So people are aware that she's like the... third? Character designto be a direct ripoff of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure right?

>> No.23125523

See >>23125518

>> No.23125530

That's what alternate costumes are for.
Rose is one, but who's the other?

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So standard modern japanese character design?

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Guile = Stroheim

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Oh yeeeeah. Forgot about that.

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Hey, it worked for King of Fighters.

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But at least in GG all the absurdity fits. The game is established as totally bananas. Several characters in Street Fighter are "guy wearing a gi."

>> No.23125623

Capcom (or should I say, fighting game designers in general) can't get enough JoJo, it seems.

>> No.23125631

And the designs are simple and easy to recognize.

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Now, that's what I call a grappler. Next campaign I play a martial artist I'm going for the Potebuster.

>> No.23125662

So Ryu and Oni got to duke it out with Asura. Why haven't we seen Juri fight him? Or Olga for that matter?
>This is the 3rd image that pops up when you google her

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Juri's kit is a hyper-stylized taekwondoka gi or something, if you're trying to justify it.


>> No.23125672

And a Yoga dude with baby skulls as a necklace.

>> No.23125682

I don't see the problem. Thigh highs and a dress that goes to her hips open in the middle and two hetero-chromatic wings.

>> No.23125688

Several characters are also "green apeman", "robot space detective", "pudding monster" and "gaudy Mussolini with purple psychic fire powers".

>> No.23125702

>"green apeman"
Nono, that's just your average brazilian

>> No.23125710

>green electric apeman

>> No.23125712

In Dhalsim's defense, those are children who died in drought and famine, and they are a reminder of what he stands for. He's a pacifist who fights for his people on the road to enlightenment.

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Few people realize why "getting a brazilian" involves ripping hair off your body

>> No.23125755

Jimmy was a kid flying to visit his folks in South America. The plane buzzed too close to a secret Shadoloo base and was shot down, leaving little Jimmy the only survivor. He goes on to survive in the Amazon for years. The green skin comes from all the foliage he lived around, and his mastery of bioelectricity comes from hanging out with electric eels. Also, one of his only friends because he rescued him from being captured is Dan.

>> No.23125768

Nun hat/top on a guy with bike shorts, handcuff around waist, using a yoyo and teddy as weapon.

>> No.23125776


Wait wait, what?

>> No.23125779

>The green skin comes from all the foliage he lived around
That's the stupidest thing I ever heard

>> No.23125782

>Little Jimmy

>> No.23125794


He's a pacifist who uses his yoga powers to punch evil in the dick

>> No.23125800

I know, Dhalsim is cool in my book. He fights the good fight and know what's on the line.

Oh yeah, and Oro, gotta love the crazy hermit fighters.

>> No.23125809

While simultaneously burning evil to a crisp. Yoga apparently also allows you to breathe fire, who knew?

>> No.23125835

Yep. Dhalsim is a pacifist Hindu monk. His teleportation and elastified limbs are among the secrets of yoga. His fire breath is originally from eating too much spicy curry, but since Capcom decided that was a little too racist, it was retconned to a gift from Agni, the Hindu god of fire.

>> No.23125837

I thought Oro was canonically so strong nobody is a chellenge so he fights one handed?

Did he ever meet up with Akuma?

>> No.23125838

>on a guy
You're not supposed to just say that part. You have to let it hang in the air as an uncomfortable fact

>> No.23125842

I wish I could gain fire breath by eating spicy ass curry.

>> No.23125855

Works in Smash.

Should work just fine as long as it's spicy enough.

>> No.23125862

Bridget always mentions that he's a guy. So I get to do it too.

Also its very comfortable. How dare you suggest otherwise.

>> No.23125867

I... whuh... they eat spicy food in India, what's racist about jokingly recognizing this very real part of their food culture? That's not what racism is.

>> No.23125870

Oro is a badass old guy who willingly bound one of his arms as a handicap when he competed for fear that if he fought at full power, he might accidentally kill someone. He and Akuma met once, and both acknowledged each other's power without actually doing much of anything. He also canonically beat Ryu and took him under his wing for a while, seeing potential in him.

>> No.23125887

I don't remember, I remember him being around two hundred years old and yeah, he needs to tie an arm to be nerfed enough to fight and not outright kill his opponents.

I like the idea that during all the "oh no, Shadaloo this and that" Oro could have solved the situation but didn't, because he was in his mountain not giving a fuck.

>> No.23125900

Recognizing the love for curry isn't racist, same as drawing a jew with jewish nose isn't racist. Having him breath fire from curry is the same as drawing a jew with a huge nose. Slightly racist in my book, and I probably wouldn't be bothered but... yeah.

>> No.23125914

Also, he's credited with giving Cammy peace of mind after her escape from the grips of Shadoloo, giving her a new lease on life.

>> No.23125928


I don't think it's possible to achieve peace of mind when a giant dictator-man wants to be the little girl by stealing your body.

>> No.23125953

>pacifist Hindu monk
>fire breath
>street FIGHTER

No seriously, what?

>> No.23125959

Well she's probably as calm about it as she can be, let's go with that.

>> No.23125976

Remember that she was planted in MI6... How the hell does that work again? It's like Bin Laden planting a female clone of himself in the CIA.

Bison's pans are so outrageous.

>> No.23125984

I seem to recall yoga fire being retconned into psychic manifestations of fire rather than actual fire.

>> No.23125992

That's...so fucking stupid and oversensitive though. You're jumping at shadows. Hot food making you breath fire goes back to the earliest Bugs fuckin' Bunny.

>> No.23126000

What? Its not like Bison's psychic clone is a woman or anything like that. Oh wait...

Nah she managed that by herself, no Bison involved.

>> No.23126002

She's a homemade clone of Dictator meant to be his replacement body as well as his top enforcer, second only to Boxer/Claw/Sagat. After Shadoloo fell apart and Cammy escaped, she had an encounter with Claw reminding her of who she is (it's also presumed to be the fight where she got her famous facial scar). She met Dhalsim, who taught her how to start over and live a new life and gain direction. Now Cammy works for Delta Red, a subset of British Special Forces.
She's not planted. Delta Red is her new life. Before, she worked strictly under Shadoloo and answered directly to Dictator.

>> No.23126004

If there's one thing Cammy has going for her it's her cosplayers

>> No.23126028

Did I mention he's married and has a family and a bunch of pet elephants?

>> No.23126032

>willingly bound one of his arms
So, "superglue as lube" isn't canon?

>> No.23126036


>> No.23126045

The ass, nobody noticed because their eyes were watching elsewhere.

Also, gotta love the ridiculous plans Bison has.

Dhalsim sure got far in life.

>> No.23126063


>> No.23126075

>a bunch of pet elephants

>> No.23126081

It's been a while my friend

>> No.23126087

You say that like that very "guy with a gi" doesn't pull off crazy magical bullshit.

Almost everybody in Street Fighter relates to some sort of magic (kung fu or otherwise) or ridiculous superscience.

Street Fighter is pretty bananas, it just wears the trappings of pseudorealism sometimes.

>> No.23126106

You know, I used to think her costume was kind of slutty, but not that bad by vidya standards. Then you see what it looks like in real life, and god-fucking-damn.

I need to go change my pants.

>> No.23126110

I like Dan, I play Dan, even if he is useless, what's so bad about him?

>> No.23126121

See also: OP

>> No.23126122

As if you're going to put a new pair on at all.

>> No.23126127

Hey, the Killer Bee needs freedom of movement for what she does, and if it involves wearing nothing but a onesie, so be it.

>> No.23126134


Dictator would probably fear Cody too if Cody cared enough to go after him. Cody's pretty up there in terms of power, he made Ryu look like a clown and if you get to boss mode Oni in SF4AE then one of Oni's lines is about how Cody might actually survive the fight.

>> No.23126141

He's... he's Dan. I mean he's fine and all, I actually like him but... he's Dan.

>> No.23126142

People wear clothes at home?

>> No.23126156

Dan is the single-weakest character in the canon, on top of having the single-biggest ego. He's an in-joke between Capcom and SNK, if you know the story.

>> No.23126161

There's three inches of snow outside and no dosh in my wallet.
So yes. I am wearing pants at home.

>> No.23126163


If Cody and Guy are that strong, imagine how high Haggar must rate on the Street Fighter power scale.

>> No.23126165

There's a lot of them who can't pull it off.

But it's worth it for the ones who can. Especially the ones who are properly fit.

>> No.23126177

You're a crazy man. Just take all the blankets you can find and huddle up
I'd rather not, he's stronger than Asura

>> No.23126184

Well, he is fighting superheroes now instead of street fighters.

>> No.23126187

Did Hugo and Haggar ever fight in the canon? I'll admit I'm not sufficiently up on my Final Fight knowledge, but I assume they must have, since Hugo (Or Andore if you prefer) was in Mad Gear.

>> No.23126190

>he made Ryu look like a clown
When did that happen? If you say one of the mangas, I'd say "don't buy it." I stick to the games themselves. But it's true that Cody and Guy are two of the stronger World Warriors. In fact, Cody is an excellent example of how you play a fallen-from-grace warrior. He originally fought for his girl and the city he lived in, but he eventually got addicted to fighting and couldn't stop. Now fighting is seriously the only thing he derives pleasure from, and even then, it's starting to lose its edge.

>> No.23126191

Lets just say Cody and Guy didn't make it to UMVC3 and be done with that topic.

>> No.23126195

>He's stronger than Asura
But is he ANGRIER than Asura?

>> No.23126203

Hugo's a regular enemy type, and a boss, in Final Fight, so they've fought a lot. Not sure exactly how Hugo's greater strength in SF is explained though.

>> No.23126204

I assume they did. After Mad Gear fell apart, Hugo and Posion went legit and got into pro wrestling.

>> No.23126211


I imagine it as something akin to pic related.

>> No.23126214 [SPOILER] 

There is only one man angrier than Asura

>> No.23126216


He's actually not super useless in SF4 compared to other games, but if you're gonna play Dan, it's like, why not just play Ryu?


The Metro City guys are all pretty good at what they do.


>> No.23126221

Mahvel is a whole different kettle of fish, so I wouldn't worry about that.

>> No.23126222

Evil Ryu is angrier than Asura.

>> No.23126224


Hugo's a regular enemy in Final Fight. Haggar thrashes him by the dozen.

>> No.23126235


If they have his daughter? Certainly yes.

Remember, this man's first reaction as the mayor upon hearing his daughter has been kidnapped is not to ring up the SWAT teams or call in the National Guard. He takes off his goddamn shirt and goes out into the streets to piledrive gangster ass with his bare hands.

>> No.23126241

I don't really know the story, I mean, I know that he was training with Ryu and Ken but quit or was just useless and got kicked, he also is triying to live off training other people in his "very own martial style", I believe that Sakura used to attend his training.
Even if he is a piece of shit, I like him, he kinda remind me of myself

>> No.23126245

It's a one-piece bathing suit.

It's just cut really really high on the ass.

They had worse in the 80s.

>> No.23126251


Let's be fair he was pretty gimmicky until UMVC3 as vanilla Haggar didn't have...like, all of the things that make Ultimate Haggar good.

His patch notes were basically "RAPID FIRE FIST IS NOW MASHABLE" but it alread- "d.H IS NOW CANCELABLE" what the fu- "ALSO IT OTGS" haha what a joke

little did anyone know those last two changes would mean the world to Haggar

>> No.23126254

>why not just play Ryu?
Why not just play Oni?

Although I would prefer to play a real character and not a shoto (except Gouken).

>> No.23126263

Asura's reaction to the same thing was to punch the entire planet to death and then kill all of reality.

Haggar looks positively reasonable and measured by comparison.

>> No.23126267

because oni isn't much better than dan

>> No.23126274

Well yes. But did he take off his shirt?

>> No.23126275

He was training with his father. Then Sagat (and back then he was a DICK) killed his father. Dan trained hard and finally confronted Sagat (not a dick by then). Sagat let Dan defeat him.

Dan's ego grew that day.

>> No.23126279


Simpy an indication of the difference in their power levels, nothing more.

Allow the Ballad of Mike Haggar to educate you on the matter in fine /tg/ fashion.


>> No.23126285

Actually, canonically it has been implied to the point of almost being outright stated that Cody is the strongest by far, to the point where he may be approaching Akuma/Oro levels of power.

He just doesn't give enough of a shit to ever do anything with it. This is also why every line in SSFIV is about how he's a lazy piece of shit or bored out of his goddamn skull. Hell, even Oni seems to give some respect, and this is monster Akuma we're talking about.

>> No.23126293

he had no shirt in first place.
But he grew a shitload of arms. Does that count?

>> No.23126303


Again, I only ask because Cody is weak shit compared to Haggar in Final Fight, and Haggar has yet to appear in Street Fighter.

>> No.23126305

A shoryuken at the right times work wonders with some people. Now the total dick is Adon instead of Sagat.

>> No.23126320


That's basically it. He was once a promising student of Gouken but got kicked out when it was revealed that he only wanted to learn from Gouken to take revenge on Sagat for killing his father.

Concept-wise, SNK's character Ryo Sakazaki looks like a combination of Ryu and Ken, so Capcom made Dan as a joke retort (He looks like Robert Garcia wearing Ryo's gi except pink)

>> No.23126333

Well, he took off his skin. I guess that counts

>> No.23126341


Oni isn't as good as Ryu, and Gouken isn't a shoto in gameplay terms.

Ryu is also probably the realest character in the game.

>> No.23126345

Evil Ryu isn't actually a thing, either. Canonically, Ryu only ever succumbed to the Satsui no Hadou once. It was only for a split second, and it was the same moment Sagat got his famous chest scar (the end of Street Fighter 1). Evil Ryu as a character is supposed to be one of those "what if" scenarios.
The Metro City PD was also laughably corrupt at the time. I'm still waiting for Jessica Haggar to show up as a rival to Rainbow Mika Nanakawa.
>"Don't think I'm a pushover anymore! Get ready, because just like my father, once I grab you, you're going for a ride!"
In-canon, Dan's father, Go Hibiki, took Sagat's eye, so Sagat killed him. Dan swore vengeance, but after training for only a day, Gouken threw him out because he wanted vengeance and wasn't taking the lessons seriously. Dan eventually gets his vengeance and beats Sagat but only because Sagat threw the fight just so Dan would leave him alone. Sakura is also his only known student, but only because he kinda pities him. His style is called Saikyo-ryuu (the Strongest Style).
In reality, Dan was made as a joke towards SNK's Art of Fighting series, because the main characters, Ryo and Robert, were a very obvious knockoff of Ryu and Ken. So Capcom took Robert's head and stuck it on Ryo's body, and bam, Dan was born. Capcom and SNK have had a jolly back-and-forth ever since. In SVC Chaos, half of team SNK keeps confusing Dan for Robert.

>> No.23126347

A scenario.
All capcom fightan villains teamed up and stole Haggar's daughter and Mithra.
How fucked is everyone.

>> No.23126362

I have read a doujin where Juri beats Cody down easy and then rapes him so hard she gets pregnant, your point is invalid.

>> No.23126368


>> No.23126377

Guts' girlfriend is also about to get raped
Why haven't you provided a link yet?

>> No.23126383


>implying he doesn't win in the end
I've read that too

>> No.23126396

Oh, Adon. Why are you so charmingly hateable.

>> No.23126401

Again, because Cody is so addicted to fighting, it's the only thing he derives pleasure from anymore, and even that's losing its edge. He only continues wearing those manacles around his wrists as a handicap to keep things interesting.

>> No.23126412


They can't even hold him, how are those a handicap?

>> No.23126425

Are we including Godhand?
If we include Idea Of Evil villains MAY have a fighting chance.

Let's include different kind of God Hand
>Olivia pretends to be kidnapped to pull a prank on Gene

>> No.23126426

Actually Ken is the most powerful, his dragon punch is on fire.

>> No.23126430

Adon was Sagat's protege. After Ryu beat him, Adon's like, "Sagat, you're a piece of shit for losing to someone like you. You don't deserve to be called the God of Muay Thai/Muay Thai Emperor, so I challenge you for the title." Adon beats him, but not before Sagat puts him in the hospital for at least several months. I think Sagat eventually takes the title back from him.

>> No.23126439


>> No.23126443


Imagine trying to fight while handcuffed.

The point isn't that they can't hold him, it's that he's able to do shit like literally punch his way out of prison ~while wearing handcuffs~

He's got a taunt in SFA3 where he pops off the cuffs and puts them back on, just to show he can.

>> No.23126449

It's on Fakku dot net and it's called Juri Game. ENJOY!

>> No.23126451

Ken is immune to fire

>> No.23126456

>>23126443 here, meant to quote >>23126412

>> No.23126457

>Gene punches people into orbit
>Haggar piledrives them from the stratosphere
I need this
>That art
Oh god this is awful

>> No.23126474

I know. He can take them off at any time, hence the willing handicap.
I know, I know, the fire is a manifestation of Ken's ki.

>> No.23126477

That's what i am talking about. Adon is a lot like Juri - simply an irredeemable dick without any silly bawwckstory.

>> No.23126488

losing to someone like Ryu*

>> No.23126508

Adon's not evil like Juri. He's just an asshole.

>> No.23126534

>dat everything
captcha: tuantso Dutchman
this cartoon is giving me rocks

>> No.23126554


>It switches halfway through into her "recognizing his dick as her natural superior" and just getting fucked



>> No.23126557

Shit damn. Did they bump up the resolution limit?

>> No.23126589

Can they stay in character just fucking once? Is that too much to ask?

>> No.23126594


>> No.23126604

>Robert Garcia
I love how the Italian character is based on a half-Cuban actor and has a Spanish name. Japan can't into geography.

>> No.23126614

Actually as far as I'm concerned that doujin is the gold standard for my favorite fetish. It's reverse rape without the LICK YOUR CUM OFF MY SOCKS goddamn awful femdom it usually comes with. Just pure amazon beat'n'rape.

>> No.23126620 [SPOILER] 

I'm a fan of the "tongue hanging out" look combined with the "crazy eye" look. Like here (titties inbound).

>> No.23126654

Angrydad Asura from that ending
Canon or not?
Because it's canon to me

>> No.23126664

But it isn't, she loses her shit in the usual "not in my pussy!" way
Oh no, my poor eyes can't handle this level of indecency!

>> No.23126697

Also, on the SNK side of things it's become a joke to have Yuri Sakazaki parody various Street Fighter moves by giving her overly cute and ridiculous versions.

>> No.23126733

Well she's basically just fighting her instinct the entire time. Cody doesn't ever regain the upper hand, he's in worse shape than Rocky at the end and is just slurry and stumbly like a frightened animal.
It seriously tongued my balls.
That's a good thing.

>> No.23126746

Also since Yuri is supposed to be the weakest member of Team Art of Fighting, yet she gets the strongest moves from Street Fighter. In '98, she got Ryu's Shin Shoryuuken, and in 2001, she steals the Shun Goku Satsu.

>> No.23126796

I have issues her facial tanlines

>> No.23126826

Eh, what can you do?

>feet rrorfes
Are we still talking about Juri? I forget.

>> No.23126842

>Those hips
I've seen too many men in a thong to enjoy this

>> No.23126892

>dem hips
why people recently started shouting these words even tho there are no visible hips whatsoever?

>> No.23126895


>> No.23126942

I said "those hips" as in "those hips belong to a man"

>> No.23126975

Cheeky bastard.

>> No.23127464 [SPOILER] 

Does Juri actually make for a good standalone villain, or is she to be tempered by other characters holding her leash? Is she redeemable, or is she doomed to destruction? How is she as an overall character? Would you change anything about her?

>> No.23127477

u wot m8?

>> No.23127491

What does being Korean have to do with it? I'm asking about the core of her character.

>> No.23127519


She was extremely powerful, but never an archvillain. Bitch was too crazy for that.

She'd be a good archvillain if the story arc in question was a standard kung fu type thing involving murdered masters and dead fathers, but not when the story is on the Shadaloo scale.

>> No.23127526

Being Korean has everything to do with it.

>> No.23127545

Korean's are born evil.

>> No.23127568

y-you can't post images like that on a christian imageboard anon-sama

>> No.23127569

A psycho bitch who wants to take over/burn the world can only seem to do so much by herself, even if you make her ludicrously powerful. Dictator actually had the drive and planning and ambition towards ruling the world. Juri's one of those "fuck it, we'll see how it goes from here" sort of people. She's a chaotic evil berserker, but that's not enough to make a compelling villain?

>> No.23127586


>> No.23127600


Yeah. She's tailor made to be a BBEG's right hand - capable of kicking the shit out of everyone else, but never executing a master plan on her own.


This isn't America at all. This is a darker place.

>> No.23127602

Oni's banned.

>> No.23127625

Yup, which makes people who think he is worse than Dan pretty silly.

>> No.23127629

pick one

>> No.23127641


>mfw that reaction pic is one of the stalker girls of Ed Edd and Eddy
>mfw I hated her the most of the 3 when I was younger
>mfw I think she's fucking hot now

>> No.23127652

Juri is strong and ambitious, but she's not known for being clever and forward-thinking. The most we see is her wanting to save the tyrant for last in her rampage. What would you change to make her a standalone villain while still preserving the core of her character? For that matter, what IS the core?

>> No.23127653

I'm both.

>> No.23127666

>oh hey a Street Fighter thread
>it's actually basically a fetish thread about Juri

>> No.23127670


>> No.23127682

>hating her
She was always the hottest Canker

>> No.23127683

How the fuck do you hate Marie the most? She was probably the most sensible of the three, and probably the smartest.

>> No.23127692


And least physically deformed.

>> No.23127697

>implying a BBEG needs a proper gameplan beyond wrecking shit for fun

>> No.23127709

Were you not here for the first black crusade against fun and erotica?

Is it safe now? I just started coming back to /tg/ since so long ago

>> No.23127713

>hating the only one who's hot at all and didn't have a fucking annoying accent.
Shit. Taste.

>> No.23127724

>implying /tg/ has ever been safe

>> No.23127784

I don't know about Christians but I wouldn't post NFSW. We have more than a few Lawful Neutrals about.

I'm one of them.

>> No.23127794

Well, if you had to preserve her character and make her more Machiavellian in her actions, she has to be more coherent and driven, to a point. Let her plan things and actually have a gameplan towards getting something done, but always have the crazy lurk just under the surface and be quick to reveal itself. Her issue is that she's selfish. Maybe if she's working to gain a power for herself, she'd work as a strong villain. In short, her problem is that her crazy keeps her from thinking straight and forward. That or the fact she relies on no one but herself to do things.

>> No.23127802


It was in a manga.

Basically Cody cracked a joke about Ryu being a wimp because he can only handle 1on1 fights while he has to brawl though 4-5 fighters at once by himself.

Considering how powerful Hugo is in SF3 (in cannon not the abysmal balancing of that game), and that Cody regularly fought like 4 clones of that guy at once in Final Fight.. it kinda stands up.

>> No.23127815

>Lawful Neutral
Is that what you call yourselves nowadays?

>> No.23127859


I always just assumed that Hugo was an unusually powerful fighter within the Andorre family. The others might be strong, but they didn't make it as professional fighters like Hugo.

>> No.23127862


>> No.23127866

It wasn't manga

It was Udon Comics

>> No.23127873

Are you all really arguing over a joke?

>> No.23127909

Well, as previously mentioned, after Mad Gear crumbled, Hugo and Poison went legit, getting into professional wrestling.
Ugh. Udon.

>> No.23127913

>he does recognize randall

>> No.23127934

>Andorre family
Oh god, that Gamecenter CX episode. That picture on a whiteboard.
My sides were cruelly abused.

>> No.23127971


Partly because my view on gothics/alternatives at the time was horribly warped.
I was made fun off when I was young by gothics, so I had a huge hatred for them around that time.

Silly me that nowadays most of my friends are hardcore goths, and my boner is on rock chicks.

>> No.23128045

That said, how would you redeem her from evil, if at all possible? She might be one of those "respect your strength" deals, but even that might be a stretch. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and I'm not sure how you can get her to listen to anything.

>> No.23128075

Well first we sprinkle her with holy water

>> No.23128083


>That said, how would you redeem her from evil

You and I both know there's only one way.

>> No.23128105

How do you think?

>> No.23128114

I think she's the sort that breaks very easily once she realizes she can't win/beat you. She goes from killer!crazy eyes to scared!crazy eyes once you get the upper hand. You'd have to drive home that she can't stop you, and then she has to listen to whatever you're saying.
I mean besides the obvious.

>> No.23128143

What the fuck is going on in this image? Why are there holes in her?

>> No.23128166

It's called "shadowing," Doom. Chill out.

>> No.23128202

>Partial shadowing like that
I don't buy it. I thought she was a dog like Goofy at first with that nose

>> No.23128204

I like to think Descartes appreciates us doing this to his legacy.

>> No.23128239

I like to think you are right

>> No.23128257

I think he'd be a good sport about us giving his legacy the D.

>> No.23128262

Give in to the Dick.

>> No.23128297 [SPOILER] 

I'm not gay. But eventually it might happen. Until then, the girl D will do

>> No.23128300

Pure selfish evil is refreshing sometimes. Its nice to see some villains every now and then that don't have complex agendas or good but misguided intentions, but are just assholes that do what they want because they can (tho too many such villaisn get boring, as they're pretty flat characters).

Same reason I like Dark Eldar. Tho they technically have a reason for torturing people, let's face it; if Slaanesh's hold on their soul was lifted they'd still keep doing it, just like how they were already raping and torturing people before the Fall.

>> No.23128327

>but are just assholes that do what they want because they can (tho too many such villaisn get boring, as they're pretty flat characters)

>> No.23128362

Clean your fucking ears BEFORE getting into a fight.

>> No.23128368

That's...actually a pretty good parallel. Juri is Dio, at least in mannerisms (like jamming his finger into his brain just to prove how strong he is).

>> No.23128655

What do you expect?
It's fucking Japan, they're not good at this.

>> No.23128762

>fucking crazy
>agile as fuck
Can you, honestly, blame us?

>> No.23128795

Romance properly, as you court her, finally culminating in being allowed to hold her hand as you go for a walk?

>> No.23129236

Wait, Haggar's good in Ultimate? I haven't played it but I was pretty pissed when I foumd out they took away the start-up invincibility on his lariat.

>> No.23130045

Fucking disgusting.
I wish I had that reaction image, but this one will have to do.

>> No.23130054


>> No.23130134

>She goes from killer!crazy eyes to scared!crazy eyes once you get the upper hand.
Except she doesn't. She just get mad. And that's completely canon.

Juri is just naturally inclined to be evil. There's nothing to it. And there is no "redeeming" of her at all besides completely destroying who she is as a person.

>> No.23130168


>> No.23130249

It's translated by CGRascal, who is utter shit.

>> No.23130295

Really? Because I've read CGRascal's translations and while they're awful this one was fine to me. No bullshit jarring me out of the action. It was well-done.

Then again, I haven't read it in a while so maybe I was just blinded by the hotness of the scenario.

All the same,
>My womb is recognizing his cock as it's superior!?
Has to be one of the all time great lines in fiction.

>> No.23130409

Care to add it to the hall of fame?

>> No.23130476

>But I'll take your virginity, Mom..
The fuck...

>> No.23130497

I love how this thread has NOTHING to do with traditional games and nobody gives a single fuck.

>> No.23130544

At first I thought you were honestly surprised by incest in a hentai.
Then it hit me.

>> No.23130560 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23130570

OP clearly used the term "D20"

>> No.23130576

>Your bad dick is eradicating my police pussy with your bad children.

Truly he is this generation's Hemingway.

>> No.23130591

fetishism has always been part of /tg/, no amount of nazimods will change that.

>> No.23130597


>> No.23130611

Man, it's just some inces-




>> No.23130622

>In the prostate of a man there's an undeveloped uterus laying in wait
>every man has a uterus
Its a great doujin though

>> No.23130649


>> No.23130673

Rolled 7

Proudly added.

>> No.23130675

Man nobody gives a single fuck about OP either! He blundered the shit out of this thread by posting a picture of Juri with her O face.
I agree completely, as now I have a Juri folder.

>> No.23130679

Is that Jesse Pinkman fucking a trap?

>> No.23130688

its things like this that makes realize how much this place gets into you doesnt it?

>> No.23130855

>this thread

>> No.23130937

>all dis misinformation
It's too late to start correcting it though.

>> No.23130956


>> No.23131004

>search thread
>no auto-masturbator has been activated

Goddamn, that entire doujin was funny as fuck. It was more Oglaf-esque than actual fapfodder.

>> No.23131579

In theory, I meant. And I was talking about if you beat her.

>> No.23132435

I feel horrible knowing where 99% of those come from.

>> No.23132670

I would just like you all to know that I like what you've done with this thread.

>> No.23133692

Why does Joylne Kujo look so damn wierd in this thread?

>> No.23133740

We'd mess you all up, bro.

>> No.23133864

Those Gamecubing faggots ain't got shit on Cody and Guy.

>> No.23133924


You know, you could almost go though every fan-translated hentai, every one of them has at least one horrid line like this.

>> No.23133935


I think the four of them would team up, find Haggar and go on a rampage that eliminates street crime along the entire eastern seaboard. Somewhere along the way they're joined by this guy and his crew.

>> No.23133999


Considering Juri's KO quote is "I'll have my revenge!" I don't see this being supported by the game, at all.

>> No.23134034

It's the Wilhelm Scream of Japanese porno comics.

>> No.23134131


They only took away the startup invincibility from his Lariat ASSIST. Its still stupidly invincible when Hagar is on-point. Like.. to the point where Hagar's Lariat can stuff every level 3 hyper in the game.

And yeah, with the right assists Hagar can 100% to dead any character in the game in one combo.

>> No.23134229


These threads are part of the reason I came back to /tg/.

>> No.23135510

Maybe people want to create a character like Juri in their games. Who knows?

>> No.23135612


It's clearly a desperate cry for SFQ to come back. I know it's not, it's just a joke.

>> No.23135657

At least it's good to see you around.

>> No.23136328


I'm around a lot (probably too much) just without the name on. I appreciate it, though!

Polite sage for off-topic.

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