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Welcome to Hive Fleet Quest, where you control the Hive Tyrant of Fleet Hastur. It is time to feast.
Last time, we created our Hive Fleet and proceeded to ravage the Skyrex sector, wiping our the local Imperial Guard. However, at the apex of our feast, our arch nemesis the Chains of Torment Chaos Space Marine legion, led by Chaos Lord Ralgar the Vengeful, arrived, attempting to strike us down in return for stealing their glory of killing a Space Marine Chapter like so many a Galactic Partridge.
Now we have retreated into empty space to plot our counter attack and upgrade our troops. We have 1,000,000 units of Biomass to spend. What shall we do?
link to archive of last thread:

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Make a penis the size of Betelgeuse.

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...I think we will put a hold on that plan.

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We need space superiority.

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Exactly, but what new biomorph should we construct to gain space superiority?

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With a penis the size of a red giant?

Ok, in all seriousness I'll leave you guys alone. Sorry. To many quest threads up right now, so your pool of players is probably pretty shallow.

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We need something that can indefinitely spawn spores.

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A new type of space craft eh? Well then what should it have as biomorphs and what should it look like appearance wise?

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It doesn't need to be new.
It just needs to be able to fire lots of spores that it can create.

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It'd be like a landing craft.
It'd sit in high orbit chucking down spores that contained tons of Tyranids.
It would also be able to use this in space as well, against ships.

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Well then what Tyranid craft shall we change up. There's the Narvhale but those are never used for combat. There is also the Ravorfiend crusier and Hive Ship. Or we could upgrade the Harridan bio-titan to be more suited for space combat.

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Hmm sounds interesting. Any idea on a name and specific design?

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I agree.

We should focus on what worked for us in the last engagement, wave after wave of boarding pods and spore mines. Maybe a new ship type should be created that is dedicated to their production so as to increase the volume being produced.

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A fine idea. After all, the only reason that attack creased was due to the shear multitude of ships emerging from the warp. What shall we have aboard the boarding pods?

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A new variant of genestealer; one with added armour and combat prowess, but without the infiltration skills. The shipstealer.

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No, we should have infiltration as well.
Otherwise there's no point for them to even be Gene stealers.

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Plus infiltration is our specialty. Well that and bioplasma....

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Alright then.
Can we make what >>23110683 suggested with Bioplasma if we want to destroy ships/forts then?

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What is the point of infiltration when boarding a ship? Stealth will be very useful yes, but not infiltrating the crew, it'd take too long.

Genestealers are excellent for this role because of their sheer deadliness in tight confines (see Space Hulk).

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>Stealth will be very useful yes, but not infiltrating the crew, it'd take too long.
Well, if they can't tell crew from tyranid, we will gain an advantage, and even take ships without people knowing.

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Hmm maybe exploding Rippers would suffice. Flood the halls with the buggers than set them off.

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Bio Plasma Rippers.

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Genestealer infiltration is something done on a generational timeline. They don't, like, turn invisible. That's lictors.


Maybe a lictor-pod (or two) that is launched in the first wave? They get on, hide away from the breach, then wreak havoc even better than exploding rippers will be two decks below.

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I think we have a winner of an idea. What shall we name our new monstrosity?

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Nice to see another Tyranid quest on /tg/,
Especially one that doesn't dissolve into silliness in the first five minutes.
I vote for either this, or some sort of bioplasma broadside.

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Lictor pods would be good.

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Hormissar! Good to see you aboard Hive Fleet Quest.
Well we have an excess of biomass right now so we can make multiple things.

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In that case, I think we should have the boarding pod mortar rape ship supreme ordered up.

With lictor pods and then waves and waves and waves of bio-plasma (this means explody, yes) rippers. It makes and launches these, I think.

Will we have any biomass left after this?

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Depends on how many we make. Plasma rippers cost 12 units to make, Boarding pods are 40 units and Lictors cost 65 units to make. We have 1,000,000 units of biomass to spend.

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And what about the thing shooting them in question?

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Well are we gonna use preexisting Hive Ships to do so or make a new one? Cause we have preexisting ones.

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How much would a dedicated Bioplasma broadside cost? It'd obviously be expensive, but Bioplasma orbital bombardment seems like it'd be somewhat handy against fortified targets...

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I'm gonna go with 500 units for one ship.

>> No.23111176

Hormissar, the Ripper pods do just that.

>> No.23111196

Not bad for an asset like that.

>> No.23111211

I think he means something a little *bigger* than Ripper pods.

>> No.23111213

I get the idea he means one fuckhuge plasma round (such as it is) to shoot like a cannon.

So, I'm thinking dedicated pod-ship, or five, and big-ol cannons for shooting bio-plasma (or pods) at things on the hive ships.

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Sounds about right.

What you make up for in power, you make in number.

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Rippers would be of better use for when accuracy matters.
The idea here would be orbital bombardment. The ripper pods wouldn't be very cost efficient for this when we could have a unit dedicated to this...

>> No.23111257

True, I suppose.
Won't have to worry much about ammo either.

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Bio-Plasma Broadside ships will cost 1,500 biomass to produce.

>> No.23111312

67 then, that's 100,500 out our million biomass

>> No.23111341

Sounds good. Any objections?
And ideas for other things to make.

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And the price for the STEEL RAIN ships?

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Already stated. 500 units.

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Then we'll have 100 of them.
And 100 of all the respective pods.

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Very well. That will be 500,000 units for the ships and 4,000 for the pods. We have spent 604,500 of our 1,000,000 units of biomass. I should point out we have yet to make exploding rippers.

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You mean 50,000. 500 x 100 = 50,000.

>> No.23111524

Spend 50,000 on evolving and making the Rippers then. They are small, that should be more than enough.

>> No.23111556

And make 100 pods of them too.

>> No.23111577

Sorry my bad. Math is my weak point. Then we have spent 154,500 biomass units then.

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How about 41 rippers per pod, meaning 4100 exploding rippers, meaning 49200 points, bringing us to 203,700 spent

>> No.23111611

Bio rippers cost 12 points for a group of 6.

>> No.23111641

Then 4 Lictors per pod for added mayhem, at 65 points each and 4x100 lictors, they'd cost 26,000, bringing the total to 229,700 units of biomass

>> No.23111655

Then 246 units per pod, glory to the first ripper to die

>> No.23111663

Dude dude dude.
We already have 100 lictor pods.
And these are, EXPLOSIVE Rippers my friend.

>> No.23111673

How big are these pods?

>> No.23111690

Pods can hold 40 rippers, 20 medium sized Tyranids, or one Monstrous creature.

>> No.23111700

You can never have enough camoflougable chaos wrecking chaos on your boarding parties

>> No.23111726

So new plan, 36 plasma rippers and 2 lictors on each of our 100 pods, each targets a ship, plasma rippers wreck shit up, making openings for the stealthier lictors to target important looking spiky bitz and people

>> No.23111753

That's an extra cost of 12*6*100=7200 for the plasma rippers

>> No.23111818

Odd question, do tyrannid genestealer cults ever infiltrate an orkish WAAAAAGH!!!?

>> No.23111842

Yeah, but they fail miserably, since orks notice that infested orks are "unorky" and kill them and dispose of their spores. Or something along those lines.

>> No.23111846

They do but they are often hunted down as Orks can notice the cultists acting "unorky". However if the act is good it can go unnoticed.

>> No.23111914

So can we come on an agreement for the amount of Bio rippers we wish to make?

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So, How many chaose ships are there in this warband, and is the chaos portal still shooting them out?

>> No.23111978

Well, I say fill up the pods, which means 36 for 72 units of biomass per pod if we're limited to full groups of 6, or 40 for 80 units if we're not.

So either a grand total of 3600 rippers for 7200 units of biomass, or 4000 rippers for 8000 units of biomass

>> No.23111994

DARNNIT, I keep misspelling my name

>> No.23112030

what does it take to research into genetic advancements?

>> No.23112043

Last you saw as your ships were fleeing the sector more ships were still coming from the portal, though the tide seemed to be dying down. You would estimate about 1,000. Your standing fleet out numbers them but, as we lack armoured plating, our ships are more fragile than theirs.

>> No.23112059

Any other planets near by?

>> No.23112067

We are the master of genetics. If it is genetically possible, we can probably eventually do it. However, we do have to pick up biomorphs from other Tyranid fleets to gain them.
No we are in empty space

>> No.23112084

>No we are in empty space
Any other planets in not-empty space nearby?

>> No.23112106

So these pods, are they just pods, or do they come with lictors?

>> No.23112121

Just pods. Lictors sold separately.
Only if we went to another sector which would take days.

>> No.23112133

Well the chaos portal opened over the IG planet that the Deep One softened up for us

>> No.23112211

we about ready to launch our attack?

>> No.23112243

OK, revised tactical assessment, We want more than just plasma on these pods, we want something that can be stealthy in the deep of space.

So, on each of our 100 pods, 36 plasmarippers, and 2 lictors,

each pod will cost 40+6*12+65*2=242 points
for a grand total of

50,000 for the broadside ships
4,000 for the pods
7,200 for the rippers
13,000 for the lictors
meaning we have spent
174,700 units of biomass in total with the ships, pods, and boarding parties

>> No.23112269

forgot the 100,500 additional stuff that was spent >>23111312

>> No.23112332

This gives us 275,200 spents.
Is everyone good with this amount or do they wish to spend more. We have 724,800 Biomass units remaining. Keep in mind we have a standing fleet.

>> No.23112378

TO BATTAL!!!! and once we win, eat around the bad parts.

>> No.23112419

We need Carnifex that are launched onto enemy ship hulls and break them open...
Okay, that's probably too silly. Wait, can we attempt to make some sort of Ship-Based Zooanthrope?

>> No.23112473

We already have carnifexes and zoanthropes. See last thread. Also all of our Monstrous Creatures automatically have bioplasma.

>> No.23112488

No, I added the 100,500 to the 174,700, I just forgot to list it in the itemized portion, we've only spent 174,700

But otherwise, it's dinnertime

>> No.23112526

I guess we'll stock up the biomass for later. It'll be good to keep it on hand in case of emergencies. But let's make sure not to overwork the Norn Queen!

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Alright then to battle.
Everyone roll 1d100+20 for the shock of our new units. The average of the first 5 rolls determine how well the battle goes.

>> No.23112566

So what exactly constitutes a tyrannid battle cry, other than chittering

>> No.23112577

So what DOES Chaos taste like?

>> No.23112582

Rolled 67 + 20

Tonight we dine on demon flesh

>> No.23112598

Snozzberries and hatred

>> No.23112611

Rolled 85 + 20

I need more sleep.
Sounds delicious. But no pent up lust and rotting organs?

>> No.23112617

Hello I'll take a Chaos Marine burger with daemons on top.

>> No.23112625

Rolled 34 + 20


>> No.23112643

The biggest song and dance routine you have ever seen.
It is a glorious site.

>> No.23112652

I said snozzberries, didn't I

And better start growing malanthropes, we're gonna need them soon

>> No.23112667

Rolled 12 + 20

Forgot my trip.

>> No.23112673


>> No.23112687

Rolled 16 + 20

oops, put 2 "+"s in a row in my email field

>> No.23112719

Rolled 34 + 20


Average of 62.8

Holy crap, those last two rolls, they have the protection of Tzeentch it seems

>> No.23112770

Don't worry. Half of them are made of dust or are Chaos Spa

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File: 1.19 MB, 1600x788, 1347205422614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Average= 62.8.
The attack goes better than expected. Many Chaos ships are taken by surprise. While only some have been taken out of order, it won't be long until more and more of the fleet is cleared out. However, you must not let this advantage go to waste. Press the assault now.
What strategy shall we take up now. Losing the advantage now could spell doom.

>> No.23112856

send a second wave of exploding rippers, feint back, have the lictors stealth as best as possible, and go on the 'retreat'.

get them into a spot we can ambush them, if we cna spring together an ambush right quick enough.

>> No.23112869

Keep the pressure up, while put the bioplasma broadsides to good use! Send in some ripper pods + lictors at the flagship in hopes of at least one getting aboard, and hopefully getting something done. Exploding Rippers can hopefully make a big enough distraction for the Lictor to get something good done oboard.

>> No.23112921

Rolled 83 + 20

Ignore Groups forces, use pods to target smaller ships, focusing on killing the crew, while our broadside plasma ships focus on bigger targets, going for crippling and destroying ships rather than subdueing.

Also, try to keep the ship-ship combat at close range. make choas hesitant to shoot for risk of friendly fire.

>> No.23112948

Chaos isn't very hesitant to risk friendly fire. Its part of what makes them chaos. And considering the blood feud the chaos lord has with us, he probably will do just that.

>> No.23112949

Errata: Groups should be Ground,

>> No.23112966 [DELETED] 

rolling for combat results

>> No.23112981

All the better, If they're hesitant to fire, then less dakka hitting us, if they're willing to risk it, then they're going to damage themselves, we have an advantage either way.

>> No.23112988

Rolled 28 + 20

I still vote for sending at least one pod on a mission to prove themselves as the heroes of the Hive Fleet.

>> No.23112989

Don't roll for combat yet. We need a finalized plan.
Plus this one will have a different bonus.

>> No.23113025

Yes, one pod for the enemy flagship, with orders to try and assasinate the chaos warband leader

>> No.23113040

Maybe Deep One should be on board for that mission.

>> No.23113081

Launch deep one at the warband leader!

>> No.23113085

Sure, let him have this mission, let him show them the meaning of hunger

>> No.23113098

I say we send two pods from two different directions. One with Deep One, and one with a Lictor. It increases the odds, and gives the Lictor a chance to prove his worth!

>> No.23113131

Even if we fill the pod with 36 plasma rippers, there's still room for both the Deep One and a Lictor

>> No.23113145

Alright then. Everyone roll 2 separate d100s.
The first is for Deep one and gets a +40 due to the Deep One's skill.
The second is for the Lictor and has only a +20.

>> No.23113169

Rolled 11 + 40

They don't know the meaning of chaos, let us show them why we are called hive fleet Hastur

>> No.23113174

Rolled 75 + 20


>> No.23113175 [DELETED] 

for the Deep One!

>> No.23113180

Rolled 39 + 20

And now for the Lictor

>> No.23113183

Rolled 63 + 40

Second roll

>> No.23113185 [DELETED] 

for the Deep One! (correct field)

>> No.23113198

You need to put dice in the email field, not the subject field

>> No.23113222

Rolled 91 + 40

third time's the charm...

>> No.23113232

Rolled 76 + 20

FOr Victor the Lictor!

>> No.23113237

it certainly is

>> No.23113316


>> No.23113337

Rolled 13 + 40

trying again

>> No.23113360

Rolled 85 + 20

now for the lictor

>> No.23113383

Rolled 47 + 40

Gosh darnit Deep One, get it together

>> No.23113395

Rolled 67 + 20


>> No.23113405

Rolling for Deep One.

>> No.23113422

Rolled 73 + 40

Man. I suck today.

>> No.23113423

try again

>> No.23113436

at least you're not rolling 11s

>> No.23113468

Rolled 74 + 20

And now for the Lictor, the hero this Hive Fleet Deserves...?

>> No.23113496

Sir, Don't worry! it's happening everywhere, Hormissar, Sir!

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Average= 83
The Deep One has managed to sneak aboard the chaos ship and is moving through the halls towards the bridge. He is, as of yet, undetected.
Average: 76.6
The Lictor is similarly on board but has not gone as far as Deep One yet. He is undetected,
Should Deep One wait for the Lictor to attack or go for the throat now.

>> No.23113545

Pincer manuver. two precision strikes, cut this problem off at the head.

>> No.23113550

Wait for the lictor, but attack alone while the lictor waits in the shadows for the perfect moment to jump out and assasinate the target

>> No.23113580

Rolled 60 + 20

Use the BioRippers as a distraction, unless they've been used already, in which case:
Just do this.

>> No.23113655

OOOh, I like it, a 3rd level deception, the rippers are a distraction for the Deep One, who's really just there to draw attention away from the lictor.

Deception within a deception

>> No.23113689

Alright then we are going for a precision strike by the Lictor and Deep One on two fronts with Bio rippers as a distraction.
Roll a 1d100+60 for the roll. Be aware that despite the massive bonus, we are gonna need high rolls to pull of this one.

>> No.23113712

Rolled 92 + 60

Praise the Hive Mind, for you may only be free of pain when you are free from yourself...

>> No.23113735

Rolled 60 + 60

For the Hive-emperor!

>> No.23113737

Rolled 3 + 60


>> No.23113756

Rolled 84 + 60

Alone, you are tiny and insignificant, but the Hive Mind offers you the chance to more, SO. MUCH. MORE.

you need only accept it

>> No.23113770

Rolled 60 + 60

I'm sensing that fluff appropriate statements please the dice gods

>> No.23113771

Rolled 96 + 60


>> No.23113794

Looks like it.

>> No.23113795

Rolled 63 + 60

ESPECIALLY, fluff appropriate statements.

>> No.23113910

Average= 127.
A swarm of Rippers burst in through the door. In the commotion both the Lictor and the Deep One manage to sneak in onto the cieling. The two drop down and proceed to take out the priority targets. There goes down the Chief Warpsmith, there goes the Head Sorcerer, there goes the Legion Champion, and there goes... where is the Chaos Lord? The Tyranids scrounge around the the room but do not find his body nor a way he could have escape through.
You are back in the central Hive Ship, cursing the misfortune of having missed your arch nemesis when a melta shot hits us square in the back. Recovering from the pain you turn to find the Chaos Lord Ralgar the Vengeful.
"You who have evaded my wrath for so long! I have been longing for this day. All the sacrifices here mean nothing if I can strike you down. For if you die, the fleet will follow. Now prepare yourself, my ancient enemy, for you end is at HAND!"
The Chaos Lord is equipped with a Melta Gun and his signature weapon, a Chain whip with hooks on the end of it, possessed by a daemon of Khorne.
How shall we decide to fight our foe?

>> No.23113918

i hope we gained enough favor with the dice gods for this attack.

>> No.23113966

Probably by collapsing the room on him. The fool doesn't seem to realize that the ship is alive, and that we can be reborn.

>> No.23114070

This idiot.
Just walked into a Hive Ship.
Introduce his biomass to the Patrolling Tervigon.
We're Tyranids. Honor is futile when there is more biomass.
Plus, soon our arch enemy shall join us as our brother! Is this not a cause to celebrate?

>> No.23114084

whip-fight! whip to whip, like a real leader! have it secrete bio-plasma to damage the chainwhip and him. bonus points to gettign rid of that meltagun

>> No.23114155

I agree with hormissar, stupid things like individual armor and personal glory are irrelevant to the tyrannids, they're the kind of thing that get you *BLAM*ed, i mean, get you re-assimilated and your genetic strain purged

So yeah, Introduce him to the Tervigon, failing that, introduce him to several hundred other tyrannids while spamming hot plasma

>> No.23114164

Errata: armor should be honor

>> No.23114200

You initially decide to defeat him using your ship. After all, he is on your ship. You start to give the order, when you feel the Hive Mind calling. It has expressed a desire for you to combat it. While you have proven your worth as a tactician, it has yet to see you fight personally. This shall be your final test. Do this and the Hive Mind promises Immortality.

>> No.23114206

In the spirit of swarming him from every possible directions, perhaps some Raverners from below might do the trick?

>> No.23114267

Can we get some kind of bioplasma flamethrower going? And then sprout four of them? That terminator armor won't do shit against bioplasma.

>> No.23114274

i refer to my previous tactic.

>> No.23114299

FINE, close on him, get close enough that he can't use his lash effectively, close enough that the melta would burn both of us if it hits anyone.

>> No.23114305

WELL. This changes a lot. Looks like we're going to need to follow Wolf's stratagy, until we can find an opening in which we can vent bioplasma at him. We repeat this a few times, before we fake him out and instead of firing bioplasma we bite off one of his appendages.

>> No.23114312

We can shoot bioplasma as a blast.

>> No.23114328

and by fang, I mean bonesword

>> No.23114336

and by fang, I mean bonesword

also, epic battle music

>> No.23114382

And that is in addition to our scything talons and lash whip/bonesword combo, yes?

>> No.23114424

New Plan for later: Spend Biomass to get six arms. We need two boneswords, one anti-infantry ranged weapon symbiote, an anti-armor ranged weapon symbiote. an arm for our lash whip, and an arm for utility. We'll become the best Hive Tyrant. But for now, we simply must kill this Chaos Space Marine. So let's follow Cartain's strategy.

>> No.23114471

Carntain, as in a portmanteau of Carnifex and Captain,

>> No.23114472
File: 726 KB, 2560x1600, 1347199449478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You decide to open up by sending your lash whip. You get the surprise on him and send a gash across his face. You try to go for a second whip, but he manages to wrap his whip around yours.
With your whip out of commission, you charge him. You quickly gain the upper hand, as he is forced to drop his melta to fight you back with his other hand.

>> No.23114507

We have a bonesword, and scything claws, and he's limited to one hand unless he drops the whip.

We got him, and his gods have no power here

Eat his face

>> No.23114522

Stab stab stab him with our scything talons like a DoW2 cinematic kill.

>> No.23114524

Sorry, my mistake!
Bioplasma! Apply directly to the forehead!

>> No.23114547

let's see, 4 hands. 1 tied with the whip, 1 wielding sword, 2 used for what. if empty, attempt to gra b his hand with our 2 free ones, and gut with the bonewqord

>> No.23114564

for hate's sake, I spit my plasma at thee

>> No.23114567

We are going in for the kill. Roll 1d100 plus 20 for our advantage in the fight to see if we can finish him.

>> No.23114586

forgot cything talons. he can only hold one at a time can't he? three strikes at once

>> No.23114596

Rolled 49 + 20

Omnom 2: The search for more Om

>> No.23114636

Rolled 77 + 20

FINISH HIM! and don't forget to eat your veggies as well

>> No.23114652

Rolled 44 + 20

He shall know our fury. For he shall soon be one with us...

>> No.23114803

all we can do i guess.

>> No.23114828

I will give it a few more minutes and I will just average the 3 we have.

>> No.23114880

We got two doubles in a row.
I rolled 44 at 22:22.
That has to count for something.

>> No.23114889

Rolled 80 + 20


>> No.23114915

Homisar role a second time.
And wolf do so as well so we have 5

>> No.23114926

Oy, does my roll not count?

>> No.23114936

nvm just Hommissar do it.

>> No.23114946

Rolled 36 + 20

My body is ready.

>> No.23114969

I guess it wasn't after all.
Anyway, I have to head to bed guys. Can somebody archive this so I can catch up on the results later?

>> No.23115033

Average: 77.2
We manage to find an opening and ram our bone sword through his body. He lets out a scream of pain... which soon turns to a laugh. He pulls himself closer to us on our sword. He pulls out a small switch and presses it. He explodes in a splatter of gore, sending us flying back.
role 1d100 to see how badly we are hurt.

>> No.23115043

Rolled 92


>> No.23115052

Rolled 45


>> No.23115081

Rolled 76

Clever fuck, I guess that's what we get for sinking the Pequod

>> No.23115097

i'm not sure if high means good here. DICE GODS GUIDE MY ROLL! THE HIVE-EMPEROR PROTECTS!

>> No.23115133

Rolled 63


>> No.23115202

Rolled 11

Since when do norn queens have manes?

>> No.23115217

Ever since is evolved it.

>> No.23115225

Average: 57.4
The blast leaves us with several gashes and cuts. Several minor and some more serious, but we are still conscience and can move around.
What next?
Hey I'm gonna put this in the archive now.

>> No.23115232

reverring to Hormissar Gaunt's quest, where the Hive mind comsumes and merges with the god-emperor to become the Hive-emperor, leading humans and tyrranids to coexist as a higher power, and become more powerful

>> No.23115248

It's already been archived

I suppose we should first ensure no other chaos forces are on our ship, then finish nomming the chaos space forces

>> No.23115273

Whoops looks like we are getting doubly archived.
btw would anyone like to write the Hive Fleet Hastur 1d4chan wiki page?

>> No.23115667


Finish off the remaining chaos forces, then get back to devouring the three planets that we had captured earlier.

>> No.23115674

Im tempted to paint up mu unbuilt/painted nids as hastur

>> No.23116515
File: 611 KB, 1024x1594, 1347205689994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But we don't have a color scheme yet. We should work on that.

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