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eldar dump?

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If I eventually get an Eldar army, I might just go with Mymeara, the one in your pic. Cool color scheme. Also Shadow Spectres.

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Eldar? i'm down

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Hell yeah.

Are Shadow Spectres good, by the way? Any Eldar players tried them out?

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they have miniature prism cannons.

Nuff said

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Eldar thread? I like your style, OP. Time to bring up one of my favorite stories.

My dad asked me what I was going out to pick up, and I told him I was going to get some Amaretto. He asked me if I was going to get my usual, and I said "yes." He gave me some money and told me to quit buying the di Amore garbage and buy some top-shelf amaretto because "You only live once."

First off, "di Amore" is middle-of-the-road in my opinion. Not luxury, but far from natty ice levels. Nothing wrong with it. The other thing is that I have serious problems buying nice things for myself. I like cigars and tea, but I rarely go past a certain monetary threshold, even if I have the money. I always figured this was due to some sort of suburban practicality, but this situation made my actions much more clear to me.

I asked the liquor store cashier for a recommendation and she gave me a bottle of Disaronno. It was ten dollars more than I normally spent, but okay. I went home and tried some after dinner, and my god. It was like taking the red pill and realizing the lies of my past. Instead of being too sugary sweet halfway through, it had a bittersweet almond licorice taste with a burn reminiscent of good whiskey. And it was smooth all the way through.

I now realize I can't go back. I can't go back to mid-tier or "whatever is on sale" amaretto. That stuff is no longer the liqueur I recognize. When I tried an actual cigar I realized I couldn't go back to smoking Phillies Titans and thinking they were good. When I got Pandora I couldn't go back to FM radio. And when I watched the season premiere of Banshee I realized I couldn't go back to Law and Order: SVU, even if Ice T was staring at the perp in a particularly stern manner this episode.

Nietzche or Jesus once said "Be careful when you ingest top-shelf stuff lest you become a snob," and man, he was right.

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See, this guy gets it.

>And the lack of really good official Eldar art makes me sad.

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That looks like something from Halo.

Is Feral Mantis a canon warrior aspect, or is it a fanmade one?

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Pretty sure just fan-work.
But GW should really do something with those Slicing Orbs of Xanoth, or whatever that wacky aspect that we've only gotten a name for is.

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So any ideas about the new Eldar codex? New Phoenix Lords? New Aspects? Nightwing becomes a core ruleset unit?

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Yeah, but the slicing orbs are limited to only one craftworld.

They're not meant to be a major one, just an example of the many different possible ones out there.

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Some aspects are going plastic.
I think it was like, a Spiders/new thing dual, and a Shining Spears/new thing dual.
Then some plastic wraith guard dual, with a new CC load out.
Then some HQ level not phoenix lord exarchs.
And maybe a new Avatar, and it's rumored to be real big. Like, Trygon big.
I speculate that the starcannon will continue its trend of nerfing, and Autarchs will still have shitty gear options.

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Slicing Orbs and Crystal Dragons are the ones that don't have rules. And apparently there's an ace pilot Phoenix Lord named Amon Harahkt. I could see his unique flyer being given stats sometime, a Nightwing with BS7 that costs as much as a Land Raider and has some sort of ridiculous air superiority ability perhaps? It would be hilarious.

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I have to post it in every fucking /TG/ Eldar thread, i shouldnt have to /tg/ step up yo game.

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Do the craftworld shake niggas.

All those eldar in their fancy aspect armor breaking it down to passably video editing.

You know it just feels right!


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>tfw 6thed Fire Dragons will see no change other than costing as much as terminators because "boo-hoo my T4 3+ ATSKNF dudes can't carry 10 meltas too!"

Shit sucks, yo.
It'd be pretty cool if you got a "make-your-own" aspect unit. Like, 7 unique gear options (with corresponding exarch stuff), a host of abilities to pick for the exarch, sorta like Ogre Maneaters on steroids.

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The more you think about it, the more likely it becomes.

I mean, why not? If this is the Flyer edition, what would sell better than a unique super duper jet fighter, only worth taking at high point values, piloted by an immortal flying ace elf?

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Eldar are really dependable in hth in 6th, i wouldnt mind some bad ass power axe wielders.

They would need a way to get to grips with an enemy or assault ramp upgrades to falcons / wave serpents.

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That's a cool idea, but people would just min-max given the chance. Mandiblasters, Power Weapons, Jump Packs, Power Armor and Meltaguns for everyone! It goes against the idea of an Aspect.

Aspects focus the wayward, corruptible passions of the Eldar into a single, honed image of warfare.

The Fire Dragon is the power of pure destruction. The Striking Scorpion is sudden and overwhelming. The Shadow Spectre is a confusing and terrifying dance of light and shadow. The Dark Reaper is death incarnate, mowing down his enemies from afar. Aspect Warriors share the same statline, with their wargear all being focused on a certain strategy, on the highly thought-out form of warfare to which they are specialized.

So it would be very tricky to allow for the design of custom aspects, to make sure that whatever choices are taken, the unit will be specialized in a certain mode of warfare. I find it unlikely that it will happen.

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True, that is the problem, that they don't work properly in this edition. All their rules were designed on a precise style of play that revolved around the now-gone mechanics of 4th edition.

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>i wouldnt mind some bad ass power axe wielders.
>With power axes
>Wasting I5 for S4 AP2
Honestly, they screwed the pooch with Axes. Unless every time you hit someone you're dropping a small blast or something, give me fists, or keep moving.

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Here we go:
plastic Warpspiders/Everguard
plastic Skycharriots/Shining Spears
plastic Phantomwaechter
plastic Jetbikes
plastic Wraithguard/Cataphracts
plastic flyer combi-kit
plastic phoenix lord niadhau
plastic webway gate
resin box Avatar
resin Black Warden
resin Dire Avenger Xentarch
resin Howling Banshee Xentarch
resin Fire Dragon Xentarch
resin Striking Scorpion Xentarch
resin box Dragon Riders
resin box Eldritch Raiders
resin box Halcones Cazadores
resin Warlock

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Oh, no, the unit wouldn't have stuff other aspects have. Everything would be new, there would be restrictions, that sort of thing. I'm sure it could be made to work, but yeah, GW has NEVER been strict enough to get those sorts of mechanics to even approach balanced.

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Generally the axe is going to be much much cheaper than the fist. That said, yeah, it's pretty useless for Eldar. I figure since they changed their minds and let Dark Eldar get an AP2 melee unit, Eldar will probably have something. That said, the rumors don't have anything about an assault transport, which is a problem. Maybe the rumored webway gate fortification will do something interesting?

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I still think it'd be better if the aspects had options, but ones which fit into the theme of the aspect.

Letting Fire Dragons replace their fusion guns with flamers.
Dark Reapers with Shuriken Catapults.

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Also, you'd run into the problem of being really bland and generic, or being really specific and defeating the point. Although doable, it'd be really tough to balance the two. That said, crazy wargear seems to be the name of the game in 6th. If nothing else, the HQs should be interesting!

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Actually, the new Avatar is supposed to be

>The Avatar of the Young King
Completely new design, much smaller, only as large as a wraithguard, set of aspect armour where every piece is spread out and connected by a body of magma, looks like an fire/earth elemental clad in a suit of armour, dire avenger helm with fire from the eyes and half burnt helm crest, floats and torso pose looks like vader during his Noooo scream, hands are armored, blood is dripping from the left, the right is molten and transformed into a blade

The Trygon sized one is

>Eldar Spirit Warrior

wraithlord-war walker mix, trygon base, running bird legs with hooves, huge scaled torso, a dozen poles extend from the back (like wraithlord but three times as much), left forearm replaced with massive lance, right hand holds extra handle on lance shaft or a three pronged swastika blade. Lower back, left shoulder and part of the left arm are concealed by an impressive cloak, head is surrounded by scaled armour plating, large gem at the front, doesn’t bend upward towards the end but downward, whole model leans forward, chest can be opened, female pilot inside

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The problem with axes is that the only things they have a pronounced edge against (Terminators) over swords A)have an invul save, while your axe probably doesn't, and B)is probably always going to have at least 1 dude hitting before you. Like, shit, every terminator squad that can should have 1 or 2 PoLCs just to laugh at the idiot charging him with axes.
All they have to do is give serpents and falcons assault ramps. You're still probably exposing the ass-end AV10 to the whole fucking enemy, it'd hardly be unbalanced on 135 point vehicles. But like homing beacons, only the might Imperium has figured out how to make a decent ramp to run out of.
Seriously, fuck "3-turn assaults if you want to put your t3 4+ 200 point CC unit in a transport".
At least our minis don't look dumb as shit as they've been going modern.

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I'm kinda surprised Forge World isn't on top of that shit. I mean, it's not Imperial, but that's fucking cool.

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One would assume the eldar power axe variant gets slightly different rules, as are most HtH weapons for the new codexes.

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Well, according to the Errata, the most common Eldar Power-axes are S+2, AP3 two handed weapons.

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>much smaller, only as large as a wraithguard
That's actually kind of depressing, seeing as the Avatar used to wrestle with Greater daemons. So I hope this isn't true.
Though if it is, I hope I win that RT avatar auction.
They are making too much money with their HH stuff to do anything else. Which really sucks.

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interesting to see my stuff reused though

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Maybe they're changing it to fit how Avatar fluff works these days. Ah well.

Sounds like the Spirit Warrior may be the Eldar version of the Dreadknights/Ubersuit "little guy in a big guy unit". I mean, I guess that's a thing now.

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To be honest, according to a lot of the fluff, most pilots are more likely to be on the Path of the Steersman.

They combine mentally with the craft they use, becoming one with it. Those who get lost on the path are the ones who get chosen for Titan piloting.

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>So any ideas about the new Eldar codex?
I really, really hope they tone down the Ulthwe focus and boost some of the other Craftworlds more, so they AREN'T so much the faction of self defeating asshats.

Maybe new characters for Saim-Hann, Alaitoc and Biel-tan? Like a Ranger character for Alaitoc, a Saim-Hann HQ that unlocks bike troops, and a named Autarch for Biel-tan that unlocks some Aspect Warriors as troops?

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I think they're having both.

Regular greater daemon types, and lesser avatars.

>> No.23118192

I dunno, it'd be kind of sucky for people to lose the ability to have bike troops without taking a special character.

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Here's some more descriptions:

>Black Warden - The Black Warden looks like an female Autarch. She has a shurikencatapult and a feathered guardian helm with an eye on it.
>Eldritch Raiders - They look like guardians but have no helms and wear scarfs around the lower head and swashbuckle belts. They are very individually equipped, have all sorts blades, pistols and/or rifles.
>Everguard: aspect warrior body with runes on the chest, same collar as warpspiders but no mandible arcs and gas masks, different more warlock-like face plate and small arc at back of the head, double bladed two-handed spears, very dynamic models, jets from the side/underside of the backpack, squad leader has larger head-arc, mantle hangs over the backpack, flies in the wind
>Cataphracts: float/fly, fluttering cloth pieces instead of legs, wing-shaped shields and spears, segmented/armored head

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Giant robo-suits are pretty cool. I'll never be able to afford it, but it should look pretty.
And it'd be real nice if Harlequins got those grenades they have MODELED ON THEM and the Shadowseer got actual hallucinogen grenades.

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Whoops. My bad. I though bikes were fast attack as is.

But... something with that kind of focus for Saim-Hann.

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>Eldar Dragon Riders 3 per box, very slender lizard mounts not unlike slaanesh steeds, all female rider, no helmets, long braids, guardian armor without backpack, all have shining spear lances, sabres and/or sniper rifles as sidearms, the armor has no decoration, not even gems or small bubbles, only exception is a gem that holds a cloak that falls to the left side of the rider, very simplistic look, not aztec or tribal at all.

>Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart holds lance upright, one end on the ground, points with axe on something, shining spear helm with tail of hair, layered armour like dark eldar-armour but with smooth curves, can be placed on vyper-variant, looks very similar to a vyper, canopy more segmented and wings in falcon-style, one large jet engine, chariot platform on the back, two large pennants.

Supposedly Niadhu is going from Saim-Hann clan leader to Phoenix Lord for the Shining Spears. I'm a big fan of Saim-Hann, so it's a little disappointing, but still potentially cool.

>> No.23118280

Well, Shining Spears were originally from Saim-Hann (and based on Exodite Dragon Knights), so quite possibly it's actual character development.

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>Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber The flyer is pretty large and has a crossbow shape, two canopies, one fin. The main variant on the cover has some lances and a large dorsal distort cannon. The other variant has extra downward/sideway thrusters, but I don’t remember if it has a different weapon loadout.

And the new Xentarchs, which are probably Autarchs:

>Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch holds two handed samurai sword downwards, two wrist-mounted shuriken catapults, banner, 99% that the phoenix on it is modeled on, one foot stands on a rock with an owl next to it, all armour plates are bedecked with a rune pattern, don’t know if this is only painted on

>Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch golfer pose, bends forwards and slashs upwards with a sabre, stretches other arm straight into the air, holds tri-swatiska, has snakes woven into her hair

>Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch jumps forwards, holds two short but thick chainswords in front, back of armour has backbone-like element that looks like a scorpion tail, continued on the helmet and ends in a sting, stands on ornamented plate with roots on it

>Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch knees almost, holds very long pike with two hands ready to fire, huge cluster of grenades on his back and his belt, helm ends in a dragon head

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You could upgrade your bikes and vypers to Wild Riders. Which would give them Skilled Rider, I guess?
Or probably a more useless Furious Charge.

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Eldritch Raiders sound like an alternate troops choice for Corsairs to replace Guardians.

>> No.23118352

Yeah, I kinda suspect they'll be a Corsair unit that you can drop in seeing as they're apparently bringing back Exodite Dragon Riders. I can honestly say I support both those things 100%. I'm actually working on a Exodite/Corsair army already.

>> No.23118373

Yeah, from the sounds of it, it'd be possible to make Corsair or Exodite armies from this new codex.

>> No.23118379

>holds tri-swatiska
Triskele. They are triskele. Because Eldar are a bunch of crazy fucking Celts.

>> No.23118401

Could Swooping Hawks be making a comeback?

>Eldar Swooping Hawks 5 per box, larger wings, not so stiff and two-dimensional, several straps of clothes from the loin, wrists and ankles, model stand on these straps, both shoulder plates have inbuilt missile racks, Exarch has two shoulder-mounted blasters and a scimitar in one hand and two optional rifles, one is the same as the old exarch had, the other is a small star cannon.

The new jetbike based units certainly sound cool:

>Eldar Sky Charriots/Shining Spears 3 per box, look like small vypers, slightly larger than jetbikes. Two parts: an engine part with jetbike-like canopy but in the shape of a dragon, owl and hawk head, sideway jets, and a distinct winged chariot part, parts are connected by arcs. Riders either warlocks but arms are not robed, spear, sword and staff; or shining spear aspect warriors with lances, shining spears have smooth canopies with gems instead animal heads, helms look very cylon-like, have collar-like shoulderguards

>Eldar Jetbikes 3 per box, the same pose as dark eldar jetbike, guardian riders with smaller helmets or bareheaded with lots of flying hair (80s heavy metal mane) and without backpack, vyper-esque smooth canopy, jet and wings have the same design as a falcon grav tank, underslung twin shuriken catapults and/or serpent-shaped bladehooks, some riders have axes with a hole in the blade

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Elder Titans confirmed for punk as fuck.

>> No.23118453

Yeah, this was all a translation. Some stuff didn't quite carry over. ie. Halcones Cazadores.

Still, Eldar love mythic stuff, and Hindu myth would be an interesting addition!

>> No.23118457

As long as they keep their haywires.
>"You've got AV14/4HP? I've got 10 Haywire Grenades!"

>> No.23118488

6th ed, along with the FAQs have definitely benefited swooping hawks. That said, they still have such a stigma attached that people don't even think about them any more. A new codex could do them some good.

>> No.23118551


>Swooping hawks
>Missile racks
>Possibility of assault given Exarch loadout
>Possibly more shooty

I very much want them to count as flying, but that might be too much.

>> No.23118592

I'm also not sure what "mini star cannon" means. Wouldn't that just be like a plasma gun? Really though, I'm a sucker for star cannons even when they make sense. I have to constantly remind myself to not switch out all the Ravagers in my Dark Eldar to triple Disintegraters as well.

>> No.23118633

>Wouldn't that just be like a plasma gun?
Yes, but it doesn't get hot. As SH are anti-light infantry and vehicles, it would make sense for your precision shot guy to have the best gun for that. And I would fucking LOVE for eldar to get some plasma guns and pistols, and fucking HATE for them to only get them for Swooping Hawk Exarchs.

>> No.23118688

So from the various descriptions it sounds like not a full return to the awesome 80s Bowie look. Which is sad. But a lot more thematic stuff with crazy animal heads and such. Which is great!

We always talk about what units we would like to see, but seeing as these are Eldar, and equal question is: what stylistic choices would you like to see?

>> No.23118728

I don't know, because they are all over the board. You've got Celtic stuff, Greco-Roman stuff, Asian stuff, and then the mythology is "Hindu if it were Greek". It is nuts. And I love it for that. So, hammer it in with the Craftworld stuff being all classical/ancient civ style, and then the guardians/corsairs/exodites being punk, with a little Celtic.

>> No.23118801

Yeah, Eldar are a little weird like that. The Aspects alone make it hard to keep a unified look. It really comes down to those rounded edges, crystals, and sleekness. I'd love to field an entire army where every model is doing some sort of sick nasty flip or flying through the air or some shit. Also, alternate heads in every kit that look like they were ripped from an 80s cyberpunk RPG.

>> No.23118898

Is the answer hot banshee ass? I assume it's hot banshee ass.

>> No.23118996

It's always hot banshee ass.

>> No.23119072

>hindu myth
>Tau caste system
Yeah, no, it wasn't quite entirely communism, as popular a slander as it is..

>> No.23119083

Y U Jelly, mon-keigh?

>> No.23119115

I'm not sure I follow...

>> No.23119146

>Earth worker, Fire warrior, Air whathaveyou
Actually is the real Hindu caste system, not quite elemental based, but that's what it was(no the retarded poverty inducing karmic bullshit of today). Everyone was working towards a common goal of doing the right and good thing for god and society, though no one person was meant to be more important than the other. I'm wasn't paying attention to all the specifics because I've never stayed awake long enough in any church or temple.. ever.

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>> No.23119174

Oh. Right. Yeah, I follow you there.

I was bringing it up since there was a mistranslation leaving Eldar swinging swastikas, and I mentioned that using Hindu myth (y'know, swatchkas) would be interesting since the Eldar steal everyone elses myths.

But hey, Tau are cool too. Battle Brothers and what not.

>> No.23119246


Does anybody use Wraithguard atm, and how do they work out for you?

>> No.23119248

>not running Dissise Ravagers

My local environment has gone so infantry-heavy that some Dragons on a Quad-Gun and some random Haywire Wyches are all the anti-tank I need. All anyone runs are dakka Dreads and Flyers, and Lance Ravagers are so ass at taking those out that I dont miss them.

Meanwhile, Dissise Ravs do some fuckin' work on these power armored assholes!

>> No.23119319

That does seem to be the case more and more often. I really want to see the look on the foot marine players face when I prescience the dissie ravager.

>> No.23119481


This trope always annoys the shit out of me. "Hurr human stuff is ugly and unwieldly and they can't make better."

When and why did this shit get started? We're perfectly capable and even willing to make weapons, tools, armor and equipment of "inhuman grace" but generally don't because making everything a work of art is a stupid waste of time and resources.

>> No.23119495


It's better than shitty HFY, and this is fiction.

>> No.23119575

Well, if you prefer there's the Archeotech options.

>> No.23119593

It makes sense. I mean, Eldar power armour is going to be different to human power armour. Look at what Striking Scorpions wear.

>> No.23120362

what book is this?

>> No.23120545


Which (I assume RT) splatbook are these from? I need it. I need it so bad.

>> No.23120639

Stars of Iniquity.

We also find out that ork medical kits can be used as improvised weaponry.

>> No.23120665


Because it implies something otherwordly and alien about the weaponry.

Also, Eldar are about a hundred million years more advanced than even DAoT humanity. So just deal with it.

>> No.23120726

Know where it can be downloaded?

>> No.23120759

As far as I know there's no leak yet, just up on drivethrurpg.

>> No.23120893

Can someone explain to me just what the hell a "Xentarch" is?

>> No.23120897

We don't know yet.

>> No.23120920

Bullshit, DAoT Humanity had technology that was greater than the Necrons and Eldar.

Thay's why the Eldar left humanity alone. They were too powerful to mess with.

>> No.23120921

A misspelling of Xenarch, a race of aliens?


>> No.23120944

Im sorry im late.
>Exarchs = Stubborn, exarch powers are squad upgrades.

Farseer = mastery level 1, can upgrade to mastery level 3, may take 4 powers. doesnt roll for eldar powers.

Pheonix lords = FNP, Fuegan gets 4+ FNP

Autach = seize initiative 4+, 2 warlord powers.
DIre avengers =24" Assault 2 shuricats, Bladestorm is all weapons are salvo 2/4

Guardians = min unit size 5, defenders get bs4 and support weapon options(d-cannon/vibrocannon, ect), storm get ws4 and plas/haywire grenades

Scorpions = stealth for 10pts

Banshees = furious charge for 10pts, ap 2.

Wraithguard = 35pts, FNP.

>Fast attack

swooping hawks = Skyleap = swoop like MCs, intercept = Vectorstrike with Haywire grenades.

shining spears = get s6 ap2 PW on charge, haave unwieldy maul afterwards

Warp spiders = Deepstrike without scatter for 10pts, Enter reserves at end of asssault-phase for 10pts(roll deepstrike mishap table)

>Heavy support = BS4 for 5pts for all guardian units(falcons,warwalkers, ect)

Dark Reapers = skyfire and intercept for 35pts

Wraithlord = twinlink is optional, FNP

>Vehicle upgrades

Shock field = 15pts gives assault transport can not be combined with holo fields.

Holo fields = 15pts gives shrouding

star engines = 25pts may flat out in the assault phase

Shadow Weaver= unit hit is in dangerous terrain.
Starcannon=36" S6 AP2 Heavy 3
Vibrocannon= causes ap- penetrating hits on vehicles.
Brightlance= 10pts cheaper

>> No.23120952


>> No.23120964

Because every Eldar thread needs all 4.

>> No.23120989

Dear sweet Asur let this be true!

>> No.23120990

And I just finished up converting a bike council and painting up warp spiders... I swear I have the magical power to make kits come out.
I'm still sore after having converted a whole unit of Bloodcrushers, finishing Minutes before I heard about the plastics.

>> No.23120994

The fanon is strong in this one.

>> No.23121003


reads like a wishlist.

>> No.23121016

>Implying the Eldar being stronger isn't also fanon
>Implying we know much of anything from that time
>Implying you both aren't pulling shit out of your asses.

>> No.23121017


>Humans making weapons of INhuman grace

Man you HFY fags really are the worst sometimes.

>> No.23121036


Well we at least know the Eldar really were the greatest civilsation before The Fall. And the Fall hadn't happened during humanity's DAoT yet, I don't think.

So yes, the Eldar did have better tech.

>> No.23121046

>(roll deepstrike mishap table)
I'm sorry but I'm going to need clearification on this.
Do you mean you, that you are forced to roll on the mishap? because thats a really crappy deal and in best case, lands you back in reserve, or placed where you are least likely to be usefull or dead.
I can't see for the love of me why anyone would want to take a mishap roll, much less pay for it.

>> No.23121048

Phil Kelly himself said that Eldar could pretty much do anything they wanted to before the Fall.

>> No.23121074

its like a super hit'n'run,
think about it,
deep strike without scatter in movement,
shred something with s6 in shooting,
Disappear in assault phase.

Get charged/charge something
enter reserves at end of assault phase.

>> No.23121080

It is obviously that Phil Kelly is a foggot.

>> No.23121122

I remember when I produced this picture, funny to see someone else posting it here.

>> No.23121127

Too obvious. Put some effort in it next time.

>> No.23121140

It's terribly unclear.

Dark Age of Technology Humanity vs Pre-Fall Eldar fluff is at the moment as concrete as Horus Heresy Fluff was 12 years ago.

There really isn't any one objective statement that overrides all others.

Eldar have been said to be the greatest civ evarr and DAoT humanity has been described as finding alien races "trivial threats".

DAoT technology such as an AdMech Arch Mechanicus has been described as being stupendously more powerful than anything the Eldar currently have.

My personal canon is that DAoT humans were like the Tau and the Eldar were like the Imperium- humans have widespread 2nd tier tech, Eldar have widespread 3rd-2nd tier tech with examples of 1st tier tech.

>> No.23121142

Yes a faggot in the ocean of faggots that compose GW. However it is cannon that both the Eldar and Necrons could snuff out a star system with the click of a button in the height of their power. A feat the imperium has never accomplished even at the height of it technological golden age. In fact most necron tech completely take a shit of physics and then flips it the bird. The imperium was never the most teched out race in the galaxy and it never will be.

>> No.23121146

The "Fall" began I believe just about or right after the DAoT. Which at most means that the Eldar became more insular than usually, no longer caring about external problems (meaning that any alien society, including every-present Orks, were beneath their attention).
I'd also like to point out that while I've seen it said constantly that human spread and prospered throughout the stars during the DAoT, it is only the Eldar that conquered them.
And that's not a bad thing, the whole fucking point is that the Eldar reached even higher than humanity can fathom, and so fell even farther upon their collapse.

>> No.23121151

Necrons don't have Titans.

Humanity fields hundred of thousands of these marvels of technology. A single one of them can win the war within a whole sector.

>> No.23121165

>Dark Age of Technology Humanity vs Pre-Fall Eldar fluff is at the moment as concrete as Horus Heresy Fluff was 12 years ago.
Does this mean that the Black Library is going to miss the entire point of mostly-lost histories and start fluffing the DAOT without regard for how stupid their material might be?

>> No.23121170

Forgive me, I'm aparently thick as a brick here.

I get the hit'n'run deal and how awsome DS without scatter would be, hell as the owner of a Daemon army aswell as an Eldar, I'm super jelly of the Blood angels fairy dance only scatter d6 thingy, what I don't understand is the mishad part of it, who in the right mind would ever agree to a mishap, again, i'm drawing from Daemon experience here, nothing will turn your hair grey faster then those tests.

>> No.23121178

Er, so could Dark Age humanity.
Fuck, renegade techpriests were killing suns in the Meritech Wars, so you're wrong there.

>> No.23121181

>A feat the imperium has never accomplished even at the height of it technological golden age
Which to be fair, was only 200 years long and they still relied on DAOT archeaotech for their best stuff.

>> No.23121197

Crypt Stalker. Megalith.

>> No.23121211

Hopefully not; I mean, what are you supposed to write about?
>Witness the riveting tale of everything working correctly and nothing going horribly wrong!
Titans. You're going to say that "a really big robot" makes it better tech than, say, magic metal that heals itself?
And yay, one titan can swing a war with a bunch of malnurished rebels, whoopty shit.
>"You've got a towering machine of metal? I've got 50 Scarab swarms!"

>> No.23121228

>Crypt Stalker

Retconned Oldcron crap. Only rumored and sighted at Medusa.

Never seen again in any fluff.


Not on same level as a Titan.

>> No.23121233

Well, they could start with describing the Age of Technology and a few of its wars and then go into the war with the Iron Men

>> No.23121241

I just assumed most of the important Eldar technology and engineers was lost at the fall. Craftworld Eldar are just very conservative and timid. If you look what the Dark Eldar gets up to in Commorragh it's pretty impressive. Although, the Haemonculi covens probably keep a lot of their inventions a secret to the general public.

>> No.23121244

The Megalith is massively bigger than a Monolith.
I disagree.

>> No.23121271

this is a wonderful thread. i don't play TT, for a variety of reasons, but i have some partially asembled eldar models.

>> No.23121281

Well, you're in confirmed troll territory now. Carry on.

Was there any doubt really?

That's true, but the argument was that the imperium was technologically superior to the Eldar with their DAoT stuff. Which, for what ever the tragic circumstance, is simply false.

>> No.23121289

Then why do they always lose?
Why is their war god a joke?

>> No.23121298

>Which, for what ever the tragic circumstance, is simply false.

Can you provide any evidence for this?

Can anyone provide any evidence for the contrary?

I don't think it's really been covered, so we shouldn't claiming speculation as objective fact.

>> No.23121302

Well DAOT humanity stuff is certainly superior to what the Craftworld Eldar have now.

But I would hold we don't know enough about the DAOT Eldar/mankind to objectively say for a fact who was stronger.

>> No.23121318

Because bad writers decided the Avatar is a boss monster for Space Marines to kill.

>> No.23121319

I would love to see them go into detail about the Iron Men!

>> No.23121339

marine centric plot.

why do the bad guys always lose?

if you want to be meta about it you can argue it's because the game is presented from the human's perspective, propaganda, history written by the victors and all.

>> No.23121345

I think that the problem is, no one has ever brought up Eldar Archeaotech, for whatever reason. You'd think that someone would find some, somewhere, what with how often regular jack-offs run into "ANCIENT DEVICES OF THE DARK AGE OF TECHNOLOGY THAT THREATEN THE STABILITY OF THE ENTIRE SECTOR!!!"
As I said, I go by the language, and I've yet to read a bit that has humans controlling the galaxy, rather than being spread around it.
Which ones?

>> No.23121346

>for Space Marines to kill.
And swarmlords
and guardsmen.

>> No.23121348

If history's written by the victors, then the Eldar are still the losers.

>> No.23121359

Self repairing armor. It's not like every force in the galaxy invented something like that.

Yes, the Technology that enables the existence of these holy war machines is far greater than anyone can imagine.Their might and firepower are things of legend. Eldar, Orks, Tau, and even Necrons are hard pressed against these Titans.

If your race don't produce Titans, then your not included in the Big Boys League. Dark Eldar, Tau, and Necrons please relocate yourselves to smalltime corner.


No more fearsome that those little tyranid creatures. Good luck getting through the shields and the supporting forces.

>> No.23121360

Rolled 1, 4, 4, 2, 3, 5, 1, 1, 4, 3, 3, 5, 5, 6, 3, 1 = 51

In fluff?
Because at the end of 3rd ed/ start of 4th writers started to pull a worf with Eldar.
Partly because Eldar were the most powerful faction at the time, and a great way to illustrate how badass something was, and partly because all those writers who took over after the start of 4th picked on the Eldar as a way of getting their own back.

Why? because 2nd edition Eldar were the most OP fucking broken army ever.
3rd edition nerfed them. Guess what they were still the most powerful army until the end of 3.5.

crunch wise: early 4th ed Nerf codex in an era of OP codex creep, flyers and significant rule changes.

>> No.23121364

Eldar archeotech might not be as common as human simply because much of their empire was swallowed by the EoT.

>> No.23121375


There is sufficient evidence to assume it did.

Dark Age of Technology rose when pre-Fall Eldar empire existed, coexisted with it, and crumbled into Age of Strife thousands of years before the Fall.

Eldar codex says pre-Fall Eldar's technological achievements excelled those of all other races, and that no one had seriously threatened their wealth and stability for millennia.

Dark Eldar codex says that pre-Fall Eldar civilization was the greatest since the Old Ones.

If Dark Age humanity was a serious rival to the pre-Fall Eldar it would probably be mentioned somewhere and the aforementioned fluff would not exist.

>> No.23121384

The Dark Eldar have Titans, though. They're just not prevalent in lore. Like the Tormentor Titan.

>> No.23121390

Then you are lost to your preconceptions.

For all the circumstantial evidence of the Eldar being the strongest, there is as much saying DAoT humanity was the strongest.

As for your observation that there is little mention of Eldar Archaeotech, that is merely an indication of its rarity compared to Human Archaeotech, or the smaller extent of the Eldar civilisation compared to the Human civilisation, not that there is some accidental omission of writers mentioning it.

>> No.23121391

The eldar having blood orgies directly led to the Age of Strife. That's all part of the Fall.

>> No.23121393


Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Exodites and Craftworld Eldar are fluffwise "nothing but pale reflections" of the pre-Fall Eldar. Explains why bright lance is inferior to lascannon etc.

>> No.23121399

Because of reasons, plot armor, and GWs hard on for spess mehreens. I miss the old Space marines. What made them interesting was that they were fighting hard as hard as the could, but they were losing! They were the grim dark underdogs, but they were still trying because humanity will not go with out a fight! That's what mad them amazing! What GW turned them into is a tragedy. I also miss 80's hair david bowie eldar space pirates.

I'm going to stick to my star system snuffing case.

>> No.23121417

I, for one, hold a great deal of justified satisfaction over the Eldar being the whipping boys nowadays.
No more do they get to be massively OP.

Also god damn look at dem hips.

>> No.23121419

Why should anyone care that there is an over abundance of marine fanboys if the alternative is just going to be Eldar fanboys.

>> No.23121424


Fall explicitly happened around M30, just before the Great Crusade.

Before that Eldar were depraved, but their empire was very much present. And mere fallout of their partying was enough to collapse the human realms during that time, thousands of years before Slaanesh was born and the Eldar empire destroyed.

>> No.23121434

> What made them interesting was that they were fighting hard as hard as the could, but they were losing! They were the grim dark underdogs, but they were still trying because humanity will not go with out a fight!


>> No.23121444

Yes, and that was caused by the Warp "pregnancy" of Slaanesh.
So, the beginning of the end for the Eldar.

>> No.23121446

a badly painted falcon and a squad of 3 swooping hawks, both from late 90s/early 00s, a wraithlord, a fire prism in box, and a heavy weapons sprue.

only of the battles the emperium won and bothered to write down. there's also just plain bias; see american books about the soviet union.

anyway, must sleep

>> No.23121450


The beginning of the end for Eldar, but for DAoT humans that alone was THE end.

>> No.23121451

Well, the lance isn't "inferior", it is just that it is overcosted when used against AV12 or lower, which just happen to be the most common vehicles fielded (it'd be cool if lance did something else when used against AV12 or lower). I mean, I'd be down if we could take pulse lasers for as much as LCs as an option, the higher rate of fire making up for the slight lose of str, which isn't too much of a problem for lighter vehicles.

>> No.23121452

Wasn't it the war with the Iron Men that sent humanity into the downwards spiral known as the Age of Strife?

>> No.23121458

1. Eldar have Titans, and they're far more advanced than Imperial ones.

2. Surely you jest? Necrons have time manipulating tech and Eldar have pocket dimension/system-snuffing/collapseast-areas-of-space-into-the-webway tech. DAoT humanity doesn't even seem to have anything comparable to the Craftworlds, let alone this mad stuff stuff.

DAoT humanity are smalltime compared to the elder races.

>> No.23121460

Because the Warp exploded. Yes.

>> No.23121477

I don't see the part where he denies blood orgies were part of what caused the Fall. I don't see what you're getting at.

>> No.23121478

>DAoT humanity doesn't even seem to have anything comparable to the Craftworlds
Demonstrable bullshit. The Baneblade was a fucking scout tank.

>> No.23121493

It may have exaperated it, but the AoS was predominately caused by a near inability for humanity to conduct interstellar communications and travel. Because the Warp was fucked. Because of all the Eldar fucking.
The Fall of the Eldar is both an era of several thousand years, and a epochal event at M30.

>> No.23121494

A Baneblade is not an artificial planetoid. It's just a fucking big tank.

>> No.23121500

The Imperium has artificial planetoids. Why wouldn't Dark Age humanity?

>> No.23121507

It was primarily the appearence of psykers and the warp storms.
6e rulebook says
>By the end of M23 there was widespread
anarchy, descriptions of what must be Daemonic possessions and great turbulence in the Warp. Some records also cite betrayal by the machines and a great war with robotic armies. Whether factual or allegorical, the histories leave no doubt on one point: the golden age had come to a spectacularly swift and brutal end.

>> No.23121510

It's a terrible scouting vehicle. A good one made with alleged DAoT technology would be invisible, extremely fast and capable of teleportation.

>> No.23121514

And you know what? It still uses treads.
>You know your shit is tight when your tanks can double as air support.

>> No.23121516

It has big space stations. If you can link me to something that indicates the same scope as a craftworld, then that's cool. But you can't, because they don't exist.

>> No.23121518

Yup. I think the Imperium of Man was humanitys last ditch attempt at survival but the Horus Heresy put a stop to that.

>> No.23121522

Well, it's not like the design survived fully intact.
The RH1NO used to be completely automated, after all.

>> No.23121527

i see a scorpian super heavy in the background

>> No.23121532


The warp only "exploded" from the point of view of lesser races at that point.

The Eldar were in a sufficient condition to build and send out the first craftworlds five thousand years after Dark Age humans were destroyed.

>> No.23121536

And warp storms caused by the coming birth of slaanesh.
And psykers.

DAOT got gangbanged

>> No.23121537

Eldar tanks are comparatively fragile though.

>> No.23121543


Baneblade wasn't a scout tank, that's bullshit internet made up.

>> No.23121545

Actually, DAoT tech in the Admech's Ark ships has been shown to be able to target Eldar crafts, despite holo-fields, and then one-shot them. But the DAoT Warp Drives were still slower than Imperial ships, due to not being able to navigate properly.

>> No.23121554

But why would you make a scouting vehicle so enormous, and with that many disparate weapons jutting out? It's hideously overdesigned in all the wrong areas if that's the case.

>> No.23121556

Baneblades are DAoT tech?

Wow, DAoT is complete shit. Why the fuck is it still using treads? Why is its gun not a catastrophic antimatter ray? Why isn't it capable of going invisible or, shit, flying? That they considered this a viable scout tank is fucking proof that DAoT humanity wasn't even close to Necron/Eldar tier.

>> No.23121558

Because they used the Webway.
Which they didn't create.
FFG has mentioned artificial moons that date back to before the Imperium.
So yes.

>> No.23121564

When the Tau examined Imperial tanks they found that all their systems are poorly used and not all of them utilized. The Imperials intentionally suppress potential of their weaponry, and above that that manufacturing of these weaponry uses poor quality materials.

So you see. The Baneblade could do all that, but the Imperials are holding it back because of their stupidity.

>> No.23121566

Because the Imperium isn't even close to being able to make anything like that?
We don't know what it was like originally.

>> No.23121569

Rolled 5, 2, 4, 4, 4, 6, 3, 5, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 3, 3, 4 = 57

>Eldar tanks are comparatively fragile though.
Except that they are not.
Holo-fields, energyshields, ultra speed, powerful laser weaponry means you are kinda fucked. and if the eldar had even half the tech the used to carve out their empire you would be mega fucked.

>> No.23121579


That particular superweapon did neither directly hit or destroy the Eldar ship, which as anyone who has played BFG knows was a mere Corsair cruiser. And it destroyed an entire Imperial battleship with ease before that.

And as Dark Eldar codex says, all descendant cultures of the Eldar are puny mockeries of the pre-Fall eldar. If DAoT tech beats craftworld eldar it's no big deal. Even normal IoM tech can do so.

>> No.23121580

That means "hurr you can't hit us". That doesn't mean they can sit there and tank blows.

>> No.23121581

Yep, sexy cheese wedge style.

...Speaking of which...

>> No.23121582

>implying FFG is canon

>> No.23121593

Landriders and Thunderhawks can double as submarines.

Suck it, Xenos.

>> No.23121596

Yes, it is.
>Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.
Deal with it nerd.

>> No.23121598

Rule of flying in atmosphere, you can't get too heavy or everything gets fucked.
Still, the speed and mobility are hugely important, and I can imagine that some Imperial commanders get quite annoyed when they fire their big cannon, only to have their equally-sized target slide to the left and dodge the damn round.
Speaking of cannons, Eldar have D-Cannons. Mass-produced too.

>> No.23121603

Falcons are capable of interstellar flight.

>> No.23121609

Well, maybe DAoT humanity actually wanted their tanks to, you know, tank damage.
Also, there's no way of knowing whether the tank originally even used treads.

>> No.23121610

I can drop the impression that those are a bad idea in the long run. You're not supposed to rip holes in the universe.

>> No.23121614

>Speaking of cannons, Eldar have D-Cannons. Mass-produced too.

The Dark Angels have those. There is nearly nothing that the Eldar has and the Imperium doesn't.

>> No.23121615

A $20 toy rocket is capable of interstellar flight.

This is meaningless.

>> No.23121620

Because they're pussies who use the Webway.
Individual Eldar are capable of interstellar travel using it.

>> No.23121621

I never understood that about the Eldar. They can apparently defy gravity completely, so why would they bother making their tanks light weight?

>> No.23121626

I guess you could that, compared to Eldar tech, the Imperium's stuff doesn't hold water.

>> No.23121631

Game balance.

>> No.23121637

>fully sealed cockpits and transport compartments,
>engines capable of launching the vehicle into space.

>> No.23121642

Love me some D-cannons.

>> No.23121644

...Half the Imperium's fighters are spaceworthy, too.

>> No.23121653


According to Gav Thorpe, "eldar wouldn't make tanks their weapons are super effective against". Since these weapons are lances, it means not making over AV12 tanks.

>> No.23121656

Because no one is going to take a 400 point base DT?
>The Dark Angels have those.
Yeah, and they are total shit, unless you are throwing a laser-light rock show.
>Well, maybe DAoT humanity actually wanted their tanks to, you know, tank damage.
You don't need to tank damage if you outflank and blow them up first and never take it to begin with.

>> No.23121657

But not their tanks.

>> No.23121670

That's completely faggotarded.

>> No.23121674

Everything but jetbikes are spaceworthy.
fuck that man.
also eldar have av13 titans now.

>> No.23121678

Why would you ever want to make a spaceworthy tank?

>> No.23121681

Imperial Genetics are superior than any other race.

The Eldar and Necrons are awed by the might of the Space Marines. Some Necrons claim they're the creations of the Old Ones.

>> No.23121689

Hey guys

I'm looking to get into 40k

I've been using some random dude's Necron army at the LGS whenever I go but I am really wanting to start my own army, specifically: Eldar.

I like their fluff and their units and I am wanting to start my first army as them.

So my question to you is: Is the Eldar Battleforce worth it?

>> No.23121701


They got AV13 three years after Gav left the Studio, and even then it was just Forgeworld. I would not expect any change in the actual codex when they get a new one.

>> No.23121702

Because in fluff a falcon chassis is a flying landraider, being mass produced.
and until 4th ed eldar tanks were much harder to destroy than a landraider

>> No.23121706

The Mon-keigh were created by the Ol Ones.
Of course, "Mon-keigh" is also the name of misshapen cannibalistic creatures that enslaved the Eldar, so that proves little.

>> No.23121708

Because they use psycho plastic and wraith bone as a building material, and I'm going to guess that making their tanks heavy weight is actually impossible.

They grow tanks and ships, so I dunno, that makes up for it or something.

Also I am going to continue to dump eldar stuff regardless of all the hurrmans vs durrdar arguments.

>> No.23121717

>also eldar have av13 titans now.
Incapable of killing a few Terminators.

>> No.23121720

>good Eldar thread gets smeared by Humanity Internet Defense Force that hates the idea that Xenos can be good at something

Can we stop doing this in at least half the 40k threads we have, /tg/?

>> No.23121721


Human genetic potential fuck yeah in 40k comes from Dune and superhero comics, while technology is debatable no one can beat the MUSCULOUS MIGHT OF MAN.

>> No.23121723

Humans are much stronger psykers than Eldar. Canon fluff.

Humans is best.

>> No.23121728

Very well.

>Altharius, which meant in the ancient inscrutable Eldar tongue The Most Elegant of Nobility in The Arts of Graceful Warfare and Majestic Pottery pointed his elegant weapon at the apish space marines, the squad ripped apart by a graceful hail of deadly shuriken fire, the advanced psycho reactive monomolecular wraithbone edges ripped apart their crude armor like a swarm of vengeful wraithbees defending their spirithoney from the starbears of ancient Eldar mythology.

>Still for every crudely clad clunky stupid clumsy monkey marine killed, a dozen swarmed in to take its place. Their clumsy boxcars puttered slowly towards the elegant firing lines of the most ancient eldritch elegant Eldar, blown away by graceful deadly brilliant lances of energy from the vengeful lances of the glorious guardian squad Thethaliusomis which meant in the ancient Eldar tongue The Squad of Most Righteous Invincible Unwavering Noble Craftsmen Who Craft Death as Elegantly As Their Earthenware.

>Altharius danced gracefully through the clumsy bolts belched by the marine's crude gun, if such a clumsy device could even be called a weapon, dispatching one after another with elegant sweeps of his monomolecular finely crafted gem encrusted graceful blade made from the psychoreactive wraithbone, testament to the Eldar psychic and technological mastery.

>A stray bolt shell farted through the air and struck Altharius upon his noble chest, but the amazing psycho reactive wraithbone armor of the Eldar which was as flexible as the most sheer silk elegantly shifted and hardened harder than the hardest of hardturtles of ancient Eldar mythology to deflect the crude monkeyshot, veering it into the face of another clumsy marine standing beside him.

>> No.23121733

Because when your battle plan is pretty much "Surprise attack", being able to fly your tanks *down* at your enemies, firing all the way, is another tactical option.
I could understand the logic more if everything came with lances and force fields (justification for barely any S9/10), but they don't, so it is just game balance.

>> No.23121737

>Altharius then somersaulted through the air dancing across the sky like the great elegant hunting falcons of Eldar mythology and in his descent his elegant heel caved in the helmet of one of the crude armor clad monkeys and used the building momentum to spin cartwheeling towards the leader of the marines, a great ugly brute with crooked teeth and a lazy eye and ruddy wrinkly skin his crude armor garishly covered in seals and with the crudely banged out symbol of his clumsy god emperor scrawled upon his crude armor. The simple creature's dumb farm animal eyes widened in fear as the spinning whirlwind of eldritch ancient elegant destruction spun towards him and in a graceful flash of majestic advanced wraithbone he was cut cleanly in two by the elegant gem encrusted monomolecular edge. Its kidneys, backup kidneys, secondary kidneys, and deluxe double black kidneys all fell out of his body with a disgusting ploop.

>Their leader dead, the marines hopped back into their boxes and puttered away, but there would be no escape for the crude monkeys as their clumsy retreat was cut apart by an elegant hail of deadly monomolecular shuriken discs and graceful lances of light that cut through the air like the legendary glowwyrms of Eldar mythology which once aided The Ancient Mythological Eldar God Vaul as he got lost in the spiritwoods in the legendary mythologies of the Eldar's ancient past.

>Altharius was glad the war was over and looked forward to returning to walking the graceful path of the potter which staved off the temptations of Slaanesh but he walked a razor's edge between indulgence and the trappings of the path which the brilliant Eldar mind could fall to such was the tragedy of his people.

>> No.23121743


>> No.23121757

I know that they use Wraithbone for the chassis, and I know that Wraithbone is rare and all, but they might as well put a force field emitter, or something, on there just for some added protection.

Also, thanks for dumping pics.

>> No.23121767


>> No.23121769


>> No.23121776

Eh, It's not horrible. I'd definitely add another box of avengers and guardians to it along with a Farseer..

>> No.23121785

What's that? You want more? Sure!

>Farseer Erlanjupizeusodinchulain, which meant in the most elegant and graceful Eldar tongue the Most Graceful Learned Ancient Elder Scryer of Forgotten Eldritch Paths Walked In Grace and Knowledge of Forbidden Secrets of the Past For The Future Sight Unseeing Allseeing Of The Starlight Where The Maiden Weeps Purple Haze, elegantly extended his triple wraithwand spiritclaws, a great eldritch nimbus of elegant psychic energy reacted with the psycho reactive super advanced wraith technology of the Eldar whose mastery was that could snuff out stars.

>He uttered with eloquence and grace in a manner so full of panache and eldritch arcane knowledge and gracefulness that no lesser race could even begin to hope to even begin in hoping to understand the complexity of the Eldar language seeped in its ancient mythology like the never ending story of the legendary Eldar myth epics of their ancient tragic past.

>"I'm here to take it to the limit".

>The horde of crudely clad clumsy marines in earshot who could only not bear to begin to understand the grasp of magnitude of such Eldrich Arcana that their tiny brains ejaculated violently from every orifice of their body. The master librarian of the crude marines, if such a weakling seer could be called such, defecated himself in terror and fright and euphoria of such a display of raw psychic energy all faith of the emperor was lost for before him stood a true master of the cosmos a Mighty Seer of the Ancient Eldritch Deadly Eldar who wielded his supreme psychic mastery with the grace of a thousand graces of elegance.

>> No.23121786

>So my question to you is: Is the Eldar Battleforce worth it?
If you get two, maybe. Though Guardians aren't so hot right now, but a full unit of Avengers in a serpent, a guardian squad in a serpent, a guardian objective holder, and a unit of walkers isn't a bad start if you have a pretty casual meta. The Eldar book has just not aged well.
Also, while you should take blade storm for your avengers, that is an emergency/opportunity power, as you get more shots overall if you don't use it.

>> No.23121792

>And then he exploded and the flying shards of crude adamantine pierced the Chapter Master of the Emperor's finest, if such crude stupid warriors could be called such or it shows the poor state of the emperor for such fools, like children before the elder Eldar, could be called their finest. But it mattered not for the puny cowardly foolish Chapter Master had already put a bolter round through his own head such was the horror of facing a True Master of the wicked eldritch danger ridden dangerous yet elegant path of psychic Mastery that stood before him.

>Farseer Erlanjupizeusodinchulain let out a sigh of sorrow as he could already feel the call of the dome of the crystal seers which calls for the elder ones of his people and the seer could already feel the crystals hardening but there was still much work to be done for the glorious return of the Eldar and so he resisted the peaceful call of the dome of crystal seers where his friends and masters lay and a single elegant tear fell down his face which was gently blown from his cheek. Such was the tragedy of the Eldar.

>> No.23121808

Greater than any Necron Pylon or Eldar Ward. The Golden Throne of Terra, The Light House of eternity.

Its technology and the man who sits upon it is what keeps all reality from being drowned in Chaos.

How can anyone doubt the Technological Supremacy of the race who constructed this divine monument and testament to Humanity's glory?

>> No.23121818

Wraithbone isn't that rare. I mean, every vehicle is made almost entirely out of it.
Fluffwise it is stronger than adamantium, too. I just don't think that eldar tanks have hulls that are half a foot of solid wraithbone though.

>> No.23121820

>"Sir, we've surrounded the Eldar formation. Shall I order us into range?"
"Indeed, Corporal. Those damn xeno"-
"have evaded us for far too long"-
>"Sir, I think"-
"but now comes the close. Our infantry suffer in our absence, but this is a necessary blow to the"-
>"Sir, I really"-
"What, Corporal? What is it?"
>"Sir, the enemy tank formation appears to have repositioned."
"WHAT!? How!? Where've they gone, man!?"
>"...Into high orbit, we believe."

And then the grav-tanks came down miles away and shredded the Imperial infantry to nothing in the hours it took for their support to arrive.

>> No.23121823

Because it's failing and no one can fix it?

>> No.23121835

>How can anyone doubt the Technological Supremacy of the race who constructed this divine monument and testament to Humanity's glory?
…Other than that it's breaking beyond repair after only 10,000 years?

>> No.23121837

And then the grav-tanks were blown out of the sky by space vessels who by definition have much better armament.
No, not seeing why that's good.

>> No.23121838

They do. Energy fields and holo-fields and what not. Fluff wise looking at an eldar tank will fuck with your eyes because it's bending light or some such. Obscures sensors and targeting arrays too. Too bad it's only fluff really.

>British erginanc

Exactly captcha

>> No.23121843


Golden Throne is just some thing the Emperor found and couldn't understand enough to repair it, just like the webway. Have you not read the Horus Heresy series?

Astronomican is powered by 10k sacrificial psykers and only guided by the Emperor. If Eldar had the population or Necrons had the psykers they could set up one too.

Roboute Guilliman built his own Astronomican just because he could, Emperor is not a necessarily component.

>> No.23121850


Eldar fanboys brought this upon themselves by talking bullshit and trying to pass it off as fact.

The conflict starting with people trying to correct them and became a fight when everyone refused to budge in their convictions.

>mfw there isn't even the potential for a tyranid fluff thread as they have no history or culture
>mfw there is no face because tyranids are a faceless menace that shall consume this galaxy

>> No.23121869

>Imperium ships
>able to target tiny faraway vessels that are only in space for a minute or two

Please. By the time their guns are firing their targets would be gone.

>> No.23121876

Lances move at the speed of light.

>> No.23121877

It's stated that Wraithbone is rare, for some reason. That's another thing I don't get, since every single gun they give to Guardians is completely made out of Wraithbone. They might as well put resources into giving Wraithbone armor to all their Aspect Warriors, or at least add some Wraithbone to the bodies of their vehicles.

>> No.23121881

fuck off

You guys ONLY do this in Craftworld Eldar and Tau threads. Fucking Space Marine and Imperial guard players (and I suspect people who don't even play 40k) swarm these threads just to ruin the thread for us.


>> No.23121887

This assumes that you have a fleet of space craft just chilling directly over every battle. Which isn't true.
This also assumes that said space craft aren't currently engaged with an Eldar fleet, and that going after tanks as fast and maneuverable as your damn space ship won't give the Eldar fleet the chance to fuck you up and start bombarding your forces down the well.

>> No.23121893


>> No.23121894

Because it's a broken down piece of shit that no one knows how it works. It was only a temp solution.

>> No.23121895

What was the bullshit? That the Eldar Empire was better than DAoT humanity? That's fact; it's stated that at the time of the Empire and the DAoT no race was even worthy of the Empire's attention.

>> No.23121898

Yes it is.
What brought the Guard there, genius? What'll take them away?

>> No.23121905

But take several minutes to get working. Have you seen how Imperium ships work? They're logistically slow as fuck.

>> No.23121912


>> No.23121916

Quieten the fuck down Schlomo Israelstein, the only persecution is against tau threads.

Maybe when fluff says it's rare it means rare in the Imperium? I know they bits of it.

Because as you say, everything eldar is made of it. Even Craftworlds. That's a shitload of rareness.

>> No.23121924

> I'm'a teach dem Xenos a less'n in r'spect fer nut sucking thu Imp'rum cock

>> No.23121925


>> No.23121930

Yeah, you're right, it is rare. Which leads me to believe that while a lot of their heavier stuff incorporates Wraithbone, it also uses a lot of their lighter psycho-plastics as well.

>> No.23121935

Regarding craftworld and imperial tanks, why don't you just compare a pre-heresy superheavy and a craftworld superheavy of comparable cost?

>> No.23121939

Channeling the Psychic might of billions and the greatest Psyker to ever live across the ages. Creating a a Holy light seen from all the infinite corners of the Warp. The only thing that keeps the realm of pure horror and anarchy from crashing over the entire universe. Holding back the crimson for ten thousand years!

It's not wonder the great machine is failing, but it won't fail completely until humanity ascends. The Golden Throne is the pinnacle of Technology and can't be matched by anything created by the Xenos.


>> No.23121940

>Maybe when fluff says it's rare it means rare in the Imperium?

Probably true, Necrodermis is considered rare too and there are whole planets made out of it.

>> No.23121944

You're aware that Imperial forces move on the ground as well, right? Battleships don't just sit over them constantly.

And, frankly, if there are Imperium ships in the sky, there's going to be Eldar ones fighting them already.

>> No.23121948


>> No.23121949

I've had a lot of success with Eldar in 6th.

4x 6x Jetbikes with 2x shuricannons each
Bikeseer with warding / spear / stones / fortune / doom
3x prisms
3x 5x fire dragons, each with a wave serpent with TL scatter lasers and underslung shuricannon

Getting 5+ jink on every single model in my army is so delicious.

>> No.23121961

I think by rare they are just alluding to how long it takes bonesingers to shape it. But then again, who knows. GW doesn't put in a whole lot of thought into the technobabble.

>> No.23121962

>all dese butthurt Imperuimfags

Jesus Christ guys why so anally ravaged that your faction isn't the best at all things ever? Do you WANT to be playing the Mary Sue faction?

>> No.23121963

But, if you're not an Eldar fanboy, why are you in an Eldar thread?

That's like saying "I hate nightclubs so fucking much, I'm going to go to one tonight and complain to everyone there how bad it is"

>> No.23121977

>Do you WANT to be playing the Mary Sue faction?

Do I look like a Newcron player to you?

>> No.23121979

No, the HFY circlejerk make their way in to all sorts of threads for fear of their husbando faction not getting attention.

It's like teenagers flipping their shit when you think their idol sucks.

I'm convinced that the bulk of them are underages that thinks tabletop escapism is a competition even outside the game.

>> No.23121980

>For the rest ofthe age, Mankind spread across the stars, becoming widely dispersed and divergent. There is evidence of many wars, but none that threatened the stability of human space
>6th edition rulebook p167

DAoT humanity is similarly immune to Eldar military action

>> No.23121987

You that the Imperium stations guard regiments in places? Which by its nature implies that the fleet isn't always there? Along with the metric crap-load of stories that don't end with "but then the Imperial fleet bombarded everything so it was okay"?
And again, are you got to order your forces to ignore the other space fleet blowing the shit out of you to try and shoot some HALO cruising tanks?

>> No.23121996

Jink is wonderful.

>> No.23121999

You have a shiny chair? That's nice.


>> No.23122005


Or more likely there simply wasn't any threatening military action from part of the Eldar because humans could not threaten them, and they were justifiably dismissive towards them, as the codex says.

>> No.23122019

>Because as you say, everything eldar is made of it. Even Craftworlds. That's a shitload of rareness.
It's weird. It's stated that it's hard to produce and only exists in very limited quantities. I'm guessing they can't reshape it to become something else once it's taken a shape. That would explain why they don't use it for everything, if they're just reusing old stuff that's already taken shape, so they can't change it into something else. They would have to produce new Wraithbone for every new piece of equipment, and that's difficult and time consuming, and that's why they can't use it for everything. That explains why they only use it for the essential things that need to keep working, like chassis and weaponry, because without those they can't fight. If this is the case then they would be in much the same position as the Imperium is in that they have the blueprints for all this cool stuff, but not the proper materials to actually build them, so they substitute some things.

>> No.23122024


>> No.23122030


I'm not a "fanboy" of Eldar, I'm a fan. I think they're cool and should get more codex attention.


Jesus fucking christ, can anybody not see how childish the Eldar defense force is being? I expect this shit from Imperium fags, and now I shall expect it from them as well.

>> No.23122031

Because there was no Eldar military action. By that point they'd settled into letting anyone that wanted to challenge them crash against their automated shit.

Eldar didn't pick fights because it was beneath them. They just ignored everyone else, as nobody could come close to doling them any hurt.

>> No.23122042


>> No.23122059

I'm not even paying attention to either side. I'm just dumping eldar pics so this thread isn't a complete failure.

>> No.23122060

Whats with all the marines in this thread?


>> No.23122061

I think the issue was that the Eldar Empire just didn't care what the other races did out of pure decadence. They figured making the perfect sexswing was more important than solar systems.

>> No.23122063

This is hilariously one-sided in favor of The Eldar.

>> No.23122067

From the Eldar codex:

"Their technological and cultural achievements excelled those of all other races, and in their hubris none amongst them doubted that this state of affairs would continue indefinitely"

So we have two instances of "I'm the best lalala" which we can easily put down to shitty writing consistency.

>> No.23122069

By that logic, Eldar were below the attention of DAoT Humans.

Do you not see how the language is so vague and ambivalent about BOTH sides that you cannot draw any objective conclusions?

Logically it would make sense that the Eldar empire was more advanced because they were around for longer, but it's never explicitly state any more so than it's state that it is objectively Humanity's Destiny to rule the stars.

Is that entirely accurate as well?


Well then wishy washy statements meant to convey a milieu of lost majesty should also not be taken as factual, quantifiable statements.

It's bad logic, stop doing it.

>> No.23122071


>> No.23122072

That pic cracks me up.

>> No.23122086

That's what I've always assumed.

In DAoT fluff about humanity, Eldar are almost unmentioned. I interpreted that as meaning they were locked in their sex dungeons injecting coke into their eyeballs and only came out to get groceries/shoe the Exodites away.

>> No.23122087


They captured stars to light their webway cities, leaving their planetary systems to freeze around M18-20. So most likely they cared at least a little.

>> No.23122088

> I expect this shit from Imperium fags, and now I shall expect it from them as well.
To be fair, the tread was nearly derailed for someone not liking a Rogue Trader item upgrade.

>> No.23122090


>> No.23122091

Can it be said that Harlequins are like Aspect Warriors of Cegorach?

>> No.23122094

Wait, no, that's not ambivalent.

The DAoT stuff says that there wre many wars but none of them threatened the race as a whole. The Eldar are literally stated to find every other race so ridiculously minor that they could completely ignore them without worry.

There's a big difference there.

>> No.23122097

As good a theory as any, I suppose.

>> No.23122122

What else do Eldar use?

Maybe the reason everything is made of wraithbone is because there is no other material invented for their use, so writers fall back on it.

>> No.23122129

I blame Elderfags.

They're so jumpy and sensitive.

>> No.23122130

I found it amusing too.

Yes, I suppose you could say that. I think the harlequins are more a Cirque du Solei styled cult with a rich interest in preserving thei lore of their race, but I could see them as Aspects too.

Indecently I have no harlie pictures because I hate their aesthetics.

>> No.23122135

Just psycho-plastics. Of which Wraithbone is the best type. So presumably there are a variety of psycho-plastics, only no one has bothered to fluff them up because that would suddenly make Eldar not mysterious and unknown.

>> No.23122146

Why can't all Eldar be Striking Scorpions?

>> No.23122150

Crystals and psycho-plastics mostly.

>> No.23122151

The Eldar use some sort of inferior psycho-plastics for the body of their vehicles and the armor of their troops. Wraithbone is primarily used for guns, chassis, and some equipment for the higher-ups.

>> No.23122157

Since it's confirmed beyond a doubt that the Eldar created the Tau as they are now, what were their motives for doing that?

>> No.23122159

Not enough hot dogs and red bull to go around for all the campers.

>> No.23122169

No, Aspect warriors are suppose to switch aspects rather than sticking with them for life. That's why Exarchs are considered losers by the other Eldar. They found their personal meaning in life rathen than what society wants them to do.

>> No.23122172

Cannon fodder against Chaos and other enemies of the Eldar.

>> No.23122174

Then there might be a scorpion themed chaos god, and that would just ruin it for the poor knife ears.

>> No.23122191

Then why did Eldrad went all Protective Pedo on them?

>> No.23122192

You know, just as planned hand-wavium bs. One more thing for every one to focus on instead of the Eldar I suppose.

>> No.23122194


Eldrad says Tau shall eventually exceed Eldar's greatest feats.

And he's the most competent Eldar leader we know of.

Therefore the Eldar endgame is dying off and allowing younger races to inherit the galaxy.

>> No.23122199

Who knows. Lotta good it did him. He's dead now.

>> No.23122201


And I'm sorta set for a beginner Eldar army?

>> No.23122208


>> No.23122213


And thus will Eldar fade and GW pay homage to Tolkien as they must.

>> No.23122219

Looks good. You might want to consider a fire prism or two later on as well.
Also, thread officially auto-saging

>> No.23122221

He said they might exceed the Eldar's greatest feats.

>> No.23122226

Sorta, yes. I'd say that's a good place to begin and feel things out. I'd recommend branching out into Fire Dragons and Warp Spiders next. Those guys are super helpful/fun

>> No.23122235

When the Eldar die they have to ensure that the Fall is never repeated and that the Warp is calmed. If the Tau conquer the galaxy the Eldar will get their wish.

>> No.23122242

...If they conquer the darkness within themselves.

I would like to know what darkness does he mean.

>> No.23122245

Do you really wanna know?

>> No.23122247

Man, I was hoping for some more eldar pics.

>> No.23122255

They're pretty violent when the Ethereals aren't around.

>> No.23122262

You could always start a new one.

>> No.23122269


>> No.23122281

>Nightbringer cosplayer.jpg

>> No.23122307

Good idea.
New thread here >>23122289

>> No.23125276

Because Eldrad sucks.

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