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Nighttime horrors thread part two.

Because there are still stories left to tell and the last thread auto-saged past page 10.

Have you ever seen things at night? A mysterious figure appearing in your room, tormenting you as you try to sleep?

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my dad D:

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Did we ever find out what happened to this anon?

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Last I heard he said he would report in the morning if he was still alive.

Since we haven't heard from him yet...

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Well fuck.

Truly, he died a fa/tg/uy's death.

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used to have pretty bad nightmares that made absolutely no sense at all as a child; got into the habit of asking myself "Am I awake / Is this a dream" just as a regular safety check any time I wasn't sure/whatever situation I was in had the potential of fucking me over somehow.

>be in high school, sophomore year or so
>lying in bed, eyes closed, about to fall asleep
>distinctly aware of covers over me, sheets beneath, etc but feel sensation fading
>rational mind still analyzing; conclude that I am falling asleep and body has been flooded with the chemicals that keep your body from moving
>Oh hey cool, this is sorta like when you're dreaming of walking down stairs and then your leg jerks and kicks out and you realize you're actually in bed.
>wonder if I'll have a lucid dream if my rational mind is still ticking away. Hey that'd be p cool. Dreams of flying and dicking hot chicks. Maybe even at the same time.

>Suddenly aware of two shadows over me. Eyes still closed.
>They are looking at me. Regarding me like a test subject. I know this, even though my eyes are closed. What the fuck?
>Suddenly struck by an intense sensation of... wrongness. Fear. Raw, primal panic, completely irrational, need to get away getawaygetawayohmygod this isn't right this is wrong something is wrong I don't I'm not supposedtobehereohgodohgodohgod conscious mind reduced to silent gibbering panic, too scared to even move.

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>at the same time, rational mind is going over the facts in the background, analyzing the facts.
>who the fuck are these people?
>this doesn't make sense
>this fear is beyond irrational. Why are you so scared, conscious mind? Why are you literally scared stiff? Let's backup. What were your last conscious thoughts?
>oh yeah I was in bed. I was thinking about--OH HEY right safety check time: /AM I AWAKE?/
>shit no you aren't you were about to fall asleep is this a dream the facts don't match up this is really fucking weird the fuck is going on

>somehow know the two shadows have realized that I am conscious because of the safety check
>sensation of falling, hollowness in the pit of my stomach, the sound of wind rushing past my ears
>what the fuck?
>Suddenly SLAMMED back into my body. All feeling returns. Back in bed. Feel the blankets. Feel the covers. The pillow beneath my head, the sheets held clenched between my white knuckled hands.
>Wake up. Wake up wake UP WAKE UP WAKEUP.
>can't move.
>can't breathe.
>heavy weight on my chest.
>oh my god oh my god ohmygodohgodohgodohgod

>rational mind: This is sleep paralysis dumbass. It'll pass. It just means you woke up too early. Calm the fuck down, wait about 10 seconds. You can hold your breath that long ok?

>control finally returns, sit bolt upright, shaking, still about to panic, on the verge of tears
>rational mind unable to figure out what exactly it was /before/ the sleep paralysis

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Goddammit you guys. Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

I did indeed encounter my pale visitor again, but the goal of giving her the dick remains unfulfilled. I'll write up a more complete account when I have time later today.

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Go away, Clarissa.

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>I did indeed encounter my pale visitor again, but the goal of giving her the dick

So, one of you is being haunted (as far as I can understand), and the first thing you can think about it, rather than /sci/ thereisalogicalexplanationforthis or /x/ banishenergydemon is giving the dick?

No wonder why /d/ is your girlfriend.

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Banishing her was an option that was ruled out by popular vote in the previous thread.
And there's nothing more scientific than exploring uncharted sexual frontiers.

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>earlier, a thread by an insane writer with his characters living as conscious, self-aware voices in his head
>a man who cannot remember his childhood, and keeps seeing a strange man that blocks his memory
>people fucking ethereal visitors
>night terrors all around

Is /x/ visiting again?

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Pretty much, yes. René Descartes is our spiritual liege.

Pic not necessarily related, as the entity in question may in fact be dead and yet still does not know peace from the dick.

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/x/ never left.
The board of /x/ is a hollow shell filled with remnants of /b/.

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It looks like that thing is having it's nose squished against the pole.

Maybe if someone helped it out it wouldn't be so mad.

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A fair portion of /x/'s old posters moved to /tg/ when their board went to shit. They're always here.

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You fool! The clothing hanger pole in a closet is the only barrier that stands between the realm of shadow and the material world.

Remove that and the nameless horrors of the black void will pour forth into your room and do all sorts of unpleasant things to your anus.

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I thought our only barrier was Poole.

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If moot is the mankind's only protection against evil, we're boned. The existence of /b/ clearly demonstrates that he has already fallen under the influence of the dark powers.

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i thought we figured that out ten years ago...

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When I was a child, I lived in a very haunted house but all I can remember from that time are the stories I apparently told my mother about the shadowmen, the black crabs that crawled on the floor, and the tubeworms that lived in the closet. And how the worms sang and whispered and tried to get me to go in there to play with them, and how the crabs were why I could never have my blanket hang off the bed (as they'd drag me down under and feed me to the Shadowmen). And my Mom says I told her all these fucking things and that they terrified her living back in that house.

About two years ago I had an issue with a ghost or something. I had to house-sit for my father, who still owns that fucking scary old house. And the whole night I could tell I was being watched. I saw shadows where shadows shouldn't be. Scratches at the doors (but it is an old house), and eventually I'd feel hands stroking my hair. I ended up calling a friend over and we took a smoke break outside. And while I was commenting on how much it helped for her to be there, she asked me who was walking through the office downstairs. And I turned and saw a shadow moving through the office.

This is on a back country road. There are no cars. We would've seen them. And ever since that night, up until this august, there's been this girl. About twenty, with this brilliant red hair and this face like it's covered in wax. I've seen her in my shower's metal reflection (freaked me the fuck out), and at the top of the stairs in MY house. And I used to feel hands through my hair and see a light haze above my bed. But she's been gone for a bit now.

Now it's something darker. A few weeks ago, I woke up but couldn't move. Could hear my alarm, could hear skype blip, could see my dogs looking at me weird; and I heard a voice say "Why can't you get up?" and then I started feeling like something was ripping the breath from my throat. Broke out of it by praying. I don't pray. Fucked up shit, yo.

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>And how the worms sang and whispered and tried to get me to go in there to play with them

I'm picturing a version of Meet the Feebles for that, and it went from disturbing to hilarious

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>I heard a voice say "Why can't you get up?

It takes a pretty sadistic ghost to try to steal your life away while mocking your inability to fight back.

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Jesus, is there anyone here who *hasn't* been haunted by something?

I always thought the shadow people in the corners of my room when I was little were just my imagination playing tricks on me, but now I'm starting to wonder about that.

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>Now it's something darker. A few weeks ago, I woke up but couldn't move. Could hear my alarm, could hear skype blip, could see my dogs looking at me weird; and I heard a voice say "Why can't you get up?" and then I started feeling like something was ripping the breath from my throat. Broke out of it by praying. I don't pray. Fucked up shit, yo.

Well, that last one is pretty classic sleep paralysis.


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Skepticism here.

None of these things sound very reliable, true believers.

Have you ever considered that you might be extremely suggestible?

Have you ever had a hallucination that you KNEW was a hallucination, and can you find objective differences between the events?

If you just want a fun superstition thread, feel free to ignore me - although this is pretty off-topic anyway.

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I'm afraid my report will have to wait until later this afternoon. Can't afford to miss my economics course again.

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I had a recurring dream for most of my childhood wherein hands would grasp at me from beneath the bed.

Then one night I was sitting on my bed terrified in my dream as usual, when I.. I don't know how to describe it. You know in fiction where a pussy character has a break down and comes back much stronger?

That. So that happened, and next thing I know I have a hammer in my hand and start smashing the hands.

It was the last time I had that dream, or, was actually properly terrified.

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Could be worse. Could be grabbing his arm and smacking him repeatedly in the face with it whilst saying "Stop hitting yourself!" over and over again.

The ghost of my dead cat used to judge me. Probably as recompense for me chasing her when I was a little kid.

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>The ghost of my dead cat used to judge me

All cats do that, it's not a big deal.

Trick is to act like you hate them, then they'll want to win your affection.

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I thought you were better than this, /tg/. I thought you toyed with fantastical shit, but drew a clear line between reality and imagination.

The facts? You brain is hard-wired to recognize patterns, and your eyes are shitty at low-light vision.

You brain turns indistinct, dark shapes and shadows into things it sort of knows. Humanoid figures. It then runs wild with these images while you're in the grey area between sleeping and waking.

Pic related. Randi is disappoint.

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I thought you'd recognize text based roleplay when you saw it, Anon.

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I am not afraid of the dark.

I am afraid of what the dark brings out from me.

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Nice to see another Randi fan on /tg/

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Darkness holds nothing more that what we bring into it.

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Like a mirror, it reflects what we hold within, our mind exposed to it's deepest perceptions.

Tell me what you fear, and I'll tell you who you truly are.

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Im afraid of pretentious douchebags on the internet.

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Did he pretend to be someone he's not or is it merely something in your head?

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arent we all?

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I don't pretend to speak for everyone, but for me, you can be scared and still know it isn't real. I love getting ideas from these threads. Besides, this is about night terrors, not necessarily real hauntings. Even if some people believe in that sort of thing, you can still pull inspiration from their experiences, real or not.

And more on topic: When I was about 13 or so, I had the most terrifying dream of my life. I can't for the life of me recall what the content was, besides the very last image, which was a horse, completely turned inside out. As a 13 year old, I have no idea how I got that kind of imagery, I didn't watch many gorey movies or that kind of thing. I was woken up, and the terror it induced in me lasted for... god it must have been hours. I'm especially effected by silence, so I grabbed my small media player and put my headphones on. I was convinced there was something RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR. Eventually I decided I just couldn't stay in my room, it was obviously the focus of whatever it was that was making me so scared. I slammed my door open and made a break for it.

Nothing was there obviously, but I've never experienced anything like that since.

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Can anyone direct me to the original thread in the archive?

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>I was convinced there was something RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR. Eventually I decided I just couldn't stay in my room, it was obviously the focus of whatever it was that was making me so scared.

Oh, I now that fucking feeling! Once I had a nightmare, and when I woke up, I was unable to remember what happened. I don't know, maybe it was so fucking scary my mind blocked the memory, or something. Anyway, the point is when I woke up, I was paralyzed with fear. Not in a literal sense, I was conscious, I knew I could move my limbs and turn around if I wanted.

Problem is, I did not wanted to watch around.

I was afraid, I was almost sure something was there, waiting for me, being patient, enjoying the fear I was experimenting. And I knew if I turn around to see it, I would die out of sheer terror. So I did not turned around. I was there, on my bed, paralyzed.

I don't know, maybe it was a remnant of my dream, but I have this vague idea about what it was. I picture it as a huge bipedal creature, a human you could say. However, it had no head, but his face (eyes and mouth) were on its chest. It had 4 arms, talons instead nails.

I was very afraid.

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That was awfully quick R'Myr

I'm just gonna toss out some nightmare fuel pics for amusement's sake. Hope to get some more anons with stories

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Association either happens or it doesn't.

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Everything after
>distinctly aware of covers over me, sheets beneath, etc but feel sensation fading
sounds just like sleep paralysis. Nice story though.

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This is good art and all, and i know realism isn't the most important part of the picture because
>A demon has appeared out of a ceiling vortex of electro-magic-terror
But i have to say, if you were that girl you really, really would have woken up by now.

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I remember when I was about 8-ish, I was, for some reason, heading to bed in my parent's bedroom.

I was all settled in, with my mother and father getting ready to go out together for the night.

Then, two figures materialized. Both were pretty similar looking. They had strange, orange skin that seemed to flicker, much like the static on a TV. Their hair was spiky and black, and it also flickered. Their mouths were seemingly locked in an impossibly large grin that extended their cheeks sideways. Finally, their eyes were large and iris-less, and perfectly circular. The figures were draped in black cloaks.

All this I only had a couple seconds to process. The figures then loped towards my bed, and I screamed like a maniac. Come to think of it, I was running a high fever at the time, so it was probably delirium.

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How do you know it's not a really quiet electro-magic-terror vortex?

>> No.23108212

Subtle lightning going from his crotch to hers.

>> No.23108232


How do you know that doesn't happen to everyone? Maybe they're just eating your dreams and thats why most people don't remember their dreams in the morning.

>> No.23108234

What is up with that penis lightning going to the girl's vagina?

>> No.23108303

Here is the original thread.


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Electrical rape is best rape.

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You guys ever hear the story someone made up here, that was about a little boy that had a teddy bear? The catch was that the teddy bear protected the kid from horrible night terrors and other nightmarish stuff. Just wondering since this thread reminded me of that.

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Something like this?

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>Well, that last one is pretty classic sleep paralysis.

Yeah, I figured as much. But it was also at the culmination of a bit of weird activity in my house, lots of shadows where shadows couldn't be. And it all stopped after that moment of terror. So while it was probably the logical answer, it did come at an interesting time.

My aunt says I'm a bharati or something like that. Apparently she's one and my grandmother is one, and that if I start doing yoga with her she'll help me be better at it. Which made me want to attribute all this shit to being crazy and gives me another reason not to do yoga.

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I haven't had anything like this happen. There was the one time as a kid where I thought I saw a hand coming out of the wall as I tried to sleep. But that was just my older brother screwing with me.

>> No.23108805


What the hell is a bharati?

>> No.23108819

I'm the guy who made the last thread and the vampire thread before that. Never happened to me.

Try having a big sister who makes you wear drag.

>> No.23108827


Similar enough, but no quite the same creature. The creature I picture stalking me did not had wings, or fur, and was more muscular, like those body builder guys.

Still, the creature on the pics is close enough to give me chills.

>> No.23108834

>Try having a big sister who makes you wear drag
Sure, "makes"

>> No.23108888

Don't be a douche, when you're five years old you never question anyone who's bigger than you.

>> No.23108900

Some fucking tantric thing. Be happy you're not brown. I've got half my family telling me to sell fucking crystals out of a van down by the river and the other half chiding me for liking /tg/-stuff in my attempts to be a lawyer.

Fucking forehead magic-user I guess.

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This anon >>23104590 reporting in.

Shortly after 2:30am, I awoke feeling a cool body lying against my right side. I was on my back and she was on her side facing towards me. I have no idea how long she had been there. I opened my eyes ever so slightly in order to see that it was my usual visitor, but otherwise feigned sleep (concerned at this point that I was in danger). A minute passed uneventfully, but then she moved a bit closer and put her lips against my neck. It wasn’t quite a kiss; she just pressed her lips against my skin and lay perfectly motionless. I had the sense at the time that it was more like she was mimicking a kiss without really understanding the gesture. The duration of this was about 2 minutes, during which time I did not feel her inhale or exhale.

At that point I whispered “Hello,” and she drew back. I turned my head towards her for a better look at my visitor, but after a second or two she vanished. Afterwards, I observed that the covers on the side of the bed she had been lying on had been disturbed and thrown aside. Though I can’t discount the possibility that I did that in my sleep, in this context it would offer some evidence that my visitor takes on a corporeal form beyond my personal perception.

Interestingly enough, unlike the instances in years past when she touched me, I didn’t feel the awful suffocating sensation that made her visits so unpleasant. Whether this was due to a conscious choice on her part not to harm me or because those previous symptoms were purely psychosomatic, I can’t say.

In any case, I am beginning to suspect this will be a more difficult quest than I had initially thought. Though I don’t appear to be in any particular danger of being killed and she seems on some level to have perceived and responded to my amorous intent, I don’t see how I’ll be able to actually have sex with my visitor (or even communicate with her) if she disappears as soon as she realizes I am awake.


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I beat up my older brother when I was five.

>> No.23109769

>that feel when only child
I kinda wish I'd had a sibling when I was little. Seems like it made life a lot more interesting.

>> No.23109819

They never know peace from the dick

For everyone who wants to see the last thread:


>> No.23109859

Have viagra before you go to bed, go to sleep, and let her find you with a huge boner.

I'm sure she'll figure out the rest.

>> No.23109865

Doesn't sound like there's much you can do other than just relax and enjoy it. Living the dream, etc.

Alternately, you may be on the edge of some sort of schizophrenic breakdown.

>> No.23109900

Perhaps she only disappeared this time because she was embarassed.
I mean, maybe she only "kissed" you because she thought you were sleeping, and then you go and reveal that you're actually awake? Pretty awkward situation.

>> No.23109971

I remember reading some time ago about these Buddhist monks who, through meditation, manage to externalize some portion of their subconscious as an entity that they can see and interact with as if it were a real person. I can't quite remember what that was called.

Anyway, whenever I hear about these people who have particularly life-like visitors, I wonder if something like that hasn't happened accidentally. You know, by focusing one's fears/desires/whatever on the subject of some imagined form, a person might inadvertently cause that form to manifest to them as a full sensory hallucination largely indistinguishable from reality. It would seem particularly plausible when a person is at the edge of sleep, when the mind is at its most vulnerable to the powers of suggestion, perhaps suggesting an answer to why these things appear to vanish shortly after a person wakes and never appear during the day.
I say this because some of these encounters (like the plague doctor from last thread, or this pale woman that you’re trying to fuck) seem much more involved and detailed than what you see in simple sleep paralysis induced visions, but at the same time a truly supernatural explanation seems too far-fetched to be possible.

>> No.23110008

>I don't pretend to speak for everyone, but for me, you can be scared and still know it isn't real. I love getting ideas from these threads. Besides, this is about night terrors, not necessarily real hauntings. Even if some people believe in that sort of thing, you can still pull inspiration from their experiences, real or not.

Basically this.

As I said in the last thread before it auto-404'd, I am absolutely sure I woke up last night and had a shimmering person sat on the end of my bed, smiling at me. I can't be sure, but I think it looked like my nan, who died about 7 months ago.

First night visitor I've had in a while who didn't seem malicious or creepy, she just seemed happy to see me. Woke up at 7.30 this morning, despite being ill as hell, and just felt contented.

>> No.23110063

I think the word you're looking for is "tulpa."

I've never heard of someone creating one accidentally, but I suppose it might be possible. It would go a long way to reconciling the skeptics and the believers.

>> No.23110065

We should respect teddies more, since they protect us in the night.

I still want to find an RPG that'll let me play a stuffed animal or toy that protects the innocent from monsters, and goes into their Realm through the cupboard to fight them where they live. It'd be awesome.

>> No.23110080


If you believe the tulpa people on /mlp/, then it is possible to create on accidentally. If you believe them.

>> No.23110138

I used to have the worst nightmares that stopped me from sleeping for days at a time. I imagine that they are what caused my severe case of insomnia.

Most of that changed when I got a new cat that loved to sleep under the covers with me. It was like being a little kid with a teddy bear all over again.

The Egyptians knew what worked. Cats are the ultimate guardians of the night.

>> No.23110160

I don't put much stock in /mlp/ as a source of occult wisdom. Half of the anons there are probably just schizophrenics trying to use "tulpas" as an excuse to cover for their mental illness.

>> No.23110190

Tulpas are basically hypnotizing yourself into schizophrenia as far as I know.

>> No.23110201

That and there's a huge difference between what a /mlp/er does and what a Buddhist monk does. Cleanliness of mind and purity of soul, should (if we're talking about stuff like this as thought it is possible) be of importance.

Though I have heard some theories concerning poltergeists saying they're caused by the negative emotions and trauma of a living being rather than those of a dead being. Sort of makes "bottling it all up" sound like an even worse method.

>> No.23110227

Why does he have a shield? What good could that shield possibly be against that monster?

>> No.23110282

>complaining about the shield
>not complaining about a teddy bear standing up against the horrific monsters from beyond the ken of mortal man

Really? It's probably enchanted with his sense of duty to protect his chosen liege.

>> No.23110283

If your only stuffed animal guardians are a small lizard, a small hammerhead shark and a medium-size iguana, are you adequately defended against the horrors of the night?

>> No.23110309

>Small hammerhead shark
>Thinks he's unprotected.

Shit, son. That's overkill. Hammerheads shit out bigger boggarts than the likes you're gonna trifle with.

>> No.23110313

No, I have no qualm with the teddy protecting someone, mine has done so for three generations now. But that little wooden shield? C'mon...

>> No.23110315

I always hear people say that you never die in dreams, but I've died in at least one of my dreams before. Was a dream with no sort of pretext, just my head being forcibly held underwater and the terror of feeling the water enter my lungs and the blackness engulfing me. I feel like there have been at least one or two other occasions but I can't recall them at the moment.

>> No.23110326

I'd have said so. Remember that what we see is only their physical shell - their spiritual representations are a small drake, its larger dragon brother, and a large ocean predator that can rend a beast limb from tentacle.

>> No.23110344

>I always hear people say that you never die in dreams.

Did you wake up upon "death" or did you keep on going? The thing is you can die in your dreams, like hitting the ground after skydiving, but you tend to wake up immediately. If you died and the story kept on going, it'd be something different.

That being said, I die all the time in my dreams.

>> No.23110369

Could save him from getting torn by it's claws maybe.

>> No.23110375

I killed myself in a dream before, kind of. As a teen, a kid version of myself ended up time traveling to meet my adult self. The adult self took the kid version in and took care of him. Fast forward and the adult version snaps one day and kills the kid version and feeds the child to the adult's friends and family. I have never, nor will I, take this story to a any kind of psychiatrist.

>> No.23110393

In the world of stuffed animals, size is not important. Only its form matters. The hammerhead shark carries with it all the wrath and cruelty of its race accumulated over 140 million years.

It offers plenty of defense.

>> No.23110418

Happened to me as well, the water part, I mean.

I almost drowned when I was a kid, so I have a phobia of water now. (I know, weird, but that's just how it is)

I have drowned in dreams multiple times and it feels exactly the same in the dream as it did in real life. I don't know if I could call it "dying" exactly, but it definitely does reach the point of blacking out and being in that state for quite a while before waking up.

>> No.23110454

And it looks so darn cute you just want to squeeze it.

>> No.23110501

So what happens when a stuffed animal protector/toy misses a piece of its physical shell? Does it lose power?

I ask because I have a stuffed bear from the '30s that is missing its eyes, its nose, and the sewing to represent its mouth is all but game. I'd hate to think he's blind, can't smell, and mute.

>> No.23110519

And this is how he appears to those who would try to hurt you in the night.

>> No.23110564

That just means that he is a grizzled veteran of many a battle with the Cupboard-Born. He's old, and he's not quite as fit as he used to be, but he has the experience of killing monsters all his life to help him keep sharp.

You should hold onto him, anon - he's a leader amongst his own kind.

>> No.23110613

Those are battle scars that he earned during his 80 year crusade of righteousness.

Losing sight, smell and taste has heightened his other senses to super-teddy levels. So he's probably really good at hearing and feeling evil.

>> No.23110710

I lived in an older house my whole life up until last year when I moved away to college. By the end I was convinced that it was haunted, though not in any extreme way.

Mostly, it was just weird shadows and motions at the corner of my eye. But one time, I got woken up by a little girl's voice talking somewhere in the house, a voice I knew for a fact was not my sister's. Scared the daylights out of me. And occasionally, I've been woken up by my bed suddenly shaking (granted, I slept on the top bunk of a bunk bed and it could very well have just been my brother jerking off. But it felt too regular and planned for it to be that)

No one else in my family saw or heard anything like what I did. Though my brother did claim to see a freaky alien in our backyard one night, and my mom and dad both attest that my mom had real problems with a ghost following her in their old house (they moved out before I was born).

>> No.23110736

I... almost want to see a drawfag draw his spiritual self.

He also had a bowtie that he last, green polka dotted.

>> No.23110760

That obviously shows his rank amongst the Protectors then.

Because bow ties are cool.

>> No.23110807

I meant to type lost, not last. How it came out as last I do not know. I'd like to think that some evil minion grasped it and took it with them to their version of hell as Teddy struck him down.

>> No.23110839

Somewhere in between. I wasn't immediately woken up. I did have some small span of nothingness, but nothing prolonged. Just enough to be sure that I had died.

>> No.23110868

So how many of you guys actually believe in the supernatural and how many of you guys are just being good sports? Genuinely curious here.

>> No.23110881


Considering my other bedroom guardians currently include a skull mask that I bought for sixpence by saying it was bananas, and a large quartz crystal, and used to consist of a bow-tied teddy bear bigger than me when I was a newborn and an equally large toy St. Bernard, a couple of stuffed owls that could hoot, a one and a half metre long snake draft excluder with no eyes, a giant toy lion that got his stomach burnt by a fan heater and a security blanket, named 'Blankie' no less, I'm starting to think my bedroom was quite possibly the most terrifying thing for the monsters to step into.

And yet I still had to sleep with a bloody Wind in the Willows lamp on.

Oh, well. Sweet dreams /tg/. May flights of gaunt skinny girls who seem to have odd concepts of romance sing thee to thine sleep.

>> No.23110932

Be patient. It sounds like there's little you can do to speed things along. Besides, you have thousands of nights ahead of you and your visitor sounds rather curious in a touchy-feely sort of way. Surely she will find fun things to do to you sooner or later.

Also, she's always naked, right? You should sleep in the nude. She'll never find your dick if she doesn't understand that your pajamas/boxer shorts can be removed.

>> No.23110947

I like to think that it's all a bunch of baloney, but the fact that I still get spooked by it and have sleepless nights tells me that I must believe in it on some subconscious level.

As much as I don't want to believe in it all, I still find myself whipping open shower curtains and sprinting up dark staircases all the time like I'm being chased.

>> No.23110965

The only reason tulpa is now /mlp/ domain instead of /x/ is that /mlp/ knows EXACTLY what they want out of their research.

I was curious and reading up about tulpa on the internet, and eventually checked out the /mlp/ threads. The irony is that by taking it far more seriously than /x/ ever did, they're probably as close as you'll be able to get to whatever the truth is of the matter.

And they know how pathetic this makes them in the eyes of the rest of us. They just don't care anymore.

>> No.23111015

>Did you wake up upon "death" or did you keep on going?
I've killed myself in a dream twice without waking up. I died and got up like a zombie.

>> No.23111041

>A minute passed uneventfully, but then she moved a bit closer and put her lips against my neck. It wasn’t quite a kiss; she just pressed her lips against my skin and lay perfectly motionless. I had the sense at the time that it was more like she was mimicking a kiss without really understanding the gesture.

I don't think I have ever had spine tingling chills and a "d'aw" feeling at the same time ever before, but that right there gave it to me.

That is just the sweetest and most terrifying thing I could imagine.

>> No.23111043

So /mlp/ decided to delve into the maddening depths of black magic and parapsychology just so they could make real-life ponies to follow them around?

>> No.23111045

So I have a nightmare, but it wasn't exactly a monster or anything. It's also not as impressive to tell as to experience, but it was a doozy. Should I contribute it to the thread?

>> No.23111061

Tulpas are just forced hallucinations.

>> No.23111074


Does anything you just wrote sound too far-fetched?

>> No.23111144

I'd read it.

>> No.23111145

I wouldn't say that I believe in the supernatural as a categorical sort of thing, but I would necessarily say that I am a skeptic either.

I believe in what I see and in what I experience; to the extent that these experiences fall within the scope of the supernatural, I believe in the supernatural to that extent. For example, I’ve seen what I perceived as ghosts on two occasions, so I believe that ghosts may exist. That doesn't mean that I believe every ghost story I hear or that I believe in every sort of supernatural entity that might or might not exist.

>> No.23111186

If you perceive a hallucination as real, and are forever alone so that nobody else will ever challenge your belief in its reality, is there any meaningful distinction between a hallucination and a real summoned entity?

>> No.23111248

Yes. Just people aren't around to say it ain't so doesn't make it real. Reality is something that doesn't cease to exist if you ignore it. Tulpas are the exact opposite.

>> No.23111254

/phil/ please go.

My sanity is in peril from this thread already without having to deal with your metaphysical shenanigans.

>> No.23111286

Yes. A hallucination can only tear your mind to shreds, not your intestines.

>> No.23111289


>> No.23111400

So, I woke up in a dim room, bound to a chair and was told by two suited men (couldn't see their faces, of course) I had been sentenced to die.

The charges were fuzzy and unclear, I never knew exactly what I did. One of the two men pulls out a syringe full of clear liquid and injects it carefully into my forearm. Before they leave, they tell me I have an hour to live.

I pass out.

I wake up an unknown amount of time later, by myself, bound to the chair in a dark room, facing a clock. The kind you see in gymnasiums, with the metal grill over it to protect it from stray throws.

At this point, I'm panicking in-dream, way, way too terrified to try to track the clock. I spend the rest of the dream facing that clock, watching time tick by painfully slowly, waiting to die any second. I had no idea whether it would hurt or if I would feel a thing.

I know that the last few sentences really don't sound like much, but it felt like hours. Since I was dreaming, it probably was hours. I woke up in tears on the verge of throwing up, and sometimes I still get stomachaches thinking about it. On the bright side, I haven't been nearly as afraid of death since.

>> No.23111481

>Just people aren't around to say it ain't so doesn't make it real.
Not the person you're replying to, but I don't think that's the point. It's not that it "makes it real", it's that it makes no difference whether it's real or not. As long as you think it is, and stick to this belief, in the end it doesn't matter if it isn't.

>> No.23111522

The account of your adventure with the pale lady has been updated with the new info.

God speed, anon. May Descartes guide you dick.

>> No.23111549

This is why pretty much every source outside of /mlp/ tries to discourage people from creating tulpas. You *will* lose track of reality eventually.

>> No.23111664


>> No.23111665


...Honestly, I doubt you can forget that the two dimensional pastel colored pony floating around your head screaming about friendship isn't real.

>> No.23111679

And yet people believe in sky wizards and zombies.

>> No.23111697

You seem to be granting the people who populate /mlp/ with a lot more sanity and attachment to reality than they actually have.

>> No.23111786

You've clearly never met a brony.

>> No.23111816

I don't know how common dreams like that are, but I have also experienced the ones where I am heavily weighed down and need to get somewhere fast. I hate them because I know that something terrible will happen if I don't get to where I need to go in time, but my knees buckle when I even try to stand and I end up spending what feels like hours just trudging onward aimlessly.

I assume they are just stress dreams, but even thinking about them puts knots in my gut.

>> No.23111864

I'm fairly sure the one I had was because of college anxieties at the time, trying to get into a school and worrying about it. It would explain the gymnasium-style clock and the feeling of time running out.

>> No.23111867

Write a note that details how you would enjoy some romantic advances from her, and leave it on your other pillow.

Make sure you have a second pillow.

>> No.23111930

Alright here we go:

It started about a year ago randomly. Nothing notable happened or anything to bring this on, it was just at a time when I was feeling more depressed than usual.

One morning while taking a shower I closed my eyes to wash my hair and I felt something behind me. I wasn't touched or anything, I just felt a presence behind me like you get when you're paranoid.

>> No.23111943

Of course I immediately turned around to see what it was and pulled up my fists, ready for anything. Except nothing was there. So I just blamed it on paranoia and started talking to myself. I closed my eyes again and I couldn't tell if the presence was gone or if it had fallen back, but I couldn't get rid of that lingering until I got out of the shower.

The next day I was in the shower and the same thing happened, I closed my eyes and felt something. This time, though, I visualized it. You know how when you close your eyes you can still feel where you are but are sort of looking at yourself in the third person? I did that, except I saw something behind me.

It was just an intangible darkness, which is hard to describe since all I saw was blackness, but I could imagine the outline of the creature. It was unmoving, like a blanket fluttering in the breeze and draped in floating chains.

>> No.23111962

I didn't open my eyes immediatly because I was kinda freaked out and kinda interested. I didn't know if this was my over active imagination or what. It didn't move and so I opened my eyes and turned around and of course nothing was there. I closed my eyes again without turning back, but I still felt the presence behind me. It seemed to just be behind me no matter what I did, and I could only see it with my eyes closed.

Now I was raised Catholic and this was freaking me out a little, so I started praying out loud and the presence began fading. Not retreating, just becoming weaker. It was still there when I closed my eyes, but it didn't follow me out of the shower.

>> No.23111981

The next day I was ready for it, but I had begun to get over my rut. I usually sing in the shower but because I was sad I wasn't singing in the mornings. I started singing again and this time when I closed my eyes, I could see color on the presence and it seemed closer. The darkness was still dark, but the chains seemed an ethereal blue. It was further back from me than it had been previously, so I tested singing louder and it moved further away, not actually moving but just sort of shrinking into the distance.

I've seen too many Paranormal Activity movies to ignore this, so I made the sign of the cross and said the Lord's prayer, hoping it would be as effective as the Mexican cleaning lady's blessings. The figure faded again like it had before, losing color until it was just lost in the darkness and I couldn't feel it as much.

To this day when I shower I make sure to sing a little song to keep it away, but I never saw it again after that.

>> No.23112001

I'm just waiting for Anon to take this advice and report back to us that the entity followed the instructional sex note down to the letter...

...and then inform us that the entity was actually a shy guy with a soul patch and a bandana named Randy that had been silently sneaking into his room every night to gently press his lips against Anon's neck in the hopes that his love will one day be returned.

>> No.23112079

>...and then inform us that the entity was actually a shy guy with a soul patch and a bandana named Randy that had been silently sneaking into his room every night to gently press his lips against Anon's neck in the hopes that his love will one day be returned.

That is both hysterical and terrifying, anon - nicely played.

>> No.23112082

That sounds really specific, anon.

Is there something you need to tell us?

>> No.23112126


>> No.23112197

>Reality is something that doesn't cease to exist if you ignore it

You're just not trying hard enough.

>> No.23112281

I have a recurring dream since about 10 years i am standing in a factory on a assembly line where humans are built like cars or robots together with two devils one fat and small and one tall and lean the devils tell me that live is running out while in my head i hear a womans voice telling me it is too late while i and the devils start laughing then i always wake up laughing.

>> No.23112338

I'd love to hear what a psychologist would say about that dream...

>> No.23112359

The Gray Men.

Jesus Christ, the Gray Men.

Like... hairless chimps in dark, one-piece gray jumpsuits. They'd come through my window at night.

Apparently my mother had similar dreams.

>> No.23112446

You're gonna laugh, but this is all true.

When I was a little kid, I was flipping through the channels and came across the first Child's Play movie. I, being the stupid kid that I was, watched the entire thing.

I had recurring nightmares for years. Chucky under my bed. Chucky in my closet. Chucky in my bookbag. The fucking dreams haunted my from ages five until ten or so, when I had another dream.

Chucky and I were on this weird tower that was like a plate balance on a needle. He came at me with a knife, missed, and I grabbed him by the leg and threw him off. At about the time when he would have hit the ground, I woke up.

I haven't had a Chucky nightmare since.

>> No.23112457

Poor bastard. I think you know what you're dealing with.

>> No.23112491

>mfw reading that

>> No.23112615


Do you think?

I've never heard of chimp-like aliens.

>> No.23112671

Neither have I, but gray one-piece jumpsuits are classic alien attire.

>> No.23112758

I had a nightmare not.. I guess a hour and 20 minutes ago. I was laying in bed, and looking up at the darkened ceiling and then a face kinda came into and descended toward me, its mouth open but no real frightening teeth, but it was a malevolent in its eyes. I remember sitting up in the dream and pointing up at it saying 'No....'

Then I woke up.

I was half sitting up in bed with my arm extended toward my ceiling.

>> No.23112912

I hate waking up doing something i and a bro always have to share a couch when we have guests and he told me that i move my legs as if i would be running in my sleep.

>> No.23112994

I often have nightmares of waking up but not being able to move or open my eyes yet still be able to see or hear. During these times I tend to sense a presence nearby, once I watched the walls rips away in my apartment as slithering things spoke and gurgled around me.

>> No.23113060


I don't enjoy it. I've always had nightmares, for as long as I've been able to remember.

>> No.23113064

>once I watched the walls rips away in my apartment as slithering things spoke and gurgled around me
Jesus Christ how horrifying!

How do you stay sane seeing shit like that?

>> No.23113245

Thats about one of the worst ones and honestly by now I am convinced I'm having some sort of half awake thing going on but still dreaming. Normally I'm just stuck trying to wake myself up so i can move my fucking hand from underneath my head or move my legs out of an uncomfortable position or something.

The really bad ones only happen a few rare times and normally I sleep normal.

Like once something was hitting the door hard as hell trying to get into my bedroom, and another time something in the celling threatened to eat my dog if I didn't wake up.

>> No.23113367

I'd suggest not trying to force the issue. If this is a psychological thing, which I suspect in both our cases it is, "she" already knows your intent, so just let whatever happens happen. And if on the wild off chance it ISN'T entirely in your head, if couldn't hurt to let the other party control the pace anyway.

>> No.23113508

You seem to be experiencing sleep paralysis out the wazoo.

>> No.23113690

Yeah I know. I honestly think I might have Sleep apnea or something that causes it.

When I have money and have a host of other problems looked at, I'll get to getting that checked out.

>> No.23114018

Hope you dont mind I had a little fun with the image.

>> No.23114298

I wonder what Descartes would think about his image becoming synonymous with fucking?

>> No.23114331

For years my sleep has been peaceful and mostly dreamless, however this past week I've been getting non stop dreams, even if I take a short nap I dream. I can't remember any of them, but they seem unrelated, and they don't seem frightening.

Its possible it coincides with being away from this stuffed animal(?). I received it about a month ago from friends ad only this past week have I been without it as long as two weeks. we're not entirely sure what it is supposed to be, and while everyone else finds it unnerving I find its Presence peaceful, while its around it always seems to end up near me when I sleep. I constantly feel the need to slip it into my friends sight, even leaving it into the fridge for hours just to scare them. Despite all my attempts to leave it on someone else I find myself compelled to keep it with me as much as possible. Since recently getting it back the dreaming has settled back down thankfully. Either its responsible for easing my sleep or it slowly siphoning away my soul and I've become reliant on it

Pic Related: The stuffed animal/thing. What's /tg/'s take? what the hell is this thing?

>> No.23114335


>> No.23114736

So I take it that the general consensus is that I should take no action and just see what my visitor does to me when left to her own devices?

I dunno about the fellow who's compiling this pic, but as the subject of it I find the addition quite amusing.

>> No.23114749

>But that little wooden shield? C'mon...
May I point you towards Link? From LoZ? Yeah, some of the things you can do with a shield in that are just completely retarded. Like stop laser beams.

Oh wow. Captcha just put it best.

"These Dickens"

>> No.23114790

Try leaving some form of thank you gift, kinda like what people do to please fey.

depending on what you leave out and what happens it might give you more clues

>> No.23114827

Take it slow. Let her know you're interested, but let her set the pace.
Also gifts might be cool. A note maybe? And the sleepign naked thing.

>> No.23114858

>Sleep apnea
You do realise that can kill you, right?

>> No.23114959

Yes. Just let her do what she wants and report on it.

I think you are more likely to get the results you're hoping for if you let her take the lead, seeing as she seems a bit wary. Also, from an experimental perspective your account of events will be more informative to others who may encounter a similar being in the future if you passively observe rather than try to influence her behavior.

>> No.23114975

Definitely sleep naked. Its only fair. If its cold where you are just get a few more blankets. You must let her know of the male form before dicking can occur.

>> No.23115269

I once saw a tall man made out of brown television static. He was almost 9ft tall, had absolutely no face (or facial features), and was simply the outline of a man.

He struggled and limped his way over to my bed (where I could not move, despite being fully awake). His body looked badly contorted, and I think that he was hurt in some way.

When he got close to me, a big hole opened up where his mouth should be.

I don't know if he was trying to talk to me or something, but all I heard was terribly loud static coming from his mouth.

I don't know if he was hostile or not either, because I was too scared to do anything about it.

Then my alarm went off, and this seemed to frighten him, or perhaps the song was protecting me somehow? I don't know, but after that, he was gone.

I have seen him twice since then, only in different variations which I have aptly named to reflect their colors.

Brown is limper
Orange is helper
Blue is gaurdian
And red is anger.

all I I've seen of these people.

>> No.23115271

If thats the problem, most of my syptoms could be something else. Just about any sleep disorder could cause Sleep Paralaysis and my other symptoms.

>> No.23115314


>> No.23115458

Alright. Turning up the heat a bit to sleep naked.

Not sure if I have anything around suitable to leave as a gift. Do supernatural creatures like small uncut rubies? Shame it's winter or I'd pick a flower in the yard and leave it on my other pillow.

>> No.23115491

You think dogs on the internet are a big problem?

If only you knew how many fa/tg/uys were spiders...

>> No.23115526

That's nothin'. /co/ is overrun by sharks!

>> No.23115575

And yet sadly, /mlp/ is the one only board frequented by humans on 4chan...

...the only one...

>> No.23115600

Meh. You're courting an unspeakable horror from beyond time and space; I doubt she would even recognize what a gift was.

Your soul is all you need to offer, though I suspect she already has hold of that by now.

>> No.23115710

Polish the ruby until it's shiny. She might not take it, but it;s the thought that counts.

>> No.23115721

Some KY Jelly and a sheet of Oreos.

That is the universal/multidimensional symbol of sensual lust.

>> No.23115760

Could always giftwrap yourself.

>> No.23115868

Is it now?
But that brings up a good point. Would she be able to make her own lubricant? You might wanna get some lube.

>> No.23115960

Very true, although he could just put on a lubed up condom before he goes to bed and hope that it doesn't all get absorbed by the sheets before it is dicking time.

Jeez, I hope that she appreciates us doing all of this science for her. It's a lot more complicated than I expected.

>> No.23116024

I'm gonna laugh my ass off if it turns out this creature has just been acting all shy to get anon to let his guard down, and she ends up killing him and taking his soul tonight.

>> No.23116067

If that's the case then it won't be that much different from having a real girlfriend.

>> No.23116088

Oh you.

>> No.23116127

"HELP ME /tg/! I'm being haunted by a strange female form!"
Female? Well then just stick your dick in it!

... we are the WORST Ghostbusters!

>> No.23116229

Worst ghostbusters... or BEST ghostbusters?

I mean, so far anon has remained unharmed. Certainly more than you can say about most of the people that follow /x/'s ritualistic ghost busting methods.

>> No.23116247

Speaking ig /x/, someone should tell them what we're doing.

>> No.23116249

Hold your tongue, sir!

Sure, nobody on /tg/ has ever had girlfriend ever before, and sure, we would rather just go hungry instead of interacting with a female cashier at the grocery store, but don't you ever, EVER, question the ability of /tg/ to find the most efficient and enjoyable way to stick our dicks in things that shouldn't have dicks stuck in them

>> No.23116280

Because of >>23116127 and >>23116229 I'm saving >>23114018 as "bustin makes me feel good."

>> No.23116288

I had a dream once that lasted a year. It was not a special year, just a normal year of my life. I do not remember specific details, just a feeling that a year had passed. This caused me to have an existential breakdown as to the nature of reality. In my panic I decided to stay up for four days straight in order to avoid the other life. On the night of the fourth day I saw a shadowy figure in the corner of my room. The figure simply said "go to sleep". There were also insect like shadows flitting in the corners of my vision.

>> No.23116323


>> No.23116393

Goodnight /TG/, I hope the sun finds you in the morning, before unspeakable horrors do.

>> No.23116422

>There were also insect like shadows flitting in the corners of my vision.

I have had insomnia for the majority of my life and I'll tell you that that does happen if you go too long without sleep. For me it seems more like black fingers/veins clouding my peripheral vision, but I would attribute that to the fact that my eyes are bloodshot as hell and dried out after a couple sleepless days. Having the clouded peripherals makes it feel like I have tunnel vision, which makes it seem like there are dark presences in every corner unless I look right at it.

Even though I know exactly what is causing it and that the whole problem will go away after I get some sleep, it still gives me the creeps every so often, but that's just what happens when you stay awake for too long, your comprehension skills don't work as well .

>> No.23116460

Everything aside from the year long dream was a result of sleep deprivation. That fact does nothing to change my dread.

>> No.23116465


Venkman would approve.

>> No.23116479

I've placed the ruby on a silk handkerchief on top of the nightstand on the side of the bed my visitor appeared at last night. As for lube, I think I'll leave that issue for her to deal with if need be.

As always, I will report in the morning if I'm still alive. Good night and good luck.

>> No.23116592

If you're still here, why do you have a random ruby sitting around?

>> No.23116621

/x/ thinks you're gonna die for sure.

>> No.23116653

It's left over from an unsuccessful investment scheme. Maybe it will pay off at last?

'Night, all.

>> No.23116672

Good night, and good luck!
(Also look into that lube later)

>> No.23116722

Well if he does die at least it's a cooler way to go than getting cancer or crashing a car.

I'll bet that his obituary will have roughly 100% more lubed up demon dicking than anybody else.

>> No.23116790


You'd best be ready to give her the D, son

use protection

>> No.23116813

Uncut gems arnt worth much if they are low quality, in terms of cash. My wife has a pile of uncut lowgrade emeralds worth about 5 bucks total.
Not all of us...though this will in some way be an experience.

>> No.23116893

The /x/ thread if anyone cares.

>> No.23116899

His obituary will probably read that he died in bed from a heart attack. I doubt the pale naked thing will stop to write a memo describing Anon's last moments.

If he doesn't show up again, we'll know he died gloriously. But we don't know who he is. The people that do know who he is won't know how he died.

>> No.23116927

>mfw I realized this

>> No.23117067

Can you even imagine if she DID leave a note or something?

>> No.23117260

Godspeed OP, you magnificent bastard. You have the full support of multiple boards now, and if you'd like, /x/ might chime in with some good luck sigils.

You're not only doing this for all of humanity, you're doing it for all of the brotherhood.

>> No.23117342

This thing has been with him for YEARS. If she was going to kill him it would have done it by now.

>> No.23117364

It'd probably be taken as some crazy ramblings or a search for human eyewitness/murderer.

>> No.23117553

/x/ freaks out.
/tg/ insists on sticking it's dick in it.

>> No.23117585

>not falling in love
>not going on a mystical adventure to bring her back to life with a corporeal form
>not teaching her about mortal love along the journey
>not being cruelly torn apart by fate
>not being sent to a mental ward for thinking that she existed
>not seeing her one last time on your death bed and sharing one final kiss
>not fading to black
>not rolling the credits

>> No.23117738

A note would be the most active thing I would suggest doing. Besides, what sort of "gift" would you leave?

>> No.23117769

Night-terrors? I use to have them all the time. The Minecart ride with the devil. The monster outside the window. The werewolves stalking the woods.

And then there was the cube. That fucking cube. How I hate it still to this day. It makes my skin crawl and my stomach turn. I still see it from time to time, but its far less frequent.

I should probably explain a bit. The Cube as I've come to call it is a hollow Ethereal wire-frame cube. It constantly morphs in a 5th dimensional way, and contact with it burns. Outright burns. the mere sight of it leaves a mind reeling, and its existence strikes a chord deep within you of terror and fear. I've stared into the Abyss /tg/. It stared back.

>> No.23117872

Man... what kind of cross breed might result from this?
He left and uncut ruby.

>> No.23117922

Yeah, I read that eventually. I should really refresh more often.

And no cross-breed will occur, because she's in his head. It doesn't make her any less real, but it precludes the possibility of physical interaction in the same way dreaming of the Bodhisattvas doesn't mean you can knock them up.

>> No.23117981

>He left an uncut ruby.
In certain traditions, the deep red color of a ruby is said to symbolize life or blood.

Congratulations, /tg/, you have gotten Anon to symbolically offer his life to the horror that haunts him.

>> No.23117998

the blood in his dick

>> No.23118007

>dreaming of the Bodhisattvas
And then, after saying that, my own situation suddenly makes sense to me.

>> No.23118025

Well let's just hope she only symbolically takes his life.

>> No.23118065

Anon, you are truly a golden god amongst us unworthy mortals. Whether or not you die in the attempt to fuck this pale woman, /tg/ shall sing your praises forevermore. Go forth boldly unto the twilight realm, and may the hopes of fa/tg/uys the world over guide your dick.

>> No.23118113


>she interprets it as him saying he wants his life to be hers
>cue furious blushing and impromptu supernatural wedding ceremony
>Ore no Ghost Waifu ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai

>> No.23118198

This is one hell of a way to start a Changeling game.

>> No.23118311

God damned, reading the last thread is reminding me of a couple of times I've had waking dreams or half-lucid dreams.
I'd always wake up in the middle of night, feeling as though I was returning to my body, with the faint sounds of hell (Screaming, fast wind currents, that kind of thing) echoing in my head.
However, I live near a major interstate, so I'd say that my mind was incorporating the highway sounds into my dream.

>> No.23118535

Another time I fell asleep with my leg balanced on my other, sitting up a bit.
I ended up being the leader/following around in third person, a platoon of african child soldiers.
It ended with a camera pan over there dead bodies lying in a row on the ground. The ground was littered with debris and was muddy, their bodies were dirtied and wounded.
That dream ended when I accidentally flipped that 'I'm Awake' switch in my mind, and the last shot was looking over the charred remnants of my body with the sound of a baby crying faintly.

This is why I don't sleep in the same house as newborns.

>> No.23118569

Like I said in the other thread, I've just been reading up on Rubies and it sounds like this was the perfect stone to leave as the gift.
>It is the chosen stone of Leaders, Kings and Priests for its ability to guide and help make wise and noble decisions.
>It is said that the power of Ruby is in its encouragement to follow your dreams and your bliss, helping you to change your world.
>The Ruby is filled with love. It also helps sexual love to be more passionate.

>> No.23118621

>for its ability to guide and help make wise and noble decisions.

Bit contrary to the current situation, no?

>> No.23118674

Well... we're like Rubies, right?

>> No.23118748


You're a bunch of rubes is what you are.

>> No.23118750

Had a recurring nightmare that I was one of many trapped within a combination slaughterhouse-laboratory that used children as 'livestock'.
There were only slight changes each time, like sometimes I'd be conversing with others through cell bars and other times it'd be in some communal room where they observed us.
It almost always ended with me being hung like a carcass on a meat hook and slowly drawn into a grinder.

Looking back now, it didn't really effect me unless you count turning into a rather jaded individual. No qualms against eating meat during or after that time period.

>> No.23118799

So here's what I've realized. I worked in Japan for a summer, about two years ago. It was up in the north, so there was a lot of empty space in the foothills and in the mountains. About two miles up the road from the place I was staying at, there was a small Inari shrine tucked back in the woods. It was real pretty, and so I decided to go up there one evening. I arrived right before sunset, and though I've never been a particularly religious person I thought maybe it would be nice to say a little prayer. Since I was at kind of an important juncture in my life, I decided to pray for guidance and protection.

It was after I got home that I remember being “visited” for the first time, but I never made the connection.

>> No.23118833

what you did there.
I see it.

>> No.23119036

I do remember a few other times but they're pretty minor;
For a time my bed was along the same side as the doorway with the door closest to the side where I rested my head. At the foot of my bed was a large window that almost took up the whole wall so the door was the lesser evil to expose myself to.
I rarely slept with the door closed because for some reason it felt like I was cutting precious seconds off my escape route, also my parents' room was the next one over so it'd be easier for them to hear me if it was open.

My closet didn't scare me that much because I it was literally filled to the brim with boxes and other miscellanea. What did scare me though was the fact that the bathroom was right next to my room and I made the mistake of watching The Blob. Every little noise kept me awake out of fear so I always made sure to stop any drips and put the toilet lid down as well as shut the door.

Another time I 'woke up' to see the most vividly monstrous face staring at me through the pitch black, clearly curtainless window (which I can see opposite me when I lie down) and I was so terrified the only thing I could do was shut my eyes. When I opened them I was looking at the curtained windows just as I left them.

Eventually I rearranged my room and positioned my bed perpendicular to the wall in the center of the room. I never felt so exposed during the night because my bed was always in the corner. After a nightmare where arms grabbed me on both sides from beneath my bed I moved it back.

>> No.23119232

When I was younger, I had recurring images any time I closed my eyes to go to sleep.
I saw what looked like it could be described as an extremely plump kirby face. It was all in black and white and highly shaded and shiny at the same time, like those photos of grubby Holocaust victims. I also saw something whose figure matched that of >>23104590's girl or the Screamer, also ultra-realistic and grubby.
There were several of both in a large crowd, staring at me with large vacant eyes. The appearance of any specific individual would alternate constantly between these two types, causing the crowd to resemble a boiling pot of water.
For some reason I could also hear a loud whooshing sound, like a strong-blowing wind.
The image and sound would appear and disappear as I closed and opened my eyes, and only appeared when I was trying to sleep.

I had not seen this image for over a decade, but I ended up seeing it again last night. This time, the wind was quieter, and I could hear them whispering inaudibly.
An hour ago, I was browsing suptg and found the first thread. I have one thing to say after reading both threads.


>> No.23119349 [SPOILER] 


>> No.23119400

I have waking nightmares. Hallucinations. They only occur after I watch some upsetting stuff.

Not necessarily scary, though. Just emotionally draining, like 'The Road'.

This one time I had one where there was an 8 foot tall wolf thing like the werewolves from Dog Soldiers. He just sat in a chair next to my bed and read me a bedtime story. Really unsettingling after my brain started working properly again.

>> No.23119422

That's me with Crossed. I don't know why, but it just stuck with me as so offensive to my senses.

>> No.23120453


>> No.23120637

Seems like a fairly nice bloke to me.

>> No.23120681

Huh...I guess I might have a Tulpa protecting me. A slightly murderous Tulpa. Yay mental breaks from my 20s?

>> No.23120732

Hey I have a story about that!

>> No.23120769

Sounds like the Stuff of Legend.

A little boy gets kidnapped by something awful that came out of his closet, and his toys try to save him.

It's MUCH better than it sounds.

>> No.23120773

Huh...if we all believe this supernatural mumbo jumbo then maybe you vanquished a Lovecraftian horror? And it just took the form of your worst nightmare.

>> No.23120818

The have a cam whore whose a horse.

>> No.23120829

This has come up beforehand, somewhere. Maybe in the first thread.

Aaaand now we're encouraging the boning of another one.

On a somewhat different note, what would a security blanket constitute as a defence against night fiends?

>> No.23120856

But we will know. His name isn't important! His deeds are!

>> No.23120870

Night fiends aren't real though.

>> No.23120980

Sorry Anon, I just couldn't resist.

>> No.23121007

Hey if she makes you her king in the land of the Fae get on 4chan and tell us beforehand

>> No.23121013

10/10 master ruseman.

>> No.23121015

Hmm I should have copied the shading style of the comic now that I look at it.

>> No.23121050


I really doubt fae royalty would be wandering around trying to shag random blokes to make them their king.

Probably a little more selective process involved in courting such things than leaving them rubies on the counter as a tip after she takes some of the dick.

>> No.23121066

Might be a rebellious waifu princess.

>> No.23121068

When I die in dreams I just switch perspective and "feeling"

>> No.23121128

>or perhaps the song was protecting me somehow?

Creatures of chaos hate all forms of order, including rhythm.

Play that funky beat, white boy.

>> No.23121150

Fine, if you're going to be a pedant: Cupboard-born, nightmare beasts, horrors, things that go bump in the night, bogeymen, closet monsters, window scratchers, basement haunters, rats-in-the-walls, things-under-the-stairs, doormen, ghoulies, ghosties, long-legged beasties, monsters-under-the-bed, rawhead and bloody-bones, sackmen, cucuys, babaus, butzemenn, spiders, tommyknockers, attic-walkers, cellar-dwellars, pavement-bears and shadowlurkers.

Any I missed?

>> No.23121179


>> No.23121190


>> No.23121306

Don't tommyknockers qualify as aliens, though? Or have I just read too much Stephen King?

Also, you missed shadow people. Unless they're a subsection of one of the other groups.

>> No.23121383

Tommyknockers can be used to encompass the more alien ones in this context

Shadow people are merely the most humanoid shadowlurkers.

>> No.23121462


Too much Stephen King. Tommyknockers are ghosts of miners who died in a cave-in. In some mythos they knock to warn miners of an impending cave-in, in others, the knocking is them hammering at the supports to cause a collapse of the shaft. In reality, the knocking is just the earth shifting and the timbers creaking as they finally bite the dust.

>> No.23121509

I thought those were knackers. Well, you learn something new every day. Guess tommyknockers are those random knocking sounds you hear.

>> No.23121551


Knackers, Cousin jacks, tommyknockers, are all names for the same phenomenom, just from different locales.

>> No.23121553

I had a visitation once about three years back. My grandma was staying over from overseas and she was in my room, so I had set up camp in the back room. Now my great grandma, the mother of the grandma who was staying in my room, had died the year before. She had always been very loving and close to our side of the family. So anyway, I'm chilling in the back room, closed off from most of the house by a couple of doors, and I'm trying to get to sleep. I'm just lying there sliding slowly towards sleep and unconsciousness when suddenly I know there's somebody else in the next room.

I don't know how to explain it. It was like a pressure in my mind, faint at first, then building as this person walks towards me. I look up from my mattress on the floor and there is clearly nobody standing there, enough light emanating from the CD player to illuminate a portion of the room directly in front of me. This pressure persists for maybe thirty seconds, not moving at all or attempting to make contact in any way. I don't feel threatened, I don't feel challenged. There is this benevolent pressure in my mind that apparently has some form of consciousness.

Now I don't feel directly threatened, but this is still a little bit fuckin' weird. I look over at where I feel the pressure to emanating from and I attempt to communicate.

"Hi. I'm quite tired and trying to get to sleep now, and you're unnerving me a little bit. Could you please leave? You can come back at any time, it's just that I'm trying to sleep right now."

And the pressure just fades away. Doesn't move into the other room in a reverse of the way it entered it. The pressure doesn't "move" away. It just becomes less until it's gone completely. Then I went the fuck to sleep because I was tired.

Shit was weird, yo. The only explanation is that it was my great grandma coming around to visit her daughter, grandkid, and great grandkids. I've seen and heard a couple of odd things now and then and never felt threatened.

>> No.23121633

When I was a kid, there where two reappearing characters. One was the bird

I don't know if it was a weird light from the neighbours house, but it would only appear when I was sleeping in the games room in the summer (At the time my room didn't have air conditioning). It would appear to fly in through the *closed* windows, across the roof, like it was a light someone was shining at the roof. It was a birds silhouette, formed of really bright blue light, it would fly slowly through the window to the small windows that let people in the hall see into the games room, then go through them and disappear out of sight.

The second was this girl.... Well at this point I'm convinced she's real, she never scared me in the slightest. First time I saw her I was 11 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this blonde, 20 something girl sitting at the edge of my bed, even though the room was dark I could see her perfectly, like she was lit from within. She wore a white tanktop and jeans. When she noticed I was awake she just smiled at me and reached forward, lightly ruffling my hair. Then she left the room, she came back a few minutes later with a glass of milk, she waited for me to drink it, then sat back down at the edge of my bed and just lightly stroked my hair until I fell back to sleep. Now I would've taken this as a dream, if it weren't for the fact that the glass was on my bedside table when I woke up. (I have 2 more stories about her. But that's for another time.)

>> No.23121927

That's no way to speak to your great grandmother, mister.

>> No.23122076

Did you consider you're hallucinating and may have a mental disorder? Please don't disregard this. These may just be symptoms of something greater, so if you seek help, you"ll be better.

Remember, a lot of psychoanalytical stuff back then was just talking since a lot of 'illnesses' were just psychological than actually biological.

>> No.23122132


>> No.23122198

Its part fantasy, part irrational fear of the unknown and never feeling (because our brain works like this) 100% certain since to some extent, we want and don't want to believe

>> No.23122252

The black hooded guys that pale-lady anon mentioned in the first thread got me to thinking; what if the room acted as a nexus of sorts or a stop during traveling. Not so much a portal to a malevolent plane but one that spits out entities in a place that happens to be a bedroom, before going on their merry way to the next portal.

>> No.23122260

Part a bit of harmless fun.

>> No.23122273

Like their just passing through, spot this little kid lying their and have a moment of... "What the he-... Okay, I'ma mess with him a little, I got 5 minutes."?

>> No.23122286

God it *must* be getting late. My grammar in that post made me wince.

>> No.23122290

Yes exactly like that, and in the case of recurrence then they might take that route often or just come back because they like doing it.

>> No.23122328

"Honey, I'll be home late! The sarah's room is down for roadworks so I'll be taking the Timmy's room."
I'm sorry, that just sprung to mind. That's actually an interesting idea, that they're not really evil, just bored as they're on their way to do something. Like messing with you is a way of relieving stress from troubles *they* have, maybe they get tormented by others in their own beds and see you as a way to get their own back.

>> No.23122350

Could there be an infinite cycle of night monsters?

>> No.23122371

>No, eventually it leads to the real bogey man, and his bogey man is chuck norris.
>And Chuck norris doesn't check his closet for the Bogey man, cos the Bogey man is checking his closet for chuck norris.

>> No.23122391

Could be, the infinite highway of nightmareish assholeism.

>> No.23122418

>not believing in the supernatural
Hey man, chemistry was considered to be magic for thousands of years before it was studied scientifically. Didn't make it any less real.

I would not be surprised in the least if there are still phenomena out there which while perfectly real and quantifiable have yet to be explained in a scientific manner.

>> No.23122420

No. I remember being on the /x/ threads.

The /x/ threads stopped to avoid bad attention and raids on their IRC channel. /mlp/ picked it up and never gave a fuck

>> No.23122464

>You know how when you close your eyes you can still feel where you are but are sort of looking at yourself in the third person?

Nope. I dont have eyes on my necks nor psychic powers

>> No.23122473

Then you are mercifully safe from the unseen world around us.

>> No.23122538

Thats some fucked up sleep paralysis.

I remember when I was younger, sometimes when I'd masturbate in my room or the bathroom, I'd hear girls giggling and shh'ing eachother.

Once brought it up to my mom (sans fapping bit). Couldnt tell if she knew since when she said no she gave an exaggerated face. They stopped then.

Funnily enough, also stopped when the people upstairs moved out and some other family moved in.

To this day I wonder if it was a re-occurring hallucination or girls looking at me naked with my moms panty over my face as I fap to womens magazine in my bathroom

>> No.23122579

Sorry, a lack of evidence doesn't make it true and isn't a valid argument. I won't believe it until there's proof over believing it because I want to habeeb.

>> No.23122605


/x/ is full of retarded /b/tards. Its shit. Dont attract crossboarding /b/tard scum with no interest in the board topic. Look what they did to /x/

>> No.23122614

>mirror /tg/
"So, I lay on my bed, trying to sleep and then there was this figure of a man, there, just like I had dreamed of when I was small! All sleeping, like I remembered him.

So, just like /tg/ said, I tried to show him a good time, and leaned forwards and kissed him on the neck, and... HE WAS AWAKE. I couldn't actually see him moving, but, I KNEW he was awake."

"And I blinked, and he vanished. But the bed clothes and sheets were all messed up. It could have just been me, but I knew he was there! Oh, jeez, I'm so embarrased. What should I do, mirror /tg/?"

>> No.23122625

Kill yourself

>> No.23122634

What would you consider to be proof? I mean, photographs can be shooped and the accounts of people who have seen supernatural stuff could just be hallucinations or insanity.

Would you believe it if you personally had an encounter with the supernatural?

>> No.23122635

Maybe it needs consent

>> No.23122640

Is it not obvious? It's the period fairy.

>> No.23122645

You are an amazing person.

Also, these threads have made me want to go buy stuff of legend

>> No.23122704

Scientific evidence, which wont happen since it isnt real

>> No.23122769

I want more stories from mirror /tg/. Or should I say /gt/?

>> No.23122779

That's not mirror /tg/ that's mirror /adv/.

>> No.23122782

What we must do is develop a way to communicate with mirror /tg/, and get these two star-crossed lovers together.

>> No.23122792

>In still another alternate universe:

Hey /tg/, I've been stalking this mortal for the last decade or so. I tried to make myself look like a human girl so I don't freak him out too much, but don't think I got it quite right. Human biology is so confusing...
>you should totally steal his soul anon
But I kinda like him. I think he wants to mate with me but I can't figure out how to do it.
>just get in his bed and put your lips on him. it's totally what humans do when they want to mate
Really? I'll give it a try and tell you guys how it worked tomorrow.

Oh my god /tg/, I did what you suggested but he woke up and looked right at me. It was so embarrassing I just disappeared right on the spot.
>wow way to spill you spaghetti, bitch.
Hey, that's not fair. It was really startling and now he knows I'm stalking him.
>get back in there and fuck his brains out. and steal his soul. *posts pic of squamous tentacle horror with the caption "give her the dick"*
Okay, I guess...

>> No.23122846

Here you go, just whipped this up

>> No.23122858

You just made my day.

>> No.23122875

You, sir, are a prince among anons.

>> No.23122893

My pleasure, good sir.

>> No.23122896


This must be saved for posterity

>> No.23122914

Ahahahah, yes. Most definitely. Someone send me that when you do.

>> No.23122932


>> No.23122942

I don't get it

>> No.23122945

Man, I don't even know.

>> No.23123017

that's because you're cancer

>> No.23123031

Saved. For the sake of Posperity

>> No.23123042


Fuck it's late.

>> No.23123107

This anon >>23116479 reporting in.

My visitor returned as expected and remained for most of the night. Did not manage to fuck it, but progress towards that goal has definitely been made. It’s only a matter of time now. I am still alive, more or less, though prolonged physical contact with my visitor seems to have had some sort of deleterious effect on my health.

Anyway, I need to try to get to my securities law class. I’ll write up a more detailed report later, probably a little after noon.

>> No.23123124

We are disappointed.
But you have made progress.
Keep on truckin, soldier. Some day you'll give her the dick

>> No.23123134

HE LIVES! This is a good thing.
And you'll get used to it.

>> No.23123148

>prolonged physical contact with my visitor seems to have had some sort of deleterious effect on my health.
Do not be afraid to sacrifice yourself for the cause, brother.

>> No.23123180

The cause of dying balls deep in a horror from beyond time and space, the end goal of all of /tg/?

>> No.23123228

>it isnt real
Got proof of that?

>> No.23123238

Just saying, but I think the ultimate goal would be to sex up the abomination without dying.

>> No.23123249


Yeah you're going to die, I'd write a will now if I were you.
Probably best to leave out the bit about having sex with an otherworldly entity.

>> No.23123261

That is a death that all elegan/tg/entlemen should strive for.

Keep up the good work, brother, for you are truly the hero /tg/ deserves.

>> No.23123278

Well, I always interpreted /tg/'s cause as being rather open-ended. I assumed that our common goal was to put our dicks in things that shouldn't have dicks put in them and through the process of trial and error find the most efficient way to do so.

It's only just now that we have run out of things in the mortal realm to give the dick to, so we've done the logical thing and moved onto the immortal realm.

>> No.23123287

Leave that for your deathbed. The deathbed is the best place to say the most confusing shit, cos you'll be gone before you can explain it. I plan to go out like this

>Turn to oldest grandson
>Put on heavy southern accent.
Son, ah'm daiyin, ah give you... Mah dracular powersh, go kill vampursh.
Blarg, I are the dead
>Put in will to that grandson only one thing.
-Dracula powers.
Go kill vampires.

Go out trolling.

>> No.23123296

Cthulu is in full support of our new direction, infact I think he's project manager

>> No.23123319

But his deathbed could very well be his bed tonight, and the only one there to hear his dying declaration will be the pale lady.

>> No.23123331

Give her the dick the dracula powers.

And the dick

>> No.23123466

New thread here. >>23123454

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